The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 7, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 7, 1913
Page 5
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7312 7533 DRESSING SACKS AND OTHER DAINTY GIFTS · By JULIA J30TT063LEY. What could please s. cainty woroan. snore than the little dressing sacks mace of mull or silk or any of the thin filmy fabrics of which there are so many? These fabrics srs gay with printed flowers or covered v.-ith dots and embroidered Sgcres. Wt-sa a plain mull or batiste is used it is embellished with tacks, embroidery and lace. Ribbon rosettes and bows are used on ail of-these pretty rnom? Eg THE RUSTLER'S CONVERSION Kindness Subdues a One Time Border Ryfnsn. YALE-PRlpETON IV, 15 THE INCREASING POPULARITY OF - THE PEG-TOP Much of tb«i smartness an'l grace of the naodish broad waist and hip lines is embodied in the peg--top skirt -which tapers to a narrow footline. making the effect stii! more phasing. Especially suited to these skirts are the "piJe"' fabrics, velours, velvets and velveteens. They are thick yet kght in. weight and aid greatly in bringing- out in their folds th«=- loose unSttec effects desired. 7S12 shows a ppg-tnp skirt and s. blouse with a. drop-shoulder, which is another smart detail of many of the new designs. An :nsct vest which may be of brocade or embroidery is a pretty feature of this design.,Leather colored veiours die lame is an) unusuajly smart suggestion for this style of dress. A model of Bemy seen at a. recent opening «f leather colored duvetyn -with a belt of sreen suede inspired the color schemfe. To copy this model in size 35 it requires 5t~ yards of 42 inch material. Plaid for the blouse that cleverly repeats the color of the dark skirt with, which it is worn is the combination, used 'a 753S. The low shoulder and a natty collar are features of this design. Size 2S in this model requires 4% yards of 36 inch material Xo. 7S12--sizes 34 to 42. Xo. T53S--sizes 34 to 42. Each pattern is 15 cents. To obiaSn either panem iH-us'rated fi:i out ibis cc"'non and enclose 15 cents in stamps or ci-r*. 3e sure to state number of pattern irxi six* 1 , rneasunn^r over tr»e fullest part of the bust. Adcress Pattern Department, care of tills paper. Xo. Size Address .... ... -- .. -- | j jackets and lace miikes a dependable j and barraoEious finish for tbera. I A. dressing sack of India la-am is shown here, cat from a piece covered with half-inch tucks. It has the popular kimono sleeve v.-Uh slain b^adiag set in,'through which an inch-wide ribbon is ran. The body is set in to a. belt of embroidery. The little basque, set on the be!t, is plain and SEished v.-ith a ±»«UTO T A- hand-sewed hem. An edging of Val lace is ?. hipped to the hem and finishes the neck and sleeves. Boi«s of narrov.- ribbon cecorate rhe sleeves and We placed over the button fastening al the aeck and waist. The material for such s. sack will cost anywhere from one to two dollars in-good Qualities. A short fciaoBO jacket of silk cr printed cottons costs nerc to nothing in the inatter of material. Ttro yards of yard--side goods is aa aiaple allowance fcr It. The woman, who ffo se-rr aeatlv finds It possible to take the simplest materials--store lengths" and remnants of goods that cost nest to nothing-- ana convert Them into just such nrettr kimonos and dressing sacks as are shown here. It requires very liitle er- Walter's Theatre Friday November 7 Direct From LaFayette Theatre New York Rogers and Creamers Negro Players of America m "The Old Man's Boy" A Three Act Musical Comedy 40-PEOPLE-40 Read What The New York Critics Say New York San: The first night's audience did not know that the term "Xegro Players." es the advertisement says, is a phrase meant to denote an attempt to display the literature and talent of a distinctive race. So they were a little surprised ·when they found pathos, plot, though a meagre one. and a problem mixed ap ·with an Apache dance, clog dances, ragtime and other things that have made the regulation minstrel shoir. But they took it in good part, even with, enthusiasm, and that is saying more than coald be said of many a Broadway show. If "The Old Man's Boy" had lain for tweniy-fo-ar hours on the desk of a Long Acre Square manager it might not have appeared in the form tha'c it did. Which is not saying anything against it- Prices 50c and 75c, Seats now on safe at People's Drug Store. pecciturs of money, bnc some time and ability to make theia Tip--but they are worth it_ 'Something pretty ana useful as wefi makes tee fees:, of sll Chrisiisas gifts to women friends. Here is a group of dainty feminine belongings all easy to make and eosiisg anywhere from 50 cents to S2 or S3, depending upon the sort of Iace nsed in them. The bonnet-shaped cap Is mace of a. half-yard of all-over Iace and three- quarters of 3. yard of lace plaiting which is bought ready made. A circle having a. diameter of IS inches makes -the-crowa.- This is gathered into the bound edge of the ready-made plaiting- Two yards of ribbon an Inch and z. half wide forms a band about the face and neck^Smsted with a little how at each side.". The plaiting Is tnmed back acoat the lace and tacked to place. The crown of the other cap is mace of two strips of ribbon and three o* years ago J- visited, the far vest, uassiujr tls/wugii c region that e:,*. r : I put up «ne uigiit at the house of Jolia jJurphy. a jeeu- raisor. His ranch house T»"as not. large, but corn- end it* decorujioisi shotted of refia«3cd. His -sife a woman who impressed we as one having considerable eiui;)ou« ^ud character. After sapjKr i went utit 0:1 lite ixrch to have a awkv v.-;i!n il'^rjiliy and listeued' \vuh iu:er*.-t :o hi* accocnt of the biiil*l!!;;r u; of his i rerfon- Dcriajr oar cvsiversatiou I stared the opinion tb;:i mea were: went women n:ade the:!!. Then he! t«!f! aie bis story. I "You're dead riKhL srnsnser." be } -said, "oiid I'm oue of ib«* men that [ Jitv»» been tnnde by a -woman. When I «?H-.e to this country it was from an esssc-m city, and iny education was tlerired from the dime novel. I was a v.-aif. with no father or mother to Trr-isH into n»e the fact that however h-nv«r tite road agents :i!»l others of I read they wer«* acting on a wrr.iss principle. As it was. I ad- Ljlrt-d them, and almost before I be- '-iU-c- a man 1 scraped uj. enoti^b nv«::ey to brine me out h»re to live th« 5:f.» of my heroes of the !me novel. "1 soon £0£ to be a head mail aniou:; them and for esjrbt years iired a life ;h: 5 t I v.-ou!ti give anytlshiK I have to forcet. I have to he thankful for only one thing. Dnringr that frsshtfnl pr.- r««sl 1 never took a life. I didn't a.:- e:ir:i:Uue any moaey. and if 1 had I} sbf'-:d later oa have got rid of it. j "One eveains I stoppesl at a^h'.K?*) aa'l knocked at the door. 1 imenrl=d '. to ;:sk for soiae supper, expecrinsr OBC '· ;3«;^^ to n-QT my bearing for vaJuft-1 b'cs and t-ike them away ivitii me. t; hs.fl snirteu in with the intention *£ j for.^jiict: iny operanous to siafM-1 co::;-hes. ancy payniasters ai:d tisu j :I};^. :-nt man is always SOIDJ eitlis-r, ;ip*ii«5 or downhill, ana as I was neix*-1 -··ir: : y ^:::'jr down I -wasn't above tax- | ir^ :'n;.-ib=pcr I could set ray hands f-n. j {-. r-r. fro:u ;: woiKan. | "A ·woman came to the door, ohe v,-a: y«»uac and fairly jroc:! looking:. To f r :y reone«t for some snpper !:e save. a '·;:::!in'j: ::s-=eat. askin? ine to c.tnie ; r --;;(7 make myself comfortable. She west into the kitchen, and I looked abnnr me. There -was a chimney in th-_ i room where I was with no Sre. t know a csitacey was a fnvorite place t«' 'i:do -^n'lney. and. s:oin:c to the Sire- pince. I shopped and looked up. On a I'rejecor IT !,rick 1 sa\v, a small b--i. ·n-h:-.-h J sppropriared -nntJ. 'Iftrn:: the corvr. ?:'.w a lot of bIHs and loose -h?nc3?. I slipped it all-in my pockec ar-»: i;"t the box back in the chlraoey. "F.y and hy rhe yonn?- woman came In a:n: stc a sood suppar on tlie tab!e. : ::re my fill ai.d when I had finished tsf''^ »ut one of the colas T bad taken frr,r:! the I-or aad hauded It to ber. "' "^ro." -h'» «:!?(!· "there's uotbiuc t" pay. You're ijnito --eicorne to your sapper. I 'iripe 5t *!::s done yon goai3. Vr--; : '-nkcd tired and hungry when jou cnn;i* :n. nun 1 felt ^orry for yen. So T Is iv«- d~e:i yo:^«he best iu the lieaee " "T ! 'jt --.ns ti:e fir-=t ie^son in ksncl'I- rcs-= T ever receivod. At any rate. :t ·=-?t rae first that ever took hoM «f n:e- TVhen I thought of the conr^r.ts of ts:e boz in sny iiocket and my r-Sfer- ;nc- one of her own coins-ln payi7:ent f^r hc-r kindness. i!-:t the~-1east part "of w!w*h TI-SS ;he way ==he-offered it. my n:o all up. I couldii'r look I:er in the Bpert Compares Olieooes of llie Great learns, eOHTEST Will BE 8LOSE, C'ark Figures Princeton Bet- t=r !n Back Field arc G'.vcs Ys!e Dest of !t !r. the Ur.a and !n the Kick-ng Department. Bv T O M M Y CLARK. Yale :ii!l PrijicftiMj hook up at New H Siva. Conn.. Xo^. ir». and a battie ro.ia! will of oii!^e occur. ""!« 4ese T«scrs cannot forget how dri-jjjy tli-ati ixilsttrd Ibey were a year n^o *\heu. iu the last fesv- uiiuuies and ttt-r were leading Y:ile' C to U. Pum- IH!!V kicked n KO:»! from the field and tied thirsts ·;·. That was a s-ad day for Princeton, fcr th« Jersey iaus counted the game I -"* r*holos by American Press Association. Makes Hard Work Easy! US 1 iNG. cleaning and! polishlzsg taidwood floors is harcL bad-breal:- I I Ing-wfc- An almost never ending task and seldom satisfactory tine old "way. Bsiitiscasy. naSckandsatisfactory lieTiewtray--csastJje O-OsJa" PoKsii Mop. WrtJiitirauca spend a few nrao:=s dofcg -wijat it now teles you al-Tvjr" half a day Yonsimp!ypa»»riieO-CcdarPoEsiMop05«rc:_fiooraa3 es-«7 particle of dostaadcttstakcaopaaciiicL TheSooru given a iiard, durable, IxS^og polish aad i» also psed for eggs!ing and cleaning ^fe4nps o» lii^Ii fmuilnrev oet^eesi ,d»e banisters of the stairs aad is so mzde that yon caa get to the far corner coder the bed. bcaealK the radiator and i Gamxteed or Xoaer Rrfs»3sd Try «a» O-Cbdar Polish Mop for two days at oar risk- Tea jt cieiy way for tvro days and xc ymtanenotdeBcIited wish it-we vriUpromptly refund your money GETTYSBURG DEPARTMENT STORE It Eu? to Clean Thtae H«rd-to^:et-At-Pl»Q«« Isce, each sis Inciies wide. They ars stitched together. A yard of plaited aset makes tfee ir-me. The crown is se--ed to tfce plaitiag and an elastic 27 incnes long is sewed at the joining. Satin ribbon one iucfc wide is gathered to form little Sowers of four petals each. Foar of these are set across the froat of the cap with a hanging loop aud end mailing a finish at each side. The corset cover made of strips of point d'esprit taSes some time to make, but very little sspease to bay the materials. The poiat d'esprit strips ' (or narrow edging of this pattern) are joined by an inexpensive cluay pattern of insertion. A beading of Swiss embroidery about the top and the waist carries a satin ribbon less than an inch wide. A very narrow Val edge finishes the top and the shoulder straps are made of these narrow icser- tions stitched together. These airy bits of finery are meant to wear under thia dresses, for special occasions. They are so pretty the recipient is sure to treasure theai and enjoy the luxury of wearing them. =« · s i f . _ " "Ton don't need to ^o on.' she said- "TVe have n -=pare le f l npstairs.* "I was tninkinsr bow I conld cet the money back h ?bt- bo^ in the chimney, and it oc*i:rred to me that if I stayed there a!! right T conld slip down In the ni^ht and lo the job. So I paid: "Thank yon. miss. If yon don't niir.d I reckon i will. It'll IK* a t accommodation to me." " 'Xo mor" than to me. 5Iy brnJI-er ;1~ wife hare ,ct3:e away fc a fev.- 3ay«i ai:»l 5eft me alone witl? tiie chf'jren. They say that ilnrjj'^y's gang Is itperatias !a the iieighliorh. id. anI I -nc.^un't miiitl bnving a man in the house." "'In that ".is?.' J sard. 'I think Z'U *iei*j 0:1 that lonnge. aud I'll gnararitee tfept no iann gets upstairs unless lie cro'-s orer wy dead body." "i knew iwo of my men wonH he a;r;;:r there tbat nisrbt. an«i T reckoned tb'v'd tske in anvihini: by the way. Tr- fir^t thing 1 d:l before tnmsns; in tra-: :o p»:t (be ra»--.ey back In the l-os. Vn-»n I'd l.-ne that I felt tbe first of a !c::'i of con:fort I'd never expersei^efi . I didn't go io sleep, -wanting -o IT ;:wake If any one called. In the !nlc,d!f ff t::e «I^*t ;ny two men. Pete C.irr.jckel and Colorado Bill, did cnli. i showered bnliets everywhere about tJjem except just where they were. :=n:i tne/ conciJMled there mast be a whose -4 igDance committee Inside. \Vhe7i they had gone I heard a soft voice cal! down the stairs: " 'Thank yojj/ *' Mnst yon go to steep. I'm in coia- rnaiicl here." ''And I've b*en In command here ever since. I rsi.irried the girl. I didn't confess till shortly before^the wedding and bare been living here ever since. My wife own«nl tlse property, and after I iu her brother's family went off «--~-»-T*a they bonght fnrtber west." * STEEIT OF SETCHAH OF TAIiE. ns nlre.-.dy won v.-ben the vaunted to. expert of the Bines ssn.islicd rbeir joy o;: ^mlies into miserable frowns. Princeton has been working dodged ly ro turn the t-'tbles this year. Th U'. % fe:-D by I/artEioutU was a surprise b=t :: .-i:;:rr«-"i the KIWI ro greater cf fi-rr.'- in triiniHg an;! ia de-\e:opinc: th es-.n-utioii of their plajs. VrK- '·-.i' l.isscs Princeton in the hick I:: r "X-ii-srUnwii. and tuls i;:cr may no te:~n- ::,* ;!ie re.ii!r. ,;s :::! t!ie college r.rx pUriuir very of :; si- kin- cr'tni- tM year, rumpelly is the jtn, boot- r of the E'ts. He :een on Ui sirk Si^r a irreat cJeu'. If he is :'.We t :: i-::o ibe "a=ne against Pri:;feton ih- Je~se;rite ^.viil have ujncb ro wor»-; about when tle Eii are wk'jin srriuTnr distance of their .soa!. owinj: to thi lontr range of I'nmi^lly's drop kicks Ketch:; m of Yale will, of course. IM si: n:-chor in the line. He has been AI American enter for two years As;:sin^t him wiil lie Swart f Prince to:-, who :j not in Ketch.iui's: cJ;«^S- Ho5»ey Bn^er. captain of Princeton ·w!:: l-e l:k»'!y ::t any moment t pel ff a sni;v; : jii/. na i rjjn thro - is:!i a brokei field. The Yale oiuis must cet dowr on him very ;-i!Ci;i;- and A cry close ii case of kicks, for once Hobey sets ^ co«I start rujn'.ii'.:; b.ick a 'Hint he I- npt to go ^Jttnjreronsiy i;jr. T3u» Tale Hne is "ootl nnd i^ stroii"ei tfa::n tfae b::ck fleltl. The many clinncre- aaj'Oe iji the lineup sbr.w that tb. bns have not been entirely satis tb«s-e of tlie Xe«v TT^reniie^. Tb Princeton team is f.T=t«r than the Elis and this fact will have its effect. T rin''ero:i is better ^xes on she end- tbrn Yr=!c. l«3t ort^iOe --.f t*»o«e pos: tions t! H t- X"t\- Haven forwards rre sn *· j ! i'-: ) - nv^r^ At n':.'irtfrbae! ;««:» ba-« Isnd no diff5---«Ity. f: . v;S:i rinkfr o:s i3se job. 3«it a* Ilrsvra ;he Coaches hnvo beej sor'-!y r.i:t. irylna one man and tbej snorher. Sfrcit nt fullback is nu ables '-k-^r T'IPIJ any of the Yale men To' ;i):r i':e i\ h'»le s;t^:.:tion into c-on sisI"7:iTi"r! .:; en-crb colJece. I think tin t"n.r:-=: ::rc- ab."t evenly mntched. -Toh-mv MscK. tlie Yale traijjcr. heU! the wr-xh o:j i-ic 5nnts of Knowle? nrsl Gnerr.^oy tl:e other day. It showed thnt fror.5 the tisne tlse -v.n :eft the crater's bands on t!«e pass to the kicker to the time it w.i« kicked forty-Sve ynrd down :he field and caught by the receiver just sovei: seconds on an z.v- ersse were consumed. ) TV 5 -.- ·i ii Good Advice. A Corn el i well wTsher sngcests ibnt Ooatli Courtney be called In to teach the foo«bnll team the successful Cornell rowing stroke. Noah Worried. "They say faitb. can move a mountain," he muttered. "I certainly hope Siobody has fooled with Ararat." Hurrah! "X.ow I want something In. youi liappiest vein," said the editor. "Bet- FOR SALE: fire thoroughbred bull McCammon.--advertisement All persons are warned not 50 trespass on tie preims^s-*of *-fl»e · *Sgned with dog:, gun or trap for the purpose of taking game in^any nor forcshing,or in any way injuring or destroying property. A11 fMiuiii till ^ting the laws of the comnionwealth with regard to trespassing on lands f «f che understguer will be dealt with under the provisions of the Act of April 14, '905. William Allison, Sam'L Walters farm, Hamiltonban township. John D. Riley, IL 12, Gettysburg, Pa. Cumberland Township. Mrs. J. E. Hughes, Curaberiand Township. D. B. V/ineman, Cumberland Township. Frank Mumper. E. 1, Gettysburg, Pa. : ^ C. J. Deardorff, Orrtanna, Pa. ' ' ~~~ Charles Wagaman (Dr. W. H. O'Neal Farm) Highland Township, F. L. Kime, Butler Township, Biglerville, Pa. C.-B. Shank, Straban To-A-nship, R. 7. Gettysburg, Pa. J. H. Kuhn (J. F. Kuhn Farm) E. 2, Gettysburg, Pa. 3It. Joy T-srp- JaAb Fromnieyer, Straban Toivssbip. George E. Harman. R. 6, Gettysburg, Pa. Butler Township. George C- Shealer, Straban Township- Mrs. Mary J. Weikert, R. 2, Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. J. 11. Res, Box 50, R. 2, BiglerviUe. Mrs. Matisda L. Codorl, Cumberland Township. Sarnuel Robinson, R. 1, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. J. I_ Toot, Straban Township. D. L. Jacobs, IL i, Biglerville, Pa. Buder TownshJ^. Joseph B. Twining, R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa. Edward A. Scott, R. -J, Gettysburg, Freedom Township. J. D. Brown, Highland Township. R. F. Biddle, Mt. Pleasant Township, R- S, Gettysburg. D. J Reile, R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township- Leo Fronmieyer, Mi- Pleasant Township, ilartin Winter, Cumberland Township and Gettysburg. W. T. ilchnng, Springs Dam Farm, Cumberland Township, liobert K. Major, Straban Township. John W. McIIherjiy Farm R. 7, Gettysburg, Straban Township. Charles F. Rebert, Seven Stars, Pa. G. W. Eidon, Bendersville, Pa. George D. Thomas, Chambersbnrg Pike. Robert Karner, Greenmount, Pa. .Harry E. Shriver, Butler To\vnship, R- 6, Gettysburg. Joseph A. Albert, Butler Township, R. 6, Gettysburg. Wiliiarrs Coshun. Srraban Township. D. C. March, Butler Township. R. 6, Gettysburg. Elias Woiford, Mt. Pleasant Township. '' E. L. Smith, Butler Township, Biglerville. ~ J. Edward Lav.-ver. Butler Township, R. R. No. 2, Biglecrflle. S. J. HaversiJck. M. M. Spoaseller farm. Straban Twp.^It 8, Gbg. M. E. Freed. Mrs. G. W. Bieseckerfarm, Franklin Twp., Cashtown. J. Kerr Lott, Cumberland Township. John H. Sponseiier, (McPherson Farm). Cumberland Township. Jacob E. Hoke, Straban To\v-nship, Gettysburg, R. 7. H. M. Sneeringer. R. 9, Gettysburg, near Bonneauville, Pa. J. D. Moose. Biglerviile. Pa. G. F. Basehcar, Gettysburg, Cumberland and Germany Townships. jjCuis Mizeli. Straban. Township. Getrvsburg, R. 7. N. J. Shank. Big!er\-ille Route "l. T. F. Roth, Bugler Tov.-p.ship, Gettysburg Route 6. C- S. Griesr's Sons (C- Arthur Griest. Mgr.) Guernsey. C. A. Heiges and Mrs. H. F. Eeiges. Franklin Township H. C. Warren. Menallea Township. C. H. Rummell on C. I_ Osborne'fami. Menallen Township. Wm. M. Bigham's So;is, Freedom Township. Win. M. Bieham's Sons. Libertv Township. Jacob F. Peters. Tyrone Townshio. R. 3, Biglerville, Pa. Charles Essick and sisters, Butler Township, R- 5, Gettysburg. J. C. Couison, Butler Townshin. A. S. Whisler. Mt. Pleasant Township, R. 10. Mrs- Clestia A. Black, R. i, Biglerville, Pa. George Herring, Highland Townsoio. W. F. Herbst. Orrtanna R. 1. O. B. Sharretcs, Cumberland Township, R. 2, Gettysburg, Pa. G. E. StaHsmith, Straban To\vnship, R- S, Gettysburg, Pa- John Dick, Hoffacker Farm, Straban Township. Gilbert Rudisill. Cumberland Township. Gettysburg Route 1. J. E. Jacobs. Eugene S. Kelly farm, Cumberland Township. J. Clayton Rider. Mt. Jov Township, Getevsburg R. 1, Charles Fidler, (W. E. Golden farm), R-'l. Bigterrille, Butler Twp. H. S. Mertz, Hamilton Township. (Campbell and Mover Farm.) James L. Bigham. Freedom Townshio, Gettysburg, Pa. Levi Cruni. Menallen Township. Mrs. Andrevt- Brough. R- 1- Aspers. Menallen Township. L. H. Meals. Cumberland Township. R- 5. Gettvsburg. C. W. Black. (J. Carna Smith Farm) R. 2, Gettysburg, Mt- Joy Twp. Wm. IT. Johns. Cumberland Township and Gettysburg. George W. Wolf. R- -3. Jjettysburg, Cumberland Township. Edmund Little. (John iiiocher Farm), Cumberland Township- Harris Cook. Mcnailcr Township. Walter C. Snyder. E. 12, Gettysburg. Pa., Cumberland Twp., Bayly Farm Vincent Redding. R. S. Gettysburg. Straban Township. Edward Redding. R. 9, Gettysburg. Straban Township, A. J. Smith Farm. II. E. Boyd. Guldens. Pa.. Straban and Mt. Pleasant Townships. Harry S. Trostle. Straban Township. Edward A. Trostle. Straban Township. John Leese. on Nathan Brown farm. Straban Township, Gbg. Route 8. Mervin I. Weikert. Highland Township, R- 1. -tairfield- D. F. Ba'cterman, Butler Township. Shultz Bros. D. B. Snvder Farm/Straban Township. Gettysburg. P. O. McDannel Bros;, Arendtsville and Franklin Township, Biglerville, R. 1- S. B. Bream (F. M. Bream's farm) Butler Township. Calvin R. Snvder. Bonr.eauville. Pa. Otis "Walter,"fConrao"Walter Farm) R- 1, Tillie, Franklin Township. F- B. Twisden". Gettysburg Poultry Farm. Cumberland Township. E. F. Strausbaugh, Orrtanna, R. 1. Albert Hollinger. Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, R. 6. Deardorff Brothers. Tillie, Pa. Franklin Township. E. P. Garrettson. Butler Township- John and Frank Garrettson, Menallen Township. Ii. H. Black, R. 2.,Gettysfaurg. Cumberland Township. Mrs. Daniel Miller, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, Route 6. D. S. Reynolds. Straban Township. Gettysburg Eoute 9. W. A. Bigham. Cumberland Township. Gettysburg, R. 3. John Groscost. R- 7 r Gettysburg. Straban Township. Garfield Jacobs, R. 13, Gettysburg near Barlow. Porsey' Deardorif. Highland Township, (Mrs. H. B- Moyer Farm). Umanuel Plank, Highland Township, Gettysburg Route 4. E. D. Heiges, B : glervi!le Borough. John H. Eckert."Straban Township, Gettysburg, R- S. W. W. Miller farm (Oscar Bream tenant) Straban Township, Gbg- R 8- Mervin Black. Big!ervi!!e. Menallen Township. Mrs. Martha Rcsd. near Arendtsville. Wavbri^ht Rice, B:c;icrvlile, Pa. H. S. Cfomer. Mr. Jcv To'.vnship, R- 2, Gertysburg, Pa. John S. Wolf. Straban Township, R. i, Gettysburg, Pa. Clarence Hoffman. R- R- 2. Bicrlerviile. Pa. J. C. Walter. Butler Township. R- 2, Biglerville, Pa. Robert V, itherow. Cumberland Township, R. 13, Gettysburg, Pa. P'rank Herr, Cumberland Township, R- 13, Gettysburg, Pa. Frank Eicholtz. Freed Farm. Strafaan Township. R- 12. Gettysburg, Pa. D. W. Stoops- Highland Township. R- 4. Gettysburg, Pa. J Martin Bream/Tvrone Township. R. 3, BiglervilJe, Pa. IT. H. Hart. R- 6, Geltvsburjr. Pa., Butler Township. Samuel Schwartz. Mt- Joy Township. Gettysburg." Route 1. J. A. We'tzel, (Marv A. Snjo'er farm) rranklin Township. J. M- Bji».rnan. (Tilarj.- A. Snyder Farm) Franklin Township. -I. W. Tate, Tyrone Township. R- 4, Xexv OxfjpL J. W. Cook. Menallen Township. Flora Dale, Pa. A. I- Oshorne, R- 2. Biglerville. Allen Barnes. (Cromef Farm) Cumberland Township,- B. 13, Gettysbarg: Chas. E- Schv.Uz, (Gilbert Bscher Farm) Franldin Township, R. 5. Gbg R. 4. D!*H. !3Ifnter Farm) Butler Township, Sta? SoatCj Biglerville. Pa. John B. Eiker. Cumberland Township. R- 12, Gettysburg, Pa. W. J. Beamer. Straban and ?·!_ Pleasant Townships, GeUysbnrg, IL S. C. E. Tawnev, Mt. Pleasant Township, Gettysbarg, E. S. C. W. Toner." (E. A. Crouse Farm) Menallen Township, R. R. Idaville, Pa. J. Blair.e Bacbey. Franklin Township, Jt 1, BiglerviHe, Pa. Jacob Groscost. Tyrone Township, R. t, Getqrsbarg, Pa. W. T. Howard. Straban Township. Curtin McGiaughlir. (John P. Butt Farm) Franklin Township. Jarnos Sanders, ^X. H. Musselman Farm) Hamiltonban Township. Howard Bream. Straban Township, R. 9. Gettysburg. Pa. Allen Redding (Robt. S. Bream Farm) Cumberland Township. William J. Eckenrode. Cumberland Township. G. G. Griffin. Straban Township, Route 9. Gettysburg. Denton KofF (Rufus Lawver Farni) Batler Township. Ilarvev Scott. Cumberland Township. Jacob Bovd, Mt, Jo;-" Township. R. 1?, Gbg. (William Cromer Farm). S. F. Bus'hman. Franklin Township, R. o. Gettysburg. D. M. Hoffman. Bigierville, Route 2. E. N. Hoffman. BSglerville. Route 2. .J. I. Hereter, Highland Township, R. 4, Gettysburg, Pa. Ernest Manahan7(Mrs. P. L. Houck Farm) R. 9. Gettysburg, Pa David G. Lott, Straban Township, Gettysburg, Route 7. W. C. Storrick, Straban Township, R. 9, Gettysburg. M. Rhindledecker, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, R. 5. If. M. Trestle, Highland Township, Tillie Post Office. D. A Hankey (Mrc. Jeremiah Bender's farm) CumDerland Twp., R. 5. D. C. March, Butler Township, R. 6, Gettysburg , . Robert M. Eldon, Aspers. -^3 »-. N t w

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