The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 7, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 7, 1913
Page 3
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u I B A E R' S Buehler's Drug Store (Old Stand) 9 ChambersburgSt. Gettysburg SATURDAY BARGAINS Big Reductions in Millinery $16.50 Ladies d»-| -I 50 Mens 51.00 Suits tp i 1 · I Shirts 8.50 $12.50 Ladies Suits $6.00 Ladies Coats SSO.OG Ladies Coat? $55.00 Ladies Coars 6.98 9.50 Mens 750 Shirts I 51.50? Shirts 45c 39c 75c 45c 1V00 ' 98c Report ol the condition of Hit Bendersville National Bank- OFBEXDKKSV1LL.E, intlieiSfciteor VEXXA at the close ot business. OCT.. 21. 1S13, - RESOURCES Loans aw3 discounts- ................. $131.^32 01 Over Drafts Secured and unsecured- · iO 15 I U-J5- Bonds to secure cireuiation ---- 25.000 CO I Premiums oa U- S. Bonds ............ 20000 I Backiua bous^.'uraiture. and fixtures 9.74836 ! Other Real Estate .................. 2.024(33 Due frod State and Private liir ks and Bacier*. Trust Companies. and Strings Basis ...... ...................... 3.1SS f5 Due OZE approved reserve asents- 17.731 S4 I Checks and other Ca-sn He-^ ........ Z13 25 5 Fractional i«s»er. correaey. nickels j sod cents-- .................. !2s ST j LAWFTX/3IOXEY BESEBVE in Specie Le^al-tender notes 3.521 55 7.0Mco feed with U-'S- Tre (5 per Crnt circulation) ..... , H.C61 1.250 OC ! Total SiOiSS 31 i · LIABILITIES ! Ca^rta5 Mock l«iii S3 25/O C"9 ; Surplus FEiisd-- d.'XOeO ! Cidirided ProCis. iev» Ess«jib«s a£.i ! Taxes 1.4«2 M Meas 500 rleece lined underwear Ladies 5oc Union Q ^g Suits O«xC a u a a . ^ \! IndivJdua! deposits subject to cbvck-- 39.4J9 37 F! Time certiccaies of (Jesosit I0i257 K !; Cashier's Checks OutiUi-'ina 102 C5 Tousl S 2ii2r2 il j; I State of Pennsylvania. ·,, i ; County c; Aflrtr^s · · { L I- C BucasR. Cashier of the a.i«ve tuiaed 5 bank, do ooJemniy b-.vJIT that the a^ove »:atc- ; · znect is true to tie best of n_y knoa'i'cds^ a::c S j oeiicr- = I 1C- SUCKER. Cashier- i Subacnsed and bMO'n to oeforrrme th32S:b ' day or OCX . 1913- D P. DELAP. J- P. Girls 350 Union Suits , Ladies 75 j waists Ladies 500 waists Ladies $^.50 ·waists Ladies $200 ^^| QQ ^ v.-aisEs «p A .Ot I Ladies Si-oo *7Gf J $2 50 Biaukets 22c Correct--Attest : WAYBKIGET RICE. \v. JL. S.XVUER. £_ A. V.'AKREX. I Boys 750 fleece f lined Underwear i I $1.50 Blankets t o: re coEdhicr. or the v/asts I Ladies $4 $5 Skirts Ladies $3-00 Skirts Ladies $7.50 Raincoats Girls $2.00 Kaincapes 95c 1.69 2.75! 2 ' 98 1.75i S '' 5 ° Comforts 98c 4 I $4.00 Blankets j .\T AREKBTSVUJLE. PA-. ar lie · business Oe:ober2l.IS!3. j RZSOJ-'RCKS [ .i Loans actl discount i j Oveitlrarts. securetJ and uns*:L--:re»l U S- BcEdi JO secure circulation f I Bonds, securities, etc !04 :D oi 25.C-« Ci IS.TC3 1" i : ! C! I ;l Xi 4.98 f $2. Comforts 1.39 ·5 O#"| | Ladies 1.25 house J. »O«!7 i dresses all colors Mens and Ladies $1.00 Sv/eeters $2.00 Sweaters $3.50 and $4.00 Sweaters 50c Sweaters KIESaouse. ;un;:;ure. asd istt l.'ue from Xaifona! Banks(2ot reserve ! Dae 'rora approved reserve a^eats Checks and oLber cash kerss-. £ otter Xaticca! Basts j paper currc-ncr. 3.II6 Sc 2UC2 Ci 15 7SO 00 10.40i 1£ | Redemption 'end -ofirfctT-S. Treasurer 69c L39 $2.39 39c (5 per cent, of circulation) 1.2rn t-c Girls $1.50 Sweaters 75c Underskirts 3 9c Corset Covers 25c Corset Covers Men's and women s 12 l-2c Hose S8c 45c 25c 15c 8c [ i Toia! ;; LIABILITIES : I Capital siocS paid in I j Surpius Fund asi uadivjoefi proSis- -. '. i Xaiiocal Bank noies outsiari(i:!.E . j Indivifinal deposits subject tociieck-. : j Time ceruficates o' deposii · i Cashier's checks outstanding 1SX223 4; 23.CCO y. If.-SCT K 23.KO C- Si.a-3 -k 41 K Girls'.$3.QO Coats Girls' $5.00 Coats Childs' S2.50 Coats Children's 75c dresses Children's S1.25 Dresses Girls' 50c Aviation Caps $1.75 S3.48 SI.48 45c 89c 39c To^il 1S3.233 --S ! State or r*em^ylvsnia . ' County of AOains ' f ss: I. L. H- RICE. Casaier o? tlie above-aasiec bank, do solemsly swear that the above st:iie- asent is true to the best ot H2v knowledge anc beiiet^ L. H- SICE. Casiiier- Subscriijed and STsrom to be'ore me this C5tr dav o: October 1913]?. S- Orner. Xotary P3b::c- ily coiomlssioQ eipires ilay 10.1S17. Correct Attest: DAVID T- KOSER- ARTHUK ROBERTS. * Directors- OREGON'S PHEASANT FARM. [ The state of Oregon has a pheasant! farm i;e::r Corraiiis. tbe seat of the j State AirncHltHTai '-ollese. on -vt-hscli 1 ii.COO Mong»!i:in pireasants have been j raised the past rear. Kcsides these. 1 there are raised on these preserves j Kee^es", silver anu golden pLe:;sants. j bob'n-hite Knd ivestens q^ali anu taal-! iard 'lacks. The ctafi:uoa. in Oreson j are partU'nJiirly suited to the propaga- lie] tbe of thes=e less hardy types o birds. The pbe;isa::ts raised oa state farm ::re dL-Tribntetl over state, but oniy Irs deslzrtiaied sectioas. where ilicir protectiou is a^wnred. The pheasant inrla^nres of the fara: cover some e^hty acres, on which an at- ; tempt is made to reprod:i-e as far as j possible conditions of vrild bird !:fe-! From SO 1 ) to 1.000 old birds are kept' over for breeding purposes. The pheas- : anr aen. tuoa^h InyiKg froni sixty to : eighty eg?s in a season, wlli not sit in \ captivity: hence common heiss are used ' as inenbators- "VTacn hatched e;ich · hen, ·vriih her brood, is pat in a smaii j coop, and the little chicks stay Tritb ; her ontil they are able to take care of · themselves. The chief difficulty ea-' countered in raising the ijbeasants Is , providing insect food to taie the place \ of that which they woaJd have ;n their ; ·wild state. In fact, they cannot be; raised -witiout it. To provide this sni-; pjy a "bushouse" Is mninfciined. in , which tainted fisb and nsent are placed j to attract the flies and fnrnjsb the j needed supply of mairsots- When 1 three weeks old the cliicks oat Bracked | grain, and froni this time on theyprovr i rapidly. Gric of n special kind is got · by the carload from the bar of tin- Co- J lumbia river, and spriupr water is de-, | livered under.pressure to all parts o f : tile ground. The drinkinjr vessels as ! Trell as the pens'and inclosures are; kept scrupuionsly clcnn and are spray- j 'ed fregneatly for disinfection. j ieft until all of the animal beat is out of. it. Cut into pieces of the desired size, rub each piece -sveii Tvkfe dry sa!t. ·^·orkiEg: it in aroncd the boaes: then !sy them on a sloping board and alto" to drain uiitii the nest morning: then pack ia a ciean. PIVPPE barrel or lart-e earthen jar. p-ituc? the hams an'J shoulders in first, skin side dotrn. an-1 usinz the piecps "f side meat to tw k ?r«-jnu the odccs. For each hun- Cred pounds nf rn^at xre:^h out eight pounds of salt, two pounds of brown sugar and tiro ounces of saltpeter. Dissolve a;! in four =r.i!ons of purs cold w.-itc-r ::nd cover the 'neat with this brine XWijrbt doTrn with clean board a-d rti'-k :ind ie.ive five or s^x ^VCCES. accordirt" to the size and thickness of the bams: then bang in scnoke- bouse and s:uoke siowly until the surfaces show a rich brown. Report at the condition or tie Biglerville National Bank at Bis'erviile. Pa. ic tee State of Pers- srlrania. at tbe close of business. OCT. 25. 1213 RESOURCES Loans acd oiscounts-"- ...Si8?.S5T-l' j Overdrafts. Feccred acd nnsecurea -35 TT TJ-^-B nds to secnre circulation 5Q.OUQ4X OtnerUocdsto secure X7. S- Postal Savicg: Deposits 1.000 K Bond^. Secarities. etc. 7BOO (r Baatins-isoase. furniture scd fixtures. 3.7-K 00 Oue frO22 Xatioaai Banks, (not reserve azeats) 5.S4T 17 Due from approved reserve agents 10.S4T 53 Xotes of otner Xationa! Banks 2.94C CO Fractional paper carretcv. Bickels ace cents ;ff5 39 CA-KTCI, 3IOSET RESsavvix BA^K-VIZ: Specie 55.635 CO i^e^al-tcnder notes ~ 1 .T?C 00 V,aS5 CO Redemption fu^d wjth TJ- S Treasurer (5 per cent- of circulation) 2.500 OP Totai ......................... S2904SS 63 SUGAR C U R I N G PORK. | For the benefit of our renders wlio J may .-want to sn?ar cure some bnir»s j «·*·»/? TAO^«^»^ fri-v* +!»*^ *r»T»»f-.T- ! i r-/?rti* TT'ii 1 CAMPAIGN FOR MORE BEEF. With a "!en- to aiding tue fanners of the country to o~crconje the beef shortage, which promises to become aggravated rather than lessened under present conditions, the American Meat Packers" association voted at a recent cu-eSng to spend SI00.000 a year for the nest five years for the conducting of a campaign which will tend to en- courapre the raising of beef cattle. At the meeting referred to the followinz recommendations were inade for the prevention of a" aioat fareine. the directions being simple anc feasible a::d worthy of iJie attention of all farnier?. who most of all are concerned wita the problem of production: First, every siDall farmer shouJd raise at least two beef steers jiiore si year to offset tbe decreased production of the gre::t cat- Ue ranches of the west; second, the r ffiaiJiing ranges should be out up intc farms to put a!3 farmers on an equal foodnir: third, the liHIs of New England should be converted into ranges for the raising of beef cattle: fourth, corn should be substituted for cotton in the southern states, making possible the development of the cattle and hog raising business. LIABILITIES Capital stock paid in .................. SSO.OCO OC Surplus fund .......................... 25.0W O Undivided profits less expenses and taxes paid ...................... S.6COSJ National Bask cotes outstanding ---- -59.350 OC Individual derosits subject to checa 43.SS2 5) j Demai-d certitcates or deposit ______ 113.23261 Casaier "s eaccfci outstanding ........ 152 6D State of Penasylvaaia. Coarstr of Adaici. S.S I. E. D. HHGES. Casnier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is tree to the best of zay knowJed^c aaa Sjelief. Z- D- H2IGES. Casaier. Sn l«cribec acd STfom to before me t ais S-Stb. day of OCT.. 1913. T- F- RHODES J- P. Correct--Attest G. W. KOSER. . K H- LtJPP. BAUGHEK. Oiiectors Total NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP and bacon for the ic-r l.irdcr we gire below a tried ret-ipe which has j given excellent satisfaction. The butch- \ ering should bo done i« frosty or freez- j Ing wenthcr. Tin- csm-ass should not j be allowed to frec::c. but should be Some rather extensive experiments which have been conducted by the Iowa experiment sfcition In the matter of keeping apples in co!d storage show that little danger rpwnlts from nllo\v- ins apples to freeze in storage if care is taken that they thaw out gradually. is hereby given tisat the pars- nc-r?hip heretofore existir.? between Richard M.Hani anl Xe;»3 J. McConomy and conducting the Ea?le Hotel at Get- tvbnnr. Adams County, Ponn^ivania, um:er the firm of Ha;u and McCon- omy.was dissolved on 0'ctoTw.r r)Is-i, i--y mutual consent. Tbc affairs of saitl partnorsl'.iparc to bo j liquidated by Richard .M. Hani. j A! debts owincr to tlie partherslilp arc- Ito ?e pai«i to aiul received by Ricli.iri M. Ham and all demands nsrai.-^t ti.«: part- I nen-lrp are to be presented to bins wkh- i out dela y for payment. ' William Hersh and John D- Keith. Attornejs. ^Richard M. II; m Nc?.l J. McCoiioicy AGRICULTURE FOR SCHOOLMA'AMS Necessary For Geriifiaie in Nineteen Stales. DEMAND FOR TEACHERS, j Department of-Agriculture Siaiec That j Number o f , Giving j Courses in Scientific" F^r-ring Has Increased at Rate of Se-cniy-s^x a Month During Uast'Two Years. Nineteen states now reoa:re thai ar: examination in agriculture sur-c j-e passed before teache:s w.iy -«jtiii.: their certificates, accord]H? to a but- lean just issued by tte i'-i'S'tmeut of agriculiurfe. cntitltal "Acricu'iursi Training Ct-urses Tor Enr-IoyeJ Teachers-"' This, the fcusk-t;:! s.:ys, is aa indication of UIL* iteptiLj. ih::t lia recently been giveu u agncaUura! education throughout tie country. !u the two years ending 1'arch. !t»!2. ;lse number of scsistuiions giving co'irses in agriculture increased ~i a ri:o of more tbasi seveaty-sis a imnt-j. r.a-.l the total number grew fsoai CCS to 2,575- Xow that nineteen strips rcqir-re. by ·s.-n-. the tc-aching of agriculture la the common schools, the demand for teachers of tise subject :s "Xormal schools." the uuUcCii snys. "are iatroducin^ courses of «~rit-ui!tv. ami many asrieultura! coiicircs are of- ferias special Hues of work zo iseer this tlemajid- Still, there are h-irdly enough teachers for the secciiilary schools and the special schools of agriculture. It has been the object of the t»iSce of experiment statiuas to discover, by investigation. JUSE hc-v teachers already employed may a'- auire the traiaiss: retiuireu to *-::n!j'e them to teach the eJernentary ?J,:^ts of agricuJture." Summer Course Pcptiiar. The most popular ns rireil ns lb? mosr eScieat means of -.fifl^iS tlJis training is the summer course o^ere-.l by a coliesre or normal school. The -n- stmction is usually of a hisrh c!.is=- and adequate equipment anil apparatus for labortirory and 3ell woi-k are nsnaliy availiilile. There are aiso special short course.--in agriculture offered in soaie iasnni- tions during the rejnilar school sess:c-. usually the spring term. The Agricultural and ilechaau-si College of Xunt5 ! Carolina holds a special "ilay scaoc!" for tteichers. ar which agriculture is taught. Afternoon, evening antl Sanirchiy ciassiis l~ ajrricnlrure during' the r^^ninr schm' year are offered ?t Columbia university in Xe-.v York c-ity. | '"The study of :igrieuitnre by conv- j spondence has grown rapidly is. favor j during- the iast few years." sars the j bulletia. "The esneni-e incidenc ro - j corresponcen-.-e course is asually sm.-t-i. j unr this method bus its disadvantages, j is there is considerable danger cf thi- j =tndeat= getting incorrect ideas on tis- j more complex questions which arise. There are at present. however, j throughout the United States and it- territories about tvi-enty-Bve state ii: stitutions and 5ve private schools In trhicb some regularly established cor respondeuce -.vork may be done alocc this line. Many of the courses In. tin- itate institutions are free to resident-of the state eseept for tlie cost of textbooks and po-=!;:jre- Ofrsr of Reading Classes. "Reading classes :,!so are offered by several suite agricuicnral colleges which do not conduct regular correspondence wo!k. Ta'ese courses are intended rather for farmers and farmers" housewives than for teachers, although teachers are encouraged to en roll as weli." The bulletin announces that the department of agriculture has prepaivd several reading courses of its own fret* publications for tho»e who might de sire an agricultural reading course. b;:t who have not the time to seek out their own material or might wi.--f: ·, avoid the expense of purchas-ng tin- books. The lists of reading for this work have been compiled in view of tin- great increase in demand for agricultural training in the past three yenrs. They will enable a3! who have the inclination and any spare time to follow out a thorough course, the pubiJc:!- tions being supplied free by the dj- partment. EJght courses are offered, which cover thoroughly the subjects treated. They are as follows: Agronomy, an:mal husbandry, horticulture, forestry, agricultural engineering, agricultural technology, agricultural economics ami agricultural education- In Your Home Without One Cent's Cost Ail YOU need, to secure this wonderful ; i-piece Nucut Glass Service Set,--v.-hich is as handsome as it is serviceable--are 50 B. T. Babbitt's Trademarks One Babbitt Trademark conies with each of B. T. Babbitt's famous products-three of which are pictured below. I f you. use B ibbitt's, you already know of the r economy and many uses. If y j a dji'c one trial only is needed to convince you tha t Babbitt's is best all the ti me. This offer is for a limited tiir.e only, so start to save Babbitt's trademarks today. When you have 50, take them to Your Grocer or the next nearest one. BIBabbitfs 776 *" 3 Babbitt's Products * Made by B. T. Babbitt, Inc., New York AUTUMN - This week we shall devote our time to showing our beautiful New Fall Styles m Outfitting for Men Boys and Little Fellows. We shall have but one thought and that will be to welcome our Friends and to show everything any one cares to see. Come See Our Spread of New Fall and Winter Gar- ments. Clothes that are Ex- clusive, Classy, Different. We extend a most urgent invitation to Everybody to call during this, Our Exhibition Week. Mothers will be greatly interested in our showing of handsome garments for their little men. We've brushed up a bit for the occasion and we will endeavor to make your call a very pleasant one. LEWIS E. KIRSSIN, The House of Better Clothes Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, Pa Interested In New Island. Officials at" the naval bvdrographi* office in "Washington have manifested a keen interest in the announcemei-J that a new Island has risea out of the sea ot£ the Nova Scotia coast. "WTiHe government scientists are without information as to the occurrence, thev regard it as especially interesting taken in connection with the recent violent earthquakes in Panama and othe:- distarbances which have caused marked changes in the ocean bottom and shore conformation off the Pacific Central American coasts. ATI Originally Latin. 'Alma is a Latin word meaning fostering, cherishing, benign. Alma ina- ter means benign rribtner. Apex means the tip, point or summit of anything. NOTICE IX THE COURT OF COMMON PLEA%OF ADAMS COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA. ·.*; IX RE petition of Mary E. Miller for authority to acX as s. feme sole trader. Notice is hereby giver, that Mary r,. Miller of the borough of Gettysburg 1 , iwho was marred to Levi D. MHer on ] February 22r.d,lSS4. has presented her petition "in the above named Court, I oraying thaX a decree be made jrrsiii- I ing-" her a certificate that she be au- j thorized to act and have the powar to I transact business as a feme sole tra- | dsr according to the provisions of the Ac'ts of the Genera! Assembly of the ! Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ^ in such case made and provided ar.d. that .t has been ordered _- ^aid Court that the application of the petitioner will DC considered bv the Court on the first day of December, 1913, at 10:30 A. M_ at'whch time all persons interested mav show cause, if any, they have. .vhv the decree and certificate prayec I for" shall not be made and granted. JOHN D. KEITH, a. .porkreethToNg o Attorney for the petitioner. I have just received a Standard Automatic Milk Separator which can be seen at ^ Biglerville now ^ This machine is guaranteed -£ to separate 750 pounds of milk ^ per hour, and as soon as I have ^ sufficient number installed I ^ will buy the Cream at regular price for creamery butter, ,^ XW. Pettis ·A- NEWSPAPER!

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