The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 10, 1936 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 10, 1936
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

FOUR MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, 3IARCH 10 1936 LW. "Director SHIRTS $ 1 Three for $2.85 Plain whites, for raeflr vuba Ste Va iii*t Stripes* patterns aad SSsttSS* ftr ras Kite colQ? and varfety fit- ijfcsfo- shfes" all of them bav? ths all mea wani; that !: Rf-y asm- Sw- s selection is = Regular ?5c TIES 1 for $! Kind tai!er«.l siite Se* in- aS the desirable- fsnflv- pattsrrs sac colccs, Ail: woei; JtnwSi. Sa^iueKt = Men's "Gfover" Pajamas SPECIAL FOR DAMON DAYS Reg. S4.95 $3.98 Reg. $3.50." $2.50 Reg. $2.95. $2.25 Reg. $2.50 $1.98, Broadcloth and channeuse pajamas tailored by GLOVER at this close-out price for new merchandise. Every color! Every size! Cotton Socks lOc PAIR Strong, durable cotton socks in every color. Ideal for work, special for Damon Days. Fancy Socks 25c ,, Plain and fancy silk socks in all colors. Men's Spring-Bale Shorts Regular 49c 3 for $1.00 Sizes 30 to 34 Excellent, E W quality Spring-bale shorts. Guaranteed fast color broadcloth. Men! Buy ·now and replenish your wardrobe for spring. Swiss Rib Shirts Regular 35c . 5for$1 Regular 49c... ·.-. .'3 for$I You don't often find this savins', this re. markable buy in men's swiss rib shirts. Buy now while you have the opportunity to replenish your supply! Linen Handkerchiefs White, all pure 1 j^ linen. I U Cotton Handkerchiefs 25 for $1 Excellent quality white. Flannel and Silk Robes Regular $7.90 Small and medium sizes. Special to close-out for Damon Days. $3.98 | Men's Slip-Over Sweaters, reg. $2.98--$2.50 EE. Men's King 0' Winter and Munsingwear Slip-over sweaters in plain colors with contrast- ·^TM ITJr* ·fT'iTyiwiTi n* A11 iirnr»l Tiii-fli "^T Tiartlr o-f-rrlci T»im+- -t-'U« -7 J^r.1 4-"Ui^, TM J^,. -_,.:,, _ _, t C* ;_11 Men's King 0' Winter and Munsingwear Slip-over sweaters in plain colors with contrast. ing trimming. All .wool, with V neck style. Just the ideal thing for spring wear! Specially priced to close out for Damon Daya. In Our Domestic Department! Pullman Sheets,$fio.. 89c 42" Tubing, yd 25c Hope Muslin, yd. . . , lOc China Cotton Quilting Batts 1 Ifa. to 1 '/ 2 Ib. weight 72x90 size 49c 81x96 size 69c 84x108 size 79c White Cotton Sheet BLANKETS Regular $1.29 Values Size 60x90. Ideal for Spring! 100% Cotton Filled COMFORTERS Regular $3.29 Values. Floral Pattern in rose, green and blue. 80x105 Cotton Krinklc BEDSPREADS CM QQ Regular $1.49 Values. ^ Buy them for durability! 70x80 Double Cotton BLANKETS «, 39 Regular $1.98 Values. Guaranteed to wear and wash best! H Arid Wardrobe Cabinets, Handy and Economical $2.50 BUTTON Sale! Values to 29c v/- 3c card Never before have we offered these savings in buttons. Smart fancy trimming' buttons,, Infant's Dress Buttons and Suit and Coat buttons. Buy now and save! MAIN FLOOR DAVM Read Every item! Wednesday and 1 You'll hardly believe your eyes, but JUST LOOK at these items that are offered during our two-day Super Sale. We slashed prices once -- and now we're slashed them again! We expect fast action! MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 10 1936 FIVE ursday Store Hours 8:30 to 5:30 Get Your Share! TMnii A 'Repeat' For Damon Days i in this sensational sale of SPORT OXFORDS REGULARLY $2.59 1 Our Dollar Day Sale of Sport Oxfords last week created such a stampede that we have secured more of these shoes and are repeating this event--by popular demand. If you missed out before-take advantage now of these exciting savings in smart new .Sport Oxfords. New styles and new leathers. Come early. SEE OUR CHILDREN'S Shoes at $1.00 a Pair | Special for Damon Days! | Two-Woy Stretch Corselettes = $1.98 and $3.50 I Fine excellent fitting corselettes with the uplift bust section of dainty lace reinforced with net. A combination giving the average and taller figure the sleek contour that suits and clinging knitted things require. Step-in Girdles m $1.25 $1.50 | A step-in of firm knitted two- ~ way stretch elastic 'which gives EE particularly strong control to == the average figure. Peach. = Small, medium and large. = CORSETS: SECOND FLOOR ~ Regular $1.00 FABRIC GLOVES One of the most important Spring style notes from Paris concerns the importance of matching gloves--for smartness, gloves simply must be a part of the complete ensemble. And here's the way you can do it-- by buying two or three pair of gloves now. at this special offering--one for each of your new outfits. The selection is so large, we know you'll find just what you're looking for. ^/Toiletries WRISLEY TOOTH PASTE Pebeco, reg. 50c 33e Pebeco, reg. 25c 18e Pebeco Powder, reg. 25c 18e Listerine, reg. 40c.... 31c Listerine, reg. 25c.... 19e SHAVING CREAM Colgate's, reg. 40c. ... 31 c Colgate's, reg. 25c. .. 18c Palmolive, reg. 40c... 31 c Palmolive, reg. 25c... 18e SOAP SALE ^^ ^^t Good Health (Carbolated) ^J ^~ £* Island Palm Soap "^k ^^^ Kreme Skin Soap ^JP ^J DOZEN Rose Scent Soap ... BARS Lilac Scent Soap The House of Piekwich Jasmin Scent Soap Gardenia Soap Olive Oil Castile (Rose, Lilac, Jasmin, Gardenia) Biltmore Bath Tablet Soap (Jasmin, Violet, Carnation) SPECIAL FOR DAMON DAYS == AFTER-SHAVE TALC |j Colgate's, reg. 25c. . Palmolive, reg. 25c.. DEODORANTS Mum, reg. 60c Mum, reg. 35c Listerine, reg. 75c... Listerine, reg. 50c... Listerine, reg. 25c... X-Pel, reg. 50c;...,' DEPILATORY Odorono, reg. 60c... Odorbno, reg. 35c... 19c 19c 47e 27c 59e 39c 19e 29e 49c 29e These toiletries at these great savings regularly sell for much more! Gayla Castile Shampoo Wrisley's Skin Balm Gayla Liquifying Cream Gayla Cold Cream Glycerin and Rose Water Helen Claire Face Powder, Natural Gr Rdchei;3 ea, m Cocoa Oil Shampoo Almond Lotion Mouth Wash Rose Hair Oil Gayla Bay Rum Witch Hazel LOTIONS Italian Balm, reg. $1 .. 83e Italian Balm, reg. 60c 39c Italian Balm, reg. 3^c 27e Hind's, reg. $1.00 79c Reg. 50c, with dispenser 39e Chamberlain's, reg. $1 79e Chamberlain's, reg. 50c 39e Manicare, reg. 35c... 33e Lovalon Hair Rinse... 25e Dermay Bath Scent 2 for 25e Omnibus Toilet Soap 2 for 25c Woodbury Soap, 3 for 22c Bath Powders,-reg. 69c 25c Bourjois Soaps, reg. 25c._ 3 for 25e Wrisley Bath Crystals and Water Softener, 5 pounds. 59e ONE SPECIAL LOT TOILETRIES - NOW V 2 PRICE Du Barry Cream Corntx 6 v»* Both **f $2 DuBARRY B«mly Duo ' 22:facc fjowder 31 contour cream J BOTH W $2 DuBarry's regular size face powder and 51.00 jar of Contour cream offered to you at these special savings for Damon Days only! Come in and buy your set! COSMETICS: MAIN FLOOR § Large Size Silk Crepe Slips 69« Regular $1.95 Values Pure silk French Crepe slips in sizes 40 to 44 only. Peach, pink, white and navy. Adjustable straps, and perfect form-fit! SECOND FLOOR MAIN FLOOR SPECIAL! Regular 89c Balbriggan Pajamas, 2 for $1.00 Regular $1.98 Balbriggan Pajamas. . . $1.19 u know quality, style and values, you can't help but agree that this is ur opportunity of opportunities--to buy everything you need for yourself d your house at tremendous savings in this two-day Damon Days sale. Purses Regular $1 Values 49c each A grand assortment of fabri- coids, imitation lizarda, patent leather bags, leather and zipper top bags. Nicely fitted. A real buy! Come while they last! The selection is limited.' MAIN FLOOR \\l--= Special in Our Linen Department So-Sew for Spring Special! Regular 98c Values || SILKS 1 A beautiful array of pastel spring plain flat crepes and r o u g h J\J\, yd. ~ weaves, besides lovely -spring prints for every gad-about occasion. A wonderful buy for every woman who sews! BEAUTIFUL! UNUSUAL! Doilies, Dresser Scarfs, Table Cloths, Napkins, Scatter Pieces These gorgeous "homespuns" add the touch of color that "sets off" your rooms in a charmingly different way.'Our wide selection of table covers, runners, cloths, napkins, doilies, scarfs, etc., enable you to obtain the exact effects you desire. Tremendous values. Make your selections now. We carry a wide range of sizes and shapes for every purpose. PRICES AMAZINGLY LOW Silk Pongee Regular 25c 17c Natural color pongee, lovely f o r smocks, lingerie and draperies! yd- m Quadriga Prints Regular 19c Values . have yards 'and yards of 5 lovely spring prints, in our Ij.^T ·goods department in a riot | / I 'beautiful and colorful patterns, [ley are guaranteed fast color! yd. Johnson Prints Regular 15c Values .These new spring: prints turn'antb smart spring · clothes of excellent quality. If you do any sewing at all, you just can't help but buy yards of these beautiful fast color cottons. 9x13 Scarf 10c 12x12 Napkin lOc 9x19 Radio S c a r f . . . 15c 11x17 Doily 15c 13x19 Scarf 20c 19x19 Center Piece... 25c 14x25 Scarf 29c 16x36 Runner 50c 16x45 Runner 59c 16x54 Runner 69c 16x72 Runner 79c 3 piece Chair Back Sets 35c 36x36 Table Cloth 95c 50x50 Table Cloth.. $1.59 56x56 Table Cloth.. $1.98 54x72 Table Cloth.. $2.49 72x72 Table Cloth.. $3.45 72x90 Table Cloth.. $3.95 56x80 Day Bed Cover $3.25 72x108 Bed Spread $4.75 90x108 Bed Spread $5.95 Pillow Covers. ..;.... 59c Window Drapes, pair $2.95 s Wash Perfectly -- Should Last a Lifetime! Sunbeam Ginghams Regular 35c Values bu'll have a grand time making -esses out of these Sunbeam \ Q _ Jnghams .. . and you'll feel proud £ ^C yjj. I) have bought the material at extraordinary low price. You'll find an ftcellent selection of colors in only the fine y ginghams. Romper Cloth Regular 19c Values Your chances of buying Romper cloth for the children at this ex- ' ceptional low price are few and far between. A specially hard twist cloth ideal for playsuils and shirts on special for Damon Days only! SPECIAL LOT of LINENS 1 Values to $2.98 {'· Heather Tweeds i Regular 29c Values I spring wear, we are offering j this unusual bargain in cot- ^ f\ .suiting for Damon Days only! | \J |reme quality suitings in dei .Itfully soft weaves and colors. yd. Keve Cords Regular 59c Values Strong durable Keve cords perfectly ideal for your spring ensemble. Truly inspirations for every woman who sews! yd. -- iparkie Crepe, regular 69e, yard , 50c i YARD GOODS: MAIN'FLOOR EACH ^Hand-made Lace Scarfs Lace Chair Sets Linen and Lace Oblongs Madeira Pillow Cases Linen and Lace Vanities Here is what you have been waiting for! A lovely assortment of hand made linens and laces at this astonishingly low price! Thrifty homemakers will welcome this special selling of superb quality linens and laces at unequalled savings! ·=: LINENS: MAIN FLOOR /·OTOR. I NCOOLED I WEVER. SCEEDS |OV TEMP. I P SPEEDS I ^JUNIOR POWER CHEF $495 i 32 Piece Chiriaware Set H (Standard Set). 1 Regular $4.95 Pure French Crepe Slips Regular $2.25 Values $^79 New pure dye silk crepe slips in white and pink only. Adjustable straps, 4-gore, shadow-proof, perfect form-fit with extra strength seams. Special for Damon Days only! SECOND FLOOR ' ROTATING I PLATFOM j TURNS FR.EEIY I MAKES MIXING I EASIER E-MOP-c THOaOUGH For the First Time at this Sensational Price! lEvery housewife can now enjoy the luxury of an ·Electric Mixer -- one that will actually do the work lof the most expensive Food Mixer available -- at a aprice so amazingly low, it is within the reach of all! IMeets every beating and mixing requirement-- from |the heaviest cake batter to the white of one egg. SET 32 piece standard dinner set in a decorative floral design. Open stock! Mail Orders Welcome J U I C E R ^" ou can ' t affol 'd ^ Pass up this opportunity to buy one of these electric mixers. Eveiy housewife should have one. Comes complete with 9 in. all purpose mixing bowl, ivory opaque glass--specially designed--will beat as small a quantity as the white of one egg. DOWNSTAIRS STORE ROM SASE PERMITS MANY USES ESPECIALLY WHILE COOKING OVER. STOVE. Cambridge Crystal $1.75 to $2.50 Values Rose Pattern Conventional Design One lot of Cambridge Crystal at this special price for Damon Days only. Cake Plates, Fruit Bowls, Mayonnaise sets, Tid-Bit sets, Candy Covered dishes and Compote Dishes in these two lovely patterns. Phone 143_ Chiffon Service Regular $1.50 Cinderellas i Children's Rib Stockings Regular 25c I / C P A I R Long wearing children's rib stockings in tan, bark and beige shades. Outfit the children for spring. \ Replenish your Spring supply of stockings at this extremely low price. Perfect fitting, long-wearing hosiery in all the new shades especially recommended for Spring! i Exquisite . . . unshadowed . . . I softly woven hose! PAIR = Nationally Known Hose = Regular $1.00 Values SPECIAL! 50 C H , Nationally known hose of fine quality, specially reduced for clearance. We have all the new Spring shades. These hose are slightly irregular, but so slightly irregular that you cannot afford to pass up this opportunity to replenish your supply! MAIN FLOOR PAIR = Wool and Cotton Sweaters Values to $2.98 Slightly soiled wool and cotton sweaters in pastel and dark colors. Ideal for Spring wear. When you see them you'll be sure to want more than one! Come early, they are limited! 98 New 4-Drawer Utility Boxes (With Upper Hat Box) Handy utility boxes in peach, green, pink, blue and white and orchid. Nicely lined four drawer compartments. $|.50 SECOND FLOOR New Spring HATS Complete your Spring outfit in our millinery section. We have lots of styles to choose from. Every new Spring col- Superior Knitting Worsted Hanks $ 1 Buy the yarn lor your new Spring dress at this special price. 3% oz. large hanks in every Spring color. SPECIAL FOR DAMON DAYS! CROWN RAYON DRESSES "It's to be a Plaid Taffeta Spring" and here they are in the right variety of patterns! In rich true colorings, softly tailored and so crisp they will "rustle their way." in Ready-to-wear! Tailored SUITS In Men's Wear Flannel . . . . What could be more comfortable and more economical than a mannish tailored or swagger suit for your smart spring ensemble. Come in and see them. We have every color. Blue, beige, gray and plaids! Remaining Stock of Values to $6.95 Not one dress in the lot was made to sell for less than $6.95. You will find dozens of the most desirable styles of the year. Crepes, wool crepes, wools and jerseys. A limited number, so come early! DOWNSTAIRS STORE Values to $7.95 = Closing Out at

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