The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 7, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 7, 1913
Page 6
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Ordered Out to Ooeli Rlotifi! in JAMES F. FIELDER. Governor-EJect c f New Jersey Had Support of President WUson. RGAD EjGu ;PROTEST 30 WQHEI | Huir rForce Arbitration In Street Car May Proclaim Martial JLav.v. of j ',771 7 7 7 3 COLORED BROCADE BRIGHTENS DARK FROCKS ! Indian? psHs, lad., Xcy. 1.--t i entire Kationa- Guard, cons- i' u;ore thaa 2-C-'l sc-idsers, are ci _ ( l l a different aarts o: insiiaaapo-is. ab 5 ! .-eatl} for duty is the srri-.e oi the em- j : ::k»es of the !sil!aaayo-is Yra-di'jii aaa j ! ^Sp^cl^! tra'.ns brought the troops to j Inciaiiai-olis :::rler auiried order?, aad j they v.-ere detrained ia the suburbs, \ virtual!;.- surroEZMiias the tows. Grest " s^,*~ "·' "vas EiainEsUEsKJ as to i-- e Uovemest and arrival of the militia, f a-u i"ev, citizens knew that they haa i L-eea c-aSJed cut. i The uaas bringing the troops were ! 5-o-;r l 'l outside of Indianapolis by oS- cers'ot the National Guara.and given ."reciions. A!i eciapanies vrere helu j when !::"·· arrived r-ir.j! they v.-ere o:" _ =uch Eiiiiibor ihat it was deemed safe i I'Vor^j to prevent any clash with tie S sir'^-rs, -A-ho -a:ier learning that the I tro3-.o had been ca"_-d 0:15.. were on | i he- -X, s:ree:s ia !a-se nu:n- ! bers. ! v;ots» s has marked the sifike s.ncc I -he :,es:Inni2. and lour deaths have i oco-r-fil as a"result and scores of per- .s Show Measure Is"Ahead, But Many Districts Arc Yet to' Kcijori. Philadelfihia^.^Cov. 7.--The vcte of iirty-sevon couniiej, including 'Phil*- j lelphia, but not Allegheny county, give ;he joa! bond issue amendment a. ead of nearly 5000 votes.--* , UaleaS some of the counties to be j i leard from give icaiorities -for the j j oan It *.vi!l surely "be "defeated, as the i · ip-state districts. have vtry nearly j ) a-iped out Philadelphia's 47.0» :aajor- | | ty for it. J i John J. Henderson aas received. 20*V t ;00 votes for the superior t-puri^Judpe- I ship, aad his election seeaas assured, j T-he i~s.cs for the ctier Hudson Sac 54 32250 f.o.b. Detroii True Streamline Body -. . Left-Side Driv« Right-Hand }'s fourth, =ftiU: 1S4^21 rules.- I AIGRETTE. SdlSgfiRS. TEARS . J No If s pr Ands or Buts About a Hedson Six 54 '\7Q~U selcQia need to shift gears.-^i£hem6tor flexi- Y biEty takes-c^re of the different^ speed fend ixad: - -, vt": - L ~ v V.-s" --.*--" " conditions.,-^ {Husband Applauds When Custsms In- j '. . specters Seize Wife's Pi'-'.Tpge- f · .. Boston, Xov. 7. -- i^rs. Jobs J. 'Jic- | U-er, of Kansas City. i:ad a uea-.Cfcl | I issrette oa the hat she vrofe when sbe ; · foadeti froic tiie liner Kraneoula. t"ji j }!ie customs saea soied I: as'l Aclr ] ^scissors appeared. . I · "Good, sood," c-rsed Mr. GJcver. -\'~?o \ tras with his v.-jfe. "I'sa slad they are J Qoiag it, I told you so." ( Mrs. Glover wepr. A woman in *a ^second cabin also had some feathers '. tal-:en from her bonnei. lENER TO SOGGEI LYNCH, IS REPORT VTr.:;.- . tou'-l -Vd colors are very moC^U.; To maks 7713 in size 35 -L renujras ! i --u-:e sufficient to Ur-gnien. 2^ yards oi S5 inch rr-ater.o. .bol and irim ib» srreei dress or su.^ I-^-r! needs for size 24, S yards o: Jo ino= d^ls 'Si-. Ufe 'adulsjefi in io tile !:c--irfs A clever xvay to introduce tne vivid ^.·:ti' " The rich coi-or-^s of the 1-: u- ; bi: of colored brocade or embroicierr ^^-7e ss «r:hancea by a touch or ;-:c.t; ; s S ho-v:i ::i 777^. The material o: the ^-r ^ani" color i'2^ so iveii deserves \ urcss is r.avy b'.i:e silk pop-in. There -:t«"z^.me." Th«i b:O=d or she 01 rhe "-i; j s a nirRgiir.s of several soft Turkish irtT-K-eep" coniplexioii may select Tur-! tones :n the eicbroiden-. Rose an^ t-LS 1 ' green or one of the brilliant b-u--s' gc ij predomir-atiaer. As:ue from the -TO-" the co-jch of sharp cor-.zrast re-! = nset O s the siae of the blouse anu quired on the nevr suit or IrocS. - ; skirt, the sash may be in a contrasting: ' A. pV-in blouse and p:a:ti skirt are : shade a'.so. A higa roll collar is an «=ed Ia J ?7I3-7S51. The design siioxvs a.', attractive- feature of this modei. novel "two-piece skirt. The arrui.gc- i desigm may be copied in size 36 mer-t of the vucks on the front gives I ^ith 4% yards of 42 inch matenaL t|j^ effect of a tunic in from and a.: Xo. 7712--sizes C2 to 42. «;i;^-K- draped :a back-, o. 7SG1--sines ±2 to 30. ^"blouse shows a s^oc! iooliir.g rag- | " Xo. 7773--s.zes 34 to 42. iaa sleeve in a drop-shoulcer. I Each pattern 15 cents. "Whether the street cars are to be mar.ned bv =old:--»rs, officers in charge -.'.·o:ild not saj. Maitiai :a\v his so' ·e-r \}r-e-n declared, S'*i~ s-cb a prccla- -aatic:: is espectcd to be Issued :ron- the Kovcraor's et3;e. r -l_ r , v - 3y .. 7-oniec, members of tnr Garaient \Vorkers" usicn. ru^^ec ;-/--'-o : ;? the stats Lease iav.-: into tae I cap'wl and to the sovcrEcr? office, -·hpro they dc-rsauUef! that Governor ;i To obi--in eilber p^;t-_ni i!lustT;ired 2-- j| oui ihls coupon ir.c c-r.c:cse 15 c--n^^ :rs !; ^° "'" Ij --~= si Address 'j Ralston force arb-tra-fcn =n tUe streel S ·;··;. by A-- .-.t". TrcSi .Vs=ociatio.-!. § ieevernor Teikeil of For President o! National Leapt y f**_ 7* · 1^^- i.1- % L ^.«XV«iNJ5JiS' * "^X*^ *»^* ·*'--«·--·--·-··-- - _7 ---- --- ^ r -- ^* ovsr the react' ~It^ gives tie sensation oT Sying. .It rides like constant coasting. It will ran sasootably-- on high gear-- at the pace of a man's walk. Tkis is ideal in congested traffic. It will "pick up" almost instantly to the speed of an. express train. This without r changing a gear -- v.-ithout touching a lever. Just a "slight oresrore of the foot on the accelerator pedal is required. There is no jerkiness. There is no annoying and tiring vibration. See These New Features i-t j4X HUDSON Six 54 has the True streamline body that 1 comfortably seats four, fi^.-e, six or seven passengers -- foar- speed transmission -- left-side drive -- right-hand (center) control -- new, j£is' type !De!co electric cranking and lighting svstem. patented -- entrance to driver s_seat from-both sides of car -- gasoline tank in dash -- ne-.v "dimming" electric headlights -- 135-inch \vheel base. Come, see for yourself the true Stresnxiine Body and examine the smoothness and flexibility, of a real six-cylinder car. HI1L t Philadelyhia, Xov. 7.--John K. Tener i · r^_ ^--jxTM;,i^w-. ^.r rYtf. X"i ^*'*»»*r»l T .4-riffllfr I ;:or president oi the National League ief Base Bali Clubs. That's the latest ; base ball ruraor, and it euiar.ateJ 3 JJ fsH I It wouldn't be a bad ?"-' for the | National Leaguers ii they ec.iio iu*er- I est tae governor ef Pen-is: Ivanic into jtaklns the Jeadeishlp cf ts.eir organi- ' : zation; It u-o;:!d give them some p-jwer i aad prominence, and more t^an Hi:e:y CeorsetoT. t. i-:.. Xov. 7.---Heirs to ! ^.^ t - aem stronger organization than more than a ^.. !.;. and'a hair" dollars J ^^ i, a ve had since the American For Sale by S. G. BIGHAM, Biglerville, Pa at Mm There seems to be some move to rs.nir suJce- wealth ;se : ! eliminate Thomas J. Lynch aj presi- ·^·Tr--i « - tii*"^-~_r" school chi»Jres, men. asserted that he ha-l no a::iujr::: -,D force arMtratfcr.. c-"t that ha li~'-'- tclcen ap ca:li as governor of Inaiar-* ro sugr-ort the consrLuiic:! r:na to sn fcree ths lav.-s. He ssia he was In sy= paihy v;!:h the un'.nn -iier,. br.t c-or.l' net aliov- a condition o: la.-.-. lessnss to e;ist. and It v-'as b-s s?. orn T:«ty tc rrcieec. r.;e and nrcnerry. , . _ _ _ Brsffadisr Gtsieral Vv"llisis -1- pc-r 01 amon tv.o paid lib r-o-e to A Brand New Supply of kets :a:J rea!:v l~e-. ".eft ro them. rue street car strike oili :;r hac ceen tola there v: :f « orsiereJ to ere :a [ Sent--just the same as in. other years. | tention to 't than , j. - g e ; Eerellt: j n r jie American League, :aet thc.t the money | ^.-^^.^ johnscn has a Ions-term eon"" j tract. It is said that Lynch, will cle- gve-year contract this fal : - L- h-re. Biaiikvis o: every dorvription and at all :irii-fe from Si.Os* up. The prices dcf-catisnp r.pon t!ie ouuiitv--bat n-"t a poor on*' In the lot. You know the kin-l you haxe Lojghz Lere !»,-:o-e-- we jrnanuiu-e th«? now I-»t to v/ear os-gocd or better. T5ie n -xv designs and pattern? are sure to vic-a^fc- of \\iHiatn and Water-proof Robes ' The sa'ar" ci the- offic sc-hocflmr.;-s. The. -R-aole school ~--zs\ ^^ report Vas put i:p to Governor I Iszea ------- :n ?t learned of their sudden j Te _ er - - - .!*/· = P v !d ao i "-SZISE!:. ~n:l Iras- net yet recovered _? ; -~fL.'-" r ~e:ve- for the street ca: T^-ey arc- -he first millonJiSres George ;e QI tnt 1 :a-vn · ,; i ".t^TL"": :3 r-c-j ~- | ..v:crc -p-- seen to the -''- is t Harrfs^ and the chief executive ot ihe state sairi it Tva=n: to ! he considered sericxisly. I "The nature of your Inquiry stir- · orises me." said ihe governor. "I am : n The governor's fie" ! s:on ihe raiiitia '"as reschs^ a: ferer.ce hac '"'"··z-'l to rea:: metr. or. B -ea-ea'-le rcca- the =:r'- r e. Tae r-ot:*;^ - «-hss the street car c - . c r«-a:Iy Eo;and_ and f . he :at ; OI , a i i_ ea c-«ie .hence it wo;i!d " j~. --- ^.'V. *--r^.-7 -o C^-»*^ ' \ QnTl O-* A^ I"_ ! _ - T - » -- ___ _ - -- «._ , T : _ ~ . . i -- n -rT-.*^ STTT*'. th Kr -j r-crsb and a saail s t -.o , ^ foolish for . of :vliitor.l, ec ^, \-erc great!:- ^: -| nevertheless in base ball circle? tne jc legacy, as the- r . re -, o ^. se emed to be ;akea q«i:e seri- iave been so j O3 - gl _ T|ie faci that G 1^2 ^~ ! " -. iream, Cor. York and Stratton Streets Gettysburg, Io tlisiuss the sub- » S g 'S r. Yott ne^.-er quit paying fcr a poor roof. Tps year ifc ^secls uaiadns, next year perhaps patching or otner repairs. ThVyear after you iriay be digging clovm tor liie price oi: a ne-vv rcc-£ . , It coss iust as irrcchlo lay a cMeap^rooi: as it aoes_to put dc%v-n rearing that yon CSLH bar.k on for ten years. \V fay take cnances ? %'ty risk ten years of endless expense ana needless bother -wheE, at the same cost or less, you can gelPveliance? , . , ~ =g Reliance Roofing is the tinquestioned choice of hard- -~ to-p^se bizi'ders the counizy over. After ten years Oi U service on every/iiind of building, ReHance Roofing stands ( | today in a class by itseli. tg Guaranteed 10,- Years GETS ELECTiQ^ WISH: DIES iGHf^ MITCHELL TO RETIRE Wife of Yonkers. N. V.. Mayor Want ) e3 tc See Husband rie-E'.sctei. | YcrV-rs. X V. Xor. 7.--ilrs "."i: f :re: Brt'er ' v : ."c- c: jiii.yf ^ ^- -- T" VYH' w:rrdra\v Frcm Sncorr.eTax Hits r-rsnce. Paris. -Cov. 7.--Seme of the Paris banhs are :n a Quandary over the *A-r»-:can Feclsratlor. of i-scor. | Unitea States income tax law. Taey 3 r.t . :.: i -,,_ £;-^,- f 7. 7.--John r-Iitchelh j hold about ?5,0 n .00ft of cour-ns .o ^_-.»."eIy eonnecied ! American securities ~bica have T :een .* -*-Q Ainerican Fpt'^r- i alreadv cashed or discounted, anc the You Bay a Stief f Piano Yon get an iastrnment, into ahich is built all that trie skill ami experience That 71 vears can pive von. The carear of tlie Stief f Piano Is oae of uninterrupted honor. Honor because of excellence--and honor v,i:h r-Ticcess. It is a piano kno-.m to our Fathers and Grand-fathers, and frosa the first it Jias I^en sc--«=Lt after, honored and esteemed, and O I Boating or 'ainting i-j^r.^^ch^cZ snc 7rayec that sne live to se° h-jr hasosu:* =ali that her intense :n:«resi ^ ·-'-' v ££ ~ "" " T- 1 ·"' for - r: s i'srii'-a'. a- «:s rcsr r : ;C.TJ. ^-- sn"ic - --I ar 11 v-"I:r.z tc -o now -3-^;.^" rad rel -r- ""-Irs. he ?ecera:°OE at Its inert 'a: T ie next ~eeli. - -,1-^= .«:.-j Lis -:ary. "I: «'l n --= ^3t mean th^t ;J::ic; tha la^o r I T.-^r.r :o give T!ace to a -«-v."er cf ;^2 Ur.itea ii; ~.c ·i" \;i e'-irr- "-hr. has do:-.e - - --^- "~-'-"p r~»-i=c ar.a TTh« I "i-j ^,« njr--l^ nr. official or Boaster Ss Returned io PKson. St., i!o , Xov. 7_--^Vi:i:am Perkins, a prscner in The co::aty jail at Le 3e!:e-riie. I: 1 -, vras tn:-:en to Atlanta, .to servo a life term for murder rgreTitly of assault ar.:i Vs-fai'.e ;mpris- or.ed bcnstc.l that h« had kslicd a man j an,: ha aescapea from a Georgia chain IT IsYilE BEST-INVESTIGATE. SEE THE-STIEFF-HEAB IT Satiffr vju-s-lf as to where your piano_ money "Hi *ring die titsscwt Stieff Player Pianos They are .afferent from Other player?. It is tbe one piajer-pLiao that c^i*. n T^!.s-cd "siLh a human-like to::ch- ^ \Vri;e^r our ^-aurifa! new cataio.cce. fnily illustrating each piano. vVe wili niaii it to vo:;, free, or ca:! and s^x the instrnnients- EVERY PI.VNO FUIJA- GUARANTEED. WHY NOT OVTN A GOLD MEDAL ?TIEFF OM pianos taken ir. ex.-hansc. Our prk-ea are right, onr t^rms v» ill suit yon. S t i e f f P i a n o W a r e r o o m s WV T ONG :;i'i West Market Street "" " ' YORK, PA. ^OO««OOOO«« 9*«***O*** I Pxe'.:=-ce R.oo5r.£ :s !ne only prepared roofinginat!e Ih=t :3 c^aran^e- tc r'--= saliefactory sen.-.cs fcr ten jears or -- ore uxincut rsc_c:.^r.s pcii-rj'-, cocfin^ or j-epc£r£*=£. If = t'^c one roof you can s=tcj ; put OT a-v b-ji'.d.r.". Once !a;d, it nccas r.o father attention. .ej!=rc= R^o^r-s is all thai a s oo= ros£r.s sko-^la *s- It ar^-.vcrs cver- s=-su..e roo£-.£ M-ant at a reascr.asle jrncc. _^ -r^t~ -- - »· j YOJ carr-ot a»Dra to tal^c'e RiUA^Cc. batoned , ^_ ;_ _, ,,,, c , : ,.^ O f --. v: oi aro =.clcp-, : .r,^ Rciiar.ce R=or.-.~ as ^lar.c- ·VjO---«J · * t,.'^. J -- x ^ . . TM . V/* * - - -- %----«--· *--**- »- j- ·» ^ 1 1 ~ T arc. Sifo-= icj: ssar.i a defer cr. roonr,^. call er telephone rra Jcarr-. v.c. :Xc niiiJ'fj.ct-'-ir- o: Rc'iar.ce can afTorcl to back i: -.vitii.a Xo-Ccst- i'a;nt icr.-Year Guarar-.tcs. E -"t v/tieon Safety Merrber. "\ i ; : rTO. Xov. 7.--Pres'-dent TTil- ^-- '. --.-si fcG3i' i rr~ :riem:crsh.r; Is ... ,-. .. ,,.-. PO . ;-=ty. -31; organization OeparLment Store Baltimore St Gettysburg, Pa GENERALJSARKE! S "^FILADEL-FniA--FLOITR stea-:y; -inter "clear. SS.752~S.SO; city zalils. 'anc'. S i-S- 1 "- fL 3.i:. RVE FLOUR qr.ieL at S350@C.50 ^er barrel. T'"HSAT steadv; No. 2 rea, new. SI© Gettysbiii'g Auto Tire Repair Shop 42 V,-. HiGK STREET '··_ i r tn.\a tlif- TWELVE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE _ , i .. United Phone 117 X t i i p - a sjv'a'.i; . A.STONER, prop V.3ATHEH EVESYV/HERS. Ber. ...f Oir.o. C^e-'tor G." in:-:r .". E%.-^r.Th .i s,rkt of Oh'.o -.vr.ham-on. r.f OT.:O. Believe Csstro 5s in Jsrrsica. Ktags'-'n. .Ta'. ?;^a. Xov. 7.--It i*. * r.e-.c-rt'-ai O-^nc-.-.l C'pnar.o j,^ r...: ' ,· ;./.." at:^ 3.'aro:.;.ig U For Bruises. Starch or arrov.-root, s.i;ghtlv IP.CJS tened, keeps dov, i f svelMr.5 and facir. tales the healing o." briii^s. The WeatJ-or. r.;- tOvlav; dou'iv tomorrow; F j\ 1: \\ :::ds. u Produce Markets. H-C \G-^--HOGS vea's r.r.u sener- .".- :o-.-:crr b.jik of sales. ST.TOSf .- h-r.t ^Zwj^^.:' 1 : mixed. 3--'" v-_'^ rosvy, S7.4-"v'^.2";; rough, $7.40 " C*'- TT^T F v": ii'^AJv: bcoves. $6.70® " ' ' ,fl f.- Daily Special. Even Ii You Are Beaten a Xcse, YOL Get Second Money.- ;;'3; !am'»« ['7.SO; "covs _and calves, SG.-jO@ *j 7.-=0. azaar and Oyster Supper The Oyster Supper and Sale to fe-heKl in the Presbm-rian Cbapel. Hr.nter=town, Saturday Afternoon a^d Evening, November ISA, l*--:nnir.c at or.e oVlo^k, is Gro^ia|: in Interest. The ladies have many wsefa!an-.! l^-ansif'-J a:tSes. tocher witis son\e admirable pieces of finey work, all of which will fae --f 1 L Ixsines mcnr-other things, Ice Cream, Cake, Candy, Fruit and Other Refreshments will be oa Sale. \5i ··-:»«,«:-Jiv a a kcd to brinz a companion. a n ^ the vobhc is cor-= S ., -*** *»·-'·· ' -- _^ ^ _^ -.-v -_ (g *j* ^. No Fee. "Why Is it that you never ask after your relations when you meet them, doctor?" "Secr.'use I don't care about auuce free." To freshen « fnr crtnunr.'i,::" this r.r.tii The fur !y T\-!tn a flat :o:Ttor. isovor vE-!t!i f-iisrht oc'ored f.:rs are of:««n 1c l.y mbbhssi vt-ry tlsorovshiy vith cornirseal. ni!1«ed ".x-Ii SP. thon fuiiv bntlieil and ber.xon out. cart 1 stupid. 5 papH-- in k-5i-»l is due chfeS." H ! no:d sro-svtbs in their na*al «-.:%:t . ! ."- ·"·^r-t thtt thev are allowetl or com- · ^etie'cl to sleep tri«t windov.-.-; closed and a kerosene lamp still further fonl- iii" toe air. In the name of decency and sood health pnt up toe -crfntlows and give the Iwys and girls a cbance at some fresh air-nights. It a cent- ,1 '· JEWS PA PER I

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