The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 30, 1933 · Page 26
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 26

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1933
Page 26
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^^" /4-JJ SCHANKE HEADS MANY ACTIVITIES office. No workers were employed on CWA. projects before their histories were carefully, checked by Mr Schanke.:; But not having, the de' . tailed Information available on' tin BO per, cent hired from, the re ; employment off ice, there were sorh' employed who were not entitled tc the work, and .they are being re · moved as fast as possible." There are eight, reasons for removals, as ; follows: (1) A worke has quit, a regular job to bbtai civil works; (2) A worker has no .; resided in the county six months o - more; (3) A worker has roa'de fals statements -in regard to, his num ber of dependents, service recorc ·whether or not employed, . term p residence in the county, etc., i filing hla application; (-i) Whei more than' one member from eac family is working; (5) If a worke is single and all qualified worker with dependents have not bee placed; (6) If the worker has a sus taining Income from some othe source; (7) If in the opinion of th committee, better qualified, mor reedy men have not been employe and (8) If in the opinion of th committee, a worker has bee placed because of friends, relation ship or for political reasons. Selected CCO Members. " Mr. Schanke also was in charg of the selection of the men for th Civilian Conservation corps, ope fating. Under .the department of la bor, war department, department o agriculture and interior. Thes men were selected of ..young me between the age of 18 and 25 year physically fit, unemployed, who ha dependents and who wished to allo to these dependents a substanti portion of the §30 minimum month ly cash allowance. This group young, unemployed, men was selec ed by the government because the type of work and the camp li involved and partly because youn unemployed men have had grea difficulty in recent years in pro curing either work or relief. Some of them have never had th chance to hold down a job sine they left school. This work was ri served for young- men having d pendents, who wanted to help then rather than for unattached, horn less, transient men, because th money could be used more produ tively where it benefited whole fam ilies, rather than the single tad idual. Married men were not so lecteii because it was believed tha it would bo unsatisfactory to sgp ni'ate married men from their faM ilies for n. cix-months period on th basis of a minimum cash allowanc of §30 a month. . Office Opened. The national re-employment' of I'ice was opened under the directio of Mr. Schanke osxcliairmiin o£.th local Cerro Gon2fo county commit ts3. Following /he lead of other in h«fpa*iw«tP 1 *B6n?. Uncle Sam wen fii^au-uaVlonscocIentifically into th -, -- ·.: ----- .i -- -- . . i ^ u slncss. In the SHOW FOR PLAY (Coatlnaed From Market Fate) king 1 out te victory over an aggregation composed, for the most lart, ! 6£ college students liome for loliday vacation. The pickups hac ';he better individual players but acted teamwork, few of the players having played together for years. ,' Barr Scores Winning Goal, Ray Barr, big Mohawk .guard broke in for a setup to give- th Mohawks the winning tally with only 35 seconds to play. However Bob Burns captured the lion's shar of scoring-honors as he sank fou field goals in the last half to put th Mohawks weH into the game afte the high school team had trailed points at one tijiie. In spite of its .victory Coac Grimslcy's . squad showed improve ment only in its shooting. Floor work and co-ordination were no very impressive and the big Mo hawks often failed to take advan tage of the long shots by followin in for the rebounds. The Mohaw mentor sent in a team compose wholly of si.x footers toward th close of Friday's encounter but tt combination lacked the speed of th more Jiery small players. Improve ment in the team's free throw ahool ing was ncticcable, as the Mohawk sank 8 of 11 tries from the charit line. Lineups: MASON CITY--36 FG FT Herbener, f ; 0 4 Harrer, f .V...O 1 Suter, f (c) 1 0 Farrcr, f 0 1 Evers, e ,...,...1 1 Stoecker, c-f .'.2 0 Barr, g 1 0 Del/acy, g 0 , 1 Burns, g (c) 4 0 Snell, g 0 0 Totals :, 9 8 riOKUPS--24 FG FT P Suter, f . . Tnurtle, f McPeak, c Fink, c Cordle,. g , Billman, g , \7innie, g , Lane, g V . . Totals .. 1 3 0 1 ...0 2 ..2 ......2 11 2 1 nearly all comiricrci ets, but Trojans Win 28-24. Mason City's Trojans continued o their winning path as they subdue an alumni quintet at the high schoo Friday night by a count of 28 to 2- Mick MacDonald leading the pac with a trio of baskets and a pai of free tries to score eight points. Kopecky scored three times from the floor, but neither of these feat were matched by the 12 point ef forts of Earl Lane as he connecte with five baskets and a.-oau^of .free throws. * ~* f^tf- I-*!* The game was rough marred by frequent l" c tlca,, B8 strikingly Baking in.what is often ailed "the labor-market." Those ho have only their labor power to a JO. must rely almost entirely on casual information as where to dispose o£ it. No feature of the depression lias been regarded more tratric, more disgraceful to American organizing ability, than the pathetic wanderings lip and down the country of millions o£ unemployed work-seekers. As a result of the opening of the nubile works program, a number ot jobs are becoming available. These openings are as yet only, a small uercentaire of the great army of un- great are , seeking work on the percentag employed who , Without an organized method ot selection among the many applicants the chaos in ·filling jobs available would be appalling. . Drive Is Staged. , On the opening of the re-employment office, a drive was put -through the co-operation £,, local organizations in Mason City, which procured the pledge of employment for. men to the extent of Some $15,000 worth of labor. ID connection with this work at tha present time,. a block system is being-continued that was in effect previous to the federal government entering the re-employment field where one man is maintained to procure what part time labor coutti be had for the unemployed, contacting the employer as. well as the employed. . . · . ; · · «,- Mr. Schanke suggested to the state committee that merchants who did hot operate under the full provisions of the national recovery act be refused relief orders, and this suggestion was adopted by the state committee. Distributes Surplus, The distribution of govcrnmeni surplus commodities has been placed in the hands of Mr. Schanke. Up to this time the products distributed have only consisted of the dry pork Mr. Schanke, Is now notified that the further distribution of suf plus commodities will include more varied articles, including butter cheese. 'eggs and flour, which, will be distributed to investigated fam iliea found worthy of relief, as wel as county cases. Families now re celvlng $25 a month allotment, du to having a boy in the Civilian Con servation corps will also share ir the distribution of these surplu commodities. · Mr. Schanke was also nppointe administrator of the civil work service administration, which hoc the placing of the county's quota o .80 women in . various" county, cit and school offices, as well as th opening of three sewing rooms which, have taken care of some women. and were lost to sailed out of bounds,. The lineups:TROJANS--28 MacDonald, f Copecky, f Yelland, c Gibbs, c-f ...'t..^.. Struyk, g Smith, g Carroll, g-f TOTALS ALUMNI-- 2i Cordle, f Chaff in, f Lane, f · MacPeak, c · D. Winnie, c ...... Billman, Paul, g g J. Winnie, g Walker, g . TOTALS FG .. .3 ...3 . . . . 2 ...0 . . . 2 ...0 ...2 ..12 FG ...1 . . . Q .. .5 ...1 ...0 ...2 0 1 ,...1 ...11 FT · 2 . 0 1. 0 0 0 1 4 FT 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 - MASON OITY GLOBE-GAZETTE DECEMBER 30 I HOG MARKET WAVERS AND FALLS BACK DI GRAINS ADVANCE IN LATE TRADING Wheat Closes Firm Cent and Half to 2 Cents Over Friday Finish. CHICAGO, Dec. 30. (Xt--Late upturns in price hoisted wheat today to about 2'/~ cents above 'yesterday's finish. Decided strength of gold stocks in New York brought about increased buying of wheat futures. A reaction followed, based on belief that the rise had been too rapid, but the market undertone remained firm, with evidence of broader eastern demand. Wheat closed.firm, 1%@2 cents above yesterday's finish, Deo. 82?'s, May 85}.ig%; corn %®1% up, Dec. 44%, May 50%'@51; oats % @1 cent advanced, and provisions unchanged to 17 cents lower. Produce CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. CHICAGO, rwc. 30. UP]--Wheat, No. 2 hard SHiS'Soc; corn, No. 2 yellow 4SU@ 4Vic; No. 3 yellow 4fic; No. 3 (new and old) 4Sc; new corn, No. 2 yellow 47*i®19c; No, 3 yellow 45^-@47c; No. 5 yellow 44^ic; No. 6 yellow 447iC: No. 3 white 4 B H c ; oats, No. 2 white. n6',i«3'37'Ac; No. 3 v/hlle 36S28Vic; No. 4 white 35V1C; no rS-e; hnr- ·ey, 4^S81c: timothy seed, |5.50S?6 cwt,; clover s«a. 511^13.15 cwt. Lard 5S.85: loose lard 54.63; oelllca 55.75. MASON CITY, Dec. 30.-Cash Quotatloaa by E. G. Slorso Eggs (current receipts) 12c Heavy hens, 4% Ibs. and over... 7c Light hens '· · 5c Springs (heavy breeds) 7c Springs, (Leghorn breeds) ...... 6c Old cocks (neavyr 4c Ducks i.. 4c Geese 1 ·. 4c Turkeys, No. 1 .lie Mercians Quotatfons Eggs, cash "-. 14-17c* Eggs, in trade 17-19c* Butter, Plymouth 26c Butter, Clear Lake 24c Butter, Brookfield 24c Butter, State Brand 26c Butter, Dairy Maid 2-lc Home Grown Potatoes, peck. ,.25c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtaint-d by calling several downtown grocery stores. CHI CAOOT PJtODTJCE. CHICAGO, Dec. 30. LW--Butter 8,412, .firm; creamery specials (93 score) 18fi# IBSc; extras (92) 17c;- extra firsts (6091) 17«0«c; firsts 188-89) 19'i®*lc; Ecconds (86-87) 15V,c; etandarus 90 .ceu- trallzed carlota) 17^c. EBBS 1,820, steady; prices unchanged. MasonCityGrain Barley MASON CITY, Dec. SO-- 28-40c No. 2 yellow old shelled corn., No. 3 yellow old shelled com., No. 3 new yellow ear c o r n . . . , White oats, No. 3, 30 Ibs., or better . .34c . .33c . .30o . .27c S.1TWIDAV ORAI.N CLOSE CHICAGO, Dsc. 00. (.TV-- WHEAT-Dec Hay Ju.Y CORN-Dec May July OATS-Dec May July BYE-Dec May Jul- BARLEY-Dec May July LARD-Dec Jan May BELLIES^-W o t ' .5311 .r.s .831i .S2Vi ..53U ,5C?i .34 H .37(4 ,K!H .5S .50% .48!; .5354 Dec. July July CORN-Dec May July OAT3-- Dec May July RYE-Dec BARLEY-Dec May LARD-Dec Jan BELLIES- DOC. .. Jan 81' b2' a .82'.i .00% .337k .30TI S S .83S 5.10 41 U' .-ww .20 .27S .30 .31 4.-17 3.90 3.07 3.17 POTjXTHV CHICAGO. Dec. 30. l/P--Poultry, live, 46 trucks, steady; hens 12^12 1 ,^c; Leghorn hens 9c; Rocfc springs li(5-lc, colored 13 '·j'Mc; Leghorn chickens . Sc; roosters Sc; hen turkeys l(ic, young toma TBc, old toms 12c. No. 2. lOc; duck! 10gil3c; gccso 13c. Dressed turkeys steady; prices unchanged:. TRADE LIGHT ON 13,000 RECEIPTS Some Strength Is Shown by Outside Markets and Frees Gain. CHICAGO, Dec. bO. UP)--The hog market wavered and fell back a dime today In light Saturday dealings. The run of 13,000 head carried 10,000 direct to packers and left that class of buyers out of the market. ' Shippers had orders for only 500 head and trade was steady to 10 cents lower. About 1,000 head were held over for Monday. The top was 53.35 with the bulk of hogs selling from ?3 to 53.50. Outside markets showed a little strength, chiefly because of small receipts, and prices ranged from steady to 10 and 15 cents advanced. Cattle were nominally steady and generally shakily lower than last Saturday, except on Specialties. Sheep were also nominally steady and higher than a week ago. The top at the close on fat lamhs was $8, highest since Aug. 18. NEW yonK roUL-rnv. NEW YORK, Dec. 30. IrF!--Dressed poultry steady to firm and unchanged, Live poultry firm, unchanged. NEW VOBK T/KODUOE. NEW YORK, Dec. 30. I.P1--Butter, 4,933, steady. Creamery, hlgfcer than extra 21?i @22c; extra (92 score) 2l©21Uc; first (37-81 scores) 17ViG'20c: seconds 15';i@ is-^ic; centralized 90 score) 18i$c; - packing atock unquoted. Eggs, 11,838. unsettled. Mixed colors, refrtscralora: special packs IBs; standards 18®18Hrj; fir£l= 17©17};c; other mUed cotora unchanged. TKODVCE MJTtBES CHICAGO. Dec. 30. iePi--Egg futures closed; Refrigerator standards Dec. lo^c; refrigerator standards -Jan. 147ic; fresh graded firsts Feb. 35?ic, B u t t e r futures closed: Storage AtndardB Dec. 17'/aC; storage standards Jan. 1631C; storage standards Feb. 17i-lc; storage standards March 17!ic. KANSAS CITY KANSAS C1T5T, Dec. Creamery -gutter 20c. uncnani produce nged. 30. /1"l-- Eggs 15c. Hens 0®9c. Other Ln'mson Brothers "TAarket Letter GLOBE-GAZETTE'S DAILY CROSS WORD PUZZLE Mason City . Livestock Dec. 30.-- MASON CITT, HOGS Hogs steady to 10 cents higher. Beat sorted lights .......... 200-240 Beat medium ivelght butchers 210-260 Best heavy butchers . ....... 260-300 Best prime heavy butchers , . 300-350 Bc5t packing sows, smooth 300-350 B'est heavy BOWS, smooth. - . .350-400 Best big heavy sov.'s, smooth 450-500 Light Ughta, fair to good. {110, 160, ISO) .,..,,..52,10 52.10 J2.60 -'12.85 ll.SO 52.60 52.30 52.10 $1.00 Cattle market steady, Cattle market steady. No cattle market 900-ljOOO 54.GQ-3.00 Choice young Bteers Medium to good year* linn steers. 000-1,000 S3.BO-1.50 Choice corn led steers 1,000-1.200 Ji.00-1.75 fedlum to good corn fed steera 1.000-1,200 53.50-S-OU Low grade ateera ....S2.00-2.CO Butcher cows, fair to good $1.75-2.25 Good to choice cows 52.25-3,60 Choice to prime cows ,, S2.5U-2.75 inferior canners ..-. .30.65-1.00 Fair to good canners $0.60-1.15 Fair to good cutters ....51.25-1.50 Good heavy cutters and low ' grade beer cows Sl.40.-l.u5 Inferior light weight bulls S1.20-1.5U Common to fair bulls .31.50-2.00 fair to good Bulls J2.oo-2.35 Good heavy bulls' $2.35-2 .'-'I Good to choice calves . . 130-100 54.00-1.50 Medium lo sood calves ..130-190 52.70-3.75 nd common .-,,-,- ., S2.75down Iji LAMBS t Chofcji lambs -70-00 $0.25-0.75 '" TZ3 n to rood.lambs .. 70-fO 55.25-0.25 ·Jarab $1.00 under grade . \tiong subject to market fluctuations. OMAHA GRAIN. OMAHA. Dec. 30. t/Tl--Wheat: Hard, No. 1, Sic; No. 2. BOSSOWc; No. 3, 80c; mixed smutty, No. 4, 7Je. Corn: White No. 3, -!2c; yellow No. 1 42C; mlxea No. 2. 401i®41itc. Oatfl: No trading reported. IONS PREPARE FOR PASADENA TRIP (Continued From Market I'nge) 10 probable success or failure of IB east's latest effort to regain lost rostlgc in intersectional play with le west's defenders. In Anthony Matal, a short, stocky ed head, and Owen McDowell, a ahgy Texun Columbia has n. pair E fine flank defenders. But the est of the line lacks in poundage. _ The team will leave here at 7:15 p m and arrive in Alhambra station near Pasadena at 9 a. m. Sunday. It viU be taken immediately to its hotel on the rim of the Arroyo Seco, only a Bliort punt and pass rom the classic Rose Bowl. A light warm up will be held m die afternoon as the team's fine. appearance until 2:15 p. m. (PST rame time Monday. Wilo Elected President. WAVERLY, Dec. SO.--A. J. Wi was elected president of the Stat bank of Waverly at the stockholder meeting Thursday. Nat P. Ellis sur cceded Mr. Wile as vice president Dunlap Remains King of Own Golfing Precinct PINEHURST, N. Car., Dec, 30 (.#)--George T. Dunlap, Jr., nations amateur champion, today remalue the klrig of his own golfing pre cincts. . The slender former mtercollegi ate champion yesterday stroked hi way to a 2 and 1 decision over Die Wilson of Southern Pines, N. Car in the finals of the midwinter tour nament. It was the eighth time i the past nine years that the forme Princeton llnksman had capture the title. Swea City Cardinals to Open at Minnesota Par; SWEA CITY, Dec. 30.--The Swe City Cardinals will open the baakcl ball season at Hands' park, Fair mont, Minn., Sunday afternoon b playing tbe Chicago Hottentot touted world's champion Negi basketball team. Swea City will pu one of the best semipro teams the state on the floor this season. KANSAS CITY QBAIX. 1CANSAB CITY, Dec. 3D. (.TV -- Wheat: - rs; l®2',io Melicr. No. 2 dark hard *4c; No. 3, 82c; No. 2 hard S0 : 83\ic o" 3, TS'S'Sl'.iic: No. 2 red nominally 9\i®S3c; No. 3 nominally 1814 fflSZc. Corn: 20 cars; JA^II^C lilsber; No. llltc 44?i ((Hoc: No. 3 nominally 43ff-45c 2 yellow 41ZHi'.{iC; No. a nominal! ·tJllc; No. 2 mixed 131ic; No. 3 nora Mills- 428U3«c. Oalfi: 1! cars; ',fcc nlgher; tio. '2 whit omlnally 30®3THc; No. 3 nominally 35',t® .._. ^Sen- good per- lormance or grains and boridB, but found its chief Inspiration In reports that were freely circulated to the etfect that an Important currency announcement In regard to cold would probahly bo made over the holiday. Rejects on business generally \verc favorable to the forward outlook. BONDS Bonds firm but trading rather Inactive. The government group \VRS somewhat better but quiet. ForclGn bonds active emu tnost of them lilencr. CHAIN Wheat--Sentiment in wheat Tvaa more friendly to the tuylng Bide today, largely dun to strength in slocks and In foreign xcnange. The market recovered from a Ht- e Irregularity early and under Ihe Influ- nr-.e of good buying, prices advanced over c from yesterday's close, no material pres- ure appearing until May ncared the 8Qc mark around which there was some selling n the id«a that lh«i advance had been suf- Iclent for the time being. The undertone iQwcver remained firm to lha close with ome evldftnce ot a broader eastern demand. Liverpool and Argentine wheat markets were losed today and all leading exchanges ol he world will have a holiday Monday, but vlll reopen Tuesday. Despite the holiday abroad the seaboard estimated around 600,000 Manitoba -wheat sold, most of winch was .for tho contlnenl. The .forecast was for rain or snow over a good part of the winter wheat belt, with a severe cold wave predicted for Minnesota and the CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. CHICAGO. Dec. 30. lA'i--U. B. department of agriculture-CATTLE 3,000; compared close last week medium to good heavy steera cloaeJL 25c lower, as much as 50c under week's" high lime; strictly good and choice kinds elcady to weak; all lone; yearlings about steady, but light heiler and mixed yearlings SOcU 1 41. mostly 50^750 higher; closing trade generally weak to lower all through Hat; extreme lop yearlings $6.50; medium weighls su.10; mLied offcringa 58.25; prime heavy sleerg S3: very liberal run 1350 to 1600 Ib, bullocks In crop; these celling mostly at $4.50fiiG.75; best light heifers 36; supply light lower grade steers and heller* very small; fat cows 25c higher; cutters 15- 25c higher; uuils 40-soc higher and vealers generally 52 higher on storm market; largely eteer run -with weighty kinds predominating; stuckem and feeders at standstill owing lo aubzero weather. HOGS 13,000: Including 10,000 direct: very slow, steady to 10 cents lower than Friday's average; ISO to 280 Ibn. $3 «4i; 3.35; top 53.35; strong -weight pip*'*?'* 0 ' mast packing sows 52.50CJ2.75;- '"."'£·',, look 500; estimated holdover'1.000. compared close lait week u«vel:y 10 to 40 cents lower; packing ««"«-,»"*"uf_. ,llin butchers steady lo ^0 «nta higher; llgM ACROSS 2--A make-believe ti--To deal out sparingly 11--Inducement to action 13--A fruit 15--A matt beverage IS--Expunge 18--Part of a shoe 19--Misrepresented fact 21--Prior 22--A trult 23--Went at an easy gra)loi 25--Bipeds »6--A' West Indian aquatic mammal 27--Under 30--An instant 31--Rucllned 35--A color 37--To pack away 38--A division of a dranift 39--A tree euro 41--A form of to be 42--^Slasttcated 41--A kind of motll 46--Steeps 47--Remain DOWN 1--Not large 2--Precipitous 3--A Hailing exclamation 4--Abbreviation o£ a thorough fare 6--Such and no more j,6--Portion ot medicina 7 -- Xative metal S-- A note oE the scale 3 -- Penetrate 10-- Prophets 12 -- A melange 14-- To incite to action 17 -- Row of arches 20 -- An evil spirit 22 -- Wharves . 24-- The jncKdaw 25-- StaKo 27-- Ebon 28-- All. dlstrltutrvely 29 -- Metric measure of content 31 -- A country of Europe B2-- Heart 33-- Jugs So--Measures of, length 36 -- Obscures 30-- To soak 40 -- Insect ess 42 -- A pronoun 45-- The Creole state abbr. STOCKS DISP NEW YEARG Prices of Leading Move Up 1 to2| 'More Points. NEW YORK, Dec. 30. Year's cheer pervaded 1933 stock market sessi and prices of leading isst up 1 to 2 or more points j accumulation of bullish * Ahe activity, after the firs 1 fleeted some short cove close was firm. Transfers mated 800,000 shares. j Although most commod kets were closed for th the grain pit at Chicago with wheat getting up m cents a bushel and othi showing improvement, j had a relapse in foreign; dealings, although there change in tbe domestic j The British pound rallied cents while French francs .12 of a cent. There was Ij count for the sudden reve: dollar trend, excepting ru n free gold market might llshed · soon in the Unlti Bonds continued their s vance. - i i The metal shares ra | foreign currencies, U. Si j was up 4, Homcstake 7, a j can Smelting, Mclntyre, Cerro de Pasco around a j American Commercial ani dustrial Alcohols gainetj while Chrysler and Dupoi similar amounts. Other al ers of fractions to a poiil included American Telept Steel, Allied Chemical, G( tors, Western Union, Am bacco B, Liggett and [ American Can, Santa 1 Central and Pennsylvania ities were just about ste) Bond Mar vcalera late $4.5006; -week's bulk *5.EO. HOOS 3,000; active, largely sltady on al! classes; bulk good to choke 100 to 2*50 Ibs. J3Q3.10; top 53.10 to oil Interests; ttwj heavier butchers down to ?2.C5; better ItfillC largely S2.75®3; killer plga 2.50 or above; bulk packing sows 2.50; average cost Friday 52.36, we! SHEET 1,000; compared week ago shippers and packers; grades S5®5,a n « SV^vrSg M1NNKAPOIJS OBAIS. MINNEAPOLIS. Dec. 30. 2 cars. 00 n. year ngu; l!4o Wgher. oasn: northern 82!4Q'SS!tc; No. 1 dark noill n 13 per cent j,roteln 83!i(3'SI!',ic; 1-J r cnt nroteln 83V.®86',Se; 13 per cent pr Bin 83',l a'8u'.4c; 12 per cent protein 83i.S@ ti'ic- No. 1 dark hard Montana li xer cent iroteln SSttftSS'.lo; to arrlvo a3%©a5!ic; No 1 amfcer durum OSc^$1.02; No. 2 am- .er durum OTcfSl.Ol; No. 1 red durum 70 tBOc; December 70?$c; May Sl'.ic; July 8l!4c. Corn No. 3 yelloiv 4'lG^Ic. Oats No. n wlitte 33'.4fl3lUc. Miscellaneous over'^' Tto'TaVslbimy of "thriattel working Its way southward Increased some-: what the apprehension ns to the outlook.for ^Cor^Llberal telling developed '" *«"·· part tors purpoi on buj-in« oy some OL wiw '"·"-· - Knn i,f.,i closed higher. Ono car of .corn ww booked celves any moisture developments out of rUDI.10 Bid and anked on Dtc. 30: Cent St El 7 pfd . : . · Cent HI P * L 7 pfd ..... D SI Cos 5 pf! (550 par) ,. D M Gas 7 pfd ($50 par) . . intersiMe row 7 pfd . . . · · · Iowa Elcclrlc- 7 rfd Iowa EUclrlc OlS P'd ..... IB. Eltct LI Pow 7 rfd .. la Elect Lt row 0 pfd .. Til Fowel- at Lt 7 pfl la Power 6 Lt 0 ptd {a, Pdb service 7 pfd In. Pub Service 6 ptd la south Utll 7 pfd K W Boll Tel a W pfd Unlled Lt * Bye ' PJJ united Li Rv« 6 pfd 3 35- to SM ' ; m VMlght 200 to 250 Ibs. 53.25 'r? 'weight 250 to 350 Iba. S3© ng sows medium and good 275 ,,, ,, , .--. 52.35(82.85: plga good and choice 100'to 130 Ibl. S2.35SP2.75. / SHSX.V 6,000; for week ending Friday 31 doubles from feeding stations, 12,600 direct; compared close last week lat lambs 35-50c higher: Bheep and feeding lambs snaring part of advance; top at close 53, highest since Aug. IS; week's bulk natives and fed westerns 51.COif7.85; 93 to 03 Ib. lambs closing ST.30@7-S5. but most hauuywelgms at Ilnlsh 57.75 upward: clipped lambs 55.75 (0.Gu; acatlcrcd yearllncs 53.050: aged cwc/i 51.ROSf3.C5, according lo kind; extreme top $3.75 early; feeding lambs extremely scarce, few plain light welghls !5 50- demantl nctlvc for belter kinds a 58 upward, possibly at 59.SO fcr desirable offerings. 53.50@8; common recent sales clipped lambs Ji.SO; fat ewes f2,25B 350' na'- vc « C ""'B !ambs S5®5.50. .'·'' KANSAS CITV LIVESTOCK. X KANBAB CITY, Dec. 30. UPt--V. B. lc partment of agriculture-- IIOOS 500- 240 direct; fairly active. stronj to Sc higher than Friday's average to packers; no shippers in; small lots 190 to 250 Ibs. 53.1u®3.50; lew EOWS steady CATTLE 100; calves 50; for v,-eek: Fed teers, yearllnss and fed heifers steady to 5o Wslier; off quality steers with weight teady; cows scarce and strong; vealers Answer to previouf puzzlfe NEW YORK, r market ended quiet strength today:" V.a trlbuted a majbrtt^^of In limited '' U. s. of recent proved from Liberty^ were er. nigh In secondary 1 'Northern ·ti. Sgyeral. _ A Gas 5s a ,-.-. to 290 i=«» it*: 52.4002.70; packers IONES--lie hlBh 'J.iO; iflO to 300 1M J2.10S:.55; iambs IXOUB. MINNEAPOLIS, Dec, 30. l/n--Flour lOi lower. Carload lots, family patents 47.05® 7.15 a barrel In 98 Ib. cotton aackB. Shlp- ments, 24,H3. .Pure fcran. 513.50Jfl-5. Standard middlings, 513^13.50. ·roi.Kno SEEHS. TOLEDO, Deo. 30. M 1 )--Beeds unchansed. 49 I I 13 0 8 20 13 33 30 . , -Up 5c to . ... _ _,._ Si.05- 160 to 180 Ibs. 52.55; 180 fb'r'3' 12.90: 200 to 240 Ibs. S3; 240 to '30 Ibs. S3; 260 to 280 Ibs. S2.80; 280 to" 310 Ibs. $2.«0; 310 to 350 Ibs. 52.-I5; over 350 ibs. S2.10@2.40; packers under 500 Ibi. 51.05® 2.23; packers 350 to 450 IDs. 5l.65®1.93 packers over 500 Ibs. $1.4801.15; thin pack erg $1-05 and down. CEDAR ItArlDS-- Prime hogs 180 to MO Ibs. 52.75; 200 to 260 Ibff. 52.85; 260 to 28 Ibs. $2.75; 280 to 300 Ibs. S2-65; 300 to 32 Ibs S2 55; 320 to 340 Ibs. 52.45: good pack ers to 330 Ibs. 52; to 400 lUir. Jl.OO; to -13 IbB. tl.80; to 500 Iba. 51.70. COBS--Un changed. COMBINED JIOQ RECEIPTS DES MOINE3, Dec. 30. (fll--U. S. de partment ot agriculture-- TComblned hog receipts at 22 concenlratlo SIOUX CITY UVESTOCK. BIOUX CITY, Dec. 30. UP)--t!. B. depart, ment of agriculture-- CAXTI.B 200; rnari.'et for the -week: Most MaUBhUt steers and yearlings S higher; heller grade, heavy and medium weight beeves 23-JOc up: fed heifers mostly steady; cows 21-SOe Wgher; stockers and feeders alrong; choice yearlings ana meaium Steady ,, - . higher; trading active at tha advance and loading comparatively light for Saturday. Quotations: Good and choice light lights 140 to 160 Ibs. »Z.40®2.S3; light weights IGQ to 180 Ibe. 12.65Sf3.05; ISO to 200 Its. S2 8003.15; medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. t3.aOftS.lii; 220 to 260 I6S. J2.80@3.15; heavy wclgllls 250 lo 200 IDS. 52.1093.15; 280 to 350 Ibs. S2.E003; good packing sows 273 to 350 Its. 32.20fp2.55: 350 to 425 Ibs. 42.03®2.35; 425 to 550 Ibs, 5LS532.25. HIDES, WOOL, FURS CIVIL WORKS JOBS ·FURNISHED HERE (Continued From Page 1-B) ertson, county engineer, to atop here, however. He already has 60 miles of other highway mapped out for grading in PWA projects. 1934 as On this proposed 60 miles · · .$2.25. V Quotations Furnished by Wolt Bros. rna, 308 Fifth Street Southwest HIDES Horsehldes Cured beef hides Green beef hides WOOL No. 1 clean bright Semibright ... Rejects Fit IIS Mink Skunlc ..' Civet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . a S c - c Red fox ................. $2.50-53 Opossum ................. 2oc-50c I 2do Ib. 23c Ib. 190 '*. mn are now at work grubbing on CWA projects. As CWA projects the past few weeks men. have also kept at work widening grades at bridges, easing the grading at bridges and railroads and increasing the visibility at railroad crossings. So far for every 52 the government has put Into the project the county has furnished $1 for equipment, transportation, trucking and supervision. OMAHA. LIVESTOCK. OMAHA, Dec. 30. (.TV--U. S. departmen of agriculture-- · CATTLE 200; calves none; compared wit week. ago. welBhly.. steers and medium weights 25-*Oc higher; yearlings and Hen steers- 15-25c higher: heifers steady; cow 25-JOc higher; bulls 25C hlRlwr; vealers full 50c higher; slackers and feeders strong; bulks for the week, fed steers and yearlings 54.505f3.85; choice 13S2 Ib. aleera S5.63; 13119 IK. fleers 56; long ycarlln|3 SC.10; heifers SS.25S5.50; Odd head S3-75: beef cowa 52.5033; few lots S3.10W3.50. cutter grades Sl.7582.23; medium bulls S2 25®2.50; practical top vealcrs 55. few 55.50; practically no EtockcrB or Jeedera ar- Sll'rlEP 2 700; today's receipts fed woolad lambs bousnt to arrivo at *7.45: compjred with week ago, lambs 25-SOc hleher: sheep strong; feeders 15.25C- higher; closing hulks follow, fed wooled lambs 57.25®7.50: ·oil- ed lambs mostly 57.35, few J7.00; fed clipped lamos 46@«.55; good'and clwlce yearlings S5ffi6; good and choice ewes »2» 3.25; good and choice feeding lambs S3-253 0.75; mixed fttt and feeder* up to S7. HOQS 2,300; Rlrong to mostly lOc Jllyner than Friday's average; top 53-20; bulk ICO to 300 Ibs. S3®3.15 to all interesls; light lights Bcarce: Ie\r pigs »2: most pocking sows BOO Ibs. down $2.50^2.05; snippers bousht 6JO; avaraee cost Friday 52.S3, welsht 239. socnr ST. TAUT. MVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL, Dec. 30. OV--U. 3. ten »1.50®2; stockers and feeders common nnd medium 53.50 down. IIOOS 3,000; market steady to lOc higher, mainly a. packer market; tn» J3.10; mosl 170 to 300 Ib. weights S3SP3.10; long.stuns butchers S3.10; choice 3« Ib. lieavles J3; llBht llshts J2.5U®3; sows mostly 5S.50® S.05; heavies don-n to 52.10; feeder piss qU6ted up to S2.50. , ^ 6HEEV 1.000; market today's trace steady lo stronS: most slaughter wooled Iambi S7.00;, one deck S7.S5; market for l«t we«K: Bmuehl'r classes :3-30c higher; Ked. ere scarce; late- bulK fed wooled nativa ere Iambs clipped 57.3S®7."0; week's top *7.65; fed limus $6.2538.60; load lols red yearling! J5.00SJ6.23; feedlns limbs quoted around S8.10 and a little above. Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LASISON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office In Bagley- Beck Building Telephone No. 1 department of agrlcultun with last -week VIsiHnj? In Chicago. L.AKB MILLS--Martin Colby visiting his sons iu Chicago. - CATTLE 300; compared HBht yearling! and lower grade llgfitwelBht sleers steady to weak; oetter crade fed steers 1,050 Ibs., up strong to 25c hlsher; spnis more on heavies; itockern nnd feeders scarce dull, around steady; bulk fed etcers and yearlings J14J5.25; several loads S5.35S5,63; last price for 1.160 Ibs.; mostly common ycarllnRs at 52.50S3.50; me- dlum and rood Ji«!f*r» S3S5. occordlns ID welKht; heit llsht lots to 55.50; plainer kinds down to S2 nnd under; common In sood cows 52^3; scarce about J2.05; cut- Mr Grades »1®1.S3; medium to (food mil's 32.2593; common to good elockers and feeders »!®3.25. Calves 100; compared I week aco. SOcflJl hlsher: good and choice Representative Sales CHICAGO, D»c. 30. Iffl--V. B. depart- menl oC agriculturc-Represenl.tlve sales: HOGS. 51 2 SO 259 Mediums- Co 24 e 47 223 3.20 3.30 3.3S 3.30 SO Light ·15 10* 17= IJIVESTMENT TRUSTS. (By Ihe Associated rrcj» Bid and atked on Dec. 30; Corporale Tr sti 2.17 Corporate Tr Bh, AA Hod .. 2.29 Corporate Tr ah Ac Ser ... 2.10 Corporate Tr Ac Ser Mod Dividend Sh Nationwide Sec Nationwide Sec Vtc Nor Amer Tr Sh Nor Amer Tr Bh IK'S ... uarterly Inc Sh Holected Am Sh Seleclcd Cum Sh Selected Income Bh 2.20 ,1.18 3.03 1.2S 1.70 . 2.31 . 1.33 3.30 3.25 3.10 2.30 1.20 3.18 1.3S NEW VORK CUnn QUOTATIONS Am Gns t F.1 2114 N'ag Hud Ark N a« A Mi Pcnnfdad Corp El Bd t Sh 12 S O Ind ! Ford Mo ol Can 14!i Unlled Oat liud B II t B BU Un L i P A. CHICAGO STOCKS B*n AVI Corp 1T*» Butler Bros B or-Wam corp^^^co^^mpany Alaska uneau 21-i Lin Carb Corp Am car F°y 24?4 Mock TfucR Am Roll Jlllla 18M Am R * S Co 14U Am 3 t B Co 44% Am Tob- 69 ft All net Co 28 /; Ar ft Co B (HO 5H Baldwin- Lo im Barnjdall Oil A TA Brlsgs JTfg Co 12S 10 3151 17K 28 KEW yortK STOCK NEW YORK, E Final Quotations. Air Bedun 00 I T j Allegheny 3',i Johns l| Al Che Dye 11811 Kennecol Am Can 09 Kresgo Am For Pow 851 Lie i W Am Pow Lt 611 Loews ] Am Sleel Fdrs 20 Ixirlllard Am Sugar 48 McKSfis | A T * r 3H54 MM Con Am Tob B . 00»4 II K T| Am Water Wka 18V. Mo Pact Anaconda 14tt Mont Wi AlcSlson S6V1 Worrell j All Bet 281i Nosh i Auburn 54% Natl Bis Aviation Corp IV, Nat Gas B O 23% Nut Da| Barnadall 71s Nat DI! Bendlx IT Nat Poi Beth Stl 37 N Y Ce Bcrdcns 20',i N Y N J E'org Warn 22 No Am Burr Add 15T4 No Pac 1 Canada Dry -· Oliver 1 Can Fac 12!i Packard; Ca5e 60 Penney I Chcs t o J0=i Penn i C £ N W 7 Pllllllpsi Chic Gt W 211 Proc ] Chic Gt W pf C M S P P C M S P A P C R I P Chrysler 57^i Col Q t E 1214 Comwilh Sou l^i Cons-ens 39«i Cona Oil 10% Contl Can 7B Contl Ins 24 Contl Mot Hi Curllss We 2£ Du Pont 039; El Pow Lt -Hi Frceport Tex 45 Genl Am Trans 35 Gen El IM Gen Foods 32V Gen Jfotors . 3JV Gillette. »V aotel 8 OoM Dust I T ? 2 ''' 28'.t 35 ii Byers A M Co Com Credit Com Solvents cont on Cudahy Pack Curt Wrls pfd Ot North Ore Kelvfnator Corp. Kroger oroc Lambert Co . 11* 24 S 22V1 Mathle Alkali M«J: 3eab oil MeK and Robb W Otis Bleel i'A J C Penney Co 53U Pure Oil Co lOtt Puc Ser of N J 38 Reo Motors 4 Simmons Co lS J ,i So Cal Edison IG'/i Tide Wat Oil Co 8^k U 3 Ind Al 53 UUl P t L A 3 Vanadium 23 Un O t Imp 15',4 Warren Bros Co fl Western Union 54 North Am Av 5'/i Goodyear arah Palgo Gt Nor pfd 01 Wat SUE Hudson III Cent Int Harv Int Nlclt Can 30 « MINNEAPOLIS STOCKS MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 30. UP1--Stocks closed: First Bank Stock T 1 ^. Northwest Banco 4. 40 Woolwa 22 Yel TrJ CHICAGO STOCK CHICAGO, D Cities service 1'A Natl Lt Grlgsby Grunow 3 .4 Northwi Katz Drue 20\5 Swift * Llbby-McNell 3 Swift II Midwest Utilities ',i Utility ] I Curb Ma Super Corp Am Tr A II S El L 4 Pow A U a Et tj k Tow B .. V S F.I I- * ''"«·· u v . u.HO . 3.37 . 2.83 . 10 . 1.7* . .OS Cnrs Damaged In Crash. CRYSTAL LAKE, Dec. .30.--A car with a Minnesota license collided with the car of Ben Sehauff, local farmer Thursday at the schoolhouse corner. Both cars were damaged but no one waj injured. NEW YORK, Dec. 30. a. cheerful aspect In Ua last s Acllvlty was rather limited, 1 firm as offerings lightened metal and specialty Issues Hiram Walker wa» a !'! more lhan 1 points in a * lr over. Dlatlllers Seagrams .Tiu duslrlal Alcohol "A" als. I" Uulf Oil climbed more "! light dealings. Aluminum,c Changes among utilities row, though that groups Electric Bond and Share,/"g and American Superpower? aeWcs with, small Uuctua"'"

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