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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, November 11, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XI. No. 501. Gettysburg, PSL, Tuesday, November 1913. Price Tlf o * -SWEATERS^ FOR. MEN--WOMEN and C H I L D R E N 50 cts To $7.00. EcKerts Store " ON THE SQUARE." I 2ii HENRY COUNTY PEOPLE CASESJLOSEOi TfiKENJY BEAFH j Young Lawyer who Stabbed Nine j Adams County Residents Die at their | Persons st Hotel Settysburg isj Homes. Hugh Craig Jr., Promi- ; Freed CampIeteSy. Seven Govern, j nently Identified with National j I ors Ask for Glemsncy. I Guard Encampment, is Buried. I Governors, North and South, simt- j ! ing- to ask suspension of sentence in j i the case of William Byrd Henry, v.-ho ! slabbed nine persons in the Hotel \ Gettysburg during the celebration of :,r r . £R{ ! ^^ T. C. Noel, at Mt. Rock, MRS. T. I- S3IITH After a prolonged illness, from a complication of diseases, 3Irs. T. I. SiNESS COUNTY COURT Many Cases Disposed of at November Term of Court. Some are Continued. Other are Sol Pressed. Some Pleaded Builiy. A verdict of ROC guilty tu'-ned this morning- in the William Black who fired a number of was case re- of Smith died at the home of her parents, shots in the bar-room of the City Ho- WALTER'S THEATRE TO-NIGHT Mae LaPorte Stock Co,. Presents "TESS OF THE STORM COUNTRY" Popular Prices 1O. *.- o«"i cfcst?. Doors Open 7_::i Curtain S.2-J CSAP-T PEOPLE'S DRL'G STOKE. P H O T O P L A Y j the fiftieth anniversary of the battle. Sunday evening, at 10 o'ciock. She was ; last July, and forty or more others . 2ge [ 41 years, 3 months ar.d 25 days. | writing- to teil of Henry's past exem- : she is survived by her parents, her I plary life, Judge Swope on Monday , husband, three brothers. F. O. and J. ] granted their request and allowed the | Xoel. at home; Thomas Xoe!, of Baiti- j man to go upon payment of costs, de- ; more; £nt i three sisters. Mrs. J. I. j daring the unfortunate occurrence a j Devir.e, Edgegrove; Mr^. C. E. Smith, · calamity rather than a crime, and say- j Hanover, and Mrs. Edward Smith, of I ing- that he believed wi'ch many others J York. j that Henry was laboring under a tern- \ Funeral Wednesday. Xovember 12. Sporary mental aberration when he i f rojn Conewago Chape!; high nxass of jmade his reckless thrusts with a \ requiem at 9 a. m., Rev. German-is I knife. Major R. E. Henry., the young j Kohl, officiating. In'terme.-t in the j man's father, was with him in Court. j Chanel eemeterv. ! Among- those petitioning the Court i * i to extend clemency tov.-ard Henry were i · Governor William Hodges Mar.n. of; tel on the morning of September 9. He was charged with assault and ba'ctery with intent to commit murder. It was alleged at the time that he was shoot- ietter the boar( i;ng houses and *-»» « rr~ -.. T t » i NEW LAW AFFECTS WOMEN OF TOWN Waitresses at Students' Boarding Clubs may not Perform their Duties Seven Days of the Week, it is Declared. Others Affected. LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Correspondents send in Many (fens of^fnteresting News from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief'.ferns. The waitresses at student boarding J houses, the operators ac local tele-: BUCHANAN VALLEY Buchanan Valiev--Mrs. Annie Shorb phone exchanges and women employed will visit her daughter, Mrs. Frank in the hotels in the various towns of the county are all said to be affected j bv the new women's employment law. If the new law is enforced to the the Cole, for a few weeks. William Eider aad daughter, Miss Marie, of Baltimore, Flemming Kohl ar.d friend, of Altoona, and Miss Musselman, of York, are visiting at the he ! country hotels will be required to have I °me of Jacob J. Kohl. Miss Bernauette Irvin will ·ng at Charles Tyson with whom had hsdan argument earlier in thej c o r p s of wa i lre sses for their Sunday. hr.,,7 *-mA money. Black j j; n ners entirely different from 'those! short " me Jn Chambersburg. C.-iei ; , v j, o serve ,v. e m.eals on week morning about j soend was caught north of town by Shealer within a few hours after the ' da vs. i j Hundreds of small hotels throughout j John Steinberger, of York, is o nunt. home arrair. A'c to-day's trial it was shown j r j, e state including many which have i Tne Kane Hunting that every shot nred v.-as in an op- j " ~ made a posite direction from the location of. for auEon ; o biSe parties and Tyson. Black pleaded guilty to soecialtv of "Sunday dinners" j c 231 ? near Samuel L- "· TM TM" ! » - . _ · _ - ,, . Club are in Irvin's home. commer- ! having set up their tents on Saturday Mondav ~.' cia! men who are out on the tours, will \ - ast '- -- . . . . - - .. ! Snowing and blowing on charge of carrying concealed weopons.i be a ff ec - ted by the ne , v !aw . especially! A number of criminal cases v.-ere ! sipce it is - h ; op i n i on o f siate officials [ ^'^ r ' che heav y ^^ of Sunday. The , disposed of at Monday's session of j lhat lhe j a , A . a p p Hes to hotel employes, i beautiful foliage is fading away from HUGH CRAIG JR. With military pomp, the bodv of Virginia: Governor la. D. Hatnelci. i November Court.- Walter A. Small pleaded guilty to j noE bs em pi oye d more tnan six days a SPECIAL TONIGHT "A WILD RIDE" TWO^ REEELS The savage Zulus encircle the ranch house of an ostrich farmer Afric stead, cabin Brit been s.-f elephants ai . . _ ig's Wild Animal" farm at Los Anjjeies. Miss Bessie Eyton takes the part of j William 31. Hargest. assistant attor- the girl who rides on the ostrich. The third reel will be: iXTO THE LIGHT Show starts 6.30 Under the new law a woman may the rain and cold. George Knouse, of York, is home to two charges of furnishing liquor on J week arlt j " a G:ec ision recently given by hunt deer for a week, He brought Sunday and was fined 850 and costs ir. j .he attorney general's department is f -' lt ^ him three of his friends, each case. The license at the Valley ! ro the effect * hat telephone operators Cavalry, of which Mr. Craig, 1 ney general of the State, who said r or years had been the quartermaster View Hotel. Bittinger. where the in-j m a v not be employed on Sundays, if fraction of Vhe laws occurred, was re- j t hev work on t he other days of the voked. 'week. e ven if the Sunday work would True bills were returned in the fol-' b g oniy a fev . hours in a'ro'cation sys: lo\ving cases: William T. Colehouse. ten , " i charged with assault and battery by, Xumerous inquiries as to the erfect j -Josephine Colehouse: Otto Mitchell, i OI - the nevr act on hotel employes are 1 Mrs. Ralph Van Gilder !ert on Sun- dav to visit friends in Wavnesboro. SURPRISE PARTY ge Number Spent Pleasant Evening- at Little Home. char S ed w ' ith assault and battery on .............. LUBIX boVn the be ; Rg . made ar t - ne department of labor ' Admission 5 cents mission desirea a suspens and the com- [ and treasurer, attended, ' They -, ent a ] oath of C. H. Wilson: Pecer Shultz.' and industry. Harrisburg, and hotel nsion of sen-S ^ a _-;.,{ air o rhe fn^eral no*«e=;s im- Barged with assault and battery on and boarding house keeners who Ce- THANKSGIVING DAT GOOD THINGS arc not k i all limited to things to eat. hc'.vcvsr c*i]"y£b: they in^y be- There ars eiso good tainsrs to v.-ear, especial!} 'h."se inclcclo-i in '. ho;e es- sen.tia= I'ke cr=--t'-s. jjlo^sr. hand- ksrchiefs. far:cy_ re«r-S and ij'aiery which s!: go to nicks t p Ihv : : -.e of ^TDCQS- s.s sold cs -farnJshi^"" iisllg- man's have an e.-:c2pticn_lly J.ns line. The Quality Shop WILL 31. SELIG-MA-." Ths Cash TaHcr tence. feeling that the occurrence was passive than the somber 'black of the j a misfortune and that they would not · 3 ther mourners. j wish any punishment imposed upon 1 Scores v.-ere father hei-ecl at the hcase. rhen the services began at eleven | s'ciock. Preceded by a small detail Everj- one of the persons stabbed by | -hi c h acted as a guard of honor, the i zhe yoang lawyer to mar the perfect j i record of the harmonious reunion. [Henry when he literally cut his way out of a brawl asked for suspension of .,,-;,, bodv of the had arriv ed iZ t - ne house a quarter of an hour | sentence. Letters testifying to Mr. 1 Henry's unblemished character and ;err thev rode in carriages. j his success in his profession were read i j from Governors Mann and Hatneld- j from Governor-Elect Henry C. Stuart. of Virginia, and from these three former governors. J. Hoke Tyler. C- A. j-iier. When they lefr for the ceme- GLADYS HE3RSHEY Gladys Cover iiershey. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Kershey, died at oath cf Mrs. Annie Stoner: weapons: concealed Ross, concealed Black, carrying and boarding house keepers Charles p en d upon women to serve their meals William an( j w ho have their own troubles in weapons: g- e rti ng - sufficient help, are in a state David Reese., carrying concealed wea- of anxiety as to what may result. pens; Huber Penn. James Johnson, one of the ! In some localities where the "*S colored Q 2 y dinners'" are well patronized excursionists from Baltimore, pleaded j oca { pcO p!e and by the traveling and gcilty to a charge of carrying con- au'tomobiling public the hotel mana- g ers have arranged to give their [ waitresses days off during the week so cealed deadly weapons ana was 810" and costs of prosecution. The district attomev asked nnel for a ~ , , T .., . -r , , ner «x«ue as, seven Stars Mondav Swanson, ana A. 3- Jlontaeae. in aa- , - , - . , _ ' . -nomjiig at JLO:AO irorn pneumonia ag-- j aition there were letters read j General J. Thompson Brown, com- |manding the Virginia Division cf j United Confederate Veterans. General = (Bowling, of Virginia and Congress= {man Butler, Assistant L T nited States ^ abon£ one j Funera i serv i ce at Flohrs Church. t hey can be sure of their services j nol pros in the following cases: James on Sunday. One man wrote suggesting S. Wilkee, embezzlement, brought by ^aether the fact thac the waitresses MaWon S. Haiies: Henry Goff. charg- wei e not continuously employed and ed with assault and battery; E. Tod- (jjj noc %vor k O ver gfty hours a week In des. charged with selling adulterated t }. e ag: g r egate. would not exempt them lood. . 'from the opera'cion of the law. The following cases were continued: _ fhe department will probably se- neenng at the house Wednesday af- .ernoon at one o'clock. All relatives lnd frie^ cord[allv invitsd . John A. Collins, assault and battery; cure arj O p-. n ion on this section of the f Harry Albright; Clarence Yenser. as- act owing to the ir.any inquiries made jsaulr and battery: C. Milton Wolf, de- ab out it. ^ High grade Paper, Eaton Crane and Berlia Jones ^ 1 Stock usual price 25, 35 and socts. | Now 17 c f- s p er 1DQX get the first choice. ! Peoples' Drug Store _ j District Attorney John Hall, and Wil= iliairi A. Glasgow, of PhiiadelpMa- As = many more communications from men E of prominence asking rhe Court for = suspension of sentence -were produced | .E ^and as a closing argument Henry's = {counsel presented a powerful appeal ·E Ifrom Samuel W. Wiliiarns. attorney = j genera! of the State of Virginia, pay= i ing- a high tribute to the man and his father and asking for clemency. The array of letters produced ! Henry's behalf was declared by 3Ir. | Ha WILL CELEBRATE sertion: Peter Sroner; Charles Patterson, shooting "vvith intent to commit murder; Paul 31. Scarner: Huber DEER CAMP NEWS i Illinois To«-ns to Join in Lincoln Ad- j dress Ceiebration. iPenr.: Oliver Miller, assauk and bat- Reports Come in of Bucks being Kill- A very enjoyable surprise party was held ac the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Little at Barlow on Thursday avening. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Little. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Weikert. Mr. and Mrs- Oliver Mar- ngr. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Barnes, Mr. inci Mrs. Charles King, Mr. and Mrs. u _ n " j Edmund Little. Mr. and Mrs. Charles D -^ i Little, Misses Mary Fleck, Viola Jacobs. Nettie Derr, Ethel Earner, Pauline Little, Margaret Sites. Norma Derr. Irene Fleck, Helena Ovsrhoulser, Marie Little. Myrtle Strickhouser, Anna Wood, May belle Wood, Russel Derr, Clarence Fair, Howard Schwartz, Mervin Benner. Norris Wood, Clarence Maring, Roland Derr, Wiiber Clap- saddie. Marshy Little. George Earner, Melvin Little, Clarence Deir, Arthur Shanebrook. Xorman King. Addison Wherley. Lloyd Reaver. Chester Schriver. Russel HoSf. Dennis Straley, Bruce Derr, John Fleck, Ed. Florence, j James Ford, John Orndorif, Linn Strickhouser. Walter King, Paul Snangier. Raymond Little. John Maring. Wiiber Little, Kenneth Weaver, The Good Roads committee of the Sterling and Rock Falls. III-. Commer- :iai club are arranging for two rceet- n,es on November 19 to celebrate the tery: David Reese, carrying concealed weapons; Paul Shultz. assault and batterv. ed on the Mountain. The case against liar! ! Lewis Dinterman. of Waynesboro. ?-Iyers,' shot a ITS pound. 6 prong buck near charged with malicious mischief, was Mont Alto on Monday. He was hunt- settled by the payment of coses- " cont ^ nuance tne condemnation turnpike of the ing alone- Reports come to town that one deer has been shot by a member of the of Wavne~boro. which Homer Barnes. AUTO UPSET Dr. James G. Stover Has Misfortune with his Automobile. Dr. and Mrs. James G. Stover, of Bendersville. were thrown from the former's automobile at the covered bridge a shore distance this sice of inniversary of Lincoln's address at Gettysburg: ana to boom the Lincoln ! Proceedings of the ln Highway. There is to be a nv=s me°t- } Chamfoersb-jrg and Petersburg: Turn- Spnort Club. " ' g in the opera house at Sreriino- In ! P ike Company and the Chambersburg went into camp Friday, near the res^r- _ i Hargest to be the most remarkabie | he afternoon and anotr^ i n Rock i Turr 'P Ike Koad Company v.-as granted, voir in Rattlesnake Run. Also that the Biglerviile on Monday afternoon when = ! that he had ever seen in Court while j ~ a ]j s f n -fa eve-iin"- "Bns ; n«»3- rn^r ' The tavern license of Xei! J. Me- Monterey Club in camp near Caledon- he car. in some unknown way. got off = i Judge Swope said that the testimonial j -V jjj 0 ' DS erve th« dav and s»^c" ; * 1 e^e~- ' Conomy was transferred to Richard ia landed two large bucks or. Monday, j of the road and overturned. Mrs. Stov- TT · *« *-h^ T-/-»i--"r^ TW «»«"=· -*i-i=---- ^i-f^a -3t-.(^ «h^-f-_ I - - - - - " * . _ _ . "IT ^7-^ --« «,-r%^ -n T*^«-IT-I/^-*-« Tf\ ·ollr^i- T^IO ' T^T-an*.* TV ftAns; ("·rT'AAnn^ ?;Tl^_ rH'Oil^Tl? i av criTCrroimdj-? Kniscoc onr? fn«* f"a~ "KT3 =: 1 to the young man's past life and char-! ; j ses are £C r5 e ^[- a i e d for j acter could noc be higher than that j \^_ j_ p a r-(iino--. on YOUR - TURKEY - DINNER Will taste better if you have a N E W S U I T O R O V E R C O A T on Thanksgiving Day. We have a large variety of choice fabrics at prices to suit everybody. J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. e one of the ^speakers and II. H.' Adjournment has been taker, to aohlsaat. editor of the Chicago Inter- j Thursday morning. ; sehools. , ._ ___^ . .-i. i x -i tiuiiigLu:i. --fce-Dresident o 1 brought out in tne letters read in j , he Lincoln Hicrhwav associarion will I ^^ was I Court. 1 After producing all these communi- ! cations William Hersh and J. Donald j Swope. Hep.ry's attorneys, made an · earnest plea for the man. calling at- j'tentior. to the fact that he had never j been involved in any crime before. j that his record was without blemish. ! his career a notable and honorable one j j and that there was no opposition from M, Ham and a petition to allow the ^ \ continuance of the business by the es- ·was Dcean is scheduled to talk on ''The Re-! 'ation of the Press to Good Roads." ! RAISED SS500 UNCLADIEB LETTERS And Converted 1765 ai Big Revival in Cha mbersburg. Awaiting Call at the Gettysburg i Post Office. ! The Biederwolf evangelistic cam- in Chambersbarg- came to a It-lose Sunday. There v.-ere 1765 con- of- ex- PREVENTION OF DISEASES-BEING THE PRACTICAL AIM; DR. HUDSON'S LIQUID CONDITIONER SHOULD PROVE OF GREAT VALUE TO HAPPY RESULTS Will FOLLOW - 3 BOTTLES For $1 Frank Koons. Greencastle, brought j er sustained bruises and the car down a 110-pound buck with four I damaeed- prong-s. i Arthur Sir.gmas'ter. of Palmerton, On Monday about S:30 a deer came ! son of Dr. and Mrs. J- A. Singmaster, running past Miss Sara Stahie's j of Seminary Ridge, received a broken siore in Buchanan Valley, crossed the j arm when his chauffeur drove his au- fence into -Tohn F- Cere's meadow, and j romobile into a train near his home ran up into the woods. A number of ! Friday night. Xo other serious injuries hunters from Biglerville had just ar- \ were received- rived and were ready for the hunt-1 standing on the porch at John Cole's. ; STOCK COMPANY SCORES Lat the cry was raised "'Xo horns" and j the deer went on us way safely. ' Stock Company Starts well before ; Small Audience. T frp'T'TT'PP' ij£j\, i urvEi ! Mae LaPorte and her company open- ay's o~- Dr. GranvHle to O.*a this Year's = d a w «* k " s engagement Monday even- amounted . Free Lecture Course. ] i^ at Walter s Theatre with 'Just I : Plain Mary - i ne Brst performance i The first of this year's series of free S^ve every indication of a week of | lectures at college "will be given in ! :-.:gh class plays well produced. Tne ; Brua Chapel this evening when Pre- ' company carries much of its · I believe that if tthey had gone to trial j j^gy, advertised - ,-c~ Adds 150 More his Frait Tract. Acres sider.t Granville will have ''Gustavus jAdolphus" as his subject. The hour is cenery anci the gowns of Miss LaPorte added not a little to the interest the jury would have joined in the be- ] ! iief of Governor Tener, of the Battle \ Anniversary Commission and of the i . iei"-ht o'c'.ock and the general aublic is:° f a rather small audience in th« play. t ^ ~ - r * . . . - , , _ _ _ - . . - _ .irf _ ^ i.T OLD FASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY Alaionu Taffy. 40 cents lb., Bnltcraut Taffv, 50 ccnis lb., Pea:r.ic Taffy. ±- s ! _ . ! - » . "Court, thai, there cents Jb., Peanut_Brittle, 10 cents Ib. Ice Cream Taffies, 10 cents IK--Fresh J a 3j erra tj O n of mind. [aiiy at. ne J D"-. J- G. Stover has purchased MARRIAGE LICENSES ! Sheely farm of 150 acres :n x\-as a temporarvj-, ., . .,. , ; ~. ,, , !Menasler. towr.ship adjoining his pre- do not pro- ] * erra!t i0 * Cd l ^ Ucd by CIerk of thc isent Edgewood Orchards. He invited. To-night's play \rill be Stornn Coamrv." 'less tne COMING MEETING ° Hr S ' GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN PURE ox-o of mind. We ! pose to send you to prison--not for a I ! day. The County of Adams needs mon- J clerk of lhe Cou ._ s O]in2 - er on Mon _ ay but we don't want yours. We will j ,j av i s p r e - j ! narinsr to piar.t 6000 additional tree?. Cumberland Township Teachers to * " " " * . i - ^ » j *r-r _T _ _ T~*_ . -_ - issaed a maj -ria 5 e FEED to j = For sale by RICE PRODUCE CO, BIGLERVILLE. Dry Poulty Mash Cane Molasses Swine Cane Molasses Horse and Mnle Cane Mol!i«*-s D.iiry Calf Meal. Manufactured by The New Oxford I'urc l-Vi-.t Co. Now Ox-'onl, Pa. ,,, license r.ot fine you but. upon your payment j Charles I. Groft. of Irishtov.-n anc- of the costs :r. the case, we will sus-| Miss p-j^g M . Staub. of Be-iin pend sentence." | Junction. Immediately the young lawyer and | · FOR P-EXT: an eight room ; :h hea t ar.d all conveniences, location. Dossession at once. ! i house' ^. srood L five Meet Thursday Evening. educp.tiojial meeting of Township, will be held at ^^....v.n:; School. Thursday evening jroom house without conveniences, good Xovember I3j ji ary j. Rudisill. teach' location at S7.00 per month. Posses-' 1 DOLLAR excarsior. to Baltimore. ; Xovember 22, accoant Johns Hookins' Gettysburg loot ball ga^ie. Leave Gettysburg 7:15. Baltimore 11:30. Will scop at intermediate stations.--ad. vertiserner.c 1 his father were surrounded by friends against Henry have been settled. He ' \ on at oncc App f y to Martin Winter, i who congratulated them heartily over j returned on Monday evening to Phila- ] G el t vs bure, Pa.--advertisement 1 ^ XOTICE:' -OS to 81.98 shoe ! store will c!c^ at 6 p. m. except a\ t urdav.--advertisement 1 the happy issue to the case. They 'have made mam- friends in Gettysburg since the event. All those stabbed in the affair at the hotel have fully recovered from their delphia where he has an office in the i Real Estate Trust Building while his j SPECIAL: we have received a large j KOE)AKS. films, everything in Ko- Hne of children's, ladies' and men's »*«!»·*** *jljV**VV- JL *. «^-'V ^-»*-»» V«»*« J^ »» J l * » % r lll^J j , -- _ father, after wiring the. happy result j A lecture by Charles Stelzle, sub- winter coats also boys and men s tall co the young man's mother, left in the ' ject "A Square Deal" Thomas Broth-1 suits. Special prices on large rugs 3 x evening for their home · injuries and all the civil suits brought Virginia. in-Tazewell,~ers'Hall, Biglewille, Wednesday even-; 12, linoleum and sweaters. G ins, November 12th.--advertisement 1 Knouse, Biglerville.advertispment- G. H. dak line always fresh. Store.--advertisement Huber's Drug 1 SKATE at Garden Auditorium, afternoon and evening.--advertisement 1 SPAPFRf NFWSPAPFK!

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