The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 8, 1913 · Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 8, 1913
Page 2
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By pHrcha.-ers gi\sn^ a note ·eritb appro\eu security. John D. Riley Roijert Thompson Aucte- PIus 3Iil!er clerk. Balid Stravr -_ 65 Piasrer £' .50 per ton. Cenipiit Sl.40 per bbll Per bbl. ?4-: TM Flour ' Eov's Suits and Overcoats, w In onr L : ^ J^!/t \ve have an extraord.nary line of suits and overcoat, macic up wiih all the little touches that appeal so much to the. boys. Sweaters and Mackinajp Just the thing for cut door sports. See the new mackinaw « eave sweaters with roll collar we are showing at $5.50 to $7.00 Other sweaters 50ct to $7.50. rj Com !fc Corn, £0 Adams County Teacheis* Institute, Walter's Theatre, Gettysburg, Pa. November 17,18,19,20,21,1913. Evening Entertainments. Monday-- Dr. Andrew P. Johnson, "Eli and Dennis". Tuesday -- Ralph Parlette, Humorist, "Richer than Rockefeller". Wednesday -- The Hearons Sisters Concert Comany. Thursday -- The Venetian Serenaders. Course tickets for sale a the office of the County Superintendent, Saturdays. November 8 and 15. ! Course and single tickets jwii! be sold at Welter's j Theatre each day of the 3 , Institute. Effective June 15. 1913. II WESTERS MARYLAND 2AMAT - 8:05 A. 31- Daily Except Sunday for Baltimore, ilanover, York and In- rerm*rsiate Pom" 10:3-5 A. il. Daily for Hagerstcv.-n, Waynesboro, Ch2mbersbnrg,Han- cock, GtnBberlzmO, El Vans, and Points West. 12:5-5 P. 31. for Ycrk and Intermediate - Pofnts -- -5:59 P. 31- Daily for Baltimore, Hanover, and Intermediate Po'ni* 6:58 P- 31. Daily except Sunday for B. and H- Division Points to Hi?h- field, also Hagerstown, Waynesboro, Charofcersbiirg, Shippens- barg and Hancock^ittsfanrxb. and all points "West. Sunday Onij. 7:13 Xew Oxford, Hanover. York, Baltimore and intermediate «t»- tions. Grad.of I will be in Get t y s b a r « every Tnc?day a t P e a r o s e Myers* Jewelry Siore. W. II. DIXKLE Pomfert St.,Carlisle- PUBLIC SALE On Tuestiay December 2. K'l", The untlc'-pgne--: v.iH sell on thtt Samn- ·j Vaughn farm along the EaimiJsbujr: roi«l three juiics sonth of Geitysburg, tbc folios inTM live ft . .... *prir.2"r-- 4 fine.,Slock Balls one a fine Red Dnrhamt FiJiy head of I Jogs, 9 gxxl Chester WJUitt 1 - ei^ht weeks old by day of sale. 7 Berkshire i*ig=. 0 weeks old by d^y of » le. 1 3Iale Hog. The balance Sbc -«e;sihujc frors. 4»J to ioO pounds. f:aitt to rotsjjncnce at I o'clock. P. 31- A creai^of K montl-s wist be tpvcn on all over S.5.i». Five per cent, off _ for cash. Sale vrii! 1e held rain 01 shine. E3IORY C. ZFPP. G. R Thompson. Acct. C. C. Bream. " ' Remember what we say it is, It is. F U N K H O U S E R S A C H Popular Advice. Cnlcago's Health commissioner advises young men to take a kiss -whenever the girl Is willing, regardless of t alleged germs that linger on ruby Iip3. j ' Xow. there is a man of sense. Many a" slipshod yoong fellow has thus been j ! inoculated wlia the "germs that made a man of him.--Pittsburgh FOR SALE Modern nine room house Heat and all conveniences. Lot 46x232 ft, Terms to suit purchaser^ J. B. Hamilton 1EWSP4PERS NFWSPAPFR!

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