The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 5, 1936 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1936
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 5 1936 SEVEN Allied Dealers Makes Assignment for Benefit of Company Creditors Appointing D. G. Swale of the investment department of the First When your rheumatism is caused or agg-ravated by excess uric acid --and most rheumatism is--one swift and safe prescription is Allenru---often the terrible agony goes in -IS hours--ask any live druggist in America for 8-ounces prescription Allearu. Costs about 80 cents. National bank as assignee, the Allied Dealers company, incorporated. Thursday Cilcil in district court here u ycncral assignment for benefit of creditors, listing assets at SlOVtlO and liabilities at .$12.927. The company, wluch handled automobile parts and accessories, has offices at 2t Second street southeast. According to the assignment, the stock on hand invoices at $9,609, furniture and fixtures at S2.049. accounts receivable at 53,452 and a Chevrolet coach at $300, completing the company's assets. A bill of .$2.375 owed to the Hood Rubber company of Akron, Ohio, was the principal item in the accounts payable. Morris E. Laird is the attorney for the concern. SEARS,ROEBUCK STORE OPENED Modern Note Evident in Fixtures of Mason City Unit. Following a preview for Mason City's merchants Wednesday evening, the new Sears. Roebuck and company store opened its doors to the public Thursday morning- at 23-25 East State street. All day long visitors walked through the many aisles arid gazed at the dis- MASON CITY 19-21 FIRST STREET S. E. Due to very bod weather and road conditions our February sale will be carried over for a limited time to give you a chance to come and save. ALL PRICES PREVIOUSLY ADVERTISED REMAIN IN EFFECT Stocks Are Complete We have an extra heavy stock to select from. You will not be disappointed. Shop early! Sale of New Spring RUGS! 9x12 All Wool Face Seom- less Axminster Rugs . . Axminster Throw Rugs 8.3x10.6 Tapestry Brussels Rug SALE OF LINOLEUMS 12 Ft. Wide Linoleum 98c 6 Ft. Felt Bose. . 39c Rem. Less Thon 1/2 Price Another sale special--this massive suite is in gorgeous walnut veneer. Included are: Full size poster bed. chest of drawers and vanity and bench. Free Truck Delivery to Your Home It's New! 8-P'ece yf DINING SUITE Walnut Finish A Dandy Suite at a Bargain Price Covered in Tapestry 2-Pieee Syite . . . Davenport and choice of club or double pillowback chair. Covered all over in a lovely tapestry. Durable Innerspring construction. Lasting comfort for only F I N E TABLE Walnut Finish Kitchen Chair Unfinished 98c plays of latest type merchandise in the various departments. Throughout the fixtures, equipment, decoration and even displays a modern note was to be found Merchandise Included hardware sporting goods, electric refrigerators, electric washing machines, radios, men's work clothing, men's furnishings, shoe department, paint department, plumbing and heating, tires and automobile accessories, wallpaper, household furnishings, furniture and rugs and stoves. Carry Main Articles. "Of course all of the items carried in the Sears, Roebuck cata log could not be stocked in a store of this type," explained H. F. Murphy, retail field officer in charge of the company's midwestern zone of about 11 states, "that would require a store 25 times as large, but we do carry essential merchandise. "We consider Mason City is in a gooa farming area and that prospects are unusually favorable for :he farmer this year. The farmer is the backbone of the country and he has certainly come through the depression in great style." One of 68 Stores. The store is one of the company's 68 retail stores in the mid-western zone and is one of 10 such stores m Iowa. About' 25 local persons are employed at the store. Assisting- C. S. Gordon, local store manager, and Mr. Murphy in ;he opening Thursday were F. M. Dudedorie, furniture and rugs, R. J. Hecht, radios, K. Karlzen, wallpaper, W. Barber, shoes, and .T. F. Donaldson, plumbing and heating, dll from Chicago. R. F. Gonyo, Chicago, who was in charge of training tie local sales force, also assisted in the opening. W. O. Decker, manager of the Waterloo store, was a visitor here at the opening. Merchants on East State street sent flowers to the store for the areview opening Wednesday eve- BUNYANDAYlS HELD BY KIWANIS Tall Yarns in Emulation of Great Logger Are Told at Club Session. "Tall stories, plain and fancy" formed the features of a rollicking n-ogram at the Kiwanis club pro- jram Thursday noon in Hotel Hanord, held in honor of the sincerity _f the fables told of Paul Bunyan. Several of the members appeared n whiskers, but since these were alse, no prizes were awarded. E. A. Webster, who was in charge of the program, set the tone of lev- ty by addressing the group as "Ki- wanians and fe-llow candidates for the school board." (Five of the school board candidates are Kiwan- ans.) In calling on various members for stories, Mr. Webster interspersed brief remarks relative to ^"aul Bunyan. One of these referred o the noted logger's agility, who ould turn off the light and jump nto bed before it got dark. C. Ottus Pasnau told of the dramatic time he was hunting- when a lock of 500 geese was flying by on ne side, a flock of 500 ducks on he other and a rattlesnake about eady to bite him. He forgot to take he ramrod out of his shotgun as he shot at the snake. The ramrod went down the snake's throat, both barrels of the gun broke, killing both flocks. Tells Fishing Story Carl Parker's story was that he had kept all the snow cleaned off all his sidewalks all winter. Sheriff Jack Robertson told how he was fishing with Ben Webster, who claimed large weights for the fish he caught. When the same scales were used to weigh a newborn baby, the baby was found to weigh 58 pounds. R. W. Fischbeck said that during the cold spell he sent a letter to his sister down south and when she unsealed the letter, it froze her hands. Chuck Lennan told how he became stuck in a drift trying to get to Dougherty and that when he went to a farmhouse to get a team, he saw a farmer on a snowdrift digging away with a shovel, trying to find the windmill- Bandils Words Given. James Rae said when he lived in Montana as a youth, a group of Methodist ministers serving the sparsely country were on their way to annual conference in a stage coach when bandits held them up. "You wouldn't rob us poor Metho- odist ministers, would you?" the group asked the bandits, who replied, "No, we're Methodists ourselves." Others who told stories included Remley Glass, Fred Mitchell, John Tubbesing, George Harrer, A. W. Stubbs, Herman Knutson, Dr. C. E. Flynn, Dr. R. F. Kunz, Chuck Gunderson. Lester Milligan. Dr. VV. E. Long. Dean S. L. Ruglaml. Ed Dunlop and Herbert T. Barclay. Dave Evans of Ciesco was a guest. In response to requests at five preceding meetings. Mr. Milligan. pianist, played "The Music Goes 'Round and "Round." but limited it to the first three lines of the song. Young Republicans to Hold Meeting Friday A meeting of the Young Republican club of Mason City will be held at 5 o'clock Friday afternoon at the Senneff, Bliss and Senneff offices above the Northwest Savings bank according to an announcement by John Senneff Jr. Dr. T. A. Ncttlcion and Dr. Don Fitzgerald read papers on "Relations of Dentistry and Medicine" at a staff meeting held at the Mercy hospital Wednesday evening. DRUG STORE Extra Valutm for Friday Ma " Orders Filled Same Day Received. Orders Amounting to $2.00 I and Saturday or I* 89 - Aaa We For Postage. IS North Federal Ave. Phone H09. THIS SEALTEST LABEL 25c NOXZEMA CREAM 15c 25c M I S T O L D R O P S 13c mm 100 H I N K L E P I L L S 9c ·B Full Pound H O S P I T A L 1 C O T T O N 29c ·H 3 5 c Smith Brother's Cough Syrup 24c mam 35e V I C K ' S V A P O - R U B 2k mm 40 c GENUINE C A S T O R I A PRODUCTS 40c S C O T T ' S E M U L S I O N 39c HALIBUT Liver Oil Capsules 39c 50 Parke-Davis I R R A DO L 89c Ericksen's Cod Liver O i l Full Pint 39c $1 Squibb A D E X [ T A B L E T S 79c Box of 25 A B D CAPSULES 89c HALfBETTES CAPSULES V 79c 2 for 1.49 0*«6vt SMOKERS Many styles and shapes lo choose from. We purchased several thousand at an unusual saving;. 50c Values 1.00 Value* 25c 69 c Afier this sale these pipes will sell for 50c and $1 LA P A L I N A Ejcellcnte Size C I G A R S 7,000,000 Sold at 10c NOW 5c 5 FOR 22c C A T C H E R 16 ounces, or Union Leader 14 ounces T o b a c c o 59c Johnston's BLUE RIBBON iCHOCOLATES Full En* Pound SUC 17c Half Pound , FRUST CENTER CHOCOLATES 2 Boxes J,9C C A M A Y S O A P f o r (Limit 3 per person) KILLED WITH VAPOR FUMES Laxatives 25c EX-LAX Laxative 19c N-R TABLETS 37c 85c KRUSCHEN SALTS 59c 25c PHENOLAX 19c CASTOR OIL 8 01. 49c SQUIBB MINERAL OIL Pt. 59c 75e ALOPHEN PILLS 69c 25c CASCARETS 19c 25c PINE TAR HONEY 19c 60c PISO'S Cough Syrup 49c 35c BROMO QUININE 24c 60c REM For Coughs 45c 50c CREO-TURPIN 39c 1.25 CREO-MULSION 89c CAMPHORATED OIL 4oz 23c Fresh, Salted I PEANUTS Pounds 35c TURPO Ointment 29c :Creams-LoitiOnis 50c JERGEN'S LOTION 34c 35c FROSTILLA LOTION 29c 25c HESS Witch Hazel Cr. 19c 50c VELOUR LOTION 39c CORNHUSKER'S LOTION 33c 50c PACOUIN'S CREAM 39c Cleansing Cream Pound 33c l hj'.li jn'jr wn rolrj crrms Thni'it wliiT, jeaf »*-(· if iiufli-il and JPU e co»tl (rti-ti ^ir Plan '.'pen ihnse riof.iril*. to th- itt*rrs ami lormrnt or flir ur-kift r nkle v^t'tX on a hsuslhcrclucf or Mllnv.-. 12! jiifJminri VBMX i^ Km dcannst. sluft- FOR THE SAFE TAEATMENT OF SMlll . Srzi, IAKOI | 1IZI 'I Ktght to Limit Quantities. 50c WOODBURY'S Cream 37c * Rachel 7s[acre the new "blushing" rachel .·Soieil d'Or the new "golden sun" tone You've dreamed of such Powder Shades- rich, warm, life-like, with captivating, subtle undertones Only the "Air Spun" method- exclusive with Coty-could make your dream come true Only spinning tints by air rishf into your Powder can achieve such 'dream shades'as new 'Soieil d'or'and 'Rachel Nacre' T * T COTY "AIR SPUN" $ I nn F A C E P O W D E R ! I New 407» larger box IM 25c P E B E C O Tooth Paste 15c ·B 50c WOODBURY'S P O W D E R 28c ··H Full Pint Honey and Almond Cream Box of 12 MO D E S S Napkins 16c mm 60c P H I L L I P ' S C R E A M S 50c H I N D ' S Cream Dispenser 33c mm 1.50 K O L O R B A R Hair Treatment 75c F I T C H ' S S H A M P O O 44c mm 35e W I L L I A M ' S S h a v e C r e a m 25c DR. L V O N ' S Tooth P o w d e r 17c mm 60c R O U G E INCARNAT 50c Chamberlain's LOTION

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