The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 14, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1913
Page 4
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-~ tWttVf - t »wl*«t-H*WW***MI THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Except Sunday limes and New* Publishing Company. W. LA.VERE HAFER, PHILIP K. SIKJLB. Secretary and Treasnret. * Pr*sid«it Medical Advertising PHILIP. E. BIKLE, Editor I lions? One of Ayer's Pills at bedtime--just one. 'Acts on the liver Gently laxative. Sugar-boated. -All vegetable:'- " Sold for As!c Yoar Doctor. HUERTA IS ON VERGE OF FLIGHT gOBSCRIPTION Served by carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cent* per mo*lk Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cect» per moath. _,, « - 'KATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. IFyoo receive THE TIMES bv mail VOG can find the date up to -which JOB ztre r paid om the pink address label" on your paper. The date isill be changed ' ',ten days after your mc^ey is received at The Times Office. - E»Ur«d August 15, 1904, at Gettysburg, Pa, as second-class matter, oader ] -{;*-- - Congress March 3, 1879. . " " PROVE; UNITED PHONE ia Northwest corner of Centra Sqaare, Gtfctysborgi fHSS PAPER REPRESENTED FCS l , - ' ADVERTISING BY'THE . OFFICES _ NEW YORK AND CHICAGO i-V At- ·*** '" Wait ad*. One cent per wordjsach insertion. ^Two cents a word if guaramt«d ~fcr»t J«ge pOKtioa. Eesolntion* of respect, poetry 'tad memonama om« cect per word. . _ . . sas - - - ' ' T O O U R READERS takes absolutely no part in poBtics, being neotrai oz afi XQC V^ttySUUrjf .LIUICS t^ULCd GUSViUH^i.* iiw ±«~.n i^i jwiik-- w^», vuu . ....---- .^^ rtchlcatters-AhvthiEg fhat appears in", oof general news columns, concerning «tate or EatujnaTpdliiise, Is farnished us by The American Press Association, a concern which gives the same news to Republican, Democrats "ISocialist^papers and \rhich is strictly "non-partis c, ProliiMzloB. or isan. Oar advertising columns are ope it all candidates of all partlee. KEW EAGLE HOTEL Capacity 400 Booms with bath e» suit* Ham £ McCosomy, Prop's. Trimmer's 5 and 10 cent Store. "Wnile they last- Very special lot of Ladies" collars. SICE "PSODUCE GOiEPAIY Highest CMC Prices Paid for s.U --FAEM PRODUCE-- TJkde Times OSce, Gettysburg:. WILLIAM E. ZIEGLER Expert Electrical work. Hepairs and supplies- 12 Carlisle St. Phone 94 Y. CHAS. S. MUMPE5 --Fire Proof Storage-"Warehouse for Fa-intor* Household Goods stored any length of time- W. H. TTPTON Reappears After Hiding For "a, j Day and Hgt WILLIAM B. HALE. Wilson'* Envoy, Who Conferred With Mexican Rebels. BIG WALL STREET PERSONAL NOT| FIRM SUSPENDED; AND BRIEF ITE FUMED TO FLEE, IS REF08T 1 l Search For the Dictator Shows Thatj He Never Got Ultimatum From United States. LOUIS DAMMERS, Philadelphia Eyesight Specialist Gettysburg Eagle Hotel Parlors ^Tuesday, Nov. 18th Special Office Hours, 9 A. M. to S P. M. ' Mexico City, Mex., Nov. 14.--After · a mysterious seclusion, Provisional 1 President Hsierta finally reappeared is ; oSciai circles. j He conducted himself as being in] I charge still, but the indications from! : his aides point strongly to the faclj : that the dictator ss about to retire and j ["probably leave the country. i i Officials and others searched for? i hoars at all the haunts of the execu-i j isve Y.'ednesGay and Thursday to lo-j I case Mm, failing utterly until he chose | "at last to appear at the national pal! ace. It was learned he had eluded re- i ceipt of the ultimatum from the I ed States, which, demanded a j irora him by i rjiisht. six o'clock V.'ednesday i $ My Special Offer 1 Glasses, I The report, also v.-as uncovered thatj ! the dictator had arranged several days: ]-ago to embark on a German vessel f tSffor Europe. This report could noi be| S' couSroied, but it is certain that close i i supporters of Huerta have prepared [ j ro Uy from the capital. . j ! The city is tense with excitemesf \ | presaging the anal chapter ia the aS j lliairs of the present ruler. Sentiment! Petition ia Bankruptcy Filed Against H. a HoilisGa MIRllffiR ARF SIGQQQQQ LlftDlLillCO ftflC «5J,UUU,UUU d Paragraphs ef News Telling Happcniflfs in and abut People Visiting Here and SoJDurning'Eteewhere. Phoro bv American I*?«sss Association. \ |j s . , A ere Failure, It Is Said, Was Due to With- j drawal of Large Deposits and Trou. ble In Mexico. \ New Yort, Nov. 14.--The suspension ;of H. B. Hollies Co., the banking · au«I brokerage firm, was announced on · the Sioc-k Exchange. ' An involuntary petition in bank. ruptcy was Sled against the firm in ' the United States district court short! ly after the suspension was announc- j ed, by three creditors -with claims ag- f gregatmg the nominal sum of §661. The petition sets forth that the firm's liabiliues amount to §5,000,000. with assets of sorae 550,000. 1 The failure of the firm caused a 1 Surry in Wail street, anil it was feared . that The result of the collapse would ! be reflected. Strong financial interest _,, ! rallied to tae support of the market, at hss home on Baltimore stret | \ however, and dec-lines in the security -several days. * S. J- Wolf i days -%vith friends: in Gettysbur Mr. and Mrs. H. T. TTeaver a WiHiam, left to-day for a trio to Philadelphia and New City. J. M. McAdam, of returned home after a short the home of Mr. and Mrs. Redding, on Steiirvrefar avenue. \ David M. Wolf, of Baltunorj turned this morning- after a .brie *. with friends in town. 4 Miss Margaret Bream, of Serif Ridge, has gone to Philadelp!-§ spend se^/eral weeks. "? Mrs. William Hersh and dai-J Miss Henrietta Hersh, of Ball street, went to Philadelphia this 3 ing to spend several days. ^ Roy P. Funkhouser is a bi^ visitor in Hagerstovra to-day. Tt Rev. Fr. Mark Stock, of Carl ' This visit Onlv. WF CLEARS OLO TRA6EI I \\ill maktr you a tiue p:i;r o- class* 5 . i:icl:t.lin; Dausmers" Ey e £x;un5nat5ou, clear crystal Le u _ "see. a 12 Kt. ^oli'l Gold iTilj^j Fr.i!ne. anil an elegant leat},..- ! in his favor has waned and large!? j | vanished. He is be-as deserted as a j · nioa with a lost cause. ' j The fear prevails that II Euertaj j "does not suddenly seek safety out of j i bis active land his fate may be thai j of Tvladero, whose murder ushered the ' present dictator iato power. Men Admits He Browned Wife in Canal * 11 All »"5 I. , A BRIGHTER OUTLOOK Wilson Says Developments Are Favor- M able to Elimination of Huerta. , co^manitv J Washington. Xov. 14.--A sudden and j _ rt ~ Tv -H ere ,--favorable" turn of evenis in the criO-- ^ ^ ere nobodv save FriEz i uger - s I cai 5Ie=.can situation nas come aoout. | father . in ., a , v . Frederick j£an?oU. ever c As a result President TTilson has an-; be!ieved rhar hc had tsen ' be Hfe or ' mnced that he does not now contem-, his bea . JIira i VQ wife _ He , V ; U ^~ Mauch Chunk. Pa.. Nox-. 14.--Thef news of the concession made by Oscar j. cs * Frirsinger. at Norfolk. Va., to the-effect that he c-rowaed his wife in the I.ehigh esnal at V.'eissport. ia April. I9yt. was a great shock to the entire at \Ve:ssport and .Lehigh~ is well known trial. The Gettysburg Sotrrealn i DINNER AND SUPPE Noon and Evening Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27/13 _ will be given in the Odd Fellow's Hall at F ~ Auspicies of St. Mary's Church. Your patronage will be appreciated. Bounced · plate issuing a siaeznent on Mexico. ' The decision not to nsafee this state| icen: public followed the receipt of messages from Nelson O'Shaughnessy = ; the United States charge d'affaires, and from Dr. "William Bayard Hale, wiio'is treating «-ith General Carranza. leader of the Constitutionalist rebels.! ^ ^ o _ ; p . The nature of these messages was not! =!,".,,rV.£,."Tj aisciosed. j C 3j,^{ Subsequently the president made tha j p.^liT " Thirty days' trial of giasfcos :il- toi-5 for thes- ·*· aaie gl.isFC;. Eye Examination By ths Dsiriaiers Sc"ent : Hc metho I. -.\I;ho-it dr-jD3. ivith MIE asking qirestioas w;t^ou: test. cards or charts. Afesolutely Free of Chsrge. DOQ'C fail ro take a Ivuntape of : offer. Special Notice B folio-wins announcemeat: _ : - i , - ^ , · "There are elements in the case ?«fonSiIy visit to Gettysburg. jg Trhich I cannot at present discuss, but OFFICES: - 238 Mutual L?fe · which make it look to me very much BIdg., 1011 Chestnut St, FitiL E. niore favorable.'' Pa- K Tee president -was asked what he meant by "lavorabie," and replied that he used it In relation to the demand · for the elimination of Huerta as the i controlling in Mexico, i The president declined to reveal The undersl-ned wHl sell on the Saaui- \ whether developments at Mexico Citj el Van^rhn farru alou? thp JiTniniit.--br.r-1 or JCogales, the heaaquarters or tae foad ttsree inilos south o£ Gettysburg, tli" i Constitntionalists, had occasioned his following Ih e stock; " : optimism. He made it plain that it vras ! fEijibteen Lead of Cattle, s Milk Cow?, i the aim of this government not only TI riiree of which will bs fresh by tiaie .i i eliminate Huerta, but all that he stood sale, one v.-as fresh in September ami or.-1 for in Mexico's official circle, will le fresh in -T-iauarv. ft Heifers. 2 . . f ! xhe president let it be ioio-svn tha*. them closejpr'uiirers, 4 fine Stock Bnr ; 1 such comtnunicarlous as he had received justified him ia feeling That the be brought back to Carbon county for j _ ·j The petition stated that the failure · was due to the v.-ithdrawal of large dei cosies, which impaired the Srm's cap] ital. A. Leo Everett -was appointed re- j ceiver, under a bond of $75,010. j According to an announcement : made shortly after the suspension. R. ; R. Gavin retired from the firm oa Sept. » . Although Mr. Gavin's name is in- i eluded in the list of members pcb- { Hsaed ia the latest Stock Exchange d:; rectory, it was announced thax hss re! tirensent was published at tie time. H. B. Hollins Co, was one of the in \Vall street, being re- 1S52 from the first firm of Co., which came into being Daring the formation of the New pany represented the Vaaderbilt group and purchased rhe Omaha road and other lines ivhich were amalgamated into the New York Central raiiroad's system. Aficr the Spanish-Amerifan war the f^urreu en ^v banking house purchased a number of · :oba"co industries, which were su ! j=e- v sold to the American Tobacco PUBLIC SALE On Tuesday December 2. I5O5. On that date Fmzingcr and h's '· wife visited friends !n FraakITu tows j cosipany, the "tobacco trust," at a o:g shin. i*lcs*- to \Te:=sport. and seainec l proii*. to be on The best oMercs. The folio*--1 H. B. IIoHJcs Co. also dealt ex- y in Csmral American and *he Leii'^p ' Mexican pcrsirities. The troubles ic Weiss- { Mer.ico are said t" have cost the nrm 4 n. i"2st" amount of money, aad this was the causes contributing to its o r ^_. in H. B. Hollsns :s a capitalist of note d power. He is listed as a director tae folio'v-ag corporations: (r. C. S. Kirbv. of llaach Cannk, I "ne v. ho Tras foroner then, was at once called to the scene, and after making' a thorough, investigation, decided that holding an Innnest was unnecessary. f that there were no marks ofviolence.' "Union Gss,company, the Corporation Tv-hatc-ver nn the body and no indica-' Trust company, the Equitable Trust tions cf foul plav. He believed that j company, the Havana Tobacco cozn- s:ie han an attack" of vertigo aad that-fpany. the Internauonal Steam Pump she feli acnaenrall- Into the canal and · company, the I^cng Isfend Motor Park- vras drowned. ;"W"ay. th» Northern Lnlon Gas coni- - Fritzinger T.-as at his home when, pany. the Publishers" Paper company when, the bodv was discovered and assisted | and the Vacuum Cieaner company. oneabaeBedDnraam. ^«0* «OC season opens, some of the swimming) and vr.iter polo ruies wiil be changed. '· Clark Griffith -niil n:ive itcliers in Hue ^"Iicu tae KO-;th--.Tohn«aR. Groom. 2:0 are made conditionnliy. but the 3rst: wfl -"' 3S t j ic [ ; ' r: ~ t meet wiirbe held Dee. r,. Tbt *£ cr to c i.ext year's in ks from tr.e canaL and he! According to "vTall street gossip the seemed greatlv affected. } firm was hard hit by the panic of 1007. Some time after the death of n!= j Rumors were current at that time thai --:fe he was p.rrested on a serious j J- P- Morgan., Mr. Ho'.lins' close friend, charge, nreferred against him by a! came to its aid and prevented its -=us- Leiighton v-cman. and ^as committed i yousicn then. It has been freQuently to tae Mauch Chunk jail. He was j reported since that William K. v an- later released upon the promise tiatjfiarbiTt gave the firni financial help he wcuul marry the woman, which he j from time to time, did. He t::en left the community and j \\eichinirfrom4O to 1-50 pounds. ·· Sale to commence at J o'clock. P. 31. j A crcJst of T.) months wiil be given on a!' · sums o\er S-5.UO. Five per cent, oil for i cash. SaJc will be he!d rain "r sh:n.-.; EMORY C. ZFPF. : G. K. Thomrifon. Anct. 1 C- C- Bream", Clerk. i Adams County lhar G easral Carranza would not s Accept mediation by this government; or any other were met with the cons- nient by the TTlute House officials that no mediation had been offered, or was likely to be- nothing had been heard from him j JENER SELECTS DELEGATES College of New STork will hold tie in- j -with com ranging in price from six,1,. ^r,.i Dn ,] ar contests. | ,-,. to se , entv ccals a 1,^1^1 dunng the it xhat i. coming ;»ear . should ~DQ',',,T sli it "»vi;j l-o tbc worst Ic:nil management to store it in permitted t-j diciate to t-osers wboai · s :at cribs, where a good share of it will they meet wijp.t the weight shall be: 1 spoil, if Take most champion*, and they insist '. rc=r it. where ir can be npou _cli!bs famishing: tnein opn-.ncnts ; f a r oetrcr to tcH it. who Trill te subject to the 5;ctstes of I the stcrs, Tbej src r.^t s:itis£ec 10 have tif nspimnts corse in at th« ssiae ·wo-cht r-s tbcrascsves nor at til's reeoirnlzo'l we!gbt for tbe class rcpre- j rented, but iUey s^k tae boys zncerincr j tbens to lacke n -certain weight- an; f thea the champion comes in at cntch I i.ot i!.v. c r.b r" 1 dr... : It is r:o ?;TC2us whc:j t 3i c " niny ^j csrrifd 032 V.T.IKJ.T tajt b- ^ c'solen of t3:C Loots, of thr- ^.^ ,,^=^ ,, !s I:c ; ?l5bor - s s!c : : o lsia ov . n eil . T .- herc tbc dfc . ns aoj . 3WtS1 , 2 o , t;;f .V cr3r o ::»«=,». 10 , n!Jti , , :tn , ant* vcre crfv;; ;he hrj JglJt !r,st*-a'l of t:se s^rs. cr 1 -- i ~ sj -^ o' c-1 1pa!. 3ohn Rnnkin. the thnt a reost i of Easterly. ;« !·» w »s Teachers' fcr ihe . Other Institute, Walter's Theatre, Gettysburg, Pa. November 17,18,19,20,21.1913. Evening Entertainments. Monday-- Dr. Andrew P. Johnson, u £ii and Dennis". Tuesday -- Ralph Parlette, Hmnorist, "Richer than Rockefeller". It is understood that the parleys so fsr with tne Constitutionalists bave been confined to a discussion of lifting the embargo on arms and assurances rejection of forelgners. develop~en;s of the last ::r hours can be sunjmed up about as fol'ows: The demands \vcich the TJnitefl Statc= governrrer:t inade T.'ednesday ; on r~c-vis ; o:i2l Presiaent Kuerta at Mexico City have not brought any re- riKsnse from Huerta or those reprr EIGHT KILLED IN WRECK · Appoints Fifteen to Represent State at i Conservation Congress. I Harrisburg. Pa.. Nov. 14.--Governor i-er 100 Others injured When Train i Tencr appointed these delegates to Goes Tnroach Trestle In Alabama. I represent, the state at toe fifth Na- Ov Goes Clayton. Ala., Nov. 14.--Eight per- i 'ionai Cor.servaticn Congress in TTasa- sons were kiiled and more than IOC- j ington. Nov. IS-"0: :njurea wh»n three coaches of a Cen ! A. B. Farquhar. York: Dr. Henry S. tral of Georgia passenger train were Drinker. Sonth Bethlehem: derailed and went through, a. trestle, near this place- Several of the injured are believed j face. Harrisburg: Josiah Howard^ Em- to be fataily hurt. Among the most i poriuzn; 3Iiss Siira L.. Dock, Fayerte- sersous!-.- inir.r-=d are "JeS" Clayton, a | viHe: -T. L-inn Harris. Bellcfont'e: F. T~ H. I. Clay-: Harvey. Foxburs: Robert S. Conkhn Jiss Florence Keen. Pailaneiphia: Mrs. E. Biddle. Carlisle: Professor H. A. Sur- Dr. A. R. Wagner went to A ? to-day to spend Sunday. '| Dr. T. J. Barkley, of Carlisle A , v.-as a business visitor in Hajio ^ Thursday. ^ Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Granvill I to-day on a week's trip to New 3J| Connecticut. | Sirs. Harry E. Bumbaugh is '-^ ing- several days at her home i'S !ervil!e. 3 Mrs. S. F. Lehman, of Harrsib j at the White House on the i campus for week- The monthly meeting of the * Teachers' Association will be i -; 7:30 this evening'. -\ CHURCH NOTICES f SALEM U. B. Sunday School, 9 a. m.: pre." 10:00 a. m. and 7:00 p. in., by I X. Sneil. of Kagrerstown. The Re Snell \vill preach each evening ·. tlic week ac 7:00 p. m. All ar come. J. Chas. Gardner, pastor. YORK SPRINGS M. "E. York Springs: Sunday School sermon. 10:00. Hunterstown: S School, 1:50; sermon. 2:30. Rock , ei: Sunday School. 9:30; reviv: vice, 7:30. Luther W. McGarve^ tor. i BENDER'S REFORMED \ Sunday School, 9:00 a. m.; f ' Ing- 10:00 a. in., subject "Child!; ""' Family Inheritance". Missionary} ing 7:00 p. m. ST. PAUL'S A. 31. E. ZION CH" Preaching. 11:00 a. m_; S School. 2:00 p. m.; Christian End! 7:00 p. m.: evening sermon, 8:OC W. 0. Cooper, pastor. ST. JOHN BAPTIST ; Ealiy and baptizing service r St. John Baptist church Ss Preaching Saturday night at 8 o Services all day Sunday. Baptiz ·? o'clock Sunday afternoon. Vi _ ministers will be present- 1«' V/alker. Carter, Walker Toliver, del Robinson. All are -welcome. X. D. Shadney, pastor. - orot - flei . of l o a _ a As a con receive assnra: id congress would ."John Lin-l. President "Xilson's personal representative in Mexico, enfiefl his negotiations and 3ert ilexico City, returainsr to Tera Cruz. ^ The Arjerican charge d'affaires. ,, _^ Nelson O'Sbaughisessy. has not be Wednesday -- The Hearons ;nstracied to" can for his passpor , . i/ul i* t*^?» S-* »-Ti I.JAU-^^ i --JJA ' " I j . ^ , - ^ _- ^ f. - \ ^--c-*1p?* Sseqr-eTice of his failure to j f^|f* ^t 5 ^° d ^ ^ TMj^ \ ^ ^ issnrance that the newiy eleei- j -^j-"- 1 '1 - ~ =·-- * ^ · _ f "_ "^T~7 i ress would not be convened. ? aS:: - °_ _- ·· - «·' -- *- ** 1 -J--- '-"-; ) Columbia: S- B- Elliott. Reynoidsville: S- Kies?. TT:i]:anj5?ort: John S. . Indiana: L. A. vTatres, Scran- aud George TT. WiiHaiss, the remaining- three cars went through, j the elevated frame work. SHOOTS WIFE; KILLS SELF ever, says Cir.rk v, n !-.-\e t: the cash fi?rare of S5 .·"» i s',.ot:f.eo :· ^o iron l^nrb n.r^s-^ j f t u=. ho- «n riia; i heatre few a shnTlow !itfl:, r it lay the care. 0 -an alternative for the esii-her Th" j bar?, pour con! oil on it, lr«p a h-rhtcl deal vras to send Real! and a eat'.n.-'- | match na it nna co about one's work, or Sl.500 to Milvaukee. in a'lditiitn ro i The buniinc oii st.irts U'o grease to the $13.300 cash pnl,l fcr Cla:-pc:i. ; droppin-. t!u Enva-j in turn burns Coroiskey has no ·'atcbr-r h» v-a:,t^ t^ | fiercely, tilth the re-^.ilr thnt the hos is! Jet po. EastTJy. ho vivs. ',,, too \..l- | rediircd to :ishes by n fire fed ly its nable ns R pinch bitter to be retired to ! otvn fat. the minnr= ) _ _ . Sisters Concert Comany. Thursday -- The Venetian Serenaders. Course tickets for sale the office of the erinteadent, Saturdays, Novt he possibilities. ember 8 and 15. Course and single tickets ·will be sold at Walter's each day of the Institute. nor have any steps been taken thus far toward the wirhcraval of nis diplomatic functions. Any further steps in, , - » , . - , = that direction are still to be ceter- j county, suddenly jeft sis work and, mined. ! f Renorts that a pacific blockade may i *· «e applied to tne ports of Mexico are? He then killed- luniself wia a bnl- Th T r-k ?»1iss:ng Lawyer Dead, j TVIlkes-Barre. Pa.. Nov. 14.--Henry |J. Kot£. rcr-ner district attorney of | ~^~ori~~!C rorn'y, has been massing from i his home ^n Stroadsburg for several ] weel-:s. and after a tnorough search I his friends and relatives have given I «?TT» -nr» -ftc: »?o^r? K"rif-7: l*»fT h5«5 hnmp MentaJJy Unbaianced. Huntingdon. Pa., Nov. 14.--George j « im »P , McCarl, nisrht watchman at the j TM Oct. 28 in apparent heaita. He has 1 not been seen since. The police of the iowns in this section of tie stare have visited all the hospitals and sanitariums. Mrs. Klotz can give no reason for nis Jnniata. sand works at iiapleton. this ,county, suddenly left bis work and, returning home, shot his wife through. i aberration and ! unfaithful. fancied his wife was 250 Convicts Ask Parole. Pittsburgh. Pa., Nov. 14.--Two hna- ' Hindu Poet Wir.s Nobd Prize; Stockholm. Nov. 14.--The 1913 be- pribze for literature was awarded J convicts confined in- the . to Rabinaranath Tagore, the foren,os, | pen! : eadan - he re have applied poet of India. This js tae first time j this prize has ; person of other I race. It is ·wo: i "00 in -cash. $20.000.000 Building Readq. New York, Xov. 14.--City employes began moving into Xew York's new $20.000.000 municipal building, the largest and costliest cf Its kinJ In the world. It is expected that by Jan. 1 all tae departments that are to be housed in the stmcuire will have moved in. for paroles under the provisions of an i THE Ladies Bible Class of the Lu-! vheran Sunday School, Fail-field, -will 1 A supply of fresh, crisp celery that last well into the winter may be ^jhold a food sale, November 22nd, m j had if the plants arc taken up from Mr. Cunningham's s'tore room, at 3 p. m.--advertisement Open * the garden with plenty of earth adhering to the roots and placed closely to- fore the state board of pardons next weelc. getner ia n gooa sizea DOI m tne cei- !ar. They should bo given n. good vra- teriug at first and later at intervals as needed, but care should be tiken to, apply the -water without ^vetting the I ment tops, wbich are likely to decay. -^.,5^.^" Judge Escapes by Window. Passaic, N. J.. Nov. 14.---Judge ilor- juinped house to escape arrest on a warrant charging him with extortion. FOR SALE: double heater, good as new. Apply Mrs. William Farney, Box 82, R. 3, Gettysburg.--advertise- BOUND THE WOU There are women carpenters in It takes 300 cooiies to wort acre tea plantation in Ceylon. -Chicago retires "movie" theat^ install approved ventilating: devi- After a Japse of forty years t cultivation has been resumed it rocco. Gas pipes are being made in E£ from paper compressed, dried ani^T nished. -3 Chile's government savings : 7 contain deposits aggresating ove;"* t ·400.000. % Judge iJahouey of Chicago's ipal court holds enr5y Sunday n sessions. : · The British government is con_£ ing an auxiliary motorboat reserfc service in cnse of war. 3 Tesiice is equipping its Sre CK# meat with steam engines carri^; petroJenin propelled boats- j 1 ^ A congress of university stuo representing forty-sis nations, is ) held in San Francisco ia 1915. * iloch of the cork used throu. the world comes from Portugal, ·* narvests about 50,000 tons a year-r If the land in "England and were equally divided there be a little over one acre for son. - , : Paraguay has valuable fores sources, the most important of is qnebracto. particularly rich ii TM ' ' Alabama court hns been asked clare a jury in contempt for de a case by the toss of a coin. AGENTS to sell and install | Boston Starter on Ford Cars in AJ| County. It can be easily Every Ford owner will be Big profits. Write at once for proposition. Penna. Starter Co., 5 N. Broad St., Philada., Pa.--r * m ment SPAPFRf ."SPA.T'FTU

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