Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 30, 1933 · Page 16
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1933
Page 16
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2-C MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE DECEMBER 30 1933 WAS ^EAR MARKED BY MANY SIGNIFICANT EVENT CHANGES TAKING PLAGE WITH NEW DEAL OPERATIONS Scrip, Walkathon, Floods, Corn Loans Part of Big . Parade in 1933. Bandits in Herbert Quick's sisters' home. · Elka Kermes. Oswald Garrison Villard visits Mason City. Trial of $300,000 National Clay case takes place. A 510,000 scrip project. M. B] A. signs change to I. O. F. Vigorous efforts to oust E. W. C l a r k , Insurance commissioner. Clark wins legal fight to hold place. Jame Roosevelt addresses huge crowd in Mason City, coming as guest of E. G. Dunn. Community chest raises $50,000. . Marathon-walkathon. Bank holiday. Floods in March. Heads Procession. NRA heads procession of'alpha- betical combinations as governmental activities give work to unemployed. Forty and Eight wins 5300 gold contest prize and turns money over to milk fund for needy school children. Mason City joins remainder of state In preparation for beer. Father O'Connor becomes a monsignor. "New deal" city council takes over reinn of government. Deadlocked on.' light rates, but passes new ordinance and othermeasures. Tragedy also stalked through the community. One trial on the charge of murder wa« held. Automobile accidents took their usual toll. Death took its usual allotment of prominent and obscure personalities. Laughter Too. Conventions, laughter, parades, the most enthusiastic In the city's history showed the old psychological laws still, hold. School board reduces its budget · 545,000. Corn loans. Corn-hog plan being started. Mason City tries to keep up with the times but is confused occasionally over NRA, CWA, CWS, FHOLC, AAA and FERA. In other words 1933 was a momentous year and one that will go down in history as one of significant changes. The day by day events in the community are given in the calen- '*-- below: JANUARY Feb. 1--Nichols Wire, Sheet and Hardware company.opens branch in Mason City. Feb. · 2--Mrs. Grace Nyswander pens action in district court, for 5,000 damages. Feb. 3.--Record crp^fd attends Legion boxing show at armory. Feb. 4.--W. D. Rtnrigenherg and Chris Throne on gets five years tor Clear Lake store robbery. Feb. 5--Guy Crosen speaks at pening forum of. Y. M. C. A. Feb. 6---City council passes ordinance regulating peddlers. Feb. 7---Blizzard brings- tempera- ure to 24 degrees below zero. Feb. 8--Trial of five · actions igainst George Bruce for auto rash damages starts in district ourt. " . . . ' · Feb. 9--Charles Rohr re-elected 'resident of Iowa Petroleum as- ociation. ; Feb. 10--Emwetsburg Juniors de- eat Trojans 36-31. Feb. 11--Boy Scouta handle af- airs of city and county. Feb. 12--Two hundred employes f Northwestern States Portland Cement company celebrate twenty-fifth fear and making of 42,000,000 bar- els of cement. · Feb. 13^-Christianity points way iut of depression, ministers declare. Feb. 14--Trial of '$300,000 Na- ional Clay Products company case itarts in district cour.t. Feb. 15--Farmers urged to reduce Derating costs by ^extension economists from' Ames. Feb. 16--Sergt, Thomas Humls- ;on given purple heart" in national piard ceremony. ' Feb. 17--Monroe-Washington P. T. A. takes lead in gold contest. Feb. 19--Preparations for Easter start In Mason City churches. Feb. 21--Plan of $10,000 scrip issue explained : to 300 merchants, Feb. 22--Annual colonial bea?held by D. A. R. chapter. Feb. 23--Mrs. Amelia Larson, Ifason City, injured in Montana rain wreck. Feb. 24--Mohawks defeat Spirit jRke quintet 43-8 on Jocal,court. Feb. 25--Gross income tax" ex- ilalned in lengthy article -by J. E. V. Markley. Feb. 26--Lenten theme dominates hurch services in city. Feb. 27T--Senator William McAr- hur praises Henry Wallace for cab- net position. Feb. 28-r-Cerro .' Gordo' county granted $34,125 by R. F. C. f or re- lef. . . . . . . . .... .. Jas..l--Announce Cerro Gordo taxes cut 5163,936 id two years. Jan. 2--Sheriff .J. M. Robertson and County Attorney M. L. Mason take office. , ' . . ' · . ' . Jan. 3--Coroner's jury returns open verdict in death of Mrs. Paul Hinch. ; -.' · Jan. 4--Anna. Vivian' Anderson, 7,' fatally Injured by truck, M. E. Laird appointed assistant county attorney.' Jan, B--Forty, and Eight announces 510.20 dally expense in supplying milk to needy school children. · :'. · ; :! ·' " · · Jan. 6--P.' F. Hopkins tells B. P. W. increased services has raised government costs. Jan. 7--W.-H. Baird, builder of local sugar factory, dies. Jan. 8--Charge of murder filed against Paul Hinch, Cartersville. Jan. lO^Carl Henkel elected president of Y. M. C. A. . ; Dr. Don FltzGerald elected president of Junior Chamber. Jan. 11--County supervisors approve Clerk S. H. MacPeak appointments. Jan. 12--Cerro Gordo assessors told by state board representative to cut valuation 20 per cent. Jan. 13.--W. P. Butler elected president of Boy Scout council. Jan. 14--Mohawks defeat Alberl Lea, 32 to 29, and Trojans, Marshalltown, 22 to 21. Jan. 15--New officers installed in Mason City churches. Jan. 18--Mason City gives first consideration to scrip money pro jeer, Jan. 17--52 merchants start giv ing votes in $800 gold contest Jan. 18--Ship by rail club organ ized in Mason City. Jan. 19--Mrs. Elizabeth Pedelty 87, pioneer settler, dies. C. A. Knutson, Clear Lake, elect ed president of Hardware Mutual. Jan. 20--C. W. Barlow appolnte U. S. commissioner by Judge Georgi C. Scott. Jan. 21--Figures show Mason City births exceeded deaths by 25: in 1932. Jan. 22--Ministers point out thi need of unity in churches. Jan. 23--Iowa public utilities opei state convention here, Jan. 24--Paul Hull gets Junlo Chamber service award. Jan. 25--Large crowd at open Ing of Elks Kermes. Jan. 26--Paul Hinch indicted on charge of murder of his wife. Oswald Garrison Villard vislto in Mason City. Jan. 27--F. X. Cots, president and other officers re-elected by La bor assembly, Jan. 28--Bandits ransack homo o Herbert Quick's sisters. Jan. 29--Safety council report shows reduction in number of accl dents lor 1832. Jan. 30--Helen Fisher Drill an nulment case up third time. Jan. 31--Willis G. C. Bagle ected president ommerce. of Chamber of FEBRUARY MARCH March ITTA; M.. Schanke, chair 7 mancountydemdcraUccommlttee, npsen chairman. of .emergency. ie- lief.committee,. , · · · ' . · · " · " ' . March 3--Decker announces plans ?60,00o;beef plant. ' V : March 4r-Mason" City institutions involved in nationwide bank holiday. March S--The Rev. G. K, Davies ibs«rves fifth anniversary in local church. · March 8--Frank Miles acks on veterans' appropriations in Rotary club address. Six candidates for city council announced. Mason City awarded district basketball tournament. March 7--Accept cash deposits in Mason City banks. March 8--C. 33; Larson Construe:ion. company awarded contract for Seeker beef plant. Blank theaters closed becauue of salary disagreements. March 9--Forty and eight leads winners in. .5800, gold contest, get- ing $300 sweepstakes for milk fund. March 10^-C.-F. Bull files for city council. . March 11 -- Masori CItyans in earthquake at Long Beach safe. March 12--Announce united plan In churches to fight prohibition repeal. March 13--Plans started for subsistence gardens in Mason City. March 14--Mason City banks reopen. Huge "new d e a l " parade staged. March 16 -- Teachers f r o m 18 North Iowa counties open conven tlon. . March 17--William McAndrew f o r m e r superintendent of Iowa schools, addresses North I o w a teachers. March 18-^-John Smith, Buffalo Center, head of North Iowa Teach ers association. March 10--Worst snowstorm in two years, blocks roads and cripples wire service. Mrch 20---Mohawks win sports manshlp trophy at Iowa touraa ment, . ' . . . ' . ' March 21--Mason City schoo board voices protest to Beatty-Ben nettblll. . , ' .March 22--Campaign launched fo underwriting scrip Issue to . bull road. : - . · ·. , March 23--Damage of storm t telephones in this territory estl mated at ?100,000. March'24--Burns, Laird and Ol son. announce joint ticket In citj election. '..'··· March 25--Iowa State Brands an nounces $15,000 improvements a quarterly meeting. March 28--William Swanson, vet eran Milwaukee raijroad engineer dies. March 28--Burns, Laird and Ol son elected on city council. Cit Manager Hopkins resigns.' , ' . March 2D.--Globe-Gazette an ounces plana to sponsor omes contest. March. 30--Flood waters from Vinnebago river and Willow creek over large areas in city. March 31--City streams reach ighest level in 30 years. better m j ure ^ when struck by Milwaukee train. APRIL April 1--Northwestern Cement ompany announces plan to contln- e insurance for men during shut- own. April 3--Council elects J. T. Laird mayor by unanimous vote. April 4--Attorneys submit Na- onal Clay Products company case. April 5--Building and home furnishing 1 show starts.' April 6--Y. M. C. A. hobby show raws many visitors. April 7--Frank Johnson, Roek- 'ell ex-banker, found dead in coal ffice. April 8--192 awards made at first ourt of honor for Boy Scouts. April 9--Palm Sunday services raw larger number to churches. April 10--City council divides 3 to on accepting resignation of P. F. Hopkins as city manager. April 11--Local schools not af- ected by Beatty-Bennett bill! April 12--Announce junior bug- ers will compete in national show. April 13--M. B. A. books and ecords finally transferred to Toron; · · . . . . April 14--Council members dis- uss plans for ' appointment of dummy" manager through, whom appointments can be made. April 15--200 compete in district nusic contest. April 16--Austin bowlers win ingles and doubles in pin tournament. . - . : . · April 17--City council deadlocked n salary reductions. Crofoot chosen emporary city manager. April IS--North Iowa towns prepare for legalizing beer. April 19--Archbishop Francis J. Jeckman invests Father P. S. O'Connor with rank of monsignor at" impressive-ceremony at St. Joseph's Catholic .church. April 20--Acting- City Manager Crofoot appoints E. J. Patton chief if police. Forty-nine establishments start sale of 3.2 beer in Mason City. April 21 -- Riverside boulevard chosen as 510,000 scrip project. City solicitor interprets 'beer provisions. Nickel sandwich becomes topular food in town. April 22--Dr. V. A. Farrell elect- d president of Cerro Gordo county hapter of Izaafc Walton league. April.24--Start selection of jury Paul Hinch murder trial. April 25--Total of 75 beer permits issued by the city for an in- ome of .55,571. .April 26---Mason. .City Joins North owa-Southerh Minnesota baseball eagiie. ' ." '·' ·'.':", April 27--Five hundred motorists topped in drive on bad lights April 28--Paul Hindi testifies vifo jumped from ear-to her death. April 29--Paul Hinch case goes .0 jury. · . .. .- '···'.-· April 30--Paill · Hinch acquitted of murder'by jury, on discovery of sand Imbedded in-her shoes indicating she must have jumped from car. JUNE June 1--Northwestern States Portland Cement company puts 200 men to work. June 2--Faith Darland leads 248 graduates at commencement. June 3--Mrs. W. L. .Patton, 65, dies after three year illness. June 4--Churches make plans for vacation Bible schools. June 5--Traveling salesmen report sharp upturn in business. June 6--Mercury reaches 81 as hot wave geta under way. June 7--Mason City high school band leaves for Evanston contest. June S--J. J. Hawthorn.6 named manager of Mason City Co-Op Shippers. June 10--Mason City band judged among best in national contest. June 11--I. O. O. F. members attend church in body. June 12--Iowa composing room executives open state conference. June 13--Leo Carle elected president of Iowa Composing Room executives. June 14--Gladys Thorns en named county 4-H queen. June 15--Municipal band opens Its summer concert season. June 16--300 truck, drivers given talk on safety by J. Dillard Hall, Des Moines. June 17 -- Announce "Candy" Hammer to direct rodeo at North Iowa fair. June 19--City council stranded on two to two vote on new rate schedule, with J. J. Burns absent. June 20--Cerro Gordo county vote light on repeal question. June 21--Repeal vote, 5,084 to 3,754. Dean Haggard, former Mason City pastor, dies. June 23--R. J. Glass' analysis of "corn belt" appears in Harpers Magazine. June 24--Silas Brown, Rock Falls, robbed oE 521 and tied to a tree by two youthful bandits. June 25--George Livers fatally injured and Charles Shepard badly hurt in accident near Sioux Rapids. June 26--Installation of officers at Church of Christ. · June 27--Star Oil injunction case tried in federal court session here. June 28--Middle west clay manufacturers adopt code. June 29--Iowa State Brand Creameries reach new high production, stockholders told at annual meeting-. June 30--Riverside drive, built of scrip, now open, ed Iowa public works engineer. Aug. 11--Mayor Laird explains public works plan. Aug. 12--Announce plan to establish re-employment office in Mason City. Aug. 14--"New deal" council ranks break in rate vote. Aug. 15--City council dispute flares up again on second meeting to vote acceptance of rates. Aug. 16--Garfield Breeae, chairman of NRA educational committee, announces code violations to be exposed. Aug. 17--Sixty thousand cans of vegetables and fruits prepared for city's needy. . Aug. 18--Cerro Gordo county reemployment setup announced. Aug. 19--Mighty revival needed, A.-Wv-Caul, Baptist minister, declares. Aug. 21--Large-crowd sees opening auto races at fair. Aug. 22--Cerro Gordo livestock judging- team wins first. Aug. 23--Mitchell county wins demonstration contest. Aug. 24 -- Globe-Gazette announces Iowa history series for schools. Aug. 25--Luka B. Miller buys grand champion baby beef for $420. Aug. 26--Prairie station farmer program at North Iowa fair. Aug. 28--Decker opens new beef plant with 95 prize baby beeves. Aug. 29--NRA leaders make appeal for .co-operation of employers and consumers. Aug. 30--Councilman J. J. Burns charges Mayor Laird with attempt to fool public. Aug. 31--Iowa insurance bureau urges additional fire equipment for Mason City. Oct. 17--School officers consider plan of heating Y. M. C. A. from Central plant. Oct. 18--John F. Clark company opens brokerage office here. Oct. 19---Cliff and Opal Roberts declared winners of 886 hour 40 and 8 marathon. Oct. 20--Odd Fellows and Re- bekahs return from Council Bluffs with;: state convention for Mason City next year. Oct. 21--Forty and Eight gets 52,262 from marathon for school milk fund. Oct. 22T--Mohawks swamp Algona gridders 59 to 6. , Oct. 24--Globe-Gazette carries announcement of corn festival. Oct. 25--Special industrial edition of Globe-Gazette shows many uses of corn and other industrial progress in the state. . . . .Oct. 26--Mason City welcomes corn festival visitors. Oct. 27--Twenty indictments returned by grand jury. Oct. 28--City starts work of constructing new settling basin at disposal plant. Oct. 29--Community chest appeal carried to churches by special speakers. Oct. 30--Drive started on North Iowa game law violators. Oct. 31--Two hundred Rite-Way store owners feted at Hanford. SEPTEMBER JULY MAY NOVEMBER May 1--Fourth -district Legion convention In Maspn City. Electric rates; submitted by P. G. and E. rejected by city council. May · 2--Biennial, convention of Iowa Federation of Women's clubs convenes here. May 3--A. M. Schanke establishes relief offices at curthouse. May 4--Legion post votes to donate Junior- college scholarship. May'5--Iowa State Brands, Inc., butter truck hijacked at Chicago. May 6--First scrip money goes Into circulation with distribution of $1,000. 'May 8--William Me Arthur nominated by drys and R. F. Clough by wets In two county conventions. May 9--Mrs. Pearl Tannar reelected county superintendent. May 10--Cerro Gordo county officers get cuts totaling $300 a year. May 12--Labor assembly votes to back Farmer. Holiday.association. May 14--Northwest Savings bank announces plans to open branch at Sheffield. May 15--Mayor Laird announces he is opposed to further reductions of salaries of city employes. May 16--J. O. Arnold, former chief, of police, dies. May 17--W. L. Nichols elected president of Lions club. May-18--Judges and clerks chosen for repeat vote. May 19--A. M. Schanke appointed postmaster at Mason City. May 20--War veterans selected to appear In Memorial day programs ia 16 Mason city schools. May 2Zr--E. H. Crofoot made permanent city manager. Petition asking reinstatement of Hopkins rejected. May 23--Better days are here, opinion of 200 North Iowa bankers in convention. May 24--Police block attempt to set fire to City hotel. May 25--Mason City's macadam highway attracts attention of middle west road experts. ·May 28--Izaak Walton league adopts county conservation project of .preserving abandoned roads and gravel pits. May 27--Five thousand popples sold. by Legion auxiliary lor Memorial day. May 28--Conrad Buehler ordained at the St. James church. May 29--Reduction of ?45,000 In school budget announced by board. May 30--J. Ray Murphy, Ida Grove, gives Memorial day address. May 31--Betty Easley, 7, fatally July 1--Local Red work on economy act provisions. ' July 2--Several hundred thousand dollars in damages done by tornado i n North Iowa. . ' . ' - . July 3--City council announces progress made in public works program. July 4--E. L. Stoltz, head of Pfaff Bakery, dies. July B--Mason City cement plants restore pre-depression wage, July 7--Packing plant and cement workers organize. July 8--Better business in Mason City, shown by .increased carload- Ings. July 10-^City council asks federal funds to repave Federal avenue. - , · July 11--Announce plan to construct four roadside parks In county. July 12--Predict 10 per cent increase in carloadings. July 13--James King announces Invention of new form of pipe. . July 14--500 heard talks on packers by union leaders. July 15--Local milk producers plan adoption of code. July 17--City council members discuss traffic problems. July 18--Announce investigation of M. B. A. and I. O. F. merger. July 19--A. D. Klein dies at home of son at Chisholm, Minn. Mason City cement plants submit wage code. July 20--Grocers adopt new trade practice provisions. July 21--Local, of fleers elected of Iowa county associations. July 22--Retail merchants push drive supporting code. July 24--Iowa hardware dealers make plans for code. July 25--Mason City joins in support of emergency code. July 26--"Examination" of B. W. Clark branded as illegal by attorneys for Iowa insurance commissioner. July 27--Store opening hours arranged by retailers. July 28--Mrs. G. A. Romey; former. P. E. O. president, dies. July 29--Fire damages county warehouse and road trucks. July 31--City council considers new milk ordinance. Sept. 1--Thousands march In gigantic NRA victory parade. Sept. 3--James Roosevelt tells huge crowd NRA will work. Sept. 4--Cerro Gordo county retires 596,000 in bonds. Sept. 5--B. W. Clark wins right to draw salary as Insurance commissioner. Sept. 6--Announce house to house campaign of workers. Sept. 7--Marathon walkathon starts at armory. Sept. 9--Stockholders of National Clay works awarded 580,100 verdict. Sept. 10--Secretary C. E. Gilman of Y. M. C. A. completes 25 years in Y work. Sept 11--Mason City milk interests announce plan to submit code. Sept. 12--NRA adds 404 full time jobs in Mason City. Sept. 13--Gale Harold Johnson indicted on charge of possessing burglar tools.-. - · · · , Sept. 14--Witnesses testify in coroner's . inquest of barn dance tragedy la which Bernard Gallagher; Dougherty, is fatally injured. Sept. 15--New delegates seated at Labor, assembly meeting. Sept. 16--Large crowd greets return of stage show at Cecil theater. Sept. 17---Merchants announce prizes for fall opening. Sept. 19--Helen Brewer's ?30,000 suit against Firestone Tire and Rubber company opens. . Sept. 20--Cedar'Valley Baptist association opens convention. Sept. 22--100 men return to jobs la Mason City Brick and Tile company plants. Sept 23--Walkathon career of "Slip" Hayden revealed in'hearing on former wife's claim of $50,000. ·gept. 24--Four youths arrested on charge of stealing beer from trucks. Sept. 25--Three Lincicum children injured when thrown from truck In crash. Sept. 26--Building of beef cooler starts at J. B. Decker and- Sons company plant. . Sept 27--Attorneys block taking of depositions in case against Northwestern States Portland Cement company. Sept. 28--530,000 Brewer claim against Firestone denied when judge directs verdict. Sept. 29--Auto accidents showed increase during August Sept. 30--New X-ray equipment installed In Mercy hospital. Nov. 1--S. Murren wins Legion garden contest. Nov. 2--R. F. Armstrong, former Northwestern superintendent, dies. Nov. 3--L. R. Whlpple appointed Legion full time secretary. Nov. 4--Mason City high school wins from Fort Dodge 2 to 0. Nov. 5--Congregational church observes seventy-fifth anniversary. Nov. 6--City council passes milk ordinance. Nov. 7--Irregularities found in relief grocery sales. Nov. 8--Congressman Fred Bler- mann addresses Chamber of Commerce. Nov. 9--E. W. Clark scores victory when Judge Ladd sustains writ of certiorari and holds executive council without jurisidictlon. Nov. 10--.Legion stages statewide membership drive. Nov. 11--Veterans of Foreign wars stage parade observing Armistice day. Nov. 12--Cerro Gordo Red Cross roll call starts. Nov. 13--NRA rules given on cafe operation. Nov. 15---Decker officers elected at annual meeting. Nov. 16 -- Unidentified forger plays Santa Claus to local family. Nov. 17--County agents hear corn-hog program explained by Ames experts. Nov. 18--Dr. B. F. Weston dies. Nov. 19--Frank Mathig evangelistic meetings close at Methodist church. Nov. 20--Decker given contract for 150,000 pounds of meat by government. . Nov. 21--Local gridiron season shows profit of $925. Nov. 22-^-City council votes to pay half of civic works administrative costs. . . Nov. 23--Unemployed go back to jobs in county. Nov. 24--Labor union In dispute with local cafe. ; Nov. 25--Distribution of corn loan money starts. Nov. 26---Thanksgiving theme emphasized in churches. Nov. 27--A. M. Dougan, farmer, gets first corn loan for $2,218.95. Nov. 28--Decker ships six carloads of government meat. Nov. 29--Dan Edgington re-elected president of North Iowa fair. Nov. 30^-Tne Rev. A. W. Caul delivers union Thanksgiving sermon. DECEMBER Dec. 1.--County petitions for II.- S. aid on $64 grading project. :. Dec. 2--Seventy thousand dollars in Christmas aavjiigs distributed. Dec. 3--Mason City youngsters see huge Santa Claus parade. Dec. 4--City council decides to ask lower street light rates. . Dec. 5--Board of adjustment hears testimony on change of classi- fication of South Federal property. Dec, 6--Stockholders fight Lan sing bridge lawsuit. . . . ' , . . . , Dec. 8--Local banks to sell pre-f "erred stock to government. r || Dec. 9--F. W. Stover says corn-Si g administration up to producer.?,! Dec. 10--Appeal filed in Natiorial|| Clay Products company case. Dec. 11--Packer bill would .dcs troy cash livestock market, Deckei| says. Dec. 12--U. S. corn-hog- reductio; agreement explained, Dec. 13--City council burlesquecj at Chamber of Commence party. /,,. Dec. 14--J. N. Darling score North Iowa criticisms of game po Icy. Dec. 15--Local school boards coi fer on bill to transfer territory fro; districts. Dec. 16--Leo Duster, state Leglo commander, addresses Joint" mee ing at armory. - , Dec. 17--Announce Mason. CI1 community chest among 46 In U. that went over the top. Dec. 18--F. W. Stover electe president of Farm Bureau here. Dec. 19--Four men hurt wh turbine at American Beet Sag. company explodes. Dec. 20 -- Northwe stem S tat Portland Cement company chit, plan'winter run. .. , Sixty jurors called for Januaj term of court. . . %, Dec. 23--Four hundred fifty cri|| dren get Christmas baskets fre! j Welfare league. ,!i Dec. 24 -- Christmas prograii| given in Mason City churches, t Dec. 25--J. H. Mason, chief dairy section of AAA, visitor j city. ' Dec. 26--Mercury makes sudd( dip to 17 below. ^ Dec. 27---Three automobile dan age suits filed for January term. Dec. 28--Dr. _McMIchael win Christmas lighting contest. 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Hopkins appolnt- · Oct. 1--Harvest festivals held In Mason City churches. Oct 2--City council considers traffic problems. Oct. 3--City's fire loss for September reported only $34. Oct. 4--Eighty-four boys enroll in Legion rifle corps. Oct. 5--Helen Brewer files criminal action against Firestone officers. Oct 6--550,000 goal set for community chest drive. Oct. 7--Operations start on re- paving "first mile" on highway to Clear Lake. Oct. 8--The Rev. Walter H. Kampen Installed In Central Lutheran church. Oct. 9--Sixty jurors chosen for October term of the district court. Oct. 10--Social welfare budget set at $11,700 in community chest Oct. 11--All parent-teacher welfare department makes plans for year. Oct 12--Roy Johnson elected commander of Clausen-Worden Legion post. Oct. 13--Seventeen bootlegger suspects held following raids on evidence gathered by undercover men- Del. 14--Mason City gridders defeat Clarion high school and Emmetsburg Junior college. 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