Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 30, 1937 · Page 10
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1937
Page 10
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TEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JAM UARY 3D DOORS, WINDOWS REQUIRE CARE IN HOME DESIGNING Location of Openings May Make or Break Room as Practical Unit. The location pt door and window openings in a room ma; make or break it as 'a practicit- liviiig unit. Consideration must be given, to the wall spaces necessarj to accommodate the furniture tha must go in a room. In houses built before the advetr o£ central heating plants, each room guarded the heat ol its fireplace or stove with jealous care Only enough windows were cut in the outside walls to admit a reasonable amount of light. Inside doorways were reduced to a minimum, and each doorway had a door in it that could be shut. No arched openings were used excep in hallways or other places where the conservation p£ heat did no matter. So there was a maxirrmn of wall space provided for the placing of furniture' . fllade to Open Up. With the advent of the warm- ·air furnace, designers went to the other extreme, and .houses were ·made to "open up well," and no opportunity was missed to cut a forged, arched opening in a wall The consequence was that practically all the furniture had to be placed in the center of the room and passage from one room to the next became a sort of ' obstacle race. That period has passed, and all that remains of. it are arched openings between the hall and such rooms as living room and dining room. Even these are not seen as frequently as formerly, and those that are installed are not as wide as their predecessors. So now the sofa and the table and a few of the chairs may once again be placed against the walls and the center of the floor left reasonably clear. Plan Room Design. In designing a room or in examining plans of a house, each piece of furniture that is'to go in the --room"should be cut out of paper in the same scale as the plans'and carefully fitted in their places. Sometimes the moving of an opening a few inches will make all the difference between a nicely furnished room and an awkward one. ·Funds for remodeling rooms to cure past ills of design can be obtained from private financial institutions under the modernization credit plan of the Federal Housing administration. Funds for building new homes, properly designed, also may be obtained from the. same agencies under the insured mortgage system oE the' housing administration. All homes financed under this system must meet certain minimum standards o£ design and construction and must be approved by the housing administration. ' Babies are going out of fashion ' b u t a. vacuum cleaner will suck up tacks, pins and other floor litter about as well.---Lincoln Star. Dry Cleaning Leaves NO Odor! Ideal American Laundry AND Zoric Dry Cleaners IT'S PHONE 22 Dark Spots Now Becoming Gozy Corners in Many Homes F-F^rr The light-panel built into the ceiling makes possible an interesting decorative effect, which is extended along practical lines by the attractive lamp on the desk. By JEAN PRENTICE The dark spots of yesterday are becoming the cozy corners of today, 'thanks to modern architecture and lighting. Many a home has an alcove or window seat that has long been the despair of the family, at least insofar as decoration is concerned. Generally, these areas are sufficiently pleasant .looking by day, but at night they often fade into a background of shadow that robs them of their natural beauty and charm. Moreover, frequently they are useless for reading, sewing or studying, because no original provision was made for lighting them. The modern trend in architec- .ure, which carefully conserves space, and permits none to be wasted, lights these alcoves and window seats from above. In many cases, "particularly in the newer houses, a panel of glass with a light above it is built into the ceiling, directly overhead. This panel may contain either .clear or colored light, or a combination oC both. The decorative effect is completed by placing statuettes ot other ornaments on wall pedestals at either side of a picture. Sometimes a desk is placed alongside the alcove or window seat, and the overhead lighting panel is called upon to provide illumination for It. This practice is frowned upon by lighting specialists, who point out that lighted ceiling panels rarely provide suf- ficient light for such purposes. Every desk, they claim, -should have its own lamp, in order that whoever is. seated at it may have ample local light by which to see clearly and without eyestrain. It should be understood, too, ·that regardless of what the room may offer in the way ol built-in or installed lighting panels, every chair used for reading or other eye work should' have its own lamp, else the purpose of the scheme, which is control and flexibility, will be defeated. Ornamental fixtures are designed largely for decoration, and should never be permitted to displace 'the table or floor. lamps needed for lighting convenience and ease of seeing. Old Buildings Prove Poor Rental Property 'ostponement of Repair May Mean Heavy Expense Eventually. Commercial' buildings, particu- arly retail stores, have low rental 'alue if the walls and ceilings are :aulty or obsolete.' They detract greatly from the appearance of the establishment and are not conducive to a pleasant environment. The postponement o£ their repair means eventual heavy expense.- They are many attractive coverings available on the market which may be effectively applied at small expense. Linoleum, made for that purpose, may be used foi the walls and requires little maintenance. Various types o£ composition wall-boards are excellent both for ceilings and walls. Thi; board is available in colors anc tints and -may be applied as paneling .or in suitable designs and patterns. Modernization credit is advances by private financial institutions insured by the Federal Housing administration. Chrysler yy Everything in Air Conditioning from (he smallest to the largest. Built and guaranteed by Chrysler. JL H. Marston 107 1st St. S. E. Phone 162 GET THAT EXTRA ROOM By Enclosing Your Porch 0 FRAMES e WINDOWS e STORM SASH o Let Us Assist You With Your Interior Remodeling Plans MASON CITY MILLWORK CO. Our Craftsmen Are Skilled in Making "EVERYTHING OF WOOD" / Phone 155 Corner 4th and Monroe S. W. Those dainty expensive Bedspreads of yours should be entrusted only to the Dry. Cleaner's skill and pains. We'll Dry Clean yours skillfully, carefully, beautifully. LYONS LYONS PHONE 600 CLEANERS -- LAUNPERERS -- FURRIERS Uses of Paint in . Home Are Manifold Maps as wall decorations have jrown in popularity. As a protective and preservative measure the application oj a coating o£ pale varnish is suggested. The addition of a very little turpentine will increase the transparency o£ the varnish. A lixitif lacquev is also satisfactory and can be sprayed on i£ desired. , In the rehabilitation of homes, paint and varnish have many and important uses. Private financial institutions insured by the Federal Housing administration advance credit for modernization purposes. Select Wall Colors' to Give More Light In painting a room with a cole north light, a tint of yellow compensates for the absence of sunlight. It may be cream or ivory or better yet, a light clear yellow tc contribute an inviting, warm, anc cheerful effect. Funds for home decoration may be obtained from private financial institutions insured by the federal housing administration and repaid in small monthly installments. THOMAS MACHINE CO. WE DO ALL KINDS OP MACHINE WORK ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 2503 303 2nd S. W. Mason City, la. WOULD SHE LIKE TO BE REMEMBERED EVERY WEEK? THEN- SEND FLOWERS FROM Kemble's Greenhouse M a i n Ofrjc* Invntn*vii Shop I 3 I 1 S . S . Frrieral -.. Writ Stale. SI. rhtmc .-s P h o n e Mr! QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS- Q. In building a small house is t permissible to. put down the :oundation walls with the idea oC digging out the cellar' later? A. I£ you provide ventilation under the first floor beams and if you remove all old stumps that might harbor or attract termites, it is permissible. However, there would be little saving, and it would be better to dig it out at the time of putting in the foundation walls. Q. I am considering buying an old house and there is a crack in a stone arch over a window. Is that serious? A. It might be or it might not be. You had better have an engineer look at it. Even if it is. not serious structurally, it will always be a disfigurement. Q. Can you tell me how to stop my cellar walls from mildewing? It only seems to come in summer near the bottom o£ the walls.- A. If it shows only in summei near the bottom of the walls if is probably from condensation due to the low temperature of the earth. Keep all cellar windows open as much as possible; air anc light are the enemies of mildew. Q. We are about to do some remodeling of an o)d colonial house and I want to know if it would be appropriate to have plaster arches between the hall and the other rooms and between the living room and den. A. If you wish to preserve the character of the house, such openings would be quite inappropriate Colonial houses had doors on all opening to keep the heat in the room from escaping. If you want arches into the hali, make them as small as possible and trim them with wood. This would not be so incongruous as plaster arches. In such remodeling work the service; of an architect should be used His experience and training will be invaluable. Q. Is is really practical to build a house on a concrete platform without a cellar? A. Yes; entirely, provided' the ground has good natural drainage Some precaution should be taken to insulate and damp-proof the floor, and the house should be so placed, or I he grading so done Hint n i l water will run away from Ihe house. This is a precaution that should be taken whether a cellai is built or not, but it is even mort important with the platform construction. Q. Sometimes when two or more people are trying to draw hoi water in our house, .it slops running entirely in one of the faucets until the others are shut off. \Vha1 causes this and how can it be cured? A. In all probability tha pipes of the hot-water system have become clogged with some deposit and the flow cut down so that the lower fixtures take all the supply when they are open. Hot water precipitates this deposit much quicker than cold water. The only cure is new piping. PROTECTION FOR EYESIGHT FOUND IN DECORATIONS "orrect Use of Light Sought by Architect, Painter and Electrician. A realization o£ the fact that 85 er cent oC impressions arc received through the eyes brings an nppreciation of the importance o( conserving eyesight and of using every possible means to protect vision and reduce eyestrain. According to statistics, 20 per cent of school children, 40 per cent of college students, and 60 per cent o£ adults in the United States have defective eyesight. Research Made. The correct use ol both natural and artificial light becomes a matter for serious consideration. Constant research by lighting engineers, . architects, paint concerns, and others interested in the subject is being made to determine :he best means for producing the most beneficial lighting results and the elimination of glare or other factors conducive to eyestrain. In schoolrooms it has been dis- :overed that improper lighting frequently is responsible for list- 'essness, inattention, and genera! Backwardness of pupils, as well as 'or the impairment of eyesight and health. In offices and factories inadequate lighting may be the cause of serious ajid expensive mistakes. It s the cause of the diniunition of efficiency in employes, with a resulting slowing down of production. Plan Liffht as Unit. In planning new construction or he modernization of homes and other buildings, the value of correct lighting cannot be too greatly stressed. There is a fast-growing understanding of the interdependence of light and paint. The judicious choice of fixtures and wall colors in the dispensing and re- ilecting of lighten rooms of various kinds is beco'nSing evident, and :he painter, builder, and electrician combine to give their best efforts for satisfactory results in order that buildings of all kinds may be made more comfortable, efficient places in which to live and work. Painters and decorators are more and more realizing the importance ot choosing paint colors with a view to the kind o£ visual tasks to be performed in a given room Dark gloomy days may be painted away and, with proper lighting effects, the surroundings will as sume a cheerful stimulating at mosphere. . The modernization credit plan of the Federal Housing administration releases funds for the installation of modern lighting fixtures and the painting and decorating of buildings of all kinds, Private financial institutions approved by the Federal Housing administration will advance credit to responsible persons for modernization purposes. Living Room in Modern House , _ 3 __ This room Is located in a low-cost home, buiSt unfler Federal Housing administration's Insured mortgage System. When the plans .were drawn the room was designed with the furnishings In mind. The main-patterned wallpaper shows off the maple furniture to advantage. Plenty of sunlight is admitted through the three windows. The room holds the furniture nicely and does not give an effect of overcrowding. FANS USED FOR HEAT, COOLNESS Last Summer's Electric Fan May be Used to Correct Winter Problems. I£ there are rooms in the house that are hard to heat even after the windows have been weather- stripped, last summer's electric fan can be used to great advantage in extracting the additional heat needed from the warm-air register or the radiator. The fan should be placed in front of the radiator so that room air is blown over the radiator at the supply pipe-end. If the room is heated by a warm-air register, the fan should be placed in front of the register in such a manner that aid is sucked by the fan from the warm-air duct and distributed to the room. . It'\vill v be foun'd that the'use of Correct this sentence: "I demonstrate my superiority by correcting those who make mistakes," said Courier. the man, "and that makes social favorite."--Waterloo a pcanict. SHEPHERD'S WALLPAPER ·16 FIRST STREET M A Y T A G World's Finest V/asher A Trial in Your Own Home Will Prove This to You. C E R R O G O R D O MAYTAG CO. 22 2nd N. E. Phone 2067 CALIPUTH FOR GOOD PLUMBING and HEATING SERVICE J.C.PuthCo. 202V2 North Federal Ave. Electric Motor Repairing By Experienced Men New and Used Motors Bought and Sold Zaok B2?©s. ELECTRIC CO. 306 2nd S. W. Phone 977 HFAT · Did yo« keqw ih*t rfK Dew F*tf. Maks-Mcrie DcLnxe automatic stok u burns ibe lowest price shfs of cosl,' often jarras nom« owners more tban jo» po feel com) Since h ftmits fwapjete axabamoa, it gas emy «st bit of hen out of ererr poood of coaL dean. Quiet. Atttrmalrc. Rcqbire* xdy a hopperful of cool to sun n oa ill lob of deliteriag delKndabic. CT«I fee« to year home all winter at an Bn- «an«Ur low fuel core Ask nj lo tell ycxt more about wbac this remarkable new stoker can do in jwr home--od · boat tb* CdDvenieat pannent platt that -witl help it lo PKP for itself ou£ he fan in winter will 1 do much to jring about even temperatures vithin a room and keep the air in motion. Often as much comfort vill be derived from the fan in winter as in summer, because it vill bring about much more even temperatures within a room, heat a room usually cold, and provide quick heat on cold mornings. Homes can be weatherstripped ind otherwise be made more livable under the modernization credit plan of the Federal Hous- ng administration. PLACE CEILINGS IOW FOR BROAD, SPACIOUS ROOM departure F r o m High Vaulted Ceilings Found to Be Modern Trend. The merchant contemplating tore modernization is reminded hat there is a distinct trend to- · vard lowered ceilings which tend o make interiors seem longei; and broader. A departure from the high 'aulled ceilings that waste space, ight, and fuel is being made. False ceilings constructed either of plaster or wall board may bs used in making repairs. Before making ceiling and wall alterations the merchant should decide definitely the type of over- lead and side lighting to be used. :f indirect lighting equipment is o be installed; recesses for this purpose should be provided. Interesting, decorative effects may be had by building into plaster or wall board occasional wall niches that are also practical for small display and the spot lighting of small unit specials. Modernization of stores and other properties may be accomplished, by the use of credit made available by private financial institutions insured by the Federal Housing administration. Household Effects · RUGS · DRAPES · CURTAINS 9 FURNITURE Can Be Carefully Cleaned and Color Restored. SEND YOURS NOW P H O N E 788 There is, so to speak a greater resemblance than appears on the surface between prayer meetings and peace conferences; the people who need them least attend.-Troy Record. WHEN YOU Use O BUILD e REPAIR · REMODEL 'NORTHWESTERN" Portland Cement · For Beauty · Permanence · Satisfaction Northwestern States Portland Cement Co. General Offices, 6th Floor First National Bank Bids. CHAPIN-O'NEIL, Inc. 302 So. Monroe Phone 1606 Any, Heating, or Sheet Metal Improvements You Plan On. Kelroy Fuel Furnace Co. 137 Fourth Street S. W. Phone 441 End Gloom - Darkness in Your Home Sweet Home! With This NEW I. E.S. REFLECTOR ON SALE AT People's Gas and Electric Company Stores e Come out of the shadows--into the light with one of the new, modern I. E, S. Better Sight Lamps. Don't take chances with precious eyesight, trying to pierce through the gloom of old-fashioned lighting that puts all the light down on your floor covering. SENT TO YOUR HOME ON FREE TRIAL » Buy a Better Sight Lamp for your home from our large selection . . . now is the time to do it. Choose the lamp you want . . . of a pries that suits your purse. Do it now at a savins! ' ' PRICE WITH BULB 75c Down-75c Month P · G - rf E PEOPLES GAS AND ELECTRIC ll m II ll ·

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