The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 12, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Ezcept Sunday - Tiinea tad Xew« Publishing Company W. JLAVEBE HAFSS, PHILIP JR. BOEX Secretary sad Treasurer. Medical Advertising: PHILIP R- BIKLE, Editor gUBSCHIPnON Served by carrier is Gettysburg for 25 cent* psr xno»tfc Mailed c'utside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per moata. ilious *? 9 One of Ayer's PHIS at bedtime--just one. Acts on the liver. Gently laxative. Sugar-coated. All vegeiablp. Sold for 6O yearr- Ask Your Doctor- li PRESIDENT HOPES TQCGERCEHUERTA BATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. IF TOO receive THE TI _ TIMES by mail yen can find the date np to which JOB are « p*iJ OK the|ink address label oa your paper. The date wfli be changed witiiia ; tea days after your money is received at The Tii^es Office. Be Pretty! Turn S Gray Hair Darkf ! !He Plans to Halt Loans and! "Starve" Dictator OuL ! FRANK F. FLETCHER. Commander of \J. S. Warships In Mexican Waters. CLEVELAND IN PERSONAL NOTES GRIP OF SNOW AND BRIEF ITEMS Emt«r#d August 15, 1S04, £t Gettysburg, Pa., as secofid-elazs matter, Congress March S, 1879. j Try Grandmother's old Favor- [ n^er ! ite " ed P e Cf Sa e Tea I IfifltDS OFFPOL10Y PREVAILS! BELL PHONE i* Nordrnrest corcer of C«atrs Square. ?.1r. Wilson Believes Dictator's Regime; Wi!! Collapse !f Foreign Aid Is With-, 3 r Hj5 PAPER E£~n£Slr*:=:J A3VERTJSi.'iG BY THE JjpE 33 ^^ GENERAL OFFICES NEW VOrJK A.ND CKICAG' Washington, Nov. are that the American policy toward! Mexico, it is hoped the nations · ed,brings back'the natural color and : iustre to the hair when faded, streaked 5 or gray; also ends dandruff, itching j o f the world generally will i'ollov.-, still 1 scalp and stops falling hair. Years j = s -hands oa"." 1 The genera! interpretation of tbe situation is that the United States, b y j giving, foreign :-ov.-crs detailed iufor-j oaaiion or j's own deic-rsainaticn to re-i fuse to recognize U'e acts of the new! Alecit-an cos:srcs= has indicated a de-; sire that the powers soncr.-s:!y refrain | ] ago" the only -.vay to get this mixture 1 was to make it "at home, which is \ mussy and troublesome- Nowadays, by '· asking at any drug store for "Wyeth's j Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy," yo-u (will get a large bottle of this famous " old recipe for about 50 cents. Dor/t stay gray! Try it! Xo One cent per word each insertion. rst page position. Heso!atioa» of respect, poetry per word. TO OUR READ32S The Gettysburg Times takes absolutely no part in polMcs, being sadi rnarcers. Acvtbing chat appears in our general news cclurnns ; .. __ _ »_r » " _ _ t r _ t _ ^ r*. j-..^Tr«v..--rt ·.»«- VITT ^PJ*ck A Tme^T^/Mii^ T**-£»c; A ' one Two cents a.-word if guraBted can possibly-tell thac you darkened rrom auauc^al i!e:«i:nss w:th :he Huer- isetry and icemoriani* oa« cent | your hair, as it does it, so naturally ta ^overauiea;. ! ' s ea:i be learned, there has I r iar.d evenly. You dampen a sponge or j soft brush with it and draw this small ;he gray another ap- 1 j plication or two, your hair becomes beautifully dark, thick and glossy. Oar advertJElGg'CGlisn-ns are open to ell candidates of all parti**. ATTRACTIVE HSiR hers to 690 tls sen (eel EAGLHOTEL- CapscitT 400 Eoomz with bati em suite Ham Jb McConony, Prop's. Trimmer's 5 and 10 cent Store E. ZUEGLER Expert Electrical -R-ork." Repairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle St. Phone 94 Y. " CHAS. S. MUMPER -- Fire Proof Storage -- "vVhfle they last: Very of Ladies' collars. special lot i "Warehouse for Furniture and j Household Goods storsd | any length of tims. EICE PRODUCE COMPANY - I Highest Csb Pncez Paid for s!5 I --FAPJd PRODUCE-- I - - ' Dader TIbigs OSce, Gettysbtrrg. | H. TIPTON Gettysburg Sonreslr* Alw avs Fascinates--Parisian Sage Makes Hair That is Dull, Faded or Thin, Abundant and Gloriously Rsdiant. Every girl aad woman, too, wants to be beautiful and attractive--it's her birthright--but unsightly, or thin and characterless hair destroys half the beucv of the mcsc attractive face. So Jar been no spec:flc re«;«esi for support' ;»y the powers, bat t'-i^re has been a j plain iniimuiion Oat the \Vas"aington | goverEtnent believes the collapse o f j The Huerja resume inevitable, if for-; eiaja aid be \v:tbheld. i Vvith the intentiosi to regard as il-j iecal any loaas or connections the new j congress may undertake, there has] oaaa distinct intimation that a policy! fi Ftind , tOGQ and Dead UnDoriei Df *· SEVERAL FROZEN TO DEATH Fire Loss !s 5100.000 and It Is Feared Conflagration May Start Are Closed. Schools Cleveland. O.. Nov. 12.--Cleveland is trieJ under twenty-one inches of i sat-vr, its streets are Oiled with a tan- s'ed KIOSS of broxea and twisted wires L-id thousands upon thousands 01 Us | inhabitants are in imminent danger of } suffering: from lack of food. Threo persons have been killed, ten are njipsiag and are believed to have been frczea to death, and a great steamship is stranded on the beach, its captain and crew of c-.veaty-tv.-o sailors S10,GQO IS STOLEN FBOM MAIL SACK of acquiescence by foreign govern-1 ments -vil! l»e gratifying to "Washing-. If vour hair is not fascinating, is sera from the Ajserican viewpoint. ion. "Without financial aid aad with, use machinery cf governmenc prc nounced illesal, of-lcials expect to see a state of affairs that may force President HiLeria to eliminate feiraselC ant: show the way to a solurion of the prob- j Si Wife of B*er Says Husband Ml 1 thinning out. full of dandruff. dr\"or if | The cabinet met again with all the Chicago, : and jewelry v 12. -- Thefc of money lued at $10,000 from a i the scalp itches and burns, begin at j member*; p-esent excent Secretary j mail sack was disclosed by Colonel ' ' - " · - - - - * " _ _ r . r _ . . T. r = , . . . . _ , ,, StuErj, postoSce inspector, crime is alleged by Colonel to have been committed by Al!mg the proaer elements to suonly hair j «««=·. '-« ----"-=--" -- ~-»-- , j """ Jardy - a m ^l v- ag01 ^ arne j". 1 needs and make the hair soft; wavy-1 Already the "financial starvation Taray collected nve sacks conoaaois I lustrous and abundant. " ! plan is meeting: with encouragement.! registered packages at the^ South ^Va- Parisian Sage as sold by People's J France, it is asserted, has shown a fa- j ter street, Masonic Temple a^-i the ' vorable disposition by notifying French. Stock Exchange sub-stations of the bankers that the Paris government J Chicago postofflce. will be displeased if money is furnish- j Suspicion was aroused when the I ed to the Hueria administration. j v.-agon. containing four of the sacks. for she death that nay come at any moment because of tee mountainous seas roiling ia from Lake Erie. It is still suc-Ying, an; 3 , anless the storrsi, watch has continued since last Sunday, seen abates, 110 one can tell what the ultimate toll ia dollars and jives may be. The loss is already estimated at §2,- ijC'i',000, bail" of which will fall upon the telephone and telegraph companies. Xorma! conditions cannot be restored v.ithin a week, and if a thaw shou-d come, followed by the inevitable flood, tbe whole lake country will suffer severely. Conditions have been growing worse People Visiting Here and Those Scjaurnin§"E!sewhere. IHiss Rachaei Fiekes, of York, has returned home after visiting foe. sonje jtime at the home of Mr. and'-Mrs- Samuel G. Spangler, oa York slreet- ilr. and Mrs. Howard Eniek, of Philadelphia, have returned horae after a shore visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Raymond, on Chambersburg street- Mrs. Andrew L'tz went to Lancaster this morning to atiej-c the wedding of her nephew, Andrew Hollinger, which takes place to-night- Miss Carrie Codori, of York street, spent Tuesday evening with friends in Biglerville. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Althoff and son, of Carlisle, have returned home g Store in 50 cent bottles is pleasant and refreshing, daintily perfumed --neither greasy or sticky. Stop Catarrh The attitude of the other sreat pow- | found abandoned at The "Union Unless Properly Treated ~\\~it omei This Disease May i Become Seriosis- 1 If you have catarrh, indicated by · sniffling-, stopped up head, droppings ers has not 3een disclosed, but it is j station. These sacks contained $4000 | said that the inquiries of the United j ! n money and geras which, nad not jjv_ j States Save resulted in bringing from j i, e en disturbed. " \ Great Briti : n a denial of the report j Tardy's wife was found with some that Huer;-. "ias succeeded in obtain- difficulty, as Tardy had given bis adiac: from capitalists enough ln the throat and morning choking.: r or a there is an irritated state of the mu- money TC ".a the ^Mexican government jtnere is an irritated state or tne mu- | -pr-irpin :he test few uavs President i cons membrane which affords an ideal | -wr-sori hns bcsn inclining toward lift- gTOTrth ° ^ NOTICE Having purchased the \vell kno\vn Ke} 7 Stoie Roller Mills, I am prepared, to do a general milling business. H Itjhest cash price paid for grain of all kind. . _. The Patronage of the oublic Is solicited. o -s- f ~ ~ J. I. Hereter E. 4 Viettjsburg. Pa. disease). , srgo. aad the nossip is that ] dress at a number which, proved to be a vacant lot. Sae said Tardy visited her for a few moments, told her that j, e f, 2 ^ stolen Sl",uO" from a mail sack, and would write to her as soon as he He Do not allow these dangerous germs j 'co begin the destruction of your health.; f 3 ^ The easiest, simplest, quickest, sur- i~~" est and cheapest way to check catarrh ' is by breathing Hyomie. This wonder- _ful medicated air treatment does not ! upset the s'comach. but is breathed in j through xhe Hyomei inhaler, directly j following and surely destroying all j disease germs that may jiave been in- haled--rhe tissues of the throat, nose _j . _ _ , . _ - __ _ ^ ^ Erycn :s seeliin.c to show thai this j gave a cr a small sum o£ money, sho ° ?* Huerto. which been describee in some quarters 35 barbarous, can be avoided by tne iiesratr. e course of preventing him trom obtaining any money abroad. had escape- "across the border." toney, he would said, and left, sarmg tual catch tho midnight train. Colonel Stuart said that Tardy had served a term in the Missouri penitentiary for highway robbery and another IIS3.1CU----i!lC t,i£aLie: \JL LUC 1111U1L, iiUC . _ , . ,, - T . . i -«*-««'» and iuns:s are quicfclv healed and vital- UTel - T lin ' CS5 U!e finaacJ:l1 "lan.tion i- /pr ? " ! Blan fai!?. Then the embargo may be Drug! lifted. ir.'I if in n:rn it fails in the de- ized. Money refunded by People's Store "to anyone whom Hyomie fails j sired ^c-'-lz. or if serious complications to benefit. A complete outfit costs but · arise arn.ed Intervention will be the n«xt and *inal step. F:os : r°nt "Wilson will not auiandon m : :itar preparations, and will be prepared for intervention at any time, t':~'i2n re hopes and believes that. ex- Made Strong and Healthy by Vinol- ! trc-ie po":cy can be avoided, children play hard and! Scr* ° P7 i now and Xov. 20, Thus apparently the question of lift | , j o f=~^ f or attempting to steal a track loai 01 trunks. Tardy was employed by H. C. Ste gsr. who has a. contract "with the poEt- ofuce departmeni: to provide all horses and wagons needed by the department in Chicago- He is under bond. ing the °rcoargo en arms and ammunition for the rebels will be held in abeyance an-2 v.ill not be decided affirnia- CHILD HANG KAN BY HIS POCKETS Hichv-'aymen Torture Their Victim In Unusual Manner. TVSIkes-Barre. Pa.. Xov. 12. -- Two masked nighwaymen held up John i Rasmus, thirty-eight years old. L Dur work hard at school, which with rapid { se - i~ r ;], e nieedns of the new Mexi- j ^_\ i-,,--,-:p = growth uses up an enormous amount J ,,,,_ _,,-.,," p- e =;a"nr TViisoa it was at U vs.a^^ ^. i.^^^^ -,, ^^^ g of ener-c and vitality that must be! 1 ^ ^~^^^:- -,',e ro decid-' E cause ? ^^s attempted l? run I replaced. ] ^^ °: ^ . a4 ?. 1 ff r ;J"" "ll ." T LI! away after he ~as robbed tne nignway- ac*on unless forced to do so e\^e-:a events in Me;c;co- TO FAIVIIL\ J Good Roofing Always Pays You never quit paying for a poor roof- This 3'ear it seeds painting, nest year perhaps patcting or otHer repairs. The year after you may be ctiggiag down for the price of a new roof. It costs jest as much to lay a cheap roof as it does to. put do'vvn roofing that you can bank en for ten years. Why take chances? Why risfc ten years of endless expense and replaced. V»"hen a child is tired nil the time. '· no appetite, weak, delicate and sick-! ly v.e jruaras'tee Vinol, our delicious] ,, . __^..-,, iced liver and iron tonic, will build \ Lcr ! B:S F u f j ! Uft I them up, create a heartv appetite. I I sound fiesh and muscle Tissue, pure. · V/ic-c-.v -r Edwarc! Morris. Packer, One | i heal'thy blood, and make them stronc- ; of V/orid's Richest Women. \ Mrs. L. L. Bertrand. Xev.- Iberia.] C"j:-ccj, Xov. in--Mrs. Helen Swift" j La., says: "My little one was weak' \-OT-:~ v - 5 pi;; in control of the $2i.- j iand run-down ir, health, and was con- ! o · ,s . ,-o t o »r h c r h--.sband E/d~ard i tinually taking cc'.d. Different; medi- 3 ,- c __ _ -1""-~ ^ fil^d in tbe proba-'e = cines failed to help, but when Vinol ,' ""."_'."" - - - - - - i was recommended I found it a won- 3 " °1L' v " . . _ . . - derful help to mv child. It broke up i ' no - -3"sinoa o. n-,s ngtate manes , the cold, and quickly restored health ] ' rs! "'o-ris. who JnheritPd a large for- 5 and s'crength. Vinol is a mosi; excel- ! '·- T -" « r o ; j her father. Gustavas Swiir,; lent tonic for children." ] one o : *e wealtaicst T.-osien in "JiK ', If Vir-ol fails ro do just what we , ,-,or:»:. Her share of the estate is 40 j men tied bis hands and feet securely. His en: ply pocl.ets were then turned :ns:de oat txnd he was impaled by tbe pocke?:; on tbe pickets of a. fence. For two hours ae was left hanging I Finally his crie? brought help- He was exhausted from nis long exposure in the cold air. ivhe at the same cost or ess, yo;i can needless both- get Reliance? s © Reliance Roofing is che unquestioned cKoice of hard- to-please builders tKe country over. After ten years of service on every kind of building, Keliance Roofing stands today in a class by itself. Guaranteed 10 l^ears^ Without Coating or Painting say, we will give back your money.: per People's Drug Store, Gettysburg- Pa. 1 -.;,,,,.,-.,,,, J5 e q iieS ; S lo tas S325.000, i P. S- For any skin trouble try our} anwB ._ : ;;^ v ^ nc benefiraaries. '· Saxo salve, ^e guarantee it. : he r-'vr:ainder of the estate gees to i ATTACKS WHIPPING POST Montana Corgressrnan Calls Delaware Punishment "Unconstitutional." "Washington. Xov. 12. -- The bare back wlr.prin? of six Delaware con a res-jlation iron Congressman Evans of Montana, proposing that Attorney General rvicReyaolds bring: injunction proceedings against the state of Dela GETTYSBURG MARKETS reeled da : iy by G- Milton "Wolf, Jr-, Sue- ! ,,' cessor to J. Geo. Wolfs Sons Co. fe 1 Per Be I Vv*- Dry "Wheat 5^ fjj', \ ·*- 1-1 ,, s*t ^. * i m:st \ ?srs. r-so-ris and the fonr · .s left .n the lianas of six «.* 1.0^-^=^,, I with tr." deciding: vote in case of a tie j ^s-are to enforce the consutuiional pra hibltion against "cruel and inhumaa Con pressman Evans expected 1 rasonuion to save the same convict Blue jackets Robbed cf S12.COO. ! 'rom being whipped again next Satur- R0330." xov. 12.--The brqejackets of 3 day, and to prevent such punishments elsewhere. Roofing is tne only prepared roofir,!? matJe tha to Rive satisfactory scr-.jce tor ten years cr irorc unthoat requiring painting, coating or repairing- It's tke one roof you can safciy put on an building. Once !a:d, it coeds r.o further attention. Rehar-ce RooSng is all that a gooci roofing sKould be. It answers every scnsiule roofing -want at a reasonable price. Yots cannot afford to take chances--take RELIANCE. Satisfied users in every stale of tr.e union are adopting Reliance Roofing as standard. Before you spend a elciiar on roofing, cail or telephone and !*-arn wny tLe isaaufacfurers of Reiiance pn a£ord to back it -svith a No-Coat- No-Paiat Ten-Year Guarantee. Gettysburg Department S te "* _ Baltimore St Gettysburg, Pa ^ Tc Give Home For Y. M. C. A. rtucket, H- I- Xov, 12.--In ordej Badger Dairy Feed" Coarse Sprins Bran .......... Hand. Packed Bran Com and Oats Chop : ; Slioemaker Stock Food. Middlings Red MiddliBRS . TlmotJiy IIiv Rye Chop . --1.G-:: ' bandsman on the TTtaa, He 1.10 I have i:seti the money for the purpose' t.-5c j of arrarss^ng: an excursion to Rome and j J-^ i an audience with the pope. | . . . - !,,#· t i Mrs. Ssjlto Grant is preparing to tnrr c~er her §50^000 -estate, including thf iouse in wiiicJt sne lives, for tins per nose. Mrs; Grant, who is^ seventy-sis years old. "said that she could find E sisalier aoasc'for herself- Plapter Csnicnt Floar :rr, Fiour l - f ^ i Ur.cSe Sam Protests Fine For Murder.- v -^ ! Mexico City. Mex., Xov. 12. -- The, 11; An:er:can embassy has protested to f ''....."§7.50 "pVr tonT · I?ls ^'exican government against the! SI 40 n*»r hW~ ' trivia! fine imposed on Margarlto' p|r bbi."! Saenz, the tederal officer charged with i TMe body of a young woman. $4.,SOl The resnonsibility for the shooting ati 6.00' Jnare? on 26 last of Charles B. j Wheat Corn S1.0C .5)3 Xe\v Ear Com, 70 VevrOata 55 1 W=st*^n QJ:? _i_ji^j.- ·...... 5" WANTED": a man of good habits for tenant on farm. Good location near tmvn. Apply by letter to F. Times Office.--advertisement j D:xon. United States immigration in-. =pec-tor at El Paso. Dixon was shot i.nder the "fugitive law." Saenz was uned forty pesos. St I Hoadiess Body Washed Ashore. Hampton Beach, X. H., Nov. 12.-with thf head and nands missing, was washei asr.oro liere. The medical referee saiC that death was due to drowning. The since Monday night, when half of the city was plunged into darkness, the lighting plant being blown down by the gale. At leac: one-half of the street :ar service :s out of ecuirsiss-on. and no less than 3'WO trolley, telegraph and telephone j:o!es within the city limits hate been blown down. So complete was the paralysis cf transportation facilities it was deemed best to let the dead lie in the places -.-.-here they had died, and no funerals will be held until the storm is over. There hss been no delivery of gro ceries, bread, milk or coal since Saturday, and tse suffering in consequence cannot be definitely learned, but it is .videspread There is a sufficient sap- ply cf =as. and it is-fceing used unsparingly in places Stted for it, that as many persons as possible may be ben- sSted. * One of the greatest fears is from are. Already one Hre has done 5100.000 damage, and the jlifficul'.ses encountered in suadums it w«re such as -o cause tne authorities the greatest ap prehension should another fire break out Every possible precaution is "02- ing taken by the exhausted firemen ind poacenien- AII the schools ot tne city are closed! he danger attendant r.ooa the pass- .Gg of children through Tgfe streets and the unusual conditions TM surrounding i a the school houses, many of which have been thrown open to the homeless, prompted, the authorities to suspend Masses until the blizzard has ibated. The food shortage, felt ilonday at- ternoon. has become more pronounced anil threatening. There is no rails: to jp had at nay price except it be ob- Dinea in she name of sneering babies, ind oth^-r foodstuffs are rapidly going o a premium where it is possible -o ie^n. Many ramiiies were caught with l:ttie more t^ian the food sup pi- required to carry t«eni ver Sun- ana ?s there have been no shipments recc-ved since Saturday, tbe - u?p ly is rap'.aly being exhausted. DIG TRA!NS__OUT OF SNOW Hundreds of Pssssnqers V/ere Stalled and Msny Suffered Severely. Pittsburgh, Pa. Xov. 32.--Although western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio aud northern West Virginia still arc buried under a blanket of a foot or more of snow, conditions are ranidly .nrproving. Telephone and telegraph companies have niade progress in restoring communication and railroads have dug out trains that had been buried for hours In tbe largest drifts known in the Pittsburgh section for a long period oi vears- One train arrived in Pittsburgh from Cleveland, after having been on the trev a little more than thirty hours. It ·s-ai stalled in a drift for twenty-eight "jours not far from Cleveland, and the passengers suffered severely from tbe iold and hv.nger. Hundreds of passengers were or, irains stalled or derailed. A farm house in Washington county had ninety-five passengers, one of them Senator A. B. Cummins, of Iowa, whc had been visiting his fataer in Car- michaei. In Pittsburgh and environs there is mncn suffering ia the tenement districts. The Salvation Army, Associated Charities and other charity organizations are working overtime supplying clothing, fuel and fofxi- More taan twenty 5 QC tj e s of snow has fallen at Grafton. W. Va^ since Sunday night- The Baltimore Ohio railroad is digging out one of the worse blockades it has known in years, and trains are from twelve hours late. after spending several days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Weaver, of West Middle screet. H:irry Yeagy, -of Harrisburg, is spending several days at his horae on South Washington s-lreet. Dr. J. A. Clutz, of Seminary Ridge, spent Tuesday in Baltimore attending the meeting of the Board of Home Missions. Miss Louise Duncan, of Lincoln avenue, has returned from Baltimore where she spent the past Tew days- Mrs. F. B. Twisden has gone to Fair-field to visit, for a few days. Miss Nellie Kelly, of West street, has gone to Waynesboro to spend some time- Mrs. M. K. Eckert, of Springs avenue, went to Flora Dale this morning to spend 'che day. Mrs. J, E. Cleveland, of South Washington street, has gone to Newville to visit for several days. COMING EVENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. Xov. 17-21--Adams County Teacher*' Institute- Walters Theatre. Xov. IS--Exhibits. Boys' and Girlrf League- Court HOUS Xov. 19--Fiftieth Anniversary, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Xov. 20--St. Paul's A- M- E. Zion fair. Xov. 24--Lecture. Dr. J. H. Sieiins. Brua Chapel- Nbv. 24-29--Bazaar-" Xavier Hall- Xov. 25--Recital. David Bisphana, Brua Chapel- Dec. 2--Lacture. Dr. Charles V. Stork. Brua Chapel. Dec. 5.--"The Dust of the Earth" Waiters Theatre. DA3IAGED MAPLES Cut (.hem Off Close to Ground in the Blue Ridge Section- Vandals are again busy plying their ;rade in the Blue Eidge section nortn- east of Waynesbcro. and on Sunday night cut dovrn 500 maple trees on the Mentzer Gao road between Kopewell Mills and the Cross Roads. Trees which had been planted on_both sides of the read by Roadmaster J. N. Sprenkle, about a year ago, were thrivhig and promised to make a magnificent shaded avenue after a "rirr.e- The trees were chopped off close to the ground. There Is no clae to the fellows who are eiiiltv. NO SiSgALS r-rr»»S MARS. absence of the head and hands was due to the action o£ the water, he said, and there was no evidence of foul FOR SALE: 1000 bundles corn fodder. Apply to Fred McCammon, II511 Top Poultry Farm.--advertisement SHELL oyt-ters ahvaj s on hand at Evans' Restaurant. Advertisement United Phone.-- a dozen ciiht to Boy Scaided to Death. Shamokin, Pa, Xov. 12.--While Andrew Herriclc -was playing in the Professor Uowcil Ssys We Sha!! More Afacai PSsnet Soon. Professor Pert-;vnl F-o--e!!. she Hoston aPtrr!:!^n:cr. is not in accord with the statement of T,e-oji;tre. the Swiss scicrsti'st. thnt tSicre is ;i crics of luminous apparition* taking pluce on the planet Mar^. iike flsslies »f eJectrie ligljts. ai! Jurnc-d on at the ssirsic time, which c:i=jssi him i believe *'e Msr- tinns aro trying to stain! sis Professor :LoTre:i .-.itriliiitcr. tliese suddes changes on the surfr.te of the p!aneJ to peculiar ntmospheric chaise s"It is not time yet for t:'c llnrtians to signal us," he says. " vVait a Jittle. We shall know more al«out Mars and its inhabitants in ike near funire- "I do not beiiev-e Hint JSe jababit- ants of Mars are si^aiin^ to us. This is hard!- f be time for si^saHnc. What is seen there juny be.tfce snovr on the peaks, and -with the alkali {here existing the peculiar colors discernible by JLeconltre may be traceable to this. "However, do not-ba too confidonl ab^ut t!"^ sisnalfns business. There is more in Mars than we can imac:i:e, and as time sos-s on greater revelations be njade." kitchen of liis parents' home he fell ^ wben j£ - If there "were not a cent or profit to be realized frosn the keeping of a flock of sheen--that is=, if they simply paid their way--it would be well worth while for the average farmer to keep a few of them simply to consume the noxious weeds that befoul the pastures and fence corrers. The -writer has in a large pasture which two years Into a tub of water and was scalded Jo { ileath. by a hundred t or more sheep, was as close clipped iind clean as if it bad been cut witn a lawn mower. This season, with no sheep in it, it is grown up with a great variety of wood*; which cattle will not BEAN soup Thursday evening, Nov. llth, at U. B. Church from · to 9.' t ouc b and which take jusc so much Supper locts. Ice cream and cake ex- moisture n.nd fertility from the soil. ,tra.--advertisement. FWSPAPFR

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