Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 28, 1937 · Page 20
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1937
Page 20
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TWENTY MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY '28 · 1937 HOGS MOSTLY 10-15 GENTS DOWN DRESSED MEAT DEMAND SLOW Drove Cost Carried Belov $ 10 for First Time in Six Weeks. CHICAGO, (/P) -- Sluggish de mand tor dressed meat and larger run of hogs than had bee expected caused a rather shar additional drop in swine value Thursday that carried drove cos below $10 for the first time in si weeks. The market was mostly 10 to 1 cents, although spots showe losses of 25 cents. The early to was $10 but a small lot brough $10.05. This compared with ho market peaks of around $10.40 an $10.50 only a few days ago. The flood and motor strike sit uation was a weakening factor i the dressed meat trade and thi had an indirect effect on the liv market. Wholesale pork loin price lost another % cent a poun Thursday, carrying choice ligh loins to 17 1 /. cents, the lowes since mid-December. Wednesday's average weight o hogs here was 242 pounds, heav iest since October 6, indicating traders said, the presence of larg number of packing sows whic had much to do with spreading th price range in the market. The cattle trade was slow an receipts were small. Prices, how ever, were generally unchanged a a. 25 cents to SI decline for th week. The day's top was $14.11 paid for best mediumweights. Fat lambs tended upward. Sell ers wanted $10.65 to $10.75 an more for .best, lambs. Local- Livestock MASON CITY--For Thursda H U G S F i f t e e n to 25 cents lower. Gttotl lishl lights ... 140-150 $ 6.75- 7.0 Good light lights ... 150-160 $ 7.25- 7.5 Good lights ieo-170 $ a.oo- e.s Good lights 170-180 ^ 8.50- 8.B Good light butchers 160-200 $ ts.OO- 9.3 Good light bulchcrs 200-220 $ D.20- 3.5' Good me. wt. butch. 220-250 $ D.20- 9.51 Good -"mo. wt. butch. 250-270 $ 9.20- y.5l Good me. wt. butch. 270-280 $ 9.20- 9.5C Good heavy butchers 290-325 $ 9.20- !).5C Good heavy bulchcrs 325-350 s 9.05- 9.35 Good heavy butchers 350-400 $ 8.85- 9.15 Good packing sows . 275-350 5 8.85- 9.1n Good heavy sows ... 350-425 s 8.65- 8.95 Good big heavy sows 425-550 .? 8.45- 8.75 Good bis heavy sows 300-550 s 8.25- 8.55 (The above Is a 10:30 truck hog market for Good and choice bogs. The d i f f e r e n c e in price is lor short and haul hoes.1 CATTLli Choice to prime steers ...... $10.00-12.00 Good to choice steers S 7.50-10.00 Fair to good steers 55.50-1.50 Low grade steers s 4.00- 5.50 Choice to prime yearlings .. S 9.50-10.50 Good to choice yearlings ... $ 7.50- 9.00 Fair to good yearlings .... 5 5.50- 7.50 Common to fair yearlings .. S 4.00- 5.50 · Good -to choice heifers s 7.00- 9.00 Fair to good heifers S 5.00- 7.00 Common to fair heifers .... S 3.50- 5.00 Choice (o p r i m e cows 3 5.50- G.25 Good to choice cows ....... £ 4.50- 5.!0 Fair to good cows S 4.00- 4.50 Fair to good cutters S 3.50- 4.00 Common to fair cutter! $ 3.00- ?,50 Fair to good cannors ....... S 2.75- 3.00 Common to fair canners .... $ 2.50- 2.75 Inferior cannors S 2.00-2.25 Good to choice bulls ? 4.75- 5.50 Fair to good bulls $4.50- 4.75 Common to fair bulls S 4.00- 4.50 Interior light bulls $ 3.50- 4.00 Calves, R d . to c'jfilce 130-100 S 8.50- 9.50 Calves, mod. to food 130-100 S 6.00- 8,50 Calves, infer, to gd. 130-190 S G.OO down UAMBS Lambs, gd. to choice 70-00 £ 8.25- 9.50 Lambs, mod. to good 70-90 S 7.25- 8.25 Lambs, fair to mcd.,. 70-90 S 4.25- 7.25 Lambs, common S 4.25 down yearlings, gd. to eh. 10-90 $ 5.00- 6.00 Yearlings, medium, to : good s 4.00- 5,00 YcarUngs. fair to medium S 3.00- 4.00 Yearlings, culls 5 2.00- 2.50 Native ewes, good lo'cholco $ 2.00- 3.00 Culls, ewes ? 1.00- 1.50 BUCKS * i.oo-2.011 Wethers. 2 year olds * 5.0U- 6.00 Wethers, old V 3.001. 6.00 Buck lambs SI lows. No dock on lambs. Quotations market fluctuations. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, W)--U. S. department ot agriculture-HOGS 20.001); Including 6,QO1 direct; mostly I0-15c lower; spots 25c l o w e r thnn Wednesday's average; h u l k Rood anr! choice Iflfl to 30fl Ibs. $9.B5ftIO; early top SIO; small lot $10.05; best licht lights S0.75; cood sows larRely $0,2.109.30. CATTLE 4.500; cnlves l.flOO; slow, peddling m a r k e t on n i l classes; generally steady; Kleers scarce: fresh receipts increased hy moderate holdox-cr from earlier iri week; cenersl trade unevenly 2nc to SI u n d e r l a t e last week, wilh good to near-choice wpichty bullocks showtnc; most decline: these h a v i n g recently sold very close to lop cattle: best medium weights Thursday $14.10; weighty bullocks S13.25; comparable with S13.75 k i n d s sold M o n d a y ; generally S8.2Sfitn.50 market: be.'fers d u J I at week's 50c d o w n t u r n largely SG.3QK78.30 with choice k i n d s n r o u n d $11; culler cows $4.B5 down; practical top weighty sausage bulls $6.40; fully steady: vealers S9.50ffrll.50. S H E E P D.OOO: i n c l u d i n g 3.000 direct: fat Iamb's in f a i r l y broad d e m a n d : u n d e r t o n e strong to h i g h e r ; sliecp steady: good i n chofce n a t i v e and fed western lambs blr $10.50 downward': a s k i n g slo.liSTr 10.75 nnd r^ovr;: load choice 1(14 Ib. western ewes S6; scattered n a t i v e s ?5'ii'6. S O U T H ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ) SOUTH ST. PAUL, W)--U.. S. department of acricuHtlre-- CATTI.I-: 2.60D: .slant-liter steers and rhc Flock plow, weak at recent d o w n t u r n s ; some hid* mrficatinp: f u r t h e r decline: most steers and yearlinps salable around Wi!); p l a i n crarles flown to JS; coori k i n d s scarce: few m e d i u m and pond h e i f - f"~ Sfi^fl.5": liwrr firadfis down In $-l..-50; beef cows S4,l7'irfi; some held h i c h c r : Ion rutlers a n d c u t t e r s S3.rn/fi 4.f0: hulls 10- 15c lower: bulk S5.25O5.75; hc-( bulls up to Sfi.35; stockcrs dull: calves 2,900: veal- ers weak: Instances 25-SOc lower: R n n d to choice S.9W 10.50; few at $11 and more. irons 7.500; m a r k e t f u l l v 25c Inwor; good and choice 200 to 325 Ihs. S9.55CTr.7o: Ton Sfl.75: IfiO to 200 Ibs. Sfl.40rt?D.."i.'): 140 (o Ifin Ihs. S8.!0fi0.40: 120 to 140 In. killovs mostly J8.4nfrn.5n: lighter W l l c r riles down to 57 or below: cood sows $fl.2f(fj) D.30; averace cost Wednesday sn.73: wrlGlit 197 Inc. · .SITrTEP 7,000: early supply on otlcr about 3,000 sheep and . l a m b s ; m o s t l y slaughter lambs: 15 cars back, expected late Thursday: no carlv a c t i o n : u n d e r t o n e around sleady on all classes; buU; r n t lambs Wednesday S I O : few good Grades $0.15; medium lo choice ewes $4.2.ifr5.r,o. OjrAHA LIVESTOCK. ( T h u r s d a y M a r l r e l ) OMAHA, (/TJ--U. S. d e p a r t m e n t of »g- rleuHure-- H O G S 5,500: ln-25c lower: ton i9.65; 200 lo 300 ]bs, *Ff?9.r,o; 170 In 200 Ibs. S 9.IHI; ISO to 170 Ibs. S8..W57ft.25: ISO lo 150 Ibs. S7.7.TW8.75: sow.? Sn.IOflfl.ZV C A T T L E 2.50(1: calves 4(W : s l e a d y ; s l r c r s $7.50?? 13 and a b o v e ; h e i f e r s SS.SOfr 8.50: bulls (5.7.'i@7; cutters S3.50S7; top veplers 810.50. SHEEP 3,000; sleady to 25c lower; Jambs SI03110.S5. Hog Morkets MIDWEST HOGS. ' Hoe prices at midwest markets Thurs day: W A T E R L O O -- H O B S 10-lSc lower Ilia Wednesday's close. Good to choice HO t 150 Ibs. $6.75fj7.05; 150 to 160 Ibs. $7.23', 7.65; 160 to no ibs.; 170 to in Ibs. $8.75a 0.05; 180 to 200 Ibs. S9.05SI9.35 SnO to 335 Ibs, S9.25fi9.55; 325 to 350 Ibs S0,05tfi.9.35; p a c k i n g sows 275 to 350 Ibs $8.904(9.20,- 350 to 425 Ibs. fS.ISS.ti; 42 to 550 Ibs. S8.6008.90. C E I I A I l U A M D S -- G o o d hogs 140 lo 15 Ibs. S7.20517.50; 150 to 160 Ibs. S7.70R8; 16 Itf 170 Ibs. S8.'JOf(8.50: 170 to 180 Ibs. $8.8 $(9.10: 180 to 200 Ibs. S9.H»Ti9.4^; 200 I 325 Ibs. S9.25tfT9.55; 325 to 350 Ihs. $9.10f 9.40; good packers 275 lo 350 Ibs. sa.SO 9.10; 350 to 425 Ibs. S8.C54IB.95; 425 10 10 Ibs. SB.SOfiS.eO; SOO to 550 Ibs. $8.35«iH65 OTTUMWA--Hogs 20c lower; 140 to 15 Ibs. $7.20(Fi.7.50: 150 lo 160 Ibs. $7.10fil: 1C to no ihs. ?8.2or?i'8.5o: no to iao ibs. SB.B SiD.lO; 180 to 200 Ibs. $S.05ifi 9.35; 200 t 325 Ibs. $9.25'|79.55; 325 to 350 lljs. S3.!nfr 9,40; 350 to 4DO Ibs. S8.90W9.20; packer 2.75 to 350 Ibs. S8.75«?9.05; 350 to 425 Ibs $8.65^18.95: 425 to 550 Ibs. S8,50{?8.80. AUSTIN--Hogs 170 Ibs. up steady; re.' 15c lower. Good to choice, 180 to 200 Ih $9.15519.45; 200 lo 290 Ibs. f9.35C9.65; 19 to 325 Ibs. S9.255T9.55; 325 to 350 Ibs. $9.1 ri9.45: packing sows, good, 275 to 550 Ibs LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, wv--Official estimated re ceipts for Friday; Cattle 2,000; hogs 15, 000; sheep 9,000. Representative Sales ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. W)--U. S. d e p a r t m e n t o£ : riculturc--Representative sales: HOGS. Heavy-- | Lights-16 347 9.75]20 194 9.5 22 315 9.30|72 185 G5 294 9.85146 173 39 271 9.90181 169 9.7 Mediums-- ]Light' Lights-65 · 244 9.95[65 158 9.5 72 238 9.90] 115 142 9.0 33 226 9.B3] 48 210 10.00| S I l R E r . Fed Western (Native Lambs-Lambs--193 OR 10.60 C3 89 10.GOJ224 9!i 10.S 204 94 10.50] 135 92 111.4 122 93 10.351112 18 10.2 146 81 10.25', Slaughter Ewes- 1126 104 G.n 26 111 3.5 41 99 5.0 34 93 4.5 Stcei 20 · 19 20 24 21 1328 1363 1515 1148 1242 1042 982 946 575 1040 CATTLE.' iHe'ifcrs- 14.1KK22 13.25126 12.30 23 11.73118 11.00117 10.75|15 9.50[ Cows-9.00 [4 7.50;8 7.10]I8 28 ,73 921 10ZB 972 875 750 1052 1253 1191 1040 978 887 11.4 10.2. 9.5 9.21 7.01 6.3; 7.25 6.S5 5.00 5.25 4.50 Miscellaneous C H I C A G O POTATOES. ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, (S-i--V. S. department of griculture-- Potatoes 84, on track 265, t o t a l U. S. 772; old stock, northern slock lipments 772 upments 772; old stock, northern slock teady, western weak: supplies rather lib- ra), demand slow, especially Idaho Rus- els and Colorado McCIures; sacked per wt. Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1, e;v sales -S3.05ai3.45; Colorado Red Mc- tures 17. S. No. 1. few sales S3.I5f?3.:i5; Visconsln R o u n d Whiles U. S. No. 1, S2.:(0 2.40, mostly S2.30; U. S. commercial .10; Michigan liusset Rurals If. S. No. S?.30. New stock, slightly weaker, j=up- ics moderate, demand slow; carlots, CHICAGO CASH CHAIN. (Tliurjilitv M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. («·)--Cash w h e a t : No. 2 hard S1.31i/» part car. Corn: No. 4 m i x e d Sl.OTHfill.oa'/i; No : mixed $I.03'/i@J.OG; No. 3 yellow SI I Z f?1.13: No. 4 yellow S1.0714©1.10; No.' 5 yellow $1.03!4iiil.OG'/»: No. 3 white SI 14- No. 4 w h i l e Sl.ll(Sl.H=l; No. .1 w h i t e l.Oofi LOST*; sample grade 85cfT$l.o:; Oats: No. 1 w h i t e 52f(53Vic: No. 2 %vhile f/52rtc; No. 3 white 50'.ifi51c: sample grade 49 1 .afQ 1 51e. No rye. Buckwheat: No. 1~ 52.65. Barley: No. 5. 80c: feed SOcSSl nomnal: malting SI ^1.45 nominal. Timothy seed S6B6.25 cwt.; new $5 75® cwt. . Clover seed S27/?i34 cwt. Lard tierces S12.95; loose SI2.20; bellies NEW Y O R K S U G A R . ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ) NEW YOHK.(;n -- Raw sugar lln- langed at 3.75c for spots and 3.80c for rward. Futures No. 3. 1 lo R lower, arch 2.B5c and September 2.7Sc. No. 4 ay l.lfi'^c and September l.lQc or 1 gher jo "A lower. Refined unchanged at OOc for fine granulated. Hides iuouiloni Fnrntsbed 07 W o l l tiros.. Ins.. B U S F i l t h Street So nth west. HORSEHIDES torsehtdea S4.00 "GKEEN BEEF II1DE3 Jp to 25 Ibs lOVac i to 45 Ibs S c tore than BO Ibs 8 c iull hides G'Ac 'Cured hides half cent more a pound. rOn above prices a cent higher to wholesale dealers In w h o l e s a l e lots.) 1VOOI. MARKF.T. ( T h u r s d a y R e v i e w ) BOSTON. W)--U. S. d e p a r t m e n t of i c u l l u r e -- · Most of the few sales on domestic wools 'hursday were at firm to llfihlly stronger Slaple combiner 'A blond Rradcd lerri- ory wools sold nt SI-10-.14 scoured basis Staple combing \'a blood Ohio fleeces verc quoted nominally but f i r m at 4F :cnls in t h e prease. A l i t t l e of the coirib- ng ^it and 'A blood Ohio and s i m i l a r Iccce wool moved at 32-54 cents In the ;rease. Lamson Brothers Market Letter " M A R K E T R K V I K W . CHICAGO--Thursday W h e a t -- F o r e i g n markets were weak W h c a L -- F o r e i g n markets were weak g a i n , cables coming lower ,-md from the outset of the r n a r k c t was present u l t b o u K b JUT wheat prices acted niticli belter than M a n Wednesday nichl, our prices barely bowed a d e c l i n e of a cent, W i n n i p e g aid t h a t Die export business in C a n a d i a n v h e a t c o n t i n u e d small a n d b u y i n g ml there was a n n l i c o a b l e lack of real r u l l d n t f o n Thursday, intcrc.sls b e i n g on ho buyinc side and pivinR q u i t e a l i t t l e upport to our m a r k e t . Cnrn--Prices u-ere steady oarty hut ommission house. 1 ; sold nnd later rather ;ood declines occurred. In t h e oats mar- cet commission houses sold moderately nd prices were a f f e c t e d hy the wcaknfss n corn. There was moderate I T r n i i d n l i n n nd slop loss s e l l i n c In lard. W o r t h w h i l e ·ipporl Is expected in the lard m a r k e t round the Klc level for May. I N V E S T M E N T TRUSTS. ( R y Tile A s i o c l a l c r l Press) Bid and asked T h u r s d a y : 'orporale Tr Sll 3 1 0 :orporale Tr Sh AA Mod 3,77 lorporale Tr Sh Ac Ser 2.97 'orporale Tr Ac Ser Mod 3.77 Hvldend Sh 2.01 Maryland F u n d 10.3.1 11.20 Tationwlde Sec 4,84 4^94 rattrmwirtc Sec Vtc 2J4 s'so 'or Amer Tr Sh ,. 2.R8 'nr Amer Tr SIi .... .17« u a r l c r l y Tnc Sh IB.RI 2 o'fii cleclcd Am Sh I n c 1S.SR 17,18 uper Corp Am Tr A .. 1.27 " S El L k T A 20.50 21,00 .S El L t P B 3.33 3.43 S E! L It P Vie; 1.21 123' RATES CHARGED CUSTOMERS BY BANKS IN PRINCIPAL CITIES 8 OTHER NORTHERNS AND EASTERN CITIES FORGET 'J.**lb,U/nt. READ THIS FIRST: Janet MacLeod has just married Joel Piiyntcr, second-rate aclnr, whom she met a few weeks previously at a cocktail narly. Because Joel asked Janet to slop work, she has had to economize. Martha Colby, her best friend, visits Janet in their one-room apartment, Janet decides to go back to work but abandons (he idea when Joel, because of pride, rebukes her for considering it. Joel finds a job I but he is vairue about where lie is working. Janet meets Harry De- vantcr, an old bean, who insists she have a cocktail with him. NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY GRAINS SUFFER LATE DECLINES Heavy Movement of Whea From Argentina Drag on Values. CHICAGO, (fP)~ Late declines o£ prices carried the Chicago wheat market down a cent bushel maximum Thursday. Heavy movement of wheat Irom Argentina acted as a weight on values. It was asserted European importers had adopted a waitin; attitude, and as much as possibi were holding off from purchasing. At the close, wheat was " 1.07, Jujy 51.01-%-%, oats ?,-·% off, and provisions showing 10 to 25 cents decline. Moson City Grain CHICAGO STOCKS. ( T h u r s d a y F i n a l Quotations) Cilies Service 4!41Nall Slandard 30% lellmann Brts 11 INorthwest Bane 14 r. DrilK IS J Q u a k e r Oats 121',$ ellonp Switch 10 |Swift Co It,'.': L i b h v McNeil 13'i!Swift Intl 3i lid west Corp 13TiUtilHvi Ind P' nil Leather 2 i | Z c n l t r t 3114 MASON CITY--For Thursday i. 3 yellow shelled corn...$103 *Jo. 4 yellow shelled corn Si 01 "ar corn gg c Vhite oats ....',"' 43i/, c tertey 60-BUc ioybeans, No. 2 yellow $145 Tiiurtsn VHEAT-- lay ept :ORN_ rlay new .... .lay old uly new .. uly old ... lept OATS-- ·lay uly icpt iOYBEANS- May July RYE-- , Hay July Sept BARLEY-May L A R D -Ian Mar May Tuly BELLIES^l" May J u l y AY G R A I N CLOSE. CHICAGO, High Low 1.27',-, i.asr. 1.11'/a 1.03V. i.oav. 1.07!'. l.OC'i Close 1.25V. 1.10V. 1.07% 1.0.114 l.ol»i 1.00 ,991/. .4 an .43V« . I.D4 A 1.01=, !.»!% LOR'.', l.[)f^ 9 3 a ·M .Baii .1.1.17 13.10 .1.1.122 n.m . 1.1.47 13 30 .1.1.72 13.30 .13.35 1.1.70 .I6..TS lfi.4n .1(5.02 ln.77 .84 1.1.10 M..10 1.1. SO 13.70 IB.40 16.40 15.77 T h u r s r t a y M a r k e t ! MINNEAPOLIS. M-l--Wheat 17 cars- le -jwer; No. 1 heavy dark northern spring CO Ihs. 51.45'it/1.54'.',: No. 1 dark norlht crn spring BO Ibs. S1.45!ifi 1.541',; No 1 dark n o r t h e r n s o r i n g 53 Ibs. Sl.M'tfii 1.53',i: ss Ihs. ?l.43',l,fj I.52H; f a n c y No 1 iard Montana 14 protein S1.3R'/.ff 1 4n','.- srade of No. 1 dark h a r d or No. I h a r d M o n t a n a w i n t e r S1.32'.l«i 1.34 !1; h a r d a r n - er d u r u m No. 1, ftM'.'tr,, I 5T/,- «j 0 i ·fd 31.22V4, Corn: No. 3 yellow SI.14r f 71.IS; l"/ a c Oats: No. 3 wllilc 46V«Ti50^1c. O M A H A G R A I N . (Thursday M a r k e t ) OMAHA. (,n--xvheat: Hard w i n t e r No. . S 1 3 3 ' , i / B i 34; No. 2. Sl.31fil.32; sample n o r t h e r n sprinp J1.21. ·a: Yellow No. 3. SI.IB',4; No. 4, J1.15 :s: White No. 2, 5fi',4c; No. .1, 34'Ae 1'nonucK FortJiiKS. ( T h i i r s i l a y . M . i r k r l l CHICAGO, un Butler futures closed- Slorape slnndarris, J a n u a r y .ll^hc: Fpbru- iry ^ I l i c ; March .ll'.Xc; November .lo^p Ecff futures: R e f r i c e r a t o r standnrns. n n u a r y 17?'.c: October 24Tic; fresh cradcrf firsts, February 22'/ t c Potato f u t u r e s : Irtaho Bilsscls, January' J3.IS; March No. 1, 53.77; March srade A K A N S A S C1TV L I V K S T O C K . ( T h i r r M l a y S l a r k e l ) K A N S A S CITY. (H'i--U. S. department of a g r i c u l t u r e -- TIOC.S I.7UU: no directs; u n e v e n . I0-"3c vet than Wednesday's averase: top 9.BO: gontt to choice 180 to 3UI ihrf S!) RIKi .BO: 110 lo 170 Ibs. $0.751X9 GO- sows'M II ff'D.40: stock- pics $7 down OATTI.K 2.000: calves 500; fed steers tnd yeai-line* opcnlnj; slow, steady to veak; some httts a r o u n d 2Sc lower on m e d i u m short feds: fed heifers d u l l , weak at Wednesday's decline; other she slock mostly steady; h u l l s and k i l l i n g calves leady; vealers steady to weak; sleeker* and feeders In slow demand, s t e a d y lo; cond I.lfifl Ih. fed steers $l'| 25- lirei- Toans slrons wcichl Coloraoos f l l . 1 0 : aoorl silcd. rnml, m e d i u m lo n e a r Rood s h o r t f e d s r l i R i h l c lo sell (Tom SOTr .7S; If.v common lisht weight steer? dov,-n o tft.25: short load good heel cowa 8.50; low cullers and cutlers $3.sne4.!0: good to choice vealers Stock List NEW V O K K STOCKS. ( T h u r s d a y Final ({uolatlDns) Al Ch Dye 2:13 Maytag 14A Am Can 110 · MctC Hob 13V* Am Sin Re£ uy Mia* Cont Pet J(jy^ Am Sug Rcf 53yi Monte Ward 54 :1 ,B A T T 183^3 JMorrell Co 41^ Am Tob B QQVa Mash-Kelvin ; Am Wat Wks 2li'A Nat Biscuit 3t'/ Anaconda S2?i Nat Cash R 33V! A T S P · 72 Nat Dairy Pr 23'/a Auburn Auto 31 Nat Distill : Aviation Corp 8V'» Nat Pow Lt 123i Bait Ohio 21»» N Y Central 4Hi Barnstlall J2e» Northern Pnc 2V.\ Hendix Aviat 27Va ' Oliver Farm 56* Beth Stl S»r« Packard Mot 11'. Bordens 27% Param Pict 283', Bore; Warner T Q ^ a Penney S3 Can D G Ale 29 3 .'« Penn R R 4U Canad Pnc 13'A Phillips Pet 521i Case I3l 3 . R a d i o in. Chi N W 4',' Hey Tob B 36», Chi Gt West 2^4 Scars Rocb 83'/ C M St P P 2'A Shell Union 2;r. C R 1 P li'/a Soc-Vacuum IS Chrysler 1201a Sou Pac 4.=)^ Col G El 18 Sid Brands IS*.', Comw Sou r.v, sid Oil Cal 45 Con Edison 4f!!4 Std Oil Inri 47;-; Con Oil J6VI St Oil N J 69r» Con Can G2 S t e w a r t Warn l!Mi Cont Oil Del 44 S t u d c b a k e r IB'/. Corn Prod 6a 7 /. S w i f t Co 26!a Ctlrtiss Wright IV* Te.vas Corp 54? a Dccre Co 116V Tex G u l f Sul 40T'« D're A: Co p£ 3lVa T i m k Roll B 72 7 « DuPont de N 171 Un Carbide 104W o n ' E l e c 62^i Un Pac Diia^ en Foods 43 U n i t Air Corp 29V. Gen Mot 60"!. United Corp 7'.'* incite lay, unit D«IK n=, Good'r T X: R 33'/» U s Ind Alco 39',1 Hudson Mot 22 TJ s Rubber 07}!, [llinois Cent 22',' a U S Steel 91T. nt Harvest lOSVi Warner Pict I",'/* nt Nick Can ray. West Un Tel 80 nt Tel S: Tel m\ West El «: M 157'', nhns Manv 144% Woolworlh 61',^ Crcsge 27',, WriElcy Jr 74 Lib O F Gl 76r« Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAIMSON BROTHERS AND CO.. Mason City Office In Bagloy-Beck Bids. Tclcphono No. 7. ' D O W J O N E S A V E R A G E S Inds. Rills IJUls. 183.46 54.45 .15.07 Total Sales 2,340.000 C H I C A G O STOCKS B u t l e r Bros I4V« Marsh Field 20 Cord Corp 5!', Walgreen Co 28H N E W TORK CURB Am Gas Jt E 44'/« Hud B M t S 33',', Am Cyan B 33',4 H u m b l e Oil S4=, \m Su Po Co 2V« Lockheed 113, Ark Na Gas A 9V« N i a p Hu Pow Ifi'A As G A: El A 37, Pennroaa Cp 4T, Can Ind Atfc 6% Std Oil Ky 191, ITan Marconi 2'A Un Gas Co 11V, El Bd Sh 24V, Un Li Pow 9^a Ford of Can 27',. Util P L I'.', Ford of. Enp 7',2 N E W Y O R K STOCKS A l a s k a J u n e Allegheny 4''^ A l l i e d St 17',', Am For Po 12 Am Cry S U R 32Vi Am C Fy fi2'., Am Pa\v Kr Li 13^'t Am rtoll Mills 34'.i Am Ra S: S 2fl Am Toh Co DO'.ij Armour ^ Co !!'., As Drv Goods Ifl^i \tl Rcf ,14'., Baldwin Loco E) 1 .^ 3rlp;ai M^f Co 55 Bcndix 27 j .i Bllrid Mfjj Co 12% Burr Add 32?i Bycrs A M Co 31 Caterpil Trae 9.^ de Pasco fi7'a Chc.s 5c Ohio 64','a Chi Gt W pf 31'» Cuca-Cola 130 Solvents lO'.l Motor 3}i C n d a l l v Pack 4 1 ' U Curt-Wr A 21»b Corp Sea 2li Air 72 5 b Eastman 160 Katon Mf Co 3:1'.'. ilec A u t o Lit 41',^ El Pow l.i 22',', Erie R R Co 141i Fire Ti A: Ru M'/, ·"osier-Wheel F r c c p n r t Tes- ~cn Am Tran l l d d c n Co Gobcl ·Jold Oust :t North Ore _. Graham Palcc 4 3t Nor pf loilslon Oil SO H'/2 7'/, 15'. 42'i 1C14 Hudson Mol 22 H u p p Moiors 2 I n d i t s t Rayon 37 Lambert Co 21'A "Lchieli For Ce 47 Liq Carb Cp 49'/« Lorillard 2.1^j Mack Truck 47 l ,b Math Alk ,in',t McLcllan St 14 M i n n Mol Im 14 M K T 7 Mo Pacific 3','. No A m e r 30}. No A m e r Avl Ifi Otis Steel Co I B Owen 711 Glsas Mfl Packard Mot I I ' , . Park IJtnh Co 4',4 Pillshury Fl 30'A P l y m o u t h 2,"1'H Proc A; Gam 62 1 ,* Pub Ser N JT stv P u l l m a n Gfl 1 ^ Pure Oil Co 22?* P u r i t y Bak 2 0 ' j R K O 8!'. Reni M a u d 2~) T{eo 'Motors 6^a St Jos Lead 4 4 ! « S i m m o n s Co M-H So Cal Edison M'/, Spcrry Corp 22^« St G Ac E m, Tid W As Oil 20', U S Ind A f c h .19'A U S Smeller RKV, tllll P AT L A 4 X r , n n a d i i j m 30',', Union Oil Cal 2S', Un Gas A: Im ia',i W a r r e n Bros I ] ? , Western fttyld fl 1 .'. Western Un «n Worlh P u m p 4IT Yellow Truck 27'.'. Youngs S At T 81) STEEL STOCKS SPURT UPWARD Gams of J to 5 Points at Best Registered for Favored Shares. NEW YORK, OT--A spectacular runup in steel stocks brightened Thursday's market picture. Gains of 1 to 5 points at the best were registered for the favorites, but losers were plentiful and many issues decidedly hesitant. Both U. S. Steel and Bethlehem, the former hitting 93 and the latter 81'A, reached their peak levels for the past,six years or longer. Many other new highs were achieved in an early burst of buying that put the ticker tape behind for a while. Oils, rubbers and specialties participated in the climb. Offerings were more conspicuous in the afternoon and extreme gains were reduced in.numerous cases. The volume was restricted near the final hour. Transfers were aroum 2,600,000 shares. Brokers attributed (he selective forward spring partly to lessening pi flood and strike tension and to the belief rehabilitation demands in the inundated areas will spur heavy industry to an unusual expansion. Curb Market NEW YORK. Wi-Speciallies d o m i n a t e d a HEing curl) market Thursday with Rains a i i K i n g to t h r e e points or so. FoltowinK b r i s k t r a d i n R late in the m o r n i n K H o l o p h a n e added a b o u t 3 as did noTc\v" d Lal '. ehlin SlccL G a i n s o f ' 2 or ! Up"'a n poini 1 TM?' more were American lTM.H r J"r Airways and M c W i l l i a m s 3il and ColumTM " m p - Unill; d Gas. Gulf A few shares sold o f t hut setbacks wore ntnor. Bond Market K A N S A S C1TV r.KAIN'. ( T h n r x l a y M a r k e t ) K A N S A S CITY. l/7 ; --Wheat 2.1 cars; un- chanccd to ll'.c lower; No. 2 dark hard ' "DVit: No. 3 n o m i n a l l y $1.23^ 1 32'V No i.ird n o m i n a l l y $1.2S«/ 1.3fi'.i; Wo. 3 u n a l l y %\:nr,, 1.32',i; No. 2 red nomi- n a l l y $1.31^1.35; No. 3 n o m i n a l l y SI "01!, il.33. * * * Corn 24 cars: ?lc lower to Vjc higher; Io. 2 w h i t e n o m i n a l l y SI.2Ifi 1 . 2 4 ' ^ - No : n o m i n a l l y SI.lB!^ii 1.221'j; No. 2 yellou- l o m i n a l l y SI.20Tr'1.22; No. 3. S L I O ' i ^ f ^O 3 ,;; No, 2 mixed nominally Sl.lSIrl 20; ^o. 3 n o m i n a l l y 31,17',yfi 1.19f^. Oats I car; lie lower lo ",c h l o h e r ; Vo. 2 w h i l e n o m i n a l l y 54B551ic; No 3 nominally 53»(f54 3 /*c. r.tVKriN r rF.NT BOND?? ( T h u r s r t a y ) i i n r ^ t f r n « ) NfcW Y O R K . (;?»--U. S. bonds closed: Treasury 4'/i's. n-'2, 120.7, Treasury 4's, 11-ri4, 114.10. Treasury 3^'s. 4f)-43, June, blank. Treasury .Wj, 4.1-47, 103.10. Treasury 3'/«'s, 4B-49, ioa.10, Treasury 3 1 a, 51-55, 106.22. NEW YORK, (!'(--Buyers \vere well In evidence In the bond market Thursday and leading issxics moved up fractions to a p o i n t or more. Published reports that damage in the flood area probably would not be as heavy a.s had been feared had a stEnui- l a t i n f f effect, And loans of companies a/- fected enjoyed fair advances. Yoiingslovvn Sheet and Tube S'/^s finincd 3 points following publication o( sharply hi B lier earninRs in 193R. Southern HaEhvay 4s nnri Chesapeake and Ohio 4',-as advanced. Most of the TAils cained R r o u n d ,nl- »ho«Rh there u-cre n lew spot spots. Wide f r a c t i o n s of the plus side were scored for B a l t i m o r e ano Ohio 4! is. Hock Island G e n e r a l -IF, Eric 5s and Gronl N o r t h e r n 4 l js. Receding issues included New H a v e n .s and St. Paul 5s. The i n d t i s t r i n l lipl n n r l i c i p n l e d pretty trnorsUy in the u p s w i n g , \ v i t h Anaconda 4fi,-!, N a t i o n a l Dairy W*s. Pure Oil 4'/«,·? and S t t i d c b a k c r Convertible fis in ;lo- manri. U t i l i t i e s i^ere stronpcr. A m c r t c n n and Foreipn Power UK were up a b o u t a point a n d Consotidatcrt Zdisnn 31^5, Int e r n a t i o n a l Teloplione 5s nnd I n t e r n a t i o n al Hydro-Electric fis were fractionally Jfiicr, U. S. government loins developed a mixed trend, q u o t a t i o n s r a n p i n p from l-32nd lower lo 3-32nrts biRher. Foreign Issues moved irregularly u p w a r d , although some G e r m a n , and Argentine bonds lost a shade. Produce MASON CITY--For Thursday Cash Quota linns t.v E. G. AJorsr Eggs, current receipts 17c Heavy hons, 5 Ibs. and over 13c Under 5 Ibs 9c Springs, 5 Ibs. and over 13c Springs, under 5 Ibs Ilk- Slags Be Leghorn springs 7c Cocks . fie All No. 2 p.iultry 4 cents less Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 10-20c» Eggs, cnsh 18-inr*' Butter, Iowa State Brand 40c Butter, Corri Country 3!5c Butter, Kenyon's 3()c Butter, Very Best 40e Butter, Brookfield 3Qc Potatoes, russets, peck 75c Potatoes, cobblers, peck 52c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were ob- t a i n e d by calling several grocery stores. C H I C A G O TRO-mlcE ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ) C H I C A G O . M -- P m i l l r y : Live, 45 (nicks: bens caster, balance steady; hens nvtr 5 Jbi., 17: s lh^. a n r t IPS.?, 17''^; Leghorn hens. 12: colored springs. 18; Plym o u t h nnri W h i l e Rock. 20: c n l o r f r t broilers. 21: Plymouth and W h i t e Tloek. 22- Leghorn chickens. IS; roosters. H: Lee- horn roosters. 12: t u r k e y s : Hcn= 13: y o u n g loms, 16, old, !.l; No. 2 turkeys 13: ducks, t'/, Ihs. up, white and colored ITA; email while and colored 1SV4- .CHAPTER 6 "MY, IT'S beautiful!" Janet said following Harry and their waiter to a wait table against the gaily painted walls of the Jungle Bar. "I'm surprised you hadn't heard of it before. It's a popular spot at night with the younger set, but the old gals come here in the daytime to catch up on their thrills." Janet's eyes traveled appreciatively around the big room to the dance floor beyond. A Spanish orchestra played softly on the palm- decorated dais at the end of the room. There \yere soft, cool lights, the compahioriable sound of clinking glasses and the air was sweet with mingled perfumes. There were flowers on each table. A girl in a page's costume moved from table to table with her tray of hors d'oeuvres. The appointments of a luxurious play place. Noting the prevalence of diamond bracelets, of sable and silver foxes thrown back over chairs, Janet wished that she was wearing her good black taffeta frock instead of her faded summer print. It was still warm these mid- September days but the new autumn fashions had already made their debut and Janet felt shabby and uninspiring. "I've been so busy keeping house," she said, "I haven't had a chance to run over to Paris this fall for my clothes." "You look all right to me," her host said gallantly. "You look fresh as a daisy compared to most of these women." I well might, Janet thought, noting that most of the women were indeed fat and 40 as he had said. "Harry, as we used to say, you must be in the chips. Tell me about yourself." He had been with a booking office she remembered. "I am Janet. Did you know I had connected w i t h the Federal Picture company?" The Federal Picture company was a large combine in Hollywood. "Congratulations, Harry! I didn't know. You're not an actor, are you?" "No honey, and no longer a 10 per center," Hollywood's name for agents. "I'm scouting. Perhaps you read about Liane Lester? I discovered her working in a haberdashery store. She's going over big. The movies are looking for new types and faces and I'm official looker." "That must be interesting." Janet sipped her cocktail and her eyes wandered to a nearby trfble Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. IM. SCHAN'KE CO. Telephone 1300. Mason City Bid and asked T h u r s d a y : Cent SV El 8 pet pfd ($25 parl 10 Cent St El 7 pet pfd IS25 par) 11 Cent St P i L 7 p e t pfd 14'.; C h a m p l m Re£ Li 7 pet pfrf ... ]oo Creamery Package com 23'i Hearst Cons A 23'A Geo A llormcl A pfd 104 Gco A Hormcl com 22 Interstate P o w e r G pet pfd .. 17 Interstate Power 7 pet pfd .. 19 Iowa Electric Co li'/i pet pfd 52 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet p/d .. 53 la Elec Lt ft Pow 6 pet pfd . . 72 la Elec Lt Ac Pow fil'a pet pfd 73 la Elec Lt Pow 7 pet pfd .. 78 la Pow Lipht fi pet p f r t ..... 102 la Pow Ac L i g h t 7 pet pfd .... 10.1 la Public Serv R pet pfrt J1!) la Public Scrv fili pet pfrf ... 100 la Public Scrv 7 pel pfd lot la South U l i l R pet pfd 7 4 . la South Olil B!i pet pfd 7fi la South U t i l 7 pet pfd do Minnesota P AT L fi pet pfd ... fis Minnesota P L 7 pet pfd ... 100 In 1 ' N o r t h e r n St Pow 6 pet pfrf .. m n3 N o r t h e r n St Pow 7 pet pfd ... 97 on N W Belt Tel (Hi pel pfd 1Q5 lnii'4 N W St P o r t l a n d Cement com 25 -Jfii,^ R a t h Packing fi p e t pfd 100 !(· R a t h Packlne 7 pet pfd 100 103 Rath P a c k i n g com 32V* 3.1 S i o u x C i t y Gas El 7 pet pfrt 100 102 U n i t e d Lt A.- Rys C pel pfd fl8',2 91) U n i t e d Lt Ry.t 6.3fi pet pfd B!) U l U n i t e d Lt Ry.s 7 pet pfd .. 95 S6 We.slern Grocer pfrl sit Jflf) Western Grocer com ;.. 15 17 19 21 r.-i ss 74 75 BO 104 10S 101 ID2 103 7B 7fl 82 C O M R I N ' E n H O G ItRCHll'TS. DES MOINES, (,r--U. S. d e p a r t m e n t of a r i c t i l n i r e -Combined hop rceeipis-at 22 concentration yards and 9 p a c k i n g p l a n t s located m i n t e r i o r Iowa and southern Minnesota for I h f t 24 hour period ended a t R a. m. Thursday were Ifi.500 compared w i t h 13.- n a week aco and 21,.too a \rar acn. Prices 15c t o 2rir lower t h a n Wednesday's a v c r a c c ; t r a d e u n d e r t o n e slow: loadinc sJou-, Gond a n d choice: L i c h t l i c h l s , 11(1 to Ifin Ih-. 57.50^.8.3(1; l i R h t \ v e i R h t p , Ifid lo iao ihs. sa.2. r i^! iso to zoo ihs. 39.20^ ): m e d i u m weights. 2nr) In 220 Ihs. i!.4o .80: 220 to 250 Ibs. SEMO'fin.fKl: h e a v y w c i p h l s . 2nO 1o 2UO Ihs. S9.40rifl.RO; 290 tn d ]h.=. sr).2,- ; T, Packing sows, qood: 275 to 3.'rt Ihs. Sitti 9.4(1; :i:in to 423 !·;. S8.SnfJ!).2i; 425 to 35(1 Ihs. Sll.70fc D.IO. where two women were sitting alone. They were both fiflyish and they simpered and cooed when a young man with a green carnation in his lapel came over to their table. They exchanged a word across the table and one of the women rose. "What are you looking at!" Harry asked. "That table. A young man with a green carnation came over and . . .," her glance darted to the dance floor. "What is this? A St. Patrick's day party? All the young men have green carnations." Devanter laughed. "No, little innocent, the green carnation marks the gigolo. Most of them are chorus boys. They get $20 a week and a tip slipped into their hands by the ladies when the dance is over. I say, Janet!" "What's the matter?" Janet asked, alarmed, and felt the back of her hair. Harry was looking at her so strangely she thought her hair might be slipping down her back. "There isn't anything the matter. I was just thinking of something t h a t might interest you. Ever do any acting?" "I? Don't be ridiculous, Harry." "I'm trying not to be. I have an idea. You know we're not looking for pretty girls in the pictures today. We're looking for interesting girls, malleable material for directors to develop. You look an awful lot like Helen Hayes. You've got the same way of smiling as though you didn't know how poignant the effect is. What about it?" "What about what?" she said derisively. "I go to the movies, Harry, I know what the movies want. Good heavens, I'm a plain, home girl and you're trying to get me excited pretending-I might be a movie queen. You've got to be benutiful and , . ." "No you don't, Janet. They want handsome men and interesting women. Say the word, and I can shoot you over to Corona to the studio for a screen test. It wouldn't do any harm to try." Janet hardly heard what he was saying. She was watching the dancers. "Shall we?" he said. Janet got up to dance. They threaded their way through the tables and got to the dance floor just as the music ended. Janet turned back to him with a regretful glance. "Better luck next time," she said and they sat down again. "You know, these boys"--he nodded toward the table where three gigolos sat -- "would have many a good opportunity but the management will not permit them to make any dates with the women who come here." "What boys?" "The gigolos. Boy, am I glad I don't have to earn my money that way. I'd fee! sorry for them toting 200 pounds of flesh and jewelry around if I didn't t h i n k thev liked it .He-flappers I call 'erri Nothing but good looks, no self- respect." "All right, Harry, I won't ask you to hire or\c for me," sh" laughed. Janet, sipping her cocktail, eating the delicious tidbits t h a t arrived in a sleady stream, listening to Harry Devanter's flattering comments about herself,' thought: Joel wouldn't really mind it. He'd be happy to have me have a good time. It wasn't, she knew, an exhilarating time. Nothing was unless she was with Joel. Nevertheless she enjoyed the stimulation, the pleasant luxurious atmosphere. And what girl doesn't enjoy meeting an 'old admirer and finding t h a t she still has charm for him? She thought: If someone were to tell Joel that he saw me at a bar with another man, what would Joel think? Oh, I know he would understand. It made her feel ashamed that she had been momentarily disturbed by the telephone calls for Joel. The music began again. "Let's wait until someone else gets on the dance floor," she said. She was looking at the floor when the first dancers swung out from a table at the right of the floor. Janet stared. Then she leaned forward, feeling herself tense all over. His back was to her but she knew it was Joel. When he wheeled expertly, carrying the thin woman who was his partner with his ryhthm, she saw that it was he. Joel with a green carnation In his buttonhole. Her eyes felt hot and she wanted to cry out to him, knowing now all that she had not known. Her blessed baby was a gigolo! He was ashamed to 'tell her how he earned his money. That pride of his! How he must have hated what he was doing. Oh, she was proud of him. She felt rich suddenly, protected and secure and very proud. Her husband wouldn't let is wife hwork. He could take care of his wife. He'd do anything to prove it. "Shall we dance now?" "Dance? . . . O h , Harry, I ' m afraid I can't." She couldn't let Joel see her there. If Joel didn't want her to know what he w a s ' doing, she was not going to humiliate him. She was going to say that she had to hurry home but then she thought of something, something t h a t became important. She drew her vanity from her pocketbook, powdered her nose and touched her lipstick to her mouth. She fluffed her hair out under her straw hat the way she had seen a movie star do it. "Harry," she said as though the idea had just returned to her, "did you really mean it about the screen test?" "Sure enough," he took a card from his wallet. "If you do, I'll give you a card to Kurt Jackson at the studio. He'll arrange it.". Janet wet her lips. "Will . , . will you see it?" "Not until after it is made. I'm going to Chicaggo tomorrow. Why?" Janet relaxed and smiled, "I , . I just wondered it you would." He was beginning to write. "What name are you using?" Janet thought very quickly. She said, "I don't know yet. Couldn't you just say 'the bearer?' " "Sure enough," he said and handed the card back to her. Janet read: "Kurt, please give the bearer a test at your earliest opportunity. I think I've got something here." The message was written around his engraved name. "Thank you," she said, wrapping the precious square in her clean handkerchief. (To Be Continued) LIVESTOCK Every Saturday Have consigned for this sale-300 lo 400 CATTLE--A lot of stock cattle, all weights and a big- run of butcher stuff. Remember we have one of the best butcher markets in Iowa and have packer buyers with us each week who will pay the f u l l market value for your fat cattle. IVc have feed and water in every pen and all cattle are sold hy weight and weighed over ffnvcrnmcnt tested scales. HOGS--Will have some food feeder pips weiphiup from 50 to 101 pounds. Also a lot of hoars. Will have some heavy vaccinated feeder plfrs. SHEEP--Bred ewes in demand. Horse, Mule AUCTION! Every Tuesday We had 147 horses last sale, among" which were some real good market horses. The trade was about $10.00 per head cheaper than last week. A good shaped horse and uood mares were the hcst sellers. We will have a lot of outlet Tor sood .shaped horses next sale. Will have buyers for sev- p.ral coorl malched pairs nr.xl Tuesday; also a buyer for some bandy priced pairs. Killer buyer as usual with SIO top. Regular Livestock Auction Every Wednesdaj' ill hax'e a gnnd run of all kinds of livestock each Wednesday. Have been selling 3DO to 401) cattle each Wednesday with plenty of buyers for all k i n d s of cattle, hogs and sheep. Please ffet your stock in early. It will pet you a belter place in the auction and will help us in handling- the sale. All stock sold as it comes i n f o t h e barn. Marvel Sales Co., Webster City, Iowa perse. 15; capons, 7 Ibs, up, 21; less than 7 Ibs,, 21), Butler-- fi.fil.1, easy; creamery specials 3 score 1. IWnfTrci'/*; extras (92|, 32 Vi; e x t r a firsts i f l f ) - 9 l i . aa^32 l / : firsts I B B - R9L ZW-tW*; standard,? lOCl cenlralized carlols), 32\'t. ERRS--JJ.H49. n.nsy; e\lr.T firsts, local. 22',:*; liars, l!: 3 li fresh graded f i r s t s , loyal, 22; cflr-s, 22/ v ; c u r r e n t receipts, aiVi.. rnonuci: ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ) NEW YORK. MO--EBSS. 10.26B, u n s e t lied; mixed colors, special packs. 24ijj'25: s l a n d a r d s , 2:1^23^4; fir.m, 22'/aTI 23^; un- dergrade,-;. 21!£fj22; other mixed colors unchanged. Tlulter-- 10..T7R. e a s r r r ; cronmcry J i l c h o r irm rxlr.i. 3.Vv"),11V; cxlr.i t U 2 s c o r r t . 1-1 !!i. first* i f i B - n t scorwi, a a ' i O l M : r r n - Iralizcd iW) scorcl .12 =V % ; other b u t t e r prices u n c h a n g e d . Cheese--173,592, n n l c t and u n c h a n g e d . Live p o u l t r y slow and easy; by freight: No quotations Kanawha Sales Pavilion At Kanawha, Inwa, Located 12 Miles South of Drill on Highway No. 111. FRIDAY, JANUARY 29 STARTING AT 12:30 P. M. 20 HEAD OF HORSES--Good work horses, all a ff e« and weights. Few fine yearling and 2-year-old colts. 150 HEAD OF CATTLE--Some high d u a l i t y mi |k cows and heavy springers. Choice fectlhifr entile. Good hreeiline bulls Butcher stock of all kinds. 100 HEAD FEEDING PIGS--50 HEAD OF SHEEP including good bred cwcs and fine native Iambs. All stnc.k can lie weighed over our Government Ic.sU rrt scales rifrlil a f t e r leaving snip Huff. We. pel you Ihc highest m a r k e t price. S a l i s f a c t i n n fftiaranleed. H. BRUMMUND, Auctioneer and Manager v.'-.·;!

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