The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 8, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 8, 1913
Page 4
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j^i ;3^M3fcL*M*«*WMMUW»«*3 THE GETTYSBURG TIMES MEXICO PREPARES WABW!THU,S, Published Dailv Except Sunday Tbae* and New* FnMiihin* Company _.-,.-, W.IAVBREHAFEB, - PfflUP B. BIKJJ* Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP B- BIELE, Editor SUBSCRIPTION Served bv carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cemta per momth. Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 ceata per raomtb. HATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. I Cabinet Backs Hoerla in Re-; fasal to Siep Aside. MISS GENEVIEVE CLARK. Speaker's Daughter Selects Wedding Pressnt--For Miss Wilson. Present; For - V ~" REVERSAL AS TO REGIONAL BANKS CHURCH NOTICES PRESBYTERIAN At the morning: church service Rev. F- E. Taylor will preach on "The, Old t j Made New". -At the evening service PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS IF yoa-receive THE TIMES by mail you can find the date up to which yoa are n»J4 o« the piak address label* oa voar paper. The date -will be changed ten 4sy* alter TOUT rcoaev is received at The Times Office. JSmtcrtd August IS, 1904, at Gettysburg, Pa., as second-cb»» mttter, uwier .-" n-i'_" ? Congress March 3, 1S79. «. BELL PHONE bi Northwest corner of Cestr* Square. UNITED PHONE Gettysburg, Pemn*ylT*«!»- JOHN UNPACK W CAPIM - ? |K " - · % ' _ ;. Ssuthern Republic Plans to Increase | Army to 500,000. Expecting All Fac- · tions Will Join Against Invasion. "H!S PAP5R SEPSESE.MEO FOR W2VERT1SSKG 3Y THE GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO Mexico City, Mex_, Xov. S. -- The { Mexican cabinet. !r is declared here. ! has decided to support General Hueria j unqualifiedly "la defiance of the Amer:-j j caa demand that he give^un the JKO{ visional presidency and -,o prepare for ; war with the United States. litierta's formal negative reply tof the United S'a:es' demands will set forth that the "United States has no ri^ht, legal or otherwise, to demand j Haerta's elimination. ^Fhis state'meut 1 Wa»t»ii-- One cent per -word each Insertion. Two cents a -word if guraxted was given out from one of tbe depart- feit F*K» positioau JEEesolutfonx of respect, poetry xad inemorianui .o»« cent ,;,£,«»; O r j^e Mexican government, per word. _ " ·--= ~=*r.^5: as j This reply, it is said, will also point out that Provisional President Hueria. - t Oliver Wayne Stewart, of Chicago, a. · -- ~. J public orator of national reputation Paragraphs flf NeWS TelliBf Of tbt Carrencv Committee Decides to wm speak - Ue b a speaker of great ·* - power. Reconsider Reduction. METHODIST Sunday School at 9:30 a. ! m.; Ep- HUGOS THREAT' BEREWED worth League at 8:15 p. m.; preaching t at. 7:00. A welcome to all services. L- i Happenings in ami about TOWP People Visiting Here and Tbost Se[9iunii]§"Elsewhere. ' William Barkley, of McKeesport, to MI t|e fttss NEW EAGLE HOTEL' Capscity 400 -»** \Boom* inth bath e* salt* H»m McCoaomy, Prop's. i WILLL43I E. ZIEGLER | Esperc Electrical v.-ork. Trimmer's 5 and 10 cent Store. "While "they last- Very special of Ladies" collars. i lots i Repairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle St. Phone 94 Y. CHAS. S- alUMFEB --Fire Proof Storage-"Warehouse for Fuxnltar* and Household Good* stored any length of tlm*. Photo bv American Press Association. has no legal right to accede to the mauds. The informant savs it was decided j the .house ot rppresea:atives to"iaco"rpor?te in the reply a declare, J Miss. Jessie Wilson, .daught s is to er of the tention. She is only nineteen ana Das "eld. I keen out of school b-it a short KKS-J. ~ .. " S She is considered'one of the prettiest city of Waskiagtoti. . n Alif RICE PRODUCE COMPANY Highest Caih Price* Paid for all - --FAEM PHODtrCE-- j i U»der Times OSes, Gettysburg:-1 W. H. TEPTON --Photcpr»ph*r-- Gettrsbarg S n. i men. ! A * ·-- A meeting of the cabinet was * ·-- ..-^-*- S ^ \ When the meeting ended those v. ao . s i r i s i n f attended refused to divulge what ac- · j uoa had been taken. Later the follow- j I jag information was obtained from ai ! cabinet minister: | 1 The insistence o£ the United States | I that Huerta resign was fully discussed, i ! It was recognized that his refusal to j [ abasdon his office probably would re- j isult in armed intervenaoa by the! j American government. The cabinet! g||||j|[y ^0y||{igO AFTER ST STABBED ; nevertheless decided unanimously to j I support Huerta ia refusing to resign. | regardless of consequences. J After a long consideration ic was fie- 1 cided to delay ihe final answer to the, In Havana, Havana. Kov. S. -- General Felix Two Democrats and a Republican Go to W«!son*s Side -- Other Amend-1 ments Adopted. j ! i j Washington, Nov. S.--An entire new j line-up ia the senate-basking aad cur! reacy committee, with a saajoriiy be- [ hind the administration, appeared ] when, by a vote o£ 7 to ». the committee reconsidered its action reducing the number ot regional reserve banks tc four. Senators Reed and O'Gorman. Democrats, wan had been voting-against the administration proposals, east their votes v.-iih the other Democrats. Senator Hitchcock. Democrat, -held out.. J»at Senator Crawford. Republican, joined the administration forces, and the led. line-up would hold, tbe resolution for seven, regional reserve ban'cs was left ! ia doubt- The administration -won another point when the committee voted ro retain on the federal reserve board as aa ex-ofik-io member the. secretary o" the treasury. All o£ the amendments so far adopted have been tentative only. and. it was believed that if this line-up beld all those amendments would be reconsidered and made more acceptable to President Wilson- Earlier the Democratic leaders had decided that. ::n!ess a bill meetiag the approval of the president is ready by next Monday, a caucus will be called, tiie measures taken from tbe hands of the committee and mad? a partj- bili. Senators Owen, the chairman: Hollis, Pomerene and Sbafroth. who have stocd steadfastly by the provisions of Dov.- Ott. pastor. . . , , JT TA MF? T TITRTTT? A v i has retljrnea *° f"*, 1 "" 1 *?. after spend- ST. JAMES LUTHERAN | . tfae past fe ^.; days at ; th £ Kome of Sunday School, 9:lo a. m.; preach- i. i;a 2ns: 10:30, subject, '-The JSJagic. Rib- ! Iscn*'. At 2:30 p. ra. a temperance mass meeting in the chapel. Oliver Wayne Stewart of Chicago trill address it- {his parents, Dr. and Mrs. T. J. Bark- lley, on Carlisle street. Mrs. Annie E. Cobean, of Cariisl-s Christian Endeavor. 6:00; preaching,! 7:00 p. m., sabjeet ''The Christian and the Liquor License." COLLEGE LUTHERAN A. E. Wagner D. D. pastor. 9:45 a. m., Bible School, L L. Taylor superintendent; 10:45 a. m. morning worship streer, went to Chambersburg this j morning to spend some time with J for war. _ one of his assailants. renori which embodies tne principle: : Almost every one in government cir-. The poi j ce aliege that. Diaz, a.ter \ o[ -^ n ad^inisu-auon bill, no ' cies believes the two nations are on j sneering Guerrero and seriously ^ ^.^ ^ action of the Ttenio- 1 the brink of war. The clash }S expected ; ~- oun }i n g him, handed the revolver to ! to coaie within a. monta, and there is j cne of n ; s companions Guerrero is i every ei idence that Huerta is collect-, ^ j ing troops ia expectation of that event- j ; n 11 uality. j: Earners are circulating that ' Uonei Garden, the British minister, to be (^ man v .-h o stabbed Dias Sir has assured Huerta that England -will 1 never endorse intervention ! United Emeterio De La r.arza. formerly in the diiflesialic service of Mexico and bill, no diner- of combination in con- cratic-Republican trol may be. After this report is completed it will be submitted to the other Democrats on the committee. Senators Rcfd, i O'Gorman and Hitchcock, who bav States. The reports say that · ., ag arreslcfi I tb:s pledge aund an intimation that j D-^~ ^ag seated ia a park seat in j Great Britain will act to prevent an! cUe Maieeoa ^ tl ^ a fellow refugee. Ce- 1 invasion, influenced Huerta greatly ia | c ;i; o Qccn. and Luis Malda. manager I his attitude of defiance. ] of t £ e street car lines of Mexico City, John Lind. President Wilsoas per-; w j, en g ve Mexicans, among them j sonal representative, who unexpected- ' | iy left Vera Cruz, arrived in Mexico '· City, accompanied by Captain W. A. ihe charge d'affaires of the Mexican coasis - cnilv TOted w = th r h e Repabli- legation. protested io the Caoan go-eminent because L-ia^ and his friend | Burnside, miUtary attache of the Unit- j ed States embassy, and Ensign Jo'an i L.. Hill, of the Louisiana, detailed by ! Sear Admiral Fletcher as his aide. Lind proceeded to tbe embassy, where he will reside during his visit- Both he and Xelson O'Shaughnessy. the charge d'affaires, were inaccessible and no lisht could be thrown on LJnd's purpose by government cm- cials. O'Sbauganespy said: "I have pre-! ^ semed no wniten communication for' ~ o:nc Guerrero, passed the Diaz party. cans. If these three Democrats, or two of them, decline to support the administration bill in the .face of strong pressure from the V.Tiite House, the cancas call is epected to go forth. Enough Democratic \ senators have petitioned Senator Kern, the majority leader to call a party conference to insure such a meeting. Kern has noti- Diar. is saia :o have made some un- fied a] . absentees to remr a to Wash- pleasant reajarls about the followers , ; of Carraaza, whereupon Guerrero went j * ^. he ' COIBln j t;:ee ma de farther i in- cae settlement of the international situation, neither have I made any demands, either official or unofficial, oa G^ieral Huerta or the Mexican government " Huena does not believe President \ViIson has the support of the European pov. ers in his policy. He c.lso is | con-.^nced that Mexicans will, forget] their quarrels and support him agairtsc | to the.sea wall, \.-here other llexicaas were seated, an-i informed them of Diaz's alleged insult. The entire group came back io where Diaz and his friends were conversing and not words! T.ere e\cnans"·]. Guerrero =-.ra?2 to Diaz with a knife and wounded n'ra. The two struggled :or a raotaent together, when a police- j raan seized Guerrero by the shoulders. e .Ire?, a revel*, er and fired, i the bJj'.lct SLTI' ir.z Guerrero. The police s-.cceeded in ^arresting tbree Mco.kar.s. All were placed in coacnes anfi taken to ibe Emergency hospital, where ihe woands of Diaz and G'"Crre r o ~ere dressed. Besides two stab v.-o-inJ^ in the neck Diaz received various braises from canes. U. S, WARSHIP LAUNCHED the United States, believing that inter- j Torpsdofcoat Des troji ventioa will be only a. step toward con- j rne w _ ; , r ^ Vfist Mexicans believe that the con- Cent an d h er own Miss Mae LaPorte Company all next week at Walter's Theatre Starting Monday Night, November 10. Vir.f-rica. as the "manifest des- :nv" of u,e republic, is the uitimaie aim ot Air.erican poUey. U. S. OFFICIALS SILENT Cabinet Verrbsrs Would Not Comment on Huerta's Defiance. V.'ashing'Gn. Nov. S--Join Lnid's sudden reiurn to Mexico City from Vera. Cruz :.- understood here to have witnont d'rect orders from VCasa- a. bat :n i ? n fl v. ith the goaerai in- strsi^tions ;JC'5er v. h i f n he has been .yer Dov.-nes Takes at Csmden. . S.--Tbe new Unit- destroyer Dowries shipyards of the company in the water it v/as chnstc-ne I '-ita a bottle of cnani- nague by Mrs. Katherine V. Simons, wife of Lieuterant Charles H. Simons. Many prominent officials from Phila- ·lelphia, V.'asi'inston, Baltimore and Xev.- York auerdea. BANK THiEVfES_GET SI 2^000 Safe Js Biown In Waiiharr.. Texas, and Bandits Escape. Au?-in, Tex. Xov. S.--^Tae safe of the State bar\ at TTalthata, about twelve mile? *^-th of here, was blown portant changes in the administration currency bill, but these may be reconsidered and the decision'reversed. It decided 2 to 1 to strike tne words, or lawful money" from the Oil! wherever they occar. thus making trie reserve requirements solely of gold. Four Democrats voted to retain the vrords "or lawful money." They were the chairman. Senator Owen, and Senators Hollis, Pomerene and Shafroth. These four by repeated votes in support of the features of tbe house biil have come to be known as the administration senators in the committee. Tnese \vords save beea the groan 3 of much complaint from The bankers of, the country. v.-ith sermon by the Rev. William H. Feldman, of New York City. 6:00 p. m., Christian Endeavor meeting', Paul Dougherty, leader. Topic: '·Christian Home Life." 7:00 p. m-, evening worship with sermon by the pastor. Theme: The Divine Admonition: "Hear!". Strangers always welcome. EPISCOPAL Sunday School, 9:45; morning service, 10:30; evening service, 7:00. EEFOR3IED Sunday School, 9:15 a. m.; no morning church service; church service at 7 p. m., subject, '"Uplifting Christ"' The pastor will conduct sen-ice in St. Mark's Church at 10 a. ra. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Revival service a"c Marsh Creek Church, beginning Saturday evening =it 7:30, to continue for several weeks Sunday School 9:30; preaching 10:30. Strauon Street Church: Sunday- School 9:30; preaching 7:00 p. m. . GETTYSBURG U. B. Sunday School, 9:30 a- m.; preaching. 10:30 a, m.: Junior Christian Endeavor meeting. 1:30 p. m_; Senio? Christian Endeavor meeting. 6:00 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7:15 p. m. J. Chas. Gardner, pastor.. BIGLERVILLE U. B. A program ivill be rendered in tfe- United Brethren "Church in honor of Woman's Day-. AJree win- offering will be taken at 7:30 p. m- Everybody welcome. BIGLERVILLE LUTHERAN Sunday School at 9 a. m.: -Junior Endeavor at 6; Senior ac 6:45; pr5ach- ing at 10 a.'m... ,,_ , _ . ARENDTSVJLLE REFORMED Rally Day "service at ten o'clock Sunday morning-. BIGLERVILLE REFOBIvJED The pastor. Rev. 'i. C. Hessoa, will preach at two o'clock on Sunday afternoon, on "What to Do with the Tares"'. Sunday School at one o'clock. SALE3I U: B. Sunday School, 9:00 a. m-; _preack- ing, 7:00 p. m. J. Chas. Gardner, pastor. . ST. PAUL'S 31. E. ZION Preaching. 11:00 a. m.: Sunday School, 2:00 p. m.; Christian Endeavor, 7:00 p. m.: preaching, S:00 p. m. to the Willing Workers Society. W. O. Cooper, pastor. Mr. and Mrs. Murray Sheads, of West Middle street, have gone to Fairfield to spend the week-end at the home of Rev. and Mrs. W. K. Fleck- Mr. and 3!rs. Theodore Warren, ef New Oxford, are visitors for the day E. H. s.z the home of Dr. and Mrs. Mark'ey, on York street- Miss Mary Frey, of Me. Airy, has returned home after a short visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Blocher, on West Middle street. Miss Irma Burger and Duke Burger, of Cumberland, Md., are guests I at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Miller, on York street. Mrs. D. M. Shumaker, of Sykes- vllle. Md.. has returned home after a short visit with friends in town. Mrs. W. S. Schroder and daughter, Grace Schroder, of Baltimore street, are guests for the day at the home of D. B. Alleman, Littlestown. James Long, of Harrisbarg, is spending a few days at tbe hon^e of Mr. and Mrs. Harry .C. Lackner, on Chambersburg street- Sirs. John ilenehey. of Breckenridge street, is visiting at the home o~. her brother in Thurmont. Joseph Codori, of York street, went to Philadelphia this morning where he will take the examination to qualify as an assistantjtharmacist- Miss Tillie Grove, of Chambersburg street, returned home Friday, after spending two weeks with friends in Greencastie. She was accompanied heme by Miss Hollinger, who will spend some time here. Misses Margaret and yiola KaM have gone to Latrobe for a few weeks to visit their sister, Mrs. George Schisier, and other reiatives. Mrs. Taylor Motter, of Washington is visiting Mrs. M. Valentine at her home on Springs avenue. Xus Alice Picking has returned frcm z. visit to friends in Easton. 800 GLASS WORKERS STRIKE G ! r!s Lead !n Picketing Plant Where Blower Was Discharged. "\VaeeUng. "W. Va., Xov. S. -- Eight bunnred employes of the Fostoria Glass works, the largest plant of its kind in the country, went on str"Ke at Mbuudsvllse because the company refused to reinstate Elmer Bennington. a blower, who tne men declare was discharge?, unfairly. One hundred girls are involved ia the strike. They have taken an acavs part in picketing the plant of the s'-ass company. a r g a i n s FOR A FEW DAYS ONLY ] enjoying the greatest freedom of move- j 1y ro v,j ers an-] rjore than $12,000 was ! f f i The bank ~s?A 120 watchman. l "f" c l ¥« 1 «TT f »f ihe iSiglerYiiie Library This latesi develooment in tee llexs-! can situation was si:rro«nie'2 by a secrecy in "xVasbnjgton. It was pointed o'jt as provable that he may be acting ·apoa a bel:ef that important developments inay be expected iianaedsately. When ilse cabinet meeting broke up The bandits arc bel'eved to have catered the town an r : escaped in aa aatomo- jile. Giri Ends Life In Third Try. Xew York. Xov. 8.--The tislrd at- i tne members were shown news dis j s.ompt of iHss H^l^n "Watson to commit will serve refreshments after the lecture Thomas' Hall November 12th. For the benefit of Library Fund. patches Mexico City saying that et denial of the of the ws.s successful when the d ?ro:r, a dock into the East river. She left a note addressed to "ner i States io demand his re:irerncnt. but| Sauce, accns^nc? him of unwaitnfulness, | without etc*pUon none -would com-i but Ler relatives said she had been j ment. All aofsutcd that the Mexican j acting strangely. S situation had been discussed, but lence was the rnle, 500 heavy fleece underwear, bargain- Father Shoots Son. Lancaster. Pa. Nov. S.--WTiile Har- TT Eshleman, a farmer of 7»Ianor township, was sbootiag at a rabbit, he ac- cidentaily ssot his son. seventeen years oW. v.-ho was sitting on a fence- Part of 5 he load entered ais chest. ] causing a serious wonnd. Ucniiy" Glick. also of Manor township, was accidentally shot while silting on a fence, one of a party of gunners taking aim at a rabbit that jumped u? near Click. 500 men's work shirts, bargain - - 39c Boy's 500 dress shirts, military color, bargain Eags 60c, a Dozen In New York. Xew York. Xov. S.--Fresh eggs of _ the best Quality were quoted at 6D j cents a cozen in the produce markets. | _ The indications were taat the price 11 _ would jump from tnree to five cents a i l . Boy 75c svv-eater, bargains - - Mens' $1.50 hats all colors, latest shapes, bargain Alens'$3, hats, Knox and Stetson shapes, Ladies' 6oc rubbers bairgam 45c Mens' 850 rubbers, bargain - - - 55c A coatrilmt'-r to Farm and Fireside reports the ««enth of a hen That she bad had for twenty-three years and that seemed to be about two years old at the time she boagfct her. She estimates fiwt wane in hei posbes^on this hen laid in the neighborhood of 7.J500 eggs. IJarely do representatives of the chicken family attain a greater age than twelve or fifteen vears. Rocccve't Arrives in Montevideo. Japanese Slain by Tongs. j Fresno. Cal, Xov. S --A Japanese war on Chinese tong men may result Little Girl Identifies Mother's Slayer. Chicago. Xov S.--Casomana Giro, a pix-'ear-oM c:.ild. whose mother was stabbed to ath on Tuesday, pointed to a rran who stood among a score of jump dozen -.and that by fas first of next week housekeepers who want newly- laid eggs would havfr to pay the retail dealers from six to seven cents each j for them. I Mine Strike Ended. Wilkes-Barre, Pa,, Xov. S. -- The! strike of 2500 men and boys at the two ? collieries of the Susqnehanna Coal Monte'. :,. ,1 on 0 ! TPPOG'.-'* and ^a? -."-T ·· of fore- ^;i tfcr- :or gi: a,; ie.-pnrat ; -, e-= ot i : t,.r v. v O v. 5. -- Col- c-it arrived here ";." "niguayan minis- a!--? rh" members Of ".:..:.{· corps and rep- !;p.5 educational of y,.,nH.-.ideO. the assassination of Y. mona. a Japanese. It was belieTed a Chinese gunman killed him. - otjlcr prisoners. "That's the matt," she: company, at Xanticofce, was declared · - . ' - - · - - · Test for Bunting. The government test for bunting is els hours in salt water and then six hours' exposure to the sun. said, and could not be shaken identificsiir.n. The prisoner gave Ms name as Philip Prescia. SHELL oysters always on hand at Evans' Restaurant, Advertisement United Phone,-- off when sixty-eight non-union mea expressed a willingness to join tiie United Mine Workers of America, Mens' and Ladies, $2.50 and S3 shoes, latest styles, guaran teed satisfacticn or new pair bar- BUCHANAN VALLEY Buchanan Valley--William Cole v.Ith his uncle. William Martin, went ·:o Gettysburg on Hallowe'en for the enjoyment of the evening and spent a ievr days at the home of Senator Martin. 'Miss Sara C. Stable and Miss Loretta Cole spen'c Saturday in Hilltown at the home of Abner Kuhn and visiting: in Cashto%vn. Wesley Oyler and brother, Pries Oyler. and -.vife spent last Friday in the Valley. Miss Rose Shepard ? of Philadelphia, ·s visiting' at the home of her mother, Mrs. Eilen Shepard. - Earl Cole-spen' a few-days 'with his grand-mother. Mrs. Mary Cole, of the "Xarrows". last "week. James Shepard and George Vamer have been hanling building material up to the "Big Flat", for use on the house _where State Forester James McEIIwee resides. Mrs. Charles Strasbaugh, after a stay in the Valley of s. few TrrOn'ths. has returned to her home in Altoona. Plenty of rabbits are being- shot in this locality- The report of the gan is heard in every direction. FOR SALE Full Bred Poultry cock erels and pullets: Hamburg, Buff and White ^Orpings Columbian Wyandottes; Barred Rocks. David Knouss Arendtsville, Pa. GETTYSBURG MARKETS Prices at the Gettysburg warehouse corrected daily by C- Milton Wolf, Jr-, Suc- essor to J. Geo. Wolf's Sons Co. Dry Wheat New Ear Cora PerBu S-5 Oats RETAIL PRICES gam MORE BARGAINS But no space to mention. and be convinced. Come Daily Thought. ' No great deed is done by ·who ask for certaintj'.--George Eliot. 1 Lewis E, Kirssin, Gettysburg Bargain Stor M e n t i o n t h i s Adyerlisewien! whe you come to purchase j Badger Dairy Feed ! Coarse Spring Bran I Hand Packed Bran | Corn and Oats Chop 1 Shoemaker Stock Food ! White Middlings JRed Middlings Timothy Hay i Rye Chop | Baled Straw (Plaster Per 100 ton. per Per Hbl. Western Fionr ........... ..... 6-00 Per bn Wheat .......................... Sl-OC Shelleil Corn ....................... »'· Xew?Ear Corn,. ..................... 70 Vtw.Oata ....................... 55

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