The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 14, 1934 · Page 5
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 14, 1934
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

MARCH 14 1934 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FIVE WILL ROGERS IN "DAVID MM" Humorist-Philosopher in Ideal Role as Shrewd Horse Trader. "David Harum," Fox f Urn's latest release starring Will Rogers, is scheduled to begin a four day engagement Saturday at the Cecil theater. T^tiis picture, according to film officials, was produced in re- spcaise to the numerous letters received by the humorist-philosopher urging him to play this role. Its typical American theme deals ·with a shrewd horse trader. Because of the coldness with which he barters, and his uncanny method of outwitting people in business dealings, his reputation is none too good in the small town in which he lives. A young man who has come to work in the bank owned by the horse trader, learns that his employer really has a soft heart, and that his hardness is only for those who deal unfairly. The boy has fallen in love with a wealthy girl, but hesitates to propose marriage because 1 of his poor financial stand- The fcorse trader, who is interested in tile boy, tries to help the romance along, but gets nowhere. When the young girl comes to h.ra and requests him to enter her horse in a forthcoming race, he advises the boy to place all his savings on the horse. ., . The hilarious method by which the horse trader brings the horse home a winner is said to bring the film to a happy and amusing conclusion. , ,,..,, The large cast in support o£ Will Rogers displays an array of impressive names that include Louise Dresser, Evelyn Venable, Kent Taylor, Stepin Fetchit and Noah Beery. James Cruze directed from Walter Wood's screen play, which was adapted from the novel by- Edward Noyes Westcott. TESTIMONYfilVEN IN DAMAGE CASE Plaintiff Part of Action Complete in Local Trial. Clear Lake Globe-Gazette HELEN HENDRICKS News Editor Residence Phone 310-W No. 239 OFFICE PHONE LEE DEWIGGINS Circulation and Advertising Residence Phone 07 DIAMOND VALUES Diamonds have Increased 25%. We still have some at former prices. Yt carat-$49.50 MURRAY JEWELRY CO. M. B. A. BLDG. Motor Repairing By Men with years of Experience Testimony for the plaintiff in the 58,822.10 damage action of Lillian Studer vs. Lawrence and Alvin Matzen was completed Wednesday afternoon after Harvey J. Bryant, who with Assistant County Attorney M. E. Laird and County Attorney M. L. Mason is presenting Miss Studer's case, had called Drs. T. A. Burke, C. B. Tice and S. A. O'Brien and finally Miss Studer herself to the stand. The physicians testified as to the character and possible and probable effects of the plaintiff's injuries most serious of which are extensive skull fractures and eye injuries. Court was adjourned Tuesday by Judge T. A. Beardmore at the first news of the bank robbery. "Wanted a mule. Must be reasonable." Liner in a Georgia paper. Probably unfilled as they 'do not grow that kind.--Pontiac Press. New and Used Motors Bought and Sold Zack Bros. ELECTRIC CO. 306 Second St. S. VV. Phone WHAT CAUSES EPILEPSY? IS THERE A CURE? A booklet containing the opinions of famous doctors on this interesting subject will be sent FREE, while they last, to any reader writing to the Educational Division, Dept. 542, 545 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. F, L, GOLGAN DIES AT LAKE Druggist Succumbs at Hospital After Short Illness. CLEAR LAKE. March 14.-Frank L. Colgan, 66, died at a Mason City hospital at 9 o'clock Tuesday night following a short illness. He was taken ill last week and was taken to the hospital Saturday. Mr. Colgan had been a druggist in Clear Lake for the past 11 years, purchasing the Etzel Drug store here and renaming it the Colgan Pharmacy. Prior to that time be lived at Davenport, Titonka and Cedar Rapids, where he operated drug stores. Mrs. Colgan has assisted in the drug store here. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Colgan, three sons, Dr. C. C. Colgan Des Moines; Oscar Colgan, Portland Ore., and Omar Colgan, Clear Lake; a daughter, Mrs. Norma Whitney, Quincy, HI., and two granddaughters, Maxine and Virginia Colgan, who make their home with their grandparents; and two grandsons, Jack Whitney and Billy Colgan. . . Among those relatives arriving yesterday were Mr. and Mrs. Max Whitney and son, Jackie, of Quincy, HI., and Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Colgan of Des Moines. Funeral services have not yei been planned as they are awaiting the arrival of the son, Oscar Colgan from Portland. The body is at the Ward Funeral home, East Main street. Yanks Win Ball Trophy by Defeating 4-H Club Good Sportsman Bat Given' to Liberty Store Aggregation. A Quicker Way To Ease Headaches CLEAR LAKE, March 14.--The Yanks club captained by Ralph Tarr won the 1934 Softball league trophy held by the Barbers Tuesday night by defeating the 4-H club 5 to 1. Forde Lee, president of the league, presented the trophy to the Yanks' captain. A bat was presented to Burt Ballard, captain of the Liberty store outfit, for showing the best sportsmanship during the season, although failing to win a game. The Farmers won 2 to 1 from the Kenyons in an eight inning game to give them a tie with the Barbers for second place. The Barbers won 3 to 0 from the Liberty store. Kenyons chalked up a third place, 4-H boys a fourth and Liberty store, the cellar post. Kenyons led the Farmers 1 to 0 until the sixth inning when Robbins tied it. Ic the last half of the eighth inning Witter scored the extra point. A triple play was pulled in the Liberty store-Barber game when Nelson of the Liberty store caught Peterson's fly, threw it to first to put out Young and on to second to put out Coe. Coach Johnston went to the pitching post for the Barbers in the fourth inning. The season was concluded with John Baago of the Liberty store standing high in batting average with .681; Herb Christensen of the Kenyons second, with .639; Adam Thomas of the Barbers third, with .622; H. Peterson of the Farmers fourth, with .621, and L. Huntley of the Farmers fifth, with .600. !qualitj.._ MUSIC TRY-OUTS HELD FOR MEET Four Vocalists Selected to Enter Sub-District Contest. CLEAR LAKE,March 14.-- Vocal ry-outs for entries in the subdis- rict music contest were held Tuesday nirtj. at the high school - tne direction~'8r--nfiiS£ .aast CLEAR LAKE BRIEFS ' W f c f t e i A M . . . A BIS DINNER. PARTY ON HAND... AND ANOTHER. OF MY BAD HEADACHES. WHAT CAN ! DO ? / ~~~ evER-TRY BAYER ASPIRIN ? TAKE 2. TABLETS AND YOUR HEADACHE WILL BE GONE |N A JIFFY I 2 6EFORE -THE. D I N N E R . THAT BAYEP. ASPIRIN YOU SUGGESTED IS SIMPLY WONDERFUL MY HEADACHE WAS ENTIRELY GONE IN A FEW MINUTES- I KNEW ITVJOULOBE. BAYER ASPIRIN WORKS SO FAST I Catholic Ladies' Aid chicken supper, parish, Thurs., 25c. Miss Bernice Tutton received word of the serious illness of. her sister, Miss Velva Tutton, a teacher at Buffalo Center. Miss Tutton left Tuesday evening for her home at Buffalo Center to be with her sister. Mrs. Kenneth Winnie is substituting at Lincoln school for Miss Tutton. Lost: Child's gold rimmed glasses near Lincoln Bldg. Ph. 352W. MUSICAL IS TO BE PRESENTED Instrumental and Vocal Solos Included on Program Friday. CLEAR LAKE. March 14.--A complete list of entries in the sub- district music contest at Mason City will present a musical program at the high school at 7:30 o'clock Friday night. Registration fees for students will be paid from the small admission charge to this oncert. The high school band under the direction of John Kopecky will open the program playing two numbers, "Tantalusqualen," a overture by F. W. Suppe, and "Cabins," by James R. Gillitte. To Play Violin. This will be followed by a violin solo by Stanley Anderson playing "Scene de Ballet," Opera 100, by Chedberiot, and vocal solos by Clair McCormick and Charlotte Wolford Gladys Lomen will play a baritone horn solo of "My Old Kentuck\ Home," by Clay Smith. The boys quartet which includes Anon Jorgen Clifford Vik. Ronald Ravvson and Myron Jacobsen, will sing two sc lections, "Stars of the Summe Night" by Izaak Woodbury ant "Grandfather's Clock," by Ira Wil son. These will be followed by a comet solo "Willow Echoes" by Frank Simmons played by David Barber. The mixed chorus will sing "Today There is Ringing," by F. Mcllius Christensen, "Now Let Every Tongue Adore Thee," by Johanna F. Bach, and "Hymn to Music," by Dudley Buck. Orders Detailed Survey as Drum Committee Probes Airmail Fiying. WASHINGTON, March 14. (.T)-President Roosevelt has ordered a detailed and comprehensive survey of every aspect of American aviation designed' to give the United States a unified air policy. Every governmental division in any way interested in acronautica questions is to be called on to make a study and report so .the entire question can be studied by an individual, or commission, for creation of an up to date co-ordinated plan. President Roosevelt is satisfied :he present governmental aeronau ical setup does not work and ha letcrmined that a definite, efficient vorkable plan of unified control b' vorked out and put into practice. Headed by Drum. The special committee named b Secretary of War Dern was heade by Maj. Gen. H. A. Drum, assistan hicf of staff, has already started survey of the army air corps with articular reference, at the present ime, to the carrying of airmail by he army. O-licr surveys, to be worked in to he unified and co-ordinated plan to be made by the navy, marine ·orps department of commerce, customs and bureau of internal rcv- Orville Wright, inventor o£ the airplane, today informed Secretary Dcrn that, because of illness, he would be unable to serve on the special committee. Chambcrlin Accepts. Col Clarence Chamherlin, trans- Atlantic flyer, telegraphed his acceptance to the war department and let it be known he will come to Washington whenever the com mlttce meets. No answer has as yet been received from Col. Charles A. Lindbergh, the third civilian member of the special committee. The president, it is understood will make no definite move to reorganize any of the present govern mental air units, including the armj air service, until he has the com prehensive report on every phasi of aeronautics he has requested. It was definitely stated the whit house has no immediate plans fq the organization of a separate ar corps. Hearings Continued. Secretary Swanson of the nav xpressed "doubt whether efficiency r economy could be served by aklng the marine corps air force torn un'lcr the charge of the navy and placing it elsewhere. The secretary told reporters at lis regular press conference tn« vhole setup of the marine corps had ilwavs been and was continuing to be aii integral part of the navy. Meanwhile. Maj. Gen. Benjamin Foulois, chief of the air corps, start- cd a survey of the army airmail routes with a view to determining ,-hcn the army could safely resume flying the mail, and the senate postofficc committee continued its hearings on the permanent airman bill designed to turn the airmail back to private aviation. The committee decided to ask Lindbergh. Chamberlin, Mitchell and Eddie Rlckenbacker to g«t their views on the bill Friday. Dorcng Group Meets. CLEAR LAKE, March 14.--The -Ircle 3 of the Zion Lutheran Ladies Aid will meet Thursday at 2:30 o'clock at the Mrs. Ernest Andersen home. The circle has- chosen the name "Dorcas" and elected Mrs. S. L. Hammersland president. The women are to bring quilt blocks to the meeting. _^^____ Giuseppe Giusti was one of the most celebrated and popular of the modern poets and satirists of Italy. that's Bringing Fast Relief to Millions A Discovery Now comes amazingly quick relief from headaches, rheumatism, neuritis, neuralgia... the fastest safcreliej, it is said, yet discovered. Those results are due to a scientific discovery by which a Bayer Aspirin Tablet begins to dissolve, or disintegrate, in the amazing space ol two seconds after touching moisture. And hence to start "taking hold of pain a few minutes after taking. The illustration of the glass, here, tells the story. A Bayer Tablet starts to disintegrate almost instantly you swallow it. And thus is ready to go to work almost inslanily. see that .__! Aspirin. For "Bayer Aspirin's quick Belief always say "BAYER Aspinn. When you buy, though, see . . you get the Genuine BAYER Aspinn. ^ _ ·!-*,,..,,,, \r-nit*in T C fTlll (*.K WHY BAYER ASPIRIN WORKS SO FAST Drop a Bayer Tablet in a glass of water. Note that BEFORE it touches bottom, it has started to disintegrate. what it does in this glass it docs in your stomach. Hence its fast action. 1R Does Not Harm the Heart -He Ulie^ww** "*. ·-- · -- - mr calf music supervisor. Those placing first in this contest enter the contest. Miss Charlotte Wolford placed first in the soprano group, singing "The Answer," by Rovert Perry, and "Life" by Pearl Curran. Dorothy Nelson placed second in this group singing, "I Passed By Your Window," by May Brake and "Oh Mr. Piper," by Pearl Curran. Miss Claire McCormick won first in the Alto group singing "The Green Cathedral" by Hahn and "Mary's Eyes," by Jessica More Wise Marguerite Johnson placed second with her songs, "In Luxemberg Gardens" by. Kathleen Manning- and "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes," by Foote. Clifford Vik was awarded first it) tenor group, singing "Hills oi Home," by Oscar J. Fox, and "I Love Life," by Mana Zucca. Keith Holt was second in this group singing "Brown Bird Singing," by H. Wood and "Invictus" by Bruno Huhn. Ronald Rawson placed first in bass singing, "The Winter Song" by F. S. Billard and "Roll On Thou Dark and Deep Blue Ocean," by H. W. Petrie. Bill Kennedy was second Sing Solos. Vocal solos by Ronald Rawson and Clifford Vik follow. Myron Jacobson will play a clarinet solo, "Mazurka," the girls' sextet will sing "Carrissima," by Redrick, "By the Bend of the River," by Edward Hemstreet and "Little Orphan Annie," by C. Lomas. to members of the Crescent club I bone solo, "'The'British Grenadier. 7 Thursday afternoon at her home on by Edwin Goldman, and the _brass North Second street. Mrs. H. N. singing "Open Road" Stickles. by William Mrs. F. M. Humphrey of Mason City was the judge of the contest. Clear Lake Calendar Halvorson will lead the lesson on "American Pottery and Porcelain." Mr. and Mrs. Harry Munzenmaicr of Mason City spent the week-end with Mrs. Munzenmaier's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Lantz. The Rebehah social circle will meet Friday afternoon at the I. O. O. F. hall for presentation of unwritten work. Mrs. A. R. Cain will serve the refreshments. A pre-Lcnten service will be held at the M. E. church at 7:30 Wednesday night following the Ladies Aid supper. This has been changed from Friday to Wednesday. Hymns, telling the story of Christ will be sung. Minneapolis Couple Manages Pastry Shop CLEAR LAKE, March 14.-- Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Bush of Minneapolis arrived this week to take over the management of Mrs. Whitney's Pastry shop which they have purchased. Mr. Bush has learned the baker trade in Minneapolis where he worked four years under the tutelage of his mother and sister in a home bakery. He plans to carry the same line of goods with the addition of a number of fancy pastries. They plan to keep the same assistant. Mrs. George Baldridge. , sextet "Lucia di Lammermoor," by Donizetti. Tile girls' glee club will conclude the program singing, "The Green Cathedral," "Calm as the Night," both by Carl Holm and "Little Papoose" liy Josephine Sherwood. Colds That Hang On Don't let them get a strangle hold. Fight germs quickly. Creo- mulsion combines 7 major helps in one. Powerful but harmless. Pleasant to take. No narcotics. Your own druggist is authorized to refund your money on the spot if your cough or cold is not relieved by Creomulsion.-- (Adv.) Nobody finds a constant chill To be exactly pleasing, Nobody seems to get a thrill From sitting round and freezing. Order Great-Heart for your Inspection, And you will win the family affection. FIRESIDE FUEL CO. I'HONE 88S Before It's Too Late " a « D Effisi la EBB MONT ROSE EDAR RAPID*, IOWA WJwn Dining in Cedar Re.iids Vmt tib* MONTROSfi COFFEE SHOP tatunnc Grant Wood* Home of Radio Station KWCR and headquarters of the Cedar Rapids Auto Club. Located one block from the Union Station.intheeenter of business and social life, the Hotel Montrose i t k n o w n throughout the state for its economical prices and its genial homelike atmosphere. WittioutBath With Private from $225 Thursday--Crescent club meets with Mrs. L. S. Sullivan, North Second street. Koyal club meets at Mrs. George Peterson home, Ruth Petersen, assistant hostess. Twentieth Century luncheon at Mrs. Forde Lee home, Marion Park drive. Sorosis club meets with Mrs. Cora Scherf. Catholic Ladies' Aid supper at parish hall. O. D. O. club St. Patrick's party at city- hall, 7. Rural W. C. T. U. meets at Mrs. W. N Hill home. K. P. and Pythian Sister invitational dance at I. O. O. F. hall. D. of U. V. meets at Mrs. H. A. Lord home. North Fifth. Altrurian club meets with Mrs. F. L. Knutson. Dorcas circle at Mrs. Ernest Andersen home. Friday--Musical program at high school, 7:30. Rebekah social circle at I. O. 0. F. hall. Linger Longer club with Mrs. Reuben Fryer, Clara street. Subdistrict declamatory contest at Nora Springs. Christian Workers meet at Mrs. Frank Long home, assisted by Zilphy Long. U. Y. B. club meets with Mrs. A. C. Sater. Saturday--Straight Eight club meets at T. L. Sears home, 6:30. Dance at Clear Lake Country club. D APTf T H E A T E R r n AX xv CLEAB LAKE Wednesday "SCCCESSFUL CALAMITY" Thnrs day-Friday "DELUGE" Spectacular, Sensational JOc TO ALL SCALP IRRITATION Eczema itching, dandruff scales, dryness, relieved and soon improved by ^_^ the special medication of « Resmol THIS DISTINCTIVE ADDRESS is so convenient to the Loop-yet /ust out of earshot Whitney's Pastry Shop MAIN ST., CLEAR LAKE Now operating under New Ownership Thursday, March 15 TRY OUR SPECIAL BLENDED and WHITE BREAD COMPLETE LINE OF HOME MADE PASTRIES FREE FOR SATURDAY One Dozen Tea Biscuits to Every Customer RICHARD T. BUSH Owner Ail the advantages of a'Loop" location plus the quiet and comfort, of a residential home. Luxury comfort and a distinguished address Rates-'I. 50 single without bath, from *3P° single with bath. Double from $5.°° Send for Illustrated folder ARTHUR J. NEWMAN, Wys SO ENJOYABLE THEY NEVER UPSET THE NERVES fl 2 representatives from Lowe Bros. Factory will give FREE DEMONSTRATION and ADVICE .on interior decorating in our store ·SATURDAY March 15-16-17 Only a few of the Special Price Reductions are listed below IT WILL PAY YOU TO COME IN Fast Drying, qt PINTS--42c Lowe Bros. Specification This sale, per gallon, only ... .99 STAG FLAT WALL PAINT Per SJ.69 QUART--19c gallon MELLO GLOSS This Sale, quarts Gallons--$2.79 The Advice is Free! Come in!

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