The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 14, 1913 · Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1913
Page 2
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»*-^ G.W. Weaver Son G.W. Weaver Son The Leaders Just Received 1 Lot "Wooltex" Skkls-- $3.75 Two Styles-- five or Six colors; Skirts are cnr froaj the ends of pieces of Suit or Skirt nadterlals -- and are a full -SO jx-r !e-s limn regular \aiuf=- Lots of New Neck Wear Lots of New Rufflings Ten styles of 36 inch Wash Silks -? Dress Skirt Wool Plaids · New Astrakan Coats "New Persian Coats New Eoucle Coats .- New Sport Coats -ill ^muimiinuiuumiu unuauuuiiuitg«i'j!i:Hwuii i umiimHiuimiui!imiiiiiuiiiiri«i!!i tl iiii f iini^ = = Magazine Readers = = i Don't forget to stop at 1 THE BOOK STORE I When you want magazines All-the--latestmag- azines on hand, special Price to club subscriptions. One of the classiet lines of Writing Papers en the market dont fail to see the line. A large and varied assortment of books, late fiction a"d popular reprints. S-bool supplies of al! kisids. THE BOOK STORE ecial Attractions for Institute Week Our new Holiday Goods are arriving and we will have everything on display for the t acVrs and visitors, Institute Week. It is a wise plan to buy gifts early and get the choice, as in many of the finer articles we or ly have one of a kind- Parisian I very Toilet and Manicure Sets, Mirrors, Brushes, Combs, Clocks, Bufkrs Knives, Files etc. Also the same articles in Pink and Blue Pyraline. Our new Stationery is exquisite. We have it priced from 25c to $4.00 per box. T u finest paper, in beautiful ribbon- tie 1 boxes. In usefu 1 Household Utensils our Wearever Aluminum takes he lead "We h?ve -" a - . ! i - " - e - All guaranteed. C* Savory Roasters How about a Savcry Roaster for the Thanksgiving Turkex 1 They come in three sizes and different grades of material. Priced at 98c to §3.00 The turkey aciually tastes better served from a Savory than from any other Roaster. Grocery Department We h ,ve a lot of new Fall Goods in here. Mince Meat, Xew Date?, New Figs, New Nuts. E^aporated Peaches, Prunes, Seeced Raisins, Loose Raisins. New Canned gocds in all lines. Dcn't forget to ask for the %C Green Trading Stamps, and get some of the beautiful premiums. ettysburg -^ = e Overcoats W E have some wonderf ully attractiv -styles, in new Fall Overcoats-the smartest models we think that we've seen in many a day. Schloss, Baltimore made to start \vjil:,- that f ^ * establishes their quality of course -- a litile better w«: believe, in style and smas tness, than anyiUnjf their designer has produced heretofore. Seethem. O. H. Lestz " LUe GiVe S. Ji-Green Trading Stamps. Comer Centre Square and Carlisle Street. Gettysburg, PD_ Baltimore. St. Chas E. Swisher, Prop. IHIIK LOUIS DAMMERS, Philadelphia. Eyesight Specialist ONE DAY ONLY Gettysburg Eagle Hotel Parlors Tuesday, Nov. 18th Special Office Hours, 9 A. M to 8 P. M. Bazaar and Oyster Supper The Oyster i-ijjper and Sale :o Le hel-i iti il.v I'n^b} t«-ti..«i C h.-.i---!. ·§ My Special Offer 1 $1 Glasses, 1 This Visit Onlv. ^ Public Sale SALE Ci Thursday, November 20. At \~Yiiian Spalding's stables, Get- sl»i . One carload of fresh cows, Cj * sprLn. ers and some Holstein heifers. I win mike VA:I a fine p -:r if Eiafi-d-. !nc!::d:n£r Darnmerp' Kye Examination, clear cry=rai lenses. a 12 Kt_ Holi'1 Gol! Fillwl Fmn;e ; and an elegant leather case. All For $1. Tirrty days" trial of jrl.i^es ai- So^-rfl Others charge a.~ hi^h as £» to ') f-.r tiiese sasne gli-=e-. Eye Examination SBy the T)x"5inpr3 ziiet:!^ :. ivuiimifc cirop^. withont ask : nir -jn.;i:.«:L3 -svichout tfst car«i-j -^r cnnrt-- N E W S F THE SPORTING WORLD I Jack Johnson's Tills Not Recognized Abroad, BARRY HERRMANN VS, FULTZ Courtney A!Sows Crew Men to Play on Cornell Gridiron--Army artd Navy to Play Three Game Baseball Series. To Change Water Polo Dates. Ibat the sentiment ·- French sportsmen is :tuugouicic to Jack Johnson, the ECJTTO aeavj-\veisiit [lusilisr, developed at the regular session of the OFK' sr.-ue boxing commission, at a communication, was read from Victor Brtyer. who is. prominently idenuEed irith tf'e French Federation of KuxiuiC Ci'Jus in Paris. Bix-yer st-ited it was generally assumed in the French capital that the heavyweight situation included oniy Sam Liinrford and Joe Jeanuette ami that upon either of these nro American negroes the mantle of champion should be placed. Breyer. who is one of the many responsible for this clas.-;inr-arioa. is well known in America, a-id his sanaaiary of the lieavyxreiirUE situation was in- cori'oratfil i:i a letrcr on behalf of the French Ke«!t-ratioH of Boring Ciubs in an endeavor ro ha-, e au even scale of weisats in all '.-ias^et. such as obtains ; in England." Fnince. BelgintQ and Switzerland, and by its adoption in America make it really internatloiial- i The scale proposed is as follows: Fiy- I weiorct, 112 pounds: bantam. IIS I poanos; feather. 126 pounds: light. 13c 1 pounds: weiter, 147 pounds; middle, ; 100 iounds: light-hearr. 375 pounds: heavy-n-eight. all over 175 pounds. i The champions recosnized abroad- · according to Breyer. are Johnny Cou; Ion. in the bantamweight division; ' Tohnny ICilbane. featherweight; Millie ; Uitchie. lichtweight; Frank Kiaus, s m:dd!eweie:lit; Sam Langford. light- · hcavrwcicht. and either Lnngford or !joe Jpannette. heavyweight, with the i welterweight class in abeyance. m Saturday Afternoon and Evening, November 15th, jl bfglnninjr a£ one o'clock, is Growing in Interest. The ladies hux-e g many useiu! and beautiful articlfc?, tojs.-dier with =ouie adsuirable pieces g of fancy work, all of wh;ch will be rohl, lesiles manv other tiling. Ice Cream, Cake, Candy, Fruit and Other Refreshments will be on Sale. All friends are asked to bria^ a companion, and the public is cordially in.\-ited. !e3^^J?j^Ji^I?^g^^!^^B'g^ir-jpiMc:'ri;---'aggg Real Estate We would like to add a few farms to our list of Real Estate for sale. Ifyou have any that you would like to sell and place, in the hands of a Real Estate Agents, we will be glad to handle same for ou; no matter whether jarge or small or where located. Or if you want -.0 buy any Real on or address. Troxell and Swisher Real Estate Agents 104 Baltimore St. Gettysburg Pa. Abso!utely Free of Charge. · "i,'i:ft-» take" ad'.-anta£je of Special Notice M =lb!y visit to OFFiCES: - 23S Mutual Life Bid^ ,1011 Chestnut St., PHL Pa look over* our ats and Shoes kn'om the result C. B. Kitzmiller Some stock bulls and steers, weigh- ins 60- pounds. Howard Spalding m e m GcodDiiving Kor.«e, Jt-ar es of all objects, Jenny Line and Good Harness. Can r bought reasonably. Apply j HEMLER'S RESTAURANTJ York street Homcmnds Hair Tonic. i,i:r to:su-. th:ir is- really "m si5irtiti= Wherein He Was Wrong. t_.fc c Amsriwn Music. "Gadderely might have been a sac- " Arr.f-ricar, SIUEIC 5« popular In Rcra- cess In life but for one thing." "And baiz. r-orthern France, trhere the wlu- v,'hat IB that?" "A mistaken Impres- dov,g in h-jverai stors handHog sheet slon; he has held for maay years that music are devoted to tbe display o! his presence adds dlgnltj to a street popular danc-eH, including glides and. corner."--Elrmlnaham Herald. oofe-ctepa- snd prevenTJn^ faUinc: li.-iir. is made froBd* rent' wonli of cnstor oil. o cents ·re.orp «f pure ^niiii alcohol and 5 cents' -worth of l-ers-T^iot. Shake all treli topretber nnii! thoroughly mixed. :.iid apply by parting the hair in stran-i*. :ini nib:-:n5 tbe tonic rishi into the. sca:p witb the tips of the fin:;prs. Only n very *;tt'.e of the tonic !s applii-d nnu offorts should be mad? to get It right on the scalp, not the hair, robbing thoroughly. It is of Bourse very greasy, nltnongh thinned by the alcohol, and for n few days afterward the hair Is likely to look rather more "slick" than modern fashion approves, but a little rabbins bay rum removes this oillness. A V.'CP.D TO THE WOMEN. Jiero J- a type of -^ell ;^ a::? most of ibeL2 are o o-«3-:it to be suppressed in some v^ v.iy -n-itbont serious pbys- ?':--». Tse tyre in questlos was ,'os:, r=3.^; ] r n friend in a conversa-, ::-., :i ·(·-- days ago. He said bis wife :, -1 jf- :cea weH for some time past " ·* ;::.n trhea tbe Eei?blxrs caosse in ". · -, i -jor;ty of tbem tronld dwell. - :".: 3o;:^r faces upon tbe ili or ii's ·.:-. tvljj'-h he ·sras suffering and - , a.- «jf them stJSS^st ailments tbat i»aa 1:0 connection witb ber trouble at all. So nervons did this poor -n-omar. ·become .is a result of tbese ?ymna- tbetic and neighborly vlsifs mat she ue:ir:y -svent into a state or r.ervous coil.".p?e. In tbe name of decency and humanity, yon ladies who belong to t.ii= trilx;. when you call on a ne'sa- bor who is depre^cd jind in poor health, talk about- tbe sunsbiae, tbe fresh air. flowers, birds and other things that make life sweet and worth whife nnd even discuss tbe latest styles in O.rcs and l.eadgear. but don't dwell up m fie cnTites. resists or possl- bllitlfs of her ill liea'th or give a harrowing recital of. yowr own pains or disorders. \Vhat she needs most is cheering up and to forget for a litUo while her own distress. This form of sen-See hasn't quite the standing ot converting tbe heathen and sending them money nnd old. clothing, but it is ono of which there Is dim The national Iviseball commission, is denJln^ with the Tlayers* iraterniry in relation to a revised contract for players in the major leagues, will not have any desi'fur-s with the organization's presi:lsr.r. David Fultz. The commission !s wilHi'.g to arbitrate with a committee of piajers. hut with no one not active ; n 1»,seua31. August Herrmann, cliairnim of the JiaGonai corninjssion- stated emphatic-lily in Cincinaati that he would lime nothing to do with Mr. Fnitz. nnd Tres'tieijt Lynch of the National k-ague ais; took the same po- siii-jn So if Ihe fraternity tries to con£a-i it-; in«;ine5S tarotigb its presi- dor.t. Mr. I'r.Ui:. there is likely to be inorp or le?-; ontroversy and probably r.HIr.i.-ue f.ii!nre «-f the Players" plans. I will be Get t y s b n r 2 f GETTYSBURG MARKETS j - .. _ _ _ , . . , . ^ at the GeErysbunr warehouse onr- every Tuesday rect«d daily by C- MUron Wolf, Jr , Sac- tcs=or to J. Geo- Wob^a con-s Co. a t flyers' Jewelry I ^_ Store. -i^- i. Per Be Dry lOats Grad-of Opncs,29 Pomf ert St-,GarKsle-1 RETAIL PRICES 100 WALTE.R.-S THEATRE. ALL XEXT WEEK Starting Monday Night, November 10 MFS MAE LAT/ORTE Badger Dairy Feed .............. 51-35 Coar? Spri ns Bran ............. . - 1 -·- Band Packed Bran ............... 1-iO Com and Oats Chop .............. L4c Shoemaker ^tock Food ............. L45 White Middlings .............. Jp ' Red Middlmss ........ - ......... '--"* Timothy H*y~ ..................... 9° T*j:st ihero 1^ no impending break In Cornell stlj'rtjr-s over crew men play- Good For Lunches. Xnt Bre-isl---One egg. one cupfcl sugar, one -::pf"! railfc. one cnpful nuts, three cKpfcis ^onr. two teaspooafula Iwkjpg powiier. Let rise twenty ffiln- rites and b.:::« s abont one bonr. Excellent for sc:icx! ;::«c)ies.- R:ii.i:i r.rtxt' 1 -.^r-' i '" OIlr cupf'ils Sour, fonr tP3s;x^)5ifii!^ ; l)ikins'T»owder. half a -npf'.;l supir. one tcr.spoonful salt, one tJ-pful rflisi"?! r me egg.- two «up- f'lls mi)k. Let ri=;e twenty minhtes and bake one hour. If an open pan is " used cover t'oe bread with oiled paper. Gingerbr^d.--Half a rnpfnl sugar, half a cnpfnl buiter. one cr.pfnl mo- las.*'-':. one teaspoonfu' each cloves, ;;-,!i ·.:)-«:) :-"1 ginger: two eggs. tvr«i tf.-^sn-r.fnK soda moistened with sy.-'.et m::k. one cupful boiijng waler. t w t and a Mlf cnpfuls flour. Bake in slow oven MISC IV-CTI are known by the company they keer» and others by the kind of a lantern they carry around when , they are doing chore's. Supported !y licr^cxcelleiit company in the 1'ollovrinz lii^b" clsss repertoire "THE GOOSE"GJKI-" ·'TE-S OF THE 5TOK}! COUNTRY/* -DOROTHY YEKSOX OF HADDON HAU.'' -THE PRICE SHE P VTP " : -THE WHITE SlSTtlt." Etc- Oj^enin^ Way JCsT PUIX 3JAKY. SPECIALTIE r.BTvVEEX ACT5 Prices 10.-. 20o- :'/=c. Feiv at oOc- Seats na sale Saturday at People's DITO Baied .............. ^ P'asr^r ,, ................ »- -50 per ton. Cement ............. .»1.40 per bbll Per bbl. Flcnr .......................... ^-SO Western Floor ................ 6.00 Per bn Wbeat .......................... ?!-« Shelled Com ....................... -* New Ear Corn, ..................... '? Effective June lo, 191S. 8:05 A. M. Daily Except Sunday for "Baltimore, ilanover, Yorlc and In- term«iiat«» Points 10:35 A. M- Daily for Hagerstovra. Waynesboro, Cbarabersbnrg.Han- cock, Cumberland. Elldns and Pnnts West- 12:55 P. M. for York and Intermediate Points o:50 P. M. Daily for Baltimore, Hanover. and Intermediate Point* 6:58 P. il. Daily except Sunday for B. and H. Division Points to High field, also Hagerstown, Waynesboro, Chanabersbare. Shinned- burg and Hancock,Pittsbnrgli amd all points West. Sunday Only. 7:13 New Oxford, Hanover, York. Baltimore ar.d intermediate stations. FiSH - - - FISH -I --. I Cheaper than aaeat. 3 pounds | for 250, I Oysters -- Splid meas ire, 30 ! i ! and 40 c. per qt. 1 Buohl Shult z The Newspaper Man. "To be successful as a newspaper man means self-restraint greater than in any other business; It means harder work, greater sacrifice, ~ more irregular teosrs, less recognition, and for all of this there comes lesa remuneration."--Harry 1* Baylar. rSPAPFRf

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