The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 14, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Friday, November 14, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. YoL XL Xo. 504. Gettysburg, Pa_ Friday. Xovembi-r 14th. 1313. Price C«$t, -SWEATERS- FOR MEN--WOMEN and C H J L D R U X 50 cts To S7.OO. Eckerts Store " ON THE SQUARE." COUNTY RESIDENT COUNTY PEOPLE IPBEPARIN OWNS OOLD MINE 1 TAKEN BY OEATHi .CHRISTY I Enters the United States Army, Serv- j Sister Re§es, of Mew Oxford, Dies in j Gettysburg Post Office Receives i ice Takes him to Alaska where he ] Lancaster Hospital where she; ! i * ! Strikes it Ebh. Visiting at the' was Taken Last Sunday. Otter, CELEBRATION LETTERS FROM IS SUCCESSFUL COUNTY TOWNS Korns of his Metier. Heaths of Adams County People. Instructions to Prepare for the i Handling of Immense Amount of Parcel Post Mai! Next Month. I Harvey Wentz, son of Mrs. Mary A. | ! Wentz. of near Bittinger Station, has MRS. JOHN TINGLING | A conimunicadon received by Post- Sirs. Philomena Yingiing, wife of 1 niaster Beales, from Daniel C. P.oper, ·just retuined from Alaska, where he I John Yingiing, of Xew Oxford, died en ] ilrst, assistant postmaster general, has made good. 31r. Wentz, about eight Sesqui-Centenniai Services at St John's Lutheran Church Near Ijftfestown are well Attended.; Continue fsr Several ore Days. · Correspondents szaA io Many Items of ^Interesting News frcm their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief '.terns. The sesqui-eentenKiai services of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church; CASHTOWN Cashtown--On last Mondav the old near Liulestown thus far this week j hunting camp of this place started to have been held under very favorable I tramp brush on their hunting grounds and gratifying conditions. The ser- j but were not successful the first day. vices were well attended and Wednes-, On Tuesday they got the smell of WALTER'S TO-NIGHT Mae LaPorte Stock Co., Presents 'THE GOOSE GIRL" IV!»:«hir Price* !'", %, '·'* at:i 5'» D. .»n= Or en 7.:» C'urta:: Matinee Saturday 2.30. Saturday from tuberculosis, aged 42 j calls attention to the necessity of years ago, ! years, 10 months and 7 da;, t. j making early preparation for har.d- i a f ter doing some work In telegraphy j She Is survived by her husband and jling the vast amount of parcel post '. eni'^ted in the U. S. Armv, and was . six children: -- Mrs. Jacob Toon:ey. of · rnatctr which Is sure to go through the day night the church was nlled to more ; blood when several of the sharp shoot- 1 - - - - - - - - - - - ~ ~ ~ """··· * k - « · - · * « · « ~,~* » - » -. " _ _ . . . . . _ _ . T - J _ _» - _ _ _ _ l i . _ " · ! _ _ *_ ?_ . f^ took a hunt out history i and made a drive on the knob called great * the "Deer Leg". There A. W. Cole early j spied a large buck plunging through He ar S ed the you-"-? men « a ?' :h * brush and shot true bringing him various stations, ar.d ; the foliowing brothers a:id sisters: i preventing a congestion about Christ- ! emphasized landed in Alaska. After the ex-! iir». Frank Funk, near Iri^htown; Inias time. i government. i dispatched co ! sinaliv ' r/iratlon of his first er.listir.ent Mr.'John Hockejjsniith, Berlin Jur.ction; i Wentz re-enlisted and after remaining. Vincent, New Balciraore: Bazli. of ;in the service for two years of his sec-i Brushtown: Edward and C!et ! end enlistment, he purchased his dis- Rock. ! charge and embarked In gold pros- * · aecting with great success, and to-day i the fact that This is the first holiday season for i the parcel post. It was inaugurated i proves the achievements of all i · men to have been the aroduct of . he Is the owner of a rich mine In the Mrs. Kaiser, widow of Joh^ Kaiser. . . : ' IE - j las; Januarv and consequently was not P Iv 'nemseives earnestly, no matter I down. ! nut to the Vest for the "work' of last ' whal lheir v cadon, =ayr.g. "It Is not j David Herring sold twin calves that Ivear. A special wagon will be put ! the J o! fcut whac yoa ? uc n ?t - (re- -weighed 263 pounds. They amounted ~ n which k is co ? :}0 - 25 - almost the price of a good -.!«- -^77^7- « T-r« l^ear. A special wagon will be put ! the J ob but whac ^" oa 5 - ???· J^M 1 ??^'.-- - Nrvice in Gettysburg to deliver fa'^«S *° *e spirit i= I Alaskan gold fields. The young man has P H O T O P L A brought some;-^ P1 ^ sa ^.. *^. n jvery Interesting photographs and ca-;*TM 1 " ^ompncaaon or GistM= : ^ =::i :TMos v.-Ith him. He expects to spend the! " Joi:t lfe f 63 -? 3 Y j Winter with his mother and " friends. J She is survives by ^our sons ana 1 but will return to Alaska in the · two ^ughters: Charles a! «a \ incent . . . . . . c ,- 'parcels, the small vehicle now in use! done ' tnat counts." He eulogized the | cow. That is why we pay high price -a-ed K her nome near Square Corner. \[^ R0 . , mouab on!v for lhe Qrd : n . i great Reformer. Luther, as being cour- j for our beef. A farmer can ge. as \Tr TM~ c?-i»-»T- -mi-rsrta»r\ nr* l i s ^ j l ^ i x - l = -* - " "" j 3 » 1 .1. _ · r_ · i_ - _ . T - t _ j. Tuesday ai?ed the volume" o : a S eous and dauntless, and true to his '.much for a calf as he can get for it i "-"en It i; a "-ea- o'd .- ~eu ».i, i 4. _. e«t. w.u- There is quite a lot of corn to husk crowded { i ! · Spring. KALE.M . i La:In AWARD S16.650 1 Kaiser, of near Irishtown: Kaiser, of near Square Corner: Henry Kaiser, of Hamilton township; Mrs.! ary business. Should mall become too large for the regular | ccn "' iciions. c.-.y carriers and this special wagon.! Osl Wednesday nigh:, to a ·./.her vehicles will be secured. They' ho " se - the Rev - Dr - Weigle, former | yet through this section as the wet , will be usod only for delivery purposes' P^tor of.St. Paul's, expressed his de- | weather kept them back wTth their James ! as all outgolng'parcels muse be raken. I£ £ ht in bein ° ab!e to a P- Dear before ! · vork direct to the ro«t onice : t * le P eo ?* e OI I ^1 - s community. He de- j There will be missionary meeting at bin Cosneay the father Kalem S James Tingling, of Hagerstown, E.KC ^ ; |,,. --, T _ . , leiiort Fulton Viewers Give SS94 per 3IHe for -»izss Estelia Kaiser, ac coir.e. again called to the Hvered a masterful address on the j Flohr's on Sunday evening. Xov. 16th, Pike- The viewers who sat in tne matter; SISTSR. REGES Sister Rejres. teacher of School Xo.: An interesting story of an aiixi'- of the s'asu=. SUtit'EIRE FOIL FOCI: J-ii Father and FOR like the «asne ;:'-";. but the son txts the better "f and wins the ^Iri. but father ·wins her nio:her. THE ESCAPE Tlie escaped convict 6nJ every man's hand is against him. dinary occur«:iee brlujr- about lil= apprtheiisl-jis. THE M \N" IX T H E CABIX Essanay i d l c of gig.gso In fa'/or of the com- {Tuesday night. Xov. 4 r was taken or. !r iicho i'.:'.'.\. a' c)--jricfer. Is canture-l and on the Liy of his trial i nan ,- f Q7 - -K^ is^i IT.UPS: o f the road in! Sunday to St. Joseph Hosa.ta!. Lar.- ,,*" , " ... . .. . ·· . » » » « · · * . ··j'-W -V-- I ±**~~*J * - V -- fc-»*w ^---^ _. -U-.U- tsf.; i - -h-.-i!: -;-i! . subject, "Luther In the Pulpit."' He | at 7 o'clock. Everybody invited. | termed Luther the founder and hero of | ilrs. Ellen Minter is having her i 01 tne seizure of the Chambersburg! i- *-~- the Immaculate Conception Paro: A most extraor- ' an(J B e( jf or i Turr.pike Co. road in j cr.Ial School. Xew Oxfcrd r who v.-as I Fultoa County have returned a ver- | ^-en suddenly very ill at the cor,', en: to relieve the postal ser\-ice · the burden Inioosed bv the growii evil of incompietelv and improperly i t h e P«»stanc Church as we!l as the j house repainted, which will add great-, lette-- ·f'-om Dan ' raa ^ cer °^ history, concluding by point- j ly to the appearance of our town. ,, _ Ing out his ability as a leader and our There are several others going "to re- ter _ he states: especially in the large cities, is cucrtt: ° f "The delivery of lexers,! Thursday evening Dr. A S Hart- f re-, man. of Baltimore, delivered the 150th - -,i -. .v ,ct. G. M. AX JEK5OX- :-.r_ "THK Ti ; lilt i.ii.r-Y" Vitasraph In Three Keels. TnAXKSGIYIXG DAT T;:IXGS ire not all llrnlEed to thing's however enjoyable they ..'·· There are also gaed thinjcs : especially those Included hi *' reatials like cravats, s;!ov. kerchiefs. fancy vests a:.d all go to make up the as sold as furnishings. to eat, .y ba. -vcear, ""-se es- , hand- line of Selig- inan's have an exceptionally fir. 2 line. The Quality Shop WILL M. SELIG3IAX The Cash Tailor County. This 1= an average of --aster, where she died on Tuesday, i SS94 a mile. | cents ; Jobn W. Hoke represented the High- i FLXES'G W. M. ROADBED i wav Deuartment at the hearing a n d j m --_ _ =-=* -Charles'Walter the pike company, It I l r a c k OR Mountain to be .-laao i Is likely an appeal will be taken as the j j oiramke claimed much higher value ·than the viewers set. to sustain;lRj Fastest Tranic. ' { The Western Maryland Rsi:~ay possible by the omission of an portant part of the aacre; the street number, or room number when addressed to an office building. "The Increasing carelessness on the psi'c of the public In addressing mail is 10 doubt aided and abetted bv the ! Comoanv Is bus" T.ith j The viewers for the IS miles 01 pike \.^ ,-_; roadbed * n ;in Jrranklin Count}- take testimony at |. r jj{ T). jr ev »n rr i Chair.bsrsburg. beginning next Mor.- ! ^^ "^^ ' I day. The viewers are: -7. C. Gerblg. | , T _ -_ __ _ i i_s(_fiiLl_^- JLL is improvenier.tE the mountain and energy Into the. r the next few ;Theo. il. Wood. -J. F. Gehvicks. i 3II!Ier and C. B. ilinehart. LARGE MORTGAGE [Mortgage for §40.000 Figures fit Sale j · of Copper Property. that President Fltz- g-erald has given instructions that the .rack there must be put in such, con- i:tlon hy July 1 next as to permi-; of Jsicg the maximum speed for ail the ! ;o-npany's trains. To accomplish this the roadbed will : ditched thoroughly, there will be practice of the department in saoplv- ir.g deficient addresses." Attention is being called to the advantages of mailing holiday parcels early In order to secure prompt dispatch. distribution and delivery. Xote is also mads cf the fact that It Is permissible to place on parcels the words. ' aiirrlversary address Friday evening Dr. T. C. Blliheimer. of Gettysburg. , will ^ive an iHuscrated lecture on ''The such as .. , °, ,.. ,, , . _ _ Hoh- Land. Saturday evening Kex-. J. · B. Baker, pastor of St. -James" church. Gettysburg, will deliver an address on "Religious Rheumatism.'" Sunday, the · 13th--Sabbath School at 9 a. m. Re- · dedicatory service at 10 a. m. The re, dedicatory sermon will be preached by ' Prof- C. F. Sanders, of Gettysburg College, and the rededicatory service wil! be conducted by Dr. A. S. Hart- * the NEW OXFORD Xew Oxford--Frank Sjangler's stock sale last Friday was fairly well attended, but the farmers were too busy gathering corn. Everything Drought a pret'cy good price except the pigs. The Xew Oxford Shoe Co., which was compelled to shut down on account of broken machinery, started igain last Monday. The ilunimerc sale, near Hampton, last Thursday, was %re!I attended. Mr. and ilrs. Curtis man. of Baltimore. At the afternoon j Hanover visitors last Saturday Diehl were after- ·'Do not open until ·^rords to that effect. Christmas," or service at 2:30 o'clock the sermon will be preached by Rev. John J. HIH. and at the evening service the Eev, A. S. , Karcman. D. D-. of Baltimore, will de- ! liver the address. St 7 RPRISE PARTY iava been placed on record 1 reballasting and much other necessary Cline Home Scene of Pleasant Social' isrick courly court; hojse in i ^ ork "~ il1 be " ORe - A SS- n S of 40 Acs- } Gathering. j Piank Koumanians;."able surpnse party ^ High grade Paper, Eaton Crane and Berlin Jones 5 ^. Stock usual price 25, 35 and 39Cts. £ | NOW 17 cts per boxs etthefirstclloice 1 Peoples 9 Drug Store 1 Papers h: I In the Fred ·"connection irith the amalgamation "of j -rlans. .about as ; the Llngamore Copper Co. and the I a n d 100 Italians are at work on the \ Eagle Metallic Mining Co.. Charmian. j trac ~^ bed in the vic^iity of Hlghnerd. I the r : e-.v company, being known as the j The improvenier.ts are to be made to | United Milling Smelting Copper Co. j j*- e maL " - ne and he Gefcysbnrg , The Ongamore Copper Co. conveys Its j branch. ' property to Frank P. Boblilz. He then · j executes a mortgage for -540.000 se- j COMING E\"ENTS j curing the S40.000 dae to the LInga- i i more Co. The Central Trust Co. of j Happenings Scheduled In Gettysburg j Zuarj-Iana Is made trustee under this | f or Coming Weeks. ' mortgage. Another deed was placed or j = | record conveying all the properly zc j Xbv. 17-21--Adams County Teacaerf I A LITTLE GOSSIP r; Rumors of r.oon and evening. The Livingston Shoe Factory is isits , A most --as givers at the home of Mr. and Mrs.; S. H. Cline on Saturday evening in honor of their daughters ESe arcl Mabel. Vocal and instrumental music v.-ere furnished by George Gotirley running on full time with orders to .-teep them busy until Feb. 1st, 191-i. A new edict has gone forth and. aereafter. any one having any business with Charles Rebert, our genial ig-snt for the W. M. R. R. will not be able to enter the office, but must step jp to the window and make his wishes known. A dispatch from York says: '"Eddie Plank, the star Athletic southpaw, accompanied by his brother. Ira Plank, a former Tri-State player, came tc York yesterday and paid a \isit to the Sand Archie Xagle. Those present were' Rev - i-red Golcwal'c, secretary of the Mr. and Mrs. S. H. | Mrs. Archie Xagle. Cline. Mr. and Board of Education of the Lutheran of KagersVQwn :\ Church. ! Misses Kazei Sipe, Nona Trsler, Ef-; "Some significance is given Pitcher j r e Cline. Hazel Warren, Edyth ires- Plank's visit to a minister in view of SUE FOR -$20,000 Charged v,-;th Causing Death Frank Eline. of J. her. Mabel Clir.e. Estfter Kipe. Xeilie' the facl that at the recerfs. dinner giv- = ' the new concern subject to -he mort- -- i Institute. "Waiters '.theatre. Pearl Glrti LOSES STOCK ; Harry Moist fort Loses Three Horses j Within a Short Time- | Harry Montfort, ".vho resides on \ Huiuerstown road about two he i | Xov. IS--Exhibits. Boys" and i League. Court House. j Xov. 19--Fiftieth Anniversary. 3Lir coin's Gettysburg Address. Xov. 20--St. Paul's A. M. E. Zion fair Brua Chapel. . 24-20--^Bazaar. Xavier Hall. YOUR - TURKEY - DINNER Will iasto better if you have a N E W S U I T O R O V E R C O A T on Thanksgiving Day. We have a large variety of choice fabrics at prices to suit everybody. J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. , . , . . . ^ ! Xov. 25-- Recital. David -Bisphan: i from to-vvn. haa tne irusiorrane to ioss - ,, r^L.,. -, , . \ Brua Chape!. . three valuable horses recently J rom { ^ .-, 21 the t resent ' Chne. Ida Sw-tzer. Irene Shindledecker. Bertha Cline. Dora Ciine. Myra Xagle, Margaret Klj.t. Maine Eyler. Hazel Fitz. and I Hazel Clir.e. Messrs. Lee Bailey. Joe 1 Cline. Owen Mickley, Frank Eylcr. _ . - _. - _ _ ,, . , . i Luther Allernong, Clarence Clins, \ov.24--lecture. Dr. j. H. Sielinr L- ,- -.- -,- -1 j George Gouney, Xewton Mcivamey. Luther Shockey, John Gourley. William Harbaagh.- Pete Steir,, Charles Suit was brought Thursday in York County court by Attorneys J. Cookman Boyd. of Baltimore, and John L. Rouse, York, for Annie K. Eiine. of Balti- j more, against the Western Maryland iutruit. en f r P3ank b? hi s fellow townsmen, j Sailway company, for §20.000 dam- It was intimated that a wedding was j a ?es for the death of her husband, J. a near future event. Wh!I$ here Plank Frank Eline. The latter was an occu- made arrangements for a bowling P ant of an automobile which came In- match between the Gettysburg team -° collision with a passenger rrain at and York. The two Planks came over ] Smyser's crossing, in West Manches- in Eddie's touring car. Plank will go to 1 * er township, on the night of Septem- Harrishur- on Saturdav to see the I ber 1S Ia3r - JIr - Eline was almost in- Gettysburg-Bucknsll game." Carson. \v~i!iiam Birley. Frank Biriey. TvIURREX--HORWEDEL : spjnai meningitis and ] time has a mule, which in all probillty · will slso die. aralcted ^vith the same j disease. Just what has caused Mr. j | Montiort's stock to become so gener- 1 ! ally affected he is unable to determine, j · The animals which have died were sick f | only a short while, Mr. Bream, who j ' lives along the Bonneauvilie road sev- ' era! miles from town, also lost several Lecture. Dr. Charles V Stork. Brua Chapel. Dec. -5.--"The Dust of the EartF Walter's Theatre. Joe Carson, Caarles baniple and Harrv T ,, , ,_. _ T _ . I ,,.- -- James 3Iurren and 31iss 3Iarv Horwed- unr.e. . ,. -. el Married at Conewago. MOUL--MYERS -zantly killed, but the other occapan'ts ! v«re unhun- It Is claimed that the ac- j --ident was caused principally by the j failure of the electric automatic beli ! located at the crossing to ring and | v.-arn travelers of the approach of the ' train. : horses from the same dlsease. KIXD NEIGHBORS CHURCH NOTICES METHODIST Sunday School at 0:30 a- m.: preaching and sacrament of the Lord's Supper at 10:30, subject of sermon, "The All-- Miss Myers, of Gardners, and 3Ioul 3Iarried In Xew York. For Your Horses, Use 7 * Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. OLDFASHIOXD MOLASSES TAFFY i Store atray Sick Friend's in One Dav. One day recently t~enty five of the ', good neighbors and fnends of Harvey i H. FHckingar, residing near Kohler's 1 schoolhouse, Mt. Pleasant township. '· assembled at his home and husked and 'housed his corn crop, besides storing ' away the greater part of the fodder. eeir.g Eye of God''. Epworth Leagne at 6:30 p. m. A welcome \o all services. L. Dow Ott- pastor. GETTYSBURG U. B. . Sunday School. 9:30 a. m.; Jar.Ior torn Crop j Q, rist i an Endeavor. 5:00 p. rn. At 7:00 ip. m. Woman's Day Missionary Anniversary. A special programme wi-I be rendered. Select m^slc srd C. F. MosL 01 Kar.over. and Eida Myers, of Gardners, v.ere ' James M-urre' 1 ^ son of Mr. and Mrs. j Mr. J«cob Murren. of Conewagro township. | . ai:d Miss Mary Horwedel, daughter · _ i of Mr. and Mrs. Plus Horvredel. o f ! iead Horses ^ aken to Loczl O'Boid's Mill. v.-ere married at a nun- j Average Three a Day. tlal mass in Cor.e-sva^o Chanel at 7 j -- .. ... ~ ~ - ,-. " i ne tertihzsr piar.c 01 Spangier ana MANY HORSES DYING Plant Miss married Wednesday. Xov. 12. at the Mad:- j o'clock Tuesday ir.orr.Irsg by Sev. son Avenue Baptist cr.arch. Xev.- York ' Germanus Kohl. City, by the pastor. Rev. Charles A.; Eato^. The attcndarsts vrere Mr. ar.d Mrs. Roland Perrj'. of Xev.- York. Mr." and Mr?. MouL will be at home after, CcndersIUc Dec. 4 In Hanover. ' Oyler thus far this fall has received DEER NEWS Club Has Two Bucks io Date. j from eighteen to twenty five dead | horses every week. This number does j not Include the dead cows, etc-, which Lar«*e i a r e na "' e ^ to iKS plant for disposal. A complete stock of ladies sr:oves. Black, greys, tans, Xo members should miss this service. T:r The public Is Invited. -J. Chas. j pastor. i CHURCH OF THE BRETHREX Revival services to continue all next i week at Marsh Creek. Sandav niorn- Bsst value ever at S3.00. Dougherty artsev.--ac.vertJ Almond Taffy, 40 cents Ib., Butternut Taffy, -50 cents Ib., Peanut TalTy. CO an operation at the York Hospital for It will be remembered that Mr. i ir.e. Sunday School. 0:30; preaching Flickinger six-weeks ago underwent j 10:30. Xo preaching at Mummasburg Ib., Oaily at. Peanut Brittle, 10 i-er.ts Ib. Ice Cream Taffies, 30 cents ib.--I GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN appendicitis and for a time his recov- j ery was very doubtful. He is yet con| fined to the hospital, where he is slow- j ly improving. Sunday morning. Stratton Street Church: Sunday School, 9:30 a. m.; preaching, 7:00 D. m. ARENDTSVfLLE REFORMED Afternoon worship, 2:00 prm. SKATE at Garden Auditorium, afternoon and ever.Ing.--advertisement 1 GOLD Seal rubbers for every mem- ORDER your Ice cream r.ow. for The Beniersvilic Camp has secured ; Saturday and Sunday dinner. Choco- one e:ght r: ong buck ar.d one nve i iate, vanilla, sti-avrberry, peach,; prong- buck. Charles Asper killed the i ar.d cherry, packed ar.d delivered ar.y- satter with one shot. · where in town for 25c per quart. Ge«- ] Jtysburg Ice Storage Co.--acver- ' '-KAYSER" Silk gloves for ladies | tlseraent 1 froni tv,-o clasp to sixteen button | .ler.gth. oOe to SI.00 per pair. Dough' ertv Hartiev.--r.rvertisement 1 bcr of the fainily. O. H. Lestz.--adver- | tisement DOLLAR excursion to Baltimore. November 22, account Johns Hopkins- Gettysburg foot ball game. Leave Get- . FULL stock of ladies Cape gloves, j tysb u rg T:15 . Baltimore 11:30. Will ' Xew shades of tans. Sl.OO. Hou-hcrty tisement Extra value at at intermcdite stations.-- ad- SPECIAL: we have received a large line of children's, ladies' and men's winter coats also boys' and men's fall suits. Special prices on large rugs 9 x 12, linoleum ar.d sweaters. G. H. Knouse, Big!ervil!e.advertisement 1 BOYS wanted: apply Reaser Furniture Company.--advertisement 1

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