The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 5, 1936 · Page 20
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1936
Page 20
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TWENTY MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 5 1936 HOGS STEADY TO 10 CENTS LOWER PEAK OF SI 0.65 PAID SPARINGLY Chicago Run of 12,000 Less Than Expected, Still Too Large. CHICAGO, (/P)--Although hog supplies were below the advance es timated Thursday, the local run o 12,000 was much larger than re ^'ceipts a week ago and proved to be .too liberal for the market. Price -were steady to 10 cents lower, a lop of $10.65 being paid sparingly. Demand for cattle also eased and prices for most steers ruled steady to 15 cents off* Lower grade beeves, led the downward, these kinds selling at 15 to 25 cents discount in the last two days. ...". With shipping demand narrow sellers got 510.50 for their best "steers in early rounds but they held some off the market for $11 and above. The general bulk sold from 47.75 to $9.25. Keifers were fully steady. Fat 2ambs recovered slightly and prices ruled steady to strong with .-spots 10 to 15 cents higher. Sellers ^·demanded a sharp advance but ""Backers resisted the upturn. ^j[ Demand for feeder cattle wgtrong- but not many such steers MJhave been coming into the market. -Feeders quotable at $6 to 58 are "Ruling 50 to 75 cents higher than 3he recent low level during the cold ·.weather. The volume of business is ·small, however, during the first two "Jnonths four principal markets sent 3ut only 59,734 head against 87.500 4ast year. The average cost here last ifc'eek was $6.86 compared with $7.05 -a-year ago, . Hog Markets . . . ~ HOGS pricey a t midwest markets Thursday CKUAK KAFIUS--Hogs unchanged. \VAT1SKLOO--Hoys steady with Wedoei day's close. Good to choice 140 to 100 lb! $8.60@8.90: 150 to 160 Ibs, $8.85^9.15; 160 t 180 Ibs. $9.35^9.65; ISO to 250 Ibs. $9.6K 9,90; 250 tq 270 Ibs. $9.359.G5; 270 to 29 Ibs. $9.15^9.45; 200 to 320 Ibs. $9^9.30 325 to 300 Ibs, $8.85(^9.15; packing sows 27 to 350 Ibs. $8.-l5i#S.75; 350 to 425 Ibs. $3.2 @S.55; -125 to 550 Ibs. $8.lO@8.40, OTTUMU'A--Steady to 5c lower; 140 t 150 Ibs. $S.35'8.S5; 150 to 160 Ibs. $8.85li 9.15- 160 to ISO Ibs. $9.25^9.55; 180 to 22 Ibs. $9.605(0.90; 220 to 250 Ibs. $9.45@9.75 250 to 270 Ibs. S9.35W9.65; 270 lo 290 Ibs $9.25@9.50; 290 to 325 Ibs. S9.05@9.35; 32 to 350 Ibs. $S.95(J?fl.25; 350 to 400 Ibs. $8.7 C'j'9.05; packers 275 to 35(1 Ibs. J8.450i'8.75 330 to 125 Jbs, JS.25C/;S.50; 425 to 450 Ibs N--Hogs 5c lower; cood to choice ISO to 2.10 Ibs. ?).43S'fl-7'i; l!uO ID 290 S9.30r-tSi.60; 290 to S-'.O Ibs. $9.Q5^'U packing sows, good, 275 lo 500 Jb?. SS. 8.70- ) HOC BECBH'TS. t.-l'/--U. S. department DES JVfOlNES. ari culture-Combined hop receipts at 20 concentration rards and fl packing plants located in interior lowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at S a. m. Thursday were 16,10( compared with 9.SOO a week ago and 19,900 a year ago. Fairly active, mostly steady with Wednesday's average, spots 5c higher, others 5c owcr; loading slightly heavier. Quotations follow: Light lights, 140 to 160 bs., good and choke, $S-709.40; 'ight weights 160 lo 180 Ibs. S9.30®9.S5; ISO to 200 Ibs. S9.60SM0.10; medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. $9.60® 10.10; 220 to 250 IbS. 59.55^ 10.05; heavy weights 250 to 290 Ibs. $9.25$! 9.90; 290 to 350 Ibs. 58.95?i9-55; packing ows 275 to 350 ibs.. Rood, SS.50B.3S; 350 o -125 Ibs. 55.25518.75; -125 to 550 Ibs. $S.10Q) wes; balance largely slaughter Iambs; ractically nothing done; early undertone round steady on all classes; asking strung- r; bulk fat lambs Wednesday 59.25@9.40; D« load to shippers ffc.50; few ewes ?5^ 25. Mason City Livestock MASON CITV--For Thursday. ] HOGS. Steadv to 5c lower. J3ood light lights HO-160 $8.65-8.95 pood lights ............ 160-180 S9.1S-9.45 food ilght butchers 180-200 S9.45-3.75 Good light butchers .... 200-220 $9.45-9.75 tood light butchers .... 220-250 S9.35-9.65 Good med. wt. butchers 250-270 S9.25-y.55 "pood med. wt. butchers 270-290 59.05-9.35 ·pood heavy butchers'.,.., 290-325 S8.95-9.25 Good heavy butchers ... 325-350 J8.75-9.05 Good heavy butchers ... 350-400 SS.5S-8.S3 Gcod packing sows ..... 275-350 5S.35-8.65 Good heavy sows 350-425 $8.15-8-45 Good big hy. sows 425-550 $8-00-8.30 pood big hy. sows 550 and up S7.75-3.0U . (The above is a 10:30 truck hog market for good and choice hogs. The difference in price is for short and long haul bogs.) - CATTLE. Steers, good to choice ...... S 8.00-9.00 Steers, medium to good S 6.25- 7.75 §leers, fair to medium S 4.75- 6.25 Heifers, good to choice .......... S 5.75- 6.75 Heifers, medium to good ..,.. S 5.00- 5.75 |Jeifers, common to medium ,. S 4.25" 5,00 Cows, good t/j choice S 4.75- 5.5y fccws, fair to good ........... S 4.25- 4.75 COWE, cutters ....... 5 3.50- 4.00 Cows, canners ,,.,*..... S 3.25- 3.50 Bulls, heavy * $4.75-5.75 Bulls, Jight . S 4.00- 4.75 Calves, gd, and choice 130-190 $ 6.50- 7.00 Calves, med. to good 130-190 S 5.00- 6.00 Calves, infer, to com. 130-190 ? 5.00 down - LAMBS. Lambs, good to choice .. 70-90 S 7.50- 8.50 lambs, medium to good S 6.00- 7.00 Lambs, fair to medium S -1.50- 6.50 Common to fair S 4.50 down Yearlings, good to choice 70-90 . S 7.00- 9.00 yearlings, med. to good 70-90 5 5.00- 7.00 yearlings, fair to medium 5 4.00- 5.00 Culls S 4.00 down Native ewes, good to choice .-- 5 2.75- 4.00 Cull ewes -. S 1.50- 2,50 Sucks S 1.00- 2.50 Wethers, 2 years old S 6.00- 7.00 Wethers, poor to best S 4-00- 7.00 ; Buck lambs $1 less. " No dock on lams. " Quotations subject to market fluctuations. ., CHICAGO, w Culture CHICAGO UVBSTOCK. (Thursday Ma S. department of agri- ... HOGS 12,000; including 2,000 direct; steady tn lOc lower than Wednesday's average; top S10.65 paid sparingly; bulk 160 to 250 Ibs. S10.35lfrlO.60; 250 to 300 Ibs. $9.90@10 r 40; 3,00 to 350 Ibs. S9.65@9.9u; ligHt lights $10.25 @10.50; sows S8.85@9.33. , CATTLE 7.000; calves 1,500; general market less active; snippet demand narrow; trade steady to loc lower; lower grades, however, showing downturn; such offerings 1523 c lower for last two days -- kinds selling at S9.10 down; best steers early $10.50 although sfime held well above 511; largely S7,75@ 3.25 market OB steers; ail grades heifers lully steady; best 58.75; fat cows IQ-lSc lower; cutters and bulls steady to weak, vealers unevenly steady to 25c lower; best around 59. « SHEEP 8,000; fat lambs steady to strong; spots 10-lnc higher; sharply higher asking prices meeting resistance; other classes unevenly strong to 25c higher; few corn belt fed lambs grading "good and choice $9.25® 9.85; best held higher; choice 84 Ib. fall :fliorn yearlings SS.75; four doubles around T5 lb. shearing lambs 59,50; most ewes §4® ,, SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. ,, (Thursday Market) ,, SIOUX CITY, tfto--U. S. department of ag- Xteuliure-- ..CATTLE 2.500; slaughter steers and yearlings slow; scattered 'early sales better yearlings suitable for shipping steady; major Backers bidding weak to lower; fat she stock uneven; lower rade heifers active, strong; tyitcher cows bid mostly 25c lower; stockers and feeders JitUe changed; small lots yearlings up to S9.50; some held higher; car lots 3*00 lb. yearlings around SS; Jar^e share salable $7.50 down; numerous sales short ;5ed heifers $5-75@6-50; most cow bids $5. : down; low cutters bid down to S3.50. ··HOGS, 3,500; fairly active; mostly lOc lower; shipper top 510; better ISO to 270 ]b. butchers $9.75®9.90; early packer top $9.90; 270 to 325 lb. heavies S9.5Q@9.7r 340 lo 170 lb. weights $9.25^9.65; sows SS.75SS.S5: feeder pigs $9.25 dott-n. s SHEEP, 3,000; no early action for alau ter classes; undertone steady; best fed lambs opening around $9.50; asking around 55.50 for few ewes; feeder Iambs opening steady; three decks around 7S Ib. avera *?; late Wednesday iambs top §9.35; bulk 5*59.35. f SOUTH ST. JPACL LIVESTOCK * (Thursday 3IaHkct) ·-SOUTH ST. PAUL, 'LP?--U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE, 2,600; slaughter steers and she flock opened slow, about steady; undertone xveak and some bids lower; good weighty fed steers 59-25; common and medium light weights ?5.50@7.50; odd lots slaughter heifers $5®7; beef cows $4.75® p.50; good grades held around $6; low cutler to cutter cows S3.75®4.50; sausage bulls About steady, mostly S6 down; stockers little changed; in between grade steers 55.50 .5*6.50; calves, 2,700; slow, weak to 50c lower; g-ood to choice vcalcrs 57f??S; selections $8.50; medium grades down to $6; cull to common $4$5.!)0. "HOGS, 5,000; fairly active to all interests; unevenly steady to 15c higher than Wednesday; weights over 220 Ibs. showing advance; better 360 to 240 Ibs. $9.9Q3il0.10; many held higher; 240 to .300 ibs. $9.35 f* in; heavier weights down lo $9: dcjirablc HO to 160 Ibs. unevenly $9.50^10; packing *IWR $8.65$ 8.83; pips scarce; average cosi \Vpflnrrday ?{t.fi3; wnpht 211 lh5. ·SHKKP 2,500; tun includes six loads fed KANSAS CITV LIVESTOCK (Tuesday Market) KANSAS CITV, wi9-- U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS, l,r»00; no directs; uneven opened slow; few early sales lO'lSe lower than Wednesday's averae ; latter trade fairly active to all interests; steady to 30c lower; practical top f 10.15; desirable 170 to 270 Ibs. mostly $10d/10.15; heavier weights scarce; better grade 150 to 160 Ibs. $9.75 ; sows SS.50@8.85; few 59. CATTLE, 2 r OOO; calves 400; fed steers and yearlings opening slow, around steady with Wednesday's weak close; she stock steady; some strength on cows, vealcrs and heavy killing calves steady; stockers and feeders fully steads ; early sales fed steers and yearlings $7.50(3 8.75; three loads around 1025 lb. Texas steers at the latter price; load choice 772 lb. mixed yearlings S9-50; bulk steers and yearlings to sell S7.25 S; good to choice heifers ST.SOcffiS; beef cows S55'5.75; low cutters and cutters $3,25 [£4,50; practical top vcaiers S9; few selects 59.50. SHEEP, 2,500; opening sales lambs strong to 25c higher; odd lots sheep steady; iop fed lambs $9.60; others $9.50; 101 Ibs. kind $9.10; fed yearlings $8.25. WHEAT MARKET CLOSES UNEVEN Delivery for May Weaken in Spite of September and July Strength. CHICAGO, (.W--Falling off in do megtic milling demand, togethe with a pronounced letup in Canad iac export, business, weakened May wheat Thursday despite July ani September strength. Overseas purchases of Canadian wheat totaled only 400,000 bushels Unofficial domestic · monthly crop summaries expected Friday were looked for with much interest. Wheat closed irregular, ',» cen :cwer to '(. higher compared wit) rVednesday's finish. May 1.00@ 1.00%, July 8994 @%, corn un changed to '/ s off, May 61 Vs, oats unchanged to % down, and provis- ons varying from 17 cents setback :o 5 cents advance. CHICAGO CASH CKA1.V. (Thursday Market) CHICAGO. vP!--Cash wheat, No. 2 red 1.05!ifril.06. Corn, No. 5 mixed 55(ft57 ) .=c; No. -1 yellow fiSS^c; No. 5 yellow SSSST-^ic; Ko. white 59"' ; c; No. 0 white 55'5S'.ic; sample rade slftMc. Oats, No. 3 white 27=;(!f'2Sc; No. 4 white 6SIS 29'Ac; sample £rade 23«:!§29,ic. No rye. Soybeans, No. 2 yellow 85c nominal; No. 4 ellow sic nominal Chicago; sample "fi'-i Barley actual sales STSSBc; leed 35S30c ominal; malting 50@,89c nominal. Timothy seed $3.15 cwt. Clover seed $12.SO! 20 cwt. LaM tierces 510.60; loose 530.10; bellies 11.50. Mason City Grain MASON CITY -- For Thursday . 3 yellow corn lo. 4 yellow corn Ear corn White oats, No. 3 reeding barley 47c 45c 40c ........ ,.23%c 25-35C 2 yellow soybeans ........ 65c OMAHA LIVESTOCK. (Thursday Marjiel) OMAHA, i.P--·U. S. department of agriculture-- HOGS -1,500; slow, not lully developed. early trade about steady to lOc lower inan Wednesday, some bids on weightier kind; off more, generally held at steady prices; good to choice 170 to 230 Ib. butchers S.90 to mostly S10, practical top 510.05 on 190 to 200 Jbs. to shippers; small Jot at 510.10; packers bids S9.90 down; 140 to 165 Ibs. S9.40 (810; few 210 to 270 Ibs. S9.SO@9.90; nothing done on heavier weights; good sows of all we! B hts. largely S8.85@S.90; stags SS.503;9: averae cost Wednesday 59.85, weight 2-15. CATTLE 5,500; calves 300; fed steers and yearlings slow, weak to 25c lower; heifers 10- 15c lower; cows 15-25C lower; hulls active and strong; vealers steady; stockers and feeders scarce and steady; fed steers and yearlings mostly J7@S.75, load 1163 ib. weights S9.10. some held higher; heifers mostly $6@7; few lots 57.25^7.75; hulk beef cows S-l.755t5.73; few lots 5606.25; odd head up to S7; cutter grades 53.75@4.50; odd head light shelly low cutters S3.50; bulls S5.50@ 6.25; odd head S6.35; practical top vealers 59. SHEEP 5,500; Including BOO through, and direct; salable supply; 1 load ewes, balance fed wooled Iambs, practically all killers; lambs opening steady, asking higher; other classes unchanged; fed wooled lambs S9.10@ 9.30; bulk held 59.50 and above; late top Wednesday 1 load averaging 86 Ibs. to shippers at S9.50: pood to choice ewes eligible $4.50(£'5.60: good to choice feeding lambs quoted £S.25!g.g, LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. tiPi--Official estimated receipts Friday: Cattle 2,000; hogs 10.000; sheep Representative Sales (Thursday Market) CHICAGO, f.Tl--U. S. department of agriculture--Representative sales: HOGS. Heavy-- Liglits-- . 9.70 39 164 10.3r 9f50 22 170 10.40 9.75 32 192 10.50 10.00 26 196 10.65 10.15 Light Lights-- 352 33S 291 27S 257 103 3fi 28 21 -12 - 252 Mediums-62 24.4 57 231 S2 209 24 204 Steers-24 3096 19 1225 70 130* 20 1030 22 1030 21 S50 10 750 143 157 160 10.40 20 12 10.40 is . 10.50 10.60 10.65 CATTLE. Heifers-11.70 19 918 10.50 30 S2S 10.10 24 ; 7M 9,50 23 S25 9.00 25 600 7 65 Cows- 6.25 10 20 3(1 1250 1150 llfiO 1125 10.25 10.35 10.50 S.OO 6.75 6.00 5.50 4.75 4.00 1 nr 235 219 SHEKP. I Western Lambs-- Fail Shorn Naiive Lamhs-- 126 7R 117 41 3 P. Of) 9.PO 9.85 9.75 9.50 9.75 9.R5 S..if P.2* 1( o!cfi Ewes-- ip nn a.fio 5.50 «.00 GOVERNMENT BONDS (Thursday Market) NEW YORK. LSI-- (U. s. bonds closed: Treasury 4!i's. 47-52. 117.7. Treasury 4's. 44-53. 112.23. Treasury 3Vs, 40-43. June. 10S.27. Treasury 3%'s, 43-47. 108. Treasury 3'i's. 46-49. 105.S. Treasury 3% 51-53. 104. f agri- WOOL MARKET. (Thnrsday Market) BOSTON. \.T-u. S. department culture- Trade was very dull on greasy domestic wools. While the supply offered was extremely limited, there were few calls lor the small quantities available. Fall Texas wools moved in moderate volume at 76-78 cents scoured basis. Good 12 months Texas wools and av- erajzP French combing Bis and f i n e r territory wools in original haps xvtre Quoted at around Pn cents scmirtfi ha«is. hut t h i s was only a n o m i n a l price ?.* t h e r e was nn business In publish a market. ·HEAT-- ay - iiy , Bpt , ORNTM July .'......., Sept , OATS-May July Sept , RYE-May July Sept BARLEY-May LARD-- : Mar. May July Sept BELUES-- Mar ., May THURSDAY GRAIN CLOSK. CHICAGO, U'/ Hich 1.IIO1 .61' .61" Low .99'"i .S9 : :i .88'/i , f i l ' i .5R-"; .56 »i Close 1.00 -S9% .88 £ .61« .61 .28 ft .2514 .56% .56% .43 ', 10.52 10.57 10.35 10.42 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN. (Thursday Market) MINNEAPOLIS, LT'.' -- Wheat 125 cars; "!ic lower: No. 1 heavy dark northern spring 60 Ibs. SI.ZS-sffi-l.39Ts; No - 1 dark northern 59 Ite. S1.26?i@.1.38T»: 58 Ibs. 51.24Tslffll.37Ti; fancy No. 1 hard Montana 14 per cent protein 51.22;i!51.24Ti; to arrive 51.21%® 1.23Ts ; grade of No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 . hard Montana winter : to arrive sl.Ol-i'iftl.lOTs; No. 1 hard amber durum 51.12'.;; SI 1.25 ',j: No. 1 red SSlic: May S1.07?s; July SI. 02'^; September 92 : iC. Corn, No. 3 yellow 62$t63c. Oats, No. 3 white 26S(§28*'sC. Public Utility and industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. Schanke ana Company, Telephone 1300, Mason City. MASON CITY 1 , March B.-Bid Asked Cent. St. El. fi pf. ($25 par) 30 13 Cent. St. El. 7 Pi. (S25 par) mi 14'i Cent. St, P. L. 7 pf. 16$ 17% Charaplin Ref. Ja. 7 pf. ..... 75 Creamery package com. ..... 26'i 27 J :' V Hearst Ccns. A 24 Vi 2-I=: eorpe A, Hormel A pf. ....... 100 102 George A. Hormel B pf. 96 98 eorgfc A. Hormel com 19Vi 20vi Interstate Power 6 pf 2S*3 30 V~ tnlerstate Power 7 pr 31 33 :owa Electric Co. 6',i pf. .... 5-J 33 Iowa Electric Co. 7 pr 52 55 Eiec. Lt. Power 6 pf. 74 ^ 76 [a. Elec. Lt. Power 6 J ,£ pf. 75^ 77 la. Elec. Lt. Power 7 pf. 77V- 79 la. Power Light 6 pf. ... 99% 100^ la. Power Light 6 pf. ... 103 105 la. Public Serv, 6 pf. ... S9 91 la. Public Sere. 6V- pr. --- 90 92 la. Public Serv. 7 pC, ... 96 $9 la. South, Util. 6 pf. 6(5 68 la. South. Util. 6^ pf 67 69 " Souta. Utfl. 7 pf 70 72 Xinnesota P. L. 6 pt S3 85 Minnesota P. L 7 pf 92 94 Northern St. Power 6 pf. ... 79^ 81% Kortnern St, Power 7 pf. ... 84% 86^N. W. Bell Tel. 6% pf 116V- N. w. St. Portland Cement . 22 Rath Pachinp 6 pf. « 98 Rath Packing 7 pf 100 Sioux City Gas EL 7 pf S8 United Lt. Rys 6 Pf 71 United Lt. Rys. 6-36 pf. ... 72 United Lt. Rys. 7 pf. ... 78 Western Grocer pfd 82 Western Grocer com S 25 ICO 102 90 lamson Brothers Market Letter MARKET KEVlftV. CHICAGO--For Thursday: Wheat--As the wheat market opened :hls morninp, firmness was apparent in the July future as most of the commission house buying was in July. The lack of demand for May caused local traders, who had the popular spread position, long May and short July, to begin to backspread and their operations caused the lie difference Wednesday to quickly narrow to about lOc. The Oklahoma crop report said that wheat had made fair progress and that the crop was in fair to good condition. Winnipeg was firm most of the day although price changes were small. Export sales in all positions were yiv- en at about 400,000 bushels some of which were out of Vancouver. The action of May- July wheat spread today has naturally installed a little doubt in the minds of many AS la just what the comparative trend of these futures wiil be. Corn--The corn market was rather quiet, AcliinR oy commission houses was of small proportion* and was readily absorbed by local traders. A r a t h f r coj f ] wavr is predicted fr I'moM all of t h * rom lp!t w i t h i n ihfi n ^ x t 21 hour,'. Brrromhali says t h a t , ih** corn crr-r in Argentine is about two weeks late. Stock List NKW VOBK STOCKS. (Thunulay J'liuU ((notations) Air Reduction 1S1;» Loews Al Cbem Dye 192 Maytag Amn Can 123 McKcss Rob Amn sra i Ref 70 ',i Mid Cont Pet Amn Sugar OS'-j 17-1VJ 94 ?i 23;« A T £ T Amn Tob B Aran Wat Wks Anaconda Atchlson Auburn Aviat Corp B O Barnsdall Bend Aviat E'cth Steel Borden Borg warn Can Dry Can Pac Case C ft N vf G W C M S P ft P C R 1 * P Chrysler Col C i E Com Solv Comwlth Sou :on Gas Cons OH Contl Can Conll Oil Del Corn Prod Curt Wright Deere pfd (D« Pont Gen Elec Gen Foods Gen Mot Gillette Goodyear .11 Cent :nt Har nt Nick Can I T T 'ohns Manv "Cennccott rcsge Lib O F Mont Ward Morrell Murray Corp Nash Natl Bis Natl Cash Reg Natl Dairy Natl Dist Natl Pow LI N Y Cent Nor Pac Oliver Farm J C Penney Perm R K: Phillips Pet R C A RCJJ Sloe! Key Toh B- Sears Roe Shell Union Roc vac So Pac Stan Brands S O CaJ S O Ind S O N J 14% Stew Warn S2 1 ,!, Stone Web 37 Studebaker i'7li Swift Co R ; B Tex Corp 2y-% Tex Gult Sul Tim Roll Bear Un Carb Un Pac Unit Air Unit Corp Unit DruE U S Gypsum U S Rubber U S Steel Warner Pix West El Mfg Wool worth Wrlgley SO 03 % 6'/= 22 U 14 vi 1-1 % 123 '/·_ 19'i 22 vi 3.1 -3-S 40';^ 331i IS is 23 "'i M 1 * is',; 122 -18 20 10 19' 42 53 22' 20 34 30 21 » 31 11 38 335 40', 73 36' J3V 13 36 '2 16 ran 22.l 16% 1-1 11 24',, 38 69% 86'i 137 29 CHICAGO STOCKS. (Thursday Final Quotations) Cities Service 5Vi exter 11 Ts Heilmann Br Co 11% ellogg Switch 9T« Llbby. McNeil 10-?i Mat! Leather 2^s Standard 40 ^ Northwest B'anc 10!» Quaker Oats Rath Packing Su-ltt fc Co SwiH I n t ] Util i Ind 13-) Vi 2,1 21 3:11; IS Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BKOTHEES AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Bldg. Telephone No. 7 DOW JONES AVERAGKS Inds. Rail* rtll*. lose 157.53 50.33 33,07 -otal Sales 2.590,000 CHICAGO STOCKS [tier Bros 10% Keys St Wire 93 ord Corp 7 Marshall Field 18 vk alamaoo Stov 61 Walgreen Co 32 :£ NEW YORK CURB m Gas Elec 10 = Hud B MI S 26 "-j m cyanamid B 37 Humble Oil Co "1 m Su Pow Co 3 Lockheed 9tt rk Natl Gas A 6% Niag Hud Pow 9% soc G El A 1--4 Nilea-Bem--ond ".!'; Pennroad.CP 3A Std Oil Ky 21 os', u n Gas C Q fit;, Un LI Pow Co 4"* Util P L Co 2',i 38 5Vi 25 U an ind Alte isler Elec 1 Bd Share ord Mo of Can 27 'ord KX) of EHE 9 -NEW YORK STOCKS Isaka Juneau 15% Hudson Motor Jlepheny 3"s .m Bank Note 44 Vi .m For Pow S% m Cry Sue Co 21 m C FV Co 39 m Pow Li 10 m Roll Mills 30"^ m Metal Co 33 "i m Ra S Co 23 tt mer Tob Co 54% rmour Co pr 82 k McLellan Stores 14ft tl Ref ' 33 Mex Seab'd Oil 33 el Heminffway 16 Minn. JVloljne Im 101-'?* K T S-~i Mo Pac 3'-i Motor Products 36 fi No Amer 28'» No Amer Avi 9 Otis Steel Co 19% Owen 111 Glass 158^ Packard Motor 11% Park Utah Cop Penick Ford Plymouth Proc Gam Hupp Motors IntI Carriers Indust Rayon Kelvfixator Co Lambert Co Lehigh Port Ce 19 Liquid Carb Cp 40 Lorillard 23 Mack Truck 34 "-i Mathieson Alk 2-U* McK Rob Pfd -11U est Co aldwin Loco riggs Mfg Co encJix udd MEs Co urr Add yers A M Co alif packing aterpillar Trac erro de Pasco hes Ohio hi Gt W pf M St P £ P pf 5% qra-Cola Co 93"^ om Credit 51 om Solvents 22%'t ont Motor 3J/ 4 r of Wheat 37 udahy Packing 40 irt-ivrl Co A ·· -- 63% 25 JR 30 4 37 " 71 "s 51 59% 70 14=: 47 Pub Ser of N J 43% ~ " 4 iu 24% Pullman Pure Oil Co Purity Bakery R K O 8% Rem Rand 23 ;i __ _ . _ __ Reo Motors "ii ist Corp Seag 28% Simmons Co 29 ouglas Airc lO 1 ^ So Calif Edison 26 ! ,i astman 166 Sperry Corp 21 iton M f p _ C o 32% St G K Sfi Telautograph" S^ Tide Wa As Oil 18 r :'i U S Ind Aich 45V- U S SraeUer Sfi TJtil P L A I'/i Vanadium 24 ^ Union Oil Cal 23 Un Gas £ Imp 17 U Warren Bros ~ t 'Western Myld Western Union Worth'n Pump Yellow Truck Youngs S T ec Auto Lite 42 .K Pow £ Li UTi rie R R Co 16'.I rest T £ R 307s rst Nat Stores 4-1 ster-Whee!cr 32Vi reeport Texas :n Am Trans iddcn Co ibel Did Dust . North Ore raham Paige : Nor pfd ouston Oil S9-S 5 t ' L 20 20 42 11% 11 (j- 32',; I"» 53=; Hides and Furs notations Furnished by Wolf Bros., Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southwest. HOBSEHIDES orsehldes ...... ...... . 'GREEN BEEF BIDES p to 25 Ibs 5 to 45 Ibs .................. fore than 60 Ibs ..... ,, ........ . . . . . . ull hides ...... ............. ....... . ..... ....3c *Cured hides half cent more a pound. (On above prices a cent higher to wbole- ale dealers In wholesale lots.) 53.00 5C ....5c Miscellaneous fOTATO MARKET. (Thursday Market) CHICAGO. t,-rt--U. S. department of agri- ylttire-- Potatoes S6; on track 212; total U. S. ipmeats 856; McClures and Western Tri- nphs firm, other stock about, steady; sup- ics moderate; demand slow: sacked per ,,-i, Idaho Russet Bui-backs U. S. No. 1, 1.701.SO; U. S. No. 2, SI.60; Wisconsin ind Whites U. S. No. 1, $1.15{^1.20; com- rcial SHul.Ou: Colorado McClures U. S, u. 1 cotton sacks fine quality, good color. 1,92; Nebraska Bliss Triumphs u. S. No. I -id partly graded $1.45 1,65; less than carts Florida bushel crates Bliss Triumphs :nerally fair condition, showing decay S1.25 3J.50; few best $1.50. 3I1NNEAFOLIS FLOUit. {Thnrsday Market) MINNEAPOLIS, \jf--Flour unchanged. larload Jots family patents S7.10f5-7,3o a arrel fn 98 Ib. cotton sacks. Shipments 24,04. Pure bran S16S 16.25. Standard mid- lings S16. Prison Fails as Reform RALEIGN, N. Car., (UPf--Rob- rt McCoy, Negro, was released ·om Centra! prison here one aftcr- oon. Next morning, he was behind ars strain, arrested for drunken- ess and Jodged in the city jail. TRADE SELECTIVE IN STOCK MARKET Buying Confined Largely to Rails, Farm Implements, Merchandise. NEW YORK, UPt~ Buying in Thursday's stock market was confined largely to the rail, farm implement, merchandise and specialty issues. Although the activity was relatively small, gains of 1 to around 3 points were shown by many of the favorites as the session approached the final hour. Noteworthy advanced were scored by Union Pacific, Santa Fe, Delaware Hudson, Auburn, American 'an, du Pont, Case, International Harvester. Deere, American Chain, Murray Corp.. Sears Roebuck, Montgomery Ward and Certain- Teed. Tobaccos were heavy and some of :he steels and utilities were a trifle lower. The late tone was firm. Transfers approximated 2,600,000 shares. U. S. government securities and rail bonds edged higher. Commodities were irregular, but quiet. The dollar was steady in foreign exchange centers. Wall Street opinion on the tax question was still divided and some commission house customers were said to have adjourned to the side- ines pending final congressional ac- .ion on the president's revenue pro- Curb Market NEW YORK, (,D--Striking gains in spe- ia'tics and some of the metal shares gave ie curb market a steady to firm appearance Thursday. Dow Chemical bounded up 9 points to 121 i a small turnover. Aluminum company ex- ended its gain another 3 points to 1-19, and dvances ot fractions to around a point vere shown by Montgomery Ward "A," S'ewmodt Mining, Niagara Hudson, Pioneer iold. Royal Typewriter, American Gas. Cord orporatior. and Gulf Oil. Lake Shore Mines was sensitive to small ellinp orders but was well supported around 6, where it was % of a point net lower. Bond Market CHAPTER 32 Sherman Gordon turned swiftly on Selwyn Marsh. ."I do sound like a. fool, no doubt. Falling head over heels in love with a girl at first sight, a girl I don't know the first thing about. And don't want to. Why, Mrs. Steele cornered me one day to tell me . . . Well, she intimated that there must be something funny about Thora . .. taking- a job here, and all that. How anybody could look into that girl's eyes and not know . . . " "A woman's intuition works overtime, once it gets going," Marsh moralized. "You're right about Miss Dahl, Sherm. I can . 1 He caught himself up sharply, as if he had said more than he intended. "Of course I am," Gordon said quietly. "I've an idea that you know more about her than anybody else. And I wouldn't ask you a thing. I don't have to. Just the same, I'm giving you notice. If I can win that girl, I'm going to. She's the only one who can stop me." To his surprise, there was no sarcastic rejoinder. Selwyn took his pipe from his lips and studied it thoughtfully. When he spoke, it was in an almost-subdued voice. "Go ahead, son. I'm not stopping you. Or helping you, either." "Thanks, Selwyn." Gordon gave a relieved smile. "I didn't want you to doubt my intentions. Whatever anybody else around here thinks doesn't bother me. If Thora lodges any complaints, you'll know what it's all about." "Yes, I'll know." "Well . . . I'll toddle on. I'll be NEW YORK. V.P.'--Medium and low priced ail loads shifted forward for moderate gains ti the bond "market Thursday. Other corpor- te Hens were mixed. U. S. government obli- ations were steady. Banking circles attributed the higher prices or the medium and low priced rail issues the effect on sentiment .of the brisk ad ances in various carrier equities. Gains in the bond sector stood at fractions ate in the morning. Baltimore and Ohio 4- _ St. Paul 5s, Northwestern i=is and Erie 5s vere prominent on the advance. Steadiness in the government list was cred' ted to the heavy oversubscriptions for the ew treasury bonds and notes. Gainers in the reasury sector included the 3Us of 1941 and he 2TsS. The spectacle of higher prices for governments was in turn, counted a factor in the emand for low yield corporate loans which oosted them fractions to around a point. ainers included Armour and company 4 Vis. oodyear 5s. Great Northern -U»s and Union acific 4s. Italian 7s were up a liitle. white olhcrs in ie foreign group, including Japanese, were uted. Produce MASON CITY--For Thursday Cash Qnotaiions by E. G. Morse s, current receipts 14c pringa heavy breeds 16c eghorn springs 13c tags, heavy breeds .14c !eavy hens, 4 Ibs. and over ....16c nder 4 Ibs 13c ocks _ lOc urkeys, No. l 20c eese lOc ucks 12c Merchants Quotations ',gs, in trade 17-lSc* jgs, cash 15-17c* utter, Iowa State Brand 40c utter, Corn Country 39c utter, Kenyon's 39c utter, Very Best 40c utter, Brookfield .S9c otatoes, peck 30c and 45c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These repre- entative quotations were obtained y calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO PRODUCE. (Thursday Market) CHICAGO, (.«--Butter 8,991. weak; reamery specials (93 score) 32vi(£33 l ,ic; -xtras (92) 32i/ic; extra firsts (90-91) 31% 31=lc; firsts (SS-89) sismvlc; standards 90 centralized carlots) 32c. Eggs 12,365, steady; extra firsts local 23c. ars 24c; fresh, graded firsts- local 22',.j,c, ars 23^c; current receipts 21*-ic. Poultry, live, 14 trucks, steady; prices ichangcd. Dressed turkeys steady; prices unchanged. SEW YORK PRODUCE. (Thursday Market! NEW YORK, (/I 1 ?--Eggs 21.765, firm; ixcd color?, special packs or selections irom resh receipts 2S2S"-ic; standard." and com- icrcral standards 27-?ic; firsts 2fi-?i *J,-7';e; econds 26*:'i26Hc: diriies No. 1. 42 Ibs. 20^i 6c: average checks 21',i:Ci25c. BXitter S.W6. unsettled; creamery h i g h e r lan extra 33-"i^31'Ac; extra IP2 score) 3',ic; firsts (SS-91 score) 32ViS'33Uc; cen- ralized (9(1 score) WUc. Cheese 446.1S3j quiet; prices unchanged. Live poultry quiet; by freicht; Turkeys 20 30c; other prices unchanged. PRODUCE FUIt'RKS. (Thursday Market) CHICAGO, i/r.'--Butter f u t u r e s Storage standards. March 30'ic. tober 20 -Sic. futures: Refrigerator standards, Oc- c; storage packed firsts, April XE\V VORK SUGAR. (Thursday Market) NEW YORK, (.1*--Raw sugar unchanged. Futures 2 points higher to 3 points lower. Refined was advanced to 4.G5c by local refiners. Maize to Yield Alcohol. NEW YORK, (UP)--One million gallons of alcohol will be produced from maize in a new South African chemical plant early in 1936, according to "Industrial and Engineering Chemistry." Dry-ice will be a byproduct of (he process. around later to take Ali Babba on for a round of golf. He's Scotch enough to make me look like an amateur. He can shoot, too." "How do you know?" Marsh asked sharply. "Why, I was showing him through the old gentleman's gun room one day . . . regular arsenal, yot) know. There was an automatic in the bunch, German make, I think. Anyway, it's one dad lugged home on his last trip across. Our friend was quite k«en about it ... seemed to snow it was something new. First :ime I had seen him really enthused, so I dug up some cartridges and suggested we go out behind the barn and try it. You wouldn't be- ieve the designs he put in a tin can at 50 paces." "Umph. Come here." Selwyn lowered his voice/ "You seem to know something about affairs of the heart, Sherm. Do you think Wilma loves that fellow?" "Yes, I do, Selwyn." "I wondered. I don't know her well enough to ask her, but I thought she might have taken you into her confidence. I think, . maybe, you're right. She's different than I ever saw her before. More quiet. I'd say thoughtful . . . if it was anybody else. It's queer." "What is?" "Why . . . I can say this to you. We don't know the first thing about that fellow. I can't figure that Wilma ever would take up with anybody that wasn't the right sort. But she's young, after all. I've been wondering a little if I didn't owe it to all of us - . . Wilma in particular . . . to hunt him up. You get what · I mean. I suppose there are ways. You should know, being a lawyer." 'Yes . . . there are ways," Gordon hesitated. "Could you shop around a little for me?" "Sorry, Selwyn, but I couldn't. I don't want to be stuffy about it - . · but Wilma and I are too good friends for that. She'd never forgive me if she thought I'd turned Sherlock behind her back." "That's your idea, eh? You'd let her take a chance, before you'd help tier." "You know I wouldn't. Sleuthing is out of my line, anyway." Gordon smiled. "But I'll give you the address of some people who have done a lot of work for us. They're dependable. If you like, I'll make a contact there for you." "I suppose they're in the city," Marsh growled. "All right. Let me have the address. I'm going in tomorrow." He pushed a memorandum pad in Sherman's direction and watched him scrawl a name and address hastily. "Thanks. If you don't mind, I'd like to get to work." "Sure. I'll be seeing you . . . often." Marsh put the address in his wallet, then reached down to rub the satiny ear of the dachshund who just then laid hia stubby paws on his owner's knee. "Pfeffernusse," he observed dryly, "if you have any children running about, my advice to you is to ignore them." A never-ending source of delight to Thora Dahl was the old-fashioned flower garden at Fair Acres. She would have known without being told that it had, for many years, been the pride and care of little Mrs. Myron. The neat paths and prim beds looked like her. Thora thought. Much of her own spare time was spent in its upkeep, and now, in the late summer, it was gay with blooms. This Sunday morning, she had arisen almost at her usual hour and had gone out to gather fresh flowers for the house. She was seated on one end of a rustic bench beside a heap of asters, sorting them in various color combinations, when she was aroused from her reveries by tie sound of a step on the path. She glanced over her shoulder to find Alex Babbas watching her with an amused smile. He was coatless and wearing knickers. "You are a very busy lady . . . so early in the morning," he suggested, helping himself to a seat on the other end of the bench. An unlighted cigaret was hanging from the corner of bis mouth. He took a silver lighter from his pocket and turned it aimlessly in his slim tin- gczs. His gray eyes were fixed on Tbora's face, but she felt that they were peculiarly expressionless . . . giving no inkling whatever to the thoughts that might be in his mind. "You are up and about rather early yourself, aren't you?" she asked with a slight smile, returning to her task. "Frightfully. Wilma wanted to golf. I fancy I was-a bit optimistic in thinking she would show up. But here I am. . . ." "It is a nice morning for playing," Thora agreed. "Not bad. Don't you go in for golf?" "I never have." "I've been wondering what you do with yourself. I never get a sight of you, except at the table. Do you hide between meals?" "Of course not. I have my work to attend to;" "Rather a pity. You have evenings off, I dare say." "Oh, I have various odds and ends to attend to." Thora decided that this particular topic had been discussed sufficiently. She changed the subject by asking: "How do you like this country, Mr. Babbas?" "Well enough." He snapped his lighter ajid held its flame to the end of his cigaret. "It's no new experience for me," he admitted. "I've been over on this side a good many times before. Have some interests that require looking after from time to time. Rather a bore, but it gives one something to do now and then. Is your home around here?" "No. I have lived in the west . . . until rather lately." "Ah! Out among the jolly old Indians and cowboys. This chap Gordon was telling me you have quite a way with horses." "I like to ride." "Can't say that I do. I like a fast car. But I'd rather go around on my own feet when I'm on the move. Horses are okay to bet on ... if you're on the inside." (TO BE CONTINUED) Petit Jurors Excused From Trial Duty Here Until Monday Morning Judge Joseph J. Clark Thursday excused petit jurors in the panel called for duty during the current term of district court, requesting them to report again at 10 o'clock Monday morning, March 9, at which time trial of the case brought by F. A. Ontjes, local attorney, and other similarly situated stockholders in the Northwestern States Portland Cement company, against Hanford MacNider and Mrs. May McNider, is scheduled to begin. Dennis Kelleher of Fort Dodge is expected to work with Mr. Ontjes in trying the case. Earl Smith, Mason City, and A. A. McLaughlin, Des Moines, will represent the defendants. The suit against E. B. Cimijotti brought by H. S. Stanbery who asked judgment for $20i aud costs, alleging that amount to be due him in back salary, was settled by attorneys for S125 and co^s Thursday morning. Richard Dale Rites Held Here; Burial at Memorial Park Funeral services for Richard O. Dale, 52, who died at a local hospital Sunday evening following an Jlness of about three days, were ifld at the Meyer funeral home Wednesday afternoon with the Rev. 2. E. Flynn, pastor of the First M. E. church, in charge. Burial was at Memorial Park cemetery. Seymour Angel sang "Face to Face" and "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere. 1 ' He was accompanied by Mrs. Wallace Allen. Pallbearers were J. R. Price, H. E. Kennedy, George Johnson. C. K Anderson, J. w. Arentsen and Henry Rheingans. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Oordo County. ss To Joe Goss, and lo whom K may rnncern: You are hereby notified that by virtue ol a special execution, to me directed, and is- out of the office of the Clerk of the District Court of the state of Iowa, within ana for Cerro Gordo County, upon a judgment rendered in said Court in favor of Pearl Van VHet and Florence Leota Van Vliet, and against Joe Goss, which judgment *~~ been sold, assigned, transferred and set over unto N. Levinson for the sum of Thirty-eight hundred ninety-eight and 77-100 Dollars, debt, :j.nd Twenty-six and 55-100 Dollars, costs, and Seventy-eight and 99-100 Dollars, attorney's fee, I have levied upon the following described real estate, to-wjt: T,ot One (t) and Four M) in Btork' Thtrfy-ninn M )in I. K. Kirk's Replat of BFocfcs seventeen (17). Eighteen (18), Nhiftlccit I 8 . Twent.v-sevrn (27). Tlilr- fy-ltvo (331 atirt Tfifrfv-itfnp C?fl In South Mnxnn H(y. lovrn. rxwpl T:ast .12 fret thrrtof. all in Cerro Gtirdo rtunt.v t lowa. ind lhat. on the 23rd d a y rf March. 193R. t 2 o'clock P. M.. at the front door of the rnirt House In Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Jowa, T will proceed (o sell I he e in satisfaction of said execution, together with all lepal costs accruing, Datod at the Sheriff's office in J'Wson City, lowa. this ISth day ot February. 1936. J. M. ROBERTSON, Sheriff of Cerro Gordo county. Iowa. By--Elsie Ramsay. Deputy Sheriff. N. Lcvinsoa. Attorney. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATORS STATS OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County, as. No. 4791. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the undersigned have been duly appointed and qualified as Administrators of the estate of Joseph Fitzi, Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo Bounty. AH persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment: and those having claims against the same wiil present them, duly authenticated, to the crsipnert for allowance, a n d fiie in the oflice of thr rirrK of ibn District Court. M A R Y FITXL and FP.ANK FITZL. D u n n ft Mason. Attornc-.vs. S. H. M a r P f f i V - , r r l r r k lU^'Hct Court. By--Margaret Ktlcj', Deputy. Incorporation Papers F i l e d by Wilkinson Broadcasting Company Incorporation papers have been filed with the secretary of state by the Wilkinson Broadcasting company, which was the intervenor in the hearings recently held before the radio commission at Washing- ion, D. C. RUDD--Elmer Babbitt came from Cedar Rapids for an indefinite visit at the home of his sister, Mrs. Frank Novak. LIVESTOCK AUCTION SATURDAY, MARCH 7 1 P. M. Sharp Spring is here and the road conditions are gradually getting better. The runs of all kinds ol Livestock will be larger from now on. We have a Good Market for all kinds of fat cattle, butcher stuff and stock cattle. \Ve sell all our cattle by weight, the modern method of marketing livestock at auction. We have lots of calls for feeder pigs and bred sows. Can sell a lot ot them each sale. Consign any Livestock .vou have to our mnr- ket. WP will do the rest. We always have the Buyers. Horse and Mule Auction EVERY TUESDAY In our sale last Tuesday, receipts were cut by the bad roads to 75 head. We had the Buyers for 150 head. The market was strong to $10 higher on all classes with the good horse in best demand. We have consigned for Next Tuesday 100 head of good farm and market hofses, among which will be some real good matched pairs of colts. We can sell all the horses you consign. Will havs Buyers for any class of horse you consign. You supply the horses and wr will do the rest. All stock sold as it comes Into the barn. MARVEL SALES CO, WEBSTER CITY, IOWA t ¥ TAKE INSURANCE FIRMS'LICENSES I Union Mutual Life of Iowa, Union Mutual Casualty Face Receivership. DES MOINES, (.T)--The Union Mutual Life company of Iowa and the Union Mutual Casualty company, both of Des Moines, faced receivership Thursday after the state insurance department revoked their licenses to operate. Deputy Insurance Commissioner Maurice V. Pew announced the permit revocation in a formal statement of investigations into the affairs of the companies. He ashed Attorney General Edward L. O'Connor to obtain the appointment of Ray Murphy, state insurance commissioner, as receiver. The attorney general's office said Thursday no action would be taken on the request until Atty. Gen. Edward L. O'Connor returns from Iowa City where he is attending- the funeral of his wife's mother. Pew's statement declared the insurance department found "that the continuation' of these companies in business is hazardous to the public and fcvholders of its policies." "Cvuuition of Insolvency. 1 ' He said the department found a condition of insolvency" in the casualty company, and "irregular practices" by the life insurance company. William Schulz, Jr., was named president of the life insurance company; Carl G. Schulz, vice president and secretary; H. R. Schulz, treasurer; and Dr. Howard D. Gray, medical director. Pew'declared, however, that new officers have taken office in the last two weeks: C. E. Hextell. president; Frank Comfort, vice president; H. R. Schulz, secretary; and Rolfe Wagner, treasurer. Examiner Designated. Pew's statement asserted: "The department on Jan. 30 designated an examiner-in-charge of these institutions who has since that date supervised all dealings with the assets of these companies for the protection of policy holders. "He will continue to do so pending court action on the receivership application to be filed by the attorney general." Pew said the Union Mutual Life company has about 520,000,000 of insurance in force, only about ?3,000,000 of which is held by lowans. The examiners reported listed assets of the casualty company as S99.591.69, and liabilities aa ?118,251.68. The report charged that among the "irregularities" against the life insurance company were that it: Extravagant Statements. "Makes g r o s s l y extravagant statements to its policy holders, which statements are made with the obvious intent to deceive, x x x "Accepts risks with knowledge of the applicants' physical impairments and then, in the case of death, rejects the claims on grounds of such impairment, x x x "Attempts to defraud beneficiaries under just and valid claims hy settlement for less than the full amount due. x x x "Disposes of company property, namely, mailing lists, without rendering due account thereof to the company, x x x "Makes investments that are not primariry in the best interests of the company. "Records the termination of many policies on grounds of lapsation before the proper expiration date of the policies." f. i

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