The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 14, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1913
Page 3
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|A MOCK FUNERAL By V^LLARD BLAKEMAN ' . 3IedjcaI,AdvertisIng. 'Incurable' Heart Disease Soon Cured By the Great Specialist in Trearing Weak ! and Diseased Hearts, FRANKLIN · MILES, M_ D., LL. E. Medical Advertisiag Check ChrQolc ohn \VIekersliain lived oa tlie I'a- c coast. John was a mining wreck, ere are inventive wrecks, literary £cks, artistic wrecks and aaaisy otli- kicds of wrecks.. Jn ether v,-ords, lie' 1 spesic two-Thirds of .bis: life taking »rmous risks, as u los^ pf tiiae, to * uoLtsinij oL other detriicvMits. seek: a fortune in holes in the ground, sally, discouraged, be settled a. small ;»icve of ground with his fe and children aud tritfl to make a Sug for hisuseif ::nd them iu a work knw liothiiiK about, faruilng. Catie was Jolm's liuie daughter, e lovoti the i-i'-r o_-«ia near which Who will Seed SZ25 Worth of Special Treatment and New Bock Free- To irove_ the remarkable c'irathv powers of bis u-.v and coi^r-Iew*. Soecia! Treaimeats for 5:f-art ei^^e- ! breath, pain in _?I«ie. siiouJtitr :r«?£ular puffiaa of anks or .!ro?5y. Dr. MiUt \vISi semi to t-\t-ry affii'-t^iper- -oj; a "2 ~A Frtv Treaimeiii. iJaii i-ax-soon iviifcvtd. rv treatments ar* the r-^ult of 3=J and rv-i;.arkab!«.- #uct"t-r-- n th'' i:t-art. s!«wiiach ati«! i\-r\~^ *A Licit of'- eu c-oiiipiii-aie esxli case, ^o a?to::isii::i« are the rt-^uits hi iwj-t caH-^. that hi- offers all sick p.-rK.j!!;i a two-pocr«I Tria' Tix-aiJi.viii free- l^o no: fa-i tv try ii. agh it was *ji maclt used by ships. iwever, there wa a necessity for custom hou:-f, \vb«-re an old man «ed r!n- f:ui-t h.iurs a WHY. He was t th'rix- for U-2-.,ne-_. for there was bush-ess for ···u to do. He was ire to wat-!i. :uid the way he watched is bv oruii:^ Katie ivent to the "ore jt!t l ha-, e :l look :it ihe broad p:iii«_- ih:st -«'-!:.el r her as big as lie:ivens aS,'.-.-.·_ ;he saw a ship j.rouehin^. and :i :iip even f:ir out sea was to her as agreeable a si;rlit a jjai! Hying ::p in the skr. The ivas so near that she could see ts on her deck. AVhi'e the ciii'd ikeil nn author was Jet j:o, and she uld hear the -ha:us rattling in the iwse j)iiKis. Then a boat put off to e shore :siil rx.:i:ted for the cusiora »tise. It r-::.:.:i:el ffiere a short hiie, thf-n pulietl back to the ship. Presently a lxx, oblong in shape, "was weret! i:nv the ixniu while those x»ard the vessel st«.rf«J -»vith heads un- ·vertd. Katie luylerstuod this to be e removal of a corpse and looked OB, seply impressed. Ami it Occurred to jr that when the boat had gone to the tstotu house it \vas to reqaesc pernxis- ou to bury a body on the shore. The oars flashed in the saniijrht, and ·A boat drew near a point 011 the jac-h almost direeUv" below where atie was. Th-jrre wits bur iictle surf. ie boat's nose gntted on the sands, id four sailor.* removed the bos from ie boat and '-arr:ed it to the crest of hi!!, -where tiiey dujr a jnrave. A few jrsons from the little hamler near by. 'eased at cu opportnnlty to see someling: doing:, even if it -were only a fu- iraK sto'jd by jrar;:i^. Katie, ivho re- ia her own ?K)s:tioa. s;iw the lowered iu the srave. a few -words by one of tac buriai party, the irth replaced, a wooden headboard 2is set up. and a!! -were pulled back to ie ship. Katie Trent home and at dinner told er parents what she had seen. Jtihn ric-kersham listened to her retirai. ot made no comment on it. Having nished his dir.ner. he Trent oat to re- arae his work, and when he returned sapper he was more taciturn even iaa at diar-er- As soon as it was erk he took up a spade and said to is -wife: "My de::r. I'm going to the shore."' "Yrhst on. earih are you jjoLng to tiie iore for':" "I'm going to dl-- up that corpse that ·as buried today." -"You're not goir:r to do any sncii iiajr. \Vhat you goli::r 10 do that fnr'r" '"There's jrold in that grave."' ~Oh. Lord! Ton've been d:gglas holes ir gold for twenty year*, and it's jade you crazy o:: the subject. For ea veii's s-ike do jret the iclea out of our head." "JJsteii to me. Susan. Those sal!or 3 tdu't bcry a corpse: they buried goods. hey "re stnuesrlers. Old Grant, the ^Hector. Ls iwinc hood'-vinked all tLe ·hil^ They asked perra-ssiou to bury corpse :;;id yitls-jr tonJ^ht or some t:rht x-jW. tht'y'li take it cp. ran it ito market :!nd make a. bi:r proSt out f it swinuJia^ the government out of ie duty." The poor v.-omnn groaned, aiid her usband went out into the darknes?. oing to the lull his daughter had escribed. It y.-as a 3«j;ely spot, nirl e had no great fear of being iijter- jpted by any jne passing- He dug own to the box. Sifted ft c::t- and his nspici'jiis v»-;-re connrined I»y its Hghr- ess. He tl.crefore carried it without penin^ it t-- h;-: home nnd ;-I.-;cc-d :: n a table. His v.-ife stoo;; by in gony, snrpi"s:n:r that her husband had ist his reason. Biii John, seizing a crewdriver. renio". od one scrc-w after nother and took oil the isd- He did n--»t End a corpse. ;;s his -wife RHEU3IA ThorouKhly Drives out Deep-Seated Urie Acid Poison- There is only one way 10 from Rheumatism--the ace imDurities caused by an excess of Uric , Acid poison must be expellee from the I body. That,Is what RHEUM A wHijco j and" do ir thereugfcly... If you SL-uer { from anv forna of T Forgotten Musicians. Few but those who have studied musical history know that the name j John Bull v,-as borne by one of the t most famous musicians of the six- I teenth century. He was as famous j a harpischcrd player in his day as I Liszt was a pianist, but as a. conv | poser he lacked the- creative power | of Liszt, the result being that Bull be ^frse L is practically xiuknovra to the general j simulated j pa -j,3; c today, even in England. : WINTERING FALL FARROWED FIGS fail "Whether we make tiieiu rr zsot. a lot of fail t'ij;s to raise are } eiit of the National J'IIH-LUHMI. Some must lie carrl- (i mer ilse winter. wlii!e laany are uof. \YL::t- breeding and feeding have a rreat dea! to do with Checking Profanity. t In an Edinburgh hotel the bar cons- lea, InSamniatcrvv Arthriiis. M -seu- j ter contains a slot, into which each j thesr !»i-otltal»k-uess l ? isr, Lumbago or'^ciit--get a bottle J visitor who is heard to swear must! that t !i ^ greatest cIEfereiu-e may "he of EHEU_MA from People's Drug j ro » 2 penny, and a notice to that | fo«««l iu tiie maiter of s'aeiter. it is Store for oO cents--it is · xpected. Ii3t some ovpriyi;::: paper, lejnotin" this, he rnrae to a number of asteboard boxes. Taklnc off the cover f one. he dispiayod n quantity of rare ice. Every one of the boxes ccatain- d tiie saise kind of sroods. H"e loosed i h!s wife and smv her gazir-s on the ace in wonder. "JCatie."" called the father, "come .ere."- Katie came, and he added: Th;it"s the corpse you saw buried this a*3~Rjn:r. It's n Hve enough -sorpse to iye us a 5ift, I always.said I'd find ·old in n fcoJe. a n d , T "have. But the scfc'cnrne through "Jvatfe-" , · John Wiekorsham had captured gooas forth $40.000. nnrl. using Katie's de- j-riptioTs of the ship, he enabled the bmmander of a revenue cutter to cnp- nre her. nnd other buried nrticles .- than that :ro:ti h«irt «Iisea.-«. : or Remarkable Cures in Your State Mr?. Sarah Tho:;ia_s. Mav=v:I!e. M--. L-i:ri after-"} physicians failed. Mr Jv-- e|.h Sliat-. Liccoi::, Kaa.-., afttrr '.', fniit.*: \ - r J'.Vi". Ri-nya:!. Spii.-^r. '«.-·.%·«.. afitr .'. fai!e«i. Mr. Ira. L'«acr. Frien«i5l»ip, N. V., after 2 faii-i. .Mr. I!. L. Davenport, i'oii::e:tul\ilie. Pa . after 4 faikii. Mrs. Ijict:*- Ktt":i:r. So-::!) OsaHe~tou. Ohio, a:a-r ^ faiiwi. ilr. Anna fhick. Hasssp- :on. III.. a:i»-r 7 «":·::«·«:. .Mr~. Kva J'-a::- ::-rtt:e. Guys _\!i:X 1'a., after several E"ai'e:. Many trcro! afiir ·" 10 \~ phys:- ciai:= ha 1 ! |irononni---i thi-ni "iaeurabltr." A-Jid 10 i)r. Frasikiii: iliie-.-. Dept. lli ·j'"- to -375 Main t. Eikhart, Inc.. a: once, for Free Ii-;ar-. Hook. Esasu:!ia:i«»i Chart, "jr;:j!-/n, Advice a::-l i-'re-r Xr^;.t- AiitomoijJIe advertising NEW HUDSON MODEL READY NEXT MONTH Lijrht Six -10 to be Ready for Shiprtent in December Sav Dealers. TO BE ANNOUNCED JANUARY A few weeks ago the rumor went out: cha'c the Hudson rre%Ie were bailcl- i ing', under lock and key. a ne%v liijhi- j weighs Six-40. To undersell and un- : (ler-weish Fours cf eaual uo'-ver. And I fy - -~- I to give less operative cost. Thai; was j all. No price was stated. No picture i was printed. i But to one Hudson salesroom. SS j men came and paid a deposit on tha\ j coming car. To another 27. to an- i other 19. And quite ·. number of dea.1- j srs sold from 6 to 10 cars merely on | that rumor. [ Now the details are oa_. and so :s · the faci that deliveries begin in De- i member. This new Six-40 is similar in | design co the new Hudson Six--54. And j have that car on show. The 40 is 12 | inches shorter, has less weight acu i power. But it has the satna new streamline body and practically ths same equipment as this handsomest car of the season. And the price is } SI 750. f. o. b. Detroit. I Ths rumor was true. The Brice is below thar of any comparable Four, j The weight :s under 3.000 pounds-- j very much lighter than equal-powered I Fours. And the fuel consumntion I? i , , " - - , ! aniy one gaiion per hur.orea miles above the Hunsoii "33". a car that in .en thousand instances has made ar. ar.viabie repiiVazicn for itself as a' economical machine- Deliveries OR. this car begin nex^ j month, saye S. G. Bigham. local deal- · 3r. But we get only a f etr of them. No j announcement of the car wii! os made j until -January- "We have thoughi; that | you might like Vo be antong the first f :o get this car.-In any event, you will j ae interested to see what z. change it j ·.viil make in motor car conditions. A j ~iew type body. fcliOTring European ] rcsrue- A cev.- attainment in ligh'tness j and economy. And a smooth-running j Six which undersells =. Four. "vTe have all the pictures and details. And we have tne new Hudson Six-54 of almost identical design- There is sure to be a rush for this nsvr car. and you may want an early delivery. On this possibility, we invite von 'cc come and talk with us. --adverdsement. jledical Advertising After Coushmg Two Years Waycross, Ga^ Woman Found Relief in YifioL Dld you ever coagh for a week? Then xtsst think distressing Inearthed at several different points. bhn's reward for nli this wns snnlcient p make him and his family comfort- ble for the rest of their Mves. irjust be to have a cough hang on for two vears. Mrs. D. A. McGee, Waycros?. Ga-, says: 'M had a very heavy cold which settled into a chror.ic congh which kept me awake nights for fu'ly two years. { and felt tired all the time. The effect" of "taking your cod liver and iron remedy, Vino!, is thaV. my cough is gone. I can now get z. good nicht's rest and J feel much stronger in every ·way. I am 74 years oid."'" ' It is the combined action of tha medicinal elements of the cods' livers aided by the blocd-makiii- -J «la:np. aithy «es ilolii.^ iheir best. Xaiure C:J:;'t b;',* they can ', tlea! of i»ro:o"iioit from »;« I way of a o^at of buir. A I if he has it. :s ab^ut aM !'.. j Jbe etijyys. -\'ov.-. -.vsu'ij a j its food su-;:y fur w:iri»=»!! It stands ilauy feogr grov/ers iAe the Dtiroc- Jersey b:-^i brctiuf^ of its ocicSr growth an\i ab.licy to lay on sJesfe- It is claimed for the Durocs ibat they vrill put on sr.ore pounds lor eoua! atao-_nc of feed than other !re«i:U- T*!*y ztta:n great ilze a:5i «-^:;ht v i:rn !-.-Oi«fr:y il and cared for. The so" -5 are ;irc::2c au-i good xv.'ini3t"l a lit- PUBLIC SALE On Tuesday November the ISth 1913. Will sell at public sale on the Ero«rj · Bair Farm, 3 miles Eortb. of Gettysburg in £uiie» township. ^ ', -5 Head of Horse? and Xules, 1 baj pi · horse and single driver, twelve years olo '** .good lann isorse. 1 sorrel horse 14 lyear? oM pingJe line leader and good ! .-addle hoise, 1 sorrel iKirse 10 years old ' iiootl woiker and driver and itartes of al t object*, i pair «£ mules ·* ami 5 years oki : one a leauer. li:ev hsvt- i:.rj; lul-Ie to Jii*-^ie bcne and are not Tl:e Duroc-Jersey - s-hur. c Js i EOO-3 ipi« c-f the [::;r a irrea · c«»!d hi l!ie i.x»at 01 fat. j a * ^ *---·* . ;-;;z or any ; Eight l^vfi of lMiornp«l -ati3e. , v.-nli t-aive? by tb-ir riie»! vii!i l~* rt~h If. . FeLurary and 2 in 3ian-ii, I bail flftw-t · IROlirliS Okl. 1 home oiade i"-i: axle vra^on 2% in , tread, 2 hor^e C»!uas:ia trajroii. I Johnsf*r. hinder «» f«X3t c«', 1 McConusck motrer S foot car. I rij:er hay rake, 2 MotintviHe - Ilar.-bere »!oviS. 1 cast beasa Syracuse , pkv.-. 1 M't-Conaick lever liarro-.v, "i Perry : !:arrow«, 1 land roiier, i dctsLIe row corr. I r-la^ier. 2 sulky c-orss plows, 1 li.-n-h and j Drcn!£o!i!. I Albright |.Jo-.v, 1 j»alr hitj ' reasu:; that tl:e l«e-=t -^ cannot A ; ?a:i Las lt-:= !:sau -!HH! to brii!^; :»·'·.:: a tlire«- ^anse 5»a-;elKs!i series be-1 v.,-,:: \\V--t Point ::!i'l A!i::as«::s s-sst j , : i Isj 1 ^. ':";(,- ^- I:*-:ae 'jr:^:::::.ttl. it Ls J ! :·.!·!. ni;h iht- athictic aatlioritles oil bt- X;tva5 :n.-uVsuy. l-ut whether or not', Anosher iLiUR. v.'uy Isn": -. ;:u He^t from ' «; lu :'-.o:i!Ji^ -j ^vt GE Irene j^"-ars ^et s»c-^" (^l^ar 0 a*?*l britlle^. 10 fuH In-iia:t runner duckn. '«- r« f*-4sn -it !:» ^i :? Before you put any money into a ,roof, call on us and find out v.-Ky Reliance Roofing can be guaranteed to give satisfactory service for ten years_or more Without Painting or Coating. - -- - Before you take cliances again v.-ifcn "cheap" prepared roofings, call and get the inside facts about Reliance. ~ Here is a roofing to challenge the respect cf every man v/ho appreciates the difference between straight' made, square goods and "shoddy" just made to sell- Here is a roofing that needs no paint v.-ith. s. ten-year guarantee to prove it ~ ^ ^ _ . ^ ~ ~ Guaranteed 10 Years' No Coating--No Painting __ ^ - ^__ First cost is the only CCSL v,-ith Reliance. It isn't a fangled roof- Its durability and uniform good quality have been proven during more fhf»n t\velve years of service. Reliance is rigrst becatise it is made rignt clear throtigh- It is ike one " rcofins irtade so feonestly gooc tiiat tte mantjfac^tirers "»n suararttee it for ten ye^rs W7fAoat Coating, Psailmg, Patching Or Repairing. . .,.._. ^_ Before yoti Roof, call or telephone tis about fleliance. Department Store j fccti tb:;^ t:5 fcC-d i:.-?ifr The pii; | ; )V ! oiusr nse ft-e-1 to warm itself when i y;., I that feM ES ^iven practicalSy ice coij. These tlihs^s so!:al rr^t-JoaabJe. and, more imp'sri;::!!. we find the lin^ feeders wbo UKOIV they niake a prosit on tue «;:::-O!:':. s'spermtwic-, -' -:;·-. a::l nil"! «aii"tiun ', ·::rt:' c:it Ls a question.".,, ·is are tfe'httM over li'M-e tli::t it -.vil! crvs-1 rs S:M! Se «;sve« on a!i si oi :i note 'xiii security. 1 l'tu= M::k-r clerk. S Philadelphia Reading Railway In Your Home VS ALL GAME AT AY, NOV'R 15 13 Without Oi\e Cent's Cost Ail vou need, to secure this wonderful i i-piece Nucut Glass Service Set,--which s as handsome as it is serviceable--are 50 B. T. Babbitt's Trademarks One Babbitt Trademark comes with each of B. T. Babbitt's famous products-three of which are pictured below. If you use Babbitts, you already know of their economy and many uses. If you don't one trial only is needed co convince you that Babbitt's is best all the time. Thi= offer is for a limited time only, so start 'o save Babbitt's trademarks today. When you have 50, take them to Your Grocer or the next nearest one. BIB SOAP POWDER 3 Babbitt's Products Mace by B. T. Babbitt, Inc., New York ·ROM .^ fFROM i * LV.A.M. Lifter ^lore Flexible, and Costs Less than a Four. Greater Mileage per Gallon of Gasoline, C3 ** TM Ecbnires Less Lubricating OIK Easier on Tires, Much More Comfortable, Vibration-ess- r The Easiest-Riding Car We A Few of Its Many Advantages GoMenville 8.25; ^Centre Mills 8.52 - S-Soj -Bendersvillc 8.56 Table Reck S.38, ^Gardners 9.03 '· j Harrisburg (arrive) ...... 10.05: Guernsey S-44; n 8.4S : Lisht weight---2040 pound; about 1$ p^nds to the incb : over all. Economy of fuel consumption--14 to 37 miles to the gallon of gasoline. Six-cylinder 3^x7, Inches, developing 47 horse power, smoothly, flexibly, without jerk or jar. -One-man" top. with quickly adjustable, permanently-attached side curtains, folded in top. Left-side drive, right hand (center) control, dimming headlights, new speedometer drive, and (of course electric starting and lighting.) a n d j streKgVh-creating proparties of tonic iron is-hich makes Vinol so efficient _ for chronic coughs, colds and bron- j f Women as a Power. (chilis-at the same time building up j 1 -it ever the ttae comes ^en ^ ' th | r Tf b ^ e T^noT S^the un- 1 pen shall,come together simply and ders ^ nding tha -,, your money ^n be , purely for the benefit of mankind, it returned if it doe s not he i p you . Peo . j will be a power such as the -world haa ?!e s Drug' Store, Gettysburg, Pa. ! jever dreamed of."--Matthew Arnold. ' p. s.--If you liave any skin trouble \ _ . · " try Saxo Salve. We guarantee it. ·RETURNING--Special Train will leave Harrisburg 10,30 same date for above stations. Tickets good only on date of excursion on above Special Train in each direction. Children between 5 and 12 years of age half fare. '''i'asseagers from stations marked withtsar can purchase ticket from conductor. BiglervUle, Pa. IV ®

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