The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 12, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1913
Page 6
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^ j B= 0 rtl N APPEAL FLOWERS ARE DAINTIEST OF GIFTS :R ThiffV Illiitjf i ohnr nff £ Ai«I? LtlUul Umuiaidi iGOT OSOEB HEAVY i.l- · " . ':· { By JULIA BOTTOiVJLEY. _ . i Exquisite ribbon roses, corsage ; bouQtifcts cf, ribbon violets and nose-' ' gays of smaa ribbon or siik buds--all scssted.--are among tfe.e Christmas offerings for this year that hardly cost snore taan tiie time it takes to make them. This item, of cost is an imyortsct one to niosi of 'as. There ore so many that tre ^visb. t^xeraein- ber, at the holiday season, -ihaf-jev^i ! Dc-fsr:i'rt= Ask That Verdicts' Ren- Siodesc, girts laoact up in^J a ibtat ; 4 v,-Jnea "it is usfalr 10 -ourselves for us naied FataHy In Los vr .'.r:»: t-r 5:: ite wide j Urv ol" i":*.- £;· ii:iiii:l«' :»;o!s vv Licit es- . :::·:,;::£ the country asxl and- -arork mhie valre. Our iriecds appreciate these more than any other sort of gift. To make the little buttonhole bouquets shov.-a "ere, requires a bolt of light purple or dark lavender velvet ribboij. a spool of gresn covered v.-ire sre small is causing unscrupulous to wrai rank not even chewing so they , The better WRIGLEY'S ..2ici:.:s- ·'·: w 'AS.-5X- :ulj iul-Kil t-sjs:.i:ly jrtili;-.' *.: ; : ! ;*:«' MrrX::£i::i~i brothers iu I of will not try to fool you wit these They will be to - t, ^^ yon principally by street and the candy of 5 10 cent These Imitations cost a or even are to for any price* If yon want you - v.-ori'i. M:;i:.. U- serve out their K»-:HS I A sc-ir- :.-v »: .-seven years. i::e ;:«.-avi 1 e^t ;e;..-:v ·: :sii. h-iu;;s over FranU lioacl ,' :u:;^ I,.":!. -T'.iil^G A. II. A:!il.'rsoi = ' :\t In3;:;:.:: ;l ·!!· saiil, because ne was :!. -T'.iil^G A. II. A:!il.'rsoi !!· saiil, because ne was i-res:ilc: : «f the Iau?m:.S!«H:i! Asswt-sa- Jl.iss «-T Itr" :tri* an«1 S:ru'"ttir:il !r.»!i \vor::..--^. ^:-c ::f -.vSiose fH:n5s tl:e es- iisiivs s -" i::-; tiysiatuUtfrs -.vere ;::-.!l- Ss'-C^ Gei Six Years t=ch.- Six \ t-...-«~ :!";sri"«:::::c:;[ !s ihe -;^a iC*iv \v;-: 5- C'.fif A Tvc-JiLioe «f ?::: I-'unci- - » · i"- - e-u-:i -t" -six others :;!: :o I-o .- - ::-="""- rvi-!::!i-e : a IA\V «vc--.- f. .:·-" ir^tv of v.-jii!^ to ::j. iro:ir!n--j- :!:=-' ::;::i:;~s fin.ils for dyiia !n;r ."To!--: .7- :i"ii .J:tau-S H M-X:i:i:ar:« The ..'.'.or v.-Iil--:: ".;-.( the reras-*. niosc u-:r o:.e -.«:.- :.::·! 'H-e tl; ! y. Throe «sys or t. Kriker aivl Sen;:::.:- ;r i i" -;'-^~r-.::'l i:i:.t sh»'.i!fl tile iirt»-= n.oi! !" '··''.'·' be : -irrieJ to the Uuice. 1 . ! 3^s;s of thi Appeal." b"~cli of millinery foliage. Jcor iM? purpc?e ;iie "velvet E2=.:ie craps of r:bboa or siik in brigh: colors -- r,!al:. rose j yellov or vchlt" or other colors if desired -- make «i- die ss:all rosecucs. A narrov.- fol:: fcur ?:G sis i-iclios Ions Is rolled intc ihe senislance c: a cud. The ti ^!re is -wound a'ocii* this roll at one DEMURE AND QUAINT ARE MANY OF THE STRAIGHT LINED FROCKS A: one of ihe recent openings several; n«.vy winter coats that must sooa · 01 the s-nartesr snreec frocks .vere fash- ; :nafce ihtlr Appearance. A simple frock ' iouc-e *it stripeS" rettmrs. This mate- i of sersre '.-i!l bfr round aaost asreeable. · r:a! would be'especially appropriate to ; - x -- excellent model for that dull blue 560, renuerfn^- its simplicity sii!l more p^rse v.-hich is still so popular is T54S. Sective. Thexec.uirea touch of briyhi- . The drop-shoulders and the small re- less could be introduced in the broad vers are suSicient trimming. A sash girdle and the trimming banes on th-i or g-.rcle o:" bright satin or silk vrould kirt and blouse. There Is just a bit · be efTeciive and give the desired touch f fui=ness on the- shoulders and at the o£ cor.lras:. Size 35 requires 5 yards -vaist-line. In size C5 this desisrs may ; of 3t inch material. J)6 copied v.'ith 5 yards of 42 sncit ve- '. Xo. 7S50--sizes 24 -i -i2_ ours: ' Xo. 754 S--iiizes 34 to iL Frills and farbelov.-s that crush and Each pattern 15 cents, .d soi! easily have no place under the; end i-o foria the tie As tliis wir- is as flee as a coarse thread it saoulc be doubled to ne£e ilxe rosebao stems. Tiie violets are r^ade eltlier of vel vet baby ribbcn or Xc. - silk ribbor. Little bev.-5 of Tear losps, each three- Quarters d as 5ccb. csep. are vroujir- at the mic^le v-"I;a. tiie tle-v.-ir. ·a'hicli hclds the Ico^s to place aac fores tte Hteui. After the roses anc '-or.i-t X. Zoline i violets Iiave been n:acle, group thsi icgskher ir. a little bcanuet ana ti« the sta~s "itii a ftit of tie-v-'ire Place a spray of the maiden-hair fen. -.vith. tasn. v.rap ^.v:;h tin-foil, vriiie". instv be had at the Sorists. ana tf: T::::: imuur t'.j -ic;-::! statues then g -.--:.I :i t-:e :;:;". -vfre co::'. :-iou--v:x § ! ·.'=.-··"-;:·".- t= vi':::te tiie hiv.- ;-.£r.:in" ^li^khafc--3S^5, ta -*i-^--^n-^ 7 -- --. ynsfetssls'gEwife fesi^. pounds. AH the ca.u!e_ are pure Dur- ! ·i~i Head of Hors irc-Iueir.E: four ^ - ' - - ~ ~ ~ ^o trr ** t i.v* Kew PSsn to Ersa:- Curable in £.?r!y St-| ;-avt ."l . s-!ioa';r; /":::" in vre: 10 seventy po: :K:S. . . . . of cor.dit'on. ; -·-'-" i:i '" -'·.--':·"" ( '-^ --'"*' ""~^ S:-!e t- -=iui" r.L on--- oV-Ic-'-k v.'hei a j ^::"op ;"' ! ;: -'-'- !"tt«:»' --!'«'t c:;i:'::.'.' i radlt v.ii! ",e g-vcr» c: ten nic::ihs c : | :-..·.-r. ;.: r-I- ..;-·;.-:. J-:-^ I-i't?:; ::::tli« .' r,c-r cC!U. v-"i!l 1-c- :.i'Ov.e.i f"·.- cash. j ~i"-._- ii.-.t.-^; -- r~ · ·' :!"-J : - ; e ji^ulu CHAHLEV :\. V,Ti£P.LY. ! -.-- =. ,. -. -.-·'-in- v.-:;!s 5--.C.-::; G. U. Th,.nip.-or. E.UCI. "" f- I'. C-'i'ir.s. ('erk. ':i-~.i-.- -o such ·r.r re v'itfc a plain co" of the baby ribbor Purple tin-foil skould bs used. TV malia a large buncb. or viciets a. ivide: ribbon fabo-jt s. fca;f incb. vride") scot:!" Tiie violets are raads i~ the manner Srst described. A singic rosebud of ribbon or slit is mounted vriti: them and a few milll- · '· 1 :l-""nV ;-'-;^:n:::s in ti:«i cr.rryiiur o. { nfiry leaves of rose foliage- There '·-· I" *~ O" L -'= ' E "VTcA^ai'S^al sa'' are usualiy plenty of these among cue's discarded millinery ilo-srers. I: "t fie tlefenil.inw eia not bsve :· tney are erunjpl-d -hey may bs pressed ifgluly v,-ith an iron--not iitr. Artoisjc-v Ciu'.rles "A". Mille- _ Tbe ribbon rose is mere Qi£cmi: =£ raaiie, but most beautiful for a cor- A- . -:^ ;!:·"=·.-· T -viio are :;oc appeaiia. li-.'s'-tJ-t S. rtock!:!. now ervln- - r X-A r JL ·n; ; s-..;:'-i ".-'· r. ·-= 5y ·*· ! I-^-t-:,. ;--v'.Ior r:.J-Tt-^:.:. v. I.U:i I - v- · .i .; Ovsters -- Solid me".^4re. "X- Buohl Shisit z · :-:::.-,.;"-: ;:;·- :ef-;i :« :'-! ---:-.-i: : :.· the v::-«:t-: ·- ; ·: , =*- .f:e.'ti«-:i f- ,." ; . t i:: ; " : .ni.-;:-:/is. :;:t i:K^r I:e v.-:; ;. ·: : '.: iz-' L-_ m firtf tiie cn-^a v.yj:t to tii' ^ ,^£ ./f-^^1 J"« s ri ,".; U.Hr;:.-',L. C",ic-~o L= = v Cops ?-"^sz So --..ors Thirty Toe. s ;-. . ; ,- :-r ^ · ' 1 " 1: t t j PUBLIC SALE 60 HEAD OF STOCK . OH SATURDAY. H0¥. 15th, 1313 e ;:-.! . jnc^ 1 -- f**r '^i · i. ,: o ..-:"« v..--.-1 ~'. : · i',. : I F^r^T-a Lo^3 Have floCh;n 3 to Fes\ Fra-r. S'isrny's Fioet. 1 S - -·-·. l"-i- !X- "irtly !,:.!''e by -.lit ' : ' : " · " ; *;n;--:':i cf tl:e All:uilfe '-attic- i - . . - . : UsSier. ;'..s.-«.5i«l lo !i:ive (jisf'.txf' ! :.:·· ;.. i i::e IV.nnnia C:;IM; virn: : : ._. I:::- :;:":,J.c t' fear fso-n tl.e t:r i : - 1 --:;.or i:i-:on:::u io.-\s are con - * · - , 5 ! ;". i- to-:. --tartod iisr v,-j:itf-r. nr«- i - : · ,.;·,-! l«^ iTtve developed tbe fac; i i?^5M' *? i ^SJSMglrsy S. V *MSP^ S ^»-»?^Ss^^ -- o o«^£c^x^ ^-*tae!r jmtt^rTi iiiusti-ztte^i -it. out this cour-°a £"i er-c'ose 15 cents In c i£.n-^s or cc!" !Ce sure to state nuri;isr oi p^tt^rn and s:=e. ineasurins over t!.e , fu-iest p^rt ot the bust. Address Pattern sr'arcracnt. care or this paper. AS'Jress FALL BEATS "Er,1 ALL. "The m^lsncnoly da s ^r** I.ert;" -- T::iit~s v.hat s'^--i^ ;'^'~i i^aicl Of fall, r.-h^n fr-ost sits in ts^-i air _ir.d sutuiar: I-.^ves ar« si-C-J- Sut. say. that pcct had a sroucb. For I don't ii-a ro" rrasc:. For-?ro-.=i;n' v^ijen tne fall conies round. By ;-aUs. it's jisi tlie season: Why. tlisn _co:n*5 cJCsr maftl It's surely a :« is '" L To run a strav.- Oown ir. a br.r"I Ar.l suck vr-lii mil yo::r n::sat- · ;'nJ. ?Iiip:»fcC tbem dmwu. I'onn: ·h"-!c ::rt ^!:ir!w-l iinarav.-ii. tieads on. t . , R-;::i:er-. ro the Srst \via^ joiut and on ·r^.r the !»ei.!i. Wrap beads fa -white p.iptr TO prevent i!ood staininj; tbe One th.oMsr.ud four hundred 3K --.·veil iicro*. 01" Oregon I«ad were rt ^-L-iitiy :io-.!crlit by Kansas capitalists :". r a poultry ri::::t- Oae tiiousaiid I ,!,-r- I:: ;: v.-o-.-IIuad. nisd tbe bens TviH ':·:.! «vi;r it ;!: '»v:!! and live close to Acii sossaies ar.J ntciilin", too. - And scrsppZtf-^ritl Dacu- Jist teillir-e 'r.ot-er tln.e c£ year Kla bea: t 1 ;--- f-- for e-its. i ^sll-^t -trlc^-tl feed is no nrs^iment to j .-u- tlw'VH the q:ia:-nty fed. but rather j 'j rt-J-.-t.-t- tile size of tbe Slock. It's j 'iot liie i-cuiijor 111 the Sock that makes j It j,:sy. birr the :in:uber of good birds i v.-p'.i careJ for that wins tbe day. ' Tii-jre is a bijr difTerenee bettveea fat ::t:l overfat. aud it's simply in tbe j qurtiitity of fat and tvbere It is located. ! Every coo!: iviU teH yon that to cook \veH and taste weii :i fo^vl niast have a certain aasount of fat. bat of course tliat 'loesn't ;nea:j a ben that's over:at. say, \rhst ^rotrs ir. other moaOs :.,-/j ., u ,j j a ; a ?,j v .-jth fat. with bis "" ·mat's sor ole siyie kraut Jb^it7___^ . jf ^..^j^^.^.,... he .ji^j-a sad in the renr. S;:csi l:ens doa't !ay. don't pay Acd there is roller pur-Vim pie. Oil. my. it L--;a:s t: e b^nd It takes tne soad oiti frosty fall To orins that p:e so srand. But. ssy. 3Iari2r's caljia" rr-.e. VThat has she sot- for dinner? Sy s~4TM. I smeli fresh ssuerkraat As sure rL3 I'm a sinner! I haven't u~e to f:n:sh this, For I -- .ust so =nd ea s i K C. it. BATiXITZ. :ioi-o cscrcis-c: ot'ierv.-Nc u-^e the ax. Q- I have a *z-j\i heiis Jicre t!:at ! has a lien tuat 'n:d three p??s in dny. She tvas a v-; se. practice! B ; ddy for she laid them 5n one orijriual pa-.-'s The department of jH»aJfi-y husbandry - r i i ir s . d e - 1 ^ror.r.u a-d claims a riiat is be:r i:.:i;''lijr!~in;r It into 3;t- 1 - - laims and thas far tiie eatcrprise is a finan- snccess. rat noui- 1 -.t ", ~v^- Tvrb" Tuvcrr.,-. or. IN'C- · i: 1 .;; ::xc r-j ".. ^ ,' . ' :,f... fie. !i. · ! v vU "·- t.-, e ;,f .if j -· .I t . · T I - -.--. - .: !_· Tsul-Jlc and Ji3«»sou to cive the · ·_'.-!« pir »f the c-snal wore purpose ?: .;- c;:rate. i- alsj'.i:on. it vcas dis- .u t : '.e h!::s ir.terveis'.ns ren- c:nr.e' from 1:1 : i - ·"·- : ): -:.i j i .: -r j. . ..· !.·-. ;'..7f!-.; ·;.:.,".:: ·. . -\:»:..VtI i's j \. - :· .;. -, r Tin* i.c".-; ' · · · v.. r "-OV.-T: ^··-^·^r. f . .^ - '. . .11- i «· I.-'H · ro,~»ii!v- be _ :iN 0 for tiJC mining of the approaches . ,, , . - . . - --, .- T r --, to the canal on both tbe Atlantic nnd ':...'.,,,', ,,',".,..' '.','";-'-','-! Pacific sides aiready have been com- =ngc ornament, it reruirss frous one vo one ana a quarter yards c* rather hanvv ssr = -n ribboa. abr.ut tvro fncbes T, k.2. The pstass are mace by cni- lins the ribbon In leagihs of two and i-r for C«v* to scmtc-a c:it. W-iafs Those ^vho thiaic irlze .;...,. ,.. :il! ,- 0 .,-. A If TO - 3 ^afcij i : ;e ! In= oreen should try them vnth tender ^oTni'l'v-V-- he throvrV the grain ~c=: j Jettnce. cut fins. This is ?ood forthem ; ^iii =oon ^oe ir covere-i ^ith ^ronts. } «P«iaK5 =«nn= molt. A block o, r-:.= c! , «:,o^ It's a v.n ? tefni methcd. Jle ' "Q 'n-'nv ?ca? dw you fbave chicks! can get nt it -whenever tbe-r system wit:; Tbe hen/ A. TK! sbe be^s ioj^^ for it. Pigeons: ~ith e?;rs and sqcnbs snouid A heavy forms the d'. Fr^ver-.-si-^ne^end of this a 3:J:I J-3iu Cl COttOIi th3 SIZ3 Oi 2 h:rr:r:lit' "nC .c.Q\ci; it v?|±b. a bit of silk, i .-' (.»·: ~,;i\ :::i'l i l l !'!, - ! · ':· · To Clean Plaster Casts. Dip the cast in cold liquid starca. .Vh*n drv brush off tbe starch ana -'.*"" '"" tte Jirt will come Trtth it, leaving tbe viol like new. x - ·;-: r I - ' a . c i t ci -ribbon tightly · ".-·3.1 tVls. .center- then piacs-fae ~',3iz. vrir.dir.:; ^ Itri thread ani £ack- 1.5 ^-th stitcics to the stem- "vVhen ·s£- '-ess ".s fn: : s;;c« fasten it to the .-.iV.Ircr- TaLctge and stem, cvr ·wind " o t.lre steal vnt'c green baby rib^a if a stcia is not iissd, - "FEATKEFJS- In the Country. Small Boy (seeing cow being milked for the first time)--"And which tap does the tea conio out of, gran? pa?" "» no-v ?oi:^ is a cbitke^ a chk-kV -- , Until its sax -a:i bo drrtingnisfcrf. J «^«9« *'a.kra to that effect w.11 save vrisaa it is a ^i;ore; cr iii!:et At i csf.IannaoBR. -; .-^ - ftps- VfiKr^of ::^t""it i^ c:iiJea cock or. EGGSHELLS. il-.e rctisrjis lie :v-(.iu-,i fror.i a ship-; ^ ^j Kntrv w ith foreism escs due tc i^cat «f i»uks to J'U-'-MjoJpWa. He t tho rclfl(tv .^ of th , cut o.r tiioir !!c-.:d-=, p:i:c!u-d them clean ^5- on them NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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