The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 13, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1913
Page 3
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r , ,. *.;.,,-, v - "-·y^i T'\- r/ f| - *r ·* The Ghost Locomotive By THOMAS R. DEAN Medical Advertising Relieves Neuritis ** * and Rheumatism 1 Banishes Chest Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat and Laajbago Over I · s. * -O*i»^" * ^ ^ |.{*. For only 25 eeatss -vosz can get a. big-, ' j yellow box of yellow- MUSTARIKE COUPLE ROBBED .Is l*hey Were to 3Iake Payment on their The address of a president of a so- nd s i Keer e dru^i s ts v.-Hrtell vou that.! c-iety for.the.·advancement-of science {if ; t isn't better than ar.v plaster, lini-f i_ _ ^ j _ ^ » 4. ? . . » . " » *r j I'caltry keepers who are priinarily iutere^tt-J in ejrg production will be interested in the following rations wbicii Thomas Barren, the noted £ng- -ish po-iltrynian. feeds his laving hens. _, . , A v.- t -r wu-li is made by mixing one T/:e s^ 1 - 1 ^ 3 cf two " ear5 ol oa««ed part brail, one part biscuit meal, one life, the fruits of many privations and part -thirds; or --tu'ljira,'' half part! denials, which were to be wsed in pay- f-;.v«.r liUtti. one-elgotu i»art ground ;ing for a little some.- v.-ers taken oats, one-eighth part n^eat and wetting i a way early yesterday mor-Jng says with wafec «?nongh to make it jiice and crtiroWyl'. This ! fed at s;^ht. Fo- ry'jrrajiist-:?. \aj1jiiy is fed--the more £h? i»«-ttc-i£-i!iiS«I together and ftd in t!:e litter. Swtec ^ilinicilk is also an tiiij-orruKE '.art of ihe ran .in- these »iories wHI be snore likely BEGY'S MUSTAP.IXE ctanily, is very penetrating and that's j to begin agaiu to come from yard where scientific ' outeffipt has for many years buried iheio. Here is cue that has reoc-iuly beeu resurrected. Xeur!y a quarter of aw; road, _ on a misty jji-^ht over a road that, i other i.-grc-c!Cents' added. BEGY'S MUSTAH1XE won't so;!: ! -=.ndf..: Tl'oe whose work causes srlcie to v. ork i'UC ihe LaiiJ.-^ and \\ho have ·liJS«-:2:y in sertia;? tlie^j clean when riie «:ay"s v, c-r- 1- Uviw v.-il! be glad to ·«Mr:« of ;Li=- f'^'ov. ;-.^ preyaraCioa. e«l by a corre- had been washe-I by heavy rains four slide. It alv/avs' for J satisfies. Ask f v r BEGY'3 31 U STAR- J was insscmUy J-...M1. The locomotive stopped within : . :x-w feet of the slide, then be^an i ba- -:. There was nothing behind it !-t a caboose, in which j1» were tv.-o ir::I::;:c-ii playing seven up. They uHKx! tl- ^-ho«-k, bur, being: intent on rhe gaiiif. paid no attention to it UL.d didn't :;i».-.r ;· f._--,v juinutes after it occurred iU.:i they were moving} IlEEUMA Tr.crousjfi'y Drives oui backward at speed. I B«rep-Se«;ttd L'ric Acid Poison. The first thing U.=y knew they didn'c | There is only one way to be free know aayzhiiiir. for they doubled up on, i from Rheumatism--the accumulated a passenger train -^wading on the track j imparities caused by an excess of Ursc j 11 hk-H ;·* r«- o!8-£n«-.: f lli^ U'e -:rl^al K^vit'.v. TLis do-js net roMO-.e ti-e d:rr. but is ai":ic-!i to t!.!.- ha:.-*s i:: i~i- Li'-rrJi.^ ic-iore ^oiK-i to work. The prevents ·' cTir^L-t 1 - of f^ar t5:i-i-» of j;i-i:: a!t ho', thriv ""Uvvj of ctSyc-riu a:.* :hroe of n^r~r. T::f- :a\:are ^!:o:iiC i-l ::: t"'vr-ji'~ii:y, sir: --t «;u:c:c;\ ~- !-· 1:1 ;: ie;iiO".:-! 4,f a!! dir: ae h::iii!s are v. a~Led. Reunratism w:*~r w ' - i « r T_is ;,rc-J!cnon Is i..-.-! «.:i i::e f::» t th-.t f,-v..-r e^^- 17. d: 1 the . and were both ki-It-d. One who knew Burton remarked n: the tiaie or ! Acid ooison mu^t be evaelitti from the [ fr^,;. , .^.r^ -* .ateir S body, ihat is -vhat RHEL'MA willjio . ir r«i'j» -K* do it thoroughly. If you suffer i ,,,,. mum; . his death I -. . . . _ . r-c:-" 1 anv form of Rheuiiiatism- tbat it was perhaps best he had been : ^ i n f;£ TOKiatorv . killed. He was : ~ r -- TM"~ ! "~ '"*" ~ " " Arthritis. J ue:tr fu ulleil It --.. : i :·!«_:.·» i". j^ ·y.lut Jr.i'.e Ho-K-« "i ':«yisf^ ;:t*:is '.v ·' t! da vreil t- ^i v . ',,· them tl 1 - ije^t of · :ire -.vita .1 view ro c^i: s»r."l-:- rion. "ror sirt-vears i v,-as a Tru Lil'ed '/· :t *..· ous :;:1 : son BUI dead just ES much huve troubled him livl One nijrlir. jo^t such a nighE as the ! oae on whK-h th: catastrophe took ' place. Joe Bisrley. an engineer, was [ approaching the place of the landslide. ! only ho was "oiusr in the opposite direction, when suddenly he saw a locomotive heatllislii;. fell glare, riirht in front of him. With a gasp for breath, he threw bat-k tiie lever. As so be Judged other en taneonsly both came to a stop Los Angeles excsaage. by the rutn- : ess hand of a thief, according: to the ·eport at ".he police headquarters. The I .-k-tims v.ere R- R- Hankies a"d his } .'.ife cf 425 East Fourth street. The savings amounted to $1,500. mostly in ;jold. The couple attribate their loss to :he Y.'crsin's fe£tr of banks. The Kionej' wns in a !itt!e box hid- itrri in 2 bookcsse. Oftes the b'JsbancI iad cautioned his wife to p.ace the money hi a bark, but she feared a failure. Xc one knew the n:onej- wa^ ihere, she reasoied,. no'c even her h-s- lard's r/arc.its, with whom they Jived. · ir.J :t f^r safer. AnJ so each ! .^tek ihe added a few pieces of gold to j-:he hoard and the i-ision c: the !iit!e · ion:e ffruv.- brighter. I Bcfcr« they were niarriej ?he - .\as I'-Iciud 3Ii!!ei- and Hankins v.cs a car i ":.»-e--tor on the Southern Pa cine. He ;ear;:cJ about -1,200 z. year. When the \^'-"~- constiitcJ to marry asm. accord- I nij ro the story told by hij parents. | -he iij.cs the condition that Hankins ! v/o-iC srive her a ^rce of her own ! :n lv.-o ;/2ars. and that on the d^y cf ! the wedLng he should shov.- a deed !·'· \ the lot v.-hereon ihe home vras to stand. ; So ilankins. who is thirty years ; o!d, went to work and scrimoed and ! i saved and at last bousfht a !ct. Then · 'Is.t_d ?«IiI!er came oat from ?.Iinnesoi;a · and ihey were married. They rer.tec i two little rooms in the same house hu~bana"s parents, ilr. and silrs. I. V\~. Hankins, and begin to jsave. : Each -ve-^k Hankins turned over to · iIs bride his pay. and after taking out . :.-· ".-as absolutely necessary to ,'prc--. iCe for them, she would put the ·zest In 3. little japanned box wh-ch s^e ; dow. Each morning when the couple ' | awoke Hankiiis locked at the bookcase to see that everything was safe. Yes- j · terday niorning he discovered that the ! window was opes, the books were ly- j ing on the noor an,d the money gone, The matter was reported at once to ' the police, bat Detectives Beaumont j and King, who were assigned lo the · case, have yet no clew to work upon;A reward of SSOO was authorized "last ? night by Hankins. S The building on the little home is stopped, and sinless the money is re- ' covered the house will be turned over! to the builders. i Both Hankins and his wife declared · .hat they bad Jearned a dear lesson, i They v.-sil now stnrt to save again, b'jt each week their savings will be recorded in a Shtl-e bank book. The 5 Savings Department of the First Xa-' t;o.-ia! Bank of Gettysburg ctfers you' the Hide bank book. S¥z oer cent.' compound interest, the protection of · -j250,000 capital and surplus, and over' rifty years of successful tanking ex- · perience. Open that acco-j.-s';. to-day-! to-morrow may be too late.--adver- '. tisement, i r : FOR SALE \ 1 Full Bred cockerels and; pullets; Hamburg, Buff and! ; White Orpingtons Colum-l bian VVyandotres; Barred- Rocks. | David Knonss j A.rendtsviIIe, Pa. 1 he did -;r..'-i.. ,»^t-i-\ Brandmother's Reeisie to Back Color and Lustre to Hair j You can ram grav. faded hair beau-, dark and"lustrous almost over' . -.i^i-J-i -JiUi=. c-ii-^ iu.^.i _ _ 1 d^ed that the encmeer of tne j r _: ff ht if voull get s. 50 cent bottle or . i^ine also reversed, for simul- i -Tv'veth's Sage and Sulph'j and ! Rerr.edy" at ar.y drug store. w _ then besaa to move backward. 1 cf bottles of this old. famous Sage iea Sulphur riair, Million*! B-sley, seeing chat the danger was j Recipe ai-e sold annually, says a y.-e«- passed, stopped, his engine and then j '· moved ahead agnia. The light before {:;:-,.-^ iO Qne ^ tei i :- has been ap-; him receded. He" let it get far enoesrh j Qjf e ^_ i to avoid danger, then put on. his regu- · ~ Those iar speed. He was expecting ev moment to get a signal that the bae ing engine was abont to switch 0:1. ! cause after one bnt no such signal tied, bat K'it no ;et nearer tise other locomotive, he J - ; ^--=_ ..,.--»3e- hair is famir.? ,, . . very ! becoming faded, dry. scraggtv and ; back- i have a Scimrise awaiting then:, be- · · -- -- ---- applications ry bu-'^c-? 5 : :: v,-'..: h he. :;..^. ..:;ii v. :- engage'l. I\r :: g' ·_·! ^"-..r? ~u t.i« .... - tuey have ''·ne - '- r'l" v. .,-ik o:. "h- farri. :nr-Icu:!;cr t!e ' 5 e '· tLe ·*. ·· ~ herd a:.--: tl'c =o-u-:-tr - f t!'e : r ps Tho f.irm N s~r:.x · 'I **. it'- diite d. Iry i-o!i T e:ile: - ·» ." '"· '^_ -I s=. r;i'l tie ni'^tre-.^ -f -L f t ··';' ; ·· some T;:'.' d.^ir;- :.i; ter vri,'e mnf-Ii nrro a dec-Meri ne^s. the r 1 -.:; V.'hl'e -"· · 1. 1~ : :. i ^L-'e-^^ of t" ^ . T -,::·;.- I-- From time to time the couple took f out the box and counted ihe gold j pieces. V-1.en they had more tiian ' «I.O [ !0 they started to build on their ·lot on Ease Third street. The house -.vas to cost abo-^t SI.OGO and ihey had *sa-. ed er.cug'i to furnish lt. ' Tuesday nigh'c they counted the ln-.oney again, and the hnsband says he begged the wife once Kore to ' place the n~.or.ey in the bank. It meanr r^uch to them, for they "had under-. ·g-or.e msjiy denials ar-u privations to [save it. But she vrould not agree. sViil ' fearing banks. The little bookcase sits near a win- ' · Gettysburg Druggist ', Deserves Praise i H. C. Landau, druggist, deserves | praise frcm Gettysburg people for introducing here the simple bnck- . ^horn bark and glycerine mixture, 'known as Adler-i-ka. This simple Genlian remedy first became famous , bv curing aoaendiciris and it; has no\v ,'oeert discovered thar JUST A SING- Li DOSE relieves sour stomach, gas · on the stomach and con^dpation IX- STAXTLY. It's quick action is "a hi; surprise to people. 7769-7705 -^^^ 7650 FUR BUTTONS ARE A NOVEL TOUCH ON A SMART SUIT S Advertising Pays 100 Per Cent. A Kansas man lost 3. five-dollar bill and advertised for It. In a. da.? or two e. :nan. appeared in his oSce, saying that he had seen the advertisement, and haaced him the bill. In a iew cays the Kansas man v.-as going through his "other" clothes and 'oand- the original bill which he thought he ~23. lost. Xcrs-thstaadins the fact that the events in this story may sound suspicious, the lesson is obvious.--Kansas City Star. "Kitten's ear" is the name given one ot the B«=\V- pjle r^ones, and %.··_-!! it ce- serves the name, as it is literally as soft and silky as a kitc-.-ii's ea.r. The suppleness and velvety t-_"ture n i r^anr cf these fabrics is really to be marvel^-l at. A material of this sort needs very little cecoratron aside from a ~"ueh o- fur or a. bit of co!'.-~ for contrast In the il'iisirutioa 77S9-TT05 is fashioned of ";·:· "T^'S ear" c'cth tn one of the ne\\ rich shacks of r«d and trim- n:ed v.-ith black fox. An odd touch is jnven the su:t by the large fur buttons v. hich close it GOIMI the from. The coat has a long v.-aisted effect and a fitted peplati. A four gor^d skirt slightly draped accompanies the blouse. To make in size 35 (T759) reo.nires 2*4 yards of -52 inch material. 7705 may bs m^d-^ in size 24 ».v:th 2% yards of 42 inch m2.ter!aL The de-cj pc-plum is a feature of many of the afternoon so^~= "f silk. It aids often in bringing oat th« broad hip Itnes. no\v to ia=hionabie. Blue crepe charmcuse vvas uscJ for 7650. The vest is of SgTired silk in soft harmonious shades, ana the broad sash is of satis. Lace effectively trims sleeves and collar. This design iray be copied in size 35 v.-ith 5 yards of -5 inch m Xo. 7763--sizes 32 to 44. Xo. 7705--sizes 22 to 30. To. 7650--sizes Si to 42. Each pattern 15 cents. To obtain either pattern iHustrated nil I out this coupon a-*d enclose 15 cents in j; stamps or coin. Be sure to stats ruiKber |j oi pattern and size, meastinn? over the j; Ti,'!est part o* th^r bust. Address Piitem .' Dena-tmer:t. tare o' ih s pap^r. Size other engine tvas. and the Istrht -treat j Heed The out. He hail :.o niore donbt that tbe ] locomotive bad smashed into some- j thing thnn that he was holding a throt- j tie. He kept on to crive assistance. | r 7 TT slowing down when approaching the Mar.y Gettysburg People i^ave place where the smasbup had occnr- - - -~^~~^.~ \^ Jten tne xicine^ ^ j^ve unmistakable red. but he went on and. on and didn't come to anv wreck. are --eak t~.z~ warnings tns. should not be ignored. By acaec. 'eelings i apsed. anybody down or anything c-onldn't answer for a time. _ he righted Iiunself he would not say j j: Z zy~steils, tired, languid nnytbing abont his esTTerie - - · --- - went to the snperinten 1 him that nothing coold remedy. . . ueccle endorse Uoan s: : u e B e c k . farmer. Orrtanna- have use- j long tiipe i -sronderiui ; had run over that part of the road ngsla. The KHnerirztecdent got the story out of hi:n and knew ·what it ali ineaat, bat he didn't let on. If he bad given f-fte^v^burcr Pa- savs: "I ont tar.t run Bnrton's ghost was ca- i Joan's Kidr.ev Pills for a vortintr .ironiid tbe place waere he had j and they have proven a been ki:.c-u «e woaldii't have been able!cure for kid-.ey "troaole. i . na _ GT "S 1! -- j to get nn epsineer to take trains past it! n my sices and ray head acned. A ner for love or money. j I saw Doan's Kidney PHIS so n.e^ ..,,, _-,,,... r -., J(lr -- ,,,, = .,,n _ T -« recommended. I got a oox and i- a:ln ^ AI. n^.^ j--'ey. n e ^..o. , .1 ^ . , Q cure ^ j am , n a | give you a ciiierent run entirely. Bnt! -, os5tion to - reccminend this remed" ' I don't want you to say anything about ( 1 nronglv " this bu.Nin{5-. I think your nerves have lofiii overstrained, and that has caused tbe npparitsoja. But tbe men Ne~ Tork, sole agent for the oa the road =re e."sKy in3nencel by a States, s«T)erstitio'js story. "r.»i It won:dn~t be xre!! to iiave yocr illusions get out."' As this oecnrrenfe \vas kept pretty close, the _s':3te ivas not EOtlced. bst just a year f roni that time another engineer had the same experiersce. Tiien it Icftkeil oi-.t. or. rather, he told all nbo=rt it. aud somebody suggested that i jerbaps 5i!'. JB-jrton's ghost was Dp i __ and doing on the anniversary of his ! -^ Sr - peSation o: - ,, lcatli. They. looKfea"fljr,tfle date and | aatfcorlty to ac'c as a feir.e so:e t.--: fo«nti.^at.tlie accjdejit. ana cue two | cer. · (stror.JTiv- : yy___j : · For sale ty all dealers. Price jw fl^Sl ;! cents- Fosier-Mflbcrn Co.. B-anai- ! i x-a-- -v^-r.1- crvTo ^cront fnr the Unite'' ' S m - Remember the and take no other. -Dean's- 1 NOTICE ] S" THE COURT OF COM3ZOIS' ] PLEAS OF ADAMS COUXTT. ] PENNSYLVANIA, 1 of ilarv E. iliiler for I t!:c · -1 ^liK ;miii\ e.--^ai.- One of the raeji. i Tom I.ognn. who had been connected jihcrizcd to set sr-d have the powar to, --1th the road for ruanv vears and had transact business as a i.epie sole «,ra- !0 7f r? ^^ phan f ^iS^^SSS2SSS?S^. r.^d to do the job. The president aud j Coni V JO nwealtli of Pennsylvania oinOTilit*nr!p.r*{' Tr-nnf nr» r(i» lrw*r»mAtTTA ' ' 3- i --~-~u~A ^^A * :n s».«n of the headlight nor has anything '1/e considered by the Court on the first! been seen of it-sinee- · {dav cf December. 1913, a't 10:30 A. M ! ^^ at whch time all 'persons interestec!, , 'may show cause, if any, they have, i stroy, paste a piece ot sandpaper over , -the calendar, pad and use it as a match . Bcratcher. I T JtmM a..porkreeth7oNg o i Attorney for the petitioner. NFVSPAPFR( . HE

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