Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 30, 1933 · Page 25
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 25

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1933
Page 25
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1033 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE THE OLD HOME TOWN By. STANLEY") ICAN BUX THAT FANCrVWS/ :/,/',' //,',; foK. FOIB.TV YEAKS^UNCUE BEN FUMBLE HAS FIRED OFF THAT Oi-C MUSKET EVEfeV NEW YEAHS EVC-BUT ITFAII.EO H(M /AJ PRACTICE EARl-V TO DAY- Sister ' Pursuit THE LOVE WAGER By EDNA ROBB WEBSTER . CHAPTER S3- ] L,,*. apartment was cold and ·k. 'Lizetta had informed no one her impending arrival, so that heat was still turned off and the les were drawn. The silence and ilaU'on'oC the place .matched her u mood, exactly, Lizetta thought, id sn3 was glad that she had come ime. After she had paid the cab driver id closed the door, she stood for while in the semi-darkness gazing tbout her at the familiar rooms. They were the only place that she :ould call home. And they did possess a certain atmosphere of com- 'ort and solidity. They might re- icmble all furnished apartments of ;hcir prlce. : class,,biit they also contained many;Vpersonal objects which 'iizetta tiM'J 1 "' nVplher had collected fad trea'siired(: 4 fbr'-yanau3 reasons, jid : tKeseiTaxicifed^a.; certain individ- ^atftj; thfiit jy?a's; Jii^rertomforting to tjizettfit uian?heshad'aiiticiapted. F'Slie^'dfeiy^CffMier;- gloves and L W^tittQUglV;i t}ie-.half ..dozen Mm's.ijtiifnlhg: ori-.|he .heat, raising naaeStSnd'lpulUng-'-cor'as to draw LsKJa'!fecsded;Ha.ngujgs wd admit ^efe,morninkv light, " to restore order. So that it was Lizetla, usually, who kept the family possessions tidied up for the sake of her own satisfaction. But having only her own to keep in order now, it required so 'very little time; for an orderly person never creates confusion in the first place. VVhen she had bathed and changed into warmer clothes, she went out und stopped into the nearest tea room for a light lunch. After all, she decided, it was better that she had some responsibility to occupy her time and attention. Had she not been going to see Lolly, she would have remained in the apartment with her gloomy thoughts and not even have had any lunch. Thoughts of Lolly crowded those of Stuart from her mind,' also. She must stop somewhere for a toy or two. Let's see, what had she, taken to Lolly, last? She was such u clever child that she dared not betray her ownjtieglect of memory. Oh, yes, it hac]''te'en i a painting set for which Lfally^had'-'thanked her politely and graidiqusiyXand;then, later, she had -jeatutcd.-wlstfully, "But I wish it ywSerij ifould; telephone';: ybom her lihDy.'were in. i.-- ,,,,...,_.-- alted even as Bfiefie8iclied'put''fQr 16 ""telephone. : Sb6'.^ciitl^?Dot"WaftL iother person tHere^to 'watch heir ,rkd talk to : her. Why need she have ay one? There really was nothing |b.V Phoebo ,\o do. Certainly she uld run out , to any of the tea loroma in the vicinity for all the food hi needed. And the activity TO caring) for the apartment would he linlty a. welcome diversion, from her Iqnfely Idleness. Yes, she decided, she Ivomld live there alono until she IrneTw more-about what she wished lo do.' · · · " ' · The rooms were soon comfortably lvairaed : and Lizetta experienced a terrain satisfaction in getting her- lelf settled. Her interest was not Icee i; but the thought and effort Ivhith tlie work required were a relief! from the tedious days of her Journey. Once, when she carried an lu-n.uul of .articles to arrange on lier table, she picked up a framed photograph. ' which stood [here and gazed at it Intently: A sad fmile on her. face faded to sober Contemplation as she held it. The photograph was the likeness if a beautiful little girl who held a Joy in chubby hands and gazed back |t Lizetta with wide, somber eyes i which, th'ere seemed to lurk a ',ent question. 'Poor little Lolly! I know how Uy you must be," Lizetta whis- red. "I think I shall take you ay with me somewhere and'we comfort each other. You need '/neone to belong to you, and so do Lolly. I'll come to sec you this ry afternoon." And after that, worked faster as if her move- ·.nta had a purpose. · She finished unpacking the bags lich she had brought with her, by jn, with every article stowed ay Into its proper niche or space, etta was a. tidy person who ed system and order, and lived them. Perhaps that was because so many "yeara she had been a maid to her two sis- 3 WBO always were clashing off some new excitement and leav- ,· behind them a chaos of clothes, lctrie-v and accessories, or re- 'ning. from somewhere too weary very. eWing . .set, and w^uir'nor-'b^^.ne^c! further reflected ·th^^f^, 'fun', to help Lolly "TOaKb;" 'clothes. .For of co.urs't!V',t 'qojijd not really sen; but.f lR£.-jiieri';.b.ellcve she was"' iou^iiiialcijig the youngster' iitin- TOfji while i-'she avoided other icbn-. tact3;and planned how to continue on Nvith her life. Hurying out of the departmtnt store with, her purchases, and just as she reached the avenue, she jostled into Vigiuia Kane. Recognizing the girl before she turned around. Lizetta tried to dodge her, but Virginia pounced upon her with effusive exclamations. "Lizzie! I didn't know you were in New Y.ork! When did you get back? And where in the world have you been keeping yourself? I had no idea of seeing you!" "Well, you couldn't have, unless you are a clairvoyant. I only, arrived this morning, and I didn't know myself that I would be here today until the very night I left Tropica Beach. How are you?" She affected her usual spontaneity, but was impatient to escape Virginia and be upon her solitary way. "Oh, I'm done to a rag, dashing around with plans for a benefit party tomorrow evening. That makes your return so timely. You must be sure to come, I think it will be quite a success. Libby and Corrine are assisting, and we've warped ourselves with new Ideas. How's all tho crowd, anyway? Is Patty back?" "No. I came alone. Everyone's fine." Virginia regarded her curiously. "It must have been important business that brought you back so suddenly, and all alone. Did your hank fall and pauperize you, like they have everyone else? That isn't a bold, personal question any more, you know. It's quite the thing to be a pauper." But her own smart sable jacquet and model cnapeau denied any such financial status. "No," Lizetta replied quietly, "nothing like that. I only wanted to get home early this spring and see some snow and some busy crowds." Her eyes wandered over the thronging, bustling avenue, and sparkled with the pleasure of their contemplation. HEED MONEY? PINE WILL LOAN YOU THE MONEY TO PAY YOUR BILLS BEFOHE TIIE NEW YE An LOANS UP TO S300 BACH IN MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS OUT-OF-TOWN LOANS MADE C. L Pine Loan Company ,,.,__.,., OF MASON CITY SLCONl IXOOK WEIR BLDG. VUONJS 3^1 ByLes Forgrave survX^O_HE»JO»JMTUE\W. ^P^P^*-' .***K tt'O v\PNE TvAOUSvyt . -tVJICG 6%m-' Copyrigfit, 1933, by Central Tress Association, Inc.: RlOER. : \vyvewT UFCWCKOE. TVUMG, TO OXTCVA /iKJO Pl=V5S -TVAE ·S \_QVM WOVIWC5 TR.OCK.. High Pressure Pete Never Mind! By George "Swan f. ? ( W iii ORT 9bU"-5FMO, WVTrt / \H -5T6ctlNtr CPff' I CV4-- MOUJ. WHFVT £_ 00 VOO ViftHT? I dVDULpN'T H5M2. F\ WORT VoU -5FMO, WO" f-^H -^ToCKlNfa- Ce\f -t- Frank Merriwell at Yale Frank Makes a Hit By Hurt L. Standish WORLD CUP VOU DO THKT 0Twe(iH\S Sl'OJiEM OP; MOO OFTEN ..M^ip rwSO Oi-AOVOU'LL PjE. WITH US COUPLE! Sft-EWDID. CQOPUB 1 , Muggs McGinnis Faith-- By ', Wally 5 JJishop Etta Kett Hello, Fans! By Paul Robinson S rtifA AMD'/A^" HAD A tnua moa-' Kl 1 He. TOV.D os KIDS ne. WAS AWAY PER A UU' F(SmM' THA- WAS iM AUSUSTTr CWR1SWUS SAM iHis PAPA! CMR05TMASTJ TA\ AWFUL, FbR ' UOVE. UEfffeS 1"HAf I APE P»DM MY TANS,- -IHEN'ftE PGRFECTLN DlWE .' DAD'WOULDvou BELIEVE IT-- OJEE- Offfi H U N D R E D BOSS AHO Gl«US HWJE ME t.lTS QK.'.I JDS' VS rrx MISS HM-THATS .'. BUT IX\ GUAD DR PAPA- iCopyriii'^. 1333. *" Central Prce» Association, Inc."3- A WEU. ,X FIGURE "THE 1 FlSHlKi 1 MUST BE. .' SWELL- OR Heo * // AMD NOVJ Do NOW WHAT* Moffe PISOM ETTA KETTCLUB - I1EM13EGS- 3iSrt] La Moiuia DA'ITON OHic Patty Ho/m£S TPENTOM U.S. Phjl/s Butter CALIF, Jac.K t/Jl/tobtf loiS · GLTTE MONF. JOIN THt ETTA. KETTCUJB, NOf(f "Well, it's good to see you again, anyway. And you'll come to the party, because everyone else will he wanting to see you, -too." "I'm sorry," Lizetta demurred, "but I can't make it, Virginia. Thanks a lot, darling, just the same.* 1 Virginia was astonished. "Can't make it'.' Why don't tell me you only arrived this morning and are all dated up, already?" ( "No, but I came back for a rest. It's been such a mad. whirl at the beach this season that I'm all fagged And if you want to favor me, I'd rather yon didn't tell anyone you saw me. It would only add to the complications." "You're not ill?" with concern. "Not exactly. But I shall be if I don't alow down for a while." "Well, wait to apply the brakes after, tomorrow night," Virginia coaxed, "and be a good sport. You can refuse all the other invitations.- And besides seeing everyone you know, I'll promise to introduce you to the swankiest fellow you ever glimpsed. Not only that, ho is free, white and under 30, and one of that Philadelphia crowd we've been throwing out lines to for years. One of the girls dragged him into the club the-other night, and now he's all the rage. You know--that Stuart Logan whose father--" (To Be Continued) Visitors Arc Entertained. ROWAN--Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Sheldon liod as gi ts Mr. aad Mrs. Rudolph Voss and daughter of Des Moiucs and Mr. and Airs. Lynn Sams of Elkhart, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Williams and Roger and Jean f rom Flandrenu, S. Dak., are spending their vacation with relatives here. THE TUTTS By YOUNG WHEN pAp PlMS?G MOM HAS BtEK HAVING- ERID6R A/-L-- WfettUPCM MP LET THt FVR,\JA,CF eo CUT HE LET.? THE. WHOLE rv!El6HBOftHCOt UsR ABOUT: IT. BRICK BRADFORD IN TOK IIIT nr.XKATII TIIK By William Ritt and Clai-encc Graj TtJCTA., GPiEAT D/VMGEE. ·mREATEMS AMA.RL1 - ' " tiMpov/ T"C3 VAJATPW "T14F- . f 1«i Jfe. W i^v'4, N, WV.FBJ.END AMD I MUST | K.IMG.' YOU FOI2.SET, MAMCO.THE. AMCIEUT UAW Of- AN\AC1) - DEATH TO ALL . STf2AMGE(2S - EVEN \t3UC. Ff2IEND ~l NOT ESCAPE THE LAW.' OQUUD

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