The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 20, 1931 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 20, 1931
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

1;^)} FEBRUARY 20 g| 1931 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE ''Sparkling New Energy ; low Available in Stupendous jlew Health Discovery," $ays Famous War Surgeon! ,»./? Iowa House Bill Would Require Farmer License But the Proposal Was Made* in Fun; Text of "Bill" Dr. Giovanni Colozza, noted Kalian doctor and war surgeon. ft'Abundant Supply of Nature's Own Health Elements Are Com|y pressed Into Every Spoonful of VEG-ALL, Physicians Find! 1 HEALTH! Firm, muscles, steady nerves, light, swinging steps, flashing eyes, cheeks aglow with the wholesome goodness of life-- that's what we all want--HEALTH! Without it, no matter how much money we have, no matter'how many friends we have--no matter how great the affection i of our loved ones, we are still only half living, Many .of us drag through weary* day after weary day--listless, tir- 'fng "ailments" and "miseries" o£ various sorts--never feeling truly e.U.-wondering, tha matter Yth us-^ahd DOING NOTHING .BOUT n! - .To those of us who face Ufa with this great handicap-the thousands who feel only half »live, now comes a NEW OPPORTUNITY for better health, in the form of Veg-All, marvelous new health discovery. Veg-AH is a brilliant new medical formula. Drooping, sagging muscles respond to Veg-All. They ara toned up, and once more become sources for more elastic, new energy. "Nerves, frayed and raw from the constant grind of the work-a- day world, often react favorably to ithe general toning up of the system 1 which follows the use of Veg-All. Thus nerve strain ,is lessened and grateful relaxation takes its place. Internal organs which have become sluggish and allow poisons to collect in the'body--a Constant menace to health--are awakened to new action and are regulated by Veg-All." Refreshing hours of sound slumber follow the regulation of bodily i functions by Vcg-Ail. Veg-All ( Strengthens Quickly. Vague aches ' and pains are often banished from p. the healthy body, boundless, glow: · ing energy takes the place of pre- i mature exhaustion; headaches and drowsiness give way to a tingling awareness of the joys of living, upset stomachs cease to disturb and, ' being properly regulated and stimu- [ lated, are keen for the reception and assimilation of real, strength-giving food; appetite is pepped up and nourishment · flows anew to drooping", sagging tissue, filling out the 1 hollows and suffusing the body with a more radiant glow of HEALTH! The enthusiastic endorsement of world-famous physicians and scientists assures you of the value of Veg-All. During the World War Dr. Giovanni Colozza was one of (,he leading surgeons of the Italian Army. After the war ho was appointed by the American Consulate at Rome as Chief Medical Exam? iner, and it was only with his approval that immigrants were allowed to leave Rome for America. These are evidences of the confidence reposed In Dr. Colozza by both the American and the Italian governments. Ha has increased his world-wide prestige by numerous learned medical treatises published in medical periodicals, "and has lectured in many countries in mcdica" subjects. Dr. Colozza was retained to pass on the merits of Veg-All because he is considered an outstanding medical man in every way Now read what Dr. Coloz/.a has to sny of Vcu-All: "Vegr-AH is a formula which pby sicians the world over heartily wel come. It is the kind of formula I have sought i'or many years, and such skillful combination of BO many health-giving elements is a tribute to the scientific excellence of this formula. Veg-All contains surging new energy for those who seek renewed strength and vitality to carry on the battle of life. "Science has not yet reached the point where it can improve very much on Nature in relieving the general run-down condition which frequently is the fore-runner. of dangerous illness. Because of this I am particularly gratified, in examining the Veg-All formula, to note that it contains only vegetable elements. These are among the soundest curatives we physicians have at our command, and they have the additional and tremendous virtue of being absolutely sufe." Veg-All Strengthens Quickly. "I do not hesitate to give Veg-All my full and public endorsement and many other physicians wijl agree with me. It is a harmless medicine of real and rare merit, and the American people are fortunate in having it offered to them." If you seek new strength and energy, Veg-All was made for YOU! Here is your deliverance from the drab agony of a sick, ailing, weak, nervous existence. Try Veg-AH at once. Feel new energy tingling in. your veins. Watch your chin go UP --your shoulders BACK! Feel the thrill of a long, free stride, which knows no abnormal tiring. For the men and women who are run-down or tired-out all the time, life presents few attractions. Their gaze is bent inward, and sees little beyond their own suffering. Hut a full, carefree, sparkling life--Vull of color, throbbing with interest, awaits the healthy person! Veg-All will help you toward this goal! Is Given Here. . Altho the official Journal of the House lists "Holiingsworth of Boone, Van Buren of Jones and Bair of Buena Vista" as authors of the humorous measure to license farmers, friends' of Dr. W. E. Long, Cerro Gordo county's representative, would not be surprised to learn that he pulled a string or two behind the scene. This suspicion is based on Dr. Long's known propensities for a good joke. And that is what the resolution in question was --delicious humor in fact. But whether the local representative had anything to do with the proposal or not, readers of the Globe-Gazette will draw some good laughs from its provisions. It is reproduced here in full, as it appears in the house journal: Whereas, Changed economic conditions, stagnation in all commercial linos, large and growing urban unemployment, and general dissatisfaction with everything done and to be done, has created a trenti toward paternalism and a movement back to the soil, which is having a tendency toward displacing- real, hon est-to-goodness dirt farmers with careless, indifferent and incompetent city chaps who will surely bring the ancient and honorable vocation of "arming into disrepute and ridicule; therefore Be Is Resolved by the House f Representatives of the Forty-fourth General Assembly of Iowa, That on and after the taking effect of this Act no person shall perform the work of a farmer within this state unless he has first procured a license, to be procured as hereinaftei provided. Kesolvcd, That within the meaning of this Act, the work of a farmer shall constitute any and all disturbances of the soil by plow, shovel spade, cultivator, disk or any other instrument by which the surface of the ground is broken for the purpose of raising any crop of corn, oats, wheat, rye, barley or any othci crop requiring cultivation; or feeding or otherwise giving aid or comfort to horses, cows, hogs, sheep or any other domestic animal, provldec that lor the purpose of this Ac dogs and cats shall not be considered domestic animals; or giving Wall Street, the Federal Reserve Bank, the railroads and the money power generally the proper and nee essary oral chastisement for punc luring the balloon of Middle Wca prosperity. Kesolvcd, That e. license board i hereby created in each county. Th board shall consist of the presiden of the Chamber of Commerce of th largest town in the county, and tw others of the county to he selecte by lot among those who were either born on a farm or who have had at least three weeks' experience in farm work. Resolved, That the board shall prescribe the necessary rules and regulations for such examinations as It may require before granting of censes, provided that any applicant ir a license will be required to fur- ish evidence of good moral charnc- er, certified by hi3 township jus- ce of the peace or constable and rovided further, that the applicant iust be able to pass an examination i each and all of the following ubjects, to-wit: Theology, law, edicine, social service, plumbing, lacksmithing, cosmetology, tcach- ng, banking, and such other sub- acts as the board may prescribe. MORE-- nj- Resolvcd, That except as otherwise provided, each person issued a cense must pay an annual fee of ne dollar ($1.00.) Resolved, That no fee shal! be re- uired of land owners, who shall be onclusively presumed to be unable o No fee shall be requirei f a farm hand, who shows by affi- avlt that he drove his automobile t least ten thousand (10,000) miles" urlng the preceding twelve (12) nonths. Resolved, That nothing herein con- ained shall be construed as requir- ng a farmer who builda or repairs olitical fences only to procure a icense on account of such necessary vork. Resolved, That any person violat- ng any of the provisions of this Resolution shall be punished by a Ine of hot less than one dollar ($1.) nor more than one .hundred dollars $100) or by imprisonment in the lounty jail not exceeding thirty (30) days, or by both such fine and im- risonment. Fines may be paid in rain or produce at the market jrice, and thus reduce the agricultural surplus. Now Therefore, In the event doubts may arise as to the consti- iitionality of the foregoing relolu- ion; Be It Further Resolved, That the attorney general be and he is hereby requested to give his opinion on the constitutionality thereof. Bo It Further Resolved That we pay no attention to the opir'l«x of ;he attorney general when given. $5,000 GUARANTEE Five thousand dollars has licen posted us a positive guarantee, tliat you personally must benefit from the use of Veg-All, or your entire purchase price will he promptly returned to you. We have so much confidence in the. ability of Veg-All to make you feel better, ent better, sleep better nnd have results reflect themselves in your improved.appearance, that we say: "Have no hesitancy in trying pare, harmless Veg-AH. If, b y . t h e sixth spoonful, you do not rorognize the improvement, and if your friends do not compliment yon and say that you are looking better, you may feel perfectly free to return th'o partly-used trial hottld nnd luivo thn price of thnf bottle handed right back to you." Any of the leading druggists gladly stund behind thi.s unique- guarantee, and Invlto you to Improve your condition of health, und so your outlook on lite, by starting today fo tnko Vog-AII. PLAY SAFE! KNOCK COLDS tt HILL'S 4-in-l WAY QUIZZ HEIRESS irons to lee .1 Stop it in a luivrv j..O hang; on. with HILL'S CASCA.RA QUININE. Take two tiny tablets now, follow directions, and IN A DAY the four medicinal agents compounded into each HILL'S tablet will break up that cold, make you feel fine . . . or druggist will refund your money. Avoid substltur"-. DEMAND THE RED BOX Was Iowa Girl's Lucky Day F OUR candles! And each of them repreneiHs H year of joyous living. Mary belle Miles of 2303 Carpenter Avc., DCS Moincs, is a typical Fig Syrup baby. Here ia whafher mother Bays: , "My mother used California Fig Syrup with me, and when MarybcIIe became constipated I .got some for her. It relieved her constipation immediately, sweetened her breath, made her bright and happy ugain. "I have also used Fifi Syrup for her colds and upsets. I t has kept her strong nnd vigorous." For fifty years, wise molhers have; been secure in the knowledge lhat a child's headachy, bilious, feverish or fretful spells can be quickly and safely overcome by California Fig Syrup. Physicians recommend its soothing aid to keep the bowels clear in colds, or children's ailments; or whenever bad breath, coaled tongue, or listlessness wnrn of constipation. California Fi;j Syrup helps tone and strengthen weak bowels--assists in building-up and energizing weak children. The genuine :ilways bears the name California. AH drugstores. LAXATIVE-TONIC far CHILDREN ADMITS BURNING WOMAN TO DEATH "Kid Who Slept in Sunshine" Sleeps in Jail, Held for Murder. SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 20. Charles A. Simpson, 19, whom neighbors knew as "a kid who slep in the sunshine," slept in city pri son today while authorities exam ined his alleged confession that h beat and burned to death Mrs. Al bina Voorhles. G5, in 'a neighbor hood store aha operated alone. Police said Simpson told ealmlj yesterday how he clubbed the help less woman over the head, bound he: hand and foot to a rocking ,char and set fire to her clothing 'after pouring: kerosene upon her. Simp son was charged with murder. Simpson said that, believing she had money concealed he asked to purchase cookies and, as Mrs. Voor hies turned her back to him, he clubbed her over the head. "I tied her hands and feet," th alleged confession said, "picked her up off the floor and set he down in a chair. Then I began hunting for the money, but I founc only $3 in the cash register." Police said he related he pouret oil over her clothing and touched a match to It as he fled. Leland Declamatory Winners Annocunced LELAND. Feb. 20.--In the loca declamatory contest held at Ou Saviour's Lutheran church Wed nesday evening Charlotte Anderson won first place in the oratorica class and Reuben Michaelson, sec ond; Frances Nolle first and Cllf ford Holland second in the drama tic and Junior Beckjordan first anc Orian Ambrose second in the humor ous. Judges were Mrs. Randall o Forest City, Mrs. E. B. Buren anc the Rev. H. F. Huseth. Beer Candidate for Eagle Grove Mayo EAGLE GROVE, Feb. 20.--Th city election will be held March 3 at which time the present incum bent, L. E. Beer, will be a candi date to succeed himself as mayoi Others to be voted on are: Counci man at large, C. P. Myklebust an William Dahlberg; councilman i second ward, Antone Moser; thir ward, Charles Kastler; for fourt ward, O. A. PIxler; treasurer, C Chrlstensen; commissioner, Harr Schoonovei 1 . Fhott Mrs. Mabello Horlick Sldley of Racine, Wis., heiress to the Horlick malted milk millions, was quizzed by federal agents who raided her Chicago apartment investigating an alleged International narcotic ring. MATERNITY AID IS MAJOR POINT )octors Meet on Second Day of White House Child Conference. WASHINGTON, Feb. 20. (.!')-One of the major recommendations o be made by the doctors assembled here seeking ways of aiding hild welfare, will be establishment n every community of the country "acuities for care of maternity patients. Dr. Fred L. Adair. chairman ot :ne prenatal and maternal care committee of the medical section of he white house child health conference, disclosed this part of what his group would recommend as the ,econd day's session opened. .Dr. Adalr said ceich ' community should have these facilities, aiUI should bear responsibility for tne welfare of mothers and infauts. A sub-committee of Dr. Adair's group, reported today that probablj half of the maternal deaths ant many of the stillbirths now occur ring could be prevented. The prea ent toll, the committee pointed out was 15,000 women, and 170,000 in fants yearly. VALUE OF FARMS IN HANCOCK PUT AT LARGE FIGURE Acreage in Corn Increases From 98,461 to 102,124 in 5 Year Period. WASHINGTON, Feb. 20.--The value of land and bullding-a in Hancock county is placed at $44,106,319 for 1930, according to the director of census. The value of land alone was $34,191,039 and buildings 59,915,280. In 1925 land and buildings were valued at $53,313,663 and in 1920 at $74,113,606. There are 1,936 farms in Hancock with an acreage of 352,073. The average acreage for each farm Is 181.9. The average value of land and buildings on a farm is 522,782 and the average value for each acre $125.28. The value of Implements and machinery totals 53,148,443. 808 Have Own Farms. u In Hancock county there are 808 'arm owners, 23 farm managers and 1,108 farms operated by tenants. Owners control 132,447 acres, mangers control 5,147 acres and ten- its operate 214,479 acres. Chickens have increased from 920 to 1930 from 259,226 to 325.60S ther figures for 1920 and 1930 are: orses, 14,310 and 11,391; mules, 50 to 574; cattle, 46.203 and 35,788; .ilk cows, 11.497. and 14,860. The rgest number of farms are from 00 to 174 acres, there being 913 of his classification. -Corn Acreage Increases. The acreage planted for corn har- ested for grain was 102,124 in 132ft compared with 98,461 in 1924. ats harvested for grain was about he same for 1924 and 192D, the 1929 gure being 92,108. The acreago in arley jumped from 2,098 in 1924 to l.Oib in 1929. The rye acreage was 330 and mixed grains 2,120, hay as 28,938, corn cut for silage was ,189 and potatoes 1,584. Corn production showed an in- rease of from 2,752,236 bushels in 924 to 3.922,879 bushels In 1929. ither harvests were: Oats har- ested for grain, 3,464,279 bushels; arley 322,501 bushels, an increase rom 1924 when 68,539 bushels were arvested; rye harvest totaled 21.60 bushels; mixed grains, 76,082 ushels; hay harvested was 42.340 ons; corn cut for silage was 47,737 ons and potatoes 104.902 bushels. 50 Schools Entered in Extemp Contest for Honors in Iowa IOWA CITY, Feb. 20.--The annual attempt to lift the extemporaneous speaking championship from one of the Council Bluffs high schools will be made In April by speakers from 49 other institutions. This was shown Thursday by the compilation of the entries for the fourteenth annual affair, sponsored by the extension division of the University of Iowa. . With the state divided into four districts, the speakers, one from each school, will enter the preliminary round April 10 and 11. Each of the district champions will appear in the finals at the university, April 24. Orators from Abraham Lincoln high school of Council Bluffs won the title in 1928 and 1929, and last year the championship remained in that city when Leo Noggr of Thomas Jefferson high outspoke his rivals. Two Davidson Brothers of Sioux City Purchase Full Control of Store SIOUX CITY, Feb. 20. /P--Pur- hase by Leon and Frank Davidson f the half interest in the Davidson Brothers company owned by Law- cnce L. and Herman F. Davidson vas announced today. The deal was aid to involve ?2,250,000. The Davidson Brothers company operates the Davidson department store which was founded by the late Ben Davidson, father of the new owners. Leon Davidson has been chosen president and general manager and Frank Davidson, vice president and treasurer. HERE and THERE Go To Chicago. LATIMER--S. Kibsgaard and son Harold, motored to Chicago Th'urs day with a large truck of poultry for market. C'ub at Dows Meets. DOWS--The Thursday club me Thursday afternoon at the home o Mrs. J. E. Charlson. Mrs. Harri McComas gave a one-act play en titled, "Her First Caller." The hostess invited them to the Luther an church for the supper served bj one of the committees. O. E. S. School Held. CORWITH---A school of instruc tion for Paradise chapter No. 384 O. IS. S., was held Thursday after noon at the Masonic hall. Mrs. Mina Artnerholt of Clarksville, instructo for district number 0, had charge A dinner woa followed by a specla meeting when the ritualistic work was exemplified by the officers. Are Given Surprise. ALEXANDER--Mr. and Mrs Jesse L. Latham gave their sons Willard and Wilbur, a surprise Wednesday evening' at their home in honor of their ninth birthday, bj having a number of their friend come to help them celebrate. Then were 24 present. Washington, Iowa, Deputy Quits. WASHINGTON, Iowa, Feb. 20. (/P ---Walter E. Schroeder, deputy aher Iff since Jan. 1, resigned yesterday Those Painful Swollen Rheumatic Joints Need Week-end Treatment Agony Gone In 48 Hours 01 Mono Bnctc Says Unstable Drug Co. And 85 Cents Buj-s A Large £ Ounco Bottle, North Kossuth Golfers Not to Lease New Ground SWEA CITY, Feb. 20.--At a meeting held by the North Kossuth Golf club It was decided the club would not lease new ground this year to enlarge the course. When No. 9 was rerouted last year a considerable portion of the course was uaed for right-of-way. This reduced the course from an 18 hole course to a nine hole course. Officers elected were: E. R. Worley of Lakota president, with the other officers of last yjar staying in office. Those present from here for the meeting were E. L. Hanson, D. W. Fults and R. A. Bravendcr. Here's the new swift way to driv Uric Acid from your joints an muscles and free your body from Rheuirfatism, Sciatica and Neurlti --many call It the week-end treat mcnt--and it ia particularly vnlu able to those who cannot afford 1 lose time thru the week. Start to take Allenni as directe on Friday night and keep to bed a much as possible till Monday morn : ngr--Allenru.acts with double spec when the sufferer is relaxed an resting. Allenru is a powerful yet ham l sas medicine--free from narcotics-- ·'ou can't depend on mild medicine o overcome .stubborn rheumat conditions and handy relievers use ?nly to slop pain won't get the uri .cid out of your Joints. Allenru is sold by Huxtable Dru ~!o. nnd all modern druggists Ame ca over--an 8 ounce bottle for 8 ?ents--And guarantee:! to do na ac « r ertlaed or money back. Fund Totals $8,803,000. WASHINGTON, Feb. 20. (/P--The Red Cross campaign for a 510,000,000 drought relief fund today totalled $8,903,040. ROAST CHICKEN DINNER 11 SATURDAY AND fft) SUNDAY JL Just sit down to a Ronat V Chicken Dinner at THTC CRYSTAL. The Chicken and everything s e r v e d with it, certainly as good tyjas can be. U JUICY STEAKS 7T TENDER CHOI'S lyJ Extra fine quality Meats M . . . served at all hours. When you long for a fine, ti Juicy steak . . . or real V tender chops, come over fcj to The Crystal. ( \ HOME-MADE CANDIES TF Wonderful Assortment U THE \ CRYSTAL !) North Federal V Philosophy THE ONE IUG MISTAKE HOLLYWOOD MADE WAS NOT LOCATING NEARER RENO You will not make a mistake if you place your 'order for coal with us. We are busy waiting upon the wants of oiir customers, but our equipment is such that wo can handln your order immediately. Coal Co. Phono 98G 1130 South Carolina West Union Youth Paroled After Manslaughter Plea WEST UNION, Feb. 20. fl--Harold Reeser, 18, yesterday pleaded ruilty to a manslaughter charge jrowing out of fatal Injuries to John Northcote, 8, last May -when hit by Reeeer's car, and was sentenced to ierve a term in the Eldora reformatory. He was paroled to Sheriff A. A. Robertson. NEW PRICE ON B L U E J A C K E T C O A L A superior coal from the finest fields of Eastern Kentucky FOR ALL AROUND SATISFACTION l(fnile« rpjiillly--Heats efficiently--Lasts long and burns clean--with little ash. CONSOLIDATED COAL COKE CO. up PHONE 117« I f.T SEVENTH ST. S. E. :rful It powerful and luxurious, ttey have brought new distinction to a name long associated witli character. E I Balmat - Duesenberg Co. in-23 Third St. N. E. PHONE 3(iOO Mason City, Iowa L

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