The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 30, 1937 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1937
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 30 · 1937 HOGS DECLINE 50 GENTS IN WEEK PIGS AND SOWS 75 TO $1 LOWER Saturday Tfade at Prices About Unchanged From Friday Sales. CHICAGO, JP)--Compared with a week ago the general hog market has declined a half dollar a hundredweight. Pigs and sows of below choice grade lost 75 cents to a dollar in instances. Of Saturday's fresh hog supply of 3,000, the. big packers got 2,SOD direct. The remainder and Friday's stale hogs sold about unchanged, considering quality. The quotable top was S10. The cattle market this week showed all-around declines. Choice and prime medium weight steers, dropped 50 cents. A extreme top of SW.50 foi- weighty steers was paid early in the week. Bulls lost from 15 to 25 cents and vealers from 25 to 50 cents. Prices in the sheep pens likewise closed at a lower figure'for the week. Fat lambs were from 25 to 35 cents off compared with last Friday. Sheep sold weak to 25 cents down. Hog Markets M I D W E S T H O G S Jfos prices at midwest markets Sal urday. U K U A K It AI'IDS--Good hoes linchangei WATERI.Oo--Hogs unchanged. OTTU.MWA--lloss unchanged. AUSTIN'--Hogs steady; good to chuic ISO to 200 Ibs. S9.0o9.35; 200 to 290 Ib S9.25faD.55; 200 to 325 Ibs. S3.15Q9.-1S 325 to 350 Ibs. 59.05^9.35; packing sou good 275 lo 550 Ins. SB.55ft 9,25. Local Livestock MASON CITY-- For Saturday-- Hogs steady. Cioon l i g h t ngt Good liaht lights ... I5U-1ETQ S 1.2A- 7.S5 Good lights 1GO-I70 Goad. liEhts , . 170-IBO Goad 1-cliL butchers J HO-'200 Good . l i g h t Butchers 200-220 Good me. wt. butch. 220-250 Good inc. wt. butch. 250-270 Good "me. Wt. butch. 270-230 Good heavy butchers 290-325 Good heavy butchers 325-350 Good heavy butchers 350-400 Good packing sows . 275-350 $ H.85- D.I5 Good heavy BOWS ... 350-42o S R.G5- 8.95 ' G o o d big heavy sows 425-550 S 8.45- B.75 Good big heavy sows 500-550 $ 8.23(The above is a 10:30 truck IIUR ma for good and choice hogs. The dHicicnc iii price Is for short 2nd .oni; haul hoes. U/vTTLU Choice to prime steers ...., Good to choice s leers Kair to good steers ;.... Lo'.v firnde steers , , . , Choice to prime yearlings .. Good to choice yearinigs ... Fair lo good yearlings .... Common lo fair yearlnigs .. Good lo choice heifers Fair lo good heifres .. Common to fair heifers Choice to prime cows . Good t o choice cows . Fair lo good cows ..'..... Fair lo good cutters .. Common to fair cutlers . Fair to good canners Common to Eair cannera Inferior canncrs Good lo choice bulls ... Fair lo good bulls ...... Common to fair bulls - , Inferior light bulls 140-150 ^ 6.7;i- T.05 ; u.oo- ti.SD 5 8.50- 3.80 S 0.00- y.SO S 9.20- n.iifl S 3.20- U.jQ S 9,20- U.oO S 9.20- 9.50 S 3,20- y.50 S 3.05- 9.33 S 8.85- 9.1~ 510.00-11.0 , S 7.50- 9,5 S 5.SO- 7,t0 S 4,00- 5.0 s n.oo-10.00 S 7.00- fl.UO S- 5.00- 7.00 5 4,00- 5,00 S 7.00- 8.50 S 5.00- G.50 S 3.50- 5.00 S 5.00- 5.T5 S 4.50- 5.00 S 4.00- 4..-0 S 3.00- ?. S 2.75- :t.OO S 2.5Q- 2.7J $ 2.00- 2.23 S 4.75- ft.SO S 4.50- 4.75 S 4.00- 4.50 S 3.50- 4.00 Calves, gd. ot choice 130-100 S 8.00- 3.00 * ' 5,50- C.OO Lambs, gd. to choice 70-30 S 8,25- 9.50 Lambs, mcd. to good 70-90 S 7.23- B.25 Lambs, fair to m e d . . . 70-90 S 4.25- 7.25 Lambs, common -, S 4.25 down Yearlings, gd. To ch- 70-90 S 5.00- 6,00 Yearhngs, medium lo good $ 4.00- 5.00 Yearlings, fair to medium S 3.00- 4.00 Yearlings, culls 5 2.00- 2.50 Native ewes, good to choice $ 2.00- H.OQ Cults, CWC3 . . » , . . . , - ,, , S 1.00- 1,50 Bucks S 1,00- ti.OO \Vctliers, 2 year olds S 5.QU- 6.DO Welhcr.5, oJd 9 3,00- S.QO Buck lambs SI lows. No dock on lambs. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. ?G.50; low cutlers and cutters $3.50S4.50 good feeder steers $7377.50; choice up t ?8; odd lots higher; most plain and me dium slackers $5£i,5.5Q; choice mixe stock calves $7,35. Calves 400; steady t 50c lower for week; good and choice $9,5- ©11; select handywcights $11.50. H O G S 1.800; steady to weak with Fri day's average; good and choice 200 I 325 Ibs. 59,550(9,03; top $9,75; 160 lo 20 Ibs. mostly $9.40?i9.55; 140 lo 160 Jb largely $8.00^ 0.40; 120 lo 140 Ibs. $S.2:ii 8.90; Kood sows $3.25f£9.3Q; average cos Friday 59.50; weight 201 Ibs. - SII i; E I' 1.000; compared with Frida Insl. week slaughter lambs 50-65e Jowet slaughter ewes 23-50c lower: feedin lambs 25c o f f ; week's lops: Fat lamli SlO.fij; Jai^cwcs SC; f e e d i n g lambs $9.7,= Fridnv's bulks: Good and choice lamb 59.75'H 10,25; common and medium M. 8,7,i; m e d i u m to choice cwcs $ 4 , i 5 l f i . good and choice 62 to B3 Ibs. Jeedin lambs §8.505i9.25. O M A H A LIVESTOCK. (Saturday .llarkel) OMAHA, W--U. S. department of ag rl culture-- CATTLt 50, no cnlvcs; for the ^-eek steers a n d yearlings unevenly weak: t 50c lower, choice to prime weighty steer and m e d i u m and lower grade light steer and yearlings JargeJy 25-sOc off, other mostly 15-25c o f f ; she slock unevcni; sten rty to 25c Io wo r, spo ts off more o; m e d i u m and lower grade heifers; bull and vealers mostly steady, spots as mircl as 50u lower on common and inediui: calves; stockers and feeders weak Io 25 Joiver; bulk.? /or the week, good choice steers and yearlings $3.aDfi 11.75 numerous loads SI21/ 13.R5. the latter th e x t r e m e top on f o u r loads J.Q51 to 1.22 Ibs., common to medium largely $6.50 9.25; medium to good heifers 4-7(j79.5{ part loacls up to $ 11.50: gpod beef c 55.75 ffl B.25. few 5B,5Dff/ 7, common am medium 5^-50/V75.50. culler grades $3.viO 4.nO L few down to SX25; n^cdium bull S5.7oT(G, beef kinds SG^.l^G.SO; praetica top vcalers S10.50. few S t l ; .stockers aru. feeders 56.25^7.60, choice te3 Ib. at( crs SB.2i5. .choice stock calves $2.10. SIJCEP 1.000. b u l k receipt J: direct; Jo the week, lambs 15-25c lower; ewes 25 lower; /ct'dors 25-nOc lower: closing bulks sorted choice grade native l a m b s SlOU 10.10: fed wooicd Inmbs S10.13ffilO.-JO. clos ing top 510.40, week's top $10.GJ; m e d i t i m lo choice cvves S^^.T-SO; good and choic feeding Jambs eligible 53^9.25, week' lop 30,60. HOGS 900. i n c l u d i n g GOO direct; nominally steady, genera) Quality p l a i n , top S9.70 by packers for choice above 220 1 feu* good to choice 180 to 240 Ibs. S9.i 9.70. m e d i u m and good 1GO to 180 ._.. $3.301) 9.2.i; other classes and weights practically absent; average cost Friday $9.32, weight 19-i; compared Friday j . . _ week weights 200 Ibs. down i n c l u d i n g slaughter PIRR 50-75c lower; above 200 Ibs. and packing sows 40-65c off; .feeder 25-oOc lou'cr: stags steady. S I O U X CITY LIVESTOCK. I Sal 11 rcl ay M a r k e t ) SIOUX CITY, i,Tj--U. S. department of agri cull lire-CATTLE 200, for Ihe week: Fed slcers ·md yearlings unevenly 25-3Gc lower; icifers 25c d o w n ; cows about s t e a d y ; leshy feeders steady, otbers dull; car prime light yearlings $13.75: medium s-efpht beeves $J2.75: -bulk short feds $3a .75 load lols good heifers aso ih^ down ifftt.Ti; fe\v choice SlOtff 10.50; b u l k ows $4,501fi6; le\v 56.757.50; cutter grades lainly S3.Gnrii4.25; limited -sales .fleshy et?ders $7.^0^.0.35' common and medium 6.25 down. · ' HOGS I.SOO; mostly steady lo lOc low- r; m e d i u m grade offerings 510.2.1 o f f ; (op $9.65; good and choice 200 lo 250 |b. butchers 59-50^9.6,1; 160 to 190 Ib. lights S8.75TO.40; m e d i u m grade 160 to 210 Ib. averages $ff.3Qrgg.65; sows $3.'23'iS.35. SHEEP'600; package fed wooied lamb. 1 ; bought to arrive SlOffT 10.15; Saturday's sales S10 down; for the week: Lambs mostly 2Hc lower: few steady to 2iic off; week's early lamb top $10.65; lale lop S10.35; load choice 119 Ib. fed ewes $5.75: foulfc m e d i u m to choice $3.50l'S.nO: load 71 Ib. feeder lambs carrying --short killers SD.'iO: good to choice 63 to 70 Ib. feeders £8.7o3fQ.2j; »0 Ib. w e i g h t s ?0. cmcA.r.o LIVESTOCK, ( S a t u r d a y R l a r k c l ) CHICAGO, (;PJ-- U. S. department of ag- riculliirc -CATTLE 200; calves 100; compared I'rl- diiy last week: Choice and prime m e d i u m ·weight and weighty steers 50 c lower, 1.400 to 1,600 Ib: kinds off most; comparable yearlings 23c lower; pood to near- choice weighty and medium weight steers 50c-$l down; common and medium grades ·weak to 25c lower; medium to good grade yearlings 50c lower; loppy light yearlings comparatively scarce; medium tu pood grades nil weights recently employed as substitutes for choice and prime offerings predominated and s u f f e r e d maximum break; extreme lop $14.50 paid early for w e i g h t y steers: long yearlings SU.35; light yearlings $14; heifers 312; very liberal supply w e i g h t y bullocks S12.755T13.50; steers scaling 1. 100 Ibs. predominated. Unlk being 3 to 5 month fed offerings; stockers and feeders 25c lower; all lieifers 50 c lower: short feds predominating al $7f? D, little above 510.25; beef cows - 25-40 c lower; cutter grades 15-23c lower; bulls 15-25c, o f f , and vealcrs generally 25-50 c lower. : S U K EP 3.000. i n c l u d i n g 2.500 d facet ; for week ending Friday 9.200 directs: compared Friday lasl week: Fat lambs closing 25-35c lower, sheep weak to 2,ic o f f . b u l k western ewes showing f u l l decline. week's Iamb lop Sin.OO paid early for choice fed western o f f e r i n g s , closing top 510.35 on comparable h i n d s lo shippers and small killers; week's b u l k Ted LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO. (j? -- "Unofficial nstimalcrt livestock receipts for Monday: Hogs. 30.000: cattle 14,(100; sheep 15,000; hogs all n e x t week. 120,000. Produce FOREIGN EXCHANGE RATES MONTHLY A V E R A G E S IN T E R M S OF THE UNITED STATES DOLLAR WHEAT MARKET Selling Pressure Lets Up Corn Closes Off 4th to 4th Up. CHICAGO, (/P)--Disappearanc of selling pressure, together wilt some buying credited to domesli mills, helped to litt the Chicag wheat market late Saturday, a well as earlier. Upturns of prices were in tlu lace of official estimates ot world wide increases of acreages sowi to winter wheat compared wit! 193S figures. Seeding in the United States is the largest on record and Czechoslovakia is the onl country reporting a reduction. At the close, wheat was % to s , s above Friday's finish, May $1.27% to S1.27Ts, July Sl.lHi to Sl.ll 1 /, corn i,i off to %' up, May $1.06 Is to SI.OG 1 /!,, July 51.00% to Sl.OOTar oats % to % advanced, and pro- 'isions unchanged to 17 cents de- line. Mason City Grain MASON CITY-- For Saturday o. 3 yellow shelled corn.. $103 o.-4 yellow shelled corn .. .51.02 arn corn ............. Vhite oats No. 3 ..... .'.. ' . . . . . . . . . ... - c oybeans, No. 2 yellow ...... $1.46 HEAT-ay ly ept ORN-ay new- ay old ily ncxv SATURDAl- CHAIN .CLOSE. CHICAGO, or}-Well 1.28 - 1.04Vt -'.i,- 1. 1 1 ' , 1.03 ','i westerns 1(1,75; natives SlfHTF 10.75; . , . choice ycarlinps KG to 102 Ibs. Thursday S0.50; merely Rood l a t e fall shorn laniba scaling 74 Ibs. $8.75 on Wednesday: ·week's lop slaughter ewes SMO. bulk $5 ·J7G.10. hut l i t t l e above $5.75 on closing rounds. H O O S -- 3,000, I n c l u d i n g 2,500 -direct; few truckfd in and stale hogs selling about steady with Friday's average duality considered; medium and nood. 160-240 ' ' Ibs.. . quoUible top.. 510: shippers' .. tnok 200; estimated holdover, 5fW; compared \vllli a week ago. general market around "0 cents lower; pips nntf sows grading below choice, 15 cents to $1 lower in instances. (No represetilativo Kites.l MASON CITY--For Saturday Cash Quotations by E. G. Horse Eggs, current receipts 17c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over 13c Under 5 Ibs 9c Springs, 5 Ibs. and over 13c Springs, under 5 Ibs. Iflc Stags 8c Leghorn springs 7c Cocks All No. 2 pnultry 4 cents less Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 13-20c» Eggs, cash la-lSe* Butter, Iowa State Brand 33c Butter, Corn Country ..38c Butter, Kenyon's 38c Butter, Very.Best Butter, Brookfield 3Bc Potaloes, russels, peck 75c Potatoes, cobblers, peck . . . ; . . 5 2 c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stares. opt ....... OYBEANS- iay ...... .Ily ...... YE-- tay ..... . Juy ...... Sept ....... BARLEY-- M.iy ...... LARD-Jan ...... . Mar ....... May ...... .Filly ...... Sent ....... BELLIES-Tan ....... May ...... July ...:.. .. 1.11)11 .. l,nnij .. .BO-,; . . 1 2 . D 7 -.12.517 .. 1.3.22 ..13.42 ..13.62 1.10 l.nn .89 I.i.ifi 13.30 13.55 1.10'k i.oo'.i .83% .84 12. H2 12.35 1.1.12 1.1.35 13.07 . 1C 16.10 CHICAGO P R O D U C E . ( S a t u r d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, l/Tj--Butter-- 5.101. steady; creamery, specials (03 score). 32',i«i33; extras (02). 32; extra firsts iDO-911. 31^firsts (BS-S3/. 3liH3l'.'i- standards (00 centralized carlot5l. 32',i. EfJCs--10.145. steady, prices unchanged. Poultry--Live, 3 trucks, steady, prices unchanged. SOUTH ST. TAUT. L I V E S T O C K . ' ( S a t u r d a y M a r k e t ) SOUTH ST. PAUL, Wj--U. S. jncnt ol agriculture-- CATTL1'- 700; .compared with F r i d a y Itlst wc«k m e d i u m urade killers of most classes 25-.'iOc lower: yearlings shared f u l l decline; n l h o r grades 25c; lower; feeders about steady; top choice \vciKllly fed liccvcs $12.75; odd lots down In S10.7o: several loads good feed y e j i r l l i l R S and steers 59.2,^110.50; b u l k medium' Kraoc?, down to S7.2o: fed heifers mostly S3.5t) down; late bulk b u t c h e r ami beef cows around 5-1.75QG; good ted cows up lo BETTER PREPARE NOW AGAINST INFLATION Our late bulletin explains the dire effects from Inflation. It teljs the investor how to put his house in order. Write today, Hie bulletin Is FREE. Bankable Securities Service (Established Seven Years) lilonmfnstcm. Illinois Dead Animals OF ALL KINDS REMOVED Mason City Rendering Co. 1V« P.y r h n n o Calls P h o n e JlWf! NEW roRK ruonucK (Saturdaj- M a r k e t ) NEW Y O R K , MY--Butter--5,055. CasV creamers', extra (92 score), 32;S33; other prices unchanged. Cheese--106.715. q u i e t and u n c h a n g e d . Eges--20.05G, easier; mixed colors standards. 23',iTiZ4'.; Jirsts. 22',i4i 2.1Vi: refrigerators, seconds, 17!itf(18!i; other mixed colors u n c h a n g e d . Dressed poultry, slow: .ill fresh and frozen prices u n c h a n g e d . F n O n i J C K F l i T U R K S . l ^ a t u r t l a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. w,_Butlcr / m u r e s closed: Storage standards. Februarv 31c; do March 31','AC; do November 30','ic. Egu f u t u r e s : Refrigerator -standards October 24»,ic; Ircsh graded firsts. February 22*ic. Potato futures: Idaho Russets. March grade A ?3.60. »"TMi ' NEW YOnK S U G A R . ( S a t u r d a y M a r k e t ) NEW YORK. OF)--Raw sugar un- ehanged at 3.75o for spots. Futures May ·No. 3. 2.68C and November 2.53c.' or a In 13 poinls net lower; May No. 4. l.OSc and September I.12',ic, 3li-4 lower. R e f i n e d unchanged nt n.OGc (or fine R r a n u l a U d . M I N N E A P O L I S FLOL'R. ( S a t u r d a y M a r k e t ) MINNEAPOLIS. l,f) -- Flour carload lols a barrel In m I b . cotton s a c k s : Family palenls unchanged, S7,20T(7.40: s t a n d - ard p a t e n t s u n c h a n g e d . S7.1f)fi73o Shipments 2l.n.ll; pure bran S32.50»33' standard m i d d l i n g s $32.50S33. C H I U A R O C A S H CHAIN*. ( S a t i i n l a y M a r k e t ) CtUCAGO, (AV--Cash wheat No. 2 red Corn, No. 2 yellow 51.12; No. 3. $1.10- No. 1. ?'.b: No. 5. $1.02iii 1 IHVi" No. 4 w h i l e S1.09i,i/fiI.10; No. 5, ?1.02'iS 1.07^; .samnle grade a n ^ f l a ' - j c . Oats. No. 1 white 53c; No. 2. 5l',ff 52'bc: No. 3, Sic. Rye. No. 1. S1.2IH. Soybeans, No. 3 yellow S1.5!Hi. Barley secrl f l Q c S S l nominal; m a t t i n g $lTiM;i n o m i n a l . Timothy seed 56fiG.25 cwt.; S5.75'rJ6 cwt. Clover seed 527^34 cwt. Lnrd. tierces S12.85; loose SI2.07; bellies S13.75. M I N N E A P O L I S GRAIN". . ( S a t u r d a y M a r k e t ) MINNEAPOLIS. (JPJ--Wheat 63 cars. =ic higher; No. 1 heavy dark northern spring 60 Ibs. SI.47','»fM.56'.«; No. 1 dark n o r t h - ern spring 5!) Ibs. S1.4ri',iCI.55!i: 5S Ibs. S1.45',;,'Vi 1.54 ] .k; f a n c y No. 1 hard Montana 14 per cent protein S1.40^fT? 1.42^; grade of No. 1 d a r k hacd or No. 1 hard Montana w i n t e r Sl.:i4!««i I.3SU; No. 1 hard amber d u r u m S1.42!i'"j; No. 1 red S1.2j'.i. Corn, No. 3 yellow SI.14ft 1.15; un- chancod. Oats, No. 3 w h i t e 4 E ) f i / ? i 51 !ie. Hides 13 F u r n i s h e d by W o l r Broi. 308 F i f t h Slreet Soutbi.Mt. ,, t l O R S E H J O E S Horschldcs . $4 00 IT , ' p R E E N B E E F H I D E S Up to 2 In* ,,,,. 25 to 45 Ibs i c More t h a n 60 Ibs """" n .. B u U hides "!!!!.' fillc hides half cent tnoro n pound. wbolcuta dealers In wholesale lots," WOOL MARKET. (Saturday Review) of ag. Trade In domestic wools was qulle rc- fMsf wLek" Bo - slon "vrket durinr; the Most grades Were quoted unchanged oni the previous week, but when b u y - «TM ! W r"!' l r g c n l needit required some special types of domestic xvools. s l i g h t l y iiRlier prices occasionally resulted from trpnsacllon.*. Market v a l u e s of Ohio fleeces were generally quoted at around 45-J.i; eenls in be grease for f i n o D e l a i n r . at 4H-50 cent! or s l a p l c combine h a l f Wood, and at 5214 cents for c o m b i n e t h r c e - o i o t i t h s and q u a r t e r blood grades. Stock List Y O R K STOCKS. ( S a t u r d a y Final Q u o t a t i o n s ) Al Ch t Dye : Am Can 108 Am 5m : Fief 90 !i Am Sug Rcf 52^4 A T T 183.i Am Tob B 39?.j Am Wat Wks 26'. Anaco]ida 53'a A T S F 73H Auburn Auto 32',i Aviat Corp S'.i B O 22=i B a i t i s d a l l 34 Renrtix Aviat 27 Ecth su ia; Bordeu 271 Borg Warner GO Can D G Ale 233;, Can Pac ir^a C G W C M S P Jk C R f P Chrysler 12.1U is Col G E Coimv : Sou Cons Edison 4 H ' i Coil. 1 ! Oil ir,?i "out Can fi- ITont Oil Del ^'.i -orn Prorl ·* 70 Curtiss Wright 7 3 i 3ccre ]|y 3uPont de N 17^: GCJI Elcc IV;T-J : en Foods 43 1 ,;. Gillette IS^ji ood'r T i: II 3Vi hid Mot 2Pi 11 Cent 23i n t I l a r v Irj ill NJek Can W* T Ik T I5?i olms Mativ 145',:. res ftc 1.1 \\ it) O F GI 77 M a y t a g McK «; Rob Jtid Cont Pel Mont Ward Nash Kelvin Nat Else Nal Cash R Nat Dairy Pr Nat Distill Nat Pow Lt 12 7a N Y Cent Nor Pac Oliver Farm Packard Mot Parain Fix Penney Pcnii R U Phillips Pet Radio Rey Tob B SeaiT Roe Shell Union Soc V a c u u m Sou Pac Stand Brands S O Calif S O Ind S o N J cai Stewart Warn 19! Studebaker lfi l - SiviK Co Si-., Tex Corp 55', Te.v G u l f Sul Timk Roll B Un Carbide Un Pac Unit Air Unii Corp 7' Unit Drup 14? U S Ind Alco .ID' U S R u b b e r 55', U S Steel OG 3 . Warner PIK West Un Tel West El M Woolworth "\VriHley Jr IB 4ir; W 40=) I39 15 CHICAGO STOCKS. ( S a t u r d a y Final Q u o l a l i f l n n ) s Service 4^»[Quaker Oals TcMmann Rre 11 |Swift £c Co vellogc Switch l O ' l f S u - t f t I n t l ibby McNeil 13'AIUHHtv- : Ind [[ Corp is iZenith. f orthwest Ban 13',];j J21 2671 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplier! by LAMSON BROTHERS ANT) CO., Mason City Office in Bagrlcy-Bcck Elds. Telephone No. 7. DOW JO.SES A V E R A G E S , I n d s . ttails Vtlls, :iosc 55.00 ;i^.it3 'otal Sales 1,190,000 CHICAGO STOCKS " Sutler Bros 14^« Cord Corn \m Gas A: El 43^ Am Cyan B 33 l . Am Su Po Co 2 1 , : Nat Gas A. 0?: As G d: El A 3' ;an Ind Alk (i^V Eisler Elcc -I' Alaska Jun Allegheny 4 Allied St IQS; Am For Po 12'/« \ln Cr Su Co 3'J Am C F Co G4 1 ! m Po i Li i:n» in Roll Mills :t;»u \m R S Co 2D \ i n e r Tob Co DTi Tmour S; Co fl'.i ,s Dry Gds 20 Ml Ret 34-i, iiildu'in Loco 10% . c.l Mfs Co tni; R c n d i x 27"i ludd M f K Co \w n Burr Add 3.1'/« lycrs A M Co 30 Tractor ;19 'er dc Pasuo fioi ; j Ches £r Ohio fi,1 J 4 Chi Gt W pfd 15 Marsh'l Fields 20 3 ,i Walgreen Co 33 CUJIB El Bd iSc Sll 25 3 a Ford M of Ca £7 3 ,o Ford M ot Eng 7Va Lockheed 12 Niag IIu Pow 15?« Un Gas Co lt'.' 2 Un Li A: Po Co 0!i YORK STOCKS ll)1i Gt Nor pfd 431', Houston Oil IG'.i Hudson Motor 2I 3 ,^ Hupp Motors 2 3 B Coca Cola Co IZSVt. "!om Solvents la^i Cont Motor 3qJ, V of Wheat 3fi=ii 'uriany Pack 41'.;- 'urt-Wr Co A 2l = k :sL Corp Se 257i, QltRlns Air '12V I A u l o U l o 42% 1 Pow Sc Lt 22\ r 4 Tic R n Co n ' T t Rii n-l^i ostcr-Whrcl .If) rccporL Tf.vr 2£M,» Vn Am Tran 'if) r i t c i d c i i Co nr^i iohol f*; ; old Dust IJir-i, ml in in Paige 4 Hi l'3^a L a m b e r t Co 2t Lehich Pt Cc 51 L o r i l l a r d 23 3 ,1 Mack Truck 47'a Mathicson Al .laTi M i n n , Mol Im 14 M K T 7!1 Mo Pac 3 No A n i e r 3l) 3 ,4 No A m c r A v i 1R Otis Steel Co I t Y i i Owen I I I GI 1J9 Packard Mot 11';, Park U t a h Cop 4'i P l y m o u t h 2.f'^ Proc Gam fin'n Pub S N J 51'i P i i l l m a n f i ^ ' i , Pure Oil Co 23 P u r i t y Bakery 2lVi n K o v; Rcm Rand 25 1 ,3 Reo Motors R 3 i Simmons Co 54?a So Cal Edison 30 Sperry Corp -22\' n St G K: E I.ti.i Tide W A Oil 2D'i If S Ind A l c h 3S 3 i U S Smeller JIB U l i l P S.- Li A 4 V a n a d i u m 3[u 1/n Gas S; Im 15'\ ^Varren P-ros I:)-;, Western Uii 7!) 3 k Yellow TrueV 2«. Younas S T 83f-i STEEL STOCKS Fail to Pull Rest of Lis Up Except for Few of Specialties. NEW YORK, W--Steels executed another brisk upward flourish in Saturday's stock market but with the exception of a number o. specialties, failed to pull the res of the list in their wake. U. S. Steel was again the leader, leaping across 97 to a new 6 yeai peak. At the same time automotive issues were inclined to give ground as the strike deadlock remained unbroken. Prices were somewhat uneven at the close Transfers approximated 1,100.000 shares. With .high waters receding in the principal midwest manufacturing territories, tension over the flood situation appeared to have lessened. Hitler Attitude Expected. Hitler's speech before the reich- stag, in which the withdrawal of Germany's signature from the Versailles peace treaty was announced, was in line with board- ·oom expectations. A contra-seasonal drop in last week's freight loadings total, pub- ication of which was delayed un- 11 Saturday, was Jilso thought to have been a neutral influence, ihe recession was attributed argely to floods and labor inter- ·uptions. Bonds and commodities shuffled ver an indefinite range. Some of Gainers. Share gainers of fractions to round 3 points at the best in- luded U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, Republic, Crucible, National Steel Mlegheny Steel, Wheeling Steel' S , ? li !i cs Stce1 ' Youngstown Sheet Tube, Pittsburgh United, Montgomery Ward, Scars Roenick American Locomotive, kelly Oil, Union Oil of California bouthern Railway and Goodyear. Backward were U. S. Rubber Titernatianal Harvester, Standard Oil of New Jersey, Western Union Consolidated Edison, Anaconda! \e\v York Central, American Can ciuPont, Paramount, General Moors and Chrysler. J. I. Case enjoyed one of its periodical flurries, advancing about 7 points at its top. Curb Market . NEW YORK, WPj-Sharp declines In .n -w spea.illics mini-led with modest B O I I I ^ n so,,,,., u t i l i t i e s .-inn I n d u s t r i a l shares an lie curb e x c h a n g e Saturday. ? Iimu . r °F""-'nK f=H S points nt e ,n a tlnn market and N e w m o n t Wils o" more I linn 3. SKenvin d r o p p e d a b o u t 2. other" oil p o i n t or ao i n c l u d e d I-nn lo E l c c l r i c Bond antl - S h a r e n r i v a n r r r i "ctlpnally d e s p i t e I h e g o v e r n m e n " Co^nsiN-j:n nor; R r c r i r y s DES MOtNES, (.-D--U. s. d e p a r t m e n t a K n c u l t u r e -Combined bop, r e c e i p t s at 22 concenlr;.- on yards and n p a c k i n g p l a n t s located in I c r i o r lown anr[ s o u l h o r n Minncsola for ic 24 hour period ended at B n. m. Sat- rday w c r n 12.BOO compared will, .14200 week aRn and I f l . i n o a year aga. Prices generally slcady w i t h Friday's t-erage. trade u n d e r t o n e rooicu'hnt ronper: week-end loading much lighter ian fi2.200 week aRO. Quotations follow: flood anrl choice-- ICht Itciils 140 to IfiO Ibs. S 7 4 0 T i B 5 u Cht W c l B h t s 1GO to IB!) Ibs. $B.25ff9'25 : 80 lo 2tm Ihs. S9.15^3.(in; medium wcir-hls nn to 220 Ibs. 50.40^ Q.80; 220 to 250 Ibs B5F3.BO: heavy wciahts 250 to 200 Its' .40-Sn.Su; 2DO 10 350 Ibs, S0.25«!).80: pigs 00 to 140 Ibs.. none. Good--Packinc sows, 75 I n . 350 Ibs. S9TD.40; 350 (o 425 Ibs 3.B5ri0.25: 425 to 550 Ibs. S8.70c!I0.1l).- Thc above nnotAtJons arc based on bulk ansactions. Lone: Iwul shipments s!]o\v- If excessive weight shrinkage and boR3 ccossivety filled usually sell respectively mcwhat nbove and bclo\v prices otiotcd. oqs bour-ht on the hasis of shlpninc; oint w e l e h t j are also excluded from uolations. An etliicBted man is one who knows who said of whom that he was an unconscionable long time dying.--Dubuauc Telejrraph-Hr.r- nld. Bond Market NEW YORK. C/?J--A decline hi United States government ohligntirms continued S a t u r d a y and itilluent-ed h i g h C radc corp- orallaii honds. Tho g n v c r n i n e n t list shou-ed losses ranging lo l-H^nds .it one lime. Corporate issues R a v e g r o u n d crurisingly, w i t t i m.lny pjckins u p small pains. W a s h i n g t o n reports l h a t federal a u t h o r - ities s t i l l were considering a n o t h e r boost hi roservc requirements of m e m b e r s of member b a n k s of reserve sy.stem Kavc imp e t u s to s e l l i n g , bond traders said; A m e r i r u n Telephone 3'/«s. Goodyrar E«s National Dairy .l^s and \rc.s-tern Union 5s wore a m o n g issues d o w n s t i R l i t l y to nearly a point. Moderate pains \vcre recorded f o r Yoimr-stown Sheet and T u b e 3'is. R e l l i - lehcm Steel 4 ] .s and I n t e r n a t i o n a l Hyrtro- Elcctric Gs. ciuc:Ar,o POTATOKS. ( S a t u r d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. W,-U. S. d e p a r t m e n t of agriculture^ Polalocs C4, on Iraclc 270. total U. S. shipments 585; old stock steady, better fooling prevailing, supplies rather liberal, demand slightly better specially western stock-, trading light: sacked per cwt.: Idaho Hus.set B u r b a n k s U. S. No 1 S3 05 *3.TO; Colorado Hod McClures U. S No 1. S3.10P3.35; partly graded $3; Washington Russet Burbanka combination srado S2.00; Nebraska Bliss Triumphs 50 Ib. sacks U. S. No. 1. and partly graded S2.73 cwt.; Wisconsin Round Whites U. s. No. I. 52.30r52.3;i: U. S. commercial $2.U 5T2.25; new slock, Texas stock s l i R l l l i y weaker. Florida about .steady: supplies m o d o r a l c , d e m a n d .clou'; less carlols Texas 50 Ib. sacks Dliss T r i u m p h s U. S. No. 1. f e w sales g e n e r a l l y f a i r q u a l i t y f l . K a a sack: s t r r c l sales Florida h u s n e l c r a l e ^ miss T r i u m p h s U. S. No I S2 n- 'air q u a l i t y }2; U. S. No. 2, $1.01) a bushel crate. Heads Folger's Russell E. Atha was elected president and general manager of the Folger Coffee company by stockholders and directors at (lie recent annual meeting. IUr. Atha lias been associated with the Folper Coffee company in various capacities for over 20 years. Although he worked for Folger at broken intervals during his school years fie was employed for the first time on a permanent basis Aug. 23, 1515. In the year 1920 he was appointed sales manager of wlial at (hat time was a comparatively small sales force considering ihe large corps of salesmen representing the company at the present lime. Other officers elected and confirmed at the recent meeting were Messrs. J. A. Folger and J. S. Atlia, as vice president, Frank I'. Atha as secrelary and Stanley II. Holmgren as treasurer. Folgcr's coffee, made famous throughout the entire middle west for its distinctive, flavor, credits its success to the use ol mountain grown coffee from Central America. GET FIN LOOP Burgess, Lamm Lead Socos in Pin-Busting Along Local Hardwood. Polarine and Stanolex Fuel each .von games in the Standard Oil bowling league Friday night, with Norman "Slippery" Burgess o£ the Stanolex "Daffiness Boys" shooting a high .single of 205 while iugene Lamm of Polarine rolled he best trio, with 542. STANOLEX I'liCI, riayers-- Vcbcr L o u i i g c r m a n .. Actual Fins .. (its Handicap r; 1st ^.d ::r,I 144 IKt t i l 1111 i in :!nr Tolal ICif) linn I'i iso-vis "n" 1st 3ml :ii l»;t tH Total Av. r i n y c r t -- nurijr Welsh Due ... ' a y i i c ..... ATI.AS THtliS 1st Ulnl :lrrt Ill !-.« i;r, rix i-,!t i-it no i:ui 1:10 tan icu 157 .. Tolal rins . ' o l l e r t c k c . . rocsslc . . Doc ......... anim . . . . . . . T»lal Tcnj Ut 2 n d l i i l i ID!) I I H 117 l::n l:tn :irtl 151 Mil UII I si; I lift 11:1 i;i« I«l Players-- Taslcrnak ... Ioe iVcmcr llollaiid '.'.'.'.'. A c t u a l Tins H a n d i c a p Total Tim I ' l a y r r s -i l i h v f l l . JlEI) CROW.V Ill) ia» 137 :_l«l Tnlal Av. m iTtn i! 11,1 it i:to STA.VOM.V1) 1st 2n,l rtril I in ! · · i t 7 II' !::· 1:11 Tola] 11.1 T]|:,1 I'in, ·nx 333 i.-,si Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Qttotetl by A. I\l. SCHANKE CO Telephone 1300, Mason City Bid and asked Saturday- rent St El fi pct pfd |S25 par) i n ]· Cent St El 7 pct pfd IS25 par Cent St P L 7 pct ptl C h a m p l i n lu-r la 7 pet pfd -rcamcry Package coin ··( iearst Cons A , ''31 eo A Honnc! A pfrl i - j i i V eo A Ilortnel com 22 1 : n l c r s t f t t c Power R pct pfd .. 7? nlcrstale Power 7 pct pfd .. I D owa F.leelric Co S'.i pel pfd S^! owa Electric Co 7 pel pfd 53 a Elcc Lt Pow f! pel pfd . 73 a Elcc Lt Pow fi!i pct pfd 74 a Elcc LI fc Pow 7 pct pfd .. 7i! a Pow Llcbt B pct pfd 102 Pow A: Light 7 pel n f d ... 103 Public Scrv K pel pfri 9!) P u b l i c Scrv 6!i pc.t ptd ... 10(1 a P u b l i c Scrv 7 pct nfd 101 a South U l l l 0 ]ict pfd 7fi a South U l l l G'.i pct pfd 7« Sotllh U l i l 7 pct pfd fil ilnnesola P ,t L S pct nfrl ... 94 tinncsota P ,t I, 7 pct pfd ... 100 v o r l h c r n St Pow G pct pfd ... f)I Vorthern St Pow 7 pct pfd . . 97 ' W Bell Tel O i i pct pfd 105 11 17 25 23 ii 107 104 105 101 102 8.1 as 102 S3 3:1 r W St Portland Cement com 25 Itoth Packing n pct pfrt 100 tath Packing 7 pct pfd 100 iath Packing com 313' Unix City Gas El 7 ret pf.d 09' United Lt Rys B pel pfd .. 83 United Lt t Rys 6.3B pet pfd 85 JnitccI Lt «; Hys 7 pct nfd ... 34 Western Grocer pfd J)7 Vcstern Grocer com is 102 103 33 101 00 91 100 17 G O V E R N M E N T HONDS. ( S a t u r d a y Q u o t a t i o n s ) NEW YORK, /T,-u. s. d e p a r t m e n t onds closed: Treasury 4',,s 47-S2 120.5. Treasury 4s -H-.14 114. Treasury .1»; s 40-m .luni-, blank. Treasury 3«is 43-47 10!).B. Treasury n i i i s 4fi-4n i n n . X Treasury 3s 31-55 JOff.IJ. DflYTHOTirORGETl^ . . ) jill^a rmurnkr. llc'ltr, llarf fx];a.-S,i*lxnx \ READ THIS FIRST: Janet Faynter, newly married lo a second-rate aclor, Joel Paynter, whose show has just closed, obtains a card from an old friend, Harry Devantcr, a film scout, re- Oueslinc a screen lest for "the bearer." Because of his pride, Joel firsl refuses lo permit Janet la continue working and then conceals the fact that he has been playiner the role of a gigolo at a cocklail bar because lie can find nothing else. Joel is elated when Janet tells him of his chance for a screen test. He does not know that the card was intended for her --not for him. Now Go on With the Story: CHAPTER 8 "KILL THE baby, Joe!" Janet, sitting in the shadows back of the row of chairs, each with a name on it, started slightly when the man sitting in the chair marked Mr. Arnhelt shouted thaf Then she sat back and sgniled. There were no babies in the corner of the room t h a t was obviously a set. The electrician was setting lights. A baby, then, was a light. "Hell, no! Can't you ever get a sunlight effect without using number 2?" Arnhelt's voice was Joud and had a sharp, annoyec edge. Janet knew that he was a great director- and that Mr. Jackson had called to him as he went through the corridor in the office building to ask him if he'd mine making a test, that someone named Hank Dive hadn't arrived She couldn't decide whether she was glad that Arnhelt was going to do it because Arnhelt w a s j a r nee director or whether she was sorry because he seemed to be upset. One way or another, it was sure to affect Joel. But Joel didn't seem to be as affected as she was, she thought happily. She'd spilled his coffee when -she was trying to pour it t h a t morning. She'd deliberately taken oft her good gloves and taken out a pair with hole in the thumb. She'd made no sense in her conversation but Joel had whistled in the bath, eaten a hearty breakfast and been as unmoved as though a screen test were no more than an ex r ery day occurrence. Maybe it's his movie experience of the last few weeks, she thought with kindly sarcasm. He'd carried off the brief interview in Jackson's office with aplomb. Jackson had studied his face with close scrutiny as he shot questions at Joel. Questions about his theatrical background, about a technic that was beyond her. He had hardly given her a glance. She was glad that she hadn't been movie struck. Then a page had taken them rough the corridor, through great doors marked silence in huge letters and led them over a maze of cables on the floor, past lights that looked gargantuan in the shadowy hugeness of the studio. Someone had given Janet a chair on the fringes of the light that lighted the set and Joel had gone off to the dressing room with a make-up man who was clad like a physician in a long white apron. Janet thought: I know what it must be like to be going to be a father. I wish I could pace up and down. Then Joel came into the range of light. Joel looked as he always did, a little unhappy, a little wistful yet entirely at ease with a poise that was essentially-masculine. No, Joel didn't look exactly the same, in the eerie green lights, his skin appeared to be yellow and the red on his lips was purple. His hair was untidy and Janet wondered if she should tell him. but there was no way. Joel had forgotten her there in the shads, "We're waiting for Miss Ingoldsby," the director 'said curtly and paid no more attention to Joel than if he had been an office boy sent to him with a message. Joel walked over to him and they laked for a few minutes. Janet couldn't saying. hear what they were Iti a little while Joel came over to her and sat in a chair at her side. "What did lie say?" she whispered excitedly. "He told me w h a t I'm lo do. Guess what?" There was a twinkle in his eye but he looked uncomfortable. "Judging from the effect of the make-up in that light, I'd say Dracula. What did he say?" \ "I've got to make love to some dame named Ingoldsby," Joel answered disgustedly. "Then, listen, lover," Janet bent toward him. "Why don't you do that bit of business you gave your bride the night we went dancing nt the Starlit Roof? Remember? You didn't say anything but you looked up at Hie stars, then you looked at my eyes and pretended you couldn't see the stars any more. You wore a red rose in your lapel and you took it off and looked at it, then you touched my mouth and threw a w n y the rose. Don't you remember the orchestra was playing and I said, 'Isn't the music lovely?' and T stopped speaking and you said you heard no music except when I spoke. Oil, do that, Joel!" "Is nothing sacred to you?" he muttered wtih assumed fury- "Listen, little girl, when I take lessons in acting from my girl, I'm going to quit the acting business.' "Ali right, you there!" Arnhelt calling'him. It was A pale, blonde, lifeless sort of ijirl said in a business like way, 'Taking it standing or silting?" "Dick, move that bench over io the railing. Ingoldsby, you sit on the bench looking up nt him. Now, Mr. . . . er ... you".--he gestured toward Joel. "You arc la 1k- ng to her from the other side ot the rail. You're a young society man. She's a debutante. You've just met at the dance and you're falling in love with her. She's cold to it Give us the Robert Montgomery technique. Okay, Joe?" Janet thought: I won't look. But she couldn't help herself. The set was flooded with bright lights. Joel stood at (he railing staring at the girl. He began to speak . . . "Don't stare! ;Put a little life into it!" Joel touched the girl on her shoulder. She swung her eyes up and Joel smiled. He leaped over ·the rail and sat beside her. He reached for her hand. Janet heard the director sigh resignedly. He was bored. "Joel," Janet heard herself shout, "the stars!" Joel gave no sign (hat he heard. The director turned his head toward Janet who made herself as small as possible. In that moment Joel relaxed and his slow smile began at one corner of his mouth. He put his hands i n t o his pocket and looked down at the girl.commanding her glance. Then his eyes went up to where the heavens would have been and he looked down into her eyes quickly. In that small bit there was no doubt o£ what his pantomime meant. He wore a flower in his button hole. He took it out and touched the girl's lips with his finger. Then he threw the flower away. Miss Ingoldsby got up. "The music is begun," she said as though Janet had given her a cue. Joel stood at her back, his hand hovering shyly at her shoulder as though he dared not touch it. "The music is here," he said. "Please don't take it away." Janet say that Arnhelt had moved forward, his figure alert, his interest engaged. "Cut," he said calmly, all iho quality of annoyance gone from his voice. "Stay here, please, we'll take that bit of the stars and the flower in a close-up." Janet relaxed. Then it was over. Joel came straight to her. "It was grand," she said. . "Let you know," Arnheit said briefly but he smiled cordially. He left the set immediately. Joel had little to say on the subway ride back to town. It was nearly four when they got there. He kissed Janet at the stop where they both got off. "I've got to get to my . . . back to my other job " he said. "But I'll see you at the usual time." He never spoke of the movie job any more. If he guessed t h a t Janet knew he had not been working in a movie, he made no offer of any explanation. Janet thought how strange the working of his mind must have been that he would accept it that she never asked about it. "Don't work too hard," she said _ * J l l l v *'.CI*iiiQ t r / M i i - ^ A 1 r · -f . ' _ ' . ' '-L *·, tffl lightly. "Save yourself for news from the studio." "Oh, that? We probably won't liear for weeks i f ' e v e r . I know what these things mean." His tone was as light as hers but she knew what the waiting would mean to him. And she knew that if she didn't love liirn so much, she would have wished that the answer would not be favorable. Down in her heart she didn't want Joel in me movies. But it was his happiness and not her own. That was the only thing that mattered. (To Be Continued) AOY Must Have Made Mistake m Figures, Yankee Slingei- Decides. HAMILTON, Bermuda, (UP) -Vernon (Lefty) Gomez, one of the highest paid pitchers in baseball, promptly returned unsigned his 1937 contract to the New York Yankees Friday because it called for a salary o£ $7,500, a reduction of $12,500 from his 193G contract. "They must have made a mis- lake, sending this to me," Gome* said. "I was expecting a cut, but not one o£ more t h a n a half. Ot course I'm going to hold out." Gomez had a bad season in 193fi, when he completed a two-year contract signed in 1335 calling for $20,000 annually. Chickasaws Win in Osage Mat Contest OSAGE--New Hampton avenged :i previous 24 to 22 defeat by whipping the Osage wrestling squad 23 lo 11 in a mat duel here I nday n i g h t . THE SUMMARY I.rcman ( O ) ilercalcil \VoHx ( N H ·M«C!cr ( N i l ) r f r f c a l c . l N'orbv , o , , ·ll:i« (01 c l r f r t , , I E , atl .I..,. V i k o c i l ( O ) hr c ,v K n u u o n (N ! i,) Mill'er ( X I I ) ( h r r w C,,,l (0) 3-01) "all ( . V I I ) i l e r r a l p d M l r h r l s ( 0 ) . · K n i i l . n n ixtlt riffrattd Iloirr (O) " l i a l c n ( N i l ) t l f r r » ( r d J.hntl, , O ) . ·Hi«r ( N i l ) . l . f c a l t r t I V o o d l w l , , "«vy--k»blik« M I ) r t c ( r a l r d H u r l , ntlcrte: llnmra Ilarktr ( f j s o n City). West Union Winner in Decorah Tussle WEST UNION--West Union's cagers gave Decorah a second beating Friday night here, 28 to 15, excelling the visitors in every ·espect except free throws. The victory makes six wins and no defeats in northeast Iowa conference games. Kamm made 12 points and Wjlfgen seven. No Decorah nLivo,. 111,. !..- iar- -1 51 · t ^ -I made above four points. Decorah player We see by the papers that con- rress has authorized two fifty-mil* ion riollnr a i r p l a n e targcls for the navy.-^Kewance S(nr-Conricr.

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