The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 19, 1931 · Page 20
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1931
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

20 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FEBRUARY 19 1931 'V--, CUT RATE GROCERY SAVES YOU MONEY Mr. Farmer:--Bring us your eggs--they buy more herel Price is not all there Is to advertising---the main thing- Is to back up the statements with tlie goods. . We sell the best grade of goods at the lowest prices possible. Let us have your orders-WE KNOW WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY Prices Below Good For Friday, Saturday and Monday. Phone 112-113-114 30 E. State Free Delivery CANE SUGAR With S2 Order of Other Groceries--Butter and Eggs Not Included. LENTEN SUGGESTIONS Sardines, Mustard or Tomato Sauce 10c Tuna Fish, per can. .1°° nnl1 2Sc Sardines in Oil, 2 cans 15c Kippered Herring 15e Fish Balls . .22c Fish Flakes, per can loo' Pink Salmon, Ib. can 10e Snacks, per can lOo Ked Boy Salmon, large....35o Red Rosa Salmon, 1 Ib. can 29o Butter, Glemvood Creamery, per Ib.. Sapphire Bread, Crisco, Q C f S Z Ibs O uC. | Whole Wheat, Ryel or Graham Flour H 10-lb.,r.| sack jf O C 1 3oc Cut Rate Spe-| cial Green o Q f , i Tea, per pkg. £OC 1 Cocoa, best op I grade. Z Ibs. ^ " £ B Olives or Sweet i Pickles, full O C _ | quart jars . . J «J C [j Red Fimeritoes or I Mar. ChCr- -I ft H ries. battle.. ^ U C B Apricots, Grapes orl Plums 1 0r 1 ner can .... *· v f- g Pears, Peaches, K lams or 1 n | Telly, per can 1 V C B n n Folgers or Butternut O C _ .. £OC Coffee, 1 Ib. can JtJC r j P. and G. or Big 4 -J r . O I Soap, 5 bars i «J C j G O'clock Coffee Per 9*?/» Pure Cider Vinegar Per ^J« gallon JUl. Pure Lard, v n r Z Ibs 60 C ·Prunes, S Ibs.. .25c Prunes, 2 lhs...25c Prunes, 2 Ibs... Sue Marsh mal- 1 Q lows, per Ib. I v C Nut Meats, C Q _ best D O C Decker's Sliced Bacon, 0 -I per Ib O 1 C ,,-· Toilet Paper S rolls 2nc 4 rolls 25c Olcomargar- o j" ' ine, 3 Ibs O D C Kice, fancy o P head, 5 Ibs.. . £tJC Grape Fruit Small can lOc Largo can 19c Pure Sorghum Per '/ 2 gallon... G5o Quart' cans . . . . 35c Brooms, Good Ones 49c59c69c Canadian Style Bacon, £o per Ib. . . . . riOv. Uncolored Japan Green Tea Per Ib 4So Per i/ 2 Ib 2oc FLOUR Occident, 49 Ib. sack $1.69 Big Q, 49 Ib. sack §1.15 Omar Flour, 49 Ibs. $1.45 Jersey Cream, 49 Ibs. §1.20 Pillshury, 49 Ib. sack.. .gl.GO Sunbeam, 49 Ib. s'aok'. . .§1.39 10c Macaroni, Noodles orH C r - u s n e a pineapple, Spaghetti, Crescent 25C i Iar 5 e No ' ^ cans - · · · brand, 3 pkgs.. 85c Flour, 5-lb. suck 29c I Decker's lowana by Uhe i/ 2 slab 23 c 'ORANGES, sweet -ID *}( QQ A(\ and juicy, per d o z e n . . . . IOC £ifC. «J«3C Tt»/C FLORIDA ORANGES, 12J,' 2 -lb. pack 58c lOo Kitchen Cleanser, i cans *.... 25c Argo Corn or Gloss Starch, 3 Ibs Oyster Shells 99c Peanut Butter Per pound !»· Pint jars 28c Quart Jars SSr IScLyc, 2 cans nr £t)l. Pancake Flour 3'/ 2 -lb. i ·}·) sack . . , . ] . . ~* «5 Ginger Snaps or Fig Bars, 3 Ibs Tangerines Sweet and juicy, 2" doz. Jnpun Green T e a sittings -j Q 1 Ib. pkg. .. 1UC QUAKER OATMEAL, 9 Ibs 25c VEGETABLES 15c Pumpkin, 2 qt. cans Z~IK Hominy, largo cans . . . lOc I8c Lima Beans, 2 cans 25o Kidney Beans, per can lOc IQc Baked Beans, 3 cans 25c 18a Succotash, per can ISc Gr. Str. Beans, 2 cans 25c Wax Str. Beans, 2 cans 2i5o Sweet Potatoes, cun...l!5c Sauerkraut, No. 2 cans 10« Spaghetti, per can lOo Navy Bear.'? 4 Ibs. 25B 1 Kraft's Mayon- naisn 8 oz. jars I8e Dry Lima Beans 2 Ibs. 25c Corn Peas Tomatoes 12c grade, c a n . . . l O c 18c grade, 2 cans 30o 20c grade, 2 cans 35c 25c grade, 2 cans 40c 15c Currants 2 pkgs ...... 15c Mince Meat, 2 pkgs .25c Pop Corn, Guaran- 1 teed to Pop, 3 ibs ..... !. Dried Apricots or Peaches, best 1 Q _ grade, per Ib. 1.1/C Cheese, full r.rcam, per Ib. Date Nut Cookies, o j" 2 2 d o z e n . . . . B U L K Peaberry, best grade, per Ib 26c -^ _ Cut Rate Special, per Ib 2)c COFFEE Nash in bulk, Ib 32c GBODND THE DAY YOU GKT IT--WHY PAY FOB A CAN? Hard Christmas Candy, s ibs Baconettn Oacon,' no per Ih ftO C Vinegar Pint Jugs lOc Quart Jugs 20c Water Softener Salt 10 V b sack Cod Fish ISoneIes,s, 1 Ib. Im.v. 28c I'ork or BceJ Knash Our Prices Are night Macaroni In bulk, S Ibs Black Walnuts, 3 11)9... 25c English Walnuts best grade, per ll.. 25c Pears or Green Gage Plums Largo No. 2/ 2 1Q« cans 1I/C Peaches or Apricots, ·! f\ Young Hens, fresh o -j E from the favm, per Ib. « 1. C g Matches, best g^rntle, -| Q g 6 largo boxes li/C u Bartlctt Pears Per gallon p|/j I can ........ «5OC I i Salt, S II). saclw lOo [ Sate, 10 Ib.'sacks -' iVIincedClanis per can ..... · 3 large cans MiJk Potatoes No. 1 grade, per peck.... 35c Spinach, per con lOc 15c 23c Horse Radish Per hottle . . . Dates, ! 2 Ibs. . 25c 15c 15o Sauerkraut 2 quart cans . . . 25c I 80c Wright's Silver Cream, | per jar Johnson's Floor Wax, r*O 1 Ib. can ____ JOC Prunes, I^arge o Q I No. 10 cans Jl/C 30 EAST STATE STREET C. E. BUSH, Prop. PtflKCETON PREXY Walter E. Hope of New York, above, who .has tendered his resignation to President Hoover as assistant secretary of the treasury, has been mentioned as the possible next president o f ' Princeton university, of which he is a graduate. Hope has announced that he expects to resume his law practice in New York and Washington. REED RETURNING FROM NICARAGUA Mason Cityan to Come Back With 18 Other Iowa Marines. WASHINGTON, Feb. 19.--Eighteen fighting: Iowa marines will soon be homeward bound. They will return home "with the other American "bulldogs," who are to vacate Nicaragua as a result of the recent state department order which ended the five- fear detail by ordering a large de- ;achment home this June. The rest are to follow within a. year. There is .one lowan, Richard S. Reed, from Mason City, who is re- :urnlng along with the other xnvans. - To Recall Marines. Tentative plans' provide for the recall of a substantial portion of ;he 1,370 marines in Nicaragua by June of this year. Other large num- oers will be mustered out of the Nicaraguan service at various times until after the 1932 elections, after which time all American troops are expected to be shipped home. Transfer of the Iowa marines to the states will depend somewhat on transport facilities. It is plannec for naval vessels, sailing from west coast to east coast bases during maneuvers, to pick them up in passing Nicaragua. Marine officials could not say in what group the lowans would be sent back, but believed at least a part of them would be in the first detachment. · Others From Iowa, Other lowans who are returning from Nicaragua include Millar N. Roberts, Chariton; NeweH K. Endl- cott, Council Bluffs; Clarence W, Clark, Perry; Harry E. Plummet Waterloo; Clifford W. Anfinson Clarion; Wilmer D. Aubrey, Albia; Harry P. Sweeney, North Clinton: Edward C. Mahouey, Brooklyn; Merle E. Cobb, Correctlonville; Arthur W. Earhart, Scranton. Lionel 3D. Simmons, Farmington; Paul W. Elder, 529 North Sixth street, Chariton; William Me. Hoi comb, Eldora; James B. Long, Car bon - , George A. Hilderhrand, Vll lisca; Gerald A. McKevitt, 306 West Seventh street, Waterloo, and Leon D. John, Bedford. ACCUSED DRUNKENNESS College President and Hea of Department Haled to Court. LOUISVILLE. Ky., Feb. 19. (A ,Both the president and a depart ment head of a state educational in stitution were slated to appear ii police-court here today .to answer t drunkenness charges filed agains them after an automobile in whic they were riding figured in a colli sion yesterday. Dr. H. H. Cherry, 66, president o Western Kentucky Teachers colleg at Bowling Green, Ky., was charge with operating a motor vehicl while drunk. W. M. Peace, 51, director of the college's extension de partment, was charged with bein drunk in a public place. Mayor William B. Harrison pa rolad them on their own recogniz ance to appear in court today, Dr Cherry issued a statement describ ing the accident and said "I wa not intoxicated and did not have bottle of whisky in my pocket." Peace did not comment. · Dr. Cherry said another ca backed into his machine, slightl damaging the former, and "a dis pute arose as to the blame for th damage. While engaged in this cor troversy, two policemen appeare ana" arrested me." ·After Dr. Cherry settled with th mvner of the other car, police sale the college president and h!a aid started to drive away but were tak n into custody, escorted to the po- ce station and booked on the runkenness charges. Dr. Cherry, president of the col- ege since It was organized in 1907, nee sought the democratic nomina- on for governor. Mr. Peace was ormerly president of Ogten univer- sity at Bowling Green, which' closed some years ago. Business just seems bad, like the fight racket, because you can no longer get rich quick at the expense of suckers.--Wisconsin State Journal. TITTLE BROS A VA^XSMJWf* «DO.'Nc Phone 693 TI. S. Oov. Inspected Meats 105 S. Federal FRIDAY SPECIAL HERRlNG caught, ih. 6c HEADLESS M WALLEYED gf mm Pickerel, Ib.JC PIKE, Ib. 15c CUFFEE Quality, Ib I OC II FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SELLING Gold Medal Cake Flour per pkg. 25C Broken Sliced Pineapple, Ig. 2 l / 2 tins 20c Fancy Shrimp; Wet or Dry; tin ............ , . . 19c i Fancy Cove Oysters; tin ....... . ............... lOe Tomatoes; Cool Spring Brand; 3 No. 2 tins. . . . . . .25c Elnora Sugar Corn; 3 No. 2 tins ............ ... .25c Van Camp's or Campbell's Baked Beans; 3 tlns..22c ' Van Camp's 'Red Beans; 2 tins ................ loc ,Van Camp's Ked Kidney Bean$; 3 tins .......... 25c ree . 25c Camay Toilet Soap; Chocolate Cherries; Fresh Stock; pound box. ..... 2Se Maraschino Cherries; Red, Green, White; 3 bottles 3Bc Whipped Cream Chocolates; pound. ... ......... · .25c Pure Chocolate Cherry Creams; pound .......... 19c Clicquot Club Gingei-ale; 12 Bottles 51.89, 3 bottles SOc Snider*s Catsup; large bottles ......... . ........ 18c Windmill mayonnaise, 1,000 Isl. or Spread, pt. jars 23c Shredded Wheat; large package. . .lOc Amaizo Starch Corn or Gloss; pound package 8' Wiggly Flour; ^\ slb9 ;. 83c; ... $1.19 Great Northern Navy/Beans; 4 pounds .25c Fancy Blue Rose Rice; 2 pounds lie Apricots; Fancy Bulk; pound 23c Peaches; Fresh Stock; pound .'. '. 19c Elbo Macaroni; Fancy Bulk; 2 pounds.. 16c Santa Clara Pruned; 25 Ib. box 51.19; 4 pounds..l9c Cocoanut; Fresh Bulk; pound 38c Carnation Milk; 3 tall or 6 small tins 25c Fairy Soap; five 5c bars 19c Kirk's Castile Soap; S bars 21c Chipso or Oxydol; large package 19c Johnson's Floor Wax; pound tin 4flc Welch's Grapelade; pound jars 18c Crisco; pound can* 23c Brown or Powdered Sugar; 3 pounds 31c American Salt; large tube. 5c Skinners Macaroni Spaghetti or Egg Noodles; per package :... Edgemont Fancy Crackers; £TM 15c Blackberries; in Own Juice; large No. 2 tin..' ____ 12c Heinz Klce Flakes; 2 large packages ____ ....... 25c Quaker Oats; Large Package, Quick or Regular. .21c Sunshine Krispy Crackers; 2 pound package ...... 25c Monarch Matches; 6 full count boxes ............ 18e Butternut Pancake Floiir; large 4 pound pkg..... SOc Grape Nuts; package ............. . ........... loc Butternut Coffee; (1 package Fruit Jell OQ-, Free) with pound tin at ° J ^ Celery; Large Well Bleached Stalks; each 12c Eating Apples; Homes or Dellcla; Ig. size; 5 for. .25c Spinach Fresh Texas Curly Leaf; 2 pounds 19c Jonathan or Ben Davis Apple*; 4 pounds 25c Bananas; a real treat for you; 3 pounds Iflc Tangerines; very sweet; 2 dozen 2Hc Grapefruit; Extra Large Floridas; 4 for 25c Red Bag Coffee;- Plggly Wiggly pound .. Special; 21c CofSee Specials NaSh's, Folger's, Hills' or Maxwell House; pound tins MEAT DEPARTMENT Old Homestead Skinned Hams, Whole or Half, -t Q pound . . . . . ·· 1»/C Fancy Sugar Cured -| /» 1 Hockless Picnics; Ib. 1D2C Old Homestead Sliced Bacon; pound fancy Sugar Cured Squares; 1 4 1 pound I*llC 35c Bo^on Head Lettuce, Ige. solid heads, 3 for I7c PRICE of FOOD Price* sujr'*«f (· efccrtf « W«- fcnding upo'h Aactumtifnt in uhflctmle mmrket price*. Today Thetw prices are provided by the Great Atlantic K Pacific Tia Cbmpaay a* a buying guide to housewives. Price* shown in the first column are in effect at A 8t P Store* February 20th And 21st. WIIIRE KONOMY RUltS BUTTER, FRESH CREAMERY Ib. 30 PUCES TODAY Lb. 25c CHANCE IN MICE* 22c Mild American Cheese Campbell's or Van Camp's Pork and Beans . 3 16 oz. Cans Quaker Maid Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce . 3 16 oz. Cans 19c Gorton's Codfish . . 8 oz. Can 17c Climalene . . . Lg. Pkg. 23c Metto Wheat . . . . Pkg. lOc Today . .. c try this Delicious BREAD Grandmother's!... in the beautiful new tan and brown tight-sealed wrapper. Nutritious and fine-flavored at a low price that is based on the new lower prices of wheat and flour. Today, ask for Grandmother's . . e the outstanding bread value. 16-OZ. LOAF FOODS HOST IN DEMAND Santa Clara Prunes ^go-. 4Lbs. 25c Mother's Oats 5J . . Pkg. 31c Hershey's Cocoa . . 8 oz. Tin 14c Virginia Sweet Pancake Flour Pkg. lOc Northern Tissue . . 3 Rolls 25c Blue Rose Rice . . . . Lb. 5c FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 35c 15c lie 25c 4c Ic Ic Potatoes IDAHO RUSSETTS Peck . . . 23c Bushel . . 89c Head Lettuce, Solid . . . . 3 for 25c Full Line of Other Produce -Carrots - Green Onions - Radishes -f- Indicate! Increut in price. -- Indictees decrexe in price. Om* Food Good thihfs to cat «nd how to pre- pire thcnu Colonel Goodbody will tell you ibout them every week-diy morning «t 8:45 over K. D, C. radio network. There'* ttway» plenty of worfc (ot wo i er r whoy do their own housekeeping. But women who trade m A . P store* find the wart af siving on their food bllli already done for them. It i'j done by an organization that is in the business of keeping food prizf t EIGHT O'CLOCK Lb. S3c M I L D A N D M K L L O W C I R C L E L b . 27e AND FULL-BODIED T N I C O F F E E T R I O B O K A R Lb. 33e EXQUISITELY AROMATIC AND FLAVORFUL T H I S L O O K S L I K E A G O O D D A Y to start enjoying better coffee, at lower prices. Ask the man in an A P store abput A P Coffee Service : : Remember, "the coffee you like bat is the best, no matter what it costs". ·» Food Stores -MIDDLEWESTERN DIVISION- The Gnat Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company

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