The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 12, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, November 12, 1913
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THE GETTYSB TIMES. VcL XL No. 502. Gettysburg. PSL, Wednesday, Xtnembtr 12th, 1913. Price liro Cwti, -SWEAT FOR MEN--WOMEN and C H I L D 50 cts To S7.oo. EcKerts Store " ON THE SQUARE." INSPECTED JAIL MANYDEER'AP? AND AIMS HOUSPON THE MOONTAIN! OF HENRY OASES ] Brand Jury TeHsBfDanjsrGas Bridg-] Seer Hunting Clubs and Indiyiduals Editorial in PhHade'phia Paper Says 1 es on the Baltimore Pike. Sajsj Kili Many Fine Bucks during the: it was the Proper Ending to an! CARLISLE LAWYER SAPPEARED Jail 2nd Alms House are Credit toj their Keepers, , \ Opening Days cf tbe Season. Cashtswn Bets Two. * £ | V/hile complaints are being register-! Many deer are falling tefore the ^ ed by oSicials concerning- the contii- j prowess cf the hunter* on St,-uih i lions cf the jails and alms houses in; ilountein. | various parts cf the S^ate, Adams: Sanruel Shultz and John Lower, of 1 County's institutions are found to be \ the Cashtown Deer Camp bhoi SL two ! in the very best of shape and a credit j prong, IcO pound buck o:: Tuesday. i to the management. The November . A. W. Cole, also of the Cashtoivn TT T T * i*i *-T"fr t IT* T T T*"^ A T T^ T" 1 WALTER 5 THuATRE TO-NIGHT Mae LaPorte Stock Co., Presents 'THE WHITE SISTER" Pornilar Price* 1", ^"» 3'· and-» cent?. Doors Oj*_-n 7.3» Certain $.-*) C1AIIT PEOPLE'S DEHJ STO!:F.. o'clock t Court grand jury visited both the jail; Club this morning shot a j and the alms house and presented a prcng buck. ; Hattering report on Tuesday. The re~| James C. Cole, of the Are! [port in full was as follows: [Camp shot a iZQ pound, r.vo · To the Honorable Court: ; buck Monday morning S.L 7 The Grand Jury of their own per- . One shot did the work. I sonal knowledge present the following John H. Bowers, of Waynesboro. I bridges on the Baltimore Pike as being shot a 175-pound spike buck on Tties- ! unsafe and dangerous: Rock Creek, .day. He is with the Monterey club, · White Run, Two Taverns, near Yoost's which is camped near Newmans on the .Store, at Mud College school house, |Chambersburg Gettysburg tum- Unfortunate Occurrence. Ar.niver- sar/ not Marred. The Philadelphia Press snakes this editorial comment over the disposition of the Henry cases: The high!v successful celebration of Chester C. Basnore Last Heard from in Montana. Mother-in-law's Name Said to have been Forged on Sate. ^ A petition was filed in Cumberland County Court by E. II. BiddSe, Jr.. attorney for Mrs. M. J. Bcsler, wealthy of Chester C. Bashore, judgment entered tnat a the fiftieth anniversary of the Battle askin of Gettysburg was marred by a single' against Mrs. Bosler for a note untoward episode, the stabbing cf | Sl,100 by the First National Bank of i or ;e four nine persons by Wiiiianj C. Henry,' NewvIHe, be opened on the formerly of Virginia. Just why he was j that the name of Mrs. Bosler on moved to run amuck on this occasion' note Is a forgerv. The note has prong j did not appear a*, the time, but ail are I the names of Mrs. M. J. ground 'n the on it Bosler and now willing to regard It as a tempor- i Chester C- Bashore. It is dater Sep- ary aberration of mind. None of the· tember 2y, and was Issued for thirty injuries had serious results, Henry Is; days. reoentant and all Is forgiven. Chester C. Bashore is a prominent Henry had many powerful friends · lawyer of Carlisle, and he left there from the South to Intercede for him i on Monday. October 6, after telling ar.d the general sentiment, which con- [ his wife, who was Miss Fleeda Bosler. trolled the situation -,vas a desire that | that, he was going to New York to look LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS CsrrsspooiJents send in Many Items cfjnieresting News firm their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief 'terns. P H O T O P L A Y ! : LI: BIS sfeuc OVER THE CRIB A bachelor adopts A lkl ! c- ;rir! and i.iru? a. nurs to lj-jk :ift«-r 1= very ehanishi-jr and the barhelor juj.rrit.-s hvr. AX Al'ACHE'S GRATITUDE The brave wife of a frontier Doctor saves an liullaa. and he-, her an'l her family. THE WOULD ABOVE The I tivated b_ \vben she ices :he raan druak -Le c- Show star-is G.30 Ring Creek and two near the Mary- ; p:ke. land line, and also a dangerous ford- · Harvey Smith, Goods Siding, nothing further should occur to mar: for a new position. Onlv once since he ! ing at the Cress Run on the Bocneau- brought down his deer on Tuesday, the harmony and good understanding J left has any word come from him and of that great anniversary. It celebrat- · that was on a post card mailed from a ed a battle, but It also cemented na- _ railroad station in Montana, close tc tional ties and national feeling and j the Canadian border. It Is said that brought together representatives of · the card Intimated in subs'cance that he Nor'ch and South in friendly rivalry. ' would be away for some time- It was s. pity that the serenity of j For some weeks there have been iilie Road where a bridge Is needed. . near the Pearl of the Park. Mon: Alto. And that we visited the Jail and ' It was a 2-prong buck. Mr. Smith was | Alms House in all their departments . hunting by himself. ESSAXAY land find everything in excellent condi- , Charies E. Bonner, 18-year old son Lubin ! 's-ion, being well kept, clean and of the -.veil-known fruit grower, ;jc-r. Tlit- nurse ; healthful, being a credit to the sheriff. ' Charles O. Bonner, shot a spike bud ! steward and keepers, with the excep- Sslig ' tion of the bath tubs in the old men's · Tuesday near Tarburner spring about 9 o'clock morning. It weighed S9 Idle rich man and hi= wiiV live ;ip stair^ :md the janitor's danuhter is cap- i y Uwir be«:tifal aparrriicr.;.-, .md w hat .she thinks '-heavenly Use", but | THANKSGIVING DAY GOOD In return, smes-aad old women's departments at the; poor.cs. An older brother saw a deer. I Alms House. We deem i't necessary · Monday, while hunting, and sent a Essanay j ^ha^ new - ones be placed In their stead. : load of shot after it but did not get IV, C. B. Dougherty, foreman, i The Spr.crt club, to which a number At Tuesday's session of Court the , of Waynesboro men belong, saw nine __ ! following cases were nol prossed, the J does and two bucks on the forge bot- ' nts ' costs in each instance to be paid by itom, near Glen Fnraey, Tuesday. Mem- the county. Henry Gofr. charged with bers shot at the bucks^but: did no'-, get ce THES'GS Ere not ali iimneu to tn:r:^2 to eat. however cnjojEbla thiy ir.i:y be. Thsra rre s!so g^oc rhrr.ijs to vrear. especially tUcsz rr.z'.'-. d;u ::i *_h"se essentials !"k crcvV s. j^Ic". es. handkerchiefs, fgficy vsscs ~'.A '"s'.sry ;lr.3 lint. which all go to make '_p the I'r.s of S-c-ocs as sold as f jr.ii.-lilr.c- -Ssifg-- jror.'s have an excernlsn.:':} The Qusiuy Shop Y.'ILL M- SELIOMAN The Cash Tailsr i assault and ba'ttery; Walter A. Small. · then: j furnishing liquor to minors: E. \ John Talhalm. Shady Grove, who. ! Toddes, selling adulterated food- i vrith several other hunters from Shadv · RPV. Frederick C. J. Sternat. was i Grove are In camp near Caledonia. | naturalized as an American citizen.' brought down a buck on Green Ridge. ! Rev. Mr. Sternat. who is now pastor ! Elmer 3icLaugh!i2r and Sherman j of the Lutheran churenes at Abbotts- i Carr. of Waynesboro.'btme sear get.- j owTi and East Berlin, vras brought to ! ting a buck. Monday: on Green Ridee j this country from Austria by his par- -above Roadside. They saw-the buck ar j ents when he was less than two years; quite a distance and shot several umes j of age. His father was never natural- j at it but did not bring it down. After ized and as a result It was necessary chasing the animal through the forest. for him to go through the form of be- j they los~ trace of ic and returned j coming a regular American citizen. ! home empty-handed. .£. wounded deer I A number of divorce cases came be- | ran down the Me'ntzer Gap road and {fore the Court a"c this Nevember ses- ; turned off toward Rouzsrvllle and It Is that occasion was in any curbed, but It Is wise and make little of it. so 'chat which was beautiful, patriot: spiring in thac great reunion long remain in znemory- degree dis- l - many stories about Bashore's absence, proper to 1 None of the rumors ever got into the only that; newspapers though the judgment was d in- · entered againsc the note some weeks shall I ago. In the petition filed reference tc VIRGINIA MILLS Virginia Mills--Mrs. Fred Xintle and daughter, Ruth, are spending some time at the home of her parents, Mr. o.nd Mrs. John Kauffman, of Favette-.-Il!e, R. D. Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Kepner and children, Ellis and Mae, and Miss Daisy Currens, all of Fairneld Station, were Sunday visitors at home of Mr. ind Mrs. J. S. Currens. Mrs. Maurice Lightner and children, Madeline and Ruth, are now spending seme time with her parents, Mr, and Mrs. James Daywalt, of Fave'ttevilie R. D. John Kint. of Gettysburg R. D., spent Sunday with friends and relatives at this place. Messrs. Maurice Lightner and Ueorge Kint spent Saturday In Waynesboro. Miss Goidie Currens spent Friday .vith her sister, Daisy Currens, at 7airfie!d Station. Miss Bertha Watson, of Roadside, s now spending some rime at the home of James Mickley at this place. SURPRISE PART ·_-. 5 i s:on. I believed this Is the back · In the case of Alfred A_ Kemper vs . Laughlin and Carr hit. i Myrtle B. Kemper a subpoena vras [ awarded returnable January 26. 1914. i J. Donald Swope Esq. ·was appointed commissioner to take tesrimonv In the northeast of the Ir.n. Messrs- Mc- the alleged forgery Is made. A few days before Bashore left his wife made the discovery that her | name had been forged in 1907 to a Surprise j note cluing f or §1.200. It was found i thac 'chis note was kept under cover . . . , daring that time, the interest charges A verv enjovaoie suronse oartv:, - :, ° -- ·* -- » ·-- -- 1 r\rii «r»- TV* ear i-Tr»»ir»ft*- ** nrl f-fr**"i v»*x*-n V.MI«.«. Mrs. Philip Hartzel Given a on her BIrthdav. was held at the home cf Philip Hartzel j In honor of his wife's birthday on Saturday evening. Those present were. Philio Hartzel and wife. Harrv Haro- i being met annually and the note being renewed- It was not until a few days before Bashore left that his knew of the note's existence. Some time ago Bashore purchased i.*.^ -- ^L C,i-\S. »k iJ. ^. V - i l i i O U J f J i i C t V^ LiiOC. XilU * ~ f_ * t T_ "if . . - . . - . _ . , , " , - - T T i nisnea ov the wire and onlv recent'v wire.Orie HecKenluber and wire. Harrv- . ,. ." . . . . nn - Bluebaugh and wire. Blalne and wife. Dale Enouse and wife, Ralph j Knouse and "vd£e. George Fohl and · wife. C. G- Tavloi. Mrs. Jack Miller. Mrs- " ' J Mrs. Reed. Myrtle Orner. Ruth Reed-Esther | _ - I he sold it for S4.-500. Beamer' WANT S50.000 Simon Orner. Mrs. Marie Reed. | Carlisle «I1I Try to Raise Etta Rummel. Misses Emma ! Hospital. §50.000 for Sarah Miller. Helen Rhea Om- Monday the hands of the big on the front at Carlisle, begin to mark oil the thousands ·1 Kigh grade Paper, Eaton Crane and Berlin Jones ** 1 Stock usual prLe 25. 35 and 39015. s. £ Now "\ *7 i -*-w-»*--»»»«j»j»-wt* V.A. tw ttiivi^ l_tf^ t^lliiUIi V !·_. L,ii^. I » - v * -- t-ii^dOi/ \Ji. L^iC i _ - I i . J.Sj V* C " U*"^U * J.V 1 = | case of Annie R. Dixon vs W/R. DIx- ' pounds, and had four prongs. It wls i ?5' A f !L a Orner IsabelleHec = Jon. i killed shortlv after II o'clock Mo-cav I Kazei - Kn ° U5e ' lle ^ rs - £a " = J Adam J. 3Ivers vs Qara J. Mvers. ; morning. " " ' Roy Fissei. Err.est rair. Roy - -* 5 , - I h^«* .'^.l.l^I.. *-lT^id* x^ Xviic:*^. V^l-Ii- 1 * . ., , . . . ·weighed ilu ! . ,. _ . , . _ , , , cr dohars as thev are contributed tc ,, _ -, i er. Anna Orner. isaDelle HecKeruuber,:. , , ,, , _ . . · . , . , ox I Subpoena a-svarded. returnable the : j fourth iibnday in -January. 1914. ', · Mary Runkle TMs Mansheim Ruhkle. ; : Subpoena avcarded returnable the i fourth Monday In January 1914. Knouse.; 03- Hecken- '. _ . _ luber. Guv Kartrel. Dale Hartsei. Roy Sur.cay v.-as a Dig mghz at the Cash- Harl=eL j ohn Hartzel . Harrv : help buiid Carlisle's new hospital. ihe ten-day campaign for the new building will open on Monday. No- es · Ings cf JTchn C- Orr.dorff vs Emma E. Omdonr. A subpoena was awarded at tense attention by their szories of 1 "Kovr ti-e Won the Pennant" and many return- j other thrilling- base ball stories. Sun- n. artr.i ! Eov Heckenl - jber . AHen Mil!er . - · vember 1 i and will continue for 1C days, closing Thursday evening November 27. Thanksgiving Day During , that time It is proposed to raise b\ subscription. S50.000 to be used for the erection of a new hospital for the . town. Tbe Rev. G- M. DIffenderfer. D- D. . has been selected as campaign man- ARENDTSYILLE Arendtsville--Mrs. Howard Funt las mox-ed Into her new house ia this olace tha't she purchased from John F. Bushey. Mrs. David G. Minter has improved aer property, formerly the Alfred A. \Vierrnan home, near this town. She~ idded two porches to the house and lad cement walks put down. The barn sas been remodeled and all the build- ners nicely painted which adds much o the beauty of che home- Mrs. David Nary has a young In- iian Runner duck that was hatched ast April. It began laying on October 13th. Mr. and Mrs. William G. Warren and James Long, of Harrisburg, were -acenc visitors among relatives here. Mr. Warren purchased two building ots on Main street in this town and sill build a house on one of them next spring. McSHERRYSTOWN McSherrystown---The banns of matrimony between William Noel, of Bon- r.eauville and Miss Regina Hocken- =mith, of Brushtown, were published "or the first time in S't- Mary's church, on Sunday. Miss Bemadette Kritchen, a grad- ;atfe of the York School of Business. las accepted a position as stenog- ·apher and bookkeeper at the nevr vire cloth factory in York. The pool season has now opened and manager Leo Brady, of the Y. M. A. \., has picked a s'crong team for the season's campaign, composed of the following well known players, Joe ··I n::i!Ii!!!IiHiI[HI!IIIii!IIli!i:!il!i:i:!!mn»r;!l'!H'!:jI!:;;i!I!l!;:t!!I!l!lii;:.l!!!!::!:iIIIiii;:i Hit;;; E j able the fourth Monday In January In day was the la^t day for Harry Davis j Tn T? ^crc- . -. I T ° RA ^ E A 3l YOUR - TURKEY - D Will taste better if you have a N E W S U I T O R O V E R C O A T 4 on Thanksgiving Day. \Ve have a large variety of choice fabrics at prices to suit everybody. j. ** * J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. :the case of 3Irs. Grace 31. ; Clinton E. Davis. Davis vs ; for Gettysburg for some time as he re- San Francisco and Other Sections CHILDREN SCALDED turned to Philadelphia on Mor.dav, Over 2».000 hunters are cut after i ; dec; In Pennsylvania this -«eek ' to Help Lincoln Highnav. ' ager and will be In charge of head- ] Srady. Curtis Little, George Weaver " quarters- md Soberc Wierman. He has completed arrangements for a series of four sames with a Lancaster team. Two of ,hese games will be played here ana BANQUET o Young Children Receive Painful T - - , ..- , -. _ · Injuries from -Rater a«d Coffee. ter^ Oj. L se b-.a^e Game Cornrn-s- . s ; on who .- g probab!y , he bgst pogwd Members of tha Automobile Club of · onhern California are perfecting inns to raise a million dollars In that late fur the Lincoln Highway. Vari- Normal SJudents will Hold Reunion at Garden Auditorium. daughter of TM an ° n fccndn S in the stale who 'ous means -»vili be adopted. Cl-b merr.- .%vo Irs zha; city. The first game will be played next week. _ - William Wagaman. of Oxford Road, The Adams County Shippensburg i v s relieved of several bushels of coal Ciu'= will rrold Its annual banquet nest ! ?rom his coal-shed, one evening last ;, c Tuesday nig-ht. after the Institute entertainment, at the Garden AudStor- _ :ur:i. All former students of the Cum- ·-jj^ dav last week haa the misfortune' *" ' ' ' to fall backward into a bucket of boil- i lnan kisown iast year is larger I cares, ihe supervisor? and the mayor the doctor ' of San Francisco have also accepted .veek. The oniy clue he could iind was i iadies" handkerchief left In the shed. u'her. interviewed by his friends he ·aid the lady could have the handker- berland Valley Normal are cordially Invrted. Tha new principal. Dr. Leh- j -:'.!ef If she returned the coal. man. will be present, and a good time Is in Store. Teachers are requested tc get thesr tickets as early as possible COMING SHOW who have established ! share of the work in public lands through ! highvray. permits from the forestry authorities ' PREVENTION OF DISEASES-BEING THE PRACTICAL ·' in f^^ ,. i 2«^TS i Margaret Mary, the 2-year-old: ". v e AIM; DR. HUDSON^S LIQUID CONDITIONER i daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Smith,: , .. _ . . _ I of M.. Rock, was scalded on the face !, easily b/J °° are n TMnng on state I DHOULD PROVE OF GREAT VALUE TO THE FARMER, breast and richt arm bv snmin^ a ; ; a n ? 3 " h o are Damping elsewhere.": rn- of }v]'Ti- mi r »c. ;-."-- ^ "" ^r, -saic the comm-ss'oner. i HAPPY RESULTS Will FOLLOW - 3 BOTTLES For $1.00: ing. Dr A. c Sts " the ak^d^ 1 " TKls *TM? of ha »ters is. maybe, a: iutie over half of the others who are ' Wanting on lands not embraced in the } state preserves. Maybe It is half of the number cf hunters. Thanks to the op- ', tne on Monday in order that those maklr.r i \rendtsville will have a Corn. Fruit : arrangements may know about ho\\ many to expect. TO ELECT PASTOR OLDFASHIOND JOLASSES TAFFY Almond TaiTy; 50 ceats ib., Buttemnt Taffy, 5C' cerus ib., Pcanrst Taffy. i · mg. Dr. A. ' nh vsician. Dr. Stock Prominently Spoken of for ; HEARING CASE and Vegetable Show. Carlisle Punit. cne MARRIAGE LICENSES Peailut'BrijfUe. 10'cenu Ib. I^c Creaaj Taffies. 1O cents IK--Fresb , 1'ermJt to Wed Issued by CJerk of the \ p^ation of Jaw. the number of deer £ At a n:eet:nir of -he council of .ulhsran church. Car:»i=le, H %va» sc-js'y ceo:.'ied to recommend for a hearir.s? the Rev. JDr. A. R. i ne ArendtsviHe Grange will hold a ·om. fruit and vegetable show. Sat- irday. November 22nd. Grange mem- | 'jers and others are invited to bring this j -shlbits not later than 2:00 p. m. Rib- i ^on prizes will be given. Everyone in- T7~ T . J vited. v ;ewers appointee by -Judge fewope at Mc- 1 Pike Case on in 3IcConnellsburs Week. Courts. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN PURE A marriage license was issued this i Indiscriminately. They can onlv mornlng by Clerk of the Courts Ol- j bucks with visible horns. Last ·v .have Increased because people can no Steck. pastor 01 uiuon i.utr.eran j longer go out and kill does and fawns Church at York. Pr. Sleek has been at :n Fuitor, Cou^zy are silting Cornellsburg in the case of the Com- iror.wea'.th vs. the Cnambersbur Bedford Turnpike Co. While on their way to ilcConr.eilsDarg two of the State Hisrhway automobiles stuck in COMING MEETING Straban To-i»-nship Teachers to Fridav ox-o FEEDi kjij . Yont for about 10 years and \va? for- vea- "-erly pastor of S-_ James Church. ; inger to Dr. Linlfred L. Cooper, of Ty- ' were about 800 bucks killed In [Getty?bjrg. ; the sr.oxv we*, of McConnellsbarg. In j Rocky Grove School, ·rone, and Miss Mary Edna Miller. j Pennsylvania and there should be a Immediately after this sermon Novt j, e mac h:nes were a number of State | ship. Friday evening:. good kili this year, as deer have been ember 2':, an election will be held for Highway employes who were witness- a successor to Dr. G. M. DifFenderfer. · es ; :l *v, e case. Meet teachers" meeting will be held at Straban town- 1, For sale by RICE PRODUCE CO, BIGLERVILLE. D.-y Poulty Mash Cane Molasses Swine Cane MolasSe? Ilor?e and Mnle Cane Molas-es Dairy Call" Meal. Manufactured bv TheXrw Ovfnnl Puro Ft-fnl Co. "New O\foi\l, P.i. DOLLAR excursion to Baltimore, j November 22, account Johns Hopkins- 1 Gettysburg foot ball game. Leave Gettysburg 7:15, Baltimore 11:30. Will i stop at intermediate stations.- vertisement l -ad- SKATE at Garden Auditorium, afternoon .and evening.--advertisement 1 numerous" continued the doctor, "Last year there were about 70 does resigned. killed and I'm sorry to say that more were killed in the South Mountain re- ! FOR SALE: good family mare, SPECIAL: we have received a largo fearless of all road objects. Address C. Adams, Cumberland and Frank! line of children's, ladies' and men's Times office. -- advertisement lin counties -- than in any o'cher part winter coats also boys' and men's fall of the s t a t e . W e are keeping a watch 'suits. Special prices on large rugs 9 x j NOTICE: Haines' .98 to $1.98 shoe _ on the killing of does this year and 12, linoleum and sweaters. G. H. ' store will close at 6 p. m. except SaY- mean to break it up if we can.' Knouse, Biglorville.ndvertisement 1 · urday.--advertisement WANTED: a settled woman to assist in light housework. A good home .vith a lady and satisfactory wages. Apply 103 McSherrystown avenue, Hanover, Pa.--advertisement" 1 LOST: black Angora cat Five dollars reward if returned to '554 Balti- SPAPLRl 1 Cmore street.--advertisement' WSPAPfcRI

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