The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 15, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, November 15, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. YoL XL No. 505. Gettysburg:, Pa., Saturday, Xo\ ember 13th. 1»I3. Price -SWEATERS-- FOR MEN--WOMEN and C H I L D R E N 50 cts To $7.oo. EcKerts Store " ON THE SQUARE." MR. MUSSEUUN NEW SCHEDULES lOiO ATTENDANGE WINS HIS CASE! ON MIUHMDS! OF THE PARENTS Case between Biglerviiie Water S Western Maryland JMakes Radical Company and'C. H. Musselman isj Changes. Three Trains West In- Won by the Latter. Three Prison- j ers are Sentenced. Civil Cases, j stead of Two. Reading Keeps Sam? Schedule with one Exception The first civil case on trial at Xov- | Both railroads will put their winter j ember Court was that of the Bigler- I \ille Water Company vs C. H. Mussel- schedules into eifect on Sunday. The orJy change on the Reading- will be on WALTER'S THEATRE TO-NJGllT Mae LaPorte Stock Co., Presents 'THE PRICE SHE PAID" Popular Prices !«, 20, SO and 5 f ' cents. Doors Open 7.:» C'artain S.20 man, proprietor of the Musselman the Sundav afternoon train which will canning factory at BiglerviUe. The |lea\e at 4:30 instead of 4:45 o-Jt the plaintiff's claim was §119.65 for 105,- ] Western Maryland has a r.ujr.ber of ! S30 cubic feet of water used L-y the de- ' radical changes and several new I fendant company. The defendant ad-! trains. | mitted an indebtedness of SC.'JT for \. The morning train east, for York, [5,930 feet, the amount shown by the j Baltimore and intermediate stations · meter. The jury rendered a verdict! v/il! be due here at 8:50. {late Friday afternoon for the amount i ' The morning train we^t will be due Uhus admitted to be due, j at 10:28 and will have a connection ! The evidence produced by the plain- ; for Pittsburgh and Chicago. I riff showed that in the summer of 1912,' The rrai:: now arriving here from [after the installation of a new meter, · York at 12:25 p. KI. will continue on Parent Teachers' Association Elects Officers for the Year.Demonstra- tion of Teaching Music ^is Given. Other Features of the Meeting. Every available seat in the High School auditorium room was taken at Friday evening's meeting of the Parent Teachers" were brought in Association. ind a number sat Chairs sat on COUNTY CORN SHOW PRIZES Cash Prizes in Six Classes for Corn Exhibit at Biglerville in January. Potatoes to Have Cash Premiums also. The Plans. The premium list for the corn and potatoes at the Biglerville show on been LETTERS FROM COUNTYTOWNS Correspondents send in Many Items of ^Interesting News from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief 'terns. r |the window sills. There was the iarg-j Yei!mv ' Whi ^ Ca - D P ed or L " esr. attendance of oarents in the his- Xinet - v Da v T "P e or FIL " l: December 31 to January 3 has announced and is as follows: C'ass 1, for the best ten ears of r White Dent; first prize, $10: second prize, $5; third prize 82. Class 2, for the best ten ears of Yellow Dent: first prize. So; second. JS2.50: third, Sl.OO. J^dge McCIean gave a short talk | Class 3. for the best ten ears of telling of the great change in educa-| Wmle C -D - Dsd * e!1w Deat: 3rst tional methods and facilities since the '- Dr!2e ' '' seeona ' 6 " 5 ? ; thlrd ' S1 -°°- Class 4, i or tne best ten ears of second. 1 tory of the organization, which accord- j ing to the report of the delegate to the i state convention is judged the besr of its kind in Pennsvlvana. time he went to school and. in the - , - ,, . , \\ nue ifent: tirst U ?l°f ^ ^ k ~ P res f n «« Io ^ ne j . 2 .50; third. Sl.OO. ' sn ^^ a plCEUre OI the nr3t s - - - - - - - - I school that he attended, a small log' i White Dent: first prize. S5: d. Sl.OO . for the best ten ears of second. ears of third. I it was read by the plaintiff who claim- j through to Highfield, giving trolley I H - w , n j ed that it registered 75.000 cubic feet j connection there for Wayr.esboro and ! " !gG · after several weeks' operation; that; other towns in the Cumberland Yai j another reading was taken subse-1 The train now ! qaently and that the meter then regis-! f o - Yo-k does not j tered 232 cubic feet, showing that the U^eduie but at' 2 :55^ m. there wm I TM jTM ~;~| ^^'^! Flint: first, S5; second, $2.50; -- -- -^ ! meter hag made a iu;l revolution 01 · be a train from HighSeld for York,', r " ~" p ~. " ---,, " ' :' ' ~ ' "' :§I.OO. 199.999 cubic feet and had repeated it- .Baltimore and intermediate stations. I'- - . °*-V TM ucteu * ^"j For the best half bushel of potatoes P I T r\ T" /^ H T A Vj^ h e t ? M a n d i a S ^ d T' m a ri The eVening ""* We3C ^ !I!eaVe at ^^^^reSctiv 1 ^ 9 ^ 1 ^ 1 ^ 6 ** be a Srst P" ze rf ^ a s e c H U 1 VJ 1 L- /\ I \f,_ 9 ^° Vem ° er - " SS aCaUUed I0 be I-36 instead of 6:58 as at present. j.£ ^ J^^^! ^ ! ond of S2.50 and a third of SI.OO. Prof. ' _, a!med Tne last^train will leave at 6:13 -p-' number TOS as interesting: as it was j £ !va A ^ ee ' ne ! a f J he Agricultural c«aTMec. m . a a a w i u ,,,, lrom Kighne.a toL_ = l u e T h e music committei re¥Hrted ! Department or the State College at VITAGttAPH SLIM DRI3COLL. S.?-M AIUTAX.... KiLEM PATHE .V1TAGRAPH lie has been an offender, bat rok-eru= himself by Fa-jrificin- his o:va safety -- | : a stricken, woman. He u jiivcn a chance and proSid by it. THE SUBSTITUTE ENGINEER "Be proves his metde when a tcrrib'-e wreck is iniin:r s ent. EASY MONEY SPECL1L IX THREE REELS NKXT TCESDAV XOV. ls. 5..930. The defendant compan\ tat, before starting operations in I y 0 rk. stopping a.z all introduction of the new! SKit ; c ^ s ·,," ', meter, it re-arranged its water sys- | Baicimo-e. tern at the plant in Biglerviiie. dis-, Thp Hi-'R I?-?: 1:lt£nKediate connect , on for - . | connecting tne -.vater company pipes | cra j ns are daily, the others i from its cooling and canning canks and I ,,,,,,.- and 6:13 daiiv ex- j irom Its cooling and canning COMEDY ! use{ j j ts own artesian "well | eept Sunday. ! over S100 cleared as a result of j lag day campaign and. when School Board announced that it pay for the music books purchased, a | bill of S20.40. the association dee'deJ i ^ LILL,V VITAGRAPH. Th-.- sicry of a wo:uaa torn by jealousy who s en-Is a ti-er to destroy the sir! Sbov." starts purpose^ |G!en '·THE TIGER · general purposes: that the use made j i of the Biglerville Water Company j I water "was confined to fire ; filling of boilers in engines, and for [ Admission 5 cents ! emergency uses, and that it would I '.have been impossible to . ~_ [amount which the vrater 1 claimed ; Mr. jttusselman, the defendant, pro- BIRTHDAY PARTY Brunswics. ^ew Jersey, will t e a PP- es atl " potatoes. An en- e G f ten cenrs f or each ten ears try i of corn and each half bushel of potatoes will be charged. Exhibitors may to donate that amount to = b = High | ^ke^as^ny entries in each class as School orchestra. The pyjiil^ of this; *" -' " Tne premium catalogue will oe Slaybaugh Given s. Birthday Part-,- at his Home. p' of this bene:;~ . _ ^ r oy Decemoer 1st- Persons wismng .school, though deriving no ifrom the incsic course in the grades., . , ,, j rendered valuable service in cfeposfca-! "P 185 anQ entry b!ankS are ou't - - - , - , - . ·, 01 tags, and it was thougnt that the · notifv the secretarv. O. C. ~ - asked to Kice, at ' GOOD THINGS things -A hni-tcd to hov.-a-. sc er.jcysi«!e : kere'ilef.-. r.-.n-y ve=:s ^s"h : ch z'i il'- '-3 nr-r.3 ;· · 1 - -;ic -s sold as iurs.s- 1 . T~ The Quality Sr.op Yr ILL I. SELIGMAX The Cash Tailor -c eat, .y bs- v.-2ar. ·se es- '.s.e o use the 1 An enjoyable birthday party was! should have some substantial recog- j company '"beid at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. S. J ration. | Slaybaugh for theb- son. Glen A. j The visiting committee reported all j Slaybaugh. Those present were; Mr. (of the schools visited curing the past" _ '° iduced -John Hertz, of Harrisburg. a j qaaliffed meter expert in I of the "Karris spanv. who derao: ORCHARD INSPECTION :i and Zvlrs. D- S- Slavbaugii, 3Ir. ana \ month and called attention to the e:c- :he employ ilrs. Edward S\aley. 3Ir. and j-Irs.! isiir.g evil cf boys smoking cigarettes, i ;bnrg City Water Com- i Lather Siaybaugh. ilr. and 3Irs. Ad-: Several members spoke on the qaes-! 5raonstrated to the jury j ^m Meals. Mrs. John Taylor. 3Irs. j ton and Prof. Burgeon read ths lav." ! Phila-! governing the offense. It was suggest- Program Outlined for Centers Soon to be Visited. j that the meter, while of approved de-jJohn Fraini. Mrs. Robbison. of j sign and accuracy, did not make the jaeiphia; Mrs. Ambrose Walter. 1 revolution c'airaed for it by the water! Walter Snyder. Misses -Johnnie Houck.! learr. vrho are furnishing the youngs- ilrs.;ed members make ex-erv etrort to Icompar.v. and that the number of feeti-'Iaud Taylor. Errna Spangler. Mabel teis with the cigarettes. Snvder. ( Eleven ne--v members were reported registered bv the meter -- 5.930 -- was Walter, Lillian Walter. Rum I undoubcedlv the number of cubic feet ia^el Snyder. Mary Snyderj Violet . by the membership committee bring| consumed. He further verified his tes- j -Meals, Glach's Meals. Bessie Erodes, j ing the total to 240. The treasurer re- s' tiraony by interesring demonstrations [ leamo Rhodes. Esther Ehodes, Eutli pea ted a balance in the general fund of Zcker. ilarv Ecker. Edna Stalev. Leila ! -51 (54.91. The count of Barents Dresent . ... , , _ , - - - * ,turg route o. -will oe the scene of de- n- Orchard demonstration work, under The direction of Ernest F. Peirce, state orchard inspector, will be resumed in York and Adams counties during the present month. A program has been mapped oat and includes niee'c- and demonstrations at four places in York county and two days in Adams counties. Daniei C. Jacobs" orchard, Gettys- The case, which has been hanging I - ohi. Anna Group. Grace Glass. Lettie ! r riday showed llrs. Wible's room en since last fall, aroused much interest Uuise. Grace Gui?e. Edna Weigner. j u:Ied to the banner, with tv.-enty par-. i In Biglerviiie and vicinity. -J. L. Butt f 3race Fohl. Hazel Taylor, Fay Sia;*-- j ents present. i and William Hersh Esqrs. were the ! oaugh. Bertha Slaybaugh. Elda Peters.; Mrs. McCIean reported on the late lattomevs for C- H. Musselman and J, I Pearl Peters. 3-=uiah Slaybaugh. Oilie ; convention held at Erie and spoke ^ High grade Paper, Eaton Crane and Berlin Jones 1 Stock usual price 25. 35 and 3gcts. I NOW 17 cts per boxs etthefirsEchoke 1 Peoples' Drug Store %u anHiiHHnimiinran«ii!iiiH«HHumnKUHn!Ha«Gsaiaiiui!!niHHni.ii»HHiiH!H:i!i i = j Donald Swope Esq. represented the = IBiglerville Water Company. = \ The case of Clinton L. 3Iehnng vs = jAlex. H- JRebert--an appeal from t.he = · Snding of fence viewers--was contir.u- = i ed on motion of defendant, upon the J: ! pavment of the costs of the term. ;= | In che case of C. S. Martin vs Eagle ^ [ Metallic Copper Company a verdict of = | SS3.45 "was rendered by the jury. Ef j The case of the First Xational Bank. = j cf York. v= E. A. V.'arren -was d:scon- E j tinned upon the payment, of record = I costs. = j Schwab vs P. 31. ilishler. The case |j 1 was settled by the agreement of the j parties concerned. Golden vs Forry. Continued by con- £ckert. Gerde Eckert, Mary Waiter, i specially of the fine impression the work of the Gettysburg association had made at the gathering of the re- 3hioe Slaybaugh. tmma Slaybaugh. Merna Slayfaaugh. Mearl Slaybaugh. Esther Slaybaugh. Messrs. John Slav- i presentaiives from the other organi- jaugh. Lloyd Garretson. John Fiddler.; zarions over the state. She was asked Glen Slaybaugh. Elmer Snyder. j many times how the local association Charles Breighner. Charles Snyde Eckert. Blair Knouse. Paul Rhodes, j most active in the interest of school · .-Toward Eckerz. Merrit Baizser, Milton {welfare of any ir. the state. j." Roth. Ward Taylor- William Pensyi.f All of the officers were re-elected: ghner. Herman Hess, j accomplished all its work and the Get-: ·, · ^ ar. Willis Eckert, Charles {tysburg parents were declared the 1 q-'^ monstrations OR Xovember 26 and 27. Mr. Peirce has just returned from the northern part of the state, where he has been carrying on his work in a number of counties in the quest for the egg mess of the gypsy moth and the winter "web of the brown tail moth. Within the past several years these insects have cost the Xew England states millions of "dollars and have increased to sach an extent that they are LITTLESTOWN Uttlestown -- Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Blocher spent several days during this week with Mrs. Blocher's sister, Mrs. Harvey Wantz, and family, in Carroll coun'ty. Md. ilrs. Addie Parr, who was undergoing treatment at the Methodist Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia, for several weeks, returned to her horns Tuesday evening. Rev. Dr. F. S. lindaman spent Thursday in Hanover, attending a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Hoffman Orphanage, which was held at the Emanuel Reformed Manse. Miss Katherine Feessr. who attends the Hanover High School, last Thursday fell in the basement of the school bjiilding and sprained her ankle. She- was able to return 'to school on Tuesday morning- Mr. and Mrs. F. Milton Yount, of Lebanon, visited at the home of tho former's father. William Yount, several days last week. From here they .vent to Taneytcwn to visit the family af their daughter, after which they left for Tampa, Florida, "where will make their future home- Ear! Allwood. son of Frank .vood, of Hanover, was seriously injured in a game of football in this place last Saturday afternoon. The first quarter went off without an ac- .-ident. but in the second quarter. All- .vood was kicked in the head and in- lured at other parts of the body. He -vas carried off the field and taken to he Xew Ocker Hotel. Dr. H. E. Get- ier was summoned and dressed the in- ,uries. and later in the evening the voung man was taken to Hanover in - VIr. Austin Staley's automobile. The janie resulted in a victory for Litlles- .own bv the score of 49-0. they A1I- kept bareiy in check. s work is being given special study in York and Adams counties ar.c ! will be one of the principal features at = j = I sent to Jarsuarv term. YOUR - TURKEY - DINNER Will taste better If you have a N E W S U I T O R O V E R C O A T on Thanksgiving Day. We have a large variety of choice fabrics at prices to suit even-body. J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. The cases pending against * -John R. i Bittinger Tvere ail continued on motion of his attorney, by reason of the defendant's illness. S This morning- Charles Ross, charged ] with carrying concealed deadly wea- j pons "was sentenced to one month in '. the county jail. William Black, who ngured in the ] Xo~. 17-21--Adams Comity Teachers shooting aifray at the City Nelson Slaybaagh.Heroert Taylor, Ray I president. Mrs. Wir.. Arch McClear,; Siayba-jgh. Leslie Staley. Ciare Tay-| \-ice president. Mrs. Edward A. Weav- ·or. Lloyd Eckert. Fern Stalev. Brace ier: secrecary. Miss Maud Miller: treas- rayior. Walter Fohl. Allen Spangler, ] urer. J. Elmer Musseltnar.. Ciarence Eckert. Charles Walter.! Melvia Heller. Wiamor Guise. Earl IXFANT DAUGHTER sr.yder, TV alter fcckert, Harold Tay- the coining orchard inspections. :or. Walter ir iddler. Lather Moose. Lawrence i- iddler, Roy Slaybaugh. j Robert Slaybaagh. Dale Slaybaagh. ! Yoang Daughter of 3Ir. and 3Irs. Samuel Kuhn of 3!cShcrrysto"R"R. COMING EVENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburj for Coming Weeks. Hotel in i September, -was sentenced to undergo ]an imprisonment of six months in the \ county jail, the sentence to be reduced to two months provided Black pays to Mr. Bruner S50 for the damage done I in the hotel, and to the country the ' costs of prosecution, } Otto Mitchell, charged wiih assault For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. OLD FASHIONDJMGLASSES TAFFY Almond Taffy, 40 cents lb. 7 Butternut Taffy, 50 cents lb., Peanut Taffy, : | and battery. v.~as placed on parole for I one vear. FREE LECTURE jCashto"wn to Haie Free Lecture by Miss Hamilton. Miss Hamilton, of Chautauqua Institute. Xew York, will speak on a popular' subject, in the Cashtown school-house Saturday evening-, Nov- emb'er 22nd.' A'dmission free. cents lb., Daily at. Teanut Brittle, 10 cents lb. Ice Cream' Taffies, 10 cents lb.-- Fresh'i 5ianr , chm " ch ."^H hold, a bazaar in GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN THE Ladies' Guild of the Episcopa- Mishler's store room, Wednesday and Thursday sifterncyop.s 'and evenings.- advertisement · - - - 1 - I Ava Catharine Kuhn. infant caugh- | ;er of Mr. and Mrs. Samue! Kur.n. of i McSherrystovvn. died abou'c 7 o'clock morriing from a complication of diseases, aged 0 months airi 6 I days. ] Funeral from St- Mary's I Saturday at 3 p. m.. Kev. L. SHOT AT HIM FOUNTAIN DALE Fountain Dale--There will be Di- services in the M- E. church this 3unday evening at 7 o'clock. Sunday School at St. Jacob's a't 1:30 p. m. Preaching- at 2:30. Sunday School at .he Church of the Brethren at 9:30. . W. E. Barton and son, Arden, and Suernon Barton. of Pennersville, vere Sunday visitors at the home of J. T. Barton. Clarence Warren, of Wayna rieights, "was a visitor in this place iast Saturday. - Mrs. Charles Warren is suffering .vith an attack of quinsy. Miss Dora Cline has a very sore land from local blood poisoning- Last Sunday Miss Gladys Warren. iad the misfortune to pierce her foot: vith the tine of a manure fork. At his writing she has a very sore foot. Misses Oliie and Margaret Dick, of 3reen Ridge, are visiting their ancle, lames Gladhill. George Cease has moved into Clay- un Sample's house, at GladhilTs switch. Cross Suits Brought in Squire Lilly. Court of David Wolf, of Berwick township, was arrested bv Officer C. D. Groft. on Institute- "ft alters Theatre. Xov. IS--Exhibits. Eoys r and Girit \ Readier ofndaung. League. Cour'c House- information of W. -j". Wagaman. of McSherrystown, charging the defendant with shooting at him. and carrying concealed weapons. The defendant \vas haled before Jus'cice Lilly and en- -t:red bail for a hearing. The defendant brought a counter charge against , ; Wagaman for siaretv of the teace. cnurcft. e , ^ - . - . .\Vagainan a:so entered bail in Justice Interment -^ ^?". Lilly's court for a hearing- LIBERTY HALL Liberty Hall--Ralph Duhel. of 7\"aynesboro. spent Wednesday "with lis parents here. ilr. Kester. one of the "Farm Advisers", spent a day recently viewing he farm of W. T. S. Sites. M. L- Baker is attending United Stales Court at Scranton, where he -\as summoned as a juror. Elmer Reynolds, a carpenter of the Pennsylvania Raiiroad. is visiting nis ."amily at this piace. ·-·uarvs cemetery. Xov. 10--Fiftieth Anniversary. Lir 1 coin's Gettysburg Address. Xov. 20--St. Paul's A. il. E. Zion fair XG-V-. 24--Lecture. Dr. J. H. Sieling Brua Chapel. vov. 24-2S--Bazaar. Xavier Hall. STEPPED OX NAIL Cress Kamihon Receives Painful Injury from a Nail. j WENT TO HARRISBURG !Many Town People but Few Students 1 Go on Excursion, i \ CHILD SUFFOCATED Little Boy Dies from Inhaling in Kitchen Fire. 5moke SPEOAL: Sine of chi winter coa suits. Special prices on large rugs 9 x 12, linoleum and sweaters. G. II. K-nouse, BigierviHe-advertiseznent I i Cress Hamilton. liv: 'street, received a \erv pairsi ihrec hundred and eleven tickets were soli! at Gettysburg this morning to Harrisburg run by causing an ugly wour. r Mr. Hamilton great nain. The band 'went, together %\ith a comparatively ! small delegation of students, the ma- · jority of the exc;«! siomsts being town I Allen Wiiiis. the 15-months-old son j yf ?ur. ar.d Mrs. Willis Staley, of Ger- nany Towuship. died about midnight Wednesday, Xov. 12. On Tuesday the child had been sieep- ngr in the kitchen tvher* fire broke out iarinpr the absence of the parents, and .t is thought death was due to the inhalation of smoke. FULL stock of ladies Cape gloves. J SPECIAL discount or. lad.'es' rain ( P eo ? Je oats for Institute week. Dougherty Xew shades of tans. Extra value at -G Hartley. -- advertisement Sl.OO. Dougherty . Hartley.--advertisement, 1 BOYS wanted: apply Reaser Furni- _ture Company.--advertisement 1 FOUXD: pocket book.--advertise- m'cnt 1 WANTED: fir?t c'ass white cook. Hemler's Restaurant.--advenise- j tvsburjr DOLLAR excursion to Baltimore, Xovember 22. account Johns Hopkins- Gettysburg foot ball game. Leave Get:15, Baltimore 11:30. Will inent 'SPECIAL to-day. Oysters 25c. quart. Buohl and ' Shultz.--advertisement 1 stop at intermediate vertisement stations.--ad- 1 SKATE at Garden Auditorium, afternoon .and evening.--Advertisement 1 ORDER your ice cream now. for Saturday and Sunday dinner. Choco- ·ate. vanilla, strawberry, peach, nut %nd cherry, packed and delivered anywhere in tovv-r. for 25c per quart. Gettysburg Ice Storage Co.--advertisement 1 A complete stock of ladies' kid gloves. Black, greys, tans, browns^ Best value ever at §1.00. Dougherty Hartley.--advertisement 1 KWSPAPLRl

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