The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 20, 1931 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 20, 1931
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

OTTO GIVEN HALF YEAR SENTENCE JPIca'ds Guilty to Vagrancy . Before Judge Clark in District Court. Jack Otto was given six months m 3Wl by Judge Joseph J. Clark in the district court Thursday evening when he pleaded gruilty to a vagrancy charge. The. judge's entry was that the sentence was to be suspended Marcn 1 and the defendant placed in the guardianship of R. R. Oulman of the police department. "BIG BILL" PUTS UP GOOD BATTLE (Contlnoea from Page 1) charges of "traitor" and showers of press clippings on his head. Then in 1927 he not only refused to invite King George to Chicago but he promised to "bust him in the snoot" if he did come. Of course, the British monarch had no intention of coming. It was merely Thompson's dramatic way of emphasizing his cam- would mitigate against building up the state industrially. . Hush, Montgomery, chairman of the ways and means committee, said an appreciable decrease in revenues was in sight by the revision o f . the rates on taxable personal incomes and he advised serious thot in reducing the corporate income levy. His position was indorsed by 'Representative Reimera of Lyon county, who said he did not think a 3 per cent tax would hurt any industry and declared that the realty of the greater part of the industries was assessed at "a niggardly low value." After the defeat of the attempt to reduce the corporation tax, Representative E. G. Allen, Pocahontas, moved a reconsideration, which was under discussion when the house recessed until 1:30. SHOOTING VICTIM TELLS OF TRAGEDY (Continued From Page i). " " »-*»£*"*»-«i,i*jg i±ia vnu.l~ paign. issue--that of eliminating a "pro-British Influence" which he said permeated Chicago schools. , Appeals to Masses. From the first, Thompson frankly has made his appeal to "the masses." He found illustration a valuable adjunct to his bombastic style of address. A mule and a burro now take the - place once occupied by two white rats to represent Thompson's opponents, and the old fife and drum corps of 1915 has been replaced by mobile talking movie machines, b u ; today's campaign is as much a pro duct of history as of modernism To, understand the background a well as ,the methods, the observe need only to watch a Thompson campaign "rally." ..There is always a large crowd (his opponents say city hall em- ployes are forced to attend and cheer) and when Thompson appears in his cowboy hat and racoon coat, he invariably gets an ovation that he acknowledges with a smile and a wave. I4kes to Brag. ' The spellbinder who has been · holding, the crowd stops immediately and Thompson starts. He speaks easily, in an informal, almost conversational manner, but his voice is loud and throaty. He refers to himself as ''your mayor" and tells of the bridges he has built and the streets he has widened. The preliminaries over, Thompson .·seems to brighten up. He takes a firmer grip on the halter he has ·Been holding and with a boyish grin starts out, on what the people have .come to, hear. '-.; '-'Now. about this baiter," he says, · j'tho; nutty - j u d £ v -wears one and ·· it She fell to the ground, where she remained a little while. Then she rose to her feet and ran about 20 rods down the road. Smith, who was acquitted of a statutory charge last fall, had been dismissed from the Deam farm on Monday. Tuesday he called by telephone three times at the Deam house, asking Mr. Deam to hire him again. This was agreed and Smith returned to work. Neighbors Find Victim. Shortly after the shooting occurred Mr. and Mrs. George Van Nest, neighbors of Mr. and Mrs Deam, drove along the road. They saw Mra. Deam on her hands and knees. 'I got out of the car," 'declared Mrs. Van Nest, "and asked who she was. Her face was bloody and I was unable to recognize her. She mumbled a few words and then ; and L. E. Allen took her to the hospital. Mr. Van Nest started to look for Mr. Deam." Dr. W. R. Arthur, Franklin county coroner, who said no inquest would be held, arrived at the Deam house in company with Deputy Sheriff Lemke soon after the tragedy. A large crowd collected around the house after the shooting. Mrs. Deam left her home immac- riately neat. Neighbors volunteered :Q do the chores while her husband spent most of his time at the hospital. * . -- -- , . -- : ^ ' . . J * * ^ l k ^.7T»^.t*tp VJJL1C ' U.LIU IU . rleads'to the Chicago Tribune;: Little 'Arthur wears one and it leads to the 1 Dally News. But Bill Thompson wears no man's halter" and it goes crashing into the footlights. (The third and last article tomorrow will .discuss the other candidates, and the issues.) Mason Gity Man Given 30 Days in City Jail Elmer Jackman, Mason City, was sentenced to 30 days in the city jail on a charge- of disorderly conduct. He appeared before Judge John C. Shipley at police court Thursday afternoon. He was, arrested Wednesday night. RATE SCHEDULE BILL IS PASSED (Continued From 1'nge 1). that 'the state should aid business to make it attractive to locate industry here. ^"Always Had Trouble." Byers said "we have always had trouble to protect industry in Iowa because of the agrlcultural-minded- ness" of the statel He advised caution in doing anything which REED MIGHT LIKE TO SEEK OFFICE (Cohllnuea From Page 1). superior to his as a remorseless, merciless, absolutely fearless fighter. Those of his senatorial friends who have kept in. touch with him during his recent ^period of retirement re,port that accumulating yeata simply have .added, If anything, to his ferocity. The present administration, they relate, has not pleased him. Nevertheless, he has not criticized it much. It is not the Missour- iau's habit to waste his comment. He is saving all of it until the right time comes. Given the opportunity which the leadership of his party would afford him, and the few persons with whom he has talked confidentially say that he has ammunition in store to sear the vegetation from ocean to ocean and from the gulf to the Canadian border. FREE FOR ASTHMA DURING WINTER A Remarkable Method That Ha Come to the Rescue of Asthmai ies--Send Today for Free Tria If you suffer with: those terribl attacks of Asthma when it is coii and damp; if you choke and gasi for breath, don't fail to send at one to the Frontier Asthma Co., for t free trial of their remarkable meth od. No matter where you- live o whether you .have any faith in an- remedy under the. sun, send foi this free trial. If you have suffered for a lifetime and tried everything .you could learn of without relief even if you are utterly discourager do not abandon hope but send today for this free trial. It is a way to find what progress may do for you In spite of all your search for freedom from Asthma So send for this free trial. Do it now. This notice is published that every, sufferer may participate in this progressive method and first try the treatment free that is now known to thousands as the greatest boon that ever came into their lives Send coupon today. Don't wait. FREE TRIAL COUPON FRONTIER ASTHMA CO. 520IC Frontier Bldg., 462 Niagara St., Buffalo, N. Y. Send free trial of yoXir method A NOTHER THING about Reed:' **· There is no question as to his presidential stature. The number of possibilities, .who have been suggested in connection with the democratic nomination, runs to at least two dozen already, but not more than four or five of them can be named without raising the query, "Is he big enough to fill the bill creditably?" Fault can be found with Jim Reed, but no one is likely to ask, "Is h e b i g enough?" He is James A. Reed """jufcii . -nv JM big enough to have fought the white house to a finish, and to have won when it tried to beat him for the senate. t' . · * * s THERE ARE counts in his favor. 1 His geography is right--sufficiently western to appeal to the com and wheat belts; sufficiently southern to furnish a contact with the cotton area; not too remote to be out of the world to eastern communities. He is a wet, at a. time when his party appears to need a wet candidate, and yet with a certain understanding of Dixie's dryness. Actual complaints, from radical sources, of the ultra-Bourbocism of his views, should be reassuring to conservatives. For all that, -as good a progressive as the late Senator LaFollette pronounced him "so right when he IS right that his errors, as "old Bob" saw them, ought not to count too heavilv against him." He is on what seems to be the popular side of internationalism. And if the country should hap- P l n '° want a democrat, he knows what democracy really IS, which is mora than can be said for a great many who wear the label * * * TE IS hard on to 70, undeniably ·n Will his age handicap him? Or 3. there something to stir the blood n the spectacle of this old berserk olishing up his mail shirt and put- ing the edge of hi a sword to the rindstone, as If he were 35 or 40 ? If he fights, no quarter will be sked-or granted, anyway. j 160 RECOVERING FROM BAD FOOD Six South Dakotans Still Seriously 111 From Poisoning. ELKTON, S. Dak., Feb. 20. (/P-Six persons were seriously ill today while about 140 others were recovering from food poisoning suffered when they ate meat sandwiches at an auction aale near here yesterday. Chemists who analyzed the food served a crowd of 500 on the farm of Ed Zieharth said the poisoning may have come from the pork and beef hash sandwiches which bad remained in a stone crock overnight before being served or else from coffee prepared in a copper boiler. Those most seriously ill are Albert Ellison, 60, of Sioux Falls- A. H. Willard, 70, farmer near Flandreau, and Alfred Weflell 30 of Coleman, S. Dak., Frank Hurley of Aurora; Tomy Hurney and T. Hurney of Elkton. Many of those afflicted became ill after leaving the farm, and a few hours after the lunch, called at physicians' offices in all surrounding towns on their way home. Nearly 30 persons were, in Brooklngs hospitals while between 50 and 60 were treated during the day. Others were given medical attention in Aurora Bushnell, Lake Benton, Flandreau and Elkton. Physicians said the victims suffered stomach cramps and that while most were recovering rapidly many would not be out of danger for several days. ^ MASPN CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE IN DAY'S NEWS One of the first lame ducks to he (alcen care of with a federal position Is Representative Richard N. Elliott of Indiana, above, defeated in the last election, who has been appointed assistant' to Comptroller General J. R. McCarl, at a salary of §8,000. The term of appointment is 16 years. $50 Scholarship Voted to Member , of Senior Class At the meeting of the American Legion auxiliary Thursday after- noon at the Y. W. C. A. it was voted to give a §50 scholarship to a high school senior to be applied to iunio college tuition The winner is to b*- chosen on the same grounds as the winner of the scholarship which has been presented annually to a junior college student. Mrs. James Pritehard of Onawa state vice president of the auxiliary spoke briefly on her pleasure at being la Mason City. Art Harri;? county auditor, addressed the women on "Tax Exemption and the Relief Fund." Miss Virginia Hills gave a reading. Mrs. George Burmeister announced the present membership t be 302. There was community sing ing. Mrs. Ernest Schmidt Dies Here at Hospital Mrs. Ernest Schmidt,'31, died at a local hospital Thursday afternoon where she had been since Feb. 3. The body was taken to Buffalo Center. FEBRUARY 20 High Winds Send Sleet and Snow Over Europe . LONDON, Feb. 20. (A--High *inds with accompanying rain, sleet and snow, lashed a large part of Europe today, disrupting traffic and n many places hampering communications. Abandoned .Church Sold. , MAYNARD, Feb. 20. (INS)-The abandoned -United Brethren church known as the Grub church has been purchased by S. W. Hanchette, north of Maynard, who will use the material for a barn IN THE RADIO WORLD By O. E. BUTTEBFIELD Associated" Press Radio Editor (Time is central standard thruout NEW YORK, Feb. 19. (/M--Radio with its prolific programs, requires speed from its attendants--the men behind the scenes. And it gets its. Brad Browne he of the CBS Nitwits, is a good example. Browne, wJip also teams up with Al Llew.elyn in a daily series, turns out ,on the average of fivu songs a week. He does it, too, week in and weeli out almost without fail, first writing the lyrics and then sitting down to the piano to thump out a tune that .will fit. His other duties include the script for the Nitwits, with parts of a hall dozen or more characters, each week. When he gets pressed he can turn out this copy in an hour. 1931 to have a part in the reminiscences program on WJZ anil network starting Sunday evening. He is te whistle several classical numbers. ' FKIDAV Radio guild play, "Importance ot Being Earnest." WJZ chain at 3. Address on unemployment by Alfred E. Smith. WABC and stations at 5:15. The rhythm choristers. consistin« of two male quartets and Freddie Richls orchestra, WABC network at 7:30. 150 Present for Party at Allison 4-HClA ALLISON, Feb. 20.--Members/'1 the 4-H club, their parents, and!'' ( club leaders enjoyed a party at t \. _ Legion hall Tuesday evening. All \ H-\ 150 were present. Ernest Neal m wil sided at the meeting · as CouA\/Gn] Agent John O. Mullms was unatHl to attend. Talks were given by UrVif Barker, club leader from. Ames, anV H. C. Hunt, president of the Fair? Bureau. The Farm Bureau orchef tra, led by Don Walters, played. 1 k e an A recital in which the theremin the instrument which produces music by putting the squeal of radio ;ubes to work, Is to be given 01; iVABC and stations at 2;30 i» m ?eb. 26. The player will he George Goreff, 'Russian musician. Fay Bainter, actress, ig to take he leading role in "The Londonderry Air," to be broadcast by WEAF and stations at 6:3u p. m. Sunday. In the supporting' cast will be Branton Tynan, playwright and actor. Bob MacGimsey, composer ol pirituals, vocalist and whlsUer, Is i every who don't understand why she needs a Self-Action' Gas water heater... O F course you've noticed occasionally that the water Avasn't hot -enough for shaving, nor warm enough for a bath--but with a furnace coil and an auxiliary 'heater a little firing should; in your opinion, heat up enough for cleaning, washing and the dishes. . That seems logical, but really you don't know the half of it. Furnace coils depend on heat from the fuel bed--and unless there's a roaring fire (which overheats the house on a mild day) there's seldom enough hot water when there's cleaning or washing to be done. It's mighty 'unpleasant to run short of hot water in the midst of a busy washday. Starting a fire in the auxiliary heater means a long wait and a great waste of heat to bring a fresh supply. With a Self-Action Gas Water Heater, there's instant hot water --at the tap's turn. The tank is heavily insulated" to eliminate heat waste, and the self-operating thermostat insures a steady supply without the least attention. Light the tiny flame just once and forget it! The operating cost is but a few cents a day. Stop in and let's talk it over. "Highest Test" at the price of ordinary gasoline · INSTANT STARTINQ QUICK PICICUP PEOPLES GAS AND, ELECTRIC CO R a and "FOR BETTER APPLIANCES" PHILLIPS 66 is made by the world's largest producers of natural high gravity gasoline Your motor will tell you more about Phillips 66 than any advertisement ever written. You get results that you can actually feel. Results that prove there is a. difference in gasolines. Results that have made Phillips 66 a sensational success in a highly competitive field. Try it on a biting cold day. Touch die starter and away you go. That's because we match your weather, giving Phillips 66 a controlled February gravity of not less than 68.4°. It is high test with a. vengeance, without any increase in price. Fill.up at the Orange and Black 66 shield. It is your guarantee of better performance, backed by the $320,000,000 Phillips organization. Also Phillips 66 Ethyl i at the regular price of Ethyl gasoline Phillips Petroleum Co. 'Pliillin Phono 3552 Mason City, Iowa

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