The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 8, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, November 8, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL No. 409. Gettysburg, Pa., Saturday, November 8th, ISIS. i---* Price Two CeaU. ./ ·SWEATERS FOR MEN--WOMEN and C H I L D R E N 50 cts To $7.oo. EcKerts Store " ON THE SQUARE." OF MR, HAM TAKEN TO MAINE COUNTY CHURCH 150 YEARS TWO INJURED IN AUTO ACCIDENTS Richard M Ham, who Committed St. John's Church, Hear LittlestownJ Dr. 6. M. Diifenderfer, of Carlisle gi I Suicide will be Buried Near his: will Observe Sesqui-Centennial of| Badly Cut when Thrown from CELEBRATION WAS GENERAL LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Bemnnsfration for Lincoln Highway J Correspondents stfld in Many Items in which Gettysburg Took Partj of^Iflteicsting News from their Birthplace. Estate to Hotel for the Present Conduct; the Founding of the Congregation j chine. Thurmont Woman lisiuredi was General All over the Country.| To Redsdisate. i in Autc Runaway. The body of Richard II. Ham. who' Rev. Dr. G- M. Dmenderfer. Mrs. sis- and Si. -John's Lutheran church, at the i commuted suicide at the Eagle Hotel (edge of Llttlestowis, will celebrate the DhFenderfer. Mrs. DifTenderfer's \ Friday afternoon by shooting hiniseif ] 150th anniversary of the founding of J jerf Miss Annie Diehl, and Mr. · in the temple, will be buried at Port- j the congregation next week, j land, Maine, his former home. \Vil-! with services on Tuesda; ! liam Rowe, of Washington, a brother 5 until the foil i of Mrs. Ham, arrived here this morn- j when the present building will be re- Unique Programs Carried out. Respective Tojvns. Personals and Many Brief'(ems. Reports received at the National . Headquarters of the Lincoln Highway ! association indicate that the celebra- vine service in the M. E. church this FOUNTAIN DALE Fountain Dale--There will be Di- WALTER'S THEATRE 4 REEP-L TO-NIGHT -4 REELS RELIANCE KEYSTONE AMERICAN ilJLsSOIN BELLS Air.f-r5caa Drama f ing and is accompanying the body i dedicated. I v.-hich left here at four o'clock this ·, The congregation was organized In ·afternoon. Mrs. Ham is suffering! I7C3 ar.d was the third in Auanis · ereatly from shock and '.vas unable to · County. Recently the pre.-ent brick j that he should light them. i take 'che long trip. j building- has been remodeled with ' For the present, and until further ] new pews, new steam heating: plant. way home in the evening, between i would participate was conservative. fited his mother, Mrs. Margaret, Tres- SteeJton and Harrisburg a mounted i There were red fire, bonfires and j policeman shouted to Mr. Herman that, ] fireworks, torch Hgh'c parades, ban- j r. last Sunday. MJSS Hazel Warren and brother his rear end auto lights were out, and * quets. speeches and mass meetings | Harry were visitors at Blue Ridge Han the atheist is led to accept faith, through the a»:u ; sirat:oiii of. Dan O:jM-; arrangements can be made, the hotel \ new carpet and other improvements, PROF BEANS' REMOVAL Keystone CX»«i«-«iy . ;-.vill be conducted by the estate. : and the congregation will rededicate a I from New York to San Francisco in j Summit, on Sunday. an auto [ each of the thirteen states traversed j Charles Warren, wife and children, door and Mr. Herman slowed up. in-; by the route, and Gettysburg was noV I Roy and Leilla, visited friends and Dr. Diifenderfer opened Out reel farce comedy featuring MabrI Norniand. ROSITA'S CROSS OF GOLD Reliance Rosemary Theby in a beautiful romance of little Italy. Show Start A5 Adaslsion oc to a!I. Comin- Oae Solid Week Commencing MONDAY NOVEMBER 1". Miss Mae LaPorte and Her Gjmwiy Popular Prices. I«», *-',, SO. CHART AT PEOPLE'S DRL'U S'fURH. Mr. Ham was the onlv living son of' most attractive structure. I Mr. and Mrs. George G. Kapj who re-' The services will comn:ence Tuesday i side in Maine, and are over SO years ' evening, and continue uni:i Sunday · of age. He was born in Fayette. Maine. [ evening- Many excellent speakers have | on Mav 7, 1872 and consequently, at. been secured for Tehe occasion and each i the time of his death, was ~i years and '. service promises to be very interest- 16 months of age. \ ing. tending to stoo in order that the light · asleep. In some of the states the might again shine. Dr. Dirfenderfer's' ernors proclaimed it a legal holiday. gov- relatives in and around Waynesboro, idav. I last Saturday and Sunday. As a young man he -.vent to Boston j Following are the sp shoe caught in some manner on the j In Indiana from the Ohio state line on raay George Warren and wife, of tne the N. the light was adjusted he went home where Dr. Spangler dressed wound. It bled profusely. .route across the state, ihere were I Mrs. who has the | meetings in Ft. Wayne. Eikhart, South I been visiting relatives in Franklin j Bend. Valparaiso and other points and j counts', returned home Thursday. Margaret Tresler, in | in South Bend over 500 cars took part Mrs. Oliie Homer, of Gettysburg, is P H O T O P L A Y YiTAGRAPIi BIOGRAPH I WAS MEANT FOR YOlT Thereon is in !ovy with Lav-na, In: =h° imagine? herself It take= a thin! party to brins th'nif? a l oat as they should be. WHEN THE PRESS SPEAKS | where he engaged In the hotel bus!- '· different services: Tuesday evening-, i ' ness. Later he was connected with the | Rev. G. W. Nicely, pastor of St. j Hotel Stockton In Cane May. N. J. [ Mark's church. Hanover. Kis subject 5 From there he \vent to the Ncrmancle j will be, "Luther the Model of the 16th ! In Washington. When the Bellevue- [ Century and a model for the 20th Cen| Stratford was opened In Philadelphia.: rary Young 3-Ian." Wednesday even- BIOGRAPHi; in love with Luke. in the Dr. E. former .e became floor manager, a post he ing the address on "lather held until lasc April. j Pulpit " will be made by Rev. Nine years ago he married Miss! D. Welgle. of Camp Hill, a YET xGRT.PH [Eunice Rowe who v.-as at the time at-1 pastor cf St. Paul's chuhcrs. To=npprfe- hl« interview, I« consent? to marry Luxie. the female reporter,'? Bending the Mary Baldwin Seminary; Thursday evening Dr. A. c P^tT ciiui^^s his vifcws about wom^n. hence his oroposal. The case includes JOHN ! ac Staanton, Virginia. They have had j man. of Baltimore. BUNNY. FLORA FINC3. LILLIAN '.VALKER/HCG HIE MACK! and others. | five children, four of whom are now! 150th anniversary FOR HER SISTER'S SAKE KALE.M JHvincr. " ' ' * ' The barrier w!i?i-!» p^v^ts th" cnltninatlon of a ^nmmer romance ;s overcome : j ,, - bv a =e:f ^ji-nleli.! .-istt-r. MISS AUCH JOYCE In the leading role- jaeaa- . , . , · - - _, TT . T ,.. r. i : -=ion ~ cf- -«' "^e nevvs OI -tf 1 "- 2am s tragic ceatn i cure on "Tne Holy Land. baturday j was the one topic of conversation In 1 evening Rev. J. B. Baker, pastor 01 St. ! Gettysburg on Friday evening-. Though James" church. Gettysburg, will dehv- 3Irs. Charles R. Beck, of Thurmont. j ; n an automobile parade, the crowds was injured in an automobile accident j later being addressed by United 'at Waynesboro. Mr. and Mrs. Beck | States Senator Shively. Lieut. Gov. v.-ere going toward Waynesboro and O'Neal. Judge Farbaugh and others, had stopped ac the tollgate. The for-1 Omaha had one of the largest cele- mer got out of the touring car to pay : brations on the route, over 10.000 per- toll and while away from the machine, sons thronging the streets to see the The v.ill deliver the address. Friday Mrs. Ham's Barents are both i sver.Ing Dr. T. C. Billheimer \ .ysbtiig v.-ill give an illustrated lec- rxrt x;-:x r TL*KSI VY. NOV. u. SELIGTWO KEENER --A WILD RI Th'S rl !· L- tn'-ce-: !«v a y-.-;n'z ^ir- on rhs back of an osrrich. -- ' THE FIRST SNOW STCRM that hcraMs the arrival ef YTIr.iar will cause you no fn»£g-I-*-Intcs I* ".-;-. Itave ordered yoi-r winter sa:t cr h;ivy oy- fircoat. Dcn't -.valt iro long. _or the Frc: King: vt-'ien h- a:. ready ves. A siaxy cf ,rairt patterns 2.-.V i your ch-~-ic2. and vr= will have you*- Cutaway. AJ'jert or sick s"'' fitted *-.r~you 7 art! made to hang S.--1 fit In r"ie smartest s'.yle. as well i-i your Khzsisrr.fld or Uistei ove-ccst It Is ;e ITVW T» order at SjIIt'manX A full line Bradey's S-fir-iaiers. WaiM.SeIligman, Tie Cash Tailor. Cl-anifcershnr-.: St sr an address on rism."' ""Religious Rheuma- a resident of the town for less than seven months he had made a large -1 number of .Intkna.'-:e friends m Gettys- Sunday, the 16th--Sabbath - School burg by whom he was well liked. He at 9 a. m. Keciedlcatory service at 10 was a man widely known throughout [ 2. m. The rededieatory sermon will be i the state through his connection with | preached by Prof. C. F. Sanders. 01 | the Bellevae Stratford Hotel at Phila- j Gettysburg College. Gettysburg, and jde'phla. Here, as floor manager, he ;he rededieatory servi ! became acquainted wkh thousands of | persons, and of many of them he 'made friends- He was a general favor- it started to run down the incline on j bonnre In front of the city hall, the highway at that point. Mrs. Beck: Union Pacific railroad brought In sev- aid not try to stop the car. but at-, era! car loads of old ties, an oil com- Hart- tempted 'to guide it down the short pa ny donated oil and tar and four hill to the level stretch, not far away.' bands paraded. The firemen and other In so doing she became excited and civic organisa'tinos marched and a lostrcontrol of the steering wheel and mass meeting was held at which May- the machine ran Into a telephone pole.' O r Dahiman presided, throwing Mrs. Beck into a ditch and · Outside of Omaha In Nebraska the rendering her unconscious for a time, principal points where celebrations She was picked up and carried into held were Central City. Kearney. the house at the tollgate and ic was ( Grand Island. Columbus and Gothen- dtscovered tha'i. she was badly bruised burg but there were bonfires at sever- aad probably has internal injuries.! a l hundred other points. A"c Kearney of Get- rice will be ducted bv Dr. A. S. Hartman. of r.ore. At tne aiterncon service at con- Bal- 2:30 i ; ite among Philadelphia newspaper Rev. John J. HI'!, and at the evening | men and before leaving that city for j service Dr. Hartman will deliver the [ Gettysburg last sprig he was given j address. Ali the evening services will ·a big farewell reception by the news-los at 7:30 o'clock, and there will be I paper friends and the attaches of the | ^ocd music at each service. a'ciock the sermon will be preached by j n Grace Reformed church. Hanover, Thursday afternoon and evening, by the Yv'omen's Missionary Society, of Gettysburg Classis. Delegates were; present from twelve congregations- j Miss Mabel Sheetz. of New Ox-' flHHl!UUJU«fiIKn»HHIIHIIIinBHinH!IHHIHIini5HII!IHJ:5»!HKinnSH!nH t .I»G!!lHlIllUlinil5H.UI«tt [large Philadelphia hotels. Among his possessions was a book J of autographs :n ".vhlch great opera I singers, statesmen, distinguished for- f e:gn visitors and English dukes had j ."Inscribed their names. j STOCK COMPANY The machine was bacily broken. there were a dozen bonfires, hundreds ' of torches Sared In the procession and · students from the military academy, the public schools and the Industrial School band were in line. In Council Bluffs, directly across the river from Omaha, at 12:01 a. m. Friday morning every fire bell rang and factory whistle shrieked. This was foliowed by several bonfires which \\ere kept ablaze until late Friday nig-ht- Nevada took a very prominent part - K , - - la the celebration. Governor Oddie is- rord. gave a very orontabie revie"- on -V " T -v, ' sueo MISSIONARY MEETING Gettysburg Classis Holds Interesting Meeting In Hanover. Very interesting: meetings were held All Next Week at Walter's Theatre. | Starting Monday Night. "Our Duty to | Pacific Coast." Miss Nellie Weaver, of the Japanese on the, a proclamation declaring It a le- Gettvsburg. j gal holiday, at the same time calling ! attention to the fact that Nevada was admitted to the Union on this date, the a visitor at Mr. James Stem's- Frank Benchoft. wife and child, and Lawrence Shover, of Monterey, were Sunday visitors of Mrs. BenchofPs parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Warren. Miss Nettle Smith, who has been visiting In this community for some rime, returned to her home in Baltimore. Sunday. W. S. Tresler and wife, of Waynesboro, were circulating among frie=ds :n this neighborhood, Saturday. There will be Sunday School at the Brethren church this Sunday njorning it 9:30: preaching at 10:30. During the last decade he was di- Commencing Monday night and con- j ! 1 t.Tr- - T iiUiillLLCU Lt» tile U iilUIi Uii UJI1 U Dreoared a naper on Missionarv Resi- · 1% - r. , , , - r 'onlv state aaniineo durine-the I r?rr*rv-^ Tvn'i-'n TVP ^ TPUn HIT \f r5 · - ^- ! dences". read by Mrs. ; nresi- m C? * 1 g bpecial | recrly in 'charge of banquets prepared ! - . » - . -^ . . M . - - 1 Li4^V;.l*Ji. l l i t , * » J i Ll^-U ;zor Presidents Roosevelt and iatt. and i , _, . ... - ., , . -! '.-.alter ineacre «~iii be the I nunareos 01 other prominent men 01' . the StaYe and coantrv. ^ ,, · _, , , _ , - , " - , . , . . - Porte snd her c; ever companv. s i he last o:g bannaet 01 which iir. | , i Linulng throughout 'die week the at- that will hold forth at the cleverest j -31 repertoire stars. Dainty Mae La Georcre Snvder. of VV'hite Hali. = ' Ham had charge was that given lasi j 71- r ilcjbnroe this season has surrounded . High grade Paper, Eaton Crane and Berlin Jones = ; sp ring by the Union League of Phila- E j delphla where President Tax t made an E ; address. · Miss La. Porte with one of t.he strongest acting companies ever to appear In = Stock usual price 25, 35 and 39015. j NOW 17 cts per box° etthefirstcfcoice - dency of Abraham Lincoln. At Wooster. Ohio, the 3 x viJ|i ai ii Weaver o" ^-moion s r = - ~ a P~oclamatlon calling upon the read a paper on -Promoting Missionary Interest in the Local Congrega- , citizens to observe the dav". business was A number of other papers were read and addresses were made by those directly connected -,vith the mission I suspended at noon and there were a 1 number of competitive events Including 'automobile races for which prizes ,'were offered. In che evening a torch- , " J acn and "" _ ^enonner se- jwork of the churches. all 3IRS. JOHN BAUGHMAX i i Dertojre 01 oiavs are 01 like nature = Peoples' | Former Resident of East Berlin D?ed 12nd not of Vhe old worn out kind so i Near Philadelphia. | often seen Tntn traveling stock or', · ganizatiois. but 01 the present cay j Mrs. Seville Baaghr.ian, wife of | sT?e and selected TM snit Miss La ·John Baughman, formerly of East 1 Pone's sVyie of acting to a . Berlin died verv scddenl%- at the fam-1" .light pttiade and a masquerade Trg | were the principal features. sldenr. Mrs. W. H. Miller, of East: Berlin: Vice President, Mrs. W. A.I Som. of New Oxford: Secretary-. Miss. of Hanover: Corres- sev tfeere v ' £re m8I1 5' bon nres ' oan ' uets. mass meetings and speeches- automobile clubs Taraded or . , - - - - . , : i he officers of the societv are: Pre- \ ·ected to suit nis or ner parz to tne .. - ' t . « . -- , ! ^iceit -! utmost point or satislaction. ine re-1^ _ _ , ; _ _ ' _ -,.:" ,,:._,/...;"";,:."_ "^. ," = dons were hsld at a dozen points- LITTLESTOWN Littles"cov.-n--^illss Colette Luther, if Carrollton. spent several days dur- : ng this week with the Misses Spald- Mr. and Mrs. James Kebil and daughter. Lovie. of Germany township, spent Sunday with Thomas Harmon ^nd family, of Kingsdale. Eddie G. Forrest, of Phlladelphia. .isited at the home of his mother, Mrs. Louisa Forrest, during this week- Mr, and Mrs. William Buckey. of Baltimore, spent Sunday with the former's parents, Hon. and Mrs. D. E. Buckey. 3-IIss Naomi Reck and Miss Maggie Bowersox. of Hanover, spent Sunday .vuh relatives and friends in Frederick county. Md. All regular services In the iletho- iist Episcopal church this Sunday. Preaching at 10 a. m., and 7 p. m. All ire welcome. E. B. Davidson, pastor. . Clinton WIntrode. conductor on the ,over-Littlestown trolley line, spent -everal days this week after rabbits In .he vicinity of Thompsontown. M:ss Virginia Starr returned to her home last Saturday evening, after laving spent a week with her cousin. Mrs. Roger A. Doll, at Frederick. In California and In U'cah celebra- 'ennsvlvama and New Jer- ', Ilv residence at Oak Lane, a suburb of j £ - · Philadelphia. Monday nioming. r Plain Mary", a typical Nev- drama. will be tzsed on the i ~ . , - ! ouening aav 01 tne engagement anc n i c e t . ^ - ^- * iixier, ponding Secre'cary. Miss Dancan. of Gettj-sburg: Mrs. George W. Welsh. Katharine Treasurer, -'·* Spring ! The next meeting be held at. i New Oxford in 3Iav. 1914. staged tour? over sections of the Lincoln Highway Ir. L helr Immediate neighborhoods. Reports indicate ihat at least a | YORK SPRINGS York Springs--Livingston Wolford ir.a family of Reading were recent :ruests of J. D. Gochenour and family, DI Huntlngton township. ?»Ir. and ilrs. -Toseph Roller were at lut. Airy over Sunday. W. Roy Starry, of Roselle Park. N. J_. was home gunning for rabbits a j couple of days this -week. Oscar Whitcomb moved Into his fine *s There Are many convincing arguments that might be presented a? to the superiority o' " Lippy Made Clothies CT lnt we knov,- of none so conclnnve as th^ refined apfearanco f; tJio -clotlif fi themselves. There Is leanty In every line and -jnaiiiy In every stitch anc J. D. Lippy Tailor tTe have a special fine line 01 the Ar.'lf-rson rain coats · £~ " CJ » "-= «J ~ j ' i She was a Miss Smyser before mar- | P la " lhat has never failed to please all; _ ^ Iriage and was aged about 60 years. l frO111 ''tots" to erown-ups--advertise- ; \^; Surviving- are her husband, a s nbre- ! ' Smyser. of Chicago, a daughter. Ruth, j I at home, and one sister. Mrs. Lydia j } Herr, of York. | · Funeral Thursday 'interment at Lawn ; Philadelphia. I Mrs. Milton Lau and 3Irs- arteraoor. with YIevF ceTneterv. WANT $350,000 College at Chambersburg Raise Funds- WINS ANOTHER Button-food Stock Farm Horse lures Another Race- third of the thirty-four hundred miles ] ne _ hoasc on Mondav . Dr . H . A . Un . has aircady i derwood Gardner is foot ball at Carlisle on Satircay- jv.-are. who nnished racing this week in. Highway." It is believed that 80 per] ! the Big Four Circuit in the South,. cent, of the route will be marked be- { Michael \ Ar the November meennc of Wilson -- i'^ lked 1 Rebert, of East Berlin, are slsters-In- of Mrs- POULTRY DISEASES Diseases j College a nian was formulated to raise · " _ ,, , an endowment fund of S250;000 In ad-!"A " 3ier Boy was breo at the Button- dition to the S100.000 that the Alum-]^ ood StocK Fan71 - Gettysbarff. Millers nae exoect to raise to celebrate the I Boy" v^I be shipped along fiftieth annlversarv of the college, A ; °**? c * °! ^ T - VSOn \ ca ^P aj ^ er .s , ^ ;to Ne'R'arK. Delaware \vhere ne will i c r j 4 T I * ' T 4 j s resistrv o f studer.ts i"as creat s of PouUrv Hast ue Reported; ,^ · , , - , ~^ ~ T j j aoie those wno desare to cane u» -o tstate Board. . , . * . , « :ng as a Brofess:on to secure desirable ;eti to en-, . ifTM v.jn«.er cnrarters. teacn-3 - i cf the Lincoln Highway ,,,, -- ----| dervvocd ^ij OCCIipv t - Re Fair nouse .been marked wth the copyrighted '^-: vacated b Mr . Wh i tcorab . Cap- signfa of the organization. This con-j y lr . ail d Mrs. D. A. Gardner and plstsof arc-d. white ar.d blue band j son Harold . attcaded ] around ihe telegraph poles carrying Tyson, of Newark. Dela- the Iarge"L" and the -words "Lincoln j and Mrs. John L. Gibb motored to Barnlrz on Sunday where they were :he guests of William Gibb and family. William Davis. W. E. Grove, Rev. L, *T. McGarvev and J, Harvey Neely ended the Gettysburg-Dickinson On. Friday -evening at the parson-\^'Tr -- " 1 P ^^s made in Mr. Dai-is' the 2 - 1T trot *"* 'fore the first of the year. ·Miller Eov" In one. two. three order.' CULP--ADAMS .Mine*. : *~v- th the' T- Earl Cu!p. of Gettysburg. Marries i ^ ai^Tiers ' Miss Adams of York. ! t 1 '"' r^^TTT^xT nrr IM«P A QTTC; RFI V^ TtIP HI? A r-TTr- A I I According to a late act of Legisla- j positions. The work of this registry PREVENTION OF DISEASkS~BE!NG THE PRACTICAL ; tion a]] poi ; ltry is inc]uded araOR J tne j will be of great value to Wilson gra- ; DR. HUDSON'S LIQUID CONDITIONER *^ SENT TO REFORMATORY p o i t r y s n c u e araOR tne domestic animals, governed by conta- isrious disease regulations, and thev SHOULD PROVE OF GREAT VALUE TO THE FARMER 1 will be investigated b ythe State Live'_ ! stock Sanitarv Board. Dr. Sioriartv HAPPY RESULTS Will FOLLOW-3 BOTTLES For $1.00 acting for ^he Board, win report ail cases to the Board. OLUFASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY SPECIAL: we have received a large -iline of children's, ladies' and men's Almond TafTy, -10 cents lb., Butternut Taffy, 50 cents lb., Peanut Tafly ; -f! win ter coats also boys , and men s fali cents lb., Peanut Brittle, I* 1 cents lb. Ire Cream Taffies, "lO.cents lb.-- Fresh }suits. Special prices on large rugs 9 x Daily at. '·SFAFLRI GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN 112, linoleum and sweaters. G.' H. JKnoase, B5glerville.:ulvertisement- 1 as u will keep in touch with\he Gettjsbursr Boy Charged with f.eld of their expected activities. chaslPK Under Falsc 1retcns «- j age of the Christ Lutheran church I n ' "osnng car. i l^ork, the Rev. G. W. Er.ders married ! Gu ?- a 3i '-- le son of W - _ D !T. Ear! C-Jip. of Geitysbarff. and Paul-S^s taken to Carlisle on iuesday and i ine Adams, daughter of Mr. ar.d Mrs.' ha * :njs tonsils removed. i Joseph Ada:r?. of York. Mr. Culp for i several years has been connected wfth John Miller, the young son of Mr.. the Stal^mith news-stand. OV»"ING to the new Female Employ-'. and Mrs. P. A. Miller, v.-as this morn; nier.t Law, which prevents all female j ing sentenced by Judge Swope to the store help from working more than j Huntingdon Reformatory. He was ten hours in any one day or more tha-. i charged -with purchasing weapons COMING EVENTS Nov. 11--Lecture by President Gran- E. C- Stock, of Baltimore, was the guest of C. W. Gardner and family several days recently. ! Jesse Sheaifer, who is a marine on i the U. S. R. S. Franklin, is home on a two weeks" furlough. He Is a corporal and is now stationed at Norfolk, Va. we'at the Gettysburg fifty four hours in any one week, ask our customers to do their shopping '· under false pretense, the boy having! Nov. 17-21--Adams County Teachers Department Store viile. Brua Chapel. as early on Saturday evening as possible so as to get the proper attention from our female help.. G. W. Weaver them charged to his father. SKATE at Garden Auditorium, af- and Son.--advertisement" j. iteration and evening.--advertisement 1 Institute. Walter's Theatre. MODERN house for rent. Time 1 ? office.--advertisement WANTED: a settled woman to assist in light housework. A good home with'a lady and satisfactory wages. Apply "Apply 103 McSherrystown avenue, I Hanover, Pa.--advertisement 1 WSPAPfcRI

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