The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 29, 1952 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1952
Page 14
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Aug. 29, , /;1M2 **···· «i«k.-i»r«iu, M»M. r. Midwest Livestock Trend Good Bulcbtri--· 150-160 1SO-179 ' , ( F R I D A Y ' S Albert J.ea, Minn. Steady lo 2Jc lower lt» , *15.00 sie.oo 170-1*0 Ibs ........... , ...... . J 18.23 2M-1M Ibi, .................. J19.25 190-100 Ibi ................... $19,73 ·00-110 Ib .................... 120,23 210-220 lb«. . . . , ........ , ..... S20.2* 220-230 Ibi ........ ....... ..... *M.2S '230-240 Ib ...... . ........... .. »20.23 J 40.250 Ib .................... 120.00 2M-'SfiO Ibf ................... tl9.75 S60-I70 Ibs. . . . . . . . . . . . ....... 110,50 270-1*0 Ibi. ' ........ , ......... $19.2) 2M-290 Ibi ................ ... 110.00 390-300 Ibs. , ................. JIB.7S I' NICKS) Auslin, Minn. Steady 41B.JO JI'J.50 Waterloo 25c lower S17.23 118,23 $20,211 1V0.7S S20.73 120.73 «0.7J '120.M S 20. 2.5 120.00 119.75 110.50 120.25 tM.25 Ceilnr Jtapids Kleady $17.50 $18.50 20.00 300-310 310-3M ,310-330 330-340 340-390 Ihs. ., .......... , ..... S18.W lh«. . . . .......... ..... XID.OO lh». . , . , , .......... ,,, 117,73 Ibs. .............. ..., SI7.SO 350-3# lb«. . . . . . . . . , . , . . . , . , , $17.00 Cowl Packing SOWI-- 270-300 lb« , .»1B,25 300-330 lb». »I7.7S 350-360 Ib*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . »17.00 SWJ-WO lb«. 400-450 Il». 450-SOO )!*, 800-550 !I)J. Jlfi.OO 1IJ.W tio.oo S I 8 . 7 A J1H.30 I I H . 2 . S *17.75 J1S.W S1H.M 117,30 $17.00 116, SO $10.00 $20,25 $20,00 1)0,73 110. M $19.2% $19.00 JIB.7.1 tin. so $18.25 117.50 J17.2S $18,00 117.50 tld.2.1 I1S.50 IH.7J 114.00 $20.25 $20.23 $20.M $20.00 JI9.7S SIS, Ml »19,25 $19.00 $18.50 $18.00 $18.00 $18.00 $17,50 $17.30 $17.50 J 1 8.00 $17.50 117.00 $1(1.25 $13.50 $14.79 $H.OO August Hog Receipts Low ''CHICAGO. W-- Livestock trading closed out for the month Friday, a month in which the price pattern Was in opposition lo the supply pattern. Jn hogs, receipts were the fewest for any month since September, 3950, yet. prices wero about $2.00 · -hundred pourids lower than n month ago. Smaller numbers normally produce higher prices, , On the other hand, August saw tho most cattle come of any month since" January,' but prices were til least even nnd frequently higher than a month ago. ]Jogs were generally slendy Fri- dny. Cattlo trading was tlull and steady 'to 50. cents lower. Sheep ·were weak lo 50 cents off. '.(USDAV'ilo'Kn" 6,000, Moilerntbly iicUva, closed slnvv, generally steady l/iil ivonk on few butchers over 230 tt. i muni chulcu 1W-200 ,11: $20.73-21: nrounil tliruo lands 121.10: most 270.JOO |u, $10.50-20,751 Ivw 150-180 )t. J1(!.20.MI · sown under 3AO Hi. »17.50-10.2Si fe\v JKI.50I 550-400 Hi, JIC.2S- 17.751 400-500 Ib. $ tew lionvlps down lo W and Itolnwi Wood elenrnnca. : Cottier MO. Soluble cHlvcsi 4(W. Trnilo ·xlrcmely dull tor all BlniiKlilcr rntllei choice- uncl prlino ulcers sonrcei nflier Krnilex steen and lieltom stonily lo w r n k i eown istendy lo 23 aunts lowon hulls weak to .1(1 conU or, more loweri vonlors nhout ·(oftdy: load choice (o prlmo 1,100 l l , · lefri 433.73: tew sales comniorclal lo lood sleets 324.301 commorclnl sown ·cur.ce! most mien \illllly ID ]p\y-coiiin)er. clftl $17.SO-20l c»nnern and cutter* *N- J7.M; ullllty to commercial hulls $22.30- S5r comm'erclnl tn prime venlera $2fi-33. Sheep; 500, Choice to prime sprlnif lainh« ·bsenti ; few choice ottering wenk nt $2H: prime quotable nrounil $20.50: null nnd ulllKy jfr*il«» wonlc (6 .W c'enl/r lower, nl flO-16f old-crop ImtiljM Ami yenrllnKi nl- ·«ntt slnuKhter evvox wenk nt $7-8. 30 mostly. , I58TIMA.TEt l.lS'KHTOCK K K C K I l ' T R CHICAGO (.fl-- UBDA-- Bsllinnleil nnltblc Hvestock recelpU for . 5R(urdayi 300 Mo R.I. MO cattle anil 100 nlieeii. Local Livestock noon MASON CITY-- for Krlilny . . · ' ; JSo lower. - - 5ool light lights .160-170 $17.M Good llfhMljrhl* . , . , I70-1IW *IB.50 Oixxl l l K h t UnhU Jfifl-190 $l!).SO flood light IlKhts 190-200 $20.00 Cood medium wolslils . . . . . . 200-22(1 $20.2.1 O«xl medium wulxhls 220-230 J20.S5 flood medium Wflltfhbi 230-240 $20.25 flood medium wolKhts . . . . . . 210-230 $20.00 CJpxxl'itieillum weluMji * 230-260 518.75 r.cKHl nicillum wolnhts 260-270 $19.50 GCKM! metlluiu welKhts 270-2HO $in.25 GoK[ medium weiuhU 2IIO-2UO $10.00 Gowl meilluin welKlits 200-300 $ I H . 7 5 (Iota) metllum weights . . . . . . 3W-niO JIR.SO (Jaml medium \vcl|iht» :it0.32fl $in,2.*l Oood riittlluin welK'itx 320-330 JIB.IX) flood medium weights , 3.10-3W $17.73 Good mvtllum welxhtH 310-350 $17.30 flood medium wul«llti . . , , . , 330-300 $17.23 flood sows 270-300 $1B.25 Coixl sows ..',..., 300-330 $17.75 flood sows 330.3fiO $17.25 flexKlsows . . , nfiO-IOO $111.75 flocxl sows 400-430 $1(1.00 Good sows 430-300 $15.23 No hogs received nner B ft. m.--.Jncob.E Decker fc Song, CATTM5 . · ·': ' MASON CITY--for Frlilay Prim* steers »ni hellers . . . . . . ?32.00-34.00 Cholco «tee» anil hnUcrs SM.OO.'J'J Good ste«ri »nd holfers S2B.00-30.00 Commercial steers xml hcl/erj $23.00-20.00 Utility steers nnd heifers . . . . . . $20.00-22.00 flood cow« $13.00-24.00 Commercial cows $18.00-22.00 Utility cow« SIB.Ofl.lB.OO Cannen »ad culiera S15.00-17.00 Bull* . . . . . . . . . ' . . ' . . . . j . ' I19.00-2S.OO CAU'ES MASON CITY--tor Frliln Cholc» 20.00-30.00 Good $24.00-2».OC Commercial $24.00-28.00 Utilities Sin.00-20,00 Culls S10.00-16.0C LAMBS Cholc. $25,00-26.00 flood $21.00-23.50 UlUltlM ., Sl».50-21.0( Culls S14.00-18.0fl Good lo rholc« ewes J 3.50-7.00 Ullllty ewes S 4.00-5.0C Cull ewei * 3.00- t.OO Mason City Grain At :i-,30 p. in. Fridny Oats, No. a 80c lorn, ctish $1,58 Corn, new del. Dec. .15 $1.-17 oybeans, del. Sept. 15 $3.08 Soybeans, del. Sept. 20 $2.98 oybeans, del. Sept. 25 $2.88 oybeans, del. Oct.,1 $2.80 CHIOA(U) CASH G R A I N ( V r l i U j ' , M » r k e l C l l I C A O O M--Cn»h w l i v d t i No. 1 rci 2.29-30V': Nil. 2, $2.30V{ Nn. 2 linn i.33rt. Corn: Nn. 2 yellow JI.B.IVi-H-Hi 'o. 3, » I . H Hi-saw.: No. ·!. $1.77Mi-!MH,; No , *1.72li-73,il snmple grade J1.48',i.71)ll nts: None. llnrlcy; MaltlnK $1.33-111: fcci 1.10-20. Soybesnxi None. ST. I'AUI, LIVESTOCK SOUTH ST. 1'AUU Minn. ( U P ) -- C a t t l e receipts 2,300. Calves receipts BOO. Marko ·low. steady. Cows anil hulls SI.00 lower Slaughter cnlvcs stockers feeders $1.00 lower. Choice slaughter slecr.i anil year Un«» $31.50-33.00. Gootl stocrs nnd helters *27.00-23.00, Good bull* 522.30, utility-coin merclal $21.00-22.SO. Few weighty comrner clal bulls SZJ.OO. Good and choice venlers 128.00-34.00. Primo $35.00. llos receipts 5,100. Harrows Kilt-* steady to strong, sows steady. Choice 1-2-3 190 to 240 pound bnrrows gilts 521.23-21.50. Choice . 160 to 190 pound* $18.00-21.25. HO to IfiO pounds 516:00-19.50. Chnlco 1-2-3 230 to 270 pounds S20.25-21.50. 270 lo 300 pounds $18,25-20.75. Choice sows 100 poumls down Jlli.75-19.75. Choice light weights «\ to 120.00. , Sheep receipts 1,200. 1,000 mixed otfcr Ings on sale, largely spring lambs. Markc ·Icady to weak. Cholco niut prime spring lambs $28.00. Good and choice 326.00 37.50. Bulk lamhs discounted $1.00 pc hundredweight. Mason City Produce (Quotation! hjr K. G. Morse) At 10:30 a. m. Friday Eggs, No. 1 5lc Eggs, No. 2 41c Eggs, No. 3 D5c Hens, 5 Ibs. and over I8c Hens under 5 Ibs 16c Old cocks, heavy breeds ...... 12c Leghorn cocks ..·. lOc CHICAGO rOTATOUS (Frlday'» Market) CHICAGO tfj--US DA--Potatoes; Arrival W, on track 227; total U.S. shipments 470 ·upplles moderate; demand good; innrkc ·bout-iteady; Idaho-Oregon russet* $6.0.1 ti; Wanhington russets $6.00-15; Wlaconsl ponU.ics M.25-35. AS part ol the ceremony Icadin to admission to the bar in Britain ·it legal candidates must attend ·pecified number of dinners at th Inns of Court, the British la schools. Grains Have Small Gains CHICAGO WV-Spurred by foreign urchascs, grains showed mod- rate advances on the market Kri- Wheat closed I'/·!% higher, Sop- ember $2,30'M-2.30'/s c o r n %· ighcr, September $1.77-1,77%, oats to 1 cents higher, September 3-83'/flO; rye % to 2 cents higher, cptember $l.02'/4-l.02'/4, soybeans l'/i higher, September $3,15'//.15, und lard 5 cents lower to to cuts a 100.pounds higher, Scp ember $10.70-10.75. CHICAGO /HEAT-opt. .. uc, nr. .. «y .. OKN--' cpl. .. uc, * . ur. . , a y . , ATS -opt. .. ec, ,. nr. . , lay . . uly .. VE-opt, . . tny , , OYI1EANS (till. .. ov, , , nn. .. Inr. ., lay . , A U D -- epl. .. el. ,. 'ov. , . oc, .. All, * . Ur. .. lay .. l/O- Op i: n «2.2QH 2,30 2.40 MW, 1 .72-V4 l.74V i.77W .80T. .J9V4 MVt 1.91 1,9* 1.97W 3.l\V, 3'.mA 3.0HU 3.07W 10.80 U.07 11,27 12,32 12.4H 11.62 12.7J (1KAIN CI.OliK Itllth Ln\v J2.3(l',l, $2.29 3.37W 1.33V. 2.43 2..|1' l.l.lli, 2.42H S.'lOVi Clone 2.37M 2.4,1 I.77T. l,76Mi l.73Mi 1.72 1.77Vi 1,76 l.78V'i 1,77« , M l ,82U ,H7W .llfiH' ,9fl'.'» .an 1.07V. i.oo 1.94 I.97V4 J..OSW 3.07W 3.07'A 3.OH 3.10 a.Oil 3.07V 10.70 11.00 11.23 12,32 12.13 13.37 12.73 1 1 . 1 0 11,32 12.47 12,4.1 12.R2 12.73 2.SOV. 1.77HI. 1.73W 1.77 1.78 .87V t.92Vj l.UOVi 2.00} 3. 13W 3.07W 3.00 3.0W 3.081: 10.75 11.00 11.27 12.43 12.45 12.73 Stock Market Has Advance NEW YORK W)--Quo oC the bcs advances of the month was stage rrldny by the stock market bofor closing for a three-day recess ove uabor Day. Volume ainovinlcd to an esl mated 900,000 shares as compare with 980,000 shares traded Thurs lay. New York Stocks By Tht Associated Pr»n {Final Quotations Friday) MlicdStrs 39 Kcunccott 70\'B AmCan 32-'Sii KresgeSS 35% AmCryslS 23 Maytag IS 1 ^ AmHomePd 37% MontWard G3% AmRad 14% Morrcll 13V« AmSmelt ·J4-'» NnstiKclv 21Vi AmSugar 59 NalDairy 55V5 AmTclT ISSVij NnlGypsum 2lVi AmTob SG^S NYCentral 19V AmWoolcn 28 ParamPict 25'A AnaconCop 45V4 .PenneyJC 67T'» Armour 9'A PaRr 10% Atchisou 92 PepsiCola 9% BcndixAv 55V1 PhillipsPct 581s BcthStl Sim KadioCp 2GV* BoeingAirp 3GT SafewaySt 31 7 /i CaseJl 25W SearsRoeb S7',ii Chrysler 8194 SheafferP 25% ConEdis 35% SinclairOil 43 : )it CornProd C914 SoconyVac 36Vn CurtissWr 8'A SouPncncw W* Dcer'e 33V1 StdBrands 25% DuPont 8744 ' StdOillnd 80** ElAulo 49?^ StdOilNJ 78 GcnElcc G3', Studobaker 37% GenFoofls -mft SwiftCo 32V4 GcnMot 60'/4 SyivElPd 35% Goodrich 68 TexasCo 55-» Goodyear 43Vi UnPac imii GlWcstSug 18V4 UnitAirLin 27^ Homestake 37'A UnitAirc 35Vi IHCent 74 USGypsum 118 1 ) IntHarv 33 USRubber 24"ih InlTelTel 38V4 USStccl SO'Ji TntcrstPW 9-Ti WcstanTcl 433,', la-IHGE 27'A WilsonCo 9% KanCPL28« Woohvorth 43VS SFil NOTICE!' CLASSIFIED DEADLINES 2 column «nd ov*r «dt mu»t b« called or brought In b«for* 10:30 *. m, s*m« day of publication. 1 column »dt b«for» 11:00 *. m. urn* day of publication. Thank You It's Easy to Place -a Want Ad! if you hove something you want to sell, trade or rent, if you want a good job or good help and would like to place a wont ad just Call 3800 and ask for the want ad department, We will be glad to give you suggestions that will help you get results. Classified Advertising Rates for Mason City and Surrounding Trade Territory only. Otlicr rates on request. Thin Is D point type. The ralea (or Ihls Blxo lype nrt-- Count 20-27 tellers anil ajmccs lo line TABLE OF ECONOMY WANT AD PRICES :l day 3 days 6 days 2 lines $ .'10 $1.02 $1.80 3 lines .00 1.53 2.70 1 lines .80 2.01 3.00 5 lines 1.00 2.55 1.50 G lines 1.20 ;).06 5.40 7 lines .1.40 3.57 0.30 8 lines i.GO 4.08 7.20 0 lines i.80 -1.59 8.10 Card o[ Thanks '$1.25 In Memoriam-$1.25 for 15 lines Regular rate of 20 cents a line for anything over 15 iines ClOBE- GAlffll wwr AD GOP WOMEN M E E T GARNER--Hancock County Republican women will hold a county meeting at the Allison Hotel in Britt nt 2 p. m. Saturday. All interested .women are invited to attend. Mrs. Clarke McNcal ot Bcl- mond will be the gunst. speaker. Phone 38 OO Pcrtofiolt Murray Institute Announces the Adoption of a New, Modern, ·Scientific Therapy for : Alcoholism 7 to 10 days hospitalization required. All former Murray Treatments are still being administered, also. Write for Free Booklet 020 SOUTH 10th STREET Minneapolis, Minn. AT 0094 Lent, Found LOST--I'Alr lady's brown rimmed plastic glauei In white C.TKJ. Re- wxrd. Betty Helling. Ph. 615S-M, IX3ST--liflUoli!, Important paper* and money. Cards bearing name Hoy Ewlng and lUnjom, III. Notify police. . . . . . , . · · . . . . , . · . ' · ' lOc extrn will be charged for all ads nnd locals not pnid for nL time of Insertion. Remember -- A Globe-Gazette Want Ad Reaches Over 24,000 Families In Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota Classified Display 1 day 3 clays 6 days 1 Inch $1.10 S3.15 $6.00 This is 10 point type. The rotes for this size type ore-- Count ia-20 letter* and suuccs to line. 1 day 3 days C days 2 lines $ .50 $1.32 $2.40 3 lines .85 1.08 3,60 ·i lines 1.00 2.64 4.80 5 lines 1.25 3.3(1 fi.OO 6 lines :1.50 3.9R 7.20 7 lines .1.75 4.62 8.40 8 lines 2.00 5.28 9.IX) 9 lines 2.25 5.D4 10.20 Death Notices BELL, Daniel, former Corro Gordo County resident, tiled at Minneapolis, Minn., following a short Illness. Services \vlll lie held Saturday at I p.m. »t Iho Sacreil Heart Cemolery at Rockwell with Fnthor itayuiond llohrer ulflclatlnK. The Paltorjun- J a m e s Funeral. Home Is In charge. COtWltK, Mrs. John Annn E.), 38, died nt n MILS an City hospllnl enrly Friday morning. Following an Illness. Funeral sui-vlcca will tic held nt the Major Memorial Chnpel al 2 p.m. Tuesday, w i t h the «ev. E. A. Dleder- mann, pastor of St. James Lutheran Church, nrriclntlng. Interment will bo at Pnrfc Cemetery. Frlonds may call at tho Major Memo- rlnl Chapel after 3 p.m. Sunday un til the time of service*. UEAHDON, Joseph, Infant son of Mr. and Mr*. John 1'. Fleardon. 21 22nd S.B., died at hlrth at 9:43 a.m. Friday at a M a s o n . C i t y hospital. · Committal services will be held al St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery at 10 a. in. Saturday, with tho Ht. Hcv. Msgr. Patrick Malonc officiating. The Me- Aulny nnd San Funeral Home Is in Card of Thonkt [ WISH to thank the doctors, nurses, friends and relatives for their kindness, flowcri. Klfls and cards which 1 received while In Ihe Mercy llos Belh Hayter. Funeral Directors MASON CITY PATTKRSON - JAMES The Funeral Homo Known for Service. 3i2 Norlh Washington. Phone 1140. COLONIAL FUNE11AL HOME. "The Home of Thoughtful Service." 116 3rd St. N.E. Phone 1505. MAJOR F U N E R A L HOME, Phone 511. 209 2nd St. N.E. "Major Service Meets Your Needs." MoAULEY t SON Funernl Homo. A Distinguished, Dignified Funeral Service. A S. Adams. Phone 651. CLEAK LAKE Wi\l(D FUNERAL. HOME. Clear Lake. Ambulance Service. Day Phone 8. Night Phone 7. Monuments, Ere. 6-3 MASON CITY Monument Works Home owned and reliable since I8R9. See our large display of finished monuments In all granites, Including Montello. Mark every grave. We .deliver 'anywhere. ISO 10th St. S.W. Phone 392. Money to Loan Personals NAVY w i f e leaving f o r Norfolk, Va., Sept. fl, wants someone to help drive. Ph. 2035-W. IF HUGS are clean, new they'll seem. Use Flna Foam r\ig and upholstery cleaner. Damon's. ANTS In your cupboard? Not If Ho Film* Is there. Il slops 'cm. . ch Da Costs $1.50 ASK MRS. SIMON Also Larger Loans 321-322 First National Bldg. SECURITY LOAN CO. Phone 412 NEED A LOAN? $20 to $300 If you need money for any good purpose, apply at HFC for a loan on your salary, car or furniture without endorsers. Ask a b o u t our convenient monthly repayment plans. For prompt, friendly service phono or visit our office today, MONEY W H E N YOU NEED IT HOUSEHOLD \ Finance Corp. 7Vi North Federal Avenue 2nd Floor . Phone 1101 MONEY TO PAY BILLS Or For Other Needs $25 to $300 Convenient Monthly Payments Up to 20 Months allowed on Loans. Exempt from Gov't Regulations. Phone, Write or Come In Out-of-Town loans also made State Finance Co. Over Hub Clothing 201 Woir Hldtf. Entrance S W. State NEED CASH? Sec TOM MITCHELL NORTH IOWA FINANCE LOANS $20 - $300 on . Salary - Car - Furniture 119V4 N. Federal Phone 3540 Group Your Bills HAVE ONE PLACE TO PAY ONE PAYMENT TO MAKE $50 - $250 and up GET "MONEY IN MINUTES" T H R I F T LOAN CO. 19!£ N. Federal Phone 51G Over Woolworth's 5 10 CASH $20 - $100 - $250 OR MORE Signature Loans. Furniture Loans. Auto Loans. Monthly or Farm Plan Payments. Prompt - Confidential NOW is the time to borrow to repay those past due bills. U-N-I-T-E-D Financial Service Phone 57 15',4 N. Fcdera Over Ford Hopkins Drug Money to Loan 'ARM loans 4T«, No commission. Prompt closing. Pay as you like. Homey Realty Co. Phone 1)34. KK us about financing your new car, United Horn* Hanlc tt Trust Co. 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BROWN McDONOUGH Realtors Over United Home Bank Ph. 847 - Eves. 2374, 3567-W FOIl SALK---Grocery In small Iowa town. Newly remodeled, l.ow over- lend. Good Koine business. Illness reason for selling. Ph. 221 Geneva. Write Victor Dodil. Geneva, la. FOR SALK--Cafe buslnens, equipment and building, located In the leart of tile business district In a progressive county seat town: This Is very profitable business and ons that can be operated with a minimum of help. Write or call L. M. Drowcr, broker, Garner. In. LEASE -3 Stall Service Station in Clear Lake, la. by major oil company. Downtown location. Low monthly rental. Good going business that will support [jartnershlp, CALL 1760 W. EVES, i WEEKENDS GHOCEP.Y store In downtown Austin, Minn. Top location. Well estab- Islioil. Annual volume over $100,000. A sacrifice at S2.500 plus Invoice. Owner selling because of health. Joliannscn Heally Co., 215 E. Water, Austin, Minn. FOIl SALE--Ca(u with 3.2 beer license, Includes hulldlng wllh living ciuarters. small town near Austin, on Federal Highway. Write Apt. 2, 300 S. nurr Oak, Austin, Minn. FOn SALE--Lcnso or trade: Cu(e and tavern with living quarters. Terms, tlockut Cnfe. Rockwell. la. Male Help Wanted 20 WANTED Exp. Service Man for refrigeration and radio. Steady employment. Good wages. Apply at once. MIER WOLF SONS Manager for Grocery Dep.t. Must have buying experience See Milton Raizes. Sam Raizes Dept Store WANTED--Married man experienced with farm work. Small mod. house year around job. Good wages and extras. R. J. Drown. Rockford. la. THE Wonder Bread Bakery needs route salesmen. Married. High school graduate. Likes meeting peo pie. Ph. -1339-J for appointment. WANTED Exp. Body and Fender Man Wi day week. Top salary. Paid holidays and vacation. Modern s h o p and equipment. FOLSOM AUTO CO. FOIl JOB training as Motel AInn nxcrs, ice ad under 28. SALARIED SALES POSITION wanted la fill opening [n ou sales organization. Applicants selcctc will be trnlned for permanent pos tlon of responsibility, future n.fsuree N f o sales experience necessary bu must be nnibitlolli nnd of good char acler. Gcol sl.irtlnK salary. Ca lurnl.thed. Hospltallzatlon, group in surancc and pension plan available plus paid vacations. Applicants wl he interviewed to 9:00 p.m. and stor hours on Saturday. Apply in person SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 103 North Federal YOUNG man wanted for full tim stock room work, Kresgo Dolla Store, 9 S. Fed, WANTED--Single man for genera farm work, 1 ml, W.. 6*i mi. N. o Ventura, la. Grant Anderson. WANTED--Day beilman over 21. Full time. Also bus boy. Hotel Eadmar. 21 S«rvic«« WANTED Shoe Saleslady alary Plus commission.' Paid vici- on. Experience preferred but not teceuary. Apply la p«rxon. No phone all*. ; · ' ODD LOT SHOE CO. 121 S. Fed. WAITRESS We will need 2 experienced waitresses when school starts. One full lime, one art time. Good hours. Top pay. *PPly In person. LYTLE'S SANDWICH GRILL 7 South Delaware WANTED Steam Table Lady Apply in person. FORD HOPKINS WANTED--Salesladies. Full or part time. Apply Style Shoppe. WANTED VOMAN TO COME IN HOME AND HELP TAKE CAKE OF 3 SMALL CHILDREN AND HOUSEWOHK. 8:30 a.m. 'till 4 p.m. Mon. thru Fri.--$12.50 a wk. Ph. 5883-J. ,VANTED--Maid In Sorority House at Ames. Live In. Mrs. Cecil Martin, 301 N. 4th. Clear Lake, la. Female Help Wanted 21 WANTED SALESLADY Full time. Apply in person. EiVGLER DRUG WANTED--Woman for housework and care ol children for .1 or 4 mos. Mr.i. Harold Scllon. Ph. 67, N o r a Springs. WANTED--WilltresJ. Hours 9 to 4. No Sundays. Permanent. Ph. 4761-J. WAITRESS WANTED Good wages. TOWN HOUSE Ph. 682 WANTED--Woman to care for children while mother works. Live In. h. E283-LR before 4 p.m. · · .VANTED--Hskpr. No obj. to child. Home, \vaucs. Write Box B-25, Globe-Gazette. · WANTED--Waitress tor sandwich shop. Apply Splc fc Span. 12 2nd S.E. Hours 8:30 lo 4:30. On JOB training as Motel Man agers, see ad und«r 2B. iVANTED--Woman to learn cake Icing. Ogllvy Bakery. No phone WANTED--Young woman lor hskpg. on f a r m . ' Y r , around work. No obj. :o small child. Write Box A-28, Globe- Gazette. WANTED--Girl for bookkeeper anil cashier. See Mr. Wilson at Stev- enson'i, 15 S. Fed. WANTED--Receptionist with general otflce and bookkeeping ability. Ap ply Cilri Scout Office. C 1st N.W. iVANTED-- Car hop, 11 a.m. to S p.m. Apply In person. Silver Hoot. Clear Lake. la. Help, Mole, Female 23 DISHWASHER w a n t e d . Park Inn Hotel. Salesmen 25 A CHANCE for Experienced Seed Salesman To obtain highest commissions ever paid in selling seed. Must be free to travel in Ind. and Mich., starting Sept. 8th. No obligations if attending interview. Cal! 453-\V, Clear Lake, before 10 a. m. Sat., Aug. 30 Interviews are Sat., Aug. 30 al 10 a. m. and Monday, Sept. 1, 10 a. m. Services Offered 27 SEWING machine repairing and rebuilding--al makes, parts and supplies Mason City Appliance Store. 211 S. Fed. PH. 1103 MIRRORS resllvered. Mackefs, 417 2nd. St. N.W. Ph. 782. WANTED--Ash and rubbish hauling Reasonable. Ph. 3421-J. FOR SALE--B l a c k dirt, fill dlrl ashes, rubbish hauled. Ph. 3535-J. HOUSEWIVES, ATTENTION Call our authorized Singer rep resentative to c o m e to your home to oil, inspect and adjusi your present sewing machine Call 1122 for Appointment SINGER SEWING CENTER 123 North Federal Ave. LAWNMOWERS sharpened. Tho S.n Shop, 502 S. Federal. WALLS washed by machine. Fre estimates. Ph. 5771-W. Roofing Siding NEW AND REPAIR Nationally advertised brands. Fre estimate. 35 mos. to pay. No dow payment required. E. CARL WHITE CO. Phone 841 1717 So. Fetl Sfason City, Iowa FULLER BRUSH Products Floyd Fousek. Phone 6214-R. BLACK dirt, fill dirt, rubbish hauled Ph. Cecil Pettcy, 2229-W. P A I N T I N G ? If you are planning lo pain your farm, home or busines this fall, let SEARS send yoi a competent and r c I i a b 1 painter, brush or spray, for ; Free Estimate MASTER MIXED Top Qualit; Products used throughout. SAVE AT SEARS 23 E. State Phone 38 MR. FARMER Just Gal 1572 Mason City for Prompt Service We have two trucks ready t serve you during this period T i r e recapping, vulcanizing repairs. We also have a good supply o Used Tractor, Implement an Wagon Tires. JL TIRE Supply Co Lloyd Farrer 1251st St. S..E. Phone57 WILL, take cure of children in m home while mother worki, day from Mon. through Sat. Write Bo G-a«, Globe-Gazette. 27 Hou*« Traitors : or Repairing and Replacing CallKelroys441 Gutters and Downspouts IKES, tiikei repaired, quick service. Try ti* on all your flu-It jobs, alph's Repilr Shop, USA E. State, at rear o£ Ittdrlck Supply) 24 Hour Maytag Repair Service on OLD OR NEW MODEL Maytag Washers Pickup and Delivery HOME APPLIANCE CO. AUTHORIZED SALES and SERVICE 0 2nd St. N.E. Phone 162 Mason City Miller's Tree Experts sfow is the time to get your trees pruned. ,Ve also do complete removal, surgery and feeding. PHONE 5712-R jEl'TIC tanks and. cesapools cleaned. Reasonable rates. Ph. 876 or write Henn Marshall, Route 4, Mason City. Electrolux Sales and Service E. S. ALEY 520 15th St. N. W. Ph. 1315-W WANTED--Baby sitting at night by middle aged lady. Write Box B-29, lobe-Gazette. Instruction 28 WANTED MEN AND WOMEN START immediate training for motel managers. Actual experience running motels part of training. Free placement service. Only fully roa- ured men and women will be considered. Give phone number. For personal interview write Box F-28. Globe azette. Rooms for Rent FOU RENT--Sleeping room. Gentleman preferred. 122 6th St. S.W. FOH RENT--Sleeping room. Use of pri. kitchen if desired. Ph. 3320. FOR RENT--Front room, twin beds. 2 closets. Also single, 2 blocks west of Park Hospital. 22 N. Jefferson. FOIl RENT--1st floor sleeping room. Ph. 4721 after fi p.m. ROOM for a working woman. 324 2nd St. N.E. Ph. 1464-W. FOR RENT--Nice large room. Close in. 330 1st St. N.E. FOR KENT--Lovely large sleeping room. Close in. 119 S. Penn. Apts. for Rent FOR RENT--Nicely furn., clean, warm 3 rms. and hath. . All utils. furn., garage. $70 mo. 812 N. Adams. FOR KENT--Close in 3 room 1st nr. apt. Ph. B67 or 738. FOR RENT--1st. f i r . apt. Pri. entr. Also garage. Ph. 2449-J. FOIl RENT--Furn. apt. for business lady. Close in. Write Box B-28 Globe-Gazette. , FOR RENT-- Beautiful 4 room and bath, ground floor apartment. Al strictly private. 122 N. Madison. FOR RENT--Apt. Utlls. (urn. cnt. No children. Ph. 3450. Pri FOfl RENT--Unfurn. 4 rm. and ball apt. Utils. and heat (urn. 201 6th St. S.W. FOil RENT--2 rm. apt., pri. hath gas heat, pri. ctitr., furn. $40 Phone 34B2-J. FOR RENT--One 3 room apt. and : 4 room apt. Furn. 222 N. Madison Ph. 1054. FOn flENT--3 room. (urn. apt. SS5 mo. Adults only. Ph. 2081-W. FOR RENT--2 room apt. 1st fir., pri ent. At 220 1st S.W. Inn.. 231 4th St. N.W. UNFURN. 3 room apt. Close In. Al utilities turn. Ph. 031 'during days to S p.m. FOR RENT /2Rm. Furn. Apt. Electric refrigeration. Gas heat. Al utilities furn. 2 blocks from high school. Women only. Special refer cnces required. Inquire Mrs. Fryc Martin Apts., 102 S. Conn. FOR RENT--3 rm. unfurn. apt. Down stairs. 121 6th S.W. Ph. 6185-J. FOR RENT--Sept. 1st. 4 rms. an- bath. Pri. enl., 2nd fir. 505 mo. Ph 1315-J after 3:30 p.m. FOH RENT--1 room furn. apt,, J5.5 per wk. Elderly lady only. Ph 2366-W. FOR RENT--2 rm. furn. apt., adults $60 Sept. 1st. Inq. 229 Colonial Apt* FOR RENT--6 room furnished apart nicnt. Ph. 4CT7-W. FOR RENT--Basement apt. partly furn. Refrigeration, h a r d \v o o floors. Adults preferred. One chlkl 1632 N. Federal. 3 ROOM unfurn. apt. Elderly or mlr dleagcd working cpl. 221 8th S.E FOR RENT--1st fir. Einnll 2 rm. np Inquire 1309 N. Fed. PH. 5617-J. FOR RENT--Furn. and unturn. apt: Close In. Ph. 4549-H. FOR RENT--Large 3 room furn. .ipi Utilities fur. S6S. Ph. 2699-.I. FOR RENT--2 room unfurn apt. N children. 412 12th N.W. FOR RENT--2 room apt. Water lights, gas. C. R. Sweet. 502 S Van Burcn Ave. Tel. 5IIO-R. FOR RENT--4 rm. apt. with' bath heat and water furn. S40 per mo. Ph. 5784. FOR RENT--2 room apt. Ullls. a Included, with or without furn. $4* Th. 1335. FOR RENT--3 room newly fum. ap All ullls. furn. 328 2nd N.W. FOR RENT--3 room unfurn. apt. Pr cnt. nnd bath. Child welcome. 41 N. Adams. FOR RENT--3 room turn. apt. at 120 S. Federal. Ph. 55 or 2953, Very Desirable 4 Rm. Apa'rtmen with bath. Available Sept. : Inquire Apt. 4 after G p. m. 3r floor, over Piggly-Wiggly, is N.W. Houses for Rent FOR RENT--Sni. efficiency furn. co tagc for 2. Immcd. poss. Rent n of Sept. 1. Ph. 471-J, Clear Lake, 1 FOR RENT--2 room unfurn. duplex Gas heat. $32 mo. 812Vi l l t h N.E FOR RENT--By year: Modern win tcriiel cottage, furn. or partly furn Gas heat. North shore Clear Lake Reasonable rent. Ph. 3509 Maso City. FOR RENT--2 bedroom furnlshe house until June 1. 63S S. Georgia FOR RENT--2 bedrm,. unlurn. mod winterized home by Sept. 1,, a 122V4 Beach Dr., Clear Lake. C» 1627-J. Charles City, la. A34 EW and UMd 'house trailer! ' for «ale. We are distributors for » e \ · ral leading manufacturer*. We trade anything--automobiles, furniture. tc. Bank term financing. Open very day from J a.m. to 9 p.m. outh Broadway Trailer Sales, S. on ,wy, 63. Albert Lea, Minn. Ph. 3530. NEW AND USED HOUSE TRAILERS Authorized Dealer U-Neek Trailer Hitches STEVENS TRAILER SALES Across From Football Field CLEAR LAKE, IOWA 'h. U12-W and 1112-J Closed Sun. ·louses h»r Sole 35 BEDRM. home. Gas heat. $5,500. Guild. Ph. $67, 15» or 7M. I4f MEDIATE DEUVKRYl.M 24x30 bungalows $3,144 erected on toi'iic!- tlon or b'ascnient horn*. Onion arpenlers. Other, sizes--styles. Your tans or ours. Free delivery 190 n'!. tandard construction. Not prefab. Best dry lumber. Visit Fahnlnff Sup- ly. Waters'ille, Minn. Open 8-S. (1V« undays). ; . · ; . . . i . . ' . . . · · . rm.. modern bungalow on contract, $1,750 down -- $50 per month. rm. 2 story homo on pavement, ith lots of out buildings and 12 acre* of uround. A real buy! j. RUSSELL cunniEn IOWANNA REAL ESTATE 2 First St. S.E. Phon* 2(H» Eves. 6190-R, 2293-W. 1508-J OR SALE--A 3-unlt property. Small apt., smnll store and 6 room apt. o live In. 5 blocks to town. Gas heat, rice, $10,500. Guild Re»l Estate. Ph. 8C7 or 1569. JIOD. OAK FINISH GAS HEATED HOME Lot has potential value. ' $8,500 Guild Real Estate Phone 867; J589; 738 "OR SALE--6 room house along wltlt one 2 room house and 2 extra lota ocated at 841 South Polk Place. Ph. B174.R. Possession Now $13,400 Beautiful 3 Bedroom Ranch type home Conveniently built. Plastered yalls. F . u l l thickness oak floors. Attached garage. Attic storage. Unusual basement. Forced gas heat. $1,500 DOWN--?75 PER MO. Special Discount for Cash. SEE CARL HOLV1K 415 N. Madison FOR HALE--New homes. Cor appointment to see. Ph. 867 FOR SALE--3 room house. Partly modern. 1208 10th N.W. FOR SALE--Large 3 bedrm.. well- built home. Will consider trading r or smaller home here or in Cleat' Lake. Would also consider trade on arm land. Write Box 31-28, Globe- Sazelte. VACANT NOW This 2 story, 3 bedrm. home will please someone. Not new, but a good substantial home, coal furnace. Ask us for price and terms. BECK BROS. CO. Ph. 134, Evenings 4735-W WEASEL Goes the Pop! At least. It sounded like lhat when the old man said, "we sell!" What he meant was they are pricing their year around lakosliore home, for only S10.000 because they want to leuve for Florida next month! Gas heat! Close-In! Two bedrooms! New knotty pine, porchl Insulated! Even furnished! STUART REALTY CO. Phone 10, Clear Lako B.R. HOME Just completed. Beaut. blond trim, picture window, tile bath, N.E. section, on paving, near school. R. P. Mansen. Ph. 3914. POSSESSION SOON One of Mason City's fine older homes. Beautiful woodwork, large, cheery rooms. Originally planned for-a large family home. Presently arranged at a convenient duplex. Well located on bus line nnd close lo schools. Don't miss this. BECK BROS. CO. Ph. 134, Evenings 4735-W SKILLFULLY PLANNED A real ranch lype home. Complete IB every respect. All rooms recently redone in new deep tone color. 2 large airy hedrms., closets galore. Beau- tiCul modern kitchen, glassed and screened breezcway with fireplace (an extra room), double garnxe, insulated and heated. You must se» this, room by room. BECK BROS. CO. Ph'.'IM, Evenings 4733-W 3 Bedrm. Home. This new .slory and a half home, lo. cated N.E., has 2 hcdrms., bath, Ilv- inR rm., and attractive kitchen down. Full basement. Gas heat. Large half story unfinished. One block to Legion Golf Course. I'A blocks to Harding School. $12,000.00. W. L. Patron Co. REALTORS Phone 790 -- Evenings 5454-M Houses for Sale For the finest selection of quality Clear Lake homes ol all prices anil sizes call Jack Dominic Clear Lake Phone 384-J 4-Piex Here is an income property located close to ffoly Family Church that grosses S2650.00 per year. 2 apts. up and 2 down. Nice corner location. Can be purchased on contract. Jll.OOO.OO. W. L. Patton Co. REALTORS Phone 790 -- Evenings 5454-M -- Best Buy In Town --" BEAT THIS FOR LOCATION Modern. 230 3RD N. W. New kitchen. New gas furnace. FOR HALF,--Home, garage,~1 lots 2231 Mnd St. S.W. 7 rm. house, 3 bcdrnis. and den 3 blocks lo city park. A Hood houje. 2 hungalowi In Forest P«rk : 1 4 bed. room: t 2 bedroom and expansion attic. CHISM REALTY 13 W. Slate Ph. 2116 or Eve. SOMR

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