The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 11, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 11, 1913
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

NOTABLES -»-=·- THE LIMELIGHT THE IQ T 'Congressman William C., Aa- anison of Georgia. Hobey Baker;-Princeton's .All Around-Star. OI - ' g? j? 2? *? *£ Pnoio by ,»!a«r.t..i:i JL'J Hob«.-y Baker of Prisciron is he Is u jjood t»:--Z:-t!rr :taii au · hcclcty pS-iyer .I-* ·-·· i As =;ot,!i ::=; thj- irrl.2 r.' Holey r, ill t.o.iili hi* skat ^tarE in purse!: 01 the elusite puc-£. i£ is to rank that are not even rea chewing so they WRIGLEY*S o The clas of stores 0 will not try to fool you wi these They will be offered to you principally by candy of 5 10 e st a or ld to carele s peope If you before you buy. THE EFFECTIVENESS OF FUR AS A TRIMMING miFss x Bolero e"Tc :ts ore very acdlsii csasn. S-rny net blouse and the blouse of lines Sc"^ of t'-^-n are sleeveless, bt-jns aito has iis bi*. | '" Ii v.orn -.viih -in unuerblouse ct sht_.-r A iu!i red v c !ours de la;ne is used i I:er !na;--r:o!--o:'^rs. as shown in 7714.' v.:ih 7714. coil^ret! and cu~"e'I In black { v::-! is. r i--c;e iart in ,t:je trial rj--c-.- h:tvt; ii-tr G---O-=I:on!i!er ana a full or icx ami haviasr a battSintj of fox E.E the ] M*-. G:;. - .ir" ~.:s C -.-.;r:;»_-l Kiaay f--~ sc5-s-=r. to Aie:: S^i:U Cot-lr.-.s:i Vili take no sin ;e i 1 :rdul l'-r P i"I of. rl« «1i_-"eu5e O! t^c ---reriL; V cu-s. T::e- Yoakers iX. ihr».t-- uuartc." IvEgrth sleeve. I.cni. Tiie be-::e;J-in "bib" on the ;rc One h?s n^r ii- be toid of the beau- or the bl3us« is of brig-hrly coSored em- j :- sl r.,. i-r-ei^ir » a-.j:. uud tlit- oaly co; Iitio O-'ti-rau Is lie tlress ur i . ; it-r v. .nter stree- -»v-_;ar, nu re^ 5 ;. arus of 4^ inch -relours cut a sirip ou-:-ncs the CecoUetes-- 01 ^rith =·, yard of embroidery. U:-_- e'.vnsa-: £,ov« as v.-ell, a line ma No. 7714--sizes S4 to 42. , o--; 01 -h_ s".-.-e-. es and nsck of the 1 Caca pattern 15 cents. i be o.;.tr:I--ii T-j-r the i:u-v.- '.war. tae or- i..'J r r!:-_- r-resent rule of the And Report. 3y beatfag Via:er in a pail T^Qfri^f^""* T3S.CI -l^tr *" C^lii D T-T* f* -n six hours If jou con'L heb '""'ij i bU'ir fvr bini I-y IIcrrasbofT in ~iiO '" ' ·£":- ; a-.-Dt tro-^-C. the o-eaii and Ie- I feat«tl ise b~t lw tr-^ In! and They So SeJaom Do. j f;,.,.-^ lnv -ati-r ivluniuz the kaisert true.--Xew YcrS Press. ::a V.'!!L-uj C. Atla-nson of Georgia'., cli?.Lci.-n o£ the Iio-a.--e ^..jia- ee cti InU-it:!ce c:.d foreign com- erce, has si'-fis hi^ best efforts to pro- ::ip'criv:i of ihe IV.uama ai Siuc-fc tilt- ia-.-c{)r:^n of the p-na to toastracc -s v.arer.vay across the istiiniu-s ho hi^ t»c-ii iuuoi.itijrab'fc u aidinsr by legislation Uu- jjrcac v.ork of coa:i.--tIn:j the ej;tor:i :.:!«! western «x;e..:is. "o*.v th..t t^tr en rial h =rac- 5ii£si-.»d *.·: behores th:;t fts ba.Idcrs s^-o:::'! .- -rtiuyJy retog^iz^cL For i2.ii;y yc^r-; T-ir. .\il:injs-oii has been a member «.r ti.e Iiiter^ciic :iid forelgrn '-oEi'ieift co:u:n!ttee. becoming Us tbalniiazi v. hen ti'e Democratic party 1^0:1 us v. ay to IO'A« · lie i»-a native ^T the t-te lia'r.-j.t.- eiit:* and I servli::r hl ninth l^T. :~ a i^ c£ Uie ii iti-J! i hullS'--. -i. uarly life liti ·e-^ss a f.^iir; mid tea.235ter. nualiy atcuiiit-Iat.! ^ .-aoush moaey to sake the coL-nart.- conr=e at Botrdon col- "ejre. L-iter I'e "r ,'Iic-J Jaw and in 2S7«; -.vas r.chxilirt.-'l t« the bar. haagi::^ oat hLs Srlsl.-^'e tit CarrcHt-jn. Tron! ISSri to iS v i he v/ss Jr«I^e 01 tre city coar; »r Caiio'It- 1 " i'. Lr»"iag pr-jvlous!y been fity a-..-nLr.' lie TMIS fcl»_t-:ed to the rifty-firt'i (on?rc-3 a-;J h^^ since beeu rasu'ar;,.* let :r^"i t- represent his di~- tilei. li' t oC L I:c \\ithout opposi- 3^ Sst SEE s«cp TSi ^ -Tf^ {"53 Mrs- Parikr.ursc. S { The l2.-.^--.un of tLe United States by ilr 1 -. IIlj.-i;elLne Pankaurs,t, the r.oryj K-ii".r.i.:i. i,aCrngi-t or ^England, na^ ap--a-en.::y i.atl little effect on the "votes for vro-- e:i" jropagai;da on this side cf t":a-u.5;er. Her Initial reception .it LI. :in !i ""re Gardan. ^"e'n" Yorl: cic;-. v cs Ti'o'lr devoid, of spee- t2!_~'.!r -it tcr^st. ;i'"sL "t-uiJe she TV:!"* xvami^y ~cl^'in 1 -d i»y same of the suf- frasist -esler-, otLers Trere coaspiea- · ns 03' rhelr h'. =="-;'C "M~. Pank- Ttrice- Before visited this Vx=~ I Beautiful Glass Seryii g 1 Is Voars For Only j I will be IB ray rooin on the j Square over "Stallsmitli's | Store" on S2co=ei Boor, every {Wednesday afternoon tron: 12.30 to 8 o'clock, .· I ·"."»! i'" n:t:n^, or I '-\ii'- call or T;i r - :T~T'''':r~:.'!r. ;.r"-:i r.celj-t of i»''-i aril." Pka=e ' ..".I r.iui see t!.f Sj'in-11; . r-»_-;= arti ^oi-^t r. : i .VNXA C. 3IYEKS. ^cvv Oxfor-:, P, ^.^...^^ ^ U U l ^ t t J country on snSCrase cam- Our ne*.v Holiciav Goods are arriving and vre will have evervthinf? on disolay-ior the ~-- v " ^ y^ teschers and visitor?.Institute Week. It : s a wise plan to buy gists early and get the choice, as in many of the finer articles we only have one of a kiiicL Parisian Ivory Toilet and Manicure Sets, Mirrors, Brushes, Combs. Clocks Boilers. Knives, Files etc. Also the same articles in Pink and Blue Fvraline. z^ l ra II! ll f-sf r-i *». »-«-* ·-* ·* -= 3 - . a ?*i-^ -e ^ % \ **" j « - * j- £ * -^ ^j, ^,- _ -- j- , --^ e ^,1- --x --I -- -£-*» *-^ ^-» 1 y f^ I* j -- -- . _ _ .,,,..-! ----·-,----»-- *-.* *1s I K £ h^i 1 H| I I V i f ^? (Is i f i "/I S i\ \ ? ! c ;-".,-^ r.i/7---T ^nr -V;"V,. A; ^J\S i3* i a SJfLLrJ =iJi.5_L ij? J8.JL iiVi^a/l-liVii AJ--? t ? £ ! " - , . . . c o' Cd«.-""is X - » V ' ".V E'-trj !.r,^e ^ho^ld ;.ave jMc Nucut Gia?s ter\.ce set. ^ * Eic r :.hoc;, -,'ro ' L- -^r. ;t .«= a«.5ii;h»Ld ^ilti the li pretty wiect-s. fc | A:": "ou r." · d do J- ?z.~-\ "·' '.-br,': irad-ir-ar'.' there's one on g j i i s ; a jl^r.vj ;-.:"· |E| i- y";r ; Xp, Of-r neve Stationery* is exquisite. We have ir priced from 25c to $4-00 per box. ^ . - " ' The finest paper, in beautiful ribbon-tied boxes. r " ^ In useful Household U tensils our \Vearever Aluminr.m takes the lead. V\ c h?ve S. a full line. All -naranteeo. i Your Grocer or ihc acxt nearest one *i! i'hree raincus a-*) ·· - . i 3 t ^ « ' l ^ . Savory Roasters " Ho\v about a Savcry Roaster for the Thanksgiving Turke} ? They corne in three sizes and'diftercnt grades of material. Priced at 98c to S3.00. The turkey actually tastes Better served from a Savory than from any other Roaster. · - Grocery Department - \Ve have a lot o£ new Fall Goods in here. Mince Meat, Xe\v Dates, New Figs, Xc\\ Nuts. Evaporate', Peaches, Prunes, ScedeJ Rr.ishusLoose^ Rabins, IN , , ., i-,,, . . - ' . - ,/":· .. ii$ Canned goods in all lines. ' ' . . - ' · · v -./.* J 1 -- ,_ V«S Don't forget to ask for the ££ Green I raaing. | Stamps, and get some of the beautiful premiums. ^,,-Cc^ ^ p ^^succe^'=-''' 1 '' !V " t'.^ff- ^^-^ (pVS#tl '812NBROAE Pretty Tomato Juice Toir.alo 1»J« U 3 1,13. :».. A*ner ca= Prsss Association. ! pal^ns anu c:i eacli occasion Tras er- i tended ev-^rr courtesy by the leaders : of the sjoTeajent- 3Ir;=. Panlclinrst "was oom In 31an- cbe^lc-r and eoucstcfl In Paris under radical in3'oer,cc?. In IST9 she was --ar^ieJ to Dr. Tankburst. a member of the Ionian's stsffrage society lonade'l by John Stcarx Ifili, tiie , econoni's^. Throagliout the eighties ^ Jtrs. Pankh-rsc vr«s oa the execctive "· committee of the soeletj-^ TFnea her x Ijnsbar.I cied ;a 1S30 she -went into b"3slaess~"5fee ·served" as regis-rar of births and tleaibs in Manchester and was tv,-ice elected to the national council of the Independent' Eabor party- In 1903 she organized' the -Woman's Social and Political union. She has two daughters. Christnbel and Sylvia, ! both of whom are ardent advocates and worlcers for ^roman suffrage. V r.-nid of mutton can be produced nt. n Ic.vs cost t'aan any other kind of i"-:it. .T, 1 in t'ritc of tliis it is seUlom -..M: in i'*" ine»'as«i small town mar- JEWSP4PER

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