The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 20, 1931 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 20, 1931
Page 16
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FEBRUARY 20 1931 I NEW CHANGES IN FARM BOARD NOT TO ALTER POLICY Personnel May Involve More Shift of Geography Than Anything; " By BADFOKD E. MOBLEY ' Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 20.--The prospect that there will be very radical changes in the personnel of the federal farm board within the next few months does not mean that there will be a corresponding change in policies, members of the board here say privately. The probability that James C. Stone, Lexington, Ky., will succeed to the chairmanship which Alexander Leggre of Chicago is vacating is more of a shift in geography than anything else. Stone is closer to Legge than any other member of the board. His actions as vice chairman have harmonized completely with those of Legge as chairman, and when the board was under criticism from various sources he not only did not waver in his allegiance to the chairman but took to the stump in active support of his chief's policy. Traits Different. As for the personality of the incoming' chairman, . his traits are very different from those of Legge As big physically as Legge, he is slower moving and less talkative. . He is a more phlegmatic type than Legge but Is likely to get excellent results. This is the more true because he is especially well liked by all members of the board. As for his career, Stone has been "in the tobacco business for practically all my life," he says. "I was born and raised on a farm and when i got thru college I went in the tobacco business In the warehouse business," rio added. From 189T until 1914 he was in tobacco warehousing activities. In the latter year he began combining large-scale farming with the 'warehousing work. This continued to occupy him exclusively until 1921, when the Hurley Tobacco Growers co-operative was formed, and ha was chosen as its first president. Headed Co-Operative. He was also its only president until last year when he accepted his place on the farm board. To look at his record, the casual reader would think his experience had been too closely restricted to one commodity to make him available for the chairmanship. This is far from the case, however, as all newspapermen and other close observers here will testify. Stone .has spoken thruout the ·"country" on-the general work of the hoard and on individual products other than tobacco. He has conducted almost as many press conferences as Legge and has shown himself thoroly familiar with the financing as well as the practical part of the board's program. . With the selection of Stone for the chairmanship held to be a certainty, two and possibly three vacancies remaining in the personnel of the board must be filled by President Hoover. McKcIvie Is Thru. In addition to the place emptied by Stone's elevation, the wheat membership on the board now occupied by Samuel R. McKelvie of Nebraska must have a new incumbent. Finally, the terms of William F. Schilling of Minnesota and C. C. Teague of California, dairy and fruit members, respectively, also expire in June, at the same time as does McKelvie's. Altho Schilling nag not made known his intention of retiring, his friends would not be surprised to see him return to private life, especially since Legge will no longer he connected with the board. McKelvie has publicly said he -will resign while 'it is- pretty definitely understood that Teague will do the same This will leave the middle west proper, the northwest, and the far west memberships on the board depleted. The remaining members are Stone, Kentucky, Carl Williams Oklahoma, Charles Wilson, New York, and C. B. Denman, Missouri Come From West. Thus virtually all of the new appointees are expected to come from the states west of the Mississippi so far as geographical considerations are involved. In the matter of commodity representation the presence of Stone as both tobacco representative and a.3 chairman would leave room for representation of an other commodity in the membership. Those remaining represent livestock, cotton and fruits and vegetables. It has been seriously suggested here that President Hoover choose some representative of the general farmer, regardless of what part of the country he represents, in order to begin work on some board program which will assist the average grower. At present, the -board's membership and attention are both concentrated on the great staple crops while the owner of the medium- sized non-specialized farm gets little or no consideration. MAD LAUGHTER * * * * * * * A Thrilling Mystery Story By MILES BUHTQN ' (Contlnaed From ttomlc rase). find the man who's got the diamonds." "Diamonds," said Dr. Weather- leigh reflectively. "Now the stones I'm" interested in would never attract a burglar. Really, I cannot see the use of diamonds--" "Some people," said Dick, reaching for his hat, "have a fancy for setting them in .rings," And Alison, after he left, devoutly hoped her father would not notice the warm color flooding her face. {TO BE CONTINUED) Charles City News Charles City Readings Given by Miss Mansur CHARLES CITY, Feb. 20.--Miss Alice Mansur, New York, has b^cen in the ci£y this week giving poetry readings. She will appear.five times during the week and will give a recital program Sunday afternoon at the library. Miss Mansur included ballads by Percy Mackaye -and poems of Nellie Byrd Turner, both of whom personally supervised her interpretation. Marriage Licenses Issued. CHARLES CITY, Feb. 20.--Marriage licenses were issued to J. M. Scheidecker, Clarksville. Ciena Weasel, Edgewood and M. M. Johnson, Rockford. Former Iowa State Star Is Given Decision in Blanket Finish. NEWARK, N. J., Feb. 20. (/T)--A split vote of the judges has added another victory to Hay Conger's ortg list of triumphs and charged Paul Keller, 800-meter champion of France, with, his third straight defeat on American indoor tracks. Conger, former Iowa State star, was awarded the decision over Keller in a blanket finish in the special 1,000 meters run of the New Jersey A. A. U. track and field championships here last night. Three of the finish line judges thot Conger won while the other two voted for Keller. Conger set all the early pace but Keller dashed past a lap and a half from the finish line and 50 yards from home seemed to have the race ticked away. Conger spurted to lass the Frenchman by Inches. At he finish line the two were virtually on even terms. The time was 2 minutes, 33 1-5 ;econds, fast for the flat, unbanked .rack of the Newark armory. CUT IN HOG RECEIPTS BOOSTS PRICES CATTLE STEADY IN SMALL TRADE Both Buyers and Sellers in Sheep Market Play Waiting Game. CHICAGO, Feb. 20. WWAn upturn of generous proportions rewarded the discretion exercised by country shippers in checking the marketward movement of hogs since the sharp price break , earlier in the-week. Of the '24,000 hogs arriving here today, 13,000 were forwarded direct to the packing plants. All interests took an active part in the early market, tho packers confined their purchasing operations to choice light hogs. Shippers gave the market good support and 2oc higher prices were in vogue. Choice light hogs at 57.50®7.CO showed the full strength of the market and medium butchers sold around $7.20. Only 1.200 head of matured cattle and 1,000 calves provided the day's working material in the bovine trade. Pew loads of stale cattle were on hand. Lack or offerings of quality kept some of the eastern traders out and local packers also worked with skeleton forces. Prices were held steady. Live mutton" traders played a waiting game early today, sellers watching for a chance to cash on any chance bunch of outside orders for fat lambs, while buyers waited for the hour when holders would become discouraged. The result was extremely light trading during the early forenoon and an uncertain price trend. Hogs closed 15c to mostly 25c highei. Cattle finished unchanged from early and sheep fairly active, mostly steady to lOc higher. MASON CITY, Feb. 20.--Best sorted lights, 180 to 230 Ibs., $6.70; best medium weight butchers, 240 to 260 Ibs., 56.30; best heavy butchers, 270 to 300 Ibs., 55.90; best prime heavy butchers, 310 to 350 Ibs., 55.70; best packing sows, 300 to 350 Ibs., 55.30; best heavy sows, 360 to 400 Ibs., 55.10. KANSAS CITV LIVESTOCK. KA.NSAS CITY, Feb. 20. C/IV-U. 8. department of agriculture--· HOii.s 2,500;. 210 direct; fairly active, uneven. 10-250 higher. Practical lop 57.15 on 140-170 Ibs. good and choice 140-16U Ibs. S6.851(7.15; 160-180 Ibs. 10.80S7.15: IKu- 200 KM. S6.8007.10; 200-220 Jbs. J8.60ii 7.10; 220-250. Ibs. 56.35(56.90: 250-280 Ib3. f6.1586.BOS 290-3KO Ibs. 55.85®8.35; pacK- ings sows 275-500 tbs. J5.25C5.75; slock pies, good and choice 70-130 Ibs. S6.25Jf6.90. 1 CA'TTLE 400; calves 100; mostly steady; killing quality plain; sleers, good and choice 600-1300 Ibs. $7:50®!!; 1300-1500 Ibs. *7.75 ^?11; common and medium fiOO Ibs. up S5!~ 7.75; heifers, good and cnolce 550*850 Ibs. 36.50^0.50; common and m e d i u m 550-S50 Ibs. S4.2506.75; cows, good and choice 54.50 6: common and medium S3.50Ji 4.50; low cutter and cutter $2:fiOft3.SO: vealers (milk fed) medium to choice $6^*10; cull and common Slfr6: stockcr and feeder steers, good and choice (all weights) $6.25$ BI50: common antl medium (an weights) 5466.50. , SllKKP 4,000; opening sales lambs steady; best fed lambs $8.35. Lambs, good and choice 90 Ibs. down $7.503i8.35; medium Ou Ibs. down SG-50@7.50; common all weighls 55*l'6.00; ewes, medium to eboice 150 Iba. 43.25 fit 1.75. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. Feb. 20. /['i-- O f f i c i a l esli- mated receipts tomorrow: Cattle, 200; hogs, 10.000; sheep, 8,000. LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO. Feb. 20.--Estimated receipts of hogs. 10,000: cattle. 200; a h e e p , 3,000. Representative Sales CHICAGO. KaD. 20. /T--Representative sales selected by the U. S. department ol agriculture- Heavy-- 354 53 525 61 290 53 281 72 26S 50 254 Mediums-- 5S 248 51 ' 243 73 230 81 223 50 216 70 203 Native Lambs-- HOGS. LI Gilts-6.40 7D 194 6.00 53, 188 82 1S2 6.00 6.75 70 6.SO 91 6.91) 51 New Station to Be Built. DECORAH;---Another filling station will soon be erected in Decorah by W. H. Gilson. DO YOU NEED MONEY? Our personal loan department offers good service and reasonable terms. C. E. Brooks Co. 2001/z 1st Natl. Bk. Bldg., Ph. 280 WEST UNION BEATS CKESCO CRESCO, Feb. 20.-- West Union Jefeated Cresco by a score of 27 to 10 in a high school basketball game on the Cresco floor. Thursday night. The visitors took the lead thruout the entire game. Robertson was high man for West Union and Howard for Gresco. Referee, Potter of Austin, Minn. WAVERTA' BEATS OSAGK IN TWO OSAGE, Feb. 20.-- Both Osa^n high school teams lost Tuesdayre-r- ening- to the Waverly high school teams on the local floor, the firs* team by 'a score of 29-19, and the second team by a score of 13-8. The local second team allowed too manj- free throws, but outpointed Waverly on field goals. EMMONS GIRLS BEAT KIESTER. KIESTER, Minn., Feb. 20. -Kiester's girl basketball team was CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. CHICAGO, Feb. 20. OT1--U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 24,000; 13,000 direct; acltve; 25- 35e up on weights below 250 Ibs.: others 15- 25C higher: top S7.75: bulk 140-200 16s. S7.50 ©7.65; 210-320 Ibs. 56.50^7.50; pigs 56.75 *U7.25: packing sows 55.85^-6.15. Light light, good and choice, 140-ieo Ibs. S7.50.jf 7.75; light weight 160-200 Ibs. S7.50S7.7ri; medium weight 200-250 Ibs. 56.905! 7.65; heavy weight 250-350 Ibs. S0.40®7; packing sows, medium and. good, 275-500 lb*. $5.63 @G.15; slaughter'pigs, good and choice- 100130 Ibs. S6.6587.50. CATTLE 1,200; calves 1.000: ted steeia and yearlings steady iWith week's uneven downturn; all grades getting a little action, jut kinds suitable for shippers In broadest iemand: kinds selling at S9 u p w a r d ; bulk J7 4TB.50 with best heavies at 510.60: light yearling heifers bulking at 56.50rtt7.25 and selling at a new low. Slaughter steers, good and choice 600-600 Ibs. $8511150: 000-1100 bs. SS.25@11.50; 1100-1300 Ibs. 58.SOW 11.CO; 1300-1500 Ibs. S8.75W11.50; common medium 600-1300 Ibs. S5.50(?8.50; hell- ers, good and choice 550-850 Ibs. 56,75®8.75: common and medium $5.25^7.25; cows, good and choice J4.50®6,50; common and mcrt- um S3.501i4.50: low cutter and cutler $2.75 ^i3.75; bulls (yearlings excluded) gaod and choice (beef) 34.75^6: cutler to mertlum $i fiM.75; vealers (milk fed) good and choice SS^iTlO; medium 57?8; cull and common 55 5i7. Stocker and feeder cattle: Steers, gaoil and choice 500-1050 Ibs. S6.755JB 25; common and medium S4.75s?7. SHEEP 13,000: choice fat lambs Hleady; spot stronger: other grades and classes mostly steady with weak tendency; numerous loads choice 70-90 Ibs. lambs S8.85ii9.00 lo outsiders; slaughter aheep and lmbs. Iambs 90 Ibs. down good and choice 58.00S9.10: medium S7.25'3 8.00; 91-100 Ibs. medium to choice 57.00^9.00; all weights common S6.00 f«r7.25; ewes 00-150 Ibs. medium lo choice S3.50tfr5.00; all weights cull and common 32.004*4.00; feeding Iambs 60-75 its. good and choice 57.75® 8.25.' 102 HI 127 150 235 210 117 82 12S tin 133 10 16 girla to be host to the Emmons' team Friday evening. MANl* BEATS GRAFTON IN PAIR GRAFTON, Feb. 20.-- The Grafton high school played a doubleheader basketball game with the Manly high school. The visitors were victorious in both games, the boys by a score of IS to 14 and the girls 29 to 13. , W E R K L V LIVESTOCK CHICAGO. Feb. 20. (.-pi--United States deportment of agriculture-CATTLE--Compared week ago: Strlctlj Kood and choice weighty steers fully stcadj but lower grade heavies and practically al light steers and yearlings excepting a feu loads of choice offerings 25Qi50c--mostly 25c lower; light yearling heifers 25fflSOo off. al steers and yearlings and yearling heifers losing advance scored early tn week nn chalking up additional downturns; fat cows steady to 25c lower, very slow on heav; offerings: bulls about steady and vealers $1.00 lower; stockers and feeders . slow weak: extreme top 511.75 for outstanding long yearlings; very few light, steers or yearlings above S10.00. numerous loads weighty steers S10.00JM0.50. extreme top S11.25; bulk fat steers' S7.25®0.75: ave cost around S3.35, lowest since 1024. HOGS--Compared week ago: Market s COc lower on weights below 120 tbs., heavier weights regaining part of 15jf35c drop to close lOc to 20c lower: all weights at lowes level since 1924. packing BOWS 15£23c off early top 58.00. doling top S7.40: late bulk 140-200 Ibs. S7.25fr7.-I0: 210-250 Ibs. SB.70t? 7.15: 260-330 Ibs. 5(!.25?t G.05; pigs SG.-lOft 7.00; picking sows fS.S09S.00. SHKEI*--Compared week ago: Fat lambs mostly steady, strictly choice kinds 25c lower: sheep strong to 25c higher; feeding lambs about steady; up and down receipts affected the trade adversely this week ant dressed prices also worked lower: today's hulks, good and choice Tambs 94 Ibg. down £8.50!'8.75, best 50.00 contrasted with J9.15 paid last Thursday; heavier weights $8.25«fl 8.50; native buck Inmbs S7.25fc'7.75; throwoutj! J6.50S7.25; few clipped lambs 18.0038.2S; fat ewes it.00475.00; few feed- Inp and shearing Iambs thruout week 47.50 ©7.75. A training school for public officials wouldn't help much. Men with hick hides are born that ilidwcst Review. SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. SIOUX CITY. Feb. 20. I.T'I--U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 1,000. calves 50; most classes about steady: odd lots medium to good yearlings S7.7SS8; few 58.50; most short feda 37^ 8.25; scattered saiea short fee heifers 50.75 down: bulk beef cows $3.75^ 4.50; practical vealcr top $9.50; moat medium bulls 54.ff4.25. HOGS 9.000. opening fairly active to shippers, 10-2SV higher. Early sales 160-200 lb weights 56.856-7; some held higher; 200240 lb. -weights 56.60^6.85; bid 56.15 for choice 300 lb. weights; sows steady ' strong. S5.25isi5.60. SHF.EP 3,000. nothing done early, asking stronger prices for fat lambs or 58.50 al above for best o f f e r i n g s : other class scarce, steady; fat ewes salable J4.90 down and best feeding lambs up to 58. SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL, Feb. 20. I.T)--U. S department of agriculture-CATTLE 1,700: slow, steady: all classt still showing full effects of week's uneven downturn: bulk steers and yearling klnda salable 57.75 down; beef cows unchanged heifers $:ffi6.25; few short fed yearlings to 57.50: cutters 53.25 down; bulls largely 53.75 04; feeders and slackers dull. Calves 2.300 vealers weak, improved quality considered good grades largely S7.75; · choice kind. 59.50. HOGS 7.000; fairly active; averaging unevenly steady to 10-15C higher; ailvanci mostly on butchers and sows; best 150-22! lb. weights 56.75^7; top $7: paid by all in tercsts; moat 22S-260 lb. averages 56.25J 6.75: bulk 260-325 lb. weights 55@6.25 sowa J5.25iff5.SO; better 100-140 lb. weight S7®7.50; average cost Thursday 56.73 weight 235. SHEEP 2,500; late sales T h u i a d a y 25-50 lower than Wednesday; generally asking «8.25 or belter on fed wooled Intnbs, bids at 18: late Thursday several loads fed wooled lambs 97 Iba: down 58.25. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. OMAHA. Feb. 20. (in--U. S. tlcpnrtmen of agriculture-HOGS 9,500; .181 direct: active. 10-25 higher: top 57 on 170-180 In. llght-i; bulk 170-230 lb. weights 56.75P7; 230-200 lb butchers S6.50SiO.75: 260-310 lb. average S6.25fi6.50; 310-330 lb. weights S6.154(6.25 packing sows 55.25fi5.50; average, cos Thursday 56.30, weight 239. CATTLE 1,400; fed steers und yearllngj and she stock slow. Weak to 25c lower; bulls and vealers steady; stoekers ami feeder! slow, weak; early sales fed steers and year lings 56.5007.25: some held higher; few lots heifers »5.50®6: bulk beef cows S «?4.75; cutter grades S3i?3.75: medium bulls 53.7584.25; odd head heavy beef hulls S3.50 f?3.75; practical top vealers 58.50; odd hca«' 59; few loads short-fed steers lo feede dealers J6.75Ti7.S5. .SIIEEC 0.000; Inmhs steady to weak sheep and feeders steady; early pales and ( bldn slaughter wool lambs S7.75'-8.25; heyt held a r o u n d 58.50; -best ewes $1.50; feeding and shearing lambs 57.5038. 80 00 79 82 75 94 95 98 74 70 92 107 62 1252 1235 1322 1210 1180 1260 1140 1302 1210 1115 1070 893 930 915 860 7.00 IS 7.10 82 7.20 81 7. jr. « 7.45 7.5r · SHEEP. Fed 9.UO 416 S.O'i 350 8.90 .Sf 8.7f 8.If, 8.60 176 167 162 Light Lights-158 152 144 135 600 115 250 72 94 97 Fat Ewes-126 130 162 150 3 8.50 41 8.35 5 8.25 19 8.0U 1 7.7; 7.5t) 7.00 CATTLK. Heifers-10.60 1C 9.5U 21 0.40 14 0.75 9.00 8.75 - 8.50 8.35 8.25 8.00, 7.75 7.50 7.3'i 7.00 20 17 ' Cows-7 11 1S2 690 730 810 640 715 1170 1115 1030 1160 910 7.75 7.6U 7.55 7.60 7.50 7.55 7.40 9.00 8.90 8.85 8.75 S.25 5.00 4.7.'! 4.50 4.25 4.00 7.40 7.0tl 6.8D 6.25 6.25 5.f0 5.40 4.60 4.30 4.0U Hog Markets By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Hog prices at Iowa markets Friday: CEDAK IU1-IUS-- Prime ho e s: Mediums JS.DO'ft-O.'SO: heavies $5.60rfi 5.90; llghU S8.B5 B6.75: packers $4. 95'u 5. 25. J)ES MOINICS^-- 1.900; steady on lights; .0 to 15c higher on others. Prime light ;7.60®6.00; prime mediums S6.35S6.S5; irime heavies S5.G5^6.50; good packers J5 i.75. OTTUM\VA -- -20c higher; 120-150 Ib S4.65; 150-170 Ibs. J6.05; 170-220 Ibs. SO. BO; 220-2GO 11S. $6.3:1; 200-300 Ibs. SO. 05; 300350 Ibs. 55.75: over 350 Ibs. S5.45; good packers £5.25; fnir packers $4.25. WATERLOO-- Prime mediums S5.85«j6.35; packers S1.00S5.20- hogs $6.3086.70; heavies S5.45ii5.9I; COMBINED HOQ RECEIPTS. DBS MOINES. Feb. 20. (/TV-U. S. department of agriculture-Combined hog, receipts .at 24 concentration yards and 7 packing plants located in interior Iowa, and southern Minnesota far tti* 24. hour period ended at 10 a, m. todas were 16.800 compared with 30,000 o. week ago. Receipts comparatively llghl; market, generally I0-20c higher than Thursday's average; bulk good to choice 170-230 Ibs. $0.50*!' 7: choice light lights up to J7.10 at a fev stations; bulk 240-280 lb. averages S6':j 6.50; big weight butchers ranging down to 55.70. Quotations for good and choice; Light Hints, 140-100 Ibs. S6.35W7; light weights, ISO-ISO Ibs. S6.60fi7.10: 180-200 Ibs. 56.603, 7: medium weights. 200-220 Ibs. S6.60!T7; 220-250 Ibs. S6.30tfi 6.80; heavy weights. 25(1290 Ibs. S6WG.45; 290-350 Ibs. S5.70(0 6.20. Good packing sows, 275-350 Ibs. S5.25{?' 5.75; 350-425 Ibs. 55.1517'5.40; 425-550 Ibs. 54.80i? 5.25. EARLY ADVANCES OF GRAINS LOST Over-Bought Condition Is Cause of Reactions in Late Market. CHICAGO, Feb. 20. UP)-- An overbought condition showed itself in grains late today and reactions from advances predominated. The temporary upturns were due largely to Winnipeg reports that snow was completely lacking thruout the spring wheat belt and dust blowing everywhere. However, the United States winter wheat crop was reported in extra favorable condition, with wmtcr-kiling negligible. Wheat closed irregular at 140 decline to '.*c advance, May old 82^/Ti'%c, July 69'.d Vic; corn Vi f l i c down, .May old 64*;,r( HOG FUTUBE8. CHICAGO. Feb. 20. I.T1-- Hog futures: Bidding to arrive Monday--58 for lights: 57.25 for mediums and 56.40 (or heavies. flrarin Offered LIGHTS-March (lirst ham 8.r,o A p r i l 0.00 Mny 9.00 HEAVIKS-- March (first half) 7.50 7.75 8.00 8.00 MISCELLANEOUS 05c. July . ; oats e all to tic up and provisions showing 2c to lOc gain. Some com received from Omaha is being put In store here for delivery on March contracts. Considerably more Is said to be on the way. Corn acreage In South A f r i c a was reported as promising to show a reduction of 30 per cent compared with last year. CHICAGO CASTI GRAIN. CHICAGO. Feb. 20. I.TJ -- Wheat, No. 1 red 79V~c; No. 2 red 78^(^790; No. 1 hard 79',ic: No. 3 hard 77i4c; No. 1 northern spring 79Vic; No. 2 northern spring 78'if 78}; c; No. 3 dark northern 77c: No. 4 dark northern 76V^c; No. 1 mixed 78}* , Corn. No. 3 mixed 60ir6U4c: No. 4 mixed 59«c; No. 5 mixed 571J57%c; No. 2 yellow 02V, f'63Hc; No. 3 yellow 60®62V4c; No. 4 yellow s a V i A ' B O H c : No. 5 yellow 5 7 4 f i 6 0 c ; No. 6 yellow 5Bc; No. 2 white IM^c: No. 3 white 81 Vic; No. 4 white 00 Vic. Oats. No. 2 white 33c: No. 3 white 32% 3 33CT No. 4 white 30C, Timothy seed SS.TSfifl. Clover seed S133T20.75. Lard 8.05; ribs- 10. 75; bellies 10.3 MASON CITY GRAIN MASON CITY, Feb. 20.-Barley Oat3 . 23c Shelled corn, No. 4 44c Ear corn 41c GrainFufures CORN-Mar. old. .. , n e w . . . May o l d . . . , new.., July Sept. WHEAT-Mar. old..., n e w . . . May o l d . . . . new... July Sept -., OATS-Mar. old... new... May old... new.. July Sept F.YE-- · Mar. o l d . . . new. . May old... ' new.. July Sept LARD-- ' Mar. May July BELLIES-May July FRIDAY GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, Feb. 20. High .61 .61% · 60% .67% .79»i -825J, .33-% S.07 8.2T 8.40 .02-, .64% .03% .06% .66 .7914 .70fe -82 »i .83% .69'.;, .33 W .33V4 .33% .33 .33H .391,4 .40 .42',4 S.07 8.22 8.37 .63 .64 "Ji .82 .83% .804k .OOVJ -33-4 .33 .33 H .39-% .4(1 .43 .4414 S.07 8.25 8.40 10.40 10.50 GRAIN OPEN. CHICAGO, Feb. 20. (.-PI-- Mar. May POTATO MARKET CHICAGO. Feb. 20. t/11---Untied Slates department of aprLeuHure-- Potatoes 103; on track 278: total U. S. shipments 030; about steady; trading nlow; sacked per cwt.. Wisconsin round whites Jl.30^1.35; few best $1.40^71.45; unfiraded SI.15^1.20; Minnesota round whites tl-is^ 1.25; Idaho russets $1.50®!.GO: mostly 5l.5. r fi?l.60; fancy shade higher; No. 2 mostly jl.25; few SI.30; Colorado McClures best : fair lo ordinary S1.40{j1.55. MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR MINNEAPOLIS. Feb. 20. 1,11--Flour unchanged; -shipments 32,284. Bran 514.00® 14.50; standard middlings 513.00® 13.50. NEW YORK STJCIAH, NEW YORK. Feb. 20. (,.y-- Raw BU unchanged at 3.44c: raw futures 1 point lower: refined unchanged at 4.50c (or f i n e granulated. IIAV MARKET. CHICAGO. Feb. 20. (jpi--Hny, unchanged. , TOLEDO SEEDS. TOLEDO. Feb. 20. [.-D--Seed unclmnge'd, Christensen Is Elected Algona Community Head ALGONA, Feb. 20.--The board of directors of the Algona community club elected P. J. Christensen. president and M. J. Pool, vice president and D. E. Dewel was re-elected secretary. The new directors are C. H. Taykr, C. R. La Barre, J. S. Aimer, A. L. Peterson, D. H. Goeders, W. A. White, F. H. Chrisehilles. P. J. Chrigtensen, W. J. Poo!, George Elbert and K. D. James. old ---new. . . old.... new. . . July ....... Sept ........ W H E A T -Mar. old . . . . new. . . Xlay old ____ new. . . July ....... Sept ........ OATS-Mar. old . . . . new. . . old ____ new. . , July ....... Eesit ........ RYF,-Mar. o l d . . . new. .. May nld. . . new. , July ...... Sept ....... LARD-Mar ........ May ...... July ...... BELLIES-May ...... July ....... Close year Close Ago Tfesteiday May 1.10 1.18H . 4 3 i ..10.70 ..10.87 ..11.10 ..13.62 ..13.90 .82 VI .S3TM .60i; ..33',; .33',; .43 .4.1'; -42ii .44 », 8.00 8.1ft 8.3'i Open Today .66 .67 .67 i .67 .70 Y, .70 *l .82',-i. .83* .09 -70\i .33' .33* .34 .33', t .33=1 .41 .4:1% .44 \; 8.07 K.ll.'t 8.37 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN. MINNEAPOLIS.' Feb. 20. l.l--Wheat--246 cars compared to 13ft a year ago; marke Vic higher. Cash No. 1 and No. 1 dark northern 12, 13, 14 and 15 per cent protein 73 x ,i 5i'77- - ;4c; No. 1 dark hard Montana per cent and to arrive 71*; fp 73*,ic: No. 1 amber d u r u m 72v;^77SV!iC; No. 2 amber durum 09 Vv» f{r 73 H c: No. 1 red durum 64 May 70}ic; July 72lie: Sept. 09lie. Corn--No. 3 yellow ,"3Va -!?55VjC. Oats--No. 3 white 28vi.^?291ic. OMAHA fiRAIN OMAHA, Nebr.. Feb. 20. (.D--Wheat-Hard No. 1. 69%4g72c: No. 2 68Hfr6Bc northern spring No. 2, flTVic; dunjm nmutt No. 2. 63c; mixed smutty No. 3. 66c. Corn--White No. 2. SBc: yellow No. 2 36c: No. 3. 53'.i{f54',ic; mixed No. 2, 5. Iff .ISC. Data--White No. 3. 30K{?30«;c. KANSAS CITY GRAIN K A N S A S CITY. Feb. 20. I/T-- Wheat 23 cars: ',4c higher lo Vic lower; No. 2 dark hard *70«J71c: No. 3, 70'.tc: No. 2 bar 60Vj(?7fK:: No. 3. 68V}«-60V4c; No. 2 rei nominally 71',4«?72.ic; No. 3 nominally 7 ©71c. Com 110 earn; unchanged to Ic higher No. 2 white nominally 57Ct38c: No. 3. G 4 i ®56c: No. 2 yellow 57fi58c; No. 3. 54fi sflc: No. 2 mixed nominally 54fO:5c: No 3 Ont.i 11 cars: unchanged; No. 2 whit nominally, 3314SJ4C; No. 3 nominally 33fi 33 Vic. HIDES Quotation* furnished tiy Wolf Bros. 308 Fifth street 'southwest Horse hides .' $1.75-$2.0i Cured beef hides '. 4, Green beef hides It isn't mere gossip that spoil your social standing. It's gossiping about the wrong people.--Fountnl Inn Tribune. Market Notes BY TICKER TAVB The fact that the market continues to gnore unfavorable -news emphasizes lh« be- !ef In most quarters that H Is attempting a anticipate something. Adverse dividend action In many Instances had practically no effect on the stocks concerned. Reo Motor *nr and Stone- and Webster, both of which reduced their dividends, lost only ] ,i point each, while American Locomotive was up a point In face of the fact that the company \ad to dip Ento surplus to\ pay dividends "ast yeoi". 'Ths bonus plan, while still uppermost In the minds of everyone, continues lea3 of a market factor, v lt being (ell that It has already been discounted whatever the outcome. In the case of the reduction fn the Reo Motor dividend it was pointed out that the Company has maintained strong cash position with cash and marketable securities on hand totaling 518.330.000. CON-VECT MARKET STRKNGTH WITH SILVER SITUATION Many observers, who hava found the strength; ot the market difficult to explain, have endeavored to search for underlying reasons. One of the stock exchange flrroa. In this connection, leans strongly to the view that this cause concerns the stabilization of silver, tn this connection the firm says in part: "It Is worth noting that the foreign relations committee of the senate has approved the Piltman resolution, authorizing the president to enter negotiations with foreign governments bearing on the silver situation. ounce Sllv 1609 was sell In B at 65 cents an when the British government Introduced the gold standard In India. Some seem to think that this price will have to be reached again to bring about ntabHlza- tlon, while more conservative estimate.* run to SO cents nn ounce as a. minimum price. "If sliver should advance we might lopl- ca'ly expect' the far east countries to be heavy buyers. These countries have been shipping sliver out for conversion into gold. Any organlred stabilization program would Imply that the Indian government would stop dumping silver and that the flenesse of nll- ver currency would be raised In countries whose sliver currency is depreciated. 14 itands to reason that the United States, which Is the bulwark for the International gold standard, would have to assume large obligations to guarantee the consummation of the stabilization program," STEEE, COrFRR STOCKS SHOWING STRENGTH An aggressive buying movement swept over the eteel shares which of late have been displaying lagging tendencies. It had lor Its basis a renewal of talk of an advance In prices and the announcement of increased operations In the Yoiingstown district, which was interpreted as meaning Increased specifications from the auto Industry. The advance was led by United Statefl Steel, which came within a fraction of the best price of the year, and Included many Issues which have been more or less In the background like Hcpubllc, Otis. Inland and Midland. The coppers seemingly paid more attention to another Increase (n the price of the red metal than they did to the publication of Nevada Consolidated Copper's earnings statement for the first quarter, showing a loss of more than 5600,000 as compared with a profit more than five times that amount In the like period of the year before. International Nickel was particularly strong with large blocks of the stock exchanging hands at advancing prices. Anaconda made a new hlph for the year and the entire group was strong. CITIES SERVICE EARNINGS GAIN Cities Service net earning;; for 12 months ended Jan. 31 totaled S56.5S3.823 compared vith 515,413.728 /or the like period ended Jan. 31, 1930, a gain of 24.53 per cent. sa earnings Increased from 516,795,692 to 559.145,803 for 12 months ended Jan, 31, 1230. Net to clocks and reserves Increased from S3S.303.959 to ?i6.804,98l. a gain 'of £8,501.022 over the preceding period. Net to common shares and reserves totaled $39,443,436 compared with 531.36S.5S5l for the preceding period. January gross earnings totaled $3,730,423 and. net earnings were 53,501,891. LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER * GRAIN MARKET LETTER. CHICAGO, Feb. 20.-WHEAT--Foreign news was largely responsible for a good advance in our market. The rally held until late in the session, when, a rather sharp reaction at Winnipeg led to selling here. There was no material pressure on the way up until selling developed against the offers. Sentiment, in Ihe Engi market was reported as' more bullish, despite liberal exports from the southern hemisphere during Ihe week. Millers in Liverpool were buying all descriptions of wheat. Buenos Airea was up ivic at midday, due to unfavorable weather in Argentina and to mprovement In the excnange rate. Export business for the day was placed at 300,000. '"" nnipcg reported a good buying by the country and for foreign account. No rain was shown In tlfe spring wheat country, but the forecast Indicated some precipitation to- lit or tomorrow in tho winter wheat belt. Still favor a trading position, with purchases preferred on declines. COHN--The cash situation proved the un- ttlinff Influence In corn today, nltlio- the futures market followed wheat upward until late In the session. There was 75,000 bushels No. 3 yellow corn booked lo come here'from other terminals at a price, said to have been the lowest basis of the season, and around 300,000 more was offered. The country sold only a small amount, however. The eastern demand was relatively slow. There was considerable abort covering during the morning but locals for the most part were not inclined to press the selling Bide. Expect an Irregular market tomorrow du-; to evening up for the holiday Monday Liverpool due ^tfiilAc lower. Produce MASON CITY, Feb. 20.-Cash Quotations bv E. G. Morse. EGGS Eggs (current receiuts) ....... lie POULTRY Stags ........................ 13c Leghorns, spring ............ lie Heavy hens, 4 ',4 Ibs ............ 13c Light hens ................... lOc Old cocks, heavy ............. 8c Ducks ....................... Sc Geese .......... .............. 7r Merchants Quotations. Eggs, in trade ................ 14c Eggs, cash . . ................. 12c Butter, Plymouth ............. 3Gc Butter, Clear Lake ............. 33c Butter, State Brand ............ 36c Butter, dairy ................. 31': Potatoes ...... 40c and 50c a pecl CHICAGO CHICAGO. Feb. 20. I.T)-- Poultry-- Alive, 2 cars, 9 trucks; easy; fowl!) 18"V21c: springs 26c: No. ±. 15c: roosters I turkeys 2Sc; clucks 23c: geese 13c. Butter 0.481 ; firm; creamery extras (02 jcore) 28',c: standard (00 score carlota) 28Kc; extrn firms (00-01 score) 27WH28C: firsts (83-89 score) 26027c; seconds ncore) 21-25c. ERRS 17.503; f i r m : extra firsts fresh Rradetl firsts lfl T /c; ordinary firsts PRODUCE KI:TI:RF.S. CHICAGO. Fen. 20. r.TT--KRE futures closed: Fresh graded flrstfi, Feb. 10j.*c; storage packed first?. April 2ft$$c; refrigerator standards. Nov. 23Hc. Butter futures cloned: Storage standards, Feb. 26c; do. Marcn 2SSc; fresh standards, June 27027lie. NEW YORK roui/mv. NEW YORK. Feb. 20. U')--Poultry-Dressed, irregular; t u r k e y a , fresh. frozen. 3,1.|3c. NKIV VORK r . NEW YORK. Feb. 20. 1.11--Poultrj live tlul.l: broilers by express 20'jl3c; freight nut quoted. BULLS PROD UP STOCK MARKET Prospect of Monday Holiday Dissuades Many From Loading Up. NEW YORK, Feb. 20. (^")--Bulls prodded the stock market farther into new high ground for 1931 today, but progress was somewhat labored. Trading was in huge volume for A .time during the'morning, and some of the more responsive issues were pushed up 3 to nearly 10 points. As the market will .be closed Monday for Washington's birthday, however, many traders were inclined to trim down their holdings in preparation 4ir the extended week-end, and pools were forced to take a large volume of offerings. Few of the so called pivotal shares gained more than a point or so, and pressure against tr. S. steel was a little discouraging. Allied Chemical was rushed up nearly 10 points, evidently In a drive against shorts,' and national distillers climbed 6. Utilities assumed market leadership, and Pacific Lighting, International Telephone and Standard Gas were bid up 3 or more, while surVantial progress was made by American Telephone, Ameripan Power and Light, and American and Foreign Power. Buoyant industrial features were Westinghouse, Underwood Elliott, McKeesport, General Railway Signal, and Byers, up 3 to 5. Some of the merchandising and food shares were strong, notably Woolworth and Borden. Such issues as Radio, General Electric and American Can rose a point or more to new highs. Hudson sold up a point, on the expected quarterly dividend cut from 75,cents to 25 cents. Rails again lagged. STOCK LIST NEW YORK STOCKS. NEW YORK, Feb. 20. Final Quotations. Air Reduc ,103 Int Nick Can Allegheny 11'i Al Ch t Dye 17V Allis Chal M(g 39Vi Am Can 1251i Am Car t Fdy 36 Am Coml Al 1214 Am For Pow 42 Vi Am Intl Am Loco 25^i Am Pow L 55*, Am Rad St San 19 Am Roll Mill 36« Am Sm Ref I T i T Johns Manv Ketvinator Kennecott Kresgo Kroger Lehlgh P C Llgg t My B Lc-ew's Loose Wiles Lorlllard 18 i 35% 13 it 29!- 28»i 271, 18 88% 62 5451 1711 \m Steel Fdra Am Sug Ref A T T ' Am Tob B Am Wat Wks Anaconda Andes Cop Arm of III B Aviation Corp Bore Warn Brlggs Burr Add Cat Hecla. Curb Market NEW YORK. Feb. 20. (/pj-- Encouraged by the quiet strength In evidence most of the week, pilots f the advance on the curb m a r k e t Increased their activity today and numerous favorites touched new highs fur the year. The rise was Interrupted occasionally by moderate profit-taking, but the tone held strong, especially in the utilities. Electric Bond and Share featured the dealings, particularly fn the earlier hours 'when It crossed 53 into new Wgh ground for, the movement. There was also a* spurt in American and Foreign Power warrants, while other active shares followed with smaller gains. American Cynamtd "B" was favored, ontj other stocks of miscellaneous description, rising 2 points In sympathy with the strength o£ chemicals on the big board. Mead Johnson reached a record high whtle Driver Harris added moderately to yesterday's "broad gain but then reacted. Ford of England wan heavy. Trading In tile oils was listless. Cities Service was sluggish. Goldman Sachs Trading pushed across 6 in the Investment trust group, which was generally featureless. Call money renewed at 2 per cent. Bond Market NEW YORK, Feb. 20. (.Ti--After moving quietly forward in expanded activity in lhn previous session, bond trading suffered a relapse today, and the dullness was evident, in the hesitancy displayed by Investment obligations. Some of the railroad obligations that have been favored recently by Investors maintained their advance, but the market as a whole was more steady than firm. The bullish tone of shares encouraged a little Imy- Ing of stock privilege bonds but It was not aggressive and advances were limited. Trading in United States govern menla was only nominal and the narrow chanpes I h a t occurred were unimportant. Most of the changes In the foreign list were on the upside and Brar.ll Gls. Bulgaria 7^.6. Uruguay Qs and Cologne G Vis showed marked Improvements. Australian bonds were still s[ck p and resumed their decline. Australian governments, Brlsbine City bonas, and several other Issues were under pressure. CLOSING ROM) NEW YORK!, Feb. 20. f.T 1 )--United States government bonds closed: Liberty S'.s 101.22. First 4 Vis 102.26. Fourth 4 Via 103.20. Treasury 4 Vis 111.3. NEW VOHK NEW YORK. Feb. 20. (.PI--Butter 14.070: firmer. Creamery, higher than extra 29 ?1 «301ic; extra (92 score) 292011c: ""I (SS-91 score) 26fiU8^ c . Eggs 19.621; firmer. .Mixed colors, regular packed, closely selected extra 20tfj20!ic; c; extra first seconds 16V£ , 18',4(crl9c; medium extras first firsts IftflUGUc; refrigerator firsts 15c; seconds 13tfrl4^c; medium firsts 12£TI3c; nearby hennery brown, extra 20^20','ic; extra f i r s t ISV-ifMOUc. Pacific coast white (shell treated) extras KANSAS CITY KANSAS CITY. Feb. 20. l.-Vl -- F,ggs, J4.05. B u t t e r f u t , 20ft 2Sc. Poultry, hens I4tj changed. I8c. Other produce un- DEAR NOAH- IF THE of- THE ARM-Y *AD -me TDMMY-ACHE,WOOt.D IT BE CAUSE-0 FISOM THINGS IN IPAN AIRPLANE DBAE NOAH = GOES UP ON ( CAN A Hoiese PI_V ? vyiLUIAM T, Brc-oWrvJ«4U=EED MY. 'S 36 INCHES LONG, ISA LAW/V 53 vj 30 53:), 197}i 117'.i 69 Ti 39 V, "Ji 1 200 H 22 m 199 451 84 21 it 64% 74 V, 281, 21 30V- 10 36 VI Louis G E A 32i)i " ' 12V1 34 'A 814 14 « isi; 23 i 23?, 16V1 37% 82 ft Cerro de Pasco 27 ^ hes i O 44 V4 hlc Gt W 7'i hie Gt W pt 23H C N W 43^. c R i * p eoyj Chrysler 21 ri Coca Cola 164 V* Col Fuel Sc Ir 4914 Chi Mil St P CM Mil St P pf - - - · Comw-lth So Congoleum Conll Can Cudany Drufj Inc Ou Pont Eastman El Paw A; L Eng Pub Ser Erie Fisk. Fox Film A Freeport Tex Genl El Gen Footla Gen Motors Gen Pub Eer Gillette Gob el Gold Dust Goodrich Goodyear Grah Granby Gt No Ry pf Gt No fr O ctf Gt W Sugar Grig Grun Hahn Hartman B Houston Hudson Hupp 111 Cent Ind Ref Int Comb Eng Intl Har 30 VI 40", 7'4 12 K. 20',!' 10 11 97 58% 5(1'i 3% 86 45 W 71 «i 98'a 172 54v!, 42 357;. 3?'' 4111 51 5414 43^i. 32'*" 814 36 S 63 21 Vi o?; Mack Math Alkali May D S Maytag McK Ron Mex Sea Oil Mid Cent Oil M K T Mont Ward Mot Wheel Nash Nat Bis Nat Ca. Reg A 36 Nat Dairy 47'1 Nat Lead . 126 · Nat Pow 1. 40 W Nat Tea 20\ N Y Central 128Vi NY NH t H OO'A Nor W 213% No Am' 84 '4 No Pac 5614 Oliver F 414 Otis St is"4 Pac O E 48» Packard 11 ?! Para Pub PR the Penlck Ford Penn Phil Pet Proe Gam Pub Ser N J Pullman Radio Rad I? O Rem Rand Reo Rep Stl Rey Tob B Roy Dutch St L San P Sears R Shell U Simmons . Sinclair Skelly So Pac ] So Pr Sug So Rail Stand Brds St G B St Oil Cal St oil N J St Oil N Y Stew Warn Slons Web stude Sunerror Oil Tex Corp TV* Ruir s\tl Trrn Roll B 1'nior. Carb Tin Pac I'nil A Ire U n i t CiR H u l l Corn Unit G E U S Ind Ale U S R u b ·U S Smelt U S Sleel Ut P Lgt A Vanadium Wabash Ward Bak A Warn Fix W Mary West A i r West F, Sc Mfg Willys Ov Woolworth 12-\ 86 i.- t 3»i 3'i 57ii YM'TZ 'W.- CHICAGO STOCKS. CHICAGO. Feb. 20. Beatrice Cream 79 M-w Ut 6 pfd Cen Pub f - A :Vi Nat Stand Cities Set ' l'"^ Quaker Oats Cont Chic cii.s 8 Rath Pack Gr Lakes Alrc 2% Std Dredging Grtgsby-Grunow 4',i stelnlle Insull Ut Inv 46 Swift Co Kell Switch 4 ? i , Swift I n t l Llbby McNeil 13 U S Gypsum Majestic H'hold 41i Ulll Ind Mid-West Util 24 Zenith SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied by LASISON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building. Telephone No. 7 NEW YORK STOCKS r Am Bk N 60Vi Inland Steel 70 V; Am Bk S 36V1 Kelv Corp 13V i Am Cr P 35% Lambert C 82/J Am Metal 22 Liq Car Cp' 531.'. i. Am Tob 115^ Math Alkali 27% A Z L, S 6',i McK Rob 14 e; Arm C B 2'S Muns W I 29% As Dry Gds 27 1 '. J^ev Cons C 13'i Baldwin Lo 24% N Y A Bk 23H, Briggrs M C 21% Otis Steel 15'!' Bur Add M 30 U Pathe Excg-e 2V Bush Term 30 Oil Co lO'/JT Butte C Z 1% Pur Bak C 47% Com Credit 20% Reo GrncJ Oil 85s Com Solv 20 H Reo Motors 8?i Cont Motors 3«i St Jo Lead SOU Cont Oil 10% Schulte R S 5% Cream of W 29% So Calif Sdi 51.% Cud Pack 45 Stand Brnd 19% Cur Wgh p 05i Superior Oil I*'. David Chem 21H Telau Corp 20 Frst Natl S 53 Vi Tobac Prod 2% Fisk Rubber Vanadium Gen Mills 46-"4 West Myld I75J Her Cho C 94% W Union 143V- Indian Ref 3% Vfrig Jr Co 741.4 NEW YORK CURB QUOTATIONS. Am F P Co. 24',i Hud B II S 55i Am ? El 80 Humble Oil 67% Am Sup P 14% Niag- Hud 12',', A r k N a t G A G ' i Nides-B-P 20\' 4 A G El A 20% N Am Aviat 8. Can Marconi 3% Pennr Corp 7% Cons Auto Md ', S O Ind 35 'i Deforest Rad 4% s O Ky 22'), Eisler El 4!s Trans Anr T 4 i El Bd Sh 53% United G 10'/ 7ord M of C 26% Un L P A 29'A ?ord M of E 18 Util P L, 13% Fox Theat A 5% Vacuum Oil 66 CHICAGO STOCKS. Allied Mo In 2',3 Gr-Grunow 4 U Aub A Co. 199 Morgan Lita 7 Sendix A C 24 U Nation Leath 1 Bonr-War C 28% Nat Stand 31 "i Butler Bros 5% Quak .Oats 161% Cont Chi C 8 Unit Corp 9^ Chicago Inv 3% Util Ind C 8'4 Corp Co 10V z U S R T 30{ Gt Lakes Air 2% MINNEAPOLIS STOCK. F Bk Stk C 22% MINNEAPOUS GRAIN MARKET CASH SALES. Flax 154 to 158 v A famous ad writer says any man can break the record by keeping at it long enough. This ig especially true of the record for longevity.-(Fort Worth St

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