The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 13, 1913 · Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1913
Page 2
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« r I ··MB ,W. Weaver Son G.W* Weaver Son The Leaders Just Received 1 Lot "Wooltex" Skirts--$3.75 1 Lot "Wooltex" Skirts- Two Styles--five or Six colors These Skirts arc cu: irooi the cads of pieees.of Suit or Sksr: materials--awd are a loll 50 per 3^ss ilin. rt,*jr»sliir \ -- iuo-- Lots of New Neck Wear Lots of New Rufflings Tea styles of 36 inch Wash Silks Dress Skirt Wool Plaids J^evr Astrakan Coats New Persian Coats New Boucle Coats New Sp irt Coats RUNK PECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT Now is the be=* time in the year to make quick sales. If you have a farm, town property o- busies, which you are anxious to sell dent delay coming ^rs'arf about through "looking around" and are jready to do rfat vonr property is worth, that is, be willing to sell for -Sag- to |av; were you buying instead of selling and you ..ii~ . _ _ to selL We do not ad- K/see'our name in print, but to get in touch wiih prospec- , -ers who ~-ead our advertisements each week. We hare a large numoer j 'nro«£ertiTM buvers- whom we have been unable to suit in location and iprice ll ufSw what you have * seiL Your property nay be just what j : one of these fauvers want. If so, you wdl make a quick sale.. . | 1 " r AKjlo , · sales have been hurt somewhat this fall, by reason oi Overcoats W E have some wonderfully attractive styles, in new Fall Overcoats--the smartest models we think lhat we've -Vir'iou*? 1 ! -a^m sales nave uecii unit j\.-»u.c·»«** .·**. _^.^, «,. ---- -v Si ru^be- of o4veV--A 101 acre farm for Norman. Miller ui the Hanover Eoad ,; -oGeo W Trait-ran w*o resides nearbv and is not afraid of values go^j, . Jc-S \ ^mJll i-fr^a Tt Goidenville Station for Jake Group to Rev. Floto of \ I Bioiervh'e An O T i -e'- small farm near BonneauviUc for S. Laugninan to Le\i , l??£*£i£*l3.'S IT ?£ \\ se near Cashtown for . Rob't I nd live on his ov.n ID-?-*- ''· D-*vd J 1 Brown who has decided ic quit renting a .-. *-· ~ - ~ a chsnr-eTThe William Deardcrf farTM of 1C5 acres 1 mile east o£ "~ _ -* 1 * _ "*·_" t, --» - «1 _ tf W» 1_1I_ rf""".-^-»»..* ·»* «»f^-»^% *trall 1 l ? » - -- Ge; i\ A. Kno -- 3 : sho» J f Brindle of Frank!-. Couniy v.*~.o will improve and reside s "'t"/4,-ne. The same day -, sold the Jobr. L Eckert farm wnicn · i -edTV^'eo^c- tir»e to Geo. L. Bear «f Franklin County who.will do| : - V^nc^ard" eves Dually move here. We also sold for Lester E. Bow- j sn^r- '"f-T i tiAle east cf Gettysburg to Hov/ard Bream who will quit | . ...*.. ^-i.. - x. ^ ^^_ ^^^ ^. ^^ spr : ng . A 15 acre home west ot , SI fg Si n n many, a day. Schloss, Baltimore m:.dv to «^:irt \vjilt,- establishes the ; r qualit\' of course - - a litiie better believe, style and smartness, ihnn anyiMi £ ih«.ir designer has produced heret -fore. See tlim. O. H. Lestz t Comer Give S Ceaire Square ji.Green Trading Stamps, and Carlisle Street- Gettysburg, Ps. Co;--_ 5r* *»"»o»*r - ti 2 ^ iic^^ *;vi.i -.s. ».»»- ^..^.--c,. -- -- - r for Olher Currens 'co Frank Leijore. A» SG cere/arm.for Dr ' fake Oouo. of Bi?!erviile. A 70 cere farm for Mary J- Row! - C'C BWm of 4bbottsio».i.. A CC- acre farm for Mrs.J. "e-Ase". A number of other sales have been made by us whsca tiie " -Ji^^ ijs; not to advertise until later. _ ,, . " ' -^ a fie farm abouV 1 m:!e from Biglerville has just hstea it a'ck sale. He «rave us the following description; 118 acres--L- TRA.PPE,RS FARMERS A T T E N T I The ttae of year is here for fur bearing skins! I have many satisfied friends who have sold me furs in former years, who will come again this year. But 1 want You Men that I Have Not Dealt With Before to bring me your catches and ham that I will pay you the h^hest cash pnce the mariet affords. Do.'t let city printed circular quoting high pnces fool you. Wh-ny u receive your money for a city shipment it is usually less than you ex- pec : d , hen you deal with me you know what you are getting and you get rt CA-Wwi houtwaiiiog. If you don't often get tD town write or telephone to me. No i t Ico sine 11 for me to buy. HARRY VEINER, , ", , . . 217 North Stratton Street United Telephone Ge; * sb-r A. Iff h : ·*-.-" ! i 3arr cf G f le trees _ . "fine bank V- h AV6" So1feVt?wago7f£hed 40 :-: 20, hog pen, chicken house and other. ^ r^nts" -Liic -oadrcroos average we!L Owner wan-.s to sell because ne is j W. tVa^tp m v«rs and his r.o help. Price ?6000. If you don't have time to I ^T^oc wfea Seaf stock and fruit farm we have 124 acres ia Liber j -P ; oV --^ " Y. c *j*e bank barn a.-^d other buildsngrs, water system, build-_^";, r ' a - c :; c 4l| v «"e^v ^erv rolling, granite soil, cut 65 tons hay this year. The i ^r e '4 «^"~00 to nr-t buye---there is IS acres of umber on this farm. Learn «ore sLowt this one! If you dcn't want to move there we have a good renter ·"o- YOU -.vho wii* farm the cSace. , , " "A^i-o farn-s -n all parts" of the counXy--better see us about tnem now be" -e ».--^- We'll treat you right whether you buy or not- i - P T K M V N Real Estate. .Masonic Buildine. Gettysburg. Fenna. '^'^ ~ ·.-"*--j*-^!^"'- ^*"__ ^c^r'^r^r^rfn^yi^yg j Bazaar and Oyster Supper Tifc Oyster Sts}per an-! Sale to IK- lIuntersio-AQ, Saturday Afternoon and Evening, November 15th, ;: at one o'ciock, is Cr-'-.\5 t^ in intere-t. Tlw i 2, I E* Ps 1 many useiu! aud beannful article oi fancy work, a!! o: which vnl! uj:etiier viii.ii some a«ii«!!rable p:cce roles, !x-=kles many other tJ:ii;r- FubKc Sale On Thursday, November 20. At Willian Spalding's stables, Gettysburg. One carload oi: fresh cows, springers - and some Holstein heifer Some stock bulls and steers, ing 800 pounds. Howard Spalding Ice Cream, Cake, Candy, Fruit and Other Refreshments will be on Sale. AH frien-is arc- aske«l to bring a companion, anc the jisblic is cor- diallv in\::ed. Real Estate oar list of you would s. weign- We would like to add a few farms to Real Estate for sale. Ifyou have any that _ _ like to sell and {.lace, in the hands of a Real Estate Agents, we will be glad to handle same for you; no matter whether large or small or where located. Or if you want to buy any Real Estate,call on or address. Troxell and Swisfaer Real Estate Agents 104 Baltimore St. Gettysburg Pa. EARLY at "t!i.e ItiOKCLe Ox S'ira.e c^iL wJ.J.t=? .fc^j.v^j.J.^.^- «^. -- ----- --' Now is the t'me to look after your winter need for your wardrobe. Let our large and complete stock suggest your winter apparel. Men's Coats Ladies Dep t To the woman with $15 to spend for a w:nf r suit or coaL We have made a special effort to srow a line of coats and suits at this popular price. They ?.r- here in the new Browns, Blues, Grays, Olives, and fancy in'xtures. Of course if you want a suit of mere quality we can shovryou over 200 styles to select from a* price.- \ O O in-from $15toS4Q. Furs Furs K We have alway made 3 spc c:al t flort to gh e you j just a little more for your money than you c?n get ebev.ber-. R-meir.ber our guarantee if they are r,ot right, we -will make them right. See our special Black or Brown, sets at 10.00 other furs, $5.50 to $65.00. Dresses Dresses O: Every description, Special all Children's N h oi uress-s that were $1.00 and $1.25 Xo-.v 89c. look over our flats and Shoes, cue knotu the result. C. B. Kitzmiller Mr. rnsn or young man with $15 to SI8 t« -pend for a winter sui:.- r over coat. We are prepared to meet' your deman 0 - whether you want a plain business su^t or a fancy jv»vciity they · are here in Bro«n B : -oe. Gray, a^d the seas ns n-v. p- r»cil stripes in acoii.l'ination of colors. Or t -r5,-uit $6.50 10 $32.00 O'/e-- coats $5.50 to $58.00- Boy*s Suits and Overcoats, Ino--.r :. ;- I.-,-'; B-C have an extraord.nary line of suits and ovsrcoa', mat,, j; v.;-.. all thclitdc touches that appeal so much to the boys. Sweaters and Mackinaws Just the thing for out door sports. See the new rrackinaw weave sweaters with roil collar we are showing at $5.50 to $7.00 Other sweaters SOcts to $7.50. I *2! be :»: PUBLIC SALE G^t ty--i« « T s. j ererc Tr.c?-Jav ' On Tuesday November tbe JMli KM", a t f en TOS · · Vi'iii =, li at, public sale on the E» o-y -,j_" T j eWP } r . ' Bair Fann .) mil^ nor:h of Gettysburg ^ J *~ " J - I r . Bntler township. ' -5 Head of Hordes ana 3Iules. 1 "fay "W H DDCXLE ' horse anu sicjric driver, twelve veara o:d ! £00I sann horee. 1 soritl ho--=e H 5 ^^ ^. ,- · ! vear= fil'J Hnde Hne ieswler an' 1 , gocxi i Grad-of Optics^9 Poinfert St-jCarhsie. -, ^ i , l}c . } !0 isi, J sow-1 !:on*j 30 year? /.l-I ' ' grKxi worker and driver and fearless of all ··'·'"i i objects. 1 pair yf rnales 4 and -5 years o'd, ; one a leader.' REGISTER'S NOTICE | E:chchea-i of Dehorn*-! cattle. -" Notice is hereby given to ail le-atees | ^ calves by their =i.Kl wia ** 1fl t;Jj" I other persons c6r.cemed llsat the · FHurary and -J 5a .-larch, 1 ti.!. ii.w-en ', i^ccoinoer isc a* i--.» a- in- · · =^.iw ^^j- · J(O {; c!! j j i ij^er n ( j 2To. J41. The fjrstar.d final account f j5 aT3 .. erc p] ous 3 "-a,t beam Syracnse j , of 31. D. W:!ey and Luthsr 3IarkIe, Ad- j p i O w. 1 jfj-Comnck -e\ er harmv.. _' Perry !' i;ini.raiors oi the estate of TeuiiKs-i j 5, arro \v? 1 land roikr, I d«nMe row corn s _ ,, ,, . . . , . an( j hay bnggy- aonble 5 Sets of front gears set single j harness" colters and bridles. 12 o'clock a credit os all bUMis oi WALTER'S THEATRE. Remember what we say it is, it is. F U N K H O U S E R S A C H O J K , : Robert Thompson Auna ·-11,-^,«i v i u i" ?TO H M COUNTRY.'' i Pius 1 IHer clerk. '"DOROTHY VERSOS OF HADPOS| ! H A L L " : - -; "THE PRICE SHE PAID " i ! "THE WHITE SfsTKK." Etc. PI.SV JLT PL-MX MAR\ LTI HET\VEES c. Fe\v at oOc 5-ats-n-.i'e Sunrlay ai I'eop'e's Dnig Immense Output of i-lnen. The 12,000,000 pounds -wortli oi linen -wlndi Is the average yearly out put of the United Kingdom -would ·wrap the earth at the equator seven times. DODGE ZUILL'S "EASY" Washer- Hand or iow«r AH Steel, ard Capper Easv to operate- E asy to handle. 3J.ves, the pi-fhoc cn "e, s t he Giotto Women Circulars free Write our aeent David Kncuss,

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