The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 11, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, November 11, 1913
Page 3
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How He Got His Promotion Bv F. A. MITCHEL "I must set a message through to General N.," said General B. of the Japanese army to his staff during the ·vrar between Uussia and Japan. "Can no one of you suggest some device by ·which 1 may do so - ? -T'have seat five couriers, and every one of them has been shot." ' " x "Had we a balloon, general," said ·5 one, "we might succeed." 'A balloon would be riddled," replied tne genera!. '·Has any one tried to so through in · the night:" asked another. \ · "Yes, and failed. It is more diflBculc to pass at iiigist than la the day time. In addition to running the risk of getting shot, n courier would almost surely be lost in tlie darkness." "I will tarry your message, general," said Lieutenant Kataura, a five foot youngster weighing some ninety pounds. "By what mesas*:** "Horse." "Eorsel Most of our couriers have tried to get throt:g!i :n. that Tray." "They have not ":nwn now to be carried through mi *'!ieniy*s camp by a | horse. I SKI an esju».-ir!an-" j "And Uovr will Y..U r!«.le":" ] "la :i way to avoid the observation j of the enemy."' j -Wei!, yon may go inside the horse ii you can get my Kie?--;tge through." "I have not yc-t decided just bow I Trill ride. You know that the American Ia«l«!KS rule on one side of the horse, holding on by one hand and by one foot I f I '-ould keep my c-nc-niy on my Sank this plan cii^hc serve, bur I i-3. liable to be sisot at from both sides, { «ive me y^ur message, general, and ·when vou see me scare you will know all aboac it. I have great hopes of sac- cess."' ""When will you start?" '·Tomorrow morning just before" reveille- it wl*! be after the hour when night attacks are ezpected and when the men ercepc the guards are asleep." The genera* gave orders that he should bo caliefl in tirae to see his aid start. In the inorning when he went oat before his tc::t he saw a horse standing there -with no rider. But under the horses belly was little Kamura. face downward, strapped to the animal with bttnds that cenled by the horse's his aid success, waited for tlie start. Oil Kaiuuru'^ heels were spurs with sharp rowels, and'he was free to kick with the lower .part of his legs. A slight touch started the horse, and he made off. guided by the man under him. for the enemy's lines- lie had chosea an opportune time The guards alone "vrere awake. Ka- xiiura rode between tvro of them into the camp. Seeing a riderless horse coming, both these men ran aside to catch him, but by Kamura's skillful management and a liberal supply of spur the horse eluded them. So far so good. Kamura guided the animal dowa a road with tents on, either side. Here and there a man up and out before reveille saw a rider- less horse corning through the camp, i and some of those who were near tried! | to catch him. Bat it is not easy to i caicb a horse that does not wish to 1 be caanhr. and when he has a guide i provided with spurs it is much more i ilitSetili. Kaajsira ran ^the gaatlet to ! il:3 sentry line c-c the opposite side of the cauip, where more efforts were ·c::de to catch hi;y. A cavalryman :rave chase, but the _-oarir had the ·K-«i-st horse that could tc- fovad :a the Japanese army, asul OH his heels were the sharpest spurs. He distanced his pursuer. :t5id wh«; o:iie ti::;e later be rode up iv the Jap::u-^e lines the horse's Hanks were tlrippiuir blood. The Japanese Were as surprised as the Ilassiaus. They .-au^Ut a wild horse «£!«! were congratulating, se'ves 0:1 ib-.-ir "trize when a s THE GRANGE Conducted by J. W. 0ARSOW. ChaUbim. N. Y.. Editor cf 'Jvs yew fork. State GRANGE REPRESENTATION. Subject May Come Up Again at the Next National Meeting. V.'ill the question of proportions! rsp- rusentation -in the natiojial grange come up again for discussion at the nest meeting of, the national body? Very like!y TbtetlBaet is it is Hke'.y to form a subject of discussion there cn- tii some form of p-oporiionai repre- Sirsimloa is adopted. This L the rtso- iurioii that was presented Jast year and voted do WE: nesolve-3. That every siai* n-abter a:.wife tor hiisba»J ss-H i»s±v« eae?i -jJte v«*r oa all cu^stions. «JK roll call nrv'*ry stale ~aw.- zrji v/iffe (or hutar:-3) i:ic!l i ays »::e vote eac-h s::J -or tacis aa! v*-rr : '.- lfj rrsembtrs above *'-'-·? n^st ti/.V ^-..-j. h-iYe OEG vote 62C-1 aj-3': - - ':·_' { "* - : Th - !'e are tv.'o s'tlt's to this qu«»Uoij jof iv;Tvi-i.-i!tat:ou accordiug to state ineuibersii'i'. One side believes that \ the founders of the Order were wise in ] their adoption of state representation. '· giving each stitte an equal vote with j every other, and they cite the fact that ] that "system has worked ivell for these I forty-six years. The other sMe holds that it is only fair to the raeiiib-.-rsiiip of the order that voting strength be based ou membership IE the state. There are two or three counties in New York state each of ·which has more nprf!hc-rs tii:'-!! ,st · half dozen of the 11 states cocbisied. but a btaie with l.OOO uxeaibers. for instance. l:as f j u s t as s«-it vorhsg strengib as Xevr | York with 50r«.tQO Ms^mlters. Tbe rc-i- ! olutioa tha: vas'voltii do'.vu at the 'ast 'sf^.~:-.u ca^e-i :r st^t»» !e;res^ni:c.!or. on u*3 ]Ui-s:i-iis e.v!"vi!I when :i :'·;! c^iH w:i cr=*«»r-H!, t'icis for rr-.-^.'M'r-h:;; : r«-rTcf^:si"*H V.T.! :bi.« isest is.::".-:i- QRANGERS PROTEST. Oppose Centralizing of Power In New Jersey's Beard of Education. The New Jersey state grange and the subordinate granges, acting oil their own inutioii. are protesting agaitist what they call the centra Siza- t;on of s.-Jisj"! ··wwers ia the linntls ot tlie «tate board. IZepreseuttttives of tiny graugo; met tte state board of ·Question a a-! stated the reasons for ihfir ·,i?fl?-t'."X :i-aiu^t propo s el act- in of ;he !o:;rci. They believe '.·! the ··r;:K-ii'e of h«:ce ru'«» its ilU-^ siui'rer. They «I»JeT to the trn^re of osiioe ac? '-.::der v. hk-b te.iclier* who have had :I:ree ye^r-; of ««:it!iiwi:s ««er~ice cau- :.' l 5e r«rs.«vc! eXftfT't for ca"^.e. They !. .Jd t':at u:i-,K-r t'j : ^s hr.v teas-hers l;e- t.v-t^ -f :!·,' :;-.v«-rs thai sh'H-.M rest 1 i.i JI;.-:j!. They a!^ oi,Ji- ;.-u ;·* l.:fc L»-. H .j.a i!»He^ry to l.e --"-urrod by i :'.'·· rt-.;ulr«'aK'!;is «f !::tOii-a: !u=:-wiios. ".iey believe t';at the lo»-al boards Th^ sransera f'irrjer o^uost-d the compulsory _ _ tion of "li.'ili school students in the country aud asked that it be alxli»iieii. They also asked that more attention be given, to the education of fane boys. A fourth protest was against the state board's controlling the design, cost nnA erection of school building*, forcing the farmers to pay for such buildings s= the state txar! Cetermmed must be erected. Tbe grt:ag.-r=, miderstacd tliat many of these matters are matters of law, but tiiey contend that the stare board sbAi*Jl assist th«a in getting tbese !aws modified or repealed. This is said to be the position cf practically every subordinate grange in the state. What Is Community Service? At a 'ectnrer's conference not long ago the Question was asked, "What is your grange do:ag in the line of community servlcer" Of the uozea or more granges represented sot one could rei-ort doiiig c-r having done any distinctive service for the community where located. Several said there did :»yr s^ai :o be auythlag ibey cou'd Uo. and others had eaoujrtt to ao m fceepinsc themselves in good running condition. But surely the grange that conJiues ali its efforts to improving its members" condition, irrespective of others outside its gates, is not fulfilling its entire mission. The grange that serves^ its community,best serves itself best, and the good deed done for other* reacts upon it for Us own good- Ask those who have performed some altruistic service for their if this is uot so. Stock raisers of "Wisconsin are i warce-d against allowing their- young cattle to ru:i in pastures where, they will have access to acorns. The eating of these is assigned as the cause of a number of cases of poisoning that ftave been reported to the state veterinarian. In case of acora poisoning a half pint of 1'nseed oil with strong coffee is re-ouiHiended, and to this ar iue^tcd fiiar a pint of nolasses be adCesl. This remedy should be given overy eight hoars. s ^^^^y^^f^T^i^Sf^^Wife^^ efyre Coiug that they s:nscrap- ped Kamani and put bim on the animal iiibC«!'l of uuiJ~-r him, then ied him to their commander. Kamura took the message from his belt and said. oa duty: "General. I have tiie honor to hand you a mts^jase from General B." "How did you get through from General B.'s camp:" asked General X. "On foot:"' "Xo, genera!." "On horseback:" "No. general." '·By the shades of my ancestors! How did you come:" "Horse belly." "Horse belly! TVhat do you mean?" "I was strapped under the horse."' "What an idea! A splendid idea! You shall take a mesage back on--no. under horse belly." And that's exactly what iittie Ka- raura did. He rode back through the Itcssian lines in the same way he had r-ome and delivered the reply to Gen era! he 'TN-ow^S. read^^eiTeS-^hrsaid. | ^°it » "-* TM r c ^ te az Tok - ro f"; "Will you please tuck your message in | « ko ^7 onr P romouon I0 oe car ' i:u =- m Ti e 'ie' a er:il fiid his Dart a-L wi,hia^ \ And that's the way Lieutenant Ka i rnura became a captain. ;-"3i.S~ ^ ^- ±2,- 'C^3^m.^K-^yS: /fe^-r-^fe '--.' : ."·"- *'2SS3fc»^ i*3j* ^·:-*-- : - '- .- -rr-"5?irr-ri-H-lVt-: -- . 7 ^ . * j f * · --- *·* -" t? 5*l that's why you snouia Fo? Men--Women S§£K££3fcf»*£r-.'^ r£^a^, ' --· *%£; ^^*^5^c NS^-Sfi^i:^ --'?_J-T^-?,5-^'Vl5^ rf'i-iCiVi;-^iJ"iF*w.' F t-"T ,, f 5-1- fj-£- "' "*" --^J r ~ J* There s d be but One Skoe ii everyone ^gg^^^gg^gggggpg^^ estmYestment on te is a h is the Earth Itself Eeal Estate is the safest investment that exists--it can't fail--it can't abscond--it can't make default--it car.'t float- Real Estate in fact Is r.ol a risk, it is real ana tangible ar.d always na^ a definite value. . . . , Nothing grows nicre surely r.or to greater real vaine umnmteiy .nan n-ovviug real estate in suburban addinor.s. "\nvone can make money, few can save if." Make yourself one 01 tne fe^--donc ^rait till yot: are rich to begin, if vox: do yen v.-ii! never oegm-- bnv a lot to-dav on the -weekly payment plan. "Don't -wait for a large capital to begin with. Invest vour spare dollars in a lot--the increase in value of nrst one "111 help you bay a second one. stances the unrcfaasers on Instaslment plan did not even have the payments made in fail" and ^ere only paying -3 per cent interest. ^ Since that time we have added a great many lots to our offers ior and ffc are now offering The following lots BUILDING LOT SALE--INSTALLMENT PLAN AT CASH PPJCtS DUPv- ING 3IONTK OF MAY one dollar a Tveek on a 30 foot front lot. no cash aavar.ce payment! 50 thirty foot lots on York and Hanover streets.. Gettysburg, a secuor. banding cp rapidly and nicely. S5-50 to S6.00 per front foot, r.oz one tenth tne price of a" lot uptoTvn. it wisl pay to bay no-nr and hold for advances. Save 15c a day out of theononey spent uselessly, and bay a lot, later on build a home and stoo paying rent. Anv man. any industrious boy. and economical girl Trim an income, can make the payments and own a lot of ground! -W 5 :? 930 feet front 1095 feet front C346 feet front 343 feet front 1595 feel front 1000 feet front 400 feet front C'35 feet front GO feet front 914 feet front 454 feet front 1-5-50 feet front -·SO feeX front Lincoln street--vv esc Lincoln street--East Broadway street Carlisle street Cariisla street extended Murnmasbarg street Harrisburg road N. Stratton street "Wa"eer street York street Hanover street East Middle street Fourth street Fifth street The above is a copv of our advertisement away back in 1303--tha prediction that "it v.-oula'p^y to buy now and hold for advances" has been more han -ealized--the lets offered then at S5.-50 and S6.00 have since been resold i,v it* then purchasers at S9.00 and $10.00 front footl-in a number o, in- 1000 feet front More than two and one-half miles of frontage for sale with another mile or more to bo added shortly, Th* indust-ial development cf the 'coven, especially at the East end--the -e of unusual business activity in 1914--surely will make an increased for homes, ar.d therefore for building lots--Nov.- is the fame to buy. eo-e crices s.^ gdvanced--an increase in demand will be followed oy an m- nrices, ir. building lots as in a:3 other commodities for sa;e-hcncc For Further Information Apply to buy now! to-day' Installment Plan Prices Same as Cash Prices Unusual features of oar SiO.OOO of deferred payment plan sales are-that bv far the "larger portion of the sales were Tnade 10 panics looking lor -cod investments, and comparatively small portion to young men and women oa'c of their week!" earnings with view to their own homes-- also a large proportion of the houses erected on these Sots wire erected on .ots bought from the original purchasers at a good advance :n pr;c?s. "Only one dollar a week on a 30 foot front lot. no c.~s. advance payment! Xo Taxes! . , , ^ Save 15 cents a day OLU of the money spent usc-iess.y. =:.G oir.- a IO H 'ate 11 on build a home and stop paying rent. *Have also for sale now the fine lots fronting on rair:":eld -."3d rear tne Gotr -^ ur r bo-ouch line--both sides of road--thesa iois Me u? njceiy aoc-ve the stree'cVade ar.d ^ill require no filling and but little grading--they iror.t o" a U S. Battleneld Commission road which will always be a good roa«-- ar.d the entire dlstar.ce to the borough sidewalks is of ir.acaaar.:: const, action, i'«"s injuring good walking and dri\-ir.g always. While these lots are in Cumberland Township yet we expeec to arrange for borough water and borough light--these lots are conveniently located ;or town churches ana schools. The first buyers buy the best lots--those who buy six mo^.is or a year later buy the second choice ar.d pay quite as much as those who buy nrst-- or !rcv from the first purchaser at a nice advance in price--her.ce .-O\. :s the time \o buy- . . , ^ These lots will r.ot be soid on Xhe weekly wstaHmer.t p»an iu«. will be sold or, terms easy enough for anyone. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania NEWSI-V »-... NEWSPAPER!

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