The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 10, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, November 10, 1913
Page 3
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The ladies have ?1 :iy u^fu! and beautiful articles, together witli some admirable nieces of fancy work, all of which xvill be sold, besides many other things. Ice Cream, Cake, Candy, Fruit and Other Refreshments -will be on Sale. All friends are askea to bring a companion, and the public is cordially invited. \ Makes Hard Work Easy! D USTING, cleaning and polishing hertiwood Soots is tare!, badc-bresi- ih^ work. _An almost never endubg task, and seldom satisfactory the _ K o£d TfZ-y- Bciitiseasy: cai^andsajisfectoiy t~cgc»irHJ.»--u~nge O-CetJar t t r 1 Mop. Wx!iiityo«icaa spend a fgrar crrtTirr^ ^oms vfht it semr t^V^. yoaalznost half a liay^ Yon afeply paa de O-Cfr PoEsh ?,5oj over sise fioor sad every parfcic of --- -- J - -tistaJbcaicpaadljeld. ThcHooris grrcaa hard. !arsble. lasdng polish asd Two Sees $LOa-$UO 'PolisI £» siso csed for Ing Juiilng asd of thetoos of ktga fcm-mre. ' CBe bantlttrrs of tfeg stairs and is so mad-- t£i2tyc3acHas=ttotliefer comer under tbebed.ba2e2Jit!ieradis2jr end other fcjeid-to-sd-at-pSaces. Try an G^o^ar Pt^isii fr£op for two days at ocr rijlc. Teat it den *ray for two days =d if yoa are cot delimited -wijii it ^^c w3Iproioptfarre£esd y GETTYSBURG DEPARTMENT STORE · It Easr to Ckca These Ksrd-t»Get-At-FIa,««i Philadelphia Reading Railway $1. EXCURSION ACCOUNT GETTYSBURG -vs BUCKNELL FOOT BALL GAME AT I ; Accuses Philadelphia Woman cf Work-: ing on Love For Dead Husband to: Acquire Money and Bonds. j * Philadelphia, Xov. 10.--Love for her» dead husband and a blind faith in a '· PhHaoelpaia-spirituaJisiie medium cos:» ifrs. Eiiza, B. Dean, of Sandwich,! Mich.. §15,000 in money and bonds, ac-1 cording,;o the petition in a suit Mrs.! Dean has Instituted against the me- The defendant is Mrs. Hannah Y.f Ross, of Philadelphia, doing business ; as ''Rev. H. V. Kcss. Mr=. Ross" pres-j ent husband, H. Ray Pierce, who is soc-iaied with her in the medium bus:-) ness, is known as the "lecturer andf message bearer." i According to ilrs. Dean, the wonaaa! median}, hy means of letters purport-^ in gto have been received by the dc-j ceased husband, induced her to part) with her wealth. I Mrs. Rcss disclaimed any part !H ' the fraud upon Mrs. Bean, if f r a u l j there was. She said her nrst hasfaan.l. obtained some of Mrs. Dean's proper | ty, and when she learned of it she di- vorced'hrm. Mrs. Dean now has procured an at-! tachment against the property of th--j woman, medium and will strive to con-| vince the courts over to her. Mrs. Dean told a strange story of weird seances, in which rhe medium is alleged to have appeared to go in;o the sliI and fetch back to earth SNOW DUE TODAY KVintry Weather - Forecast For Pennsylvania and District to Florida. ^Philadelphia, Xov. 10.--^The weather menu the forecaster has prepared for the Atlantic states for this week is anything but appetizlns- He says the week will open with a "decided fall in temperature, and snow and high winds over the scrthern districts and lower lake regions." The wintry outlook, he wants, uot only affects Pennsylvania, but will extend almost to the Georgia-Florida line, and mayhap frcsls thrcughoa' Florida and down to the ttrepty-sitti parallel. He experts saowr today an«J then fair wea'h^r the res: of iho ivee~. though the Kind cf weather thit ravages the co»i piis. Storm Interferes With Trains. Cumberland. Md., Xov. 1C, -- The heaviest autam^ snow storm :a years prevailed '.vest and north o* here and greatly interfered with traEo and promises to tie it up. Teiegrapa and telephone communication to saan poinis is broken and the exact condition Is not known. Passenger train movement is much interrupted, v,-hi!e wita freight there is almost - tlc-ap j dtie to the wires being down. Photos by American Prr«= Association. inquiry into ccarges _ . _ _ h n A. Kennessv during the It should be turneJIXer.- York mayoralty carapalgn coa- ! tinues. Hennessy said he got part cr his information from Eagene D. Wood. ~ho is shown at the top. George H. McGaire. of Syracuse, denied he furnished the information to Hennessy. He admitted that he collected campaign conrribntions from seven contractors and asserted that he forwarded rhese spirit the spirit of the departed Mr. Dean. After she hstl converses! tnth bT hue-! to the treasurer 01 Tammany Hall, band through mediums, as she sup-' ~--~ posea, Mrs. Dean received spirit ters advising her as 10 the p-oper dis-j position of her property. praeiicaHy all of which he had left to her at h!r death. Sach was her faith in spiritualism as reveaied to her by Mrs. Ross an-jj her husband. Mrs. Dean said, ihar she! followed the advice she believed th=| leters to contain and gave np he:] property to the meciitinTs husband. j jlrs. Ross and her present husban--!; have iired in Philadelphia for three years, condacting Sunday meetings under the naaae of rhe First Spiritnti Alliance Charc-h, in a hall on Xort"' Bread street. i Ulrs. Ross admitted that Mrs. Dean! had attached her prooerry. She said: "Yes. my property has been attach- J f I j DOE TO JEALOUSY Toros Re?8jY8f on Wasington. Xov. 10.--Joseph D. Rog- erscn. "-rornetor of Rogerson"s iuncls house. 14-;5 XCTV York avenue. Is dead, sad Clarsnce "W*. Ro-nrzee. lately 01 Philadelphia, is dying at the Emergency hospital as a result of a quarrel ed and ilrs. Dean has sued for 515.00° in the 'tinea room. Tf there was any fraud my Srst hnr-l Eo^rzce nred three bullets at Roger- baud committed :t. 1 had nothing ic son. r.vo taking eSect, and then turned do with it. l£rs. Dean did give hira some money and I con't believe he ^73 = entitlei_to it. I should not be eld responsible for -s~at nj;r grst usbaad die.'" BURGLARS PROS 33 VICTIMS Robbers Use Powerful Narcotic and Escape With Rich Loot. Farreil, Fc.. Xov. if-.--Thirty-eighi residents :n several different houses are su goring: frosi the e.Tects of z powerful nareotfc. frhlch ~^zs spria kled over the noors. Several of the persons are srill under the care of phys:Har.s_ ~^rho are attempting to discover -s-aat the sleep- producing drug -was. The pol'ce are investigating, bu; nave ascertained nothing mere than the revolver on himself. Xo one witnessed the shooting. Eogerson vsra? killed instantly. Rowzee has not re gained consciousness. Ke, cannot live. Jealously Is believed to have been the catise of the shooting. Letters iound in Rov.-zee's pocket indicate tha: t.'ie murder asd attempted suicide were premeditate:!. Rcgcrson was aloae behin 1 ! the counter of the iuncn room when Rowzee, his erstT. - h:ie friend and cornpas :on. came in to chat with him. 3y the side of each roan was a section of a morning paper that appar ently had been divided between them. It is the police- theory that Rowzee brought this paper into tee restaurai:; with him and gave JSogerson a portion to center the* victim's attention whik the fact that three strange men Tvere he """^ deliberately slaia. seen in a. powerful automobile near t h e j Both men were r?3rr3ed~_ bnt had no outskirts of the to^rn shortly before i children. Ifrs. Ro^zee vras'notified of dayiight. Several thousand dollars !nj the tragedy kept a remarkable compo cash and a large quantity of jewelry j sure. \Taen taken; to tse hospital she besides a large amount of other valn-j iaentifiea the man -*vho die the shoot- ables. -were secnred by ihe burgiars- j ins 2 3^ tarn s~ooncd. "SThen question- In each case the br.rgiars entered} efi later shs -=aid sbe had been sepa Heavy Snow Damages Wire Service. Baltimore. Md., Xov. jn.--A te»r:3c s;orm raged in western Maryland nnd much damage has rwa!ie«j. Around Cunaberiand and Oakland there was a heavy 'all cf ssow. driven in all cirec tions by a heavy cold wind. In 'Washington and Frederick roizntip^ th2 storni was also \~ery severe and f-Id lots of damage. oSth the BaUJmore Ohio asd Western jlaryiand raHroad= suffered oa account of the snow antl wind. Telephone and telegraph connections front 3a5timore to the west via Cumberland has been almost entirely eat off and it is with difficulty :hat news of the damage by the storm is being received. PARCEL POST PBOFiT $30,000,909 IN 1913 First Year's Earnings Twice That Estimated. "Vfashington, Xov. 10.--It has become known that the profits to the govern neut froni the opration of tJ:e nev parcel post systera during the calendar year 1913 would be about $30/iOO.OOO. The n^w system became effeftire on Jan. 1 last. It vras estimated that the progts for the Srst year woal;I be about S15.0GO.OOO. but the actual 3?-. tires now ia possession o£ postal c IB- j cfals convince them tfcst the profit, in stead of being $15,000,000. will he ?3'V C00.0°n for the first year. This will he interesting news to the railway officials, wao have been contending that their roads were entit'.ec to extra reran aeration for carrying ih'- mails. on account of the operation of the parcel post- It t73.s learneS from a reliable quarter that, even assuming that the con tentioa of the railroads was correct, there stii! would have been a goon margin of proSt at the end of the ca~- eadar year 1913. after the payment of exetra remuneration to the rctds. If a parcel post adjustment werr rrtade along the lines suggested "03 ."O3»e of the railroads, probably no' ir.ore than SI'XftOOjK'O of this S30.QOO. 000 -a-ould ae due to the railroads aj oxtra pay. The total :ncrtne from the parcel post for 1313 v,-iil be aroanc $80,000.000. rea from ;cr t^rce Ae^cr.-iinz to .be employes of the restanran: sn-i others who gave infor- the hcnse by tie nse ot skeleton ~l:ey?. They then \vent upstairs v.-Iiere the oc cnpants ivere sleeping. Ii is not IcnoTvs ho "snae drag iras scattered about the! niation to :ne rolice. Hrs. RoTrzee had floor, bur it is thought by the police' been a ^rc-^aent visitor to the res- tiat it Tras squirted through the key-! saurast holes. An investigation -svas niade. and in ail cases the occupants of the home? vrhich --ere robbed trere found stiii SATURDAY, NOV'R 15 13 SPECIAL TRAIN sleeping. Upon being awakened they complained of peculiar and the Snding of tfce ·srhite po~der followed. £ur- Fcr Thres MiHicns. Ne~ Orleans. Xov. 10.--The firm of VTcgars Bro''.e~. s'ormerly in the sugar company. S3.0S0.677.SO. TVo- FROM LV.A.MJ fiettysburg 8.25 *GoIdenvilIe - 8.35 *Table Rock 8.38 Biglerville 8.44 Guernsey 8.48 FROM LV.A.M. ^Centre Mills 8.52 Bendersville 8.56 iGardners 9.03 JHarrisbarg (arrive) 10.05 Steal Or,ly Finest Furs. jia. ?a.. Xov. 1.--Thieves ef fected an entrance to the seccpd story of the Livingstone store and stole fi:rs and fnr coats valued at S200- As only the best furs were taken the work is believed to nave been done by profss- sioaals. who .the police ;:ifck, took the plunder away in an autc-mob:3e. business hero, brought suit agninst tfce Vmerrran S:;ga~ asking ''adages of gan Brothers ~n?renaed business 121 ;s-S In the petition, filed in the ·"ederal conrt it :"s charged that till? ;ies of tr.e American Sugar Rennerj conspany crjitr^r:- ".o ti;e provisions of ·ne Shenasn ai:i:-*.~;?5: latr. Crazed i rylng to Lsaru English. Wilkes-Barre. Pa.. Xov. !".--Over- zealonsness in his endeavor to roaster 1 the English language caused Tnossas Xoviskey, of this city, to become insane. He took a course in a rorres- pondence school, studied nights zl-1 most incessantly and for the last ·sreelc ! had been acting strangely. 1 ttETURNING--Special Train will leave Harrfsburg 10.30 P. M. same date for above stations. Tickets good only OR date of excursion on above Special Train In each direction. Children between 5 and 12 years of age half faiT. *Pas*engers from stations marked withtsar can purchase ticket from conductor. 1 Killed by Her Gold Tooth. Philadelphia, Xov. 10.--A gold, tooth, swallowed a few weeks ago, lodged i- her lung and caused the death on F :day of Cecilia Rosen, thirty-two yen-s old, of 609 Sigel street, accorrMn- t;i the result of an investigation made by the bureau of health. Dally Reminder. If you are~ a graduate from tha School of Exeperience, take a postgraduate course if the chance offers. WEATHER EVERYWHERE. i Gi?ervat:ons of oai ·weather lr,;rrans taken yesterday follow": Temp. AHjany 56 Atlantic G-ty 4S Bortcn 5S 54 ed States at S ?- in Chicago ........ New Orleans ---- Xew Tcrk ...... 49 Philadelphia ---- 42 \Vashragtr.n ..... -?· P. C3o«dy. CSo-udy. Clondy. Cloudy. P. C:oi:dy. Clear. Cioiiay. Rain. CStar. Ciouay. ALLEGE iviORE GRAFTING Auto Agent Lays Fresh Charges Before Reading's Mayor. Reading. Pa.. Xov. TO.--Lewis Gin s:er,repres=ntingthe Berks Antomobil? Garage, visiiea the city hall and rasdc a remcrltable statement to Mayor i: Li LittOH. He said that the "White automobile Sre apparatus that had been sold tc the Friendship Fire company was soid with the TinaerstaTiGing that S250 was to be handed over to City Clerk Rcm sey. and was to be divided in so-ae manner between President of Select Council Gtimmiags and Councilmen- Lewis and Fleraming. Tfae car is to be delivered on the 20th of this month. It is to cost S5P50. The city has already appropriated S3000 for it. Mr. Ganster says he never paid a cent to Ramsey, who at first wanted S500 to S6QO. "Whether there will be other warrant issued against tne quartet of alleged jugglers at c5ty hall is not now known, but the matter will he placed before the distrir* attorney, who will be asked to take action. It is believed that other automobile agents will rtm from under cover ere long. At any rate deeviopments are promised at city hall. The Weather. Snow or rain to'lay; fair tomorrow; northwest winds. i o Absorb Dampness. A quantity of quicklime put in. damp cupboard for a few days v,-il sorb the dampness, ,, Robbed of $12.000, Bank Fails. Eimira. X. Y.. Xov. 10.--E. A. Dna- haaa Co.. whose private bank in Montcnr Falls was robbed "of $12,0:10 on Thursday night, nade an assignment to Frank Johnson. The extent of the failure is placed at from $60,000 to §115,000. Roosevelt Reviews Children. Baenos Ayres. Xov. 10. -- Colonel Roosevelt reviewed thousands of Oe school children, who sang "America" in English. The spectacle was an imposing one and the colonel ·was greatly delighted. The Boy Scouts presented Ihe former president with a medaL FOR SALE: five thoroughbred bull terriers. Hill Top Poultry Farm, F, G. McCammon.--advcrtisemenS, -IbTc -j _«__ All persons are warned not to trespass on the premiaS of the signed with dog, gun or trap for the purpose of taking g*a« ifc cor for fishing,or in any way injuring or destroying properly:'' iating the laws of the comn.o-r.vealta with regard to trespassing on laadi of the undersigcer will be dealt -rich under the provisions" of tfce A± of April 14i 1905. William AlKson, SamT. Waiters farm, Hamfltonban township. -. John D. Siley, R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa. Cumberland Township. Mrs. J. E. Hughes, Cumberland Township. * D. B. Wineman, Cumberland Township. Frank Mumper, R. 1, Gettysburg, Pa. C*. J. Deardorff, Orrtacna, Pa- ' r Charles Wagaman (Dr. W. H. O'Neal Farm) Highland Towasaip. F. Lv Kime, Butler Township, Biglerville, Pa. . ! C. B. Shank, Siraban Township, R. 7, Gettysburg, Pa. j J. H. Kuhn (J. F. Kuhn Farm) R. 2, Gettysburg, Pa. ML Joy Twp. ; Jacob Frorameyer, Straban Township. ; George E. llarraan, R. G, Gettysburg, Pa. Butler Township. \ Georgot C. Shealer, Straban Township. -,__ . -j Sirs- Mary J. Weikert, R. 2, Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. f-'^l J. H. Rex, Box 50, R. 2, Biglerville. '_ ^ Mrs. Matilda L. Codori, Cumberland Township. _ j Samuel Robinson, R. 1, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. " J J. L. Toot, Straban Township. ,- '. D. L. Jacobs, R. 1, Biglerville, Pa. Butler Township. i Joseph B. T.vining, R- 12, Gettysburg, Pa. ^^ ,· . ;* Edward A. Scott. R. 4, Gettysburg, Freedom Townsffip. 3 J. D. Brown. Highland Township. ; - ' R- F. Biddle, Mt. Pleasant Township, R. 8, Ge--ysbur^. '· - -.; D. J Reil... R. 12, Gettj sburg. Pa., Cumber_and Township. * Leo Frommeyer, ML Pleasant Township. Martin Winter, Cumberland Township and Gettysburg. i W. T. Mehring, ipiings Tim Farm, Cair"-er!3-id Township. ' V£ Robert K. M..;rr, Strsban Township. ; -"^j John W. McIIhenny Farm R. 7, Gety=ourg, Straban Township. , ? Charles F. Rebert, Seven Stars, Pa. * ; G. W. Eldor. Pendersv5"e, Pa. . George D. Thomas, Chambersburg Pike. Robert Barn---, Greenmount, Pa. ; ' -1 " Harry E. Shrlver Builer Township. R, 6 Gettysburg 1 . ~-$ ? ;"Joseph A Albart. Butler Township, R. F Gettysburg. "T" """f William Cbshun, Sir? ban Tovnaship. f "* D. C. March, Butler Township, R 6, Gettysburg. f " '1 Elias Wolford, Mt. Pleasant Township. "' : -i E. L. Smith, Butler Township, Biglerville. v _ j ! J. Ed\vard Lawver. Butler Township. R. R. N6. 2. Biglerville- : S. J. Haverstick, M. M. "Sponsellerfarm. Straban-Twp., it- 8, Gbg. M. E. Freed, Mrs. G. W. Bieseckerfarm, Franklin Twp.; Caihtown. J. Kerr Lott. Cumberland Township. .. . _.-_ John H. Sponseller. (McPherson Farm), Cumberland Tcwnship. ., Jacob E. Hoke, Straban Township. Gettysburg, R. 1. H. M. Sneeringer, R. 9. Gettvsburg, near Bonneauville. Ps. J. D. Moose. Biglerville. Pa. " G. F. Basehoar. Gettysburg. Cumberland and Germany Toiraships- Louis Mizell, Straban Townshlrj, Gett r sburg, R. 7. N. J. Shank, Bitrlerville Route "l. " T. F. Roth, Butler Township, Gettysburg Route B. C. S. Griest's Sons (C. Arthur Griest, Mgr.) Guerr.5EV. C. A. Heiges and Mrs. H. F. Heiges, Franklin Township H- C. Warren. Menallen Township. C. H. RummeU on C. L. Osborne farm, Menallen ToTrnship. Wm. M. Bi.eham's Sons, F-eedorn Township. Wm. M- Bigham's Sons. Liberty Township. Jacob F. Peters, 1 .-rone Township, R. 3, Biglerville. Pa. Charles Essiek and' sisters, Butler Township, R. 5, Get'.^sbnrg. *, J. C. Coulson, Butler Township. A. S. Whisler. Mt. Pleasant Township. R. 10. Mrs. Clertia A. E'ack. IL 1. Biglerville, Pa- George Herring, Highland Tovrnship. W. F. Herbst. Orrtanna R. 1. O. B. Sharretti C Jinberla-d Towr.ship, R. 2, Gertysbir^;. Pa. G. E. Stsllsrritr.. iirrrbar. Townsb'p, IL 9, Gettysburg, --. John Dick, Hofracker Ferm. Scraban Towriship. Gilber'c Rudisiil, Cumbeilard Township, Gettysburg Rou"i I. J. E. Jacobs, Eugene S- Ke'ly iarm, Cumberland Townshir J. Clayton Rider. Mt. J r Townshir Gettysburg R. 1 Charles Ftdler. (W. E. liclden farf-,. R- JL. Biglerville-Cutler Twp. " H. S. Mertz, Ran^-iton Tov«nsi:'j. (Campbell and Moyer iranr..} James L. Big-ham Freedom Townsb : t), Settysbarg-, Pa. Levi Crum. Menr ien TjwnshSp. Mr^_ Andrew Ere ~gr. F ' Aspei ~. Mer; "Ien Township. L. U. Mea'?. Cjrrber'ind TcTvaship, R. 5. Gettvsburg. C. W.JBi-ek. (J. Carna Sni -,.i Farm) R. 2, Gettysburg, 3L~. Jo~ Twp. Wm. jti. Johns, Curnbsi'-nd Townsb'3 and Gettysburg- George W. Wolf. T? 3. Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. Edmund Little. (John T'ochar Farm), Cumberland Township. Harris Cook, Menallen To~ ~:ship. Walter C. Snyder. R. 12. _ ^itysonrg. Pa., Cumberland Twp . Bayly Farm Vincent deeding. R. 8, Gettysburg,~Straban Township. tdward Redding. R. 9, Gettysburg. Straban Township, A. J. Smith. Farm, H. E. Boyd, Guldens.. Pa.. Straban and Mt. Pleasant Townships. Harry S. Trestle. Straban Township. Jidward A, Trestle, Straban Townsnip. · . John Leese. on Nathan Brown farm. Straban Township, Gbgl Soute 8. Mervin I. Weikert- Highland Township, R- 1, Fairfield. D. F. Ba'cterman. iJutier Township. Shultz Bros. D. ii. Snyder Farm r "Straban Township. Get^rsburff. P. O. McDannel Bro?, Arendtsville and Franklin Township, BiglerviEa, R. 1. S. B. Bream (F-Mr Bream's farm) Butler Township.-- -- -Calvin R. Snvder, Bcnneauville. Pa. Otis Walter."(Conrad Walter Farm) R. 1. Tillia, Franklin Township. F- B. Twisden. Gettysburg Poultry Farm, Cumberland Township. E. F. Strausbangh. Orrtanna, R. 1. . Albert Hoilinger, Cumberland Townshio. Getinrsburg, R. 6. Deardcrff Brothers. Ti'iie. Pa. Franklin"Township. E. P. Garrettsor. Butler Township. John and Frank Garrettson, Menallen Tovmship. :R. H. Black, P. 2". Genysburer, Cumberland Township. . ""^ Mrs. Daniel Millar, Cumberland Tovmship, Gettysburg, Ro-te 6. D. S. Reynolds, Straban Tcwnship, Gettysburg Houte 9. W. A. Bigham. Cumberland Township, GettysDurg^ R. 3. John Groscost. R. t, Gettysburg. Straban Township. Garneld Jacobs. E- 13. Gettysburg near Barlow. Dorsey Deardcrif. E'-jhland Township. (Mrs. H. S. Moyer Farm). Emanuel P'ank. Higr-iand Township, Gettysburg Route 4. E. D. Eeiges, Bijr"en-"le Borough- John H. Eckert, otraban Township, Geti~sbarc R. 8. W. W. Miller fs^m (Oscar Bream tenant) Sti^-oan Township, Gbg. R. 8. Mervin B 1 ck. Bi.elervilie. Menallen ToTmsiiip. ?flrs. Martlia Reed, near Arendtsville. Wavbright Rice. B:s:lerville. Pa. H. S. Cronier, ^-It. Joy Town'sbip, R. 2. G- Aysburg, Pa- John S. Wolf, btraban Tovinship. R. 7. G3t./v sburg, Pa- Clarence Hoffraan. R- R. 2. BiglervI'le. Ta. J. C- V'siter. Butler Township, R. 2. B c g;lervill5 Pa. Robert Witherow. Cumberland Townsnip. R- 1? Gefcysburg-, Pa- Frank Herr. Cumberland Township. R. 13, Gettysburg-, Pa. Frank Eichostz. Freed Fjjm. Straban Township- R. 12, Gsfiysourg, Pa. D. W. Stoops, Sighland^Tcwnship, R- 4. Gettysburg, Pa- J. Martin BreamrTvrone Township. R. 3. Biglerville, Pa. H. H. Hen. E. fi, Catrysbursr. Fa., ifntler Township- Samuel Schwartz, Mt-'Jcv Township. Gettysbnrpr/Eozia 1- J. A. Wetzel. iM?ry A. Snyder fami) Franklin "low^ship. J. M. Bushman, (ilary A. Snyder Farm) Franklin Township. J. Vy". late, Jyrone Tcwnshin. R. 4. Xev.- Oxford. J. W. Cook, Menarer: Townsnip, Flora Dale, Pa. A. L Osborne. R 2. Big'ervills. Allen Barnes. (Cronsef Farm) Cumber-and TownssiSj. R. 13, Gettysburg: Chas. E. Schultz. (Gl'faert Eacher Farm) Franklin fqwnsffip, H. 5, Gbff R. A. Diebl, (Minter Farrr-^ Butler TovasMp, Star Reraie; Biglerrille, IV John B. Eiker. Cumberlan^ T wnship, R. 12., .GetCyab'.rg^ Pa. W. J. Straban and Me. Pleasant Towssaups, Ge«ysb.:rg, U. 8. C. E. Tawney. ME. PleasantjTownslrp, Get^-sbSrg, S. S^ C. W. Toner. CE. A. Crouse tsrm) 3ier.aBen Township, 3- R- Idavflle, Pa. J. B'aine Bushey. Franklin Township, R. 1, Bigiervflle, Pa. Jacob Groscost, Tyrone Township, R. 7, Gettysburg, I'A^ W. "". Howard, Straban Township. Carun McGlaagh' : rj (Jchn P. Butt Farm) Franklin Township- Janies Sanders. 'X. H. Musselman Farm) Hamiltonban Tcwnshrp. ' Howard Brean. otrabin Townsh^, R. 9. Getfysburjr. Ps. Alien Reading (Robt. S. Bre'im Parm) Cumberland 7o7~-r : r.. William J. Eckenrode. Cumberland Tcwnshio. G. G. Gr'Sr. S.-rrbrr. Tcmship, Rouls 9. Gettysfc.-..;. "'" Denton Hoir (Rufr- Law er Fann 3ut'-er Township. Harvev Scott Cjrrberl?r,d Towr ^ip. Jacob Boyd, -It. Joy Tow--hip, K- 13. Gbg-. (Will'-ra Cr. u.- Farra,.. S. F. Bushman. F.cT.k " '/o.% -="nh li. 5, Gettysburg. D. M. Hofc-ian. B , -ierv "o, R ^ u i c 2. E. N. Hofftran, E rlerx 's, Route -~ · -M J. I. Hereter, H's^'-'and Townshio, _. ·*. CitvVi.bur,-, I ,,. Ernest Manahan,lMrs. P. L. Houck Farm) R. 9, Cettysb :rg, Pa David G. Lott, Strsban Township, Gettysbu-j. Hjufe 7. W. C. Sforriek, Strabar Township, R. s». Gettysburg-. M. Shindledecker Cum erland Township, Gettysburg. R. 5. H. M. Trostle, Highland Township, Tiliie Post Ofks. D. A.-Hankey Olrs. Jeremi'"i Bender's farm) Cumberl-r.d Twp., R. 5. D. C. aiarch. Butler Townrhtp, R. 6, Get'tj sburg Robert M. Eldon, Aspeis. ,, . - IV ®

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