The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 5, 1936 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
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Thursday, March 5, 1936
Page 13
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 5 1936 THIRTEEN PABST BLUE RIBBON TOPS INDIE CAGE TEST By Al Mitchell Out of the Pressbox THE UNIVERSITY of Iowa is forgetting about basketball for this season . . . after its team earned a tie for sixth in the conference standing, the result of five victories, seven defeats . . . but this is a fine time to look ahead by a year or more. First, though, let's see what happened at Iowa this year: Four of six Big Ten home games were won . . . in the only road victory Iowa set a new Hawkeye scoring record for a Big Ten · game by rolling up 47 points on. Chicago. In the league race, Iowa broke even with Ohio State, Illinois and Wisconsin, won twice from Chicago, and lost twice to Purdue and Michigan. A one-period loss to Purdue and a defeat by Michigan in an overtime period TMere i--eluded. The 19 games, 9 of which were victories, were watched by about 86,000 persons . . . the 12 conference affairs attracted 60,500; attendance at 10 home games was 43.500. Sid Rosenthal, forward and second semester captain, scored 162 points, the greatest total for an lowan since 1923. He made 101 points in conference games, equal- ling the combined total of the next three lowans. Rosenthal sank 50 field goals (34 in conference), 62 of 95 free throws, or 65 per cent (33 of 55 in conference games or 60 per cent.) Top games: 27 to 26 upset of Illinois, won by Fred Schwartz' long goal in last 50 seconds . . . 25 to 23 win over Ohio State, when Joe Van Ysseldyk made basket in last tbree seconds . . . brilliant stand against Purdue, when team had from 3 to 13 point leads during most of game, only to lose, 39 to 38, on long basket in last 10 seconds. AND ALL that was done with a | .'team which included four recruits Jin the lineup much of the time . . . ['·'.·.four- sophomores trying their ability j Jin big-time basketball for the first i ?.season. Outstanding among them Jiwere Joe Van Ysseldyk and Ken ||Suesens, guards, and Wally Gaddis, |swht scored 40 points after he be- 'jcame eligible Feb. 1, and earned sec- Bond'position among Hawkeye scor- in conference games. * * * |||i?'JONLY THE forwards, Kosenthal ' ahd.Schwartz, will be lost by graduation . . . it looks'as though Rollie , Williams had built a lot of character this year . . . but a good -basketball team for next year. * * * Odds and Ends . . . HERE'S a small bowl of prunes for the Webster City Freeman-Journal . . . which refers to Clear Lake as champion of the Lake's basketball conference . . . which includes only the towns around Spirit and Okoboji only--Clear Lake is North Iowa conference champion in both football and basketball this year . . . plums, however, to the Webster City team, which won its thirteenth victory of the season by beating the Lions, 27 to 15 ... and while we're on the subject, you might ask Chris Johnston why he made a call to the T. M. C. A. here about Wednesday midnight . .'. somewhat agitated, too. There were those who were raedy to loss in the sponge as far as Gene Ford was concerned following his performances with Peoria last season . . . But it seems as if they were a little hasty as far as passing judgment on the former West Bend pitcher was concerned . . . True, his record last summer was nothing to wire the home folks about, but he did do some creditable tossing at times and he was gaining experience, his most needed thing . . . He already had that blinding fast one, which an umpire in Minneapolis several years ago- termed "the best I've seen and with a genuinely baffling hop on it," to use as a starter . . . . . And a pretty good one, too, it would seem . . . . * * * At any rate . . . in Eddie Burns' Chicago Tribune dispatch from Avalon . . . anent the goings-on among P. K. Wrigley's hired hands: "Manager Grimm continued to look upon Gene Ford, last year's captain at the TTniversity of Iowa, as one of his best prospects. Ford, who played for Peoria after leaving Iowa, did not have an impressive record in his first professional job Grimm has thrown up all statistics, however, and thinks he has a comer in this ,big Iowa farm boy." * * * Of course, that statement doesn't mean that Ford is a sure star or .even a certain member of the Cubs' '·hurling staff come April . . . But 4 it does mean that the big boy and ~3 lis fast one are getting a real chance ·A ind some recognition .. . Every year if '.here are "great prospects" bob- n 'ing up in the training camps only ; o disappear completely by the time A Tie season starts . . . Whether such ) /ill be the case with Ford is not ' nown . . . But one thing can be lire, Ford is the type of fellow who i going to be in there fighting from ae start and with the recognition ; e's getting he'll be all the toucher } dislodge. CLEANERS SCRAP AS NIFTY BATTLE SEES BREWS WIN Single Point Decides Title Hottentots Win From Bush ;n Consolation Game. Scrappy basketball decided th honors in the North Iowa indcpen dent tournament here Wednesda^ night as Pabst Blue Ribbon of Ma son City defeated Marshall an Swift by a single point to win th' title. 45 to 44, and Britt's Hotten tots had scarcely a greater margi as they defeated Bush Pastry o Clear Lake, 37 to 33, in the conso lation contest. The Blue Ribbons started th show off with a bang, grabbing an early margin over the Cleaners, bu the Marshall and Swift squat stayed in the thick of the fight with Phil "Pop" Thurtle and Lei "Pat" Ryan hitting the ring to pu their team ahead at the half, IS to 18. Johnson Tops Show. Bud Johnson topped the show as he put on a one-man exhibition in the third period, and sent Pflbsi out in front again, 37 to 32, bui there wag still a dogfight o n theii hands for the winners. The lead changed hands three times in the closing period, in a rough ant tumble session, and again it was Johnson who set the Blue Ribbons ahead, 42 to 33, on another scor ing spurt. The fireworks were heaviest Thurtle and Earl Lane opened up with deadly accuracy and made i 42 to 42, but the Brewers stoppet the attack there, counted up threi points for themselves, and were stil ahead as Harry Cordle looped one from the center of the court, jus ahead of the final whistle. Britt Leads Early. The Britt Hottentots led 21 to 14 at the end of the half in the consola tion game, but Jim Anderson cu down the margin, and had his team behind only three points going into the last period. Anderson and Pau tied the score at 27 to 27 in the fina session, but McCormick and Ryd son pulled Britt ahead 37 to 33 be fore the close. Hamilton's Typists reversed the result of the Y. W. C. A. league sea son when they defeated the cham pion Hi-Tri team 21 to IS, in spite of a 14 point total for Connie Nick alow. The girls' game was a pre liminary contest. THE BOXSCORES PABST--15 M A R S H A L L AM) ft ft f S1VICT--M Cookmitn f 4 II II 1g ,| I.inclri.m f 2 0 2 Corcllc t ·· 2 · lolinson I n ·· 1 K.v;u, I 4 3 1 Connelly c .1 n 1 Mnthlason f 1 0 0 fhrKli-nsen c 0 C 1 Smitre c I I Tompkins i; 0 tl 3 T.jine c . 1 1 1 Isaacson B 1 3 3 T l l l i r l l c c S 2 L M a r t i n c 1 0 1 Wnl to c i Totals Ifl 711 Totals 18 Running spore by quarters: Pabst Blue Rihlion K is :IT Marshall and Swift fi If) :)· Free throws missed: ratal 8: Marshall S w i f t -. BRITT--37 rlark- f ffrnrlrh f R.vclson c Mc-Cornilrk Ludeke g II ! Rl'SH 1'ASTRV- " 3 2 0 M i l l e r f I 3 4 1 3 II II 3 l-aiil | ISllsh Anderson t Cnrlork c o o o PLANS TOURNEY. DES MOINES (.f)--Pinkie George, i)es Moines promoter, will stage a ity amateur boxing tournament 1 ta r ch 30. Trophies will be awarded i D first and second place winners, j Totals 15 7 7 Totals Running seore by quarters- Britt Hnltentots 13 21 27 Bush Pastry l; 14 -'.I Free Ihro'ws missed: Britt 5; Itush'fnstry 3.. Befcree: Chris Johnston SWE/UirTlPREP FIVE WINS MEET Ledyard Takes Defeat in Top Game of Kossuth Tourney, Loses in Last Half. A L G O N A--Swea C i t y h i g h school's quintet won the Kossuth c o u n t y basketball championship here Wednesday night in a nip and tuck battle with Ledyard, 20 to 17. Ledyard led at the half 10 to 4, but trailed at the last quarter 14 to 13. Hanifan of Swea City led his team, scoring 5 field goals. Two trophies were awarded following the game. The championship trophy was awarded to the Swea City high school by the Algona Community club and the sportsmanship trophy given by the Hub clothiers was pre- esnted to the Titonka high school THE BOXSCOKE SWEA CITY_2(I LEDVAUD--17 ts IS t 1C II f Sl-bi-lsr t 1 (I 1 Llnjd f 1 0 0 "crc t 1 0 0 Warner f 2 n 0 Smith [ n 0 I Monitor, c 2 1 1 Leland r. 1 n 2 Bantes e 2 · ·» Hnntfan K S O I stlibbj s 0 i ) i ) Kninim K 2 0 1 TOTALS 10 0 li TOTALS 7 3 "3 Big Jim Weaver Brings Up Young Brother for Tryout SAN ANTONIO, Texas., CT)--Although the Wancrs are not present, the Pirates have a brother act in camp. Big Jim Weaver, the pitcher, brought his 20 year old brother, Myron up from Fulton, Ky., for a tryout. Myron has been doing- some good sandlot hurling. !N THE RING (By Thr Associated PtTsO O R A N I ) B A P i n s . .Mlrh.--Wrilry Unmpy, 1 TM * , milpnlntrd Bfitihy Pnrhn, HO.' I,o« \n- Krlrs. { ! » , . M I M V A r K K K -- C h u r k VVomK, 1 1 1 , ]r- t w i t , n t i t p d l n t r d B i l l y Crlrbron, 1 4 3 , Hurk- lord. H I , , ) 8 BE-GAZETTE S Mohawks Meet Waterloo East Here Friday Night Players Howl as Umps Get Spring Check Small Revolt Seen as Athletes Prepare to See Judge. By EDDIE BRIETZ Associated Press Sports Writer ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., (IP)-There is a small revolt brewing among the hundreds of ball players in Florida . , . some of them don't like the idea of the umpires getting $300 plus expenses for working the spring games . . . the Athletes, you know, don't get a dime from the time they report until April 14 ... something may' be done about it next spring . . . the players are talking about going to Judge Landis . . . incidentally, the judge is getting well fast at Bellcair, near here. * * * Grapefruit league notes: Dizzy Dean's house at Bradenton is up for sale . . . President Warren Giles of the Rochester Internationals is vacationing at Winter Haven . . . just as the Cards left Bradenton for Havana, Sam Narron, rookie catcher, came up with an attack of appendicitis . . . had to be rushed to a hospital . . , what Sam hated most about it was missing the trip . . . Frankie Frisch has put Pepper Martin in charge of the sliding pits at Bradenton . . . the Prof, can hit the dirt from all angles . . . the Cards are counting on Coach Mike Gonzales- to tell them how to order ham and eggs from the Havana menus. * * # Odds and ends: Hadn't visited St. Fete when we wrote about those good Florida sports pages . . . Those put out by Red McDonald on the Times and Jeff Moshier on the Evening Independent are tops . . . Jacksonville wants a big league club to train there next year . . . Lots of folks thought Petey Sarron of Birmingham gave Freddie Miller a lickr ing at Miami the other night . . . Patty Berg has started speaking to knife and fork, clubs ... .The-Wilmington, N. Car., Star says Nathan Undresz, former U. of North Carolina pitching ace, has left to join the Cardinals at Bartow, Fla. . . . We hope he finds the club. From the mail bag: Note to Ed lohnson, Worcester, Mass: Sorry but poetry is out in this corner . . . When the Wyoming U. Cowboys met Colorado State a few nights ago, Jim Hartrnan, Colorado star, was ill ... So the home team took Don the admission price signs and el the fans in free . . .The next night, Hartman was back in harness and they began charging admission again . . . Manager Charlie Grimm has laid down the law in the !ub camp . . . Beer drinking is permitted . . . But cocktails are taboo . . Also, every man must be in the hay by midnight PREP TEAM GETS FINAL TUSSLE AS CAGE YEAR ENDS Big Four.Conference Honors Already in Bag for Home Five, East Second. PROBABLE LINEUPS MASON CITS WATERLOO EAST GIUMSLEV Conch KA]r"NSK'IU;KK Flelrher K Atlhniise Shlitlev F. M a r t i n Sloeekcr C Krtirh Her! C G . . - . . Knlinlcli I'l.Af'E: .Mason city II. s. Tl.ME: 8:311. Friday nlehl. BIG FOUR STANDINGS (Basketball) M A S O N CITY .1 0 \Vnlrrliia Eii*| 3 2 tVnlrrliin «st 3 3 Fort IMilcc 0 fi SCORES F K K . 21 MASON CITV SB; Fort Under in. WnlcrliHi East 2t; Wntrrloo West I B . I'l-l. l .mill .film ..'iini .mill Mason Cily high school will compete for Ihe last time this season in a scheduled basketball game when Waterloo East winds up the Big Four conferences season here Friday night. Next week, the tough tournament road, with the Mohawks defending their state crown, begins as sectional tesls face more than SOO prep teams through the state-- j every one of them anxious to take the laurels held by Mason City since last spring. The Friday night game, preceded by a Little Mohawk contest that gets under way at 7:15, will have little effect in the Big Four conference standing. The Mohawks may win or lose--they have the league title clinched. If East high loses, it will be pushed into a tie with Waterloo West for second place, while Fort Dodge holds the cellar position with six losses and not a victory in sight. In fact, it might be a good idea, according to tradition, .if the Mohawks should lose to East. Last season,-Maso,n .City dropped a- tough game to Washington of Cedar Rapids, 20 to 19, on March 2, came home, and won nine straight tournament games and the Iowa title to wind up the season. East high breezed to an easy victory in the windup of its home schedule, winning 34 to 15 from McKinley of Cedar Rapids, while Mason City had a tough time winning from the North Iowa All- Stars Monday as the state junior college tournament wound up here, although the final score was 42 to 27. The score fails to indicate that the Class B aces were ahead as the third quarter closed. Beavers Whip Penn, Lose Player in Fistic Contest STORM LAKE, (.T)--In a wild, rough contest Buena Vista whipped Penn 35 to 28, here Wednesday night in an Iowa conference basketball game. Layman, Buena Vista center, was 'jected from the game in the second half when he knocked Grant Rhiner, Penn guard, to the floor. Zubs Gloat Over Catchers as Stephenson Shows Okay AVALON, Cai., Iff)--With Wal- .er Stephenson showing exceptional improvement, Manager Charley ~ rimm of the Cubs is almost gloat- ng over his catching staff. Gabby -lartnett, the National league's most valuable player last year, leads the list with Ken O'Dea and tephenson, whose temper almost cost him his job last season, fight- ng for the other job. Russ Peters Catches Eye of Wise Men With Connie FORT MEYERS, Fla., (.«--Rus- sell Peters, bought by the Athletics from Albany of the International league, during the winter, has the eyes of the baseball wise hereabouts. In an intra-camp game, Peters accepted eight chances at short without an error. Joe Di Maggio J°eGoesUp! ROOKS GET JOBS AS STARTERS ON BIG TIME TEAMS Most heralded of m;ijor league recruits, Joe Di Muggio, outfielder from the Pacific Const league, goes up after one at the Yankees' training camp, St. Petersburg, Fla. Joe cost $75,000 and is regarded as a sure starter April ]2 when the umps yell those old familiar words. Phils to Bat Friday, See Squad Contest on Sunday WINTER HAVEN, Fla., (.T)-Jimmy Wilson has promised the Phillies soriie batting practice Friday, the first of the training camp season. The first intra-squad game will be-played Sunday. HOCKEY (By The Associated Press) INTERNATIONAL Cleveland fi: I'lttslmrcli 3. CANADIAN-AMERICAN Nciv Haven 2: ISnstmi (t. Providence '.; Philadelphia I. Mason City H. S. Wrestling CYCLONES CLIMB Defeat Missouri to Tussle Way Out of Cellar in Big Six League. C O L U M B I A , Mo.. t.Ti --Iowa State finished its basketball season by defeating Missouri 31 to 29. here Wednesday night in an overtime game, to pull out of the Big- Six cellar. The Cyclones now are tied with Kansas State for fourth place with three victories and seven defeats. The defeat dropped the Tigers into last place where they'll probably stay since they play Kansas, league champion, in their final game. Jack Cowen, Iowa State forward, was mainly responsible for the victory. He made eight field goals, one of which won the game in"the overtime period. SEASON'S RECORD I f I 85--Unffinclnn . . Cnrnnm Ilrckrr IVnltcrs ,','... -ij-nwrlKht . , . Molt Rtiflinirtrin . . 05--I.erwrleM . . . Prrtrrson . . . . O. Tliotntrsfin IT--('ulicrhiii .1. Thompson 35-.IIcnf.mnn . . . J. Thompson Oiokmnn . . . . 15H--colicn Kavnya AItU I I li 6 is .', 5 ·Inmrs --.Jnrnfs ·1. llrrl li R 3 12 6 Vines and Pro Troupers to Play at D. M. Sunday DES MOINES. I.-TI -- Ellsworth Vines, world's professional 'tennis singles champion, and his troupe will appear here at the Coliseum Sunday afternoon. Vines will open the show in a singles match with Lester Stoefen, the former lowan who now rates in the top flight of the country's performers. Following the singles match Vines will team with Berkley Bell in a doubles encounter with Stoefen and George Lott. Lott and Bell conclude the exhibition with a singles match. Joe Di Maggio Will Be First Choice With Yanks, Other Youngsters Slated. By ALAN GOULD Associated Press Sports Editor NEW YORK, (/B--Rookie outfielders have caught, the eyes of ivory fanciers to an unusual extent at this year's major league baseball roundup in the south and far west. Allowing a percentage off for early enthusiam or first impressions, the fact remains that more newcomers have a chance to scale the ramparts this spring than in many a silvery moon. Joe Di Maggio, the sensational Yankee recruit from the west coast, seems destined to start the coming American league campaign as a regular. The young Italian-American will have a big burden of ballyhoo to carry around but he seems to have unusual poise as well as all- around ability. Records No Guarantees, Di Haggle's coast league batting record of .388, along with a number of other juicy minor league marks compiled by rookie stars, carry no guarantees but they can be discounted and still look good. Oscar Eckhardt, who hit .309 in the same league as Di Maggio may land a job with Brooklyn while George Puccinelli, top batsman of the International league at .359 last season, is already a fixture in the cleanup spot for the Athletics. Wilson (Dee) Miles, speedy slugger from Chattanooga, is slated for regular duty in the Washington outfield. There's a wide open race for outfield jobs on the Chicago White Sox, with Mike Kreevich, a .345 hitter last year in the American association, showing considerable "early foot" for the benefit of rail- birds. Two to Convert. Mickey Cochrane, boss of the world champion Tigers, has decided to convert two rookie infieldcrs into outfielders. One of them Rudy York, a Texas league product, has shown sufficient ability already tn warrant predictions he will stay in the big show this year, at least for relief work. York came up as a first baseman. The other prospect js diet Laabs, who hit .384 with Fort Wayne (Ind.) last season and slayed third base, diet looks like Wei Ott, has similar slugging habits and will be groomed for "AA" company, on option, if trials prove he s not yet ripe for the major leagues. Reports of heavy cannonading on :he Pacific coast indicate Chuck Klein will make a mighty effort to regain homerun hitting honors in the National league this year. Finds Range Again. The former Phillie flogger seems to have found the range again and will challenge all rivals, including Wally Berger of the Boston Bees, who led the league with 34 circuit clouts, Me] Ott of the Giants and Rip Collins of the Cardinals. Klein last led the league in 1933. He hit 21 homers last year as a part time worker. Meanwhile Boston camp followers, speculating on how many homers Jimmie Foxx will hit in his new surroundings, think the big first sacker wi!J find the range a bit difficult at Fenway park. He may be lucky to do as well as last year, when he tied Hank Greenberg for the league lead with 36 round trippers. Joe Cronin, Sox pilot, optimis- :ically predicts 50 homers for Foxx but when challenged he declined to wager on the proposition. Foxx struck his peak year in 1932, whc-Jl he hit 58. Klomp Nails Joe Hear ity in Ring Test North Iowa Punchers Meet in Tourney at D. M. Ring. DES MOINES. (,T)--Four young clouters remained in Jack Dempsey's regional heavyweight elimination tournament Thursday after a wild night of slugging in the third and quarterfinal rounds. Mike Klomp of Lime Springs, Jim Morris of Keokuk, Quentin Hill of Des Moines and Charlie Oakcs of San Antonio, Tex., survived two rounds of battling Wednesday night. In the quarterfinals Klomp defeated Joe Hcarity of Malvcrn; Morris scored a technical one round knockout over John Yea man of Des Moines; and Oakcs knocked out John Malccck of Cedar Rapids in three rounds. Camera Has Troubles as Managers' Situation Has Attention of Sports Body NEW YORK, (.T)--Primo Camera, the former heavyweight champion', may get a chance to step back into the picture as a title contender after bis 10 round bout with Isidore Gastanaga of Cuba Friday or he may get the air before the bout takes place. That all depends upon what the New York State Athletic Commission decides about certain rumors that have been floating around concerning the relations between Carnera's manager, Louis Sorcsi. and D. J. Rizzi, Gastanaga's new pilot. The rumor, which cropped up Wednesday was that Rizzi used to work for Sorcsi until a few weeks ago. The commissioners decided to investigate and promised to call the fight off if the report is found to be true. WRISTUNG (fiy The Assftdalcd Pros*) SCRANTON. rn.--nnnmi O'Malifiiicy. 225, In-lntrd, threw- ,lrH Duirk. 215, otnjihn, 20:00. AM.KXTOWX, PH.--Krnlr l)li«rli. 302, SI. Ixnils, IhrpK Frrrf Grtibmlrr, 210, Hnr- lon. Inw.1. SO:M. LINCOLN, Nflir.--.Inlm !'r«r(;, !3«, Ka- vrniifl, Nrlir.. dMrnh-d Hill Dfmrtrnl. 2 t f 1 , Or-rcf. *»rnlchr f n l l i , I i n i J . l . Tut M r f i l l t . 21". omnhn. »hr.. ilrrklonnl Bnrnn (ilns- bfTK, 2 IS. ,\r\v York. I II L=W*WB= Lundberg Takes 3 Games in Women's League, Two Teams Fail to Go. BOWLING sfHKnri.f; ThiirMlny. ·Junior rliambr-r Tinirminirnt. Friday. nrrlirr-s Lrjicriir. .Miry, 1-2--Surpt Pit-Mr vs. Hnlty Brrf. n-l--Lorn! Salix vs. lint Slid*. fl-6--Mnln O f f i c e *s. BMoKim Bulls. Slindny. Mixed Doubles, Decker's office won three games from Tyler-Ryan in a postponed City Bowling league match played Wednesday night, taking the honors with a 1.020 single and a 2.886 series. Frank Robinson rolled a 211 single and Lester Fait had a 508 series. D. K. Lundberg won three games from the Style Shoppc in the Women's league', while Diamond Butter Bread and Mickey Mouse each took three by defnult. Eunice Cookman of Diamond Broad bmi 4S3 for the | brst series, while Dorothy Eambrr i of the Luntlbcrgs rolk-'l a 170 high j single. Nebraska May Add Track Crown to Grid Honors in Big Six Conference Meet KANSAS CITY, f.-T)--Nebraska apeared ready Thursday to add the Big Six indoor track championship to its football championship, and five other conference schools virtually were conceding the mighty Cornhuskers victory in the a n n u a l indoor event at Columbia Friday and Saturday. Third place holder in both the indoor and outdoor meets last year, the Lincoln school has bobbed up with another of its periodic- fine teams, and coaches are echoing the opinion of John Jacobs of Oklahoma that "Nebraska'may make as many points as the next two teams combined." Patty Berg Annoyed Wben Tourney Style Is Spotty ST. AUGUSTINE. Fla., f.P)_Patty Berg is annoyed by what she calls "erratic golf," but the young Minneapolis star is still blasting away toward the finals of the Florida east const women's tournament. Patty and Mrs. Maureen Orcutt Crews, last year's champion, are favored as opponents in the finals. Each has a victory at the other's expense in earlier tournaments. Plymouth Cagers Win in Two Contests With Falls PLYMOUTH -- The high school basketball team played Rock Falls here Tuesday evening and won by a score of 24 to 15. Chehock was high scorer for the home team and Jones for Rock Falls. After the game the Independent team here played the Rock Falls Indies and won by a score of 36 to 17. TWO RINGS OPEN FOR FINAL MEET OF PREP SQUADS State Teachers to Be Center of Wrestling Interest With State Event. CEDAR FALLS, (.-D--Eighty Iowa high school wrestlers open the battle for the state championships at tlie Iowa Teachers college field- house Friday night. The preliminaries start at 7:30 o'clock with the semifinals scheduled for 2 o'clock Saturday and tha finals for 7:30. Cherokee, Fort Dodge. Clarion, Valley Junction and Waterloo East are favorites for the team title won by Crcsco last year. Twenty-three teams placed competitors in the finals through district eliminations. L. L. Mendcnhall, director of ath- K-tics, said Thursday that two rings will be used for the finals of the tournament. Scoring in the finals will be five points for first, three for second and one for third. An additional point is awarded if a match is won bv a fall. DEMETRAL GETS PLACE ON SHOW Jack Vincent Leaves Local 'Rasshng Card, Change Made in Post Event. A telegram received Wednesday afternoon by Promoter Walt Irving notifying- him of the serious illness of Jack Vincent, one of the principals of the 'rassling show to be held at the armory Thursday night, necessitated a last minuto change in the program. Bill Dcmet- ral, who was scheduled to appear here on the last card but was unable to fill the engagement, will replace Vincent against Abe Rothberg in the main event. Baron Ben Ginsberg and Nick Eli- tich, a pair of new men to the local mat. meet in the semiwindup. Ed Cook 'rassles Alf Johnson in the opening bout of the show. Drake May Earn Part of Cage Crown by Grabbing Win From Pioneer Squad DES MOINES, /P)_Drake can get a tie for the Missouri Valley basketball championship by whipping Grinnell at Grinnell' Friday night now that Washburn has crushed Creighton's hopes for an undisputed title. Washburn nipped Creighton 33 to 32 at Topeka Wednesday night. throwing the race info a tie between the Oklahoma Aggies and Creighton. Both finished the season with eight victories and four defeats; Drake will join the leaders if it downs the Pioneers Friday night. Drake defeated Grinnell 47 to 30, at Des Moines, but the Pioneers are one of the hardest teams in the league to beat on their own floor. Ed Coleman Develops as Leading Brownie Buster WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., (/Pi-Big Ed Coleman is rapidly developing- into the Browns' leading fence buster. Six pitchers couldn't keep him from bombarding the right field fence in batting practice and his drives boat all previous efforts for distance. Ossie Bluege Slips From Peak, Coaches Young Ace ORLANDO. Fla., i.-Tl--There's a tinge of tragedy in the Senators' camp when Ossie Bluege coaches rookie John Lewis at paying third base. After 10 years of fine playing. Ossie realizes he has begun to slip at bat and base running but he still praises Lewis and spends his time showing- the youngster the tricks of the position. Wolves Lose to Irish in Final Contest of Season EMMETSBURG -- Emmetsburg Junior college's cagers defeated Estherville 31 to 19 here Wednesday night in a northwest Iowa Junior college conference game. The half score was 10 to 5. Emmetsburg leading. Lawrence Firkins was high for Emmetsburg with 11 points and Orris Warrington led Estherville with 6. The game closed the season for both teams. Indian Squad Complete as Hudlin Reports for Season NEW ORLEANS. (.-P--Wilh arrival of Willis Hudlin the Indians' squad wil be complete. Although 11 , days behind the other Cleveland j pitchers in reporting, Hudlin is expected to reach his form rapidly. He I has been getting into shape at Hot Springs, Ark. State Teachers Win Game From Luther to End Year CEDAR FALLS. i.-T'--Thf Iowa Stntc Teachers closed the basketball season with n 3P to i n victory over Luther here Wrrtncstiay ' n i g h t . Tolnn, P a n t h e r forward,' led t h e scoring with 1-1 pointo. COMPLETE Central Auto Electric Co. rentnu Batter? Electric Co. New Address--Next to Flrp Station ARMORY Thursday, March 5 es Admission: 39c ond lc Tax This Ad and 24c plus lc Tax Admits You!

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