The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 10, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Monday, November 10, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XI. Xo. 500. Gettysburg. Pa., 3Ionday, November ICih, 1913. Price Tjso CeaH, -SWEATERS- FOR M E X -- WOMEN and DEER HUNTING ON ! THE MOUNTAINS ROADS AS MODELS! PASSED THROUGH USE BATTLEFIELD ROCKEFELLER JR. INJURED MAN! LETTERS FROM NOT IN COURT COUNTY TOWNS } Camps Open on South Mountain forjRoaisia Bettjfsburs National Park;Special Train Took John B. Roekc-1 Bernard McCabe, Stabbed and AI-! Correspondents send in Many Items 50 cts To $7.oo. EctLerts Store " ON THE SQUARE." this Year's Sport Cold Weather! sad Promises of Snow Greet !he : Hunters. ' ; to be Used as Models of Con-: struction. Prepare to Erect Mark-; ers Snowing Hospital Locations. j iravored with typical fall sand the prospect of havinjr jsno-.v some time durin : Adams County's deer hunters started ! out earlv this morning in search of the weather j At the request of the Bureau of a light I Good Roads, in the -Department of felierJr. through Gettysburg on] Inspection Trip Covering l!e; Western Maryland System. Including Gettysburg ar.d this division of niQSt Killed at Bittingers, too !!l| to Leave Hospital and Testify j against his Assailant. Court News, j of^Inferesting Mews from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief ucois. the sc-fcson, j Agriculture, Washington, 13. C., the I travels John D. Rockfellar. Gettysburg National Park Con-rnis- i bee.-i sion has furnished the specifications j err: TRACT Tract--Those who visited Mr. and WALTER'S THEATRE TO-NIGUT Mae LaPorte Stock Co,. " Presents "JUST PLAIN MARY" I"o:!l!ar 1'rittrs * ! , '-·, -- r ' f"i:t*. IVrb Open 7.:t Curtain s :.'·) CHART PEOPLE'S DRUG STORK. Bernard MeCabe. who is in the York ] f "he Western Maryland in his j Hospital recovering from the effects i fohn D. Rockfellar. Jr., has o f 2 wound inflicted in Vhe abdomen, \ ^- rs - D. Shorb last Sunday were Mr. ·sn riding over the lines of the West- j while in a Sunday fight at Hoke's lime ! ar - d ilrs - Sert Shockey, of Waynes- n Maryland Railway and inspecting »'. : ;i Rj Kear Bittingers, about two ' koro, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Haha and two j beautiful and ne't footed animals, j and blue prints of the telford ar.d mac- 1 « IS tidewater terminals in. Baltimore.! months ago, was not able to appear; children. Mr. Salor, of Detoar; Mrs. S South Mountain has a dozen or more j adam roads in the park, the Depart- j Mr. Rockfelier passed through here | before the Grand Jury a'c Gettysburg '' George Shorb and children. Bertha, [camps, most of v/hich were [Friday or Saturday in order opened · ment having in view their introduction ; the latter part of the week ir. a spe- j ic-day and the case against Clarence ; that all | as samples of good roac luiiding; clal train bat did not spend any time' y eRzer his assailant, Ts continued. : the The commission has v.o!:ip!etfc-j the ; locations of the general noseitals of Mary, Daniel and William. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shorb and son, in \own. Dr. King, one of the hospital staff, \ Charles Jr., ar.d Mr. Gerald Shorb, He is. perhaps, the largest Individ- 1 refuses to allow McCabe to leave the ' spenl Saturday with Roy Shorb. P H O T O P L A Show to-night will be for benefit 01 High school Atheietics. j-would be in readiness lor i trace o ? 'inwn this :nornir.g_ I Among the first on the ground was ', the Army of the Poton:ac at Gettys- j ual holder of the securities of the j Institution in his oresenV condition. ' Samuel Warren and 0. Eckenrode j the Brysonia Deer Hunting Camp j burg during July 1863, and measures j Western Maryland and is known to ] i t will be recalled that MeCabe re- spent Sunday with John Warren. ; which has its territory at the Dull have been taken for th erection of j have great faith in its future. He ai- j ceived a deep cut in the abdomen with James Boyle lost a fine hog last I lields on South Mountain. They went suitable markers early in the spring, t ways collects his information at rirs,". j a Docket knife in the hands of Clar- " A 'eek. · out the latter part of last v.-eeJ: ar.d There were ten such hospitals at 1 hand, when possible, ar.d his visit to' ence Yenzer (Baltimore Fat), while' Mr. and Mrs. John Eyler and Mr. i will s'cay in camp for the entire flf- ' Gettysburg after the battle and the , Baltimore and over the road was lor] at the noon meal at a shack near ' an " Mrs. John Bell. Mr. and Mrs. Lew; teen day period. The Arendtsviile Club: matter of the erection of suitable j the purpose of seeing with his own ' Hoke's quarrv. Immediate!-.- after the ' s ^ e ^ anc ^ ^ r - an * Mrs. John Over- g on its own territory near , monuments is in the hands of Captain | eyes and inquiring personally as to the" cutting- he performed the remarkable ' ^i^ 261 " attended the funeral of Mr. __ ViRE ESSAXA1 j eyes and inquiring personally as to the · cutting- he performed the is: the Kane Club is west' Duncan, of the Regular Army. Tne -development of the road, particularly, feat of walking- over two and a half · William Baker, of Fairneld. Mr. and Mrs. George Warren spent i Valley; the Cashtown : raarker proposed is five feet six inches slhe Connellsi'ille extension. There was .mile: f Newman's, along the ! in height, of granite and bronze. The j no other significance attached to his ! f rorr \rv nke- the BBnrifrr-svii'p '. bronze tablet, suitablv inscribe*! v.-Hi ir-!n r is; i:«fip.r-^mm? ' r-.*n = les to Hanover, with blood Club back o Chambersburg pike; the ,, Grove BendersvHle i bronze tablet, suitably inscribed, "-·ill i triD, it is cnderstood. ,, , , , . _ . , . r umace; | be Vn-rty nve inches square if the de- is adopted and the Stops were made at various a fiov.-JKg-; rom the wound, and fell in a semi- i conscious condition in the Western points j Maryland telegraph office. Sunday with his sister. Mrs. Jennie Shover. of Monterey. is Mary Motter spent several Club, north of Pine . _ j T l _ p , -,.. _, i r ,_^: j the Taylor Camp, north of Pine Grove {sign presented is adopted and the on the line and Mr. Rockefeller per-j An hour later he was taken to the I days in Baltimore. If Bingies' dreams were realistic things would"be* different!" With FLOSAI Farnace ariJ the RecJ " ?ooon Club, of! memorials will be in keeping with j sonally asked questions of everyone · York hospital, and his condition was' Thaddeus Zimmerman and son. Jo- FIXCH ' Harrisburg. a't the Rip Eaps above \ others erected by the National Park j he met and showed by the keen in- j pronounced critical. His nerve and re- l se P~ n spent Sunday with Elmer Zim. 7 OYSOF A JEALOUS WIFE. - - . - - - _ - _ _ YITAGRAPH COMEDY | Brysonia. j Commission. | cerest he displayed and the directness'markable constitution have pulled him : merman. Mandiam has a jealous wiie.SneBecomes sensible ratner tnan be consid-, Ir 2 d^; t ; on to these are the Mon- j of his Queries that he is verv well in-.'through and he is rapidlv recoverii"- ' trea insane. \%iTJa MALRICr- CObir.LLO as -uarsnam. i ,,- . , T , - , , ,,. . ! -««-r» "-T-BTIT-!-·»» , -- ^T-T-T' ! - -" j.\. - -.r ^ «_ , , **' THE EDGE O^ THINGS ESSAXAY1 cere i" Cmo. the LocKec Antlers C!UD. . 3IK. JtV±jTTEKftIA_\ bLES [rcrraea concerning the properties. spe- M MeCabe made the statement at the s d takes his city friend hunting-, planning to throw him over j the Spnort Club and many others ".vith; ut In the er.d the friend saves the life of t£e other. the membership made up chiefly in ! Char, [ADOW OF THE LAW BEOGRAPH ·c l ~,-,i-i: v , f.,,,,...,. ,,-j,n Q -*,,.. ;_,::,-;j.,_; 1 : A jealous husband tak a steeo Dreciuice. b UNDER" . T«E SHADOW OF THE LAW In this picture it is shown how a convict's life still remains under the ban cf the law. even after 'the cxpiraticn of his term. the detective continually on his track, he is able to save both a young woman's honor and her weak brother from the hands of a designer emplover. SPECIAL TOMORROW NIGHT. "A WILD RIDE" SELIG IN TWO REELS A thriHing drama or frontier life on an ostrich farm in South Africa. Bessie Eytcn accomplishes the ail but impossible feat of riding for miles on the back of a sv.'ifiiy running c s~. rich- _ _ FOLLO^'ED PLAY Franklin County while the individual I hunters are also oaX in their usual aaest of deer and do not participate in ; the -'drive'* and "'stand"' S3"Steni which' is adopted by all of the clubs. rges Residents of Town with tering Slaizderons Remarks. Ut- Fifteen Lilly residents, numbering among them some of the most oromin- 1 inspection was made of the Con-! telegraph office that he would live to ' aellsville extension. This is one of the meet his would-be murderer, and , Wedding most important parts of the Western should no'ching unforeseen develop he i i Maryland lines, as it is the connecting! \vi!l. ! i link frors Baltimore to Pittsburgh and' Among the current business trans-i The lork Dispatch has this to say of Earl Culp and Miss Adams a Novel One. ent residents of the town, are named The first snccessful hunter season was John Reamer, of action of r-esoass THANKSGIVING DAY GOOD THINGS _ L are not c:!' nrni'.ed to ib'.r.*-- to eat. h.v-v2ver enjoyable ih:y n-y be. "Thire crs ^.iso S^scd ihln'^i LC v-aar, esneci£-iiy those included :rs ijic^c es- seatisls like cravzJts, r^lc'cs. handkerchiefs, fancy vests ani aosiery s:I P-O re make up ir-- line of is as sold as furnishings Ssiig- man's hava n The Quality Shop WILL 31. SELIG3IAN Tne Cash Ta:!o: r t* 5 ? ! defendants in an or tae . i{ed Fridav bv , Cash -|ternian. of'Liliv. town, who started out early with _a : dam£g . es for al ; e j slandero! - s state . j naif dozen friends and beiore eigntj ^ nls _ Rfiv _ Mn Ketternian ^^^ o'clock had shot a 150 pound, five.; f _ om Get - vsburg College in ' 90^ a** . , - - - - , , pronged buck. or. Carbaugh Hill. They! ^ ^^^ fo t T ^ ^j^ ^"s^ f av « oeen entirely satisned and great""- " I ly pleased witn what, he had learned. i the farther West, notably Chicago.' acted at a session of Court on Satur- ; c - the marriage of 3Iiss Pauline Ad- , which the Western ' day were the following i'cems: i arns and T. Earl Culp at York Friday. ..... -.*.-* * -*«~ ; »·«-» _or tns took the deer into Cashtovm. arriving : haR ^ a Ur-lver^-^- " " " ' '" there about noon and interest. The season oaens this exciring nrach year just five days easKer than for some years Allegheny Svnod of pass and closes jast 'chat much earlier. ; Church to investigate r-.T f - i . - 7 . - - . . · --^^.ttii---.«. * J ihe Sung- or the saic brings tne in- \ £ ,, , ~ . . . . . s feller besran. rormanon tnat the minister was vindi- i __- .1 j ... cated by a conrmittee appointi ^ . Maryland has established within the j John F. Sharetts discharged as Following an entertainment in St. " j iast year, and the trainc with which guardian of Walter Spangier. ; Janies' Lutheran church, in vvhich she is developing rapidly. | James H. McDannel discharged as ! h2ti cleverly portrayed the character The older sections of the road also; administrator of the estate of Daniel c ^ a 3'oung girl in love with the minis- canie in for scrutiny. He is said to j McDannel. late of Franklin township, j - er "s son. Miss Pauline Adams became The advertised accounts were con- · -- bride in reality of T. Earl Culp. of tinued. Firs'c and final account of the Saturday morning, early, Rocfce- j Gettysburg. The ceremony was per- parsonage of Christ Citi- j formed in the with Mr. Fitzgerald, a zens" Trust Company, trustee of a | Lutheran church. South Duke street, The Western Maryland; has there for loading and unloading of r had kept hiaisel£ tidewater HlHli charges against | - - -,- - , This is in - conformity with an act j him. . " " : cns ae - :ue s ^_e passed by the last Legislature which j The minister alleges that the defen- j ^ : has not met with the entire approval j dants charged him with tampering ; S "T':^" , _, o - of the Adams County har.cers whoj- t virh a certain church order issued ro i C I t-e-.e.opment Oi ( claim that it is a measure largely de- | h:^ in ths payment of Ms salary, ai- If °f!TM eS J^ ^°^:, ^ ^"^11 signed to satisfied city hunters v.-ho j !eging that he had raised ths sum from wish to have their tvro weeks of sport j S31.20 to S45. and then get back home before j Finally, a written petition was Dre- FOR COLD WEEK friends, and those who had taken part iin the entertainment, witnessed the j The Cold Wave to Extend South Near . ly to Florida- Thanksgiving Day and also for Vhe E High grade Paper. Eaton Crane and Berlin jones = Stock usual price 25. 35 and 59Cts. j NOW 17 cts per box § et the first choice | Peoples' Drug Store business of the Christmas season. Local hunters seem to prefer the old ] thorough Invest period starring on November loth. For some time it was feared that I the clubs having their camping terri- ('cory in the vicinity of Pine Grove | Furnace would either have to give up i this vear's outine or seek other sented to the synod asking for the re- moral of Rev. Mr. Ketterman. After a igarion and an examir.- j ation of f ortj--si:c witnesses, the com- j niittee appointed by the synod found j the charges groundless. The public ! suit is largely for the purpose of re- j moving the cloud which at pr velopes ihe clergyman and to i-as agreeably surprised to find thatj .freezing weather nearly as tar what he saw and learned personally i South as Florida is predicted for the exceeded his conception of Vhe magni- i first fev.- davs of this week tude of the developments. j Weather Bureau. "The week will open," the bv the " i _ ini ^_ i HERE FOR THE WEEK ' bulletin said Sunday, "with a weekly! decided i mamage. j The marriage came as a surprise, I being kept a close secret, known only I to Miss Adams' parents and relatives, ;and was not announced until the curtain had been drawn upon the last scene of the entertainment. The entertainment was '"Our Busy Aid," which was twice suc- Stock Company here Week's Engagement- - j grounds on account of the purchase of i o him his good name tnro'asrho"t th* '--""-'" 1 ^ = i much of the land in .that section by the! = t ate ~ \* aJter S ' L RSatre H \ State. It is said however. Vhar the ac- 1 A ^pertoire st i fail in temcerature throughout the j cessfully presented in Christ Lutheran for! Atlantic States, with snow and high | ch P^ 1 u n «er the auspices of Sunday i winds over the Northern districts and ' *"kool class No. 42. taught by Mrs. I in vhe Lower Lake region. The line of · Beile Bradley and which was repeated extend al- ' Friday night for the benefit of the St. an( j · James' congregation. The leading role engagamenV at f rosts Te i; keiv ir , Florida down to of " :Iis5 Vi rginia Valentine,' 7 was en. i - · . the twentj--sixth parallel- The lower has ss ', freezing temperature will The La Porte Stoc.-c Company ' most to the Georgia-Florida line ' = tual payment for the land - has not j == j been made and hunting will be allowed j S ' for this year under certain restric-' FOR LATER CA3EP The 3Iaii e ^ e ^jsayof res^c.c j v / ft ich opens a week's tc-night. tar made her first ap-1 temperatures will continue daring the Kagerstown yesterday..' first ha!f of the vreek and ^j, b g fol _ red by higher temperatures curin ' acted b ? Miss Adams. f r v c |l-- · matinee and night. Dresentin^- for the' HISTORIC TABLE YOUR - TURKEY - Will taste better if you Jbave a N E W S U I T O R O V E R C O A T on Thanksgiving Day. We have a large variety of choice fabrics at prices to suit everybody. J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. j Urges a Later X. G- P. Camp to Avoid I Crop Damage. The shooting of only male deer wiih ! visible horns is allowed by law and · Reports of the inspection of the Na- I eacii hunter is limited to one a sea- : ticnal Guard at the summer encamp- soru As a result of the restrictive laws j v.-ere made public by the adju- ar.d the prohibition of killing of does | tant general's department -without ar.y I the deer have rapidly increased and j ra i have been seen in recent months in i i . , ,, j , counties wnere they have zeen un- r^ i known for a decade or even more. In Ire some sections deer have been a nui- j ter.tion to guard duty and orariesy perior officers. A T Colonel Nicholson Has Table with Unique and Interesting Story. in a decidedly clever manner. She is Miss Mae Lanorte. ; she leased everyone in ihe audience both py her appearance, as well as by her' acting. She has youth, is pretty, wears | ring t!: of the v.-eek excepV in the Northwest.! %vhere it «-ill again become colder to- , v,-ard the end of the week. But then, on the other hand, a goose belonging to Miss Jennie Hoke, of - t - »a nlzatlon = j f=l magnetism that appeals to her =.-,- j darini , th The ''.topics of the Town"' department of the Philadelphia Public Ledger says: "A few days ago I mentioned that George W. Chiids had pointed out to me a table in his home around which p.. Sheridan ar. company is an extent u n u _ 3 » -.act- · been made to the Capitol about them. ; mendatior.s as to «"»- »aa. made many f r i e n s b y i s clever 1 The State Game Commission fixed 1 made, including one that the guards- encampments are j conceotion of a -s ther di:T ; cuIt rart .__ I .t. n 4- A t - _ . .-. . - * e to | November 10 as "the return day on the i :nen should encamp later in "the vear j petitions sent out to sportsmen who I than at present because of dama " may desire counties closed for hunt- ! uifnarvested crops. ing- of deer and elk for three years. | The commission has auihoritv to COUNTY INVENTORS FOOT BALL ' Slave Xcw 3Iachine to Eliminate Gaso- PREVENTION OF DISEASES-BEING THE PRACTICAL i cree sach closin § : on potion of 2oa i nersons ar.d provided valid objections "'are made. Fayelte, Somerset, and SHOULD PROVE OF GREAT VALUE TO THE FARMER I s^ttTM*te£flTM oter pe -; BOERUN-- OYLER AIM; DR. HUDSON'S LIQUID CONDITIONER ge Team Had a T)ay Off. Eiercns Busy- i -\"-_ f\ i t f , 3iiss Oyler. of Geitysoarg, Married on j The Getiysbui-f ! - ° et ° ber ^ \ taun had r '° ^ Co5!e2:e oot f ° r bail HAPPY RESULTS Will FOLLOW - 3 BOTTLES For $L{ ! titions were sent out. ~ TM* ^--- « ·e of October--a most _ proceeding and one which I ^ Johr -S'-or. had sat or. one occasion at declare is a sure sign of a l - !nner ! "I learn now from Colonel John P. | Nicholson that he has a table in his . house which is a fair rival to this one. i it was given to him by General Win- nelc Scott Har.cock. "In 1S73. while Hancock still owned it ar.d two years before this son of Norristown became a candidate for President of the United States, he gave a dinner at which were present stior.i-e the automo-! besides fei: « self - President Hayes, it eliminates the cost | Gefisral Grar -^ General Sherman, Gen. con-~i- ! Snendan and General Schoneld. As a military combination that was a hard i -^-- . . line frcnri Automobile- Other i John Sidesinger and Harry Cline. of | Idavilie. have an enorine chat' ' runs by compressed air and which they MARRIAGE LICENSES OLD FASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY | Almond Tany,- -50 cents IK, Butternut Taffy, -5?5 cents ib.. Peannr Taffy. 20 j Three Licenses Issued by Clerk of the i couple were married by Rev. T. rents IK. Peanut Brittle, 10 cents Ib. Ice C'-eain TaSles. 10 cents Ib.--Fresh j Courts Olinger. ! McKerty. a cousin of the bride, Daiiv at. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN i Marriage licenses have been issued ;to the following by Clerk of the Scrubs wor. from the Mt. Sr.! g; ve an abur.dar.ce of power, ilary's sccorsd team at Emraitsburg-! trip through New York and the New iJi^^'S,*^^^^"^ FIRES OX MOUNTAIN j immediately ar.a rd took a wedding ! AUGHTER ; Child of 3Ir. and Mrs. Bamhart Near Abbottstown. Died PURE ^ England States They will reside in : .,.i 0 . Courts Olinger: Ernest E. Jacobs and | TMelrose where ihe bridegroom is a ;"""" " " i Miss Rosie E. Miller, both of Ab- j prominent business man. 1 * TTV yx jbcttstown; Curdn A. Smith and Miss j j FOR RENT: an e:ght Ef jLf ! ( ; ° ra Hamme A terrific rhe is raging on the , Jmoontain between Roxbar/ and Am- bereon's Vallev. Over bevonu Nexv^-illc ! Barp/nart - near Abbottstown. died sud- Rhoda, the seventeen days old sr of Mr. and Mrs. Ravmond room hoi:se a'/Douhlinc Gr there is another bad ! denl J" Saturday afternoon For sale by RICE PRODUCE CO, BIGLERVILLE. Dry IVuilty ^lash Cane Molasses Swine Cane INIoIasses Horse and Mnlc Cane Molasses Dairy Calf Me.i!. M:muF:ictiirfl by The New Oxford Pure Feed Co. New Oxford: Pa. h of Paradise town- j DOLLAR excursion to Baltimore i^ith heat and ail conveniences, good jship, "iork County: and Claude A. | November 22. account Johns Hopkins- ! 3ccatlon ' possession at once. A five J Snyder and Miss Lizzie B. Appier,! Gettysbur ' '" *'" J , both of Jit. Joy township, Adams' J County. 1 ,, _ FOR RENT: house on East Middle street Apply to E. C. Schriver.--advertisement 1 urg foot ball game. Leave Get- j room houpe witnoul conveniences, good ·7:15, Baltimore 11:30. Win ; location at $7.00 per month. Posses- tysbarg stop at intermedia'ce vertisement stations.--ad- sion at once. Apply to Martin Winter, Gettysburg, Pa.--advertisement 1 SKATE at Garden Auditorium, af- MODERN house for rent. Apply ternoon ar.d evening.--advertisement 1 Times office.--advertisement 1 nr-j in Vhe mountain, with much loss! was morning. to timber, also- j Interment in the cemetery adjoining- the Bethany U. B. church, near Dover. SPECIAL: we have received a large line of children's, ladies' and men's iviriter coats also boys' and men's fall suits. Special prices on large rugs 9 x WAXTED: a settled woman to assist in light housework. A good home with a lady and satisfactory wages. 12, linoleum and sweaters. G. H. Apply 103 McSherrystown Knouse, Biglerville-advertisement 1 JEWS PA PER I Hanover, Pa.--advertisement ,, _... KF W SPA PFRfi R i avenue, 1

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