The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 15, 1934 · Page 9
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 15, 1934
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

MARCH 15 I 1934 MASON crry GLOBE-GAZETTE Visitors Prom Hubbard. LEDYARD--Mr. and Mrs. William Gelhaua, Sr., and Mr. and Mrs. William GelhauB, Jr., Fred Leraiers and Henry Engleking, all of Hubhard, were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. August Gelhaus. Mrs. August Gelhaus baa been in poor health for several months and is in a. serious condition at her home. Elected by Auxiliary. CRESCO--Dr. George Kessel and daughter, Miss Gertrude Kessel, were host and hostess Saturday eve- ning, March 10, to the woman's auxiliary to the Howard county Medical society. Mrs. C. F. Snopek was elected president; Mrs. W. A. Bookoven, vice president and Mrs. L. W. Clark of Cheater, secretary-treasurer. Visitors From Canada. IONIA--Mr. and Mrs. Joe CJem- ens have returned from Canada and are here at the home of their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Louie Ried and family. They have been living near Winnipeg. Their son, Frank Clemens and wife, who have also been living up there came back with them and are visiting relatives near North Washington. Frenchman Honored for Research Work BRUSSELS, March 15. UB--Prof. Georges Henry Lemaitre, famous for his theory of the "expansion of the universe, 1 ' was awarded today the Francqui prize of 500,000 francs (about $32,500) for research work in astrophysics. LOOK WHERE THEY PUT ME AN D ALL ON ACCOUNT DIGNE OF THATMEDIGNE 4* *. t ·«· t » t -^r -"-'V-' ; .*''-;.i".'J:."!-i, SMELL ! ···········^^^^ SALE - OF STEVEN'S SHOE STOCK (Combined with purchases of ne ^ Spring Merchanjse) purchased from the District Court of Iowa and MUST BE SOLD AT ONCE. We have only a few days to dispose of this stock. Every pair has been marked for quick sale. We are sorry that the huge crowds made it impossible for you to be waited upon--but we have re-assorted our stock and unpacked many shoes which space did not permit us to display before. 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Other Merchandise Priced Accordingly SALE AT STEVENS SHOE STORE 105 NORTH FEDERAL AVE. Plan to Adjust Debts Is Under Way in North Iowa Water Soap Curds Cause of Body Odor New Way Ends It Instantly Leave* No M.S.("r±!n Lots of people still try to end body odor by substituting another odor just as bad! Rather ridiculous,, isn't k ? Especially when the real cause of body odor is not on the surface but deep in the pores! Here's what happens when you bathe with ordinary toilet soaps in this hard water. A sticky soap-scum forms all over your body. It works into the pores, and dams up stale perspiration. Happily, a way has now been discovered to end body odor at its source. --By deep-pore cleansing with free-lathering, odorless Kirk's Castile. Kirk's Castile, being a 100% pure vegetable oil soap, lathers abundantly, even in hard, cold water. It goes deep into the pores, mixes with the stale perspiration curds and sets them free. In a twinkling your body is as fresh and clean-smelling as a woodland breeze 1 "A Hard Water Miracle"-"yi Gallon, OKI., citizen. Gallon watar U In tha itotal Try Kirk's Coco Castile today. It's odorless. And half again larger than --..miL-m. average t o i l e t soapi--an excep- ' f "Btsure to«8k"ior Kirk's by name. OCEANS OF UTHER-E.EI II HARD, COLO WATER Representatives of 14' Counties Attend Meeting. By AKTHCB PICKFOBD Globe-Gazette Farm Editor An assembly or serious minded men completely filled the Hi-Y room in the Y. M. C. A. building on Wednesday. There were fanners, bankers, insurance men, debtors and creditors drawn from 14 counties of north central Iowa, met as members of boards of counciliatlon whose work is to endeavor to find some just ground of settlement between farm debtors and creditors. This is a state wide movement In Iowa and in 37 other states. In Iowa, Gov. Clyde L. Herring appointed a committee of 25 which includea members of all farm organizations, bankers, insurance men and college professors to formulate a plan ot action. Other Meetings Held. Meetings similar to this one are being held in several parts of the state at which the plan of action is discussed. It is distinctly stated that there is no law behind these efforts No one gets any pay for the work. It is just a friendly effort to fino a just and equitable way to g'ev farmers and their creditors out ot the mess, in which the eruption ol war put them. Merritt Greene, assistant state chairman of the Farm Debt Advisory board, opened the meeting by telling of the formation of the organization and its purpose and then introduced Alvin T. Anderson ol Washington, D. C., who has hao much experience in the work such organizations in other states. By means of charts he showed graphically the relation of incom to debt In the years from 1914 to th present time. The shrinkage of farm income had changed a debt which wag not relatively large in 1920 t one which was an impossibility wit the farm income of 1929 and on. Not Regarded Serious. Lenders were as much to blam as borrowers for the present situa Uon and they are beginning to rea ize that fact. Had farm incomes re rnained relatively as high ther would have been no depression. H stated that the mortgage debt o Manhattan Island was larger than that on all the farms in the Uniter. Fat Girls! Here's A Tip For You All over the world Kruiieneh Salts is AppJilUngJtQ.girls and. wpmen.who strive for an attractive," free from fat figure that cannot fail : ; to win admiration. Here's the recipe that banishes fat and brings into blossom all the natural attractiveness that every woman possesses. Every morning take one-half teaspoon of Kruschen Salts in a glass of hot water before breakfas':.. Be sure and do this every morning for "It's the little daily dose that takes off the fat" and brings "that Kruschen feeling" of energetic health and activity that Is reflectec in bright eyes, clear skin, cheerfu 1 vivacity and charming figure. Get an 85c bottle of Kruschen Salts at Huxtable Drug Co., or Michael Drug Co., or any drug store (lasts 4 weeks)---you must be sat isfled with results or money back. States but that was not regarded as serious condition there. Most of these contracts to pay debts were made at or near the high point in prices and the debtors are now asked to pay them off at the lowest point in farm income. Creditors made the same mistake thai debtors made. They loaned too much. Creditors generally, do not want the land. They realize that the family sized farm operated by the owner is the ideal condition for country it'e. Want to Hang on. Now that land is again appreciat- ng in value and price of farm pro- ucts are rising there are many armers who are willing to hang on while longer if there can be some djustment made and the time of ayment deferred. These boards of conciliation are or the purpose of bringing the debtor and creditor together in a pirit of fairness, each laying all nis cards on the table and willing to lo what is just, fair -and possible under present conditions. The weight of public opinion 9 on the side of compromise where it s possible. Each case is a different problem and calls for special study. Two Types Evident. In general, the adjustments of debts will be two types: Composition and extension. A composition is the combining of all existing debts under a single farm mortgage. This may be done with loans obtained from the Federal land bank (including the commissioner's loan), or from an insurance company, a mortgage company, or any other agency or individual willing to combine, all existing indebtedness into one debt. Frequently a marked "scaling down" of existing obligations will be required when such a reduction is involved. The proper priority of indebtedness must be carefully considered. Experience dictates no set rules regarding the proper priority of claims to the current farm income. However, experience does indicate that preference should be given to necessary family expense, cash farm-operating costs, taxes, and interest on first-mortgage indebtedness, in about this order and Before other obligations. State laws will affect the priority of rights in ·some instances. Very often the local bar association will be willing to name a committee to advise the county farm-debt adjustment committee on legal questions. Extension agreements will be advisable in many Instances when creditors are unwilling to work out a composition agreement, but they "are oot%'Uisd: disposal ,o£ tiie case. Most frequently an extension agreement will lie a plan for the distribution of the current farm income among the various creditors for an agreed length of time. Such an arrangement will prevent such occur- ences as foreclosure of farm or chattel mortgages, taking judgment on a note, or the payment of available income to the wrong creditor. Such an agreement in a sense "freezes" the existing indebtedness and provides for the distribution of the income available for creditors on an equitable basis. This may best be done on a percentage basis. When such a suggestion is accepted by the creditors it should be legally stated as a suggestion is accepted by the creditors it should be legally stated HAIR COMBED THIS WAY STAYS ARRANGED! 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The more ImporUnt types of agreements follow: Reconstruction of farm mortgages: The debt difficulties of many farm debtors exist because open accounts, delinquent taxes, interest, and other items, normally paid from the current farm Income, have accumulated. This accumulation has become so large that it is necessary to spread it over a period of years. Frequently a creditor is willing to continue the first mortgage, if the debtor can obtain a commissioner's loan to take up the minor debts. A scale-down may be necessary to permit refinancing with a commissioner's loan. A first-mortgage holder may be willing to rewrite his mortgage, especially when not excessive, by incorporating in it the delinquent interest and principal payments. Sometimes he may take up the minor indebtedness where the junior creditors settle on a scaled-down basis. The first-mortgage holder may be willing to carry this larger loan in order to retire junior creditors and remove the danger of chattel-mortgage foreclosure. The first-mortgage holder may require a chattel mortgage to protect himself and the debtor. Adjust Bute*. Adjustment of interest rates: A cut in the interest rate is as effective as scaling down the principal of the mortgage in reducing the amount the debtor must pay. Frequently creditors may accept a lower interest rate temporarily, pending the adjustment of prices on a more permanent basis. A flexible rate of interest which varies with the general price level is one means of adjusting payments to provide a comparable debt burden from year to year as prices change. The flexible interest-rate plan may also include a larger payment of principal in years of unusually good prices. Payment based upon accounts: The amount of money a distressed farm debtor is able to pay his creditors currently may form a basis for adjustment. This requires a careful anatysts of the debtor's accounts, showing his needs for family expense, for farm operations, and for taxes. A division of the remaining current income available to pay creditors should be on the basis of an extention agreement with his creditors. The payment of a certain percentage to each creditor may be most satisfactory. Some ferm-debt adjustment committees may be asked to be the final judge of the account submitted under this form of agreement. When the debtor is honest and a skillful farm operator, his creditors are likely to obtain more under this plan than if he were displaced by a less skillful tenant through foreclosure. In any, extension agreement, the jjjan .of adjustment should be legally drawn. Adjustable payments: Adjustable payments which vary with, changes in the general price level are relatively new in the United States, but are receiving consideration by many creditors. The more common types of adjustment include payments based upon (a) the current price of a given amount of product; (b) a share of the actual production of a farm and (c) an index basis. Based on Prices. (a) Payments based on the current price of a. fixed amount of commodities puts the annual payment in accord with the price level of farm products sold. Thus the payments can be met with less difficulty under all price conditions than fixed cash payments. A disadvantage is that the plan does not consider the variations in annual production, due to seasonal conditions- (b) Payments based upon a share of the actual production of the farm are acceptable to many local creditors who are confident the debtor will make a fair division. A debtor should be able to pay at least as much for taxes and interest on his mortgage indebtedness as he would normally pay in rent. (c) The payment of either interest or mortgage principal on an index basis assumes that an index will be available for the local price of farm products. In many states such an index is prepared each year by the state agricultural college. This plan has some disadvantages. The prices of different farm products do not behave alike. The proportion of products sold from some farms is very different from that on other farms in the same community. Also, the plan is unjust to debtors in years when high prices result from low yields. All of these types of payment protect the debtor in times of unfavorable farm prices. Also the creditor is protected, for the payments are in keeping with prices and can be more effectively en forced in years of low prices. Whei the payment of a definite sum o money is required, a debtor may bt unable to meet the full payment and therefore delay unnecessarily in making any payment. Assign Lease. Assignment of lease: In some 0 the distressed farm-mortgage case where the farm is not occupied by the debtor, the assignment of th farm lease to the creditors Is a typ of temporary adjustment suggested The assignment of lease protects th creditor in any controversy as t the collection of rents and th things which the lease requires o the landlord such as fencing, tiling or building improvements. The ten ant is usually required to sign th assignment. His signature should b witnessed. Under this plan the taxe will be paid from the rental incom l and the remainder applied upon th delinquent and current payments - j s ' -st. Grant of possession: A grant o possession frequently is given in se ious debt cases. This gives the en tire management control of th property to the creditor who, in a corciance with the agreement drawn Is usually required to pay. firs taxes: second, insurance: third, u keep and necessary improvements; fourth, cost of necessary seed; and fifth, if any surplus, the interest or principal on the debt. While this gives almost complete control-of the property to the creditor, the debtor still retains the record title and has the right to sell the farm to clear his Indebtedness at any time. Farmers Back Move. Dewey Gilbert of Hardin county, who is a strong member of the United Farmers, spoke heartily in favor of this movement and told of the remarkable success that had been achieved in this county through bringing debtor and creditor together. · . He emphasized the powerful influence of public opinion on stubborn parties who were not willing to make any effort to compromise. Very close attention was given all through the meeting. NINE_ Degrees Are Conferred. THOMPSON--The Lake Mills i. O. O. F. degree staff and the Forest City degree staff conferred the second and third rcgree on three members Tuesday night in tht I. O. 0. F. hall here. FITS-ATTACKS CURBED There is new hope for victims of epilepsy, judging from the many who have tried Lepso, a home treatment. One user after another now writes that Lepso has relieved them of attacks. Its fame has spread for 23 years as one user has told another. If you suffer, send name, age and address to R. Lepso, Apt. 68, 128 E. Wright St., Milwaukee, Wi»., and he will send a trial supply of this splendid treatment free.--Adv. Ickes "Ultimatum" Is Served on Bryan WASHINGTON, March 15. UP-Secretary Ickes, the public works administrator, carried out today his previously announced intention of serving an "ultimatum" on Governor Bryan of Nebraska regarding Nebraska power projects and telegraphed the governor his "patience is about exhausted." He threatened to rescind allotments for the project unless local difficulties were adjusted, ^ Funeral Directors Meet. NEW HAMPTON, March 15.-Funeral directors from Floyd, Mitchell and Chickasaw counties held their regular meeting here Tuesday evening. Funeral directors from Wlnneshiek and Howard counties were guests, there were U present. WHEN SHI* UPStT It's Roller Skating Time Again \ Constipation Drove * »tt I J made her feel etas, head- WHO achy.half-alivLNpwshe has a lovable disposition, new pep and vilahtjr. Heed Nature's warning: Stttfik bowels invariably resultinpoisonouswastesravaginjyoursys- um-olten the direct cause of headache*. dlz- liness, colds, complexion troubles. NATURE S REMkDY-- the mild, all-vegetable, laiativc-- stfcly stimulates the entiTM ehminauve tract-strengthens, rtuulates the bowels for normal. fioJural function- --^^^^^^^""- ing. Get i 25c bol today at your druggist's. Strong sturdy skates with ; long wearing ball bearing wheels that whiz along. 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