The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 7, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 7, 1913
Page 4
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tt/UMJurfthMdftufattoi av«._fc-t.i K f1;K"'«s' *-,. -*- **"!·.*. X*" THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Poblished~Daily Except Sunday Time, and New. Poklialua* ComPW, p PHIIJP B. Secretary aod Treasurer. PHIIJP S. BIKLE, Editor SUBSCRIPTION Served by carrier in Gettysburg for 25 «ats per momth. * c ,. Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cent* per moath. 5ULTES Single copfes to non-subscribers. 2 cents. HUERTA TO DEFY U, S. DEMAND [o Let New Congress Decide Validity of Election, W. R M C COM6. Democratic National Chairman to Marry Today. PUBLIC OWNED BANK NEW PLAN 1 200 PAY TRIBUTE PERSONAL NOTES TO EDDIE PLANK AND BRIEF ITEMS IFTOaMcemKSSE TDIES by mail vou caa Snd the date up to wMch yoe are ^^SwfcSddrSabel oa your psper. The date ^11 be chang« wuhw tea days afxer yonr money is received at The Times Umce. Aczuxt JS;'l904, st Getrysburg, Pel, ss second-dast matter* 1 nader {jf fs^crrocc "\ffft-n 3. 1S79. . ^.? Congress" March 3, 1S79. 4. * . .* - ' UNITED PHONE Oft* im Northwest comer of Ceetr* Sjuare, Gettysburg, jOsctatoJ- Is Said to Be Determined to j Hoid Office 'Jntn a New President} Js Chosen. 1 -HIS GETiERAlT OFFICES * NEW YORK AND CHICAGO »·" '-KWTH-a-. r Mexico City. Mer- Nov. 7.--The pur- i | coses ot General Kuerta were voiced . I b y a person who is close to the pro-1 ] visional president. | The president is determined to re-s Sect all the demands set forth in the*. ' latest American communicaiioa and is t resolved to seat the congress just j If congress, however, declares the; recent presidential election null and! Waatid«.lOc* cent oer word each irssernoa, T*o cents s. word if goaraxted ! makes arrangements for another elec- f f**t caee BOiitioa. Resolution* of respect, poetry and reemorianw use cest { : : on . General Huerta woa'.d oe di=( _^L»V f^^g^^^ Jtr^ I ,, . . ~ _ * · » » » « An.f**f?*r\n *inn 2 per word. ! (Continuedfrom first page) *** *»**»**** ^ ^ »^ { cluster of eight diamonds. "This is a ; J c 338 of di 2130 ^ meeting diamond", | : said the speaker, "you are both typ- ; I ical of puri'cy, virtue and worth.*' j nni nu nmirniii*! ____ ' In, his -characterisrie brief, though: GQNTROL BY OUVEnniiBENi sincere. fashion Eddiel -accepted n t . . n .. . The Senate Gomniittee Vote i TtHS Paragraphs of News TeH«§ if tfae Happenings ia aid atat Ttw» People Visiting Here and Those Sojourninf'Elsewhere. it. D. Armor,- of. East- "Middle : J|8?8 ft bq % tMajs JOB pel NEW EAGLE HOTEL G*p»citr 400 Kooma with bath em aoitt * JilcGononsy, Pzop'a. Trimmer's 5 and 10 cent Store. ! While "diey last- Vary special lot of Ladles" collars. WILLIAM E. Z1EGLER j E::pert Electrical woik. Repairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle Si. Phone 94 Y. CHAS. S. MUMPEH --Fire Proof Storage-- Warehonsa for Farnitnr* and Household .Good* stored ' any length of time. 5CCOHBS posed to abide by tins decision and i I =uisim to the people's choice of a man i v.-ho v/ould occupy the presidency un-^ tJLihe autumn of 191C. 'Bride of Nelson O'Shaughuessy, the Anieri- j man tfj can Charge d'aSaires, sent to Wash-, Washington iiigion a long dispatch telling the re-i E o cloge friends _ suits of the conference he nad vita ; Doro thy \ViUiaais. sister of Mrs. Jo- Amendment Was Adopted Despite Pro- , - others here Avho will talk to -yon about street, has gone v --Harrisburg- to- tests of and Kay -« .^^ ^ ^ j wm simplj ^^ you j speEd ^ v .- ee k with friends....... Basis of Agreement. jj f ro:n my heart for this beautiful gift." ! John Robertson^and Miss Janet Rob- Washlagioa, Nov. 7.--By a vote ol | Connie Mack's speech was followed crtson, of Baltimore street, are in seven to five the senate committee on'as closely, perhaps, as any. oration .Harrisburg for several days, basking * and currency decided to from president, scholar or orator that 1 -Connie Mack and Eddie Collins have amend the currency bill to provide jj as ever appeared on -- «jettysburg' returned \o Philadelphia, that tae stock of the proposed regional · v \~-^ orm ^ For twenty minutes "he told j 3ii ss Henrietta Krise, of Carlisle reserve baaks shall be owned by tce; of base ball--its victories and its de-l stree t ? SDen t Thursday in Hanover at- hah be ua- fe .^ side and its m ; s for-! ten ding a missioaarj' convention, do^ de-I-nes-but through it ail «, the fre- L E . El , terline Esq ., of Ashland , ^ spire the protests of the administra-' queni. almost tender, allusion to thejip. loxra for several days, zion senators in the conueiuee and j "old boy*' whom he patted on the . E ev . and Mrs. Charles E. Eeinewald, despite intiiaatsons from the \Ybste | shoulder as he talked and told how he, o f Emmitsburg, spent Thursday and House, where President V.'ilsoa had - h at i p Ut him in to save the day on so j to-day at the home of Miss Annie conference w-iih Senator SiBiajons, j many critical occasions. The history of! Banner on Centre Square, tnat a Democratic caucus of t*aesen-; seve ; alw)r j ds , Series were re i ate d Mrs. Luther DeYoe, of Germantown, at the home of . McKnight on Car- ! was apparent. i It is said that Huena has not fo**-j Con , bs of Kew ! really rejected the American demands ^ s advSse( , o ' Jcratic Xational Caa'mian W. F. ifc- HICE PRODUCE COMPANY sighest Cash Prices Pzld for all ---gASM P.5CDUCS-- Uxder Tirae* OSce, Gettysburg. W, 3- TiPTON --Photoprcpher-- Gettysburg Socrealr» York. Miss Williams _ _ or raore intimate and that the- dictator's determination | f ^ n ^" j n ~-vv a shingioa. The marriage ; has not been communicated to · /^ been expecle( i r O r some v.-eeks. I O'Shaughr.essy. ! ^n s s AYLHiams :s one of the belles ! A number of the political esesies' of , be vounger ? e- in Washington, lof the dictator have pledged their-sup-: aE{ , a j, eaut |ful young woman. It is- j port, saying that Mexico expects to ; thOE «, ht pro bable that Mr. McCombs i see Huerta remain in the national pal- j ^j, ^ oas e nc T0 become ambassador tc ! ace and refuse to give way in the face ; p^^^ lo gratify his bride's social i of pressure from Washington or any ! g^u"^ | other foreign menace. Some of the j ' ' I most guarded of the conservatives j I have counselled Htierta not ro resign. { f j even if his retention of oSce means i armed intervention. in committee so that the bill may be j w hole proceeding, Twice, he declared, reported to the senate and the fight t ae \yor!d"s Series have gone for five on its terms begun there- President Wilson has been conduct- iog informal cratic senators ,,__. -- , uaiion and many are urging a party | from the same cause. ' games instead of only four because of ian accident, while anotfter i · -* tr"*t(--3 »· «t-J *·* v-"*---- * _ - -- ,* ^er the currency sit-! games instead of nve were ame ph six ived conference, not necessarily a binding) In speaking of Eddie, Connie Mack caucus, as a movement to make the!declared that he was the greatest left Democratic party sponsor fur the bill hand pitcher in the history of base the administration de- [ be bis ball and then called attention to his record in the World's Series games. *'You will notice", he said, 'that Plank j has won. cwo games and lost four. Let National dignity has come to be a portpntious term in Mexico City. Pa-. i triotic societies are forming and the ; i government is resorting to all possible I I agencies to appeal to Mexican pride. | fALR OF DEPOSING TAMMANY'S "HEAD An Honestly Built Stove range Thai SeHs On Merit The Penn Esther does not have a lot of fancy d-: coration that is hard to keep r clean--and at the same time it is excelled by none in appea;- ance. It is»the most solidly built and best general purpose cookinpr ranfre we know. One O *-* that we can conscientiously guarantee. Defeat Kay Cause Downfall of Murply. , uii ^ ._ . _ York, -ov. 7.--TJie defeat of and other establishments requiring 1 Tammany Hall is so complete in. the nisht work are in fear of seizure as j city and state that Charles F. Harphy I r j,g,- go t Q sr-.ft from t'aeir places of ; and his followers will nave the lean| employment, for maay have already" sst kind of pickings in the next four I *.. f*^^f*nA "T-ni-»-v -YV1 "TljT'I I"T" *SOT~V r !f*^ ! ·*"**«**·« . * ! days all able-bodied Mexicans found j on tae strets have been pressed iato · the ranks. Employes of newspapers i in the form, sires it. "I do not think any caucus wu accessary." saitl Simmons, after conference with tbe president, -- , , least, I hope none will be, but. o f j m e tell you tnat if we nad been ao.e coarse, Deaiocrats cacaot be expected!to score just two runs for him at the to supcort z bill coming from a com-jp rO per times that record would read raittee in which the majority of the; ^^ n\-^ lost one". E3die is a man Democrats have been opposed to what already has beea adopted. "It must be a Democratic bill. There are no developments yet, but there are likely to be ia a few days i£ the comrnktee continues as it has." Senators Reed and Hitchcock, Democrats, joined tae five Republican members in voting for the pubiic- ovrned, government-controlled bank plan over the protests of Senators Owen, Pomerene. Shafroth. Hoilis aad O'Gorsiaa, the regaining Democrats. Jointly framed by Reed. Hitchcock ·*? " Harrisburg, of Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Granville. Mrs. Edward Johnson, of Pittsburgh, is a guest at the home of Dr. and Mrs. T. J. Barkiey on Carlisle street. CHURCH NOTICES ! been forced into military service. i years. ! A movement, is said "to be already ADMITS NOTE TO HUERTA · on foot TO depose Murphy from the "Hall." Tirtually Nature of Recent Communication Not.: ^ Yet Disclosed- ! ^ "vTashington. Xov. 7.--At the White ; - i leadership o use "Hall." "Virtually ·Tammany's only hope ia the greater organizing and administering is ? aildinjr former! j occnpied by^traviStac . Rear of old Reading Freid:t Dcpct. arsams PUBLIC SALE NOVEMBER Sth. 1913. The undersigned will sell at public 1 sale at his residence in Straban town*~* I ! =hip on the Get'tvsbursr and Hunters- FORAFEWDAYSONLY||toxvn Road, 2% miles from either cotts. Black 5oc heavy fleece underwear, bargain } 500 men's work shirts, bargain - - the Hnena gDverntcent. i«-"» f ^ ^ nu ^ T\"nether such insiructioas were tae , '1011 - l - "- same as those referred to as demand-1 amounts to more ing the elimination of Huerta, onicials ; year, to state specifically- i from Mesico City that 1 the newly ina, has com- ind ^ra- payroll of which than §l,nn'\000 a I rhat he exnectea to ne riltetl States senator frora rate to be elected by popo- reject any Amer-can demands was re- ^^^ ^^ Robmson. Pro- 5res5'.--e state cnainhaa, said tiiat the ssem".:-- would be anti-Barnes .tKMu-?hy. He claims the elec- ce;-ed in official circles without com- Talk of lifting the emfcargo a on arms ; was rivived in congressional circles! tors have roid the presideat there was ; in con- arms to Mexico. The presideat. in his address to congress, last August, tooic aa e-nent. Straight Republicans and s;r:sht Berne would have to combine feat 7hem- without vices, a model for the young raen and boys of the present day to strive after."' Connie Mack's speech was declared by the toastmaster to be ''one of the most interesting we have ever listened to in all our and then Eddie BIGLERVILLE LUTHERAN" Sunday School at 9 a. m.: Junior Endeavor at 6; Senior at C:45; preaching a'c 10 a. m. ~AREXDTSV!LLE REFORMED Rally Day service at ten o'clock Sundav morning. BIGLERVILLE REFOR3IED The pastor, Rev. 'i. C. Hesson, will preach at two o'clock on Sunday afternoon on "What to Do with the Tares"'. Sunday School at one o'clock. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Revival service ac Marsh Creek Church, beginning Saturday evening :=it 7:30. to continue for several weeks Collins was called upon. He told rf I Sunday School 9:30; preaching 10:30. Plank's "treatraent of his teammates : Straiten Street Church: Sandav of his never being known to blame" a School 0:30; preaching 7:00 p. m. *"* I ·V-lVj-H f Tf*T*k * -"·"*' T -!~t 'TT ·*"» defeat on. any one but himself, cf his soirit when losing and of his fine Weeks, the resolution was regarded by j qualities as^a jiian. Harry Davis told some as the basis cf a compromise between the White House and the senators in ccatrol of the coraiuittee- he provision o-£ the house bill to compel national bants to subscribe 10 per cent of their capital to the new system. uader penalty of losing their caarters. by this action would be eltnil- Kated. If. afier sixty days, tfee public, has not subscribed all the capital, the banks entering the system will be required tc take up tae remaining stock- Teat was one of ihe proposals of the Vaaderlip plan. Control of the regional banks was settled by a compromise resolution, offered by Weeks, providing that each regional bank have nine directors, five to be selected by the federal reserve board and fcur by the janks. "Under the house b'll sis: of the nine would be chosen by the banks. more about' Jbddie that delighted his hearers and in closing said "Everything that has been told here to-nigh's: about him' is absolutely true. I know it.*' William Hersh Esc. sprung one of the hits of the evening when he produced a receipt signed by Eddie Plank for §5.00 for "one week's service on the Getlysbnrg base ball team". Ic treasurer and was eagerly examined fay Connie 3Iack ana marry others when it was^ prodaced. "Since then", smiled Mr. Hersh, "he has been getting S5.25 a week." Dr. Granvilie closed the evening in telling how great an advertisement was given to John L- HiH, of the town team in 1896 HIS F!VE_W!VES VOTE Head of Mormon Church In Favor of Woman's Suffrage. Chicago, ^ov. 7. -- Joseph F. Smith. BIGLERVILLE U. B. A program will be rendered in tl/"' United Brethren Church in honor of Woman's Day. A free will offering ·vrlll be taken at 7:30 p. m. Everybody welcome. · REFORMED Sunday School, 9:15 a. m.; no mom-"" ing church service: church service at 7 p. m.. subject, "Uplifting Christ." The pastor will conduct service in St. "·lark's Church at 10 a. m. YORK SPRIXGS M. E. Wenksville: Sunday School, 9:00; serinon, 10:00: Epworth League, 7:30. Bendersvillei Sunday School. 9:30; Class meeting, lfe-30; Epworth League 6:30: sermon, 7:GO. Rock'Chapel: revival services 7:30 and each nigh* during Vhe week. The stewards ara expected to report for Third Quarter Boy's 5oc cress shirts,OQ military color, bar- t2* 1 9 head of horses and ry-.rhrro -K-as the rumor thst Mr. '. black mare colt 2% years old. an ex'ira I i fine lar.c:e mare, will make a number *: * " T -* T ,,.--"t-w -t ·? ' gain Boy's J5c sweater, bargain - - - | Mens' $1.50 hats all 'Icolors, latest shapes. Ibarra »n I Mer.s" $3, hats. I Knox and i Stetson shapes, f : one brood mare. 1 roan horse colt I 3 . ;jvears old. 2 black horse colts l 1 ^ J ] years, 2 mare colts, 1 black and or.e Ijbay I 3 2 years, these coits are ex;ra |'large for their age, well boned, proni- ! i ise^to make fine horses. The above '. mentioned horses and colts are all | ! sound and without blemish. 15 head of} bas admitt"i Lca'.ie. T read milch cows, will all be February, 3 to obtain amis an» ainnunition on ar, j now." ho s~-, '3. equality with Huerta. BL .'arsuarv ana I Ladies' 6oc rubbers bargain - - - tIeJ3s' S$c rubbers, ii thoroujrhhrcd Kots'tein bc'fers. one noce=: ;=;t-, of s,;eppi""s; I .had one calf, the .other 2 fresh ir. Jan- i; ^^ Thc ad:ri issJon has stirred Vera Cruz !s Excited. Vera Cruz. Mex . Nov. 7--Jonr. T-in-1. ' s President "U"j|son"s special er.vo: aerc.; at tre vrashlngton giv-, rirs 3e?.-K---- OWK FROM CANNON'S M O U I K Seven ua'-v. '2 thoroughbred Hoistcin bulls, i .ars old, one 4 months old. n red 8 months old. 16 head of hogs J !cii-:rs Against the Ameer of Afghanistan Execuied- CaV-.I -.chan'Ptan. Nov. 7.--Seven ,n a piot to assassinate eminent Is saving Prov-.^onal Prosi the am-; - Af^n^an ^^ '-nt^T bv t--^',:-.c: tied to -lie rou^zieo 01 i -a-ere tJi*-n ilred '·f ;be prisr-.aers were the rorc of the gnns. dent Hucna stror.a iati-nations of I'PC i ' his sieppir.s; spscafly o^.{ ! f-annor.. ' Tae 5 sujin bulis. A _^ 7 n^^-spappvs. a n3 tr.c pecpSe' "aimn^. .if 'fc^rf hoS « li^ *ow evidences of _gr^t ex-; ! one ful'ssrc'l Duroc Jersey male hog 1 ------ |; year oid, eligible to rco^ster, 2 young S.SOV/K v.ill ha\c pigs ia" December, 33 |'head of shears, S "months old, 1,000 ha. I'corr. on the ear, 2.500 bundles COITI Sale to commence ritement. "'S'sth seven American ships in "Mexican waters and reports r.'other of KiHed GlrJ Dies. bargain - Mens" and Ladies, $2,50 aad. S3 shoes, latest styles, guaranteed sat i if action d**| or new pair bar- «p A i j , oiiie t» truj!iijit;nce at 12 o )^ I', snar P- wre:i attendance will be I , and "terms made kr.owr, bv i ORVILLE S.'RUjn. I t T wiil a3^o sell 13 or twenty head of ; t bul's v.eiching from 401 · to 700 Ibs. ' each. MORE BARGAINS But no space to mention. Come and be convinced. "Lewis E. Kirssin, Gettysburg Bargain Stor Mention this Advertisement whe you come to purchase : or her May, at VJs^j. several we?Tss ago. New Mrs. from Washigton announcing that two; .^ t ^ f ,. ^ others are on their way to Vera Crr.z - ^ c _,.'-.l c: l^ , ,^ .,,,_.,,. . talk of prompt action by tae United, , Tr ,_ E ^_,,^..,,i -r^mer diet} States in Mexico is heard in Vera Craz. i '-^^^^ 'TM- n T wa ^ a s'ster of ; Howard C-: ":-·-., at whose home the girt ) «-as siot md killed. The hearing of May Appea! to The Hague. | Ho-vard f^rley and "nis son, John. Ixadon. Xov. 7.--It was reported in j ,- aarae ^ -, v , r . t ;, e murder, nrobably wis! diplo?natic circles thai Provisional J ^ e postror'" and not be held on Sat- , successor to Brigham Young as head cf the liornian church, arrived in Chi- caso with one of Bis five wives, and caie or.t Hat-footed ia favor of givicg the vote to wonzeu. "Onr -- oraen have been voting tor twenty-five years." he said. "I am afraid you are behind tne times hers ia Chicago." "But you nave five wives" -"It makes n? difference. Every one votes as he or she pleases." Mr. Smith has come to Chicago to dedicate two churches. He is accompanied by Eisbop C. "W. Nibloe. business manager of the Morman church, and Eider E. F. Smith. Eddie Plank had been for Gettysburg College and how he was both member ef the faculty and text book in teaching the boys at the local college how to play and hov.- to live. Shortly -before two o'clock this morning the banquet came to a close and again Eddie was surrounded by his admirers, eager to grasp his hand while many sought Connie Mack to have him place his autograph on their imitation base balls that were par'c of the menu. The committee having the banquet in charge and to whom the credit for its complete success is due was com- Dosed of the following. J. Harry Holtzworth, Samuel E- WeSser, Charles W. Myers, Rufus H. Bushman, W. H. Kalbfieisch and William H. Allison. NEXT ATTRACTION Girl Casnier Signs Never to Wed, Los Angeles. Cal~ Nov. 7.--Sign' an agreement not to marry, ?.Iiss R^ Ma=olis, for the past five years cashier rf the Hotel Kayvard. accepted a contract caVung IT her services as cashier ol the hotel the rest of her 1'fe- irJng' her five years as cashier Miss Large Colored Musical Comedy Company Coming on Friday- pastor. GREAT COXE\5 r AGO Fresby'cerian Church Hunterstown: Sunday School. 9:30; preaching 10:30 a. rn. York Springs: preaching, 2:30 p. m. Rev. G. F. Baker, pastor. GETTYSBURG U. B. Sunday School, 9:30 a. m.; preaching, 10:30 a, m.; Junior Christian Endeavor meeting, 1:SO p. m.: Senior Christian Endeavor meeting. 6:00 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7:15 p. m. J. Chas. Gardner, pastor. SALEM U. B. Sunday School, 9:00 a. m.: preaching, 7:00 p. m. J. Ghas. Gardner, pastor. ST. PAUL'S M. E. ZIOX -Preaching. 11:00 a. m.; Sunday- School, 2:00 p. m.; Christian Endeavor. 7:00 p. m.; preaching. 8:00 p. into the ^Viiling Workers Society. W. O. Cooper, pastor. With Rogers and Creamers' "Negrc Players of America"' cavorting about the stage of Walter's Theatre on Friday evening theatre-goers will tak- Magoiis has made herself so valnabli- advantage of the first opportunity pre °^ ^t decided to makelsented them this season to see a col ored musical show.' There have beer, many changes made in the "Oid Man'* thai me ;ac unique offer, aad it wa^ quickly accepted. Pressdent Huerta. of Mexico, ap-j ; ~ d ~**~ Who's to Pay Alimony Tax? \Tasaii33ton, Nov. 7.--If Nat Gocd- -win pays over SSOOO a year alimony to ills ex-wives must he or The waves pay the income tax? This question vexed Boy" 7 since the piece -was seen at the Lafayette, Xe^v York, last June. A prologue lasting eight minutes har been prefixed, a piece of dramatic con struction which has done much of the treasury department officials, but j make the plot more easy o* compre- thev adrcitted that it was not particu-jhension. It has further served to make Jarlv i"or Xat's -sake that they were t the last act more potent in its draniat- pea', to -tne International Court of Arhi- i tration at The Hague to mediate thej v 4j -5or it w of il they are '·'" » s ratchiiiE sJsed hav- Ic orc-i!. in which they can ^ t!i.» warmer hours of tlie bv sarprfsiug how few ol'lt^t dnr will not find the TI 5-- vhed iinrd at work. Both ·( ^P and the fresh air will con- to their her-ltu nnd by doing 1 ih'-ren'e t'aeir layinsj capacity. FOK RENT: furnished or unfurnished rooms. 117 Carlisle street. -- ad^ ertisement between Mexico "niied States. Kuerta is believed t o j be on the point of asking The Hague! tribunal to prevent intervention ia na Bruce s ..yrwen y- Mexico by the United States, on the i Ot a "^" e ! "' vco ^.^,,^^ **.,* ^ -n-^,,1^ LO r^A^tb t rt fhP ! 'f- 1 3Q a wa s strangled GsrI Hsr.ged. wornied. but for the sake of a puz£led 5 army of ex-bubbres.' $500 StoJen From PostoSics. Pa.. "ov. ~.--Yeggmen a* w old. ground tnat it woiisa oe aeata to tue - - -- / - -- · . -- - " r - ,, 1 , nn n r a : nationality of the Mexican republic. !^ ^eaa slipped m,o .-he loop of a Mexico is a signatory to The Hagie i harness repairing strap tb-t was han = ^ coainact, ^ on the w? - iL near aere, and made their escape wita ?300 in money and post- when 'i age stamps. Furniture in the office was ' smashed when the heavy door of tne| . was Mown off. but occupants o! ·, Nov. 19--Fiftieth Anniversary. ic scenes as -well as to strengthen the dominant idea with an atmosphere ot consistency, uniformity and dramatic unitv.--advertisement COMING EVENTS Xov. IS--Exhibits. Boys' and Girls. League, Court House. Lin- Teat for Bunting. The government test for bunting is six hours In salt water and then sis hours' exposure to the sun. SHELL oysters always on hand at Evans' Restaurant. * Advertisement United Phone.-- aroused. FOR RENT: 5 room house. Apply 153 York street. Call morning only,-advertisement coin's Gettysburg Address. Nov. 20--St. Paul's A. M- E. Zion fair, Xov. 24--Lecture. Dr. J. H. Sieling Brua Chapel. Nov. 24-29--Bazaar. Xavier Hall. Nov. 25--Recital. David Brua Chapel. ·Bispham STOCK COMPANY Week at Walter's Theatre Starting ilonday Xight. Xo traveling stock company ha» ever given ssch a repertoire of popu- lor New York successes as that whica will he presented at Walters Theatre next week by Miss LaPor'te and her associates, opening in "Just Plain Mary", a rural comedy drama, full of heart interest and comedy situations, Tsiiich will be followed during the week with such metropolitan hills as "The Goose Girl," "Tess of the Storm Country/' "Dorothy Vernon of Hae- don Hall," "The White Sister," etc. Miss LaPorte pays in royalties . for these bills the average salary list of an a,verage repertoire company---advertisement First Real Mineral Water*., = The manufacture of mineral waters "upon correct chemical principles" was undertaken in America as early as 1S06. This was merely "charged water," but it was a great novelty ia the days when lact of traveling facilities made the mineral springs remote for many. In 1809 the first establishment was started In New York city. 1EWSP4PERS nFWSPAPFRI

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