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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, November 13, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XI. :Xo. 5C3. GetUsbarg. P;s., Thursday .OM-niber 13th, 1913. Price !ro -SWEATERS FOR M E N -- W O M E N and CHILD2. £ 50 cts To S7.OO. EcKerts Store " ON THE SQUARE." FORMER LOCAL PHYSICIAN DE COOPER-MIL HOMEW TTING CONTROL PHTHERiA |Dr. Riegle, who Practiced ia Bettys-1 fiiiss Edna Miller, cf Gettysburg, i Many Cases of Diphtheria in Me- « · I "" burg, Died at his Home in Ernmits- J Married Dr. Cooper, cf Tyrone, at j Sherrystown and Midway are burg. Laiimors Township Man; Pretty Home Wedding in the Free-1 Cured. Epidemic Seems to be TO HUNT LETTERS FROM T BALL MEN COUNTY TOWNS College fluthcriiies will Endeavor to Correspondents send in Many Kerns Dies while out Hunting. enc£ cf Relatives and Friends. Dr. John Siegle. of EKimlisburj;, j Miss Mary Edna Milser ar.d Dr. _^ _ ^ tiiDPfc^G^Ist collie*"**'c In 2. "·^ I since ISS4 a practicing physicica of | Lather Lir.fred Undak- Cooper were cf Midway and McSherrystown for the sf J that town, died there at 1.30 o'clock! married at seven -o'clock Thursday ev- past month, causing considerable an- Under Control. Only one Death. Secure Better Players in Ccming Years. Good Coach, Good Spirit! hat Few Athletes. of^mteresting KCWS farm their Respective Tssns. Personals and Many Brief ".terns. YORK SPRINGS York Springs -- A very pleasant a repetition of the oresen: unsuccess- 1 birthday party was held at the home " Thai the authorities at Gettysburg-1 College will use everv means to avoid j Wednesday afternoon, from heart j ening at the bride's home on Bahi- easiness to residents, as well as the f a i foot ball season "in coming years s G - ilrs - Mandilla Xirehman on Satar- · trouble aged 57 years. Death was j more street fay Rev. J. B. Baker in the j medical profession, now seems to be I the indication given ir. sieos" which ! d -" evening in honor of her son, Cal- i · I quite sudden, although Dr. Reigle had j presi 1 been in failing heahh for several I Ti: resence of about fifty g~es~$. we!! under control. have already been taken to secure v - n - his twenty-second birth- WALTER'S THEATRE TO-MGHT Mae LaPorte Stock Co. r Presents "WHEN HEARTS ARE YOUNG" Popular Prices 1", -?', 3 f « cent?. Cartt.ii: s.l\ Ke remained in his room Wedne | day morning, because he was not fee!-sing used in profusion in \.he various lone fatality--the son of Mr, and Mrs. ia -.earn, Coach Mauthe's services hav-' T e store of Mrs. Lydia Eichelber- ! ing well, and no one suspected that his rooms. Before the cererrony Miss Charles Groft cf Midway having died, ing been satisfactory in everv wav, j " er ""^ robbed of over a hundred col- i condition was serious. Members of his | Josephine Rinedollar, of Taneytowii, | but several severe cases existed v.-hile I and the student body sticking by the i !ars w *orth of shoes and other mer- ; family had been with him throughout' sang "O Promise Me." The Lohengrin ' many were only light touches of the ] team but fine players are not*here ar.d '· chandise or. last Wednesday evening, j the day, and he had t^=en left alone j March was played by Miss Helen Gep- j disease. \ ;~e record to daVe tells the storv. ! Entrance was gained to the building I for a short time. When Mrs. Riegle ; hart, cf Lewistown, i the bride ar.d ; The quarantine has been raised from I S. F. Snvder. assistant to President i D " saving" ovt a hole in the weather- cement i boarding. There seems to be no clue the ·' to T ^ e robbers. better- i Samuel Masemere, of Latimore silk! daughter of Emanuel Becker: Sterl-' men: of conditions in which he savs I township, has purchased the Pondtown "It is unnecessary to say that" the j Holier Mills for S1725 and will get Dr. Eiegle was born near Gettys- j e f bridal satin, trimmed with i burg and after a course in medicine i shadow !ace and chiffon. It was made i ing Bair. son of John Bair; Charles j MATINEE CHART PEOPLE'S DI:L''J STORK. Sstnrdav 2J}'i_ . ,, ^ - ^ -- _ - . . _ . _ _ y _ a ^.*, f^j «.s»_i-w,*_.%,.j.j*i.,^ j. ^.v' ^C- * (.tth^t- tit^i J I practiced at Gettysburg for one ye*r| v '~ith a short Xrain and she wore a jGroft, wife and son Alvin: Marguerite 'football season so far has not. been as'possession of same on April 1st. I and then located in Emmitsburg and ' short veil. She carried a shower bou- | Becker. I remained there. Ke was held ir. high I ? u et of bride's roses and lilies of the j Regina P H O T O P L A Y ; remained tnere. He was held ir. high ! ?^et 01 br-de s roses ar.e iihes of the Regina Banty. da j esteem in the neighborhood and -a as j'"alley. After the reception, \\hich fol-iBunty. Stella We: S active in local aifairs. He was a mem-1 £ov.-ed the wedding. Dr. and Mrs. Kenrv Weaver, and : _ . . . . . _ I *-· ·. -^» _ _ · ~ YiTAGKAi'I! KALEM EDISON THE LADY A N D THE GLOVE It is a terrible test or: the part of die !a'!y, who loses her Io\-r -Ahen she forcer- him into a den of lions. She drops her glove into the den o' lions. He get? it but throws it in her face. THE} I Hc- THE AMATEUR BURGLAR Kaiem Comedy Brown gets a friend to play burglar to =care hi= wife. l»ut the real burglar per.- there first and neat? up Brown. With RUTH ROLAND. THE I'iEI) PIPKU OF HAMFLIX ; - - - - . - --; -EJi*3R Ft-r.ns ;(·{· jnH-i'i «··: U-"*'~ Browninsr- The familiar story of ihi pilfer "h«~e -h.-!ri: e-l ri'ilff i-u::«----I :ii- r..t^ of Hameiin Into the river \\"«^r awl the el-"!-:*" ·· "i ···i" r=:i.i_:- '. :t» :··· l.eart of the aicuutuin. A :Iiage '.va= espc- Shcw hiiric. G.30 Admission 5 cents ! ber of the Reformed Church and of! Cooper motored to Hanover and this Khe Masonic fraternity. i morning went from there to Tyrone. I Ke is survived, by his wife and r.vo [ their f'-ture home. The bride's going reported, ail of whom are ! daughters. Mrs. Edgar Smsekie. \ a'-vay costume was of mahogany Bed- Waynesboro; ?.Iiss Florence Riegie.' r " orci COI "d '«th hat of at home. The follovi:ag brothers and I ^ Irs - Cooper is the sisters also survive: Emory Riegle, ! of ^ Irs - L- D. Miller of Benders- ' street. She is a graduat daughter of James Becker; much of a success as we had honed! ^- ^ - Starry, of Goodyear, raised Banty. daughter of George ' for and in a sense exoected. But let' a5)out 3500 bushels of potatoes on his "eaver, daughter of ( the Snal record of the season be what j E "' vo farnls tb e P asc season. W. S. id Raymond, son of ' it mav. I'c will be of value to us in «Adams, of near Aspers. raised 3000 to : bushels of DOtatoes the aast season. Xorrnar. Walker, j studying the whole situation, not The following: new cases have been ' look for individual? to criticise, b u t ' ^ ne wotnars * n Latimore township improving: [rather to work together with the sin-' wou ^ ROt " vrant *° dispense with the Riegle, of Table Rock. GEORGE SXYBER Georg-e Snyder. of Latimore ship, died on Monday morning oat hunting- on Bonners Hill in pany with his brother. Deriion, Peter ! tysburg High School and Irving- Coi- jlege and is a graduate nurse of the j 31ethodist Episcopal Hospital, Phiia- ! deiphia. Dr. Cooper is a graduate of town- ! Delaware Coliegi and of ihe while [ Department of the University of husband who William Martz. of Union township. \ ability and earnestness of our coach. | Springs, located her The homes were quarantined by : All are unanimous in their opinion I -' n:rr * e * home and found nothing miss- Health Oincer T. A. Gouker. of Lit- thaV we have a splendid coach and we j in £ but evidences of some person hav- tlesto-.m. , hcpe to secure him again for - ing been in and around the bam. Prob- com- ! syivania. Hs recently received the ap- ! pointmer.t of medical exaiuiner for the GOOD T:-I;XGS o th r.~ . 'O C3.t, th'jy - ." be. . 2 c- * · 2" \ "3 10 ~a es- land- ^ve an sscap.ior Ily The Qcsiity Chop WILL HI. SEL1GMAN The Cash Tailor .:; :ne. The two brothers v/ere in! Pennsylvania Railroad at Tyrone. Dr. Lof a pheasant and George, complaining Cooper is a member of the Kaupa Alpha (Southern' fraternity. __ Included in ths guests from out of :own were J. W. F. Cooper, of Wvom- of feeling ill, sat down on a stump. When Denton returned in a few minutes he found cis brother serious!" ill. ran c--»vn Utz's i " n =- Delaware: 31 iss Mary Sinedollnr to Darae! j where ae telephoned Tor his brother. ! n " Miss Josaphine Rinedollar, j Charles, to corce with 3. team. The ill I Taneytown: Miss Helen Gephart. ; -i:an v,-as lifted into the vehicle ex- i Lewistowru ipired in a fe-sr cf of Commissioner of Health Samuel G.' year. Has the student body supported 1 ao ' y c -": e incruder ' vv " as o * n g to lift DIxon has issued a warning to par- the team? We are glad to say. yes. If ! SGrne chickens and was scared away. ents- He says: "Do not fail to act' interest and enthusiasm on the" par!.' On Iasc T^f 3 ^" nig:ht some one promptly when your children are SUE- ' of the student body would win games j ~ Of3 ^ Har£ T Lerew's dri\-ing horse - - - - ' ° j from the stable in Latimore township, buggy and drove beyond Dillsburg was found the next ne°-auve ! """-"" '' ""* ^" kerew arose on Friday Ka ^, tt-ong! 1Kornin g' and ^ eTil - to the faarn he a ' enough, and it is the general" opinion | foand his horse ' an animal TM years absolute tpecinc as any medicine, provided ic is used Ee was a great hunter and trapper, j ; was unmarried and is survived by his' I mother, three sisters and five broihei =, j i The funeral services were held from i J h:s home on Wednesday afternoon at i ,' one o'clock with interment at the Low- i JACOBS--MILLER. Emes^ E. Jacobs and Miss Scsie E. vliiler. borh of Abbottstown. were r.arriec Friday evening, Nov. 7. at the Reformed parscnace in Xexv Oxford. jy Sev. W. A. Korn. | er Bsrraudiaii church. · falter cfnek-.-Ing-. Rev. Paul Glad- j 31cKXIGETSTOWN =tov.-n--Mrs. Irvin trearnieni increases the mortality," ! a winning team. Hence our real nro- ! vcry valaable he nor want to see clem is to get a large number of men ', · her abused. On Saturdav word was re- cr n «*t vear who have real football i ceived thac the animal was cared for . ' After Trip to Vicinity of Fairfield. Waynesbcro Man Loses Auto. · ability plus all the experience training afforded by first class and 4 ; at Wormleysville about hio-h : a * ove Dillsburg, and the owner .and preparatory schools. I need'not | Cver and broll 5 ht the teara say Vh=.t the competition among col- : ~ six miles went GEORGE F. \vITHERS George s. Withers died j John Kelly, of Way^esboro. mana- leges for this kind of football material j Kar- Igor of the Pare Oil pumping station, is very keen. It is so keen that manv i £!IIIti!iHIIIIUnnimi!l!iit;H:i!iHtHilin{itil!HHI!I!UlIiIH[iiiiiini!!H!!{nHn;urnni!!!HI[mUtini!IIKHC: i o'clock this morning at his home ·=: = · F. _ -Xew Chester aged about 81 years. \ ler daughter. Mrs. Charles Ditzler. = ! His death was caused by heart trouble j Edgar Milder, .vife and daughter, and droDsy, ' Janet, of Wyomissinrr. spent 3Ir, Withers leaves his second wife Mr. Ke:Iy had spenc the day in the. :hip"We must have ABBOTTSTOWN Abbottsto^m--Oscar E. Border and Mummerx who spent the sum- ar.ce. Ohio, are home to re- a number of addi- ! U. L, Glatfelter had a new 35 foot grade Paper, Eaton Crane and Berlin Jones H Stock usual price 25, 55 and 39015. | Now 17 cts per box^ etthefirstctcice 1 Peoples 5 Drug Store a few 2 ^' s %ritil - ir - -JiHer's father, M. A. | In the evening he started for = iand eight cMidren, Mrs, Elmer Freed.' - lti "l er - ifact his engine stalled nea'r the == jof York: 3Irs. Frank 5Iilier ar.d Mrs. E j Edward Groi'c, of New Oxford: Mrs, = Mummerr. of Car'isle; Mrs. Neidick. = of Hampton: Willis Withers, of Car- E lis'e: Samuel Withers, of Xe~ Ches- v.ciaity of r airfield, superintending tional men wich brains and brawn for j smoke stack erected on -he repair of a break in the pipe line, our team next year. Y\'e are going to: boiler here this week. home, toll his factorv- get them. To do this we need the co-! Daniel Lookenbill killed a 325 pound operation of o-jr a-jmni and this i hog Saturday and has three larger Sowers visited her sis- jgate alor.g the pike oelow work must begin now. There are JTOOC 1 snes yet to kill. i Keintzfelraan. of -Cash- j He phoned to W. M. Fisher, manager' athletes all over the country and if i Dr- T. C. Miller. F. K. Hafer and j of a Wavnesboro garage, to come and you know of some one who may be se-! William P. Baker transacted business meeting at Flohr'p j -ow the machine up the mountain. Mr. cured for Getlysburg please write at! 3 - Gettysburg, on Thursday. went Missionary hnrch Sunday evening, Xov. 16. {Fisher jumped in a car and went to once to Coach J. L. Mauthe. Prof. A!- · ^s. Reuben Altland. Sr.. has been i ter: George Withers, of Hunterstown. j -John Geyer and Allen Rebert have j the rescue. Everything went well un- bert Biilheimer. Prof. Frank Moser i ve ~" Hi the past week but, we are j Funeral on Sunday afterr.oon at j ^ e . R zti ^' r . f ornes a new coat of paint, I til the steep grade below the railroad or Rev. S. F. Snyder. Our alumni and j pleased to state, she is convalescing. | or.e o'clock from his late home at Xew | -^ss I'aitn Baitziey. of Orrtanna. {at Charmiar.. was reached. At this friends may rest assured that we wil? S. A. Xagie purchased four pigs of [Chester. j ^sited her cousin. Miss Grace Baitz- t point the straH upon the tow-rope be- appreciate this assistance verv much- G - B - ^ L Baker. He made a pen for = i THE WHITE SISTER ey, recently. i ccrne too great and the two machines and that we will do ail in our power them in a small box but forgot to lin j Stock Company Makes Good before ! Appreciative Audience. , Mrs. Amos Sebert. of Seven Stars. | parted company, Tne machine in which to bring- -cod athletes to Gettvsburg t spent Wednesday with her son. Wii- ! Mr, Keily was riding: ran back down ' College". iiam ReDert. :xteen carlcads of 1 the pike a short distance ar.d apples were i down over a bank ar.d uosst- trsen · it. and one da;." last through a crack and the aliev to Georce week they fell wandered down Winand's where ,. . - j - I COAILNG EVENTS snipped troni McivnignVstowr, Statior | Mr. Kelly jumped and saved him-, Company in j .;h; S season, a total of 11.182 barrels.: self. Scarcely had the car turned over Happenings Scheduled in YOUR - TURKEY - DINNER Will taste better If you have a N E W S U I T OR O V E R C O A T on Thanksgiving Day. \Ve have a large variety of choice fabrics at prices to suit everybody. J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. The 3Iae LaPorte St jThe White Sister" at Water's Theatre j Tn less than carioad ihursday evening constituted shipments 1.067 ] when I L burst into flames. tne best: Barrels were shipped, a total of 12,-i Owing to the proximhv of the fre attraction ever produced in Gettys-5249. J r o -^ r aro ].-, e --,.}- .- vs , -,--« TM by a repertoire company. An ap- | The followir.- Ducils of Fiohr's I venture'closeenough to at:emp "o^x- Gcttysbur for Coming Weeks. PREVENTION OF DISEASES-BEING THE PRACTICAL AIM; DR. HUDSON'S LIQUID CONDITIONER SHOULD PROVE OF GREAT VALUE TO THE FARMER HAPPY RESULTS Will FOLLOW - 3 BOTTLES For $1.00 OLD FASH I OX D MOLASSES TAFFY Almond Taffy, -30 cents Ib., Butternut Taffy, 5V cents lb., Peanut Taffy, 2 -·ents lb., Pear.ut Brittle, 30 cent- lb. Ice Cream Taffies, 10 cents Ib. -- Fresh Jaily at. , GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN j ", " " " ~ ------ o ~--.- j^cj^ -Josephine L. Rebert, Calvin Mus tnat ^.isss LaPorte and her associates 5 selnian. Paul I. Fritz, Jav ·eckage. s- The destroyed car .cas a Sl-500 ma- D. John-ichir-e. About SUOO insurance was car. f . ever de-{ son. Richard L. Rebert, Arthur I . j r i e d o n i t . scenes to low comeay 01 cneap j Harbaugh, Ravmond R, K»ll-r Rav ' .!.-.- ,^ 5 ,. , ^ ^ , -, Lenoarf ^ " 3 j ow -j_ } Xov. 17-1:1--Adams County Ter.chen Institute. Walter's Theatre. Xov. IS--Exhibits. Boys' ar.d Gi-L- League. Co-arc House. Xov. 19--Fiftieth Anniversary. Lir coin's Gettysburg Address. tnat a company possessing the ability j k that Miss LaPorte and her displayed Thursday evening. scenes to 1 vaudeville. To-night's play wil! be 5 mond R. Xov. 20--St. Paul's A. 31. E. Z:on fair ;by John Hoffman before further age was dor.e. j v,-as in the act of killing one when they were rescued. i Sunday evening while Ciair Forry , ar.d sister were attending divine ser' vices ir, the Lutheran church their . horse which they had tied in front of - M. G. Baker's store go; loose in some and ran down through 'the town upsetting the baggy, damaging ; :t considerably. The horse was caaght darn- -Wher. Hearts are Young." Friday j raa n. Wilbur H. Gever. Lester Ha- ' nigr.ts 8nl will be "The Goosa Giri." Ibaugh, Daniel H. Slusselman. Joseph! ; J. Rebart. Alice A. Miller, teacher. DEER NEWS LATIMORE Latimore--Mervin Gardner hcr.-,e from Harrisburg several last week. Brjsonia Club GCJS a Buck. Tvo Deer ;n Storage. was DOLLAR excursion to _ . ; Baltimore, days | -November 22. account Johns Hopkins- j Geuysburg foot ball game. Leave Gei- Miss Rorer.ce Johnston has gone to j lysharg- 7:15. Baltimore 11:30. Will Civ Hershey where she will be employed ' s^op a t intermedia'te stations.--ad- j Iocs at a boarding house, ! vertisement j Miss Maude Ernst is home from j tlershey for a short vacation. | WAXTED: a settled woman to as- The Brvsonia Deer Camp reports killing a ^pike buck. The two deer killed by members of fhe Cash town ub are 3iow in coid storage at the oca! Muton Prosser sawed five cords of | sist .vood in one and a half hours for L. L. a ' ac k' housework. A good home Lerew on Thursday and moved down to John W. Snyder's and sawed a similar amount in the same time. Webster Fickel hus been putting iovrn a lot of cement Mames U. Fickel. pavement for Apply satisfactory JVIcSherrystown Hanover, Pa. -- advertisement wages, avenue, 1 GOLD Seal rubbeis for every member of the family. 0. H. Lestz.--advertisement 1 69 to 0 Reserves Lose Foot Game at Annapolis. Bali WHITE HALL White Kail--Those who attended 3 the Missionary Convention at Grace The Gett\burar College Scrubs church. Har.o%"er. were: Mr. and Mrs. T .%ere defeated by the Xavy P3ebes ac« John Schwartz, Mr. and Mrs. William Annapolis on Wednesday *y the score. Weikert. ?«Irs. Roy Srsycer and Miss of 6:» to 0. ; Eva Sheeiy. . Edward Parr has moved from his home in White Hall to Littlestown where he is employed in a cigar fac- . tory. Miss Emma Bupp returned BOYS wanted: apply Reaser Furniture Company.--ad\ ertisenier.t DOUBLE green trading stamps on Saturday. O. H. Les'cz.--advertise- ment FOR SALE: good family mare, ! 12, linoleum and sweaters. G. H. fearles? of all road objects. Address C, Knouse, Biglerville.advertisemen*- 1 Times office.--advertisement 1 XOTICE: Haines' .98 to $1.98 shoe store will close at 6 p. rn. except SaY- IV SKATE at Garden Auditorium, afternoon and evening.--advertisement 1 to the SPECIAL: we have received a large ! Franklin House, Hanover, last Thus line of children's, ladies' and men's ! day. after spending a few days with winter coats also boys' and men's fall jher mother, Mrs. Solomon Bupp, of suits. Special prices on large rugs 9 x i near here, Jacob Sheeiy made a business trip to Littlestown on Mondav. nrday.--advertisement ® LOST: black Angora cat. Five dollars reward if returned to 554 Baltimore street.--advertisement 1 » -.. NjfW SPAPERfl

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