The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 13, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1913
Page 4
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-S\R i'c*iP^ r * "..*'- J:* ^^ "-» .,, ! THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Except Sunday Times mad New* Publishing Company W. LAVEHE HAFER, PHHJP B- Secretary and Treasurer,, ;; . . ^ Medical Advertising PHUJP R- BtKLE, Editor Bilious? One of Ayer's Pills at bedtime--just one. Acts on the Over. Gently laxative. Sugar-coated. All vegetable. Sold for GO yean- Ask Your Doctor. 8UBSTRIPTION Served fay carrier in Gettysburg for 25 ceats per mo«th «TIUC U A ID MaaeQ og^ejtfjGe^sbttrs cen ^ moa£p - ATTzsACTIVt fiAlit Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 centa. t -- i Always Fascinates--Parisian Sage Makes Ha^r That is Da", Faded or Thin, "Abundant and Glor- iouslv Radieai. IF yoa receiia^lSE^riMES by mail yoc can find the date up to which, you are paid ex the pick address label on vonr paper. The date will be cnangeo witbm ten'days after your money is received at The. Times Office. j , j.^-, " , ^ - ? t j ,. - - · - · { Everr girl and'woman, too, wants · * ~ · · " . 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Parisian Sage as sold by People's I Druse Store in 50 cent bottles is pleas- j ant and refreshing, daintily perfumed I-- -neitier.greasy or sticky. per word. £ji ~"One"cent~per word"each issertica- '-Two cents a word if guarantee fcasl; t e rn».--Curtis jun, eiupiuyeu. f* poslDoir'^Raolation* of respecfc. poetry *ad memonanuf oa« ce j^| by the i n dian Refining Company,, at EAST BERLIN EasJ . Berlin-- Curtis Butt, employed WILSON TAKES UP PEACEJLOCKABE May Close A!! Nexkan Ports ; _ to Oast Hosrla. EXPECTS EUROPEAN A!0 Sut Washington Administration Stii' Hopes That Dictator Will In Some Way Fall of His Own Accord. Washington, Nov. 13.--V."Uh all th .world informed of ills position, and with many indicaiions that be has er. j listed the moral support of the in| portaat European powers. President Wilson apparentiy is waiting for sonn development in the Mexican situation | which "-will give him aa opening tcj carry out the course of aetica whicbj he believes-will result in the elimiaaj HERBERT H. ASQUiTH. English-Premier Upholds Wilson's Policy In Mexico. DEMOCRATS HOPE PERSONAL NOTES TO OUR'READERS The Gettysburg Tiniesstskes absolutely no part in polMca. being seutrsl oa; -~ - ··* - .- - ;-- ---"serai ue^ES col-muss, concerning | Lemoyne, v'isite'd his parents, Mr. and 3Jrs. Charles Butt, and other friends Reading, parents, tion of General Huena. J It is suJll the.hoiu; of the adrainisj , tration that Huerta will, ia so:ne way. | fall of his own accord. There is, hc\v jj ever, no Indication of any intentloa: on Huerta's part to disappear from thej situation without i=* application oS force. If this condition continues. President Wilson will be compelled ic j act. FOR iONEY BILL AND BRIEF ITEMS Six Gommltteemen Make Progress Toward Paragraphs of News Telling of the ra CONFERENCE [IS PUT OFF ! Kansas, after an absence of 22 years, is visiting relatives and friends in and about Dillsburg. his old home. Ke also '{ I visited his sister, Mrs. Abraham Hull, NEW -BA.GLSTHOTEL -Boom* wiOt Jnth "ffiLm'f McCoaomy, Prop'i. Trimmer's 5 .and 10 cent Store "While, .they last! Very special lot of Ladies' cellars. · WTLLIA5I E. ZIEGLEE Erinpert Electrical ~ork. Repairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle St. Phone 34 Y. Scghest Cksh Pncez Paid for ail Umder--Times OS5ce, Gettysburg GHAS. S- MUMPER --Ffre Proof ·Storage-- for Fnnutar* and Honsehold Goodi itored any length of tfan*. W. H. TEPTQN --Piotcprtph«r-- G«tty«barg 1 I of this place. jlrs. George Shrosles. of West Virginia. Mrs. J. W. Hildebrand and Mrs. ! James Carman, of York, visited their i aunt. 3!rs. Sue Bubb. over Sunday. ilr. and Mrs. Aaron Jacobs, of Alj toona. arrived in town Thursday. They : made the trip in their K3ine-Kar and There is reason for believing thai;, a decision has been reached thai the, , most effective way of forcing Huerujj f Abilene.| OHt vj-jjl be the establishment of a s blockade of all Mexican ports. It Is| suggested that ihere might be estab-; lished "floating: custom houses," con j sisting of American warships lying o3! Mexican ports and collecting duties; from incoming ships, which would, then be permitted to disembark car-i goes, -all -munitions of war" being; sedulously excluded. I President Wilson's cabinet stands j HUERTA HEADY TO FIGHT UNITED STATES Dictator Refoses to Listen to Any Sane Advice, firmly behind him in his eEorts tcj New York. Nov. 13.--TTnoScial advices received here from Vera Cruz force the retirement of Haerta as a ^ necessary step to the pacification o!j Mex sy: ,~ +« TMt,,TM TM AHTMTM* rhfc -- etJ- Mexico. For more than tv.-o nours the| --p r ;vate dispatches received from an expect to return to Altoona this «ee*.| ^^ discnssed every phase of the; oi , ^^^ £ Mesico ckv ^ -j^ Mrs. Levi Couison spent last week Mesican situation, and the consensus j relatio a s be tween the United States of opinion was that the government; aad ilex : co mav |, e - oro ij e n o£ before should not take a single backward j ^gi^," step. , [ Similar dispatches" from Mesico Cit; Though the secretaries were reti- ; say . \ cent afterward about expressing their I s Blanche Spahr, a student at! TM*TM,* ***"»* *TMTM J" *%°*|! IlliilersviUe Normal-School, is visiting £TMLf ^^uSed 4tes °Is"in' ^ United s TM**''** ***** . ,, , r c , , - - . " : Huerta .na-_ oie Lnitea ^taues «as A D , , advisers ha-ve heen ceard to ,ner parents. C. M. Spahr and wife. j eames t in its demand that ne elimi-; nress JfL Prorisioaal Presid eK Huerta. indications, has determined jat Hanover with her son, John, and j family. Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Wolf visited i their son. H. B. Wolf, and family at x on Fridav. Iindea by hfs ;j Oan aiess ambiuos a s = ncere feellef tha . he ^ ., ic} . , Prof. A. E. Wagner, a brother-m- nate himself. it ,v om a · jla\v of Rev. W. H. Miller, preached in \ There Is a hope on the pa**, of the- tQ broofc no fiur^e!- -interference i several of the Reformed churches on j president and Secretary Bryan that a j : Sundav in the absence of the pastor. \ measure so radical as permitting es-1 froir | Paul Lenhart, ivife and child | Abilene, Kansas, are visi'ting ;in this section. ! Israel Stambaugh is vis'iring- his · daughter. ZMrs. Patrick 3IcCue and i familv at Baltimore for several weeks. JEFFERSON ON AGRSCULTUSE. "Since President \VI5son~s lates aietator has refused to listen counsels sanity and cau , ^^ .. ^^ .,, beisevcJ that he h:is full; biy issue a statement in a aay or two; inafcing a coaips-p-henslve explanation ] of the purposes of the United States j ^^ ^^ every aay Aa explosion was indicated. '. ^^ -R-holesale bloodshed, Is the BOSS! ! It is reported that in this connection; bm , y Qf g ,^ , jour ! the president may announce the repu-j .'^ae' S ove,7mitea.i is marking time. | diation In advance of anr acts^f tae; _ Q far as ^ diB , oma . Jc siroation h ne*- congress, ^hlcn General Hnertaj ^^ has said Trould be convenea Nov. 20. om Vi - asilia£ OI , The attitude of Europe is ^ar more' 1 Tvs- i the next move John Jj : .nd. special Chairman Owen Promises to Make a. Kepert to the Senate Within Ten Days. \Vashingtcn. Xov. 13.--The Democratic senatorial conference was sud- ienly halted on assurance from Sena- or O»vea, chairman of the senate janking and currency comnutiee, that A majority of the committee would be ible to Kiake a report to the senate on -he currency bill within a week or ten lays. This probably means that there will jo no caucus action on the currency £uesiicn and that the bill will be carried direct to -the floor of the senate. As soon as the conference met Chairman Owen took the floor and People Visiting Here and Thesi Sojourning" Eke where. .-.- . -, : Miss 'Nellie Weaver, * of Baltimore stree'c, has gone tb~Mt. "Washington 'to spend some time with friends. " Mrs. S. E. Trimmer, of East Middle street, went to Frederick this morning to visit friends. S. J. Sachs, of East Middle street, returned this morning: from a southern trip. . 3Irs. S. L. Powell, who has been visiting at the home of Mrs. Mary Wible, on East High street, vent-to Thurmont this morning to spend some time. Miss LiHie McClean, of York street, has gone to Allentown where she will spend some time. Lytton Briggs Buebler, of Lancaster, is the guest of Prof. H. O. Himes on Baltimore street, for a few days- James Long, of HarrisLurg, has returned home after visiting for tbe past and Slrs. ·cade an expJanoiion of what had been U.KvecE at tne nome of Mr. Harry Lackner. on Chambersburg- street. Oscar Bushman, of ' . - . - . . . NOTICE - Having purchased -the well known Key Stone Rolier^Ii'is, I am prepared to do a general' milling business. Highest cash price paid for grain of ail kind. The Patronage of the public is solicited. J. I. Herefer '· R- 4. - Gettysburg, Fa. | 9 ^S? HX1 ?! ! *?*?^?^t^*^.v? 6 ^^ p co date In committee and 20. for turiher time. Senator Owen's speech vras practically the only one made ia the conference. After he bad concluded his explanations there was a brief interchange of views and . aiotlon was made to adjourn the conference subject to the call of the chairman, which was unanimously earned. Six Democratic members of the finance committee were In. session perfecting a bill. It is likely that a final eSort will be made to reach some sore of aa agreement by,, which a report csn be made to the senate next week. Some of the Republican members of fhe .committee have intimated that -bey might join, in a report, with the privilege oL reservations for filing indi- .-idua! statements of views. One of ihese Is Senator Crawford- It -Kill be observed that notwithstanding President "VTIlson's insistence an at least nine regional banks, the bil! agreed on tentatively provided for eight regional banks, which is suppos- ad to be tee last word of the president on this feature of the bill. Senator Hitchcock is said__to have been talking in a conciliatory -way to sorae of his Democratic leaders. He -nay concur In a report, reserving the right to file exceptions in the senate. At the Democratic conference of the banking committee a slight change was made In the plan of capitalization for che reserve associations. It -was voted _ ".o csake it 6 per cent of capital and Ier - Stratton s'creet j nesday surplus of the banks included, which would make a total capitalization of "Democratic members -were saying chat when the bill is reported to the senate v. would he amended, to eliminate tha: -feature of the house bill which authorizes national banks xo do a savings banks business. Diilsburg-, has gone home after a short visit with relatives in -Mrs. Jonas Robb, of New Kingston, left this morning after a short visit at the home of Hon. William A. Martin, on Lncoln avenue. Mrs. R. G. Sauer, of Altoona, has returned home after a short visit with ilr. and Mrs. Harry Snyder, of Springs avenue. Eddie Plank will accompany Connie Mack Io Harrisburg on November 25 where Connie v.ill address the noon day luncheon of the Board of Trade. Mrs. Frank D. Bloeher, of Carlisle street, is spending a week with her daughter. Mrs. Edmund Menges at Lemoyne. Mrs. 3. A. Singmaster has gone to Palmer-ton to visit, her son, Arthur Singmaster. who was hart last week in an automobile accident. BIRTHDAY PARTY Many 'Spend Pleasant Evening at V-'isIer Home on Stratton Sireet. A very enjoyable birthday party was held at the home of James Wis- arrmolt timely'noV.'lIo'yeaK later. | of -Premier Asnuith is distinctly a.nd should be carefully considered by all aud. in particular, by young men fitting themselves for a life career; "The same artificial means that have j been used to produce a competition in England's attitude has finally been! clearly defined, and Its character _ ! friendly. Heretofore there has been j keen dissatisfaction, with the course I dignity s."iencc of the very first orcier. It j the United States. ! the national arm;.- to its full capacity ' of 150,000 men, President Huerta has = appointed General Francisco Troneosc as chief of stair. All federal office-who participated In the successful de fense of Chihuahua have been nromot- anc Caravec. for who receiuly came have been raaue Heu- Tftc administration has given to Eu-[ '0«eKxxw?o«wow««o-»*fl^^^ --- -- | SKel! Oysters i o g° oc * flavored Crisfieici oysters on the half | shell 25 cent a do/;en. i 5 cent half dozen. * Give me a trail. O. KLEiNFELTER'S CAFE. counts unions its h,.ucltn;uds conipiste explanation! i tenant generals,"* H CarJs-Ie St. botnny. In every eollesr? and university a professorship of ajrricultnre and the class of its students mwrht be honored as the first. Young men chnorfng: their academical education with this ns -the crown of al! sciences, faf-cinated "svith its chntniP. nud at the snrne time -vvben they arc to choose aa occupation. Instead of frowdinrr the --ther classes, ·would return to the fcrms of their fathers, their own. or those of Others ;ina replenish and Invigorate a calling now ND MAN DEAD IN WOODS · Bullet Hoie In K!s Skull and Coroner this government would take some defi-| !s Making Investigation, nite action- i Cansden. N. .1.. Xov. 23.--The bod;- Informing ta^ world of its motives i of a yotsns man was foasd In the and the more Interested nations of Its; woods near Washington Park bj 'I \ intentions In '.ho premises is regarded] Abraham Pierce and Pi-UIn ilorley, o: "Vt i as a prelirrjsnary to definite action. I t j Gloucester, who were gunning for rac can be statin that if rhe rresJd 611 ^ can 1 "oils. solve the Metiran problem to his owp. j j t i 3 believed that the body had lain satisfaction a=; well as that of other! jn the thicket, in a corner of the woodt nations Interested without interventions seldom visited. s:nce early summer. .4 with force 'ic v-iil assuredly do so. Ke has rs~i abandoned hope of do- ose y Head Stopped U Cold Or Catarrh, Open Jit fleet ^ng. HeaUns Baia, Jnsiantiy j dissolves bv the heat o? ih° lears A ose. Head and Throat-- penetrates " ard heals the r*" 11511 w «h»gcs. Pollen n-.efflbrai^e ^hi^ l e s carn Goes, noss . v^ -Rd throat: clears the air 1 their school Trork. - - »d, .av e .een provided V/ORTH TRYING. Tiie s^hc"! patrons in the vicinity of noino. S. C- :»rc- rarrj-jag out a i'.l::n In r-C'une^ilon v.-Jth tl:eir local sfhocl ihat would seem to be we3i worth re- r^atin^. Some little time ago n bntter ·^corincr contest was held, and this jsronsedV" much Interest that the pa- rroas of the school decided to erect A | dairy barn and milk room on the school | so that the children might j dnlrving as a regular part oC' bullet hole In the man's skull how he met his death, and Coroner H. lag this. ?ith-o--gh the IndJcatlons are! A. "Wilson, of "\Voodbury, who was no that the situation has gone so far that! tISed, Is trying to determine whe'.hei ».he preslder.t has no alternative other} -^ vras a case of suicide or murder. loan to take affirmative action to ef- j The man wore a dark s-jit. feet Huerta's retireraerit. said, poses what it may. ; sassa.ces: stops r.astv ciscr.ars ! ree!:^.^ 1 of cleanslrsg-, soothir; sion worker from Clemson It may be; shoes. dar3\ shirt -?ritri a pin stripe. A nrther. tbe president pur- j straw bat iay by bis side, to accomplish that end, cost] j Typhoon Sweeps Guam. j 'TTasMsgica. Xov, 33.--Details of a \ terrific typhoon, which swept over tie j Island of Guam last Monday, reache' the navy department. The collier Aj. was driven ashore and badly damaged. Maay houses were destroyed and numbers of natives kliied- George " Xicholson. a United States hospital steward, drowned while serving as a member of a rescae party. HALE MEETS CAF.BANZA Envoy Confers With Leader of Mexican Rebels- Ariz.. Xov. 33.---Dr. Accommodations i Bayard Male. President Wissons per- c a m * »d the entire Mexican Con- sutntionai^t the country--thow- ] The coriiereace was- held In the nor- j r custom 5n "which Carranza; ==, .»u, , . af ar.d i sands of them, in fact---where either, ^. ' School Teacher Suicide. New York. Xov. 13. --- Fearing s5e ·would not pass .examinations for pro- : ,, - » truly J centralised, ! neecUess. ust once--in "Elv's your co:d or ·eiy disappear. , , tions tesi^ of thousands o' CO-GPEBATlVj STORE BURNS Food Rushed to Vermont Village Dependent en One Establishment. Proctor. Ti_, Xov. 13.--A temporary shortage In the food supply of this vil- .age resulted from the destruction by "J8 of the large building housing tbe ;o-oper3*ave store conducted by the Vermont 1-Iarble company. The loss is 515"/00. The 2T'i» Inhabitants, mostly marble workers an'l their families, have de- pende.i chleSy on the "company store" for groceries and provislons- irrangeaients were made lor bringing n food on a special train from Rut- SANTA CLA.USJO GET MAIL 3cr!eson Authorizes Delivery of Children's Lerters !n December. Washington. Nov. 13.--In an order "ssued by Postmaster General Barle;OE he has maae permanent the past nractlce of authorizing postraasters to Jeliver "^anta Cia3:s"' letters to responsible charitable Institutions or rerintabl 0 individuals In the city of ad- 3ress. These regnSatlons apply to letters of Hi!s character received only dursn:; -Jie month of December of each year. in honor of their daughter, Viola. Miss Wisier received many handsome gifts. These present: Mr. and ilrs. James Wisier, ilr. and ilrs. Lester Oyler, ilr. and Mrs. John Swisher. ?-Ir. and Mrs. Robert Wisier. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Sponseller, Mr. and Mrs. William Oyler, Mr. and Mrs. John Sharpe. Mrs. George Beck, Mrs. W. A. Criswell, Mrs. David Shaffer. Mr. and Sirs. Bert Hummer; Mr. and Mrs- C. D. Stallsmith. Mrs. Orriile Riley, Mrs. Emory Sheads. Harry Oyler, Misses Viola Wisier, Sarah Bowling, Anna Bell Clapsaddle, Rosalie Wingert, Mary Grinder. Carrie Pitzer. Barbara Clapsaddle, Margaret Murrey. Ruth Wisier, Grace Hummer. Mary Cook, Vesta! Stalisrnith, - Edna Hummer, Helen Hummer, Eila Wisier. Mindelle Grinder, Frances Grinder, Bertha Swisher, Cora Trostle, Cora Riley, Ruth Hummer, Hannah Cook. Mizel!, Verna Wisier. Messrs. Lloyd Wisier, Hugh Weikert. Charles Riley, Charles Ogden, Walter Swisher, Cleason Shealer, William Riley. Pat- Trroniey, George Rile;*-, Raymond Wisler. Russell Murray. Laither Wis- ier. David Hull, Howard Riley. Richard Sheads, Melcb^oir Sheads, Howard Hummer. Harry Plank. Robert Wis- ier, Chester Wisier. Dean Wisier, Maurice Trostle, Georgie Burgner. Harold Oyler. Howard Oyier. Russell Riley. BRYAN HAS AN ACCIDENT Horse Tskcs a Tumble, Bat Secretary of e^ats Escapes Injury. Washin^rcn. Nov. 13.--Secretary of State Bryan had a narrow escape when sis rxrse. "pon which he was taking lis customary jsorning ride, slipped to Is knee oa the wet asphalt pavement. Secretary Bryan managed to keep Trcm falling under the horse. Xeither Mr. Bryan nor the animal was Injured, bac the secretary discontinued his ride and walked to ins house. his captol on conimg tc_ - 1 Xosales from Herjnoslllo. j motion. Anna Burnett, twenty-four cooperative or pro-ate,. Neither Mr Hale nor General Car-] years old, "a teacher^in the primary i creameries are conducted and where j ^^ wojj , d ^ v any j ntimatl on con .| grammar grade-ai public school r~ **TJ* 7 * i J * I «***«*· »» V , » 4 4 » \ i - i , I » S 5 *.*! * i»iv*»-»*«-*v» v»* V-^»A - .-- * tii*iiit»A* J3» «*·*»·"- " - ' - jf"-- ra*arrh such a de P : ? ; P ient '' as outtlne3L 1D1 S»c cernins the topics that might come up] 15, the Bronx, committed suicide by! ca " i rc well be established, for in these sec-j fo _ a j seass ; OI , ; jncipiag from the "roof of her home. BERJ1 SOUP * - ' e e Thursday evening Nov, 1 3th, at the United Brethren Church from 5 to 9. Supper 1 5 cts- Ice cream and cake extra. farmers are still milking cows, about which theyj merely guess in a very general way as , to the total production of milk and | cream of each cow per year. j jumping from the "roof of her five stories, to the street- a dairv department were estaoii^neu and did nothing more than get farmers Leaves For Panama Xew York. Xov. 1-3.--John Purroyj If sncb |»jiitchel, mayor-elect of Xew York city,] sailed for the West Indies and^ the Panama canal for a threa weeks' rest,' Three Cars Derailed: Three Hurt. Demon. Md., Xov. 13. -- A traiz wreck occurred near Tuckahoe station. Can Cure »rachoma In Month. Washington. Xov. 13. -- Assistant Secretary of Labor Post announced that the labor department and public health service will co-operate In observing the new trachoma operation of Dr. Webster Fox, of Philadelphia, who claims to be able to cure this contagious disease in a month's treatment. to weigh and test their milk it would! after the rigors of his can?paig2 be more than justified. MItohel accompanied him. A supply of fresh, crisp celery that last well into the winter may be ·bad"if tlie plants are taken up from · the garden with plenty of earth adher- ' Ing to the roots and placed closely to- Brakeman Killed. Hagerstovrn. Md., Xov. 13.--Charles on the Maryland, Delaware Virginia, P. Matthias, thirty-five years old. a railroad, in which three cars were de] freight brakeman en the Western railed and scores of passengers badiyj Maryland railway, was struck by an| «shaV»T '-:n ' cverhead bridse near Barings station Life Need Not Be Narrow. Or.r life is just as narrow as va let it he. If we live in a lonely conn- try place miles from a railway, we can study the plants and animals abont us until we come to understand something of the secrets of the universe. If our lot Is in a great city, we haTe opportunities of studying human aa? ture--seeing with onr own eyes the development of characters as strange as ever novelist put into his oooSs. Slaltitudes of men walked the same streets witli Dickens without seeing a hundredth part o? what Se saw. It-is the power to see, and not the object to ce seen, that we lack, and this power may be. to a certain extent, o ·vate-J by practice.--Exchange. What'* the Answer? What gives us our sense of loatMa| tor the garden toad, demurely nsefal little neighbor that be lias proved himself, wh'ile his second'cousin, thS frog, who seems to do nothing but play the dandy and the "braggart, is uniformlj treated as a good fellow? If the toad galped and croaked all night long, and made his home in slimy pools Instead of in the melon patch, would they reverse their present order In our esteem?--Atlantic, shaken getner in a good sizeci tox m tne cellar. They sboiijd be given a good wa-, tering at fi-st and later at intervals as. overhead bridge near Barings pjid instantly Wiled. FOR SALE: double heater, good as new. Apply Mr?. William Fumey. needed, but care- should be taken toi Box 32, R. C, Gettysburg.--advertise- npply the water without wetting.the'1 ,nent tops, which a r e likely, to-decay. ~^j_._ . · · · · Excellent Precepts. If you would relish your food, labor for it; if you would enjoy the raiment, pay for it before you wear it; If you would sleep soundly, take a clear conscience to bed with you.

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