Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 5, 1936 · Page 17
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1936
Page 17
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MASUN CITY GLOBE-GAZKTTE, MARCH 5 193G SEVENTEEN 2 WEST UNION SPEAKERS WIN Randalia Also Captures One High Rank in Declam Competition. WEST UNION--Winners in .the · * 'first round of the state declamatory 5 series in the contest held Tuesday { night at West Union were Clara j- Nelson, West Union, .oratorical; . ? Frances Edmunds, Randalia, dram- j atic and Robert Kamm, West f Union, humorous. Clair Claxton, Randalia, won second place in the oratorical; Horace Hoover. West Union, second in the dramatic; and Ruth Arthur, Randalia, in the humorous. Hawkeye was the third school represented. Women Seek School Posts at Goodell First Time GOODELL--School elections here next Monday will be distinguished by appearance, for the first time here, of two women's names. Mrs. Harve Christiansen and Mrs. Verdie Wilson, along with Lawrence Smith and Elmer Keninburger, are candidates to succeed Ralph Hofer and Len Wilson, neither of whom will run again this year. CAVANAUGH, 73, LAWLER, IS DEAD Retired Livestock Dcalei Is Survived by Wife, 2 Daughters. NEW HAMPTON--Funeral services will likely be held Friday foi James F. Cavanaugh, 73. retired Lawler livestock dealer. Mr. Cavanaugh died Wednesday. Services will be held at Our Lady of Mount Carmel church, Lawler, with the Rev. John O'Donnell, pastor, offi- PRICE IN 1933 PRICE IN 1934 GOODCHEE COFFEE Showing dramatically how the price of tbrs. Santos -Central American blend has been reduced as volume increased. One of ow most popular brands .. a coffee you can serve with confidence on soy occasion. POST TOASTIES Mickey Mouse cut-outs on every package. PKG. 1 Q BAKER'S CHOCOLATE Divided into convenient 1-in..squares Vz-lb. cake 15' . W H E A T Jack Sprat f CEREAL; pkg. . . ] FRIDAY and SATURDAY MARCH 6-7 Blackberries MAYFLOWER No.10Can.49c Shortening Mrs. Tucker's--Purest vegetable oils. 1 Ib. Pkg 18c 2 Pkgs 35c Candy Compfire Bon Bons--Coated Flavored Marshmallows--Soft and Creamy. - 6 ox. *f\ Pkg IOC 3Xi IN. WIDE «fAR. WITH PURE SILVER PLATED TOP WITH SALES SLIP SHOWING PURCHASE I PKG. SOFTASILK 21 OVALT1NE Prunes . nil. 25c Santa Claras--50 or 60 to the pound Peaches . N ^° 46c Mayflower Halves or Slices Corn . . . 2 - cNa ° ns2 23c Jack Sprat Sugar oz. Soothes jagged nerves. ARc Su P er SudsVhTl9c W V Be ads of Soap PANCAKE » sack Ja.ek Sprat--Self-rising 19c Honey . . ^25c Holsum Brand--Strained Preserves 2 ^ 0 " 19c Assorted Pure Preserves .'Vr* I9c Jack Sprat--Assorted Pure Syrup . . "a'?' 45c Jack Sprat Golden Texture Cocoa . . "kg 15e Mayflower PEARL Borley . . ',',£· lOc Jack Sprat Tapioca . ^ 9c Jack Sprat Fine or Pearl Cocoa nut .^ lOc Jack Sprat Tender Shreds Mustard . V 15c Jack Sprat Salad or Horseradish Extract . .Lui 19c Jack Sprat Lemon or Vanilla PEANUT Butter . . 2 'j,';'"25c Jack Sprat HORSE SHOE GROCERY A. W. KITTO 219 North Federal p h onc 209 -102 Seventh SI. S, E. Phone 151 THOMPSON-DEAN CO. BARRETT BROS. CO. 121 North Federal Phonp 217 20 Second St. N. E. Phone 43 CARL GRUPP W. S. LAWRENCE 1339 North Federal Phone 420 402 Twelfth St. A". W. Phone 2137 SNYDER'S RITE-WAY S. P. SHAPIRO 616 South Federal Phone 1800 523 N. Pennsylvania Phone 2187 WILLSON GROCERY CHICAGO MEAT GROCERY 404 Fifteenth St. N. W. Phone 241 626 S. Jackson Phone 996 Buckwheat Flour. .'«£ Jack Sprat--Self-rising- RGROCER FLQUR..^$1.79 Unconditionally guaranteed G i N G H A M G I R L 49 lh - · sack Milled from only Grade A Wheat elating. He was born in Praries- burg, Linn county. April 30, 1862. He moved to Waucomii where he was married to Miss Mary Elizabeth Hocy on Feb. 1, 1893. After several years they moved to Missouri. In 1906 they moved to Lawler where he bought livestock until two years ago. Surviving arc his widow, two daughters: Mrs. Nick Wagner, Mason City and Mrs. Thomas Lavan, Chicago. One sister. Mrs. Kate McGough, Sprag-ue, Wash.; one brother, Michael Cavan- augh, Assiniboia, Sask. Burial will be at St. Rose cemetery. Minnesotan to Head Central Plant Board AMES, M'l--The central plant board elected A. G. Ruggles, University of Minnesota entomologist, president; P. T. U'man of Indiana, secretary-treasurer, and Dr. C- J. Drake of Iowa, central representative to the national plant board. FEDERAL PACKING CO. Phone 746 We Deliver $1 Orders 213 N. Fed. Ave. 1 STEAK ROUND SIRLOIN Ib. ISc Prime Beef ROAST, Ib.. 14c Pork Shoulder ROAST, Ib.. ISc Fresh Side PORK, Ib.. ISc 5-lb. Box BACON 95c Sugar Cured Bacon SQUARES, I b . . . . 17c Prime Beef RIBS, Ib.. 12c Lean Pork « m _ CUTLETS, I b . . . . 1/V Lean Salt PORK, Ib Milk Fed Veal CHOPS, Ib... 20c FRESH FISH OF ALL KINDS America eats 15,000,000 Ritz a day- It's become the nation's most popular cracker almost overnight. And no wonder! Here's a cracker so good just by itself that you want to keep on eating them forever. So imagine how they improve the taste of cheese, soup, salad and spreads. Ask for the I Ibor Vz Ib. package. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY c/ Uneeda Biscuit atul Aundted) c/-ot/ua ^ AVOID CONSTIPATION WITH GOOD HOUSEKEEPING APPROVED Good Housekeeping i. · Bureau £« -A The first and rm/.t; independently distributed bread ever awarded this distinction. Our doctor agrees - that Honey Krushed soothes and stimulates the intestines Hundreds Report Amazing Results Every day folks in all walks of life tell us thai Honey Krushcd Wheat Bread has helped them to Eel a new grip on life. To relieve headaches, drowsiness and lack of ambition due to clogging poisons in the intestines. You, too. will f i n d Honey Krushed W h e a t Bread brings welcome relief from distressing symptoms. And it's so delicious. The pure honey gives it a nut-like flavor-utterly unlike any other whole- wheat bread. Toasted or plain--· it's a treat to jaded appetites. . Make This 10-Day Test Eat Honey Krushed Wheat Bread with your meals, regularly-- for the next 10 days. Chew it well. Eat illiberally and sec how quickly you will regain normal elimination and buoyant health. Insist on Genuine Honey Krushed Any grocer can supply you. but insist on the genuine. Imitations cannot use our exclusive formula. Honey Krushed has a tempting outer crust, thickly coated with pure crushed wheat kernels. Ready sliced and wrapped in a moisture- proof wrapper with a Cellophane window. Accept no substitutes. Look for the registered word "Krushed." Baked By v Sterling Groceries m and Meat Markets No. 1 - No. 2 - No. 3 - No. 4 FRIDAY -- SATURDAY Right to Limit We Deliver $ LOO Orders NEAT DEPARTMENT Just Q little more tender. Just a little nicer cut: Just a little more savings--when you trade at the Sterling Markets. Lean Beef Pot Roast, Ib 12c Beef Rump Roast, Ib. 14c Baby Beef Liver, Ib 20c Round Steaks, Ib 20c Sirloin Steaks, Ib 18c T-Bone Steaks, Ib 18c Choice Beef Short Ribs, Ib l i e Beef Chuck Roast, Ib 16c Baby Beef Hearts, Ib lOc Lamb Stew, Ib 1 2c Rolled Rib Roast, Ib 19c Sliced Bacon, ' A l b 17c FRESH FISH -- SMOKED FISH -- CHICKENS -- OYSTERS PECAN MEATS, pound 35c| K. C. BAKING POWDER, large can 17c FRUIT DEPARTMENT Just a little fresher--just a little cheaper--just a little better assortment to choose from-Sterling Stores. Florida Grapefruit, 9 for 25c Bananas, Ripe, 4 Ibs 25c Winesap Apples, 5 Ibs 25c Sweet Potatoes, 4 Ibs 25c Celery, Large Stalks 15c Potatoes, Good, peck 27c Potatoes, Good, 100 Ibs $1.55 Head Lettuce, large heads, 2 for 15c Oranges, Large, dozen 29c Grapefruit, Large, 7 for 25c Fancy Jonathan Apples, dozen 25c New Cabbage, Ib 5c Idaho Russets, U, S. No. 1, bag 42c Winesap Apples, Fancy, box $1.49 TOILET PAPER, 7 for 25c| Made by the Kara People. Rex Syrup, Dark, gallon . . . Yacht Club Tuna 15c Salad Vegetables 15c Asparagus, can 20c Red Kidney Beans lOc Noodles, pkg lOc Spinach, can 15c Hominy, can 1 Oc Peas Carrots, can 20c Tomato Juice, 3 for 25c Shrimp, can 1 8c Farm House Peas, can. Sweet Peas, can Fruit Cocktail, can.... Kraut, can Food of Wheat, pkg.. . lOc 19c 19c lOc 19c PEANUT BUTTER, large jar MATCHES, 6 large boxes Van Camp's Pork and Beans, can. Pineapple, large 2'/2 can Rose Milk, Tall Cans, 4 for Libby's Kraut, 2'/2 can Ketchup, large bottles, 2 for . 5c 19c 29c l O c 25c Bulk Pancake Flour, 5 Ibs. Rice, Fancy, 4 Ibs Macaroni, Bulk, 3 Ibs. . . . Monarch Gelatine, p k g . . . , Pineapple Juice, can , . . . 25c 25c 25c . 5c lOc A storm of controversy has spread over the country about President Roosevelt's proposed tax on corporations accumulated profits. Now, my dear corporations, a lot of you were pretty sick in 1931-32. You not only called for a doctor, you ran to Washington to be near the doctor, imploring the doctor to save you. Doctor Roosevelt being a great humanitarian took the case and immediately after becoming president said he would have to operate. Now operations cost money, the president put a lot of you back on your feet, you gained strength and started to make money. Don't you think that a corporation or a man that has been benefited by an operation should help pay the bill, when he gets to making money? This new tax to pay the soldiers' bonus and the farm bill. I will make the statement that a lot of the accumulated corporation profits were made during the war days and for years while industry flourished, the farmers floundered. P- S.--This new tax might be the right step to do away with tax-exempt securities. LUKE B. MILLER, U. S. A. MONARCH BREAKFAST COFFEE, pound SUGAR, Beet, 100 pounds . . Libby's Olives, large jar Libby's Dill Pickles, large jar. Olivized Pickles, large jar, . . . Gingerale, large bottle Bulk Cocoanut, Ib 25c 15c 22c 13c 19c Monarch Grape Juice, pints. Log Cabin Syrup, can Golden Corn, can . . Tomatoes, can Prunes, 3 Ibs 22c 24c lOc lOc 25c SHOPPING BAG FREE Kellogg's Deal--1 Corn Flakes, 1 Wheat Biscuit, 1 Wheat Krispies.. all for. 23 C Seal of Minnesota Flour, 49 Ibs $2.09 National Seal Flour, 49 Ibs $1.69 Hubbard's Egg Mash, 100 Ibs $2.65 Oyster Shells, 100 Ibs .- 69c Brooms, Extra Good 49c Mother Hubbard Flour, 49 Ibs $2.19 Jersey Cream Flour, 49 Ibs . $1.59 Hubbard's Concentrate, 100 Ibs $2.90 Stock Salt, 100 Ibs 69c Mop Sticks 1 Oc P. AND G. SOAP, Giant Bars, 7 for . FOLGER'S COFFEE, 1-lb. can 29c; 2-lb. can. Clean Quick Chips, 5 Ibs.. . Dreft, large pkg Kirk's Hardwater Soap, bar Oxydol, large pkg Ritz Crackers, large pkg. . . Staley's Cubed Starch, pkg. 33c I Oxydol, giant pkg 23c § Dreft, small pkg . 5c i Castle Tea, pkg : .,.. 19c i Paramount Dog Food, 3 f o r . . . 23c i Pink Salmon, Tall Can, 2 for. lOc 1 De Graw's Buckwheat, 5 Ibs. 59c 15c 17c 25c 25c 25c MR. FARMER--BRING US YOUR EGGS--CASH OR TRADE -- ANY OF THE 4 STORES.

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