Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 21, 1931 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 21, 1931
Page 14
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8MOH AWKS DEFEAT CHARLES CITY 23 TO TIGHT DEFENSIVE WORK DISPLAYED IN RETURN TILT Billman, Suter Score High; Mason City Reserves Win 18 to 12. The Mason City Mohawks defeated Charles City for the second time this year in a return game on the high school court with a score of 23 to 14. The Mohawk B team defeated the Charles City reserves 18 to 12. Captain Billman and Suter wera high point men with seven counts apiece. Pettit and Clammer were the high men for Charles City. Play Tight Game. From the first whistle, the two teams tangled in tight defense. Charles City showed a marked improvement in its passing game and itept the ball In its possession th« greater share of the time. The initial quarter closed with an old time baseball score of 3 to 0 in favor of the Mohawks. A field goal by Billman from near the center of thu floor and a charity toss by Cordle on Gifford's foul netted the counters for the opening period. Field goals by Cordle and Clammer and a single free marker by Grelk and two gift baskets by Suter left the score at 8 to 2 at the half .with the Mohawks still leading. Third Perioa Good. Coach Judge Grimsley's quintet came back strong in the'final half with some of the old battle spirit L stored up for Charles City. Gilford started the third quarter strong i with a couple of free tosses. Suler snapped out a field goal and Grelk \ tallied with a double and a single t counter. Suter duplicated the act |£j and Pettit closed the period with a )]" neat shot from the right side of the ijj;' basket. The score stood 16 to 6 in if,'favor of the Mohawks. Billman closed the clash in flurry Sj'jof scoring. He sank 2 field goals and J;.free toss and Chaffin found the ; basket for a double counter before ·Charles City broke loose. In the i closing moments Pettit sank a field f^goal and a free toss; Dugan netted S'a charity shot and Clammer «ni K.Glaw sank field goals for a brilliant VCharles City rally. I; Summary: J!;MASON CITY--33 FG FT IF '·Suter, f 2 a L t I 1 1 c ·. 1 2 2 Checker, g 0 0 1 Almun, g (c) S 1 0 ^irrott, g 0 0 0 Jiafftn, B · · · · 1 0 4 Totals 8 7 9 Substitutions: Fallows for GrelU, Grcllc for Suter, Chaffin for Cordle, Stoecker for Pnrrott. GAZETTE MASON CITY, IOWA, FEBRUARY 21 1931 SWEA CITY, OS AGE WIN WAY TO SEMIFINALS ALLEN CAFE AND PRINTING TEAMS WIN ON ALLEYS Champlin, Sand and Gravel Fives Enter Bowling Tournament. The Allen Cafe and the Globe-Gazette won two out of three games from the International Harvester company and the Real Silk Hosiery company respectively in the City league bowling Friday evening. R. Lee took high single honors with 215 and J. Whalen took the high three-game total with 571. He also won the theater tickets. The Champlin Refining company and the Ideal Sand and Gravel teams were to compete in the International Bowling- association tourney at Minneapolis Saturday night at 9:30 o'clock for the doubles and Sunday morning at. 9:50 for the singles. The Champlin bowlers are: F Wall. G Estill. H. Lee, B. Eauclaire, W. Bender. The Ideal Sand and Gravel team consists of H. S. Pusch. Chet Woodhouse, F. C. Gaylord H' T. Stenner, R. N. Johnson. The doubles teams are: Pusch-Stenner Woodhouae-W. Duncan, Gaylord- i'. CHARLES CITY--U FG FT Clammer, f 2 () Wright, f 0 0 Glaw, f 1 0 Lewis, c 0 0 Dugan, c 0 1 Waite, g 0 0 Pettlt, g 2 1 fiifford, g 0 2 '"urn, g .0 ) PF 3 1 U IJ 1 2 0 8 1 9 Totals . ... .......... 5 Sulislitutlons: \VriRiit for Clam- iier, Clammer for Wright, Glaw for j*.UViiitc, Dugan for Lewis, I^cwis for JODuKJin, WaHe fnr Pettit, Blum for -%' ' I/' ' Gif'ford. Referee: Meeter, Grinnnll. In a game featured entirely by tight defensive play, the high school B squad downed the Charles City Seconds 18 to 12 in the preliminary. Both teams missed numerous under basket shots, scoring generally from the field. The opening quarter saw little action. Burnett sank a field goal for the visitors white Mason City was held to one free throw. The quarter score of 2 to 1 for Charles City was one of the smallest seen on the local court for some time. The Little Mohawks found the basket in the second quarter thru shots by Fink, Burns and Detra and took over the lead which they held for the remainder o£ the game. The score at the half was 10 to 6 in favor of the local team. The third quarter was a repetiton of the first, except that Mason City, bold the advantage. Moeser and Hynds scored for the B team, while the visitors were held to one free throw. The quarter ended 14 to 1 for Mason City. The last quarter saw a slight rally on the part of Charles City. The invaders outscored the B squad by a slight margin, and the game ended 18 to 12 for the Little Mohawks. The scoring for the B squad was evenly distributed, Burns taking high honors with 5 points to hia credit. Moeser and Dotra also played well for the local team. Burnett, riigan and Webster looked best for Charles City. Summarv: MASON CITY B SQUAD--18 FCi FT I'F Zander, f n 0 1 Derm, f 2 0 0 Hynds, f 1 *0 1 Fink, c t 1 0 Burns, g 2 1 2 Moeser, g 2 0 2 Evans, g 0 0 1 Totals 8 2 7 Substitutions: Zander for Hynds, Kopocky for Dctrn, Delra for Ko- pceky, Hynds for Zander, Moeser for Evans. CHARLES CITY SECONDS--13 FC, FT PF McNully, f 0 Webster, t .r.r.:.w-. . . ; . . . - 0 Johnson. Cook HEAT. SILK HOSIERY. ir,7 "wu IBS BRmlier 17-2 Jfrnll lra Handicap \[ log 132 16B 134 149 100 877 TOTALS 854 Tenm average--870. GLOHE-OAZETTE 190 182 Carli; 143 Whaltn 192 Sweeney .1155 Mullan 174 Handicap 75 TOTALS 890 Tenm average--92i}. 190 212 76 199 LIB 142 151 M9 187 123 1,15 149 488 -1G2 44B 451 471) .100 4S2 571 477 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO. MOO r..~.'.'.'.'.'.'. R. Lee Harbor Handicap . . 1 7 1 1 . . . 14f. . . .170 . . .1(16 . . . 1 7 3 .. . 7 156 irr 140 215 101 7 . no I!i8 ISO 141 14S ·ll)i 4fS 5111! 521 4S2 TOTALS 837 84:! Team average.--82. r . AI.I.K.V {.'AFK. Dnbbs IGli 148 Weber 184 IGfi West IRS 144 Hllllcr 147 188 Thnm 137 IfSfl Handicap 34 ,14 TOTALS 850 3G Tenm average--8(11. 1SS 413 189 5M 330 -118 189 52-I 184 477 31 102 801 2583 BOWLING SCHEDULE VKEK'S SCHKDDI.K-- FKtt. 23-21. Alleys 1 nnil 2, Monday--Lyons' Cleaners vs. Purity Bakery. Tuesday--Deckers' Towanas vs. Globe, aazcllc. Wednesday--International Harvester company vs. Iriefil Baiirl anrl Gravel. Thursday--Fatataff Pale VR. Atlas Special. Frldny--Hcrmanson- Brothers vs. Chasiln O'NeJI Coal company. Alleys :i anil 4. Monday--Joe Dnnlels 1 Service vs. Qalli\- gher Oakland-Pontiacs. Tuesday--Faktor Bakery vs. Allen C a f e . \Vedn on day--Real Silk Hosiery vs. N. W. St. P. Cement Plant. Thursday--Fireside Fuel vs. Studehaker Free Wheelers. Friday--N. W. St. P. Cement O f f i c e vs. Ciiarnplin R e f i n i n g . Schedule Tor UlR I.nfit Two Weeks. Mnreh 2. Alleys 5 nml fl 7 and fl 20 r, 18 10 3 11 19 4 IS 15 5 12 2 U 7 17 Alleys 1 and 2 .1 and 4 8 10 15 19 17 20 3 n 12 14 fl 'i 11 13 1 4 10 18 7 0 Monday Tuesday ... Wednesday Thursday .. Friday . ... N f o m l n y Tuesday^ ... Wednesday Thur.idhy Friday BOWLING The N. W. S. P. Cement company office team, defending a challenge, defeated the plant team in a three- game total pin series-one pin. Walt Lavelle had high single of 226 and a high three game total of 805. Sid Bemls rolled a second high single of 222 and Harry Hansen a second high three game total of 001. N. \V. ST. I'. F. PlrHl IT. Hansen C. Alibritl P. Leonard A. Brnkel TOTALS . . . . Jf. W. ST. I' M. Sclmlz .... M. P l r k l K. (Jlnuscn S. Bomlx VV. La-.'elJe TOTALS . . .. CTKMKNT CO. O I T I C K . . . . 1 7 2 . . . 2 0 2 221 . . . I B S 1H-1 . . . 1 7 5 131 . . . 1 8 1 IIJ9 . . . 8B 8(8 . Or.MF.NT CO. . . . 1 3 8 17l . . . 1 H - 1 171 . . . 1 3 4 176 . . . 1 4 4 117 . ..20(! 173 192 178 138 140 1S3 I S O IBf) 13S fl27 «ni 470 -I S3 533 . .S6« S16 Burnett, f I'ntrlck, o Tlielan, £ ITav«s, K Williams, Dugnn, K · Totals . . S u l ) s t l t l i I n i i N : 2 ...s 0 1 0 '0 n 3 Webster for 0 ] I 1 3 0 7 J In- N'ally, Hayes for Thelun, Fliicel for Hayes, McNally for Wehster. Referee: Findlay, Minnesota. --·* TOURNAMENTS EVERYWHERE COURTS AND MATS RULE SUPREME CRESCO MAT MEET MITCHELL COUNTY CRESCO, Feb. 21.-~The North- i ST. ANSGAR, Feb. 21.--In the western Iowa district wrestliu meet opened at Cresco Friday evt" ning with Sec Taylor, Des Moincs, as referee. After the first session the following schools and number of boys from each still remain in competition: Cresco 9, Iowa Falls 6, New Hampton 5, Elkader 3, Decorah 2, Greene 2 and Cedar Falls Teachers school 1. Preliminaries 95 pound class: Hamilton of Iowa Falls won by a fall from Millar of New Hampton in ·11 seconds. Cameron, Cresco; Barlowe, Decorah, and Ritter, Greene, drew byes. In the 115 pound class. Stephan, New Hampton, won by fall from Mathers, Cedar Falls, in 5:59. Wildman, Cresco; Hoskins, Iowa Falls, and Witt, Elkader, drew byes. In' the 125 pound class Shane, Iowa Falls, won from Hassman, New Hampton, by decision. Cheney, Greene, Stebor, Elkader, and Bateman, Cresco. drew/ byes. In the 135 pound class Seery, New Hampton, won from. Fitzgerald, Elma, disqualification. Potter, Teachers Training school. Cedar Falls, DeWalle, Cresco, and Champlin, Iowa Falls, drew byes. In the 145 pound class: Bronner, Cresco, defeated'Allen, Decorah, by decision. Kramer, Elkader, defeated Schroeder, Elma, by decision. Schully, New Hampton and Sanders, Iowa Falls, drew byes. Semifials, 85 pound class: Hamilton, Iowa Falls, defeated Lickteig, Cresco, by decision. In the 155 pound class: Adams, New Hampton, defeated Mulford, Iowa Falls, by decision. In the 165 pound class: Aschini, Decorah, defeated Wolf, Elkader, by decision. Heavyweight: Fickbohm, New Hampton, defeated Wolf, Elkader. by decision. Finals: 105 pound class, Davis, Cresco, deefated Vaala, New Hampton, by a fall in 1:47. HANLONTOWN BEATS VENTURA 2B-22 HANLONTOWN, Feb. 21.--Han- lohtown beat 'Ventura at Hanlontown Friday in a fast game, 20-22. The locals played a nice passing game but teamwork was ragged CLAIUON, EAGLE GROVE STILL IN MAT RACK FORT DODGE, Feb. 2t. (/P)-Wrestlers of Fort Dodge high school started towards their second state title last night, when they placed six men in the finals of the northwest Iowa division championship by triumphs in the semi-finals. Five Clarion matmen survived the eliminations. Eagle Grove and Sac City each have three finalists, and Cherokee and Graettinger have two and one, respectively. KIESTEK GIRLS LOSE TO EJIMONS. KIESTER, Minn., Feb. 21.--Kiester's girl basketball team lost to the Emmons girls' team last night 24 to 21. The local team had the game until the last few minutes. KENSKTT DROPS TWO TO MANLY. KENSETT, Feb. 21.--Kenaett dropped two games to Manly Friday evening at Manly handicapped by the absence of four regulars. The regulars lost by a lone point 13 to BELMOND BEATS LAKE MILLS. BELMOND, Feb. 21.--Lake Mills beat the Belmond regulars 2-1-14 Friday. Kanawha's records lost to Belmond 14-7. SWEA CITY HEATS BUFFALO CENTER 24-17. BUFFALO CENTER, Feb. 21.-Swea City defeated Buffalo Center 24-17. The game was tied 17-17 at the close and Buffalo Center was defeated in overtime play. TOURNEY At Goldfield. Second Round. Bode 16; Renwtck 13. West End 27; Humboldt 19. Goldfield 40; Clarion 7. Livermore 35: Luverne 20. Bode vs. Weat Bend in semifinals. Goldfield at Livermore in semifinals. Finals at 8:30; consolation 7:30. second round of the Mitchell county tournament,' St, Ansgar defeated Riceville in a very rough struggle 26 to 15. There was considerable fouling and St. Ansgar garnered 14 points via the free throw route, missing only four chances. Gordon and Halvorspn looked best for St. Ansgar getting 8 and 5 points respectively. Whitinger of Riceville got 6 points. Jn class B Mitchell drubbed McIntire in a dull, uninteresting contest 38 to 8. Lenoch, Mitchell's star center, was high scorer with 10 points. Maloney of Mclntire snared a field goal and two gift shots. Little Cedar nosed out Otranto in the first overtime period of the most thrilling game of the evening 24. to 23. Wright played best for Little Cedar, getting 8 points. B. Larson was high point man for Otranto with 11 counters. CLASS A ST. ANSGAR--SB I'O IT !'!·' M e K K l t t , t . Trllilii.'nsre, ] nnnlcui, f . . Parker, v. . . . .. . 'i 1 . . . .11 Wlllic.1, ( McMiiHtcr, f . Whlllnger, 1 Mci««r, f Glnsliy, r Xnvnk, f skusli-r, f ... I.cnocli, f AhrpiiR, g 1-nmliiTl, K Nym:in. R I.. Nnvnlt, K .. Totals MclNTIHK-- D B. I'urrrll. f . I.. I'lim-ll. f FInrlt. J FT 1 CLASS K ..I ..I I.ITTT.E C K l M n - IVrllslll, f Kllloll, f ....... M i l l , i n . ' K . . . . . . . Olson, K Tolals OTRAXTO--23 It. I.llrson, I II. I.llrsnn. f i1nc, : rne. K M. T.Hrflnti, Inrln-|£, I'!' :i 4 n 3 i WODEN INDEPENDENTS DOWN CRYSTAL LAKE. WODEN, Feb. 21. -- The Independents basketball Woden team played the Crystal Lake indepen- dentss at Crystal Lake Thursday evening. The score was 20 to 15 in favor of Woden. Johawks Clash With Cagers From Austin The Johawlcs, fast St. Joseph's hight school cag-ers, will clash with the St. Augustine hasketeers from Austin, Minn.. Sunday evening in SI. Joseph's gymnasium. Both aggregations are primed for the conflict. Gnnnell Defeats Drake U 22 to 15 DES MOINES, Feb. 21. .P-Grinnell college climbed out of the Missouri V?tiley conference basketball cellar with a 22 to 15 victory over Drake university 'here last night. From a halfway score of 8 to 3 that favored Grinnell, the Pioneers gained speed, so that at one time in the second half they led 18 to 6. OMAHA--Quentin Crouch, outfielder with the Sioux City Kari- Keens last season, signed with the Omaha club of the Western league. His batting average last year was .350. CARDINALS BEAT BAKERS 31 TO 19 IN QUARTERFINAL Athletic Club Beats Rock Falls Bears 21 to 18 in Second Bracket. The Swea .City Cardinals defeated the Diamond Bread in the first game of the semi^pro tourney at the Y. M. C. A. Saturday morning In the quarterfinals 31 to 19. The Osage Athletic club downed the Rock Falls Bears 21 to 18 in the second game. Closing the regular playing time with a count of 28 all and then battling for a five minute overtime period, the Mason City Canvas company defeated the Clear Lake Vagabonds 34 to 30 in the thriller of the second round in the semipro basketball tournament being held at the Y. M. C. A., over the week-end. The Kanawha independents also rallied to down the Coca Cola five of Mason City in another thriller for the evening with a count of 24 to 23. See Many "Upsets. Following the initial upset of the tournament, when the Grafton Eagles' unexpected victory over the Fertile Indians, scores and play have fooled Mr. John Public more than once. The Swea City Cardinals took the Hanlonlown five as was expected in the opening clash with a score of 38-25. Affairs then went helter skelter. The Coca Cola team defeated the Geneva Athletic club with a 38 to 20 victory and the Clear Lake Vagabonds took the Thompson Couriers 2S to 25. Swea City was the first to take a stand in the second round with a 29 to 18 victory over New Hampton. The Diamond Bread of Mason City pushed out the Hayfield five with an easy victory of 30 to 36 and the Osage Athletic club defeated the Grafton Eagles 27 to 18. Bpars Win by Point. The Rock Falls Bears nosed out thb Otranto five with a 12 to 31 "baseball" score in one of the tightest games of the early playing. Mitchell defeated Rockford in good basketball with a 22 to 16 score. The St. Ansgar Lions routed the Charles City Athletic club 45 to 23 in the final game of the second round. B. Witter of tlie Clear Lake Vagabonds took the high scoring honors for an individual game with 19 points collected from 7 field goals and 5 free throws. R. McMIIlin of St. Ansgar was the runner-up for honorsr'with 18 points gained by S field goals and 2 free throws. Saturday's Schedule Sc.t. Swea City was scheduled to meet the Diamond Bread five and the Osage Athletic club was paired with the Rock Falls Bears in the first bracket of the quarter finals Saturday morning. The Kanawha Independents were to meet the Mitchell five and the Canvns company was paired with the St. Ansgar Lions in the second bracket, i The winners of the first bracket were to play in .the semi-final at 2 and the winners of the second bracket at 3 o'clock. The finals were scheduled for 8:30 Saturday evening with a consolation game for th« losers of the semi-finals scheduled for 7:30. STANDARD OIL LEAGUE New R o l l ] Zeliler Adcock Taylor Axell Mori-land H n l l a n d . M i l l u r Nrjileriku ... FoUer Younger cmin W i l l i a m s . . . Sllllwull O t t o TOTALS . K E M alloy H\vcn?on rinlhrratli . . K n o r r . . l l f i . .118 ..isr, ..ins ..113 ..114 ..12.1 1.11 1 1 1 10H itr, ATLAS T I R i i S . ..lor, . . 17.1 740 f ' l i O M N iri . . . .128 MO 111! 172 121 i i n M l 1 1 I ir.ii ·17.-, 2:18 in; ins 181 1-13 732 7M r.Tiivi,. no ii 1:14 no 1:1:1 ion 1,'iT 10 r 4 l .Mj S21 401 391 ·173 r,2.i FIGHT RESULTS IJy T I I K ASS(H'IATr.I) 1'ILKSS NEW Y O E C K -- K i d I-'ratirli, l l n l y . n i i l [ i n l n ( - nl Rtltllr: Rlica, C'Mcngn, ( 1 0 ) . Tnnnny Tini- R n n , Umtthu, »hr., o n l p c t l u l e t l Hcrnuin 1'rr- M r k , Kiiliiniuroii, Mlcll., ( 1 0 ) . rtiilpli I.niny, .tcirsfty ( v lly, nntpnlntoil Ifnrry Cnrlciton, .Irr- sey Clly, ( 1 0 ) . DKTROIT--IHiy .Mlllnr, ClilrnRo, l i n o c k r c l nut Trtmny .Tiullcli, PMlntlt-TMiIn, ( I ) . TAMPA, Flu,--Mnxfa Kniirntitnnni, wnrlil Hsht liravywrl/tht clmmplnn, niitpntnt^il Tony CnnrHln, Ot-lrolt, ( 1 0 ) . Ntm-tttlr, ( n r u s p n - prr c * i i i r r n s u s . O ^ f A I J A . Nrhr.--Mllllo M l l l t l l . Omaha, htop]Mil :iy(fn H u l l , Clnrk, .S. li\h,, (.%, HAS' FHANCISC'O--Yniin? Curln-lt, WPH- nn, rnl. t r j i t t p t i l n t r t ! rniilJc \Vtilkrr. Trenton, N. ,!,, (10). AT SEMI-PRO TOURNEY Thompson, t i Dernier, c 2 Tliomiisnn, n ] i S. Kiil!(*ion, p , . , | A. Diem', B .;."".';!;;";;;4 Mutalllulluiu: l.nrsnn fnr Ci. IMpni. Anclpr- tin fnr Thrtni|isnn, Tluimp*int fur Jlernipr, VIennin f u r Kmilson, Jlovpy fur I'ctorann, alker for A. Dlpm. 1C A N 1.0 N TO \V.N-- ZS FT I) I I M. H a l l , c "· "'«· K '.'.a n ii M. O. Hall, c- :, , , TotliH n" "n ~il Sll!,KlltillloiiR: .lueoliM tor U n r t o I E . Iti'lciro, M u r r a y ; umpire, Hcni[ihlll. 1-Kimi.E INDIANS--21 F(l FT ]·!·· McNelly, I i ·· ] Kixlliors, I s ii 7 I.. Dan-Hid, t 2 II II K. Oswald, c l n | Itodburjr, c l z I K'r. K I i) n I.urTien, ^ (i o 2 .. HiiliHtltutlimx: .Mcsmil fur McNtlly, r,. Os- \vnlil f u r liiullirrK, FloillKTs fnr H. Osivnltl, a'urccH ftir I.ucltni. GHAKTON F.A .1. Fun], f K. .inner, t Itmnunn, f Mprknl, c , M i l l e r , a Dullnge. (f l l l i r r h e l e , K OTHANTO--U I.. Hnwlrk, f S. IHmnnl, f \ llfiu'urd, c A. Jlnvlrlt, K Ucnnrr lor l l t i r n i o n . K(; FT TotLlls M t i r n i y ; (XX'A COLA--43 Dlek, f ·SnviN, I .Innes. f Sloch, e. ..t ..K . .0 Toliils . S i r h H l l t M t E i m t i : Hur Irr fur Mcrlicl. Ilufrrce, Murrny; COCA :OI.A--38 Lynch, t Vnlumfcy, f Kliirlil c . .'.'.I!;".".I foyln. K ·Tolm.son, K uiun tor K. Miller, Mll- imil'lre, uemphlll. ..1 . .1 .1(1 FT 1 II slty for I.yncli, I 1 K N U V A (ITIII.ETIO Kurt?:, t ICunsnn, III,-!;,. I Indi, Ffi i II Tol.lls l S i i l i i l l l u t i n n n : Kurt* f,ir Rnoznrr, Mnrimii for Smith, S m l l l i for I l l c k s . llcfiTW, M u r n i y i umplri-, Hrmplilll. CI.KAIl L A K E VAOAIIONIIS--28 F( FT IT "1". f II -1 -2 "«""· ' I! I U A u c l m T i p i H l r h . / u | , 7 r, :i l 2 a i) i 4 Vnn I.u II. Wilier, T. \ V I U e r , Muellrr, K Tulnls x !·· n K u l j s t l l l l l l o u s : riirl.slllliiMii fur Vnn I.'inin N'elstm frjr Mnullrr. THOMPSON COIIRIKItS--25 IT. IT T Sitllilell. f ·' -. N t e i v n r t , f 3 · Austin, r u | | Flelrher, s: A t i f i t h i fnr Sleu-nrt. i c r n i y : liru|Irr, J l e m p l i l L I . SJVKA CITV--2B . Illem, f ... . K l I l l t M n n . f Tlmmtumi. c ... Ileemi-r. K A. I l l p n i , s TolllH NKW H A S H - T O N -- I B S. Urlrcpr. I L, ItrU-Kcr, r Soil, c I l l l N K r i l , B S. K e a t i n g , K Taints Ili-fcrfio, M u r r n y ; nniiilre, Hpniplilll. DIA.MONn I I K K A D -- 3 1 1 IT, VT IT S i i t h r r l a n c l , f i ^ n rostrllii, t | [| j firlinjilpy, f .1 ^ 0 T.i-imnn, R .1 j j I'nlilsnn, K . . . I i 2 [.oli'rhmir, % . . . . . ^ 2 ;( J s r m r s o n , K o |, 'j Total* II » ~8 M n l t M l l u t l o n a : .^ToMi-lIo for S u t h e r l a n d , Cruise fnr r.rhlrfli-y. I*nnrann for I.nli rliunr. iiAvi-Tr.r.D-- in i:r»l:inil. f Tiljlor, f Miitelt. f I'ro'.lk, K llronln, ? . .. . FT j .................. , Itnferee, .Murray; imiiilrc, H r m i H i l l l . OKAI'TOX r.AOI.KN -- I X F(! nniiucr, f n .1. Ford, t | Mrrltrl. I r| .Miller, r .' .;t llannmnn, c | Ilnerliele. K ^ sllhillnnp,: Merkrl for -I. fur Itaitmnnn. OSAOE ATHLETIC 'U;n_ 27 .................. Klemerinul, f ..... ......... 2 ATirenn, c 1 . ................. 2 Sunyer, c ... .............. ;t J'enney, K ............... . . 1 duirnrnn, if ............... 3 J'T I I ]' I'll II .1 4 Trlal« JO 7 « . S [ i t * I M n t l r m « : smiypr f n r Alirrns, l l l l l fur IVnnn.v, MrUfmn lite Oairnt'pn, '. .Sn\vyrr for MrfDian, rhurm'ss fnr A l i r f n n , A h r r n J i for ('Imrrit^-i, M t f r h a n for C. .SFmypr, A h r r n n for llnjfhn, HoRuti fnr KlF-meHrml, KtcnieH- ntil for IfocJin, Itcfrrce, .Murrny: umpire, IIrm|til]I. Totnh ' . Cnyfh. KANAWHA--24 II. IVnoJs, f . . " Ahlini. c '... '. G. I). K. rnitsi S l i b s l l l i t H i . i i s : .SnniDHcm fnr n. Vnocls. II. I'ooilH fnr I). Thorsnti. M n r n t s ; umpire, llcmiililll. 22 r! fr J.).- -1 2 I n |i 1 FT 1- UpeUsletn, Ilynmn. K \Yomllvi Is,, U n i t y , f Turner, f Mlleliell. e K. UltlilleU, g 1. niiMtch, K Tutnls . . . . . . . . Substitutions: Tallin! fnr .MIIc f«r 'lull,,, I. Referee, iMnrrny: umpire, ll CANVAS COMrANV-- 34 ,, Ff! I*ro\rpr, ( .......... f t l l n h l m n l , f ............. .' | 'j 1'ort, f .................... 2 -nnuetly, p. ..... . . . . . . ^ f7lrin(lnil.lun, c ........ ' l Nnilro, K ................. 0 Mnmy.inn, ff .............. i Tdllils ...... ........... |^ ! - i i l ) ( l l i i l ! i i r n : Ilnlnmnl for Ilm«er7 Knuver fnr I l n l j l K i n l . lluliliunl fnr 1'itrt, Chrhlhui- ririu fur Conncllj-. -I.K:\U L A K E VA«AIIONI)S-- TM I-'(l FT V:in T.nun, 1" .............. 1 4 A i i e h e n p u n c l i , f ............ fl | It. \ \ - l t t R r , c . ......... .t n T. \Vttler, c ............. in ', S u l i M K n U m i s : r h r i n l l n i i i o u fur Van I., Urfenio, Tslurrny; umpire, l l r m l i l i l l l . CHAltl.KS (11TV A. r._23 I-'G l-'T K. I l i t l i n , f 4 Q iirlseoc. r :i » l i l l n a l r i r U . c. i M I.. Halm. K Itlnni, K Tiilnh I I i ,| . S i i l i M l l l l t l o n s : Hones for U. i l i l h a . Tllrlnn frir Ilrt^icoi'. ST. A N S 1 A U -- I If K; I'rleni. f R l l l i c r l - i n t i , f .' II. M c M l l l l n , c. A. M e J I I l l l a , K I f e n n t . B Tolnli . S l I l i - i l l l i i l l . i r l M : llll],. r |-,i,i; Krfereo, Miirniy; imiplr J-|' ,, far I ' r l r m . , Ilomrilillt. BASKETBALL RESULTS «rlnnHI 22; rrntrnl r»2; llrnko 15. PHILLIPS AGREES ON RETURN BOUT WITH L JOHNSON Will Meet Forest City Ring Star in 6 Round Rematch. Clarence Phillips, Algona, agreed ''riclay to meet Leonard Johnson, 'oreat City, for a six round rematch iy public demand for the 40 round oxing cni-d scheduled to bo held in he armory Feb. 26. Leonard Johnson lost a newspaper lec.ision to Phillips bore on the last :ant and has risked Mathcmaher CRllcy for another chance at the Al- jona slugger. Kelley has agreed to i rematch due to the fact that he las received numerous letters from forest City fans. They believe ohnson will whip Phillips if given mother chance. Matchmaker Kelley mmediatcly got in touch with Philips, who agreed to the rematch. Gordon Stewart, Dows "fighting 1 ool" also .signed to trade blows vith Young Casey of Waterloo, who vas scheduled to meet Stewart on he last card. Young Cnscy, who vaa forced to cance! his bout with Stewart on the last show due to a ilight injury, notified ICclley thru lis manager, George Metcalf, that ic is now ready to be on the job next Thursday night. Stewart sent word to the matchmaker that lie will arrive hero Sun- lay afternoon to commence hia vorkouts in preparation for his bout vith the Waterloo scrapper. Turgen Tobben, Kanawha, Kid Mclnvoy of Shell Rock, Wild Cat Thompson, local colored scrapper- ind Kiel Weaver of Cartcraville, lave all been signed for four round bouts with worthy opponents. Takes Overtime Cage Tilt by 26-22 Score; Game Is Rough. NEW HAMPTON, Feb. 2 L . O.s-age high school defeated the New Hampton Chickasaws 20-22 in an overtime period, Friday night at New Hampton. The gams was fast and rough, 21 fouls were called ou Osage and 13 ou New Hampton. The score was tied 4-4 at the end of the first quarter but Osaye was leading- 13-S by the end of the half and 18-12 at the end of the third quarter. At the end of the rag-- ular playing- time the score was 2222. Osagu lost two first team men by the foul route and New Hampton one. Stearns and Larson were the outstanding- players for Osag-e and Sny- cler and Walters for New Hampton. In. a curtain raiser, New Hampton second team defeated the Osnce seconds, 25-G: OS.VGF-- Mode I'oftit Soils Stearns, ·) Nude n . . . . . Cusey Larson Total NEW FIAMl'TO.V-- Vljprs KricUsoii Herrmann Ward FT 1 0 1 () 0 0 ·I PF 3 4 3 .10 . .0 . .0 . .1 . .0 . .'A (i 21 r-c o i Snydor . Tot :ils Re fern I'F i ·£ ·t 1 .1 3 1 R 8 i :i Koenip (Northwestern.) ·JUpnn f'nliiwi 42; Con mill-tit M. loivn Shile Tnichrra (Odnr Fulls) :18; I'nr- a \Vrsli\vnn U3 : H I . Amlimsr In. ' Illli-nn V l s l i i 3 1 : I.ulhnr (Drrnrah. loivu) "H I n n e r l n ,vn 4 1 ; I,,l M , n ,,,. r . ,.,.' .Iiinlnr .c:nll«|. 43; K K h o r v l l l e .Iiin- 32. lo f.ccirittii 31; Tfiinr.isri- in. Norlh Cnnillnn 4.1; WnTl'r FnrfRt 3J! S y r i i r n » « 3!); CreJtlil,,,, 2| ' i M i - st - Mu ''»'"« »· Harvard 21; ·-,,«· llu.njisTiIri' 22 A r l i i . i i K H H 2 i ; Olilnhnnia A. .t M f o n r n r i l l n (Moorheitil) W SI ,1 ··-rally na. . II. at Wynmlnic .IS; CnliiraKn A R R l r s 4 1 . limit SCHOOL Minrnllrir L'4; Othinuni in. \fr*l \VnlrrIon IS; r.asl \Viltcrti., In Wrljslcr Clly 'Ji; I'.nstt: Gmvu 1.1 Miisnn C l l y 23; Cliarlm r;lly I I . MM-imnilniill 4 1 ; V H I I t n i 21. Mnrtdrc 27; Mtmnt Vi'nuui 7. Davrnimrl 2 1 ; Iowa Clly »|. Tr:irlii-rx l U g h of Cpilrtr IloplilH Sll · ("l-ifur Fnl]» 17. Etnnnn 31 ; Newton IK. frraloii 37; A l l a n l l c 18. TlmmtiK .faffrnnri (Cniinrll H l l l f f » ) 2(!; MH- Rotirl Vnllry 13. Knr ·»· -M; t)nil«nn ill. I l l l l i n r j n ^ :!7; IVjiSlilnKtnM U l f f j i r,f (*Iur H i i i i M * U. Thonm.H .Irtr.THOH of Council [ H u f f s 2t\; .Mli- snurl Vnllry 13. I t i i r l l r i K t o n n; Fulrfli I.I l«. N'orlh of Ilr» Mnlnrn 23; MnrNhnutnu u IH. Kuril at Den Mnlnr* 31; Hooievelt 28. NOKTHWOOD BEATS HAiML'TON" S2-M. NORTH WOOD, Feb. 21.--Northwood high school basketball team won from Hampton 32 to 31 hero Friday night. Northwood led 13 to 8 at the Imlf. This wa.s the local team's last home game of the season. They meet St. Ansgar Feb. 27 for their final game prior to thfl Mason City tournament. ARMORY Thursdaij. Feb. 26 40_ROUNDS-40 TUFFV D O N ' " Anderson vs. Hampton (i-- I tmiiKls--f KLKN "KIIJ" Or.KN LEHR vs. MUSSELMAN f--H on mix--G Cr,A !£ KN'OK L.KONAKD PHILLIPS vs. JOHNSON fi--Knunds--(i (iOKUO.V YOUNG STEWART vs. CASEY (i--Hounds--(; Big Battle Royal .t _ OTHER"ROUTS -- 4 .Scat Siiln lloyd'H Cigar Store S i i i r l i n g Monilny

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