The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 11, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 11, 1913
Page 4
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I'" THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Dmfly Except Sunday Time* mad New* Publishing Company ,, '_'- f "* WvLAVEHEHAFEB, ,, PHILIP K. BIXLE, -- Secretary and Treasurer^ ' Medical Advertising PHIMP-R. /Editor KUBSCRIFTION Served bv carrier in Gettysburg lor 25 ee»ts per momtfa, Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per monta. Pale Children AVer's SarsaparOls helps nature to ""fc* ikb, zed Mood. No alcohoL- SoMf *or GO Ask Your Doctor. WILSON DELAYS ACTION ON MEXICO DUDLEY F. MALONE. 1! Single copies to con-subscribers, 2 cents. IF TOO recemrrHE TIMES by niafl you can find the date up to which oa the pink'address label on vour paper. The date will be efesngea ten dava after yoar money is received at The Times Office. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that an application for the transfer of the Tavern License of Neal J- McConomy, "Eagle YOU are I Hotel'' in 2nd. ward of the' Borough of i witlilE Gettvsl.argr, for \he year ending April list. 1914. TO Richard M. Ham. of Get- jtysburg. Pa. lias been filed "in my of- i ffce and Trill be presented to the Court Is Not Ready to Take Up Situation With Congress. Appointed Collector of Customs at New York. Congress March o, 1879. ._._ . BELL PHONE UNITED PHONS O*3* i» Northwest- cofmer of Centr* Square. Gettysburg, Penc«ylTa»Ia- j " ~'~ " " ' CHIS PAPER REPSESEKTED FO=v ADVERTlSUiS 3V THE GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO , BRANCHES- ··* AS 1 -r»r ««·"-·"·"-· :'~r ^ whj - ^ trans - er ^ be ma(ie ! unless exceptions are Sled prior thereto. WM. E. OLINGER, Olcr'si vg- o. Wni. Hersh, Atsy. FOR SALE ffaafc-adft. One cent per word each BtC.p»gg* poatloiu jJeiolctioni of 51 wgc Pui(L - · ' * » « . - - · . ' - * TO OUR RRAJDESS The Gettyibnrg, Times takes absolutely no part in politics, being neatnsl WORD TO HUERTA NOT FINAL j i President Declares No Tinier Has Been j j Set For Reply From Dictator and | j He Is Not Ready to Lift Embargo on | I j Rebels' Arms. j j I Washington, Xov. 11- -- President» j Wilson discussed the Mexican situa- j \ tion and cleared tke atmosphere o f f many reports as to tae intentions o£! the United States, ia view o£ General j Huerta's continued deaanee of the; American insistence that he give u p j control of affairs in Mexico City. i Among these reports "were that · drastic "action to drive Hsierta out, i either armed intervention, lifting thej I'vVyandoites; a^j?»«--- *^ ^,v» - t--»ij.-ji»'--~-- «·.**. -- j ----:~ · ·- ^-^ _ __ ». m t the same news to-Republican, Demccraoc, ProhfbinoE, or i*^ papers end vrhich is strictly non-partisan. , Oar advertisins: columns are open to all candidates of aU partis Fall Bred cockerels and pullets: Hamburg. Buff and White Orpingtons Colum- Barred' embargo oa, arms aad ammunition for j j the rebels, might be announced this j week as the policy of the administra- i tion; that General Kuerta tad until i Monday to resign, and that John Lind, j President Wilson's personal reuresen- i tative in "Mexico, had recommended | the prompt severance of diplomatic re- j lations between the United States and j Mexico. ! President Wilson made it clear that j he had no intention at present of ad- Rocks., David Knouss - - - Arendtsville, Pa. Wtiere to uoij ttte tlmp pu naei Km -^ NEW EAGLE HOTEL- Epomp irith-bftth-ct nit* Ham" McConomy, Prop's. ' WILIJA3I E-"ZIEGLER Expert Electrical work. Eepairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle St. Phone 94 T. Trimmer's,5. and 10 cent Store. WhUe they lasti Very special lot of Ladies' ~ EIGE PHODHOS- COMPANY Highest Gaak PrTcexrPaH for all J - -""--PJEEM PSODtfCE--' . CHAS. S. MH5IPES -- Fire Proot Storage-^ for 'Fonaturs and Household Goods itored any length of time. ·??!. H. TEPTON i Adams_ County Teachers* ! ] Institute, Walter's Theatre, | S Gettysburg, Pa. November j j 17,18,19, 20, 21. 1913. Evening Entertainments. !;Monday-- Dr. Andrew P. I '· Johnson, "Eli and Dennis". 1 Tuesday - Ralpk Parlefte, j Humorist, "Richer than ·Rockefeller". Wednesday .-- The Hearons .1 Sisters Concert Comany. I Thursday -- The Venetian I Serenaders. J Course tickets for-sale "a ; the office of the County Sup| erintendent, Saturdays, Novi ember 8. and 15. i Course and single tickets TRAINMEN WIN PERSONAL NOTES WAGE INCREASE AND BRIEF ITEMS ~ , j - n «- i. r. · I Paragraphs ·! News TeUiM of the ire Granted i Per Gent Raise, [ Haweniligs in aad a £ t Tow About Half of Demand. People Visiting Here and Those Sojcurni:*.§*Else where. 1 AFFECTS ABOUT 100,000 MEN! *«. H*.** weir, *, Abbotts- I town, is a guest for several days at the home of Mrs- T. J. Stable, on Baltimore street- Mrs- T. Ear! Culp went to York this morning for the day- Mr, and Mrs- Harold Trump, of Report of the Arbitration. Board Is Made Public In New York, Ending Long Fight. : Xew York, Nov. IL--The long-lived · controversy between the railroads ol the east and their conductors and " trainmen 01 er tlie latter's demands for s more pay Is ended. | The employes receive an increase in I wages averaging seven per cent, aad totaling ?CA«0.000 annually--about I halt what they wanted--from Oct. 1 I last, effective for one year. One hun- ! dred thousand rrcn will share in the Increase. Under the federal law, which gov- . emed the arbitration proceedings, the decision wii! ae filed in Xew York in the United States district court. The board of six arbitrators. two Montclair, X. J.. have returned home after visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. William Bream, on Springs avenue. Mrs. John Blocher, of Carlisle street, has gone to Philadelphia, Xorristown and Pottstown to spend some time with friends- Mrs. Charles Huber and Mrs. Homer, of Emmiisburg, went to Mechanicsburg this morning to spend the day- Rev. Fr. W. F. Boyle, of West High street, is in Harrisburg to-day on business. Dr. T. C. Billheimer, of Springs av- n« Association. enue, has gone to ShioDensburg where representing the ra.lroads wo lor t^e hisleclure on "Esther" men aad two neutral, began tneir _ this evening. Mrs- Charles S. Trump, of Martinsburg, W. Va., is spending several days at the home of J. L. Schick, Esq. men 1 work in Xew York Sept. 11. * Thus ends, by arbitration under the Xeivlanus amendment to the Erdmaa ; act, 3. controversy that threatened at ==^=^ = --- one time to tie up by a strike the · "^ P! ACE " transportation facilities of all states Q{ M - ssissippl nver nonb dressing congress, because the situa- j [\/{ALONE IN $ lion was not ia shape for him to have j - t ..... anvthing to sav. and that while cer- J O'Gorman's Scn-in-Law Named Collec- , of the Ohio river, tain representations nad been made to | tor of Port at -New York. I The award of the arbitration com- the Huerta government, no reply had · Washington. Xov. 11. -- President. mission. Sled in the federal district He declared that no! Y.'iison appointed Dudley Field Ma-' court, is bsndrng aad Snal. Tae two been received, time limit had from Huerta. been sez for a reply : lone collector 01 tbe port e: Xe* York,, board representatives of the employes om jiuena. | after accepting tbe reslsnruioa OL , 5!ed a niaorffy report in addition and The president told inquirers that ha i John Parroy ilitchel, mayor-elect of · the two representatives of the forty- was not ready to discuss recognition : Xev,- York- one railroads a dissenting opinion. *» «4-K? fciV*. i %^*AJ.,- ·--' **.--·----~~ -- -- +_, | ^ » u . . « ^ _ v . « . u . , «_ * 1 * of the Coastitutioaaiists, and that hie j Mr. ifalone is r«.oiv the third assist- j ia reaching its award the ooard rui- mainly aagiast the employes on Gettysburg 3o3T«m!rs opposition to raising the embargo on t ant secretary of s:ate and fought die ; ed s arms had not been changed. j Tammany ticket. He is a soa-in-law I four Nevertheless it became known that j of Senator O'Gcrman. the president has given consideration j to raising the embargo on arms. In oat 01 five points submitted as talks with senators he has asked their j advice particularly on that point, and has been advised by most of them to lift the,embargo. A copy of Huerta's note to the diplomats, "was reoeiied at the state depart- nienr from O'Shaughnessy. Secretary Urya'n vrccild jiot comment upon it further than to say aews dispatches from _ Mexico City described it accurately, j As carried by the press dispatches,} Huerta's statement is -a- direct ueS- ! aace of the United Stares demand that ; he -resign, and sets forth that he in- j tends to seat the new congress, at; IWILSON6IVES ENGLAND VIEWS m reasons why ihe increase should be granted and found for them on the fifth--the increased cost of living. Since 1309. when last an increase was be | Theatre I Institute. . though the presidential elections will. presented \eriai: ;o ti SOld at- Waiter's \. declared void ana a new election j eign office another mess each day of the granted, the arbitrators found that the · cost of living has increased seven per ' cent. Certain minor conditions embraced also were conceded to the em- · Bioves. It was, therefore, more than -, a coincidence that the increase granted Ifl wages is exactly the increase in i the ctjst of living, as outlined by docu- ; meets introduced by the employes. | '"The board does not found its action _ j estfrel" unon the increased cost ot ~~ · living,"! reads th? award, a document I-ondoa. Xov. II.--T.' H. Pas?, ! of sevc-nty-Sve printed pages, "though States aniUaFsa Io- 10 England, n looks upon this as basic."* o l - or SURPRISE PARTY Band Plays at Surprise Party Given at Deardorff Home. ftny of His Acts, NOTICE Having purchased the well known Key *Stone Roller Mills, I am prepared to do a general milling business." I Highest cash price paid for grain of all kind, | The Patronage of the public is solicited. f J. I. Kereter | R. 4. """' " " UcUyshurg. Fa. S tH^-^oc^^c==^^e-c-;-^^ WALTER'S THEATRE, ALL XEXT WEEK Starriiijr will be called Official advices signed by Foreign. Minister Moheno received at the Ilex- csxicn is that n no eirr-ar^.st^nces ican embassy say that the legislative j Presideni; Wilson recognize Prpvis- Dower assuraed by Huerta will be re- [ ional President Huena or any of Iiis stored to congress Xov. 20- Informal comment oa Hnerta's statement emphasized that thouga the elections of ihe president and vice FIGHTS THAW'S APPEAL Counsel For New York Asks Dismissal of Habeas Corpus Suit. Concord, X. H., Xov. II.--A motion to dismiss the habeas corpus proceed'-' s - ' _ iaes instituted bv counsel for Harry President Wilson s nrst _^ssa S c . K ~ Thaw v , as fi , efl in the United States ^. :na I district court by Bernard Jacobs, rep .llIX12r - _ - ^ _ _r- -v- TT^--1- "W ! Monday Night, November 10 MISS MAE LAPORTB Supported by iier excellent company in the follonine biijli class repertoire -'THE GOOSE "GIRL." "TESSOFTHE STORM COUXTRY.-" ''DOROTHY ^"ER^"OX OF UADDCN HALE.''"THE PRICE SHE PAID." "THE WHITE BISTER."'" Etc. Opening Play -TCST PLAIX MARY. SPECIALTIES BETWEEN ACTS i Prices lOc. ~20c. :'.0c. Few at -50c. ] Sssits iri sale Saturday at People's Drug Store- president v^ere to be declared nuil and void, Hnerta intended to consider the election of CfJngress valid. By the Washington '^-government tnat is regarded as an. inconsistency of which foreign nations must take cognizance, was regarded in London as in the nature of an interim report, not calling for a reply. Late Monday afternoon a cablegram isras received at the Br'tisn foreign oSce from \VashingtOn° % Eiv:ng an outline of tee poliry expected to be followed by the United Stales in event j resenting: the state of 2 York. Xo reasons for the aesired action accom- pan-e«I the motinn. It 's - expected that a preHminary , bearing ^i!l be heM in Concord earl? next -aeek. at -srhicb arrangements will be made ^o consider the whole , . - . » · » , - -»-. - - » : » * * tji^ Hff.\j,f^ ~»-w -v,-v-«-«-j--i--·-·-- ~ and tbe imnrspsion prevailed tnat the O f the connmiaacc or Provisiona. j habeas corpus matter, including the repudiation ot all the acts of the new j President Huerta's present attitude, i g irent ]T 11 p nt to Thaw's petition. = = Magazine Readers ·= = Don-t forget to stop at THE BOOK STORE ^ When you want magazines. All the h = azines on hand, special Price to club subscriptions. fj One of tbe classiet iines of Writing Papers en the | market dont fail to see the line. A large and Varied E assortment of books, late fiction and oopular reprints. § School supplies of all kinds. = Effective June 15, 1913. HE miMBD BAILWAI 8:05 A. il. Daily Except Sunday for Baltiniore. Hanover, York and la termediafe Points. 10:05 A. 31. Daily for Hagerstoivn. Waynesboro, Chambersburg^HaB cock, Cnraberland, Elkms anc Points "West. 12:55 P. il. for York and Intermediate Points 5:50 P. M. Daily for Baltimore, Hanover, and Intermediate Points. 6:oS P. M. Daily except Sunday for B. and H. Division Points to Highfield, also HagerstQTsm, Waynes boro, Ghamfcersbarg, Shippens berg and Hancoca^Pittsburgb anc all points "West. Sunday Only. 3 Xev.- Oxford. Hanover. York. Baltimore and Intermediate ste tions. GEnTYSBTJSG MARKETS .Baltimore, St. Chas E, Swisher, Prop. Per BD Drj THieat ^^ s IXewEarCom .«r..,...,, .. V congress would be forthcoming by the j United States. President Wilson made it plain that foreign governments had been fully a-ivi?ed v.-;thln the last v,-eek of the 5teps taken by the United States, but that tae future policy of the government ·'vas dependent on further developments. In discussing the Mexican situation .vith newspaper raen the president j ?poke especially against reports renre- j renting tne situation as more serious nan it really -was. Sensational reports, he president pointed out, embarrassed he task of the administration, espe- ^ioJiy v. hea these reports predicted Boxes In advance o£ action by the ad- ·ainisrrat'.on. Or.e c5"c;al. familiar \vith the exchanges -.»-th Huerta. said the latest ·opr2ser i 'ni'.ons from "U'ashingtoB .vere P.OI s ch as to place President iVIisc-n 12 ne attitude of having said .fce I-s: "ord, if Huerta refused to ab- iicjxte- It -vvas ^r.;l that the language of the represeniat.-ons did not directly cal! ;pon Hn^itp! to resign, but made clear :aat. if he .iad the ?ood of Mexico at seart ana realb desired that some governrr.e-: in ilezico City be reccg nized by t v .e UniteiS States, he trould retire fro~. the situation. The oon'nun^canon is also understood to HE-, e indicated tha^. if Huerta remaine-i wo:;ld rcp these of Complete reticence was observed The hibras corr-".s proceedings vrere in T l:e federal conrt soon after That's arrest in Xew Hampshire aad tie oScials of the foreign oSce as to the contents ot the dispatch. British officials are inclined to re- i xve _ e g ,. spep , Ied pen aing Governor seat vrhat they term the persistent ( Fe!ker s decision on the question of misrepresentation of Great Britain's j e3 .rraiiitioa. The governor on Saturday attitude current in the United States i h onore ^ t h e requisition for extradition They deny that any British money ha^ j apd . he ca _ e -^ autoniatically trans- been advanced to support Provisional j Ierrc; i to rj, e federal courts for action on the habeas corpus petition- A very enjoyable surprise party \vas held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Deardorff at Mummasburg Saturday evening in honor of Mr. Dear- dorfiTs birthday. The Biglerviile Band furnished the music. Those present were Itr. and Mrs. Henry Deardorff, ilr. and Mrs. Win. Kint, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hartman, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rebert, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Basehoar. Mr. and Mrs. John Kanc:e, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Quinton Deardorff, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Laiwer, Mrs. David Cluck, Mrs. S. H- Wampler. Miss Nora Deardorff. Minnie Hartman. Margaret Cluck. Susie Deardorff. Esteila Deardorff. Beruadette Deardorfr, Mary Keler. Alva Keller, Bemadette Bowling, Laura Wilson, Eva Wolfe, Anna Deardorff. Viola Ball, Alice Rebert. Hilda DeardorfF. Xellie Warren, Fannie Armold. Ruth Hare, Katie Deardorff, Hazel Kint. Lola Mackley. Kathryn Latv- ver, Rath La-w-i-er, Margaret Armold, Cornelius Yohe, Frank Thomas. Arthur Taylor. V,". Earl Fohl, Philip Eaffensperger, Nile Thomas, Mervin Trostle. Robert Thomas. Charles Raffensperger. Armor Leatherman, Donald La\wer. John Settle, Roy Mackley, Curtis Kint. Clyde "Wilson. John Botvi- ing, Welty Leatherman, Leslie Mick- icy. Clair Deardorff. Ralph Ball, Miles Deardorff. Paul Kint- Ellis Kint, George Baseh'oar, Georxre Hare, Roy Cluck. Fred Mackley, Roy Mickley. Paal Keller. Clarence Rebert, John Basehoar. Clarence Leatherman. Maur- Lloyd Shultz. Guy Harrman. Ralph Deardorff and James Mackley. ^ Euert ADVEB i ISESJOR WIhE j SKOWSTOPSAUTO AMBULANCE Lonely Maryland r£arj Won't Bar Widow and Five Children. Frederick. Md.. Xov. II.--Emanuel j C. Fiak. ftfty-tv.-o years old, moderately I Forced to Use Horses to Get Suffering Woman to Kospita!. Baltimore, M5-, Xov. 11.--Caught in of Acc5- "ced to abandon his automobile, containing his TMife. ·srho vras seriously ill. and go on foot in ,T ... , ,- -- -- « ssovr dnits J*i sonie ins wealtSv divorced, or ijamsvine, after = u twelve'vears of ioneiiness, has adver- f , e et deep. Cnarles Spe . ., t a^nt ild.. ^.v;is forced i used -or a Trite. Mrs. Fink number r«o must excel in housekeeping and incidentally must be comely. She muse be not younger j than twenty-five years and not more than forty; "widows are acceptable, providing tbe children do net exceed five in number. Fink has no children. He has been "'cooking" his o'sva meals for five years j aad says he keeps his house "spick and span,'' and his second wife mus; do the same, If "things are to be har monioas." Lloyd Hickley, Dorsey Shultz, ice Trostle. John Mickley. CO3IING EVENTS :r. power, the United States I -u'.iate all his acts, as well as ; ae new congress. = ' Os.if 'fif? ¥ 1 ?"" 5 i'r*i r Y 1 O I I* FISH -- FISH I Public Cheaper than meat. 5 PCundslSaturda ^ November 15,1913 RETAIL PRICES Per 10- r Dairy Fcr*3 ^i.;}; |Coar=e?prJns Bran 1.35 1 FFand Fackefl Rrv.n 3.f(. : Com and Oats Chop,.. ........... J J . " |Shoemaker*Stfx-k Foo.J -.!.l~4-~ White Middling for 250. Oysters -- Solid meas 5re, 30 and 40 c. per qt, *V Buohl Shult z Hi" i.rxlersijrncMi, intendin^to move on a -n;a!W placo. -svill have public sale ai J'i= r. s'dence in IMount Pleasant Rye Chop 1*7,. Baled Stra« ,,- Piaster , .S7.50 ;^r ton Cement §1 .-JO r^jr bbl' ,, Per lib] Tov.n-iup, one mile cast of Bonnea\ille. i Western Flour co=t to Home School House. i» - « » . Joseph Gephart «n » \\neat f helled Corn I Now Ear Corn, Arsenal Worksr.g Overtime. Philadelphia. Xov. 11.--Although r,c special orders have been receive- from the -.var department since the Mexican s;tnation became acute, the Frankford arsenal is at present ts-ork ing at ton speed turning oat shells and amisuir.nor. for siege and rapid fire guns, such as would probably be r.^eo in the evert of a \var ·witJi Mexico. Air RifJs Bullet Kills Mother. Kingston. X. Y., Xov. 11. -- John Kiem. twelve years old, the nroud possessor of a nevr air rifle, vras shooting at flies on the dining room wall, when Uis mother entered the room. As he thoated a warning she stepped in front Df the weapon. The bullet entered her brain through the eye and she died. FOR SALE: 1000 bundles corn fodder. Apply to Fred McCammon. Hill Top Poultry Farm.--advertisement i j General hospital !n tiis city. j Tli? horses succeeded in setting tee i sick "woman to tbe railroad station at ! Oakland. In the meantime, however, \ she "suffered severely from the cold. · Suit Ags:nst Mrs. Macksy Slopped. 1 Xe?.- York, Xov. 11.--Announcement | Tras naade by Arthur C. Train, counse: J for ?rlrs. Clarence H. Maekay. tbat the $100 Added to "Ccnscisncc Fund." j Action began in the supreaie cowrc by Hamsbnrg, Pa- Xov. 11.--One hun | ;,i rs . Joseph A. Blake against Mrs. dred dollars in United States treasury 1 jiackay for Si.ftOO.'»00 for alleged alien- gold certificates was sent to the state of the affections of her husband. treasurer from Wilkes-Barre. without j £ r , Joseph A. Blake, was discontinued. a single line to tell frcsa whona it j ^j r _ Train refused to make any far- came or what it was for. The money i jjiej- comment on the discontinuance was enclosed in a long envelope, post- j ,,£ the srnt. marked WIikes-Barre and addressed j to tie state treasurer, Harrsburg. Pa. ] steel Tonnage Shows Big Decrease. " Inside was a sheet of yellow raied pa- York, Xov. 11. -- The unSJied per witnont any writing and tne money i tonnage of the United States Steel -was fastened "Kith a -nrire paper clip. | Corporation on Oct. 31 totaled 4,513.] 767 tons, a decrease of 490,018 tons Ends Life by Leap Down Mine Sna,^ j from Sep{ _ 30 yj,^ is the tenth con . Scranton, Pa.. Xov. 11. -- Stanley j from Sep ^ so This ; the tenth m ^ Jones, nineteen years old, of Xortn | secntive monthly decrease this year. Scranton, committed suicide by j«i?p--j . ing down the shaft of a coal mine,i r5son Returns From'Panama." His crusned oooy ras found oOO .ee. New yoifc ^^ u _ __ Lindley M- below the surface. Garrison, secretary of war, returned His "Unlucky" Ticket Y/on the Prize, from Panamaon the steamship Colon. Berlin. Xov. 11.--Hermann Weiss committed suicide when a lottery ticket that he traded off because its oi^aniation. number was "unlucky," won $5000. j He has been inspecting the canal -with a view to plans *"or making its future WANTED: a middle-aged; honest, SHELL oysters always on hand at . sober man as a tenant on a farm , Ap _ United Phone.--' p i y b y letter to A. B. 14. Times Office. Evans' Restaurant. Advertisement Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. Nov. 11--Lecture by President Grac-. viile. Brna Chapel- Xov. 17-21--Adams County Teacher* Institute- Walter's Theatre. Nov. IS--Exhibits. Boys' and Girli? League- Court House. Nov. 19--Fiftieth Anniversary. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Nov. 20--St. Paul's A- M- E- Zion fair. Nov. 24--Lecture- Dr. J- H. Sicling, Brua Chapel. Yy-EEKLY MAGAZINE The Philadelphia Record is publishing a splendid \veekly magazine in connection with its Sunday paper, which will be maintained as a permanent feature. The magazine consists of 20 pages and has a handsome, colored cover. All future issues ·will contain short and continued the best modern writers. stories by This maga- Record, and it lovers of good zine will be high-class and dignified and entirely consistent with the character of the Sunday should appeal to all reading matter. Among its contributors will be--Richard Harding Davis, Gouvernaur Morris, Mary Roberts Rhinehart, James Oliver Cinwocd. Ellis Parker Butler, Sex Beach, Elinor Glyn, George Pattala, Gele!* Bargess, Wallace Irwin, and many others. It will be illustrated by the world's 12st artists--James Montgomery Flagg. Henry Hutt, C. Coles Phillips, Howard Chandler Christy, Penrhyn Stanlaws, Hamilton King, and others equally famous. Even with such a splendid addition to this already excellent newspaper, the price of the Sunday Record will remain the same, three cents.--advertisement. -advertisement FOR SALE: three fat cows. Apply G. F. Basehoar, 401 Buford avenue.-advertisement ,, _r -rf.*. A-** -,-^" i K W S P A P F R f

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