Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 29, 1952 · Page 13
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1952
Page 13
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it, mt Here and There-News of Your Neighbors in North Iowa and Minnesota CH T . u. her work as music tetcher in parochial school. GREENE--Mr, and Mrs. John had undergone surgery at the Lulh Mihtiks and son John left for Chi- eran Hospital, cago where they m e t M r s . . Alice ~-«w 11*1*.*** i"^j jiict mi ^. : ^\uct; v ^ w i k i i A - m -- m i . unit m i a . 1MJSVI Streit, sister of Mrs. Stintiks, who D'raheim of DCS Mbinos spent a few arrived there by plane from New da V s w |th the letter's parents, Mr. York City where she had been on and Mrs, Roy Johnson. HAYFIELD-Sgt.:Daniel Forma- "LONE :ROCK--Mrs. W M Rot- w«r' fV* Mr 'v a r- d M / S i , J u° e J' torman of Elmore, Minn'., Blanche Formanek, now stationed at the Air Rolterman of Chicago, 111 and !^ a ^^^^La was ^onica Rotterman 8 * T e r r * staff rank ofHaute ind Berhau home. -The Rev. and Mrs. -.r · TT. · ' o i " " ~ "" ,-- ·· -- . -- - - GARNER--Mrs. Richard Royal M. E. Stevens and three children and children, Carl and Anne are returned nomo after visitin* «.!». visiting in the home of Mrs. Royal's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cari lives in Hammond, Ind. EAGLE GROVE --Dean Myers, Schneider. Mr./Royal plans to ar- president of the M and M Livestock rive for the Labor Day weekend Company, Eagle Grove, is in a and the family will return to Chi- Jl°f_ pi !f l recov ~ ca S° after the weekend visit here. LONE ROCK--Pvt. Elmer Petersen arrived at the parental Carl Peterson home for a 20-day furlough. He is in the engineer corps and has been stationed at Fort ering from a back operation. CRYSTAL LAKE--Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Wilson and family of Omaha, Neb., have been visiting Mr. Wilson's mother, Mrs. Warren Wilson, and Donald and Forrest Wilson and family. LONE ROCK--The Rev. and Mrs. Russell Dacken and Jonathan of Hamlin, Kan., recently visited at the parental Frank Dacken home. . R A K E -- Mr. and Mrs. Archie Gullord, Gordon Louettc and Vernell spent a week in the Black Hills and in North Dakota and northern Minnesota. MANLY--Mrs. John Kelly and daughter of Minneapolis were in town recently visiting with their son and'brother, Tom Kelly. GOODELL--The Lowenbcrgs and , Merle Jansens attended a Nolan family reunion with 75 relatives present at the Mrs. C. M. Nolan home at GraeUinger. GENEVA--Mr.: and Mrs. Frank Yenter and Mr.'and Mrs. Kenneth Reinke and two sons returned home after spending two weeks visiting relatives in Colorado Springs and Denver, Colo. CORWITH--Mr. and Mrs. Ar mond Tabb and Carolee visited at the John Chambers home at Klemme. Carolee remained for a week. RAKE--Dr. J. E. Russ and Richard Faber are spending a week visiting the Oscar Russ family of Rake who are vacationing at Sun set Beach at Bena, Minn. Belvoir, Va. He will report to Seattle, Wash., where he will be assigned to the Far East Command. SWEA CITY--Esther Charlotte Smith left (his week to begin the school year at Charles City where she is supervisor of vocal music in the elementary schools. MANLY--Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Field have returned from Fort Dodge where they attended the funeral of a friend, Mrs. J. L. Powers. Mrs. Ethel Field, a sister- in-law, returned with them for a visit at Manly. :on where she has been with her daughter, -Mrs. Martin McCoy, who vacation visiting friends the past two weeks. RUDD--David Bishop, son Mr. and Mrs! Reno Bishop, arrived home from Newport, R. 1., where he completed a 7-week course in naval justice. He will return to his ship the USS Cavalier in San Francisco by Sept. 7. WESLEY-- Mr. aiid Mrs. Victor Loebeg went to Eldora recently, to attend the funeral of his nephew, Harold Dale, ;who was .killed in a car accident near a Navy base where he was stationed. RUDD--Mr. and ' Mrs. Kenneth Shelley and children of Miles City, Mont., is spending a week visiting in the home of Mrs. Shelley's mother, Mrs. Walter Jackson and other relatives. ALEXANDER -- Mr. , and Mrs. Ross Riggins received a telephone call from their son Sgt. James Riggins and wife from Camp Atterbury, Ind., saying he had 40 more days before his discharge. WESLEY--Joe Studer and Mary Ann Eggert accompanied by Vern Harvey and Mary Ann Redding of West Bend went to Camp Chaffee, Ark., recently to spend three days with Kenneth Studer. RUDD -- Mr. and Mrs. Robert Helmers are the parents of a son born Aug. 18 at the Cedar Valley Hospital in Charles City. ALEXANDER--Mr. and Mrs. Ar- LONE ROCK -- Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gustafson and family vis- 0 [ ited at the Wilbur Wcgener home at Lake Center. GARNER--Hancock County And « _ _ _ , ,, - , " ., , ,, _ fi.*-ivmnmJEia,--mi. auil airs. AT- POPEJOY-Mr. and Mrs. Dean thur E. Meyer of Mason City were Hackney and family visited at the recent guests of the \V. C. Latham home of Mrs. J. W. Fisher enroute family. from Minnesota to their home at POPEJOY--Gordon Grupe of El Moline, 111. Centre, Calif., visited his grand- BRADFORD--Mr. and Mrs. L. B. mother, Mrs. E. Corcoran, and an Kratz have returned from a two aunt, Airs. Ed Nolle and family, weeks' trip through Colorado and nroute to River Falls, Wis., for a Wyoming. · . -GENEVA -- Airman First Class and Mrs. Bennie G. Lewis of an air base at Spokane, Wash., are spending a 30-day furlough with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Pyle of Geneva, and Mr.'"and Mrs. Glenn Lewis of Acklcy. __ COULTER--Mr. and Mrs. Invin ,, Johnson, Bobby Johnson and Albert Johnson are spending the week fishing in Canada. PLYMOUTH--Mr. and Mrs, Albert Borchardt, Forrest and Janice left for a two weeks' vacation trip to the Bad Lands, Black Hills, through North Dakota to Canada. JOICE -- Marlin Field, farmer south of Joice, was taken to a Mason City Hospital where he was found to be suffering with lockjaw. WESLEY--Mr. and Airs. Leo Hanig and son Billy took Sister Mary Luke to Ackley from where she returned to Chicago to resume .. Chew Wn'gley's Spearmint Gum. Helps relieve monotony, boredom. Makes time pass pleasantly. You feel better - do better. V A407 DAILY C R O S S W O R D ACROSS 1. Elevator cage 4. Resort 7. Misrcp- resent 9. Large food fish X2. Sacred bull {Egypt.} 13. Timber across door top M.Coin (Jap.) 15. Lingo 16. Therefore 17. Section 19. Apple seed 20. Bone (anat.) 21. Remnant 22. Had on 23. Feline 24. Cushion 25. Simpleton 27. Sesame 28. Siberian 2. Sloths 18. 3. Music note 4. Piece of 19. work 22. 5. Flat-bottom 23. boat 24. G. Emmet 25. 7. Lowest male singing part 26. 8. Fencing 27. swords 28. 10. Chief gods (Norse 29. Myth.f 11. Slant 31. 13. Disembark 32. 15. Penny (U.S.) Coarsely ground grain Seed vessel Barrier Fish Spotted Abstains, as from food Hatred Jog Marine mammal Any animal Rods Older brother of Moses Ycilrril»y' 31. Unable - to speak 37. Crowd 38. Mimic 40. Selenium (sym.) 30. Sum up ;31. Church d i g n i t a r y 33. Chinese river 34. Temper of in ind ,35. Luzon native ' 3G. Uproar ZS. God of war (Gr.) 39. Struck 40. Diversion 43. God of pleasure '42. Even (poet.) DOWN 1. Adhere 30 36 27 12. 32 35 if DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE--Here's how to work it: is L O N G F E L I. O W A X Y D I. B A A X R One letter simply stands for another. In this example A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apos- trophles, the length and formation of the words arc all hints. Each day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation G L E X N G P H P H M L G F L K K, P D X I F X T X H S X , X C G I V C H P D M Y -- T D J L - N T D H K K . Z D M N X C FX N G E H Y P D X K N T N H P H T ' G G K X X S X Yesterday'* Crj'pioqnote-- THE WORLD IS AN OLD WOMAN, AND MISTAKES ANY GILT FARTHING FOR A GOLD COIN.- Dlttributed ty Klnc Feaiurt* »7nlic»i«. isit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs "urr Stewart. RAKE -- Mr. and Mrs. Robert ohnson and Rebecca were recent uests at the Gene Johnson homo i Lone Rock. ALEXANDER -- Mrs. D. R chmkU spent some time in Hamp CORWITH--Mr. and Mrs. Newt itor and Mrs. Maynard Sehonetnau and Mrs. M. M., Schoncman atut Mrs. Dean Gbll drove to 'Sparta.', Wis,, to visit with Dean Coll and Bill Schoneman who are spending two weeks at Camp McCoy training with (he reserves. LONE ROCK--Mrs, Leo Schmidt accompanied \Voodrow Kracht and Linda Sue of Fenton to Rochester, Minn., where they visited Mrs. Kracht who has undergone skin grafting at the Mayo Clinic. .MANLY--Mrs. \V, J. Grnbcr and children of. Wayland qro .visiting her mother, Mrs. Amelia Blattsplcl- eer. They were joined by Mr. Graber Wednesday and Urn family will return to their home Ihis weekend. 'EAR NOAM «. IF DREW }=OR' PARTNER'S IH A GOLF TOURNAJAEIJT, ^00 USB A TEE- MoAU - DoES A IT HAS WO TEETW TO CHEW WITH * ^ ^ g^EMD Vt»t»R :iH»thbuUd bt King CATASAUQUA BLONDIE OOM AND BOARD LUCKILY FOR YOU, COUSIN BOSWELL, DURING YOUR SHORT, DROP-IN VISIT; THIS IS THE O'WLY VACANT ROOAV IMTHE HOUSE ----THATIS, IT'LL BE \OURS UNTIL S1EXT TUESDAY, V/HEM A. NEW BOARDER, MOVES IN TO OCCUPY IT/ By GENE AHERN DON'T V/ORPY ABOUT ME, COUSIN ····EVEN ATTIC SPACE IS O^AY/' ···I'VE GOT A FOLDING ALUAAINUAA. BED AND BLOWUP RUBBER. MATTRESS IN MY TRUNK/-USED IT FOR 5 YEARS,TRAVELING WITH A CARNY SHOW/ BOUNCE OFF COUSIN BOSV/ELL LIKE A PING-PONG BALJ_« SCOn'S SCRAP BOOK By R. J. SCOTT VttSftfcN HtW MEXICO fISH » r oR.-fR.oU FROM OR MADE BV Ktftt. MULJ/M- C-OII iE-MT -TMOU-T FURTHE.R AC WR1-IIMO. Try and Stop Me ---By BENNETT CERF A LONE DINER on the Santa Fc Chief was handed a chock for three dollars and ninety cents, and gave the waiter n five-dollar bill. The waiter put a dollar and a dime on the silver tray. Tho diner wrestled with the problem, then grunted angrijy, and abruptly slufTed the dollar into his pocket. To his surprise, the waiter g r i n n e d b r o a d l y . "That's quite all right, sir," he said. "I just gambled and lost." · * * Jock McGregor made the front page again. He refused a raise in his pay of thirty dollars a week because he wan afraid that If illness forced him to take a day off, he'd lose too much money. » · · A senator In Washington, diamayed'by talcs of waste in Ihe a r m e d forces, proposed a series of six one-hour lectures on economy for every soldier, sailor, and marine In uniform. He v.-as dissuaded from pushing the motion by a statistician who proved that the lectures he proposed would cost, seven million dollars. Copyrighl. 1952. by Bennett Cerr. Distributed by Kir.c Features Syndicate.., By CHIC YOUNG BUT TELL ME-) HOW DO VOU }$ BRICK BRADFORD /- LL'AGAIN/ GRAND3 ON£, \NILLTHIS SPACE --' SEE'; WE'ARE · PEEHAP6 I HAVE BEEN GPANO QUANDRA.IN MY PROPOSAL. YOU NO DOUBT WISH TIME TO CONSIDER IT BE INTERRUPTING MY MARY WORTH By KEN ALLEN FORIVE ME FOR, BEING MORBID! \vs JUST NERVES- · · OF COURSE! 5URE.! I HAVE. THE. LITTLE RAT'S ADDRE5S,GERTRUDE.!' -BUT I L SHOULDN'T HAVE. TO TELL YOU THAT EVERY WOMAN HAS DIRE DOUBTS ON THE EVE OP HER WEDDING., , WOULDN'T GO CONFRONT ABOUT THEGUY! FLOWER WITH A WICKED BLACK 5PIDER LURKING INSIDE. IT 1 YOU'LL HAVE A VERY CHARMING HUSBAND! MUGGS AND SKEETER By WALLY BISHOP GRANDMA U (f WEU.,TUrt TRUE I -..IF YOURE HALF ...BASED,ON THE PRESEMT-W VALUE OF Tl)E DOLLAR , SICK. IT DOESHT J/-..ER MAKE SENSE TO /V t; ; SAY YOU"FeEL ^t DOES UKE A MILLION ·DOLLARS t.DOES IT? Hi, CRAMPS ! '· MOW ARE -T FEELIMG? WEREW'T VERy ABOUT HALF By FORGRAVE BIG SISTER ..o:VOLD L AOV WA5P MANAGES TO GET TO THAT WINDOW TO SHOUTOBDEB'S AT BETU. SHE COULDN'T DOT^JAT IP HER KNEE WAS AS. SHE LETS ON. BUT BETnl DOUBTS TrlAX SHE'LL MEVER T: LEAVE UNLESS HELP OF SOME 6CQT i COMES AUDNfi.WEU-.NONe'S COMING- T I CAN SEE TWAT. J MVBE THERMS ONEOPTHEM i CCXJLOTALK NTO LENDING A HAND. I DOUBT" IT, · UT.rrS WORTH ' A TRY. T SAID YOU D BE 6LAP TO...PROVIDING THBKH'P E AN EXTRA SEAT FOR ME TO GO WITH VOU ' CA.LLEP ANP GOOD MORfJlNS, T WANTED TO KNOW IF JUNE.' WHAT'S 1 M3U COULP COVER ON THE DOCKET? / THE FIGHTS AT TUG AKENA FOK TONIGHT/ HE'S BEING CALLED OUT OF TOWN/ ANSWER? J GQOP /PEA ..; HAVING A NURSe IN ATTENPAMCE AS W6i.L AS A DOCTOF2-/ OAKY DOAKS By N. B. FULLER ETtA KETf -BECAUSE I'M /YOU'RE WOTGOIWG- 4-uryr?/ TO MARRY * «"-"··- EITHER OF YOU/ ---- By PAUL ROBINSON UGH.'.'/-BUT; DAR.LIMG."""Yarn's FACE: "VOICAV/.' Bur " urreELY jr.'.' r COULDMT j J'M GOING IN, QUALIFV FOR A / EVEN IP I SAC(c:l3ACE«-XCOMS IN LAST. -BUT; jusTEEN.-Y'*^: yjE'teE IN THIS VOU SIMPLY CAMP J GLAMOUR I2AC6 TOGETHER; DEOP OurOFTHE COMTESTy , LGr / STTS vON NOW-' / \ SN A7;zy NEW suirs By RODLOW WILLARD lasrn'dNsp BM7LUCK VES, U.MCLE .' SPECTACULAF? TACTICS NOTONLV SAVEPMV 'SHIP .WI20LISHTTF.RWBLE ON OSCEJ ANJPTOOVCA SHIP FOR 'J WHOLE SFCe PL£er- MV BROTHERS FLASSHI^ ALSO '·

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