The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 10, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, November 10, 1913
Page 4
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iiuiMWBjaiU^^ »^ THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daflv Except' Sunday times and New* Pufelifibir-s Company W. lAVERE HAFES, '- PHILIP R- BISLfi. Secretary and Treasurer. President PHILIP R. BISLE, Editor Medical Advertising ark Hair And look tag MUBSCHEP33ON Served bv carrier in Gettysburg for 25 ceaU per Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per raoata. BATES Single copies to Bon-sabscribers, 2 cents. ^ j Nobody can Tell when you 1 Darken Gray, Faded Hair i with Saee Tea i receive "THE TIMES by mail you can find the date upto ***/*"*£ the pink address label on your paper. The oate will tecte^eo. withui » tttr«dayr after TOUT money-is received at iae Times Office. Emtirsd August 15, 1S04, at Gettysburg Pa., as - ' TM Congress March 3, 1S79. kept her hair' beauii- glossy and abundant .._ Sage'Tea and Sulphur. -- -- | Whcnever'her hair fell out or took on second-cliK matter, uzdsr} that dull, faded or streaked KUERTA CALLS ELEOI10N VQI1 Tells Diplomats Congress Will; MSB! Votes. . SAYS HE WILL HOLD ON JOSEPH P. TUMULTY. President's Secretary May Head Democratic National Committee. SHOT ON BRIDGE; PERSONAL NOTES SON GIVES SELF UP AND BRIEF ITEMS faisee, this simple mixture was applied i :*!. ,.., k --lA·-·?«« 1 afS*A.-»r "Pi*- *aelrir*r ftf". g at jvrith wonderful effect. By asking i anv drag s:ore for "Wyeth's Sage and BELL PHONE i» Northwest eorser -"h:S PAPHH KEPScSerOCD FCS ADVERTISING 3Y TH£ GENERAL OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHSCAGO BRANCHES :K- A: , «r -«·- ··"- - ·"" you will get. a Inie recipe, cents. This simple mixture can be depended upon to restore natural color and beauty to the hair and is splendid for dandruff, urv, itchy scalp and failing hair. A weli-knowa downtown druggist rit i»gs per word. per word each insertion. Two cents a. vora if go*rwtt«d Solution, of respect, poetry *nd rnemonara. o*« cent EAGLE HOTEE Capacity 400 Eoom» with bath *a snit« 4k McConorcy, Prep's. Trimmer's 5 and 10 cent Store While they last! Very special lot of Ladies' coiters- EICE PRODUCE COMPANY Highest Csjth Prices Paid for ali ..--FAEM PSODUCE-- U»d«r Times OfSce, Gettysburg. WILLIAM E. ZIEGLER Expert Electrical work. Kepairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle St. Phone 94 Y. CHAS. S. MUMPEB --Fire Proof Storage-Warehouse for Furniture and Household Goods storsd xuy length of time. W. H. TUTON --Photoprapher-- Gettysburg Souvenirs has been applfed--it's so easy to use. too. You simply dampen a sponge or soft brush and" draw it through your hair, taking one strand at a time. By morning the gray hair disappears; af- giossv. soft and abundant. The Mexican Dictator's .Message, Is; Construed as Reply TO President Wilson's Demand. Y fs;*TJ* s3 fsss .OuTh II Oil Possible With Proper Care. A few generations back a man at 50 was considered eld. gray-bearded, and *· waiting for death. Xo:e the change ' i to-day; at a meeting of the iledieo- I Legal society ir was s'cated that, a man | of 50 ought" to have forty good years 1 ahead of him and. thus at ninety he is i in the fulness of rnaturity. i What if you have seen sixty, or | even seventy birthdays--temperate I habits, fresh'air and exercise, with a simple diet and a sumcient amount jof sleep will guard your health, i If perchance, yonr circulation " Mexico Cuy; AfesL, Xov. 19.--P ioiial President Hueria issued a for aial s'aetmeat to the diplomats. s ing ^ it is new foreseen taat. the recent elee-j tioss are null, on account of too fe\vj urecincts having participateJ in iQej votinsr, and that therefore \vsea con- gress'convenes it will naturally annuif tee elections. President Huerta explains that the program then^wi!! be to call new elections, he meantime continuing sis program of pacificanoa- Xo reference is made ia the statement to the recent ret the United States, but by pie it is taken as an answer The statement recites at length the Brother of Dead Man Says; Quarrel Preceded Harder. ! Paragraphs of Hews TcHIni of the Happenings in and about Tow? People Visiting Here and those ScjourraD§*Else where. TWO VERSIONS CF GRIME NEW JOB FOR TUiyiULTY : One Is That Offspring Did It After I Quarrel In Boathouse, and Another - Thai Unknown Man Fired Shot. ! Philadelphia, Xov. 10.--Shot in a " desperate battle early Sunday morning , on the Fis:la±e!phia Kapid Transit · coranaay's bridge over Darby creek, i Thomas A. Lee, deputy tax collector * of Philadelphia, died in the Chester ] hospital. John Lee, twenty-six years old, the man's son, surrendered to the authorr- l ties in the detective bureau at city j hail, fourteen hours alter tne shcot- i Ing. He was then taken to the Dela- iliss Louise Duncan, of Lincoln avenue, is visiting ffiepd? in Baltimore for several days^ ' Mrs. John Fiscel, of Baltimore street, went to Baltimore this morning to spend several days, Harvey Welty, of Baltimore, spent Sunday with relatives in town. He was accompanied home by his wife and tv.-o children, who have been visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Yeagy, on South Washington street- Mr, and Mrs. V/iiliam Eutzy, of Ilarrisburg, spent Sueday with relatives in town. Dr. J. A. Singnvaster assisted in the laying of the corner stone at the Lutheran Home for the Aged at Wash- President's Secretary May Become Democratic National Chairman. "SVashin, efforts President Huerta has made toj vnison establish peace and place his sueees-j the difficult task of linding a new sec-i sor in the presidential chair and fair elections. It is said that the relations Mexico and the ITaited States have j ton indicating strongly that Tumulty j ware county jail at Media, Two conilicuug stories of tie shoot- ·vvere told by members of the family. One said that the dead ' i n ington on Sunday. Roberc D. Bream, of Seminary Ridge, is spending some time in Har- risbarg and other towns in Dauphin shown 2. marked improvement m last few days. The !· an the- may be called to the chairmanship of j The shot followed a quarrel between U. S. ACTION IS NEAR I tiie Democratic national committee to t I succeed "William F. McConibs, who J will retire from that position in conse- | Quenec of accepting the long-standing 1 father and son at a masquerade party. given in tiie father's boathouse oa Darby creek, according to William he could give but ardins the incidents that he tie chair- I poor, if you become run 'and no aopetite--nothin world will tone uo those rired i-ind no appetite--nothing: in the world v.ill tone up those ri i sliding organs--enrich the blood and \ create strensrth so ouickiy STIJ--weak the back- Intervention or Aid to Rebels to Corr.e Within Tv.-o Days. Washington, Xov. lO.-Definite ac-| comrnent oa we suggesucn tion bv this government in regard tc| wou!d oe aa ^ eal ffiaQ » the Mexican siaiatioa is expected now mansn-p of the r.aucna is within the next two days. JVh'm i*^-TM* ^^o-"TM \ *** made a partial investigation: - that led up to the tragedy, as he did not ariencJ the mascuerade party and knew nothing of the affair until two hours after it happened. The following ras made by after he ) create strength so quickly as ou ilieious cod liver iron tonic Vinol. our de- ask every feeble, discouraged rson in this vicinity 10 try ~\ i- We jjold pe: . . . !! nol on our agreement to return their i monev if it fails to give satisfaction, j government. arms and ammunition along the Mesfrj TM l \ consent to release hi can border. This will amount to a ten- preae^. ..os.uoa. vrn.c- der by this government to Carranza, tiie leader of the Constitutionalists, of , . - - - its moral support ia the effort that he j is making to overthrow the Huerta j j PeoalVs Drasr Store. Gettysburg. Pa. j Pi S. Eczema Suaerers! ~Vv e guar- lantee our new skin remedy. Saxo. Heed The fain NOTICE " " Having purchased the well knou-n Key Stone Roller.Mil's, I am prepared to do a general milling business. Highest cash price paid for grain of all kind. - The Patronage of the public is solicited. J. I. Hereter E. 4. - Getfy=iu.-4r. Pa. ; Many Gettysburg People Have Dene j I " " So. ^ ' ) When the kidneys are weak they igive unmistakable warnings thaV ! should not be ignored- By examining [the urine and treating the kidneys J ing urine, full of ""brickdust" sediment and painful in passage. Slag- sh kidnevs often cause a dull pain j Events are forcing the administra-1 tioa "to this course as the only alterna- j ave to intervention by the United j StatesitrDaps- Word reached Washing- j ton through uaoScial sources that] President Huerta had issued a. formal i statement to the diplomats in ilexice. i Citv that the recent elections -vvouici | | be declared null on account of too few j precincts having participated ia thej voting and his program would be 10, call new elections and ia the mean-' time to continue his own oiforts to the pacification of the country. j Now that there change of Kuerta mination to remain at the head or the Mexican government, the situation so j was giving the party, of course. They ! £ot into seme Iliad of a quarrel over %7;f« ·*s»-i-»-» -- ai^-i · · j some iittie thing early ia the evening. \ M i P Fill-i-r-Kl-ftf I l l l i ! The other People in the party told W l l l i Uii I bfil.ll i I 111. them to forget it, bar they kept oa ni ai!«r k « I i : i i r s r n Bagging at each other about it for sev- C! All^fc Not* Hto cral hoars U L H U U t Il^i.i..I 1L.W| . Then ther see ^ ed to have forgot- i tan their diSeulty and Jaughed and j talked and Cooled around p'.si as every- 5 P8F Gent, Discount i era! ilcSeyncias has decided that the j ·" i subjection of tie nevr tarlE law au-. rrcr I body else was doin ''By and by. ~hen everybody thoagbi it had all blown over and had been for gotten, my brother and John went out together. The nest thing they knew ! tbere was a sound of shooting and Attorney Gen- j everybody ran oat of the bcathouse. The-bridge is-oaly -a little ways the boathouse. and the crowd Mills, of Xorth Stratton treet, went to Harrisburg this morning Jo spend the day. Harry Davis has returned to Philadelphia after visiting for a week at the home of Eddie Plank near town. Born to Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Heiges, o£ Buford street, a son. Charles Casliman, of Taneytovrn, was a business visitor in cown today. COMING EVENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. Nov. 11--Lecture by President Granville. Braa Chapel. Xov. 17-21--Adams County- Teacheraf Institute. Walter's Theatre. Xov. IS--Exhibits- Boys' and GirLs? League- Court House. Xov. 19--Fiftieth Anniversary. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Xov. 20--St. Paul's A. M. E. Zion fair. Xov. 24--Lecture. Dr. J. H. Sieling. Brua Chapel. Xov. 24-29--Bazaar. Xzivier Hall. Xov. 25--Recital. David Bispham, Bnza Chapel. Xov. 28--Thanksgiving- Day. Dec. 2--Lecture. Dr. Charles W. Stork. Brua Chapel. 5.--"'The Dust of the Earth"' Waiter's Theatre. LADIES earn S2.2o dozen making I plain neckwear. Home business. Ex- j perience unnecessary. Mall dime for i pattern, instructions. XeecUecraft 1502 Altoona. Pa.--advernseipenE mended remedy. Gettysburg people i Kidney Pills. j Samuel Beck, farmer, - j Gettysburg. Pa., says: "I i Doan's Kidney Pills for a ·and they have pro\~en a i care for kidney 'trouble, i "nothing in this sub-section shall be| shot. They took him to the Chester so consirued as to abrogate or ia any | hospital- John wasn't around and thej find him. was when the tele- dyiag tarted out ,-ent and saw him." . This policy aiay be carried out in departir , elstF jnade public the attorney j at once aari went endorse Doans| on iy two ways. Either the^troops of ^ ssneral - s op ; n i on aE d anroaaced thati Robert Murphy, a nephew of Thomas ;c ^u^^jioiuj ,,»vu »^.'s. ^it._~- ^'^ ""_"*·-. -j-vgnerars opinion and anroaacea tnats Robert Murphy, a ixepnew oi inoaias 0 _^. ,, 1 lh8 Baited States must enter Mexico j ^ acC o Tdance ^-Q it colectors oi cus-^ Lee, denie'l the"story of the shooting Ui*_anriG or ^ e ^^ ^ ust De undertaken bv j -n-nnW TIP directed to continue to rnld hv \ViHiain Lee. "Mv uncle was have used Ion ir time Carranza and his followers after the | 6 -^. esSLra tbc snb -section as they were Uniied States market for arms ana j ins - u _~ cted to ao oa O ct. Shad Bains _ asiauaitioa have been thrown open to | Entries held up pendin i the decision; TT- by William Lee. "My uncle was snot by en unidentified man,"' he said "Xobody kno"s ~ho the man was. My left the boa'hoase and was com- stepped up ais»2 tomach. Then the -FOR SALE; 1000 bundles corn fodder. Apply to Fred McCammon. Hiil Top Poultry Farm.--advertisement ·ii- s:i:c!c iiiro-'ch its gilis. is given to I strong.y. For sale bv al! dealers. Price 50 story of the snoot- Ing informed that Xosaies, Sonera, Xov. 10. -- General peals. I John Lee had surrendered to the Dela- appeared un-i Twenty-three nations have treaties j dare county detectives. tae United S^.tes under -aliich j - -- z~ asserted their ships had a right j THAW LOSES FIGHT Kfferential in common wita tae -Tj-vvrr; J"r ""I aican ships. These included Great; New Hampshire Governor Ho'nors Ex- Tork indicated that j Briiaip.. "Gemiany. France, Austria- i tradition Papers. oiii^s- ^«-.,«uOa wanted to kaov-1 Hiracary. Italy. Japan, Belgium, Den-| Concord. X. H.. Xov. 10.--Governor '-e exec* ?-·**-« aad strength of the j aiark. Greece, the Xetherlanas, Spain, S Felker honored use reouisitioa of rhe lasur-ecuor/asaiRSt the Hnerta gov-j Xorway zr.3 Sweden. ! state of Xew -iork for the extradition ^1 fr-in^r^r":~ Carranza and his follow- { The allowance of the discount to ' of Harry K. Tfcaw. *'l e^ 's'e-~iif-^"i as strong indications | sasps of those nations asserting equal The case is now transferred anto- , i -CI*" jjo' -,v;V 02 administration was j rights with American bottoms, would inaucally to the federal courts, where :! ^ r-'cosnltion of the insur-j have resulted ia an estiinatea loss o f } a writ of haheas corpus on behalf ot ,, _ .-. ^ j $10.000,000 asisnally ia custom auties. | Thaw is pending. , _ -,. e Te |j e i chief conid- i This would have created a deficit m i The governor based his decision en I · e-c- v o - '- '--i-* the success of the j stead of a snrplas :a the treasury, as ; the inxllctmeat returned against I* 4vo-« · y z~-l~*e assorted h« coaid has been estimated by the tariff frsm-i ia Xew York county, which c-hargea ' r--3 into the Seid. ers. i him with conspiracy to escape from '*** 2L i^^iQ. f^tri-- WALKS 95 MILES FOR RENT i T- to which he was committed after : his second trial for the killing of Stac- After Trip From Philadelphia to Paloi ,- ord "vVTiite. sai^ ~O' Alto, Womsn Finds Home Sold- ', Ham" Tbaw made his sensational ' PottsviJle, Pa.. Nov. 10.--Fannie Me- i gj s j3 t o ' n A'is. 17- and a few cays later P e e F o , When a Man ts Careful. A man -srill let you marry his laughter Tvhea he doesn't kno-w your oiiddle name. Bat if you give his dog t bone ae'U exanine it carefully to make'sure there's no poison oa it--- Cmcinnati Znoairer. -.-«ct connection with tie Sonora state, whire the · ' NOTICE Letters of Administration oa the Estate of Hit-hard M. If am late of Gettys- Iiunr Bo:v»usb, A'lams county. Pa., '5e- ecafefl. liavinjr beea zranted to tlie un- dersjjmed resi'sing ;n Gettysbunr, person? hi'Iebttd to sakl Estate are refiutsi- ed to make imir.ediate payment, and tiio=e havinTM cla'ms will present iliem for sett'etucnt. to AVILLIA3I HER6H. ESQ. Administrator. Baltimore Street. Gettysburg, Pa. Western Maryland Lines TRY THE SHORT ROUTE TO Pittsburgh Chicago Leave Gettysburg 10:35 A- 31- connecting -with Chicago Limited at Highfield- Arrive at Pittsburgh 7:30 PM-, and Chicago, 7:59 o'clock next morning- Modern train of through sleepers, observation and club cars and coaches attached. SO--12 n^- .! re: '· ';n Interest in the woman's long trasnpl fa a Pacific street tenement, havin s » . . .. a3J stirred the authorities and it xras dis-j been aspnyxiateci by gas cunng tne n-\ --- ,, ------- __ ------ 3J ^_ t ,,,,,-,,,. five re tirefi after tne ind the medical as accidentally :;CV~ -; ;" "^ w^"a--«on and i covered that the property was sold by, nigh ^aa-^S^S-S. ,, J %ZZ~; * »»"**-I ,/^. ~,«,-^ f « c a Saturday be- Thomas Collins, who now owns the] turned oa the gas. ·I«^l««««. ff ^ to ?? v ?^*_ M ^ l3r ?! l | Fire Destroys Brick Plant. h,ad,d by Pa^o G.j O,* use pro peny .ortne re- --eii'vat. ",-',· jc-r in -sfi prc r-,-ba. -.-: f-o mthe camr* cf Zapa?a. bis offer. It -*zf, r'-jior-f-d that two war vessels} ha-i b^'rn 'K·:·-·· to the CoE^titutiocal-S or! nialnder of her life .and sne accepted i Cnmberlaad, Md.. Xov. 10.--Fire of j}j e Savage firebrick \rorks of at Key- :si kadcr. L« g Broken: Starves on Mountain. ! «·»:!-. X. Y., Not'. 10.--Tiie iXS-Jy i -f a r.'jarj « - o had broken his leg, fa!-| l'-n 'in-j 5!"j ?iarvf«3 to rf«"-a*h, was j fr.'in'l in the mountains by John _ Baby's Body Shipped by Train. j stone Junction. Somerset county. Pa, PottsviUe Pa-, Xov. 10.-- Tne body The loss is $100,000, partially covered I o£ a baby ^as discovered in a passen-j by insurance. It was the largest piant ' ~er car of the Reading railway which j of the kind in this territory, employing here from Philadelphia. It was in a b5 g pasteboard box. over 500 men. Finds Wayside Squaller. j Lancaster, Pa., Xov. 10. -- Robert "Primitive" Man In Woods. Providence, R. I., Xov. 10.--The efforts of Andrew Thompson to imitate Miss Mae LaPorte and her excellent Company all this week atj Walter's Theatre Starting Monday Night, November 10. h-»nt*r Thcrft was nothing | WftltSgi driviT , s along the road, heard the primitive mans mode of life were In thr- isvV-4 to males WcnSiJicatJon i crles and found a aew-born baby boy, thwarted for the second tune toy te poit-JWe A',i,arently fc« ha-l b^-en d-aJ j , n tbe bushes. It was cared for by tbe . authorities, when he was sent to tn- r a ear. a. ir.onth. vVAXTKf); fi man of i^rxl habit's for U n a n i (,r, farm. Good }»t-uti»n near lw.,. Aj.piy |,y Jcttt-r to F. Tim-K Of- :mc-nt mother of WeiUg, who will adopt it. state workhouse for a year. FOUND: a pair of gold glasses in one of the booths rimmed at the SHELL oysters always on - hand at po ,j s in tho first ward) on Election Kvans'Restaurant. United Phone.-- Owner may have same by calling at G MABKETS Prices at the Gettysburg warehouse corrected dailvby C- Milton Wolf, Jr., Successor to J. Geo. Wolfs Sous Co. PerBu v« w Tiy Wbeat 2fewEar Com..«».--··«· Rye Oats RETAIL PRICES Badger Dairy Feed **-2 Coarse Sorine Bran i-Coarse Spring Hand Packed Bran Com and Oats Chop Shoemaker Stock Food White Middliass Red Middlings..-" 1.45 Rye Chop 1.56 ftO ....1.70 Flour.. Western 5 er hbl. S4.80 6-00 Perbu Wheat. Com Advertisement this office.--advertisement New Ear Corn, 70 \VeattTn Oats 5T .NFM'SPAPFRf nFWSPAPFRI

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