The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 7, 1913 · Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 7, 1913
Page 2
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GETTYSBURG, PA. G. W. WEAVER The Leaders Special this Week $9.95 17.50 GETTYSBURG, PA. Medical Advertising. Builds Up Ibis is the work ofAyer's SarsapanHs. Strength. Power. Reserve. -Sold for 60 years. Ask Yawr Doctor. r COMB SAGE TEA INTO GRAY HAIR J -« .^ "ir i Darkens Beautifully and Re-! stores Its Thickness and Lustre at Once 9 L. Real Estate If you want to sell or rent you real estate, no matter where located, or, if you want to buy or exchange any kind of real estate, call on or address. Jroxell and Swisher Real Estate Agents . - 104 Baltimore St. - Gettysburg Pa. Ladies fine tailored Suits--of mannish cloths--Navy and Black Serges cut in the height of fashion-perfect tailoring lined with satin linings--some with draped skirts and high waist lining. Some in Junior Misses sizes. Values SI5.00 for 59.35 Ladies Suits -- in the fashionable Mattala^se Cloths -- colors, Garnet, Taupe and Brown -- lined in Peau-de-Cynige. Stylishly cut and made no two alike--Value $25.00 special $17.50. CDr-n-.-n garden sage brewed into a : hiavy 12^, %vith suSphur and alcohol! s'idx*. v.-sl: turn gray, screaked and f_ded h^:r be-utiiaUy dark and lux- t'agst; resscvs every bit of dandruff, stoo sr^lD keying and falling hair. Mil Eg -~ie 3a?e Tea and Suiphur re- ciue ct home, though, is troublesome.; An e sier \\vy is to get the ready-to-! use tonic, costing about 50 cents a I !ar-2 bot+le. EI drug stores, known as', ·'V'veth's Sjife and Sulphur Hairj 11 f-ul appearance and attractive-; u»-£s. liv daikenlng your hair with! iTverh's Sas e £- n - Su:phur. no one can [ tail, because" it does it so naturally, so J e/eily. You just dampen a sponge or: £51". brssh with it and draw thisj og:h vour hair, taking one small | s rand at s. tima; by morning all gray j h .irs havs disappeared. After another; a_«iiicat:cn or two your hair becomes' brauiifuHy dark, glossy, soft and Iu:-:-| = COJVIE look over oat* ats and Shoes, knocu the result. C. B. Kitzmiller H 1 don't get many Ralstons" Because of the downright s t u b - \ borness in refusing tc wear out, Ralstons \ give every man "value \ received." I , Altho decidedly aristo-^ I cratic in appearance, 1 , Ralstons are really econ- : omical shoes to wear. * Their "up keep" is small." They make friends of . every one except thc^ cobblers. ~" Our personal guarantee * of satisfaction goes with [ _ every pair._ Fall stylet, f "$4.00 to $6.00. O.H. Lestz Cor. Square Carlisli St. millltUUlllfUU'milUlUlillUlIlU Other splendid values at any price you wish to pay-Great assortment to select from KK(USrE!:*S NOTICE ! Xct!-- w !«-r-i'j gheiv to bil legatee?! and »«I:»T t«.-.^'!i- concerned that, tin 1 . AdnttM -! mtlo ! Accounts herx inafter e:i\ tered -vill be : rr tinted at a:i Orphan's j Court -f Ada- H County. Pa., for conur- I matioii and -"«· vance, Saturday Xovein- | her f u; 191", a 10.30 A-M. of said day. ' N". i 9. Fir. z and Final acronnc of j H. J. t'-eeHp.ivr, Executor of the Will · of S. Ti- ··» th- l £ te of Me. Pleasant ' Towns'sip Adam" County. Pa., dec'd. No. J -iO The First aad Final Account i = of H. E- Slagen, Executor of the Will Sj _ of Albert L. SIa»ei:hacpt. late of the j Borough of LittlesiOTtB, Borough. Adam? | ^ " Coanty Pa-, deceased. j "" B. H. Berkheimer, Register of Wills. f M TREESFORSALE | I have good Peach and 2,000 Apple trees ready | for planting that, I will sell at rt asonable^ prices in = small or large lots. i G. E. Spangler \ Gettysburg, Pa. = Hokus--''Flubdub seems to have a ·wonderful cptaion of his knowledge." Pokus- 1 -"! should say he has. Why, I hare actually Iiearc him attempt to argue -with his son, who is In his j freshman year at college."--lappln- cott's. Why the Third Place? Mrs. DuS (to new maid)--"But, Mary, there are only two in the family, ilr. DuS and myself; why have you set places for three?" The New Maid--"Sure, ma'am, it was the cook that told me you had a planer player in the house."--Harper's Weekly. Accounts Transferable. A couple of pickpockets had been following a rich-looking man for sorce minutes, when they saw him enter a lawyer's office. "What shall we do now?" asked one. "Wait for the lawyer," replied the other. "He'll hare the swag aad the other follow the empty p Origin of Term "Dean." The word dean, as applied to thej dean of the diplomatic corps, or dean j of a faculty, was derived from the j Latin decem, ten, and Its original sense was a chief o£_ten; an early dictionary defines it as "an ecclesiastical magistrate who hath power over'ten canons at the least." Gradually it \ came to mean the head of any organized body," the oldest in ssrvice. FAMOUS BABCOCK LADDERS ladders Full assortment now in stock, consisting oi: Straight ladders, extension ladders, step and special fruit ladders. Evrry piece of. this well known brand is made from second g sprace with rungs of ash or elm. H. P. MARK, AKEXDTSYirXE r£STTYSBUBG MARKETS Prices at the Gettysburg warehouse corrected daily by C. Milton Wolf, Jr., Successor to J. Geo- Wolfs Sons Co. Per Bn New Drj Wheat 85 SewEar Corn en Rje f5 Oats ** RETAIL PRICES Per 100 Badger Dairy Feed ^"^5 Coarse Sprinjr Bran 1 -3c Hand Packed Bran 1-40 Com and Oats Chop 1-45 Shoemaker Stock Food 1-45 White Middlings I.** Red Middlings 1-^0 ! Timothy H^y 9° ! Rye Chop 1-"" Baled Straw 6c Plaster §7.50 per ton. Cement $1.40 per bb!l Per bbl. Flour 54-SO i Western Flour S-w Per bn Wheat -- SLOG f=he;ic-d"Corn : !fc) New Ear Com, J.9 \ewOats 22 - °* EARLY NOVEMBER SPECIALS Effective June 15, 1913. IE fEST'ERK MARYLMB BAD 8:05 A- II. Daily Except Sunday for ~~ Baltimore, Hanover, York and In- at "tln.e Now is the time to look after your winter need complete stock suggest your winter apparel. Ladies Dep't To t'-e woman with $15 to spend for a winter suit or coaL V\ e have made a special effort to srow a (f\ line of coats and suits at this popular price. They are x si here in the new Browns,Blues,Grays.OHves, and fancy V N mixture?. Of course if you want a suit of more quality we can show you over 200 styles to select from at prices ranging from $15 to S40- Furs Furs Olotl^es" for your wardrobe. Let our large and Men's Coats \Ve have alway made a special effort to give you lusta little more for your money than you can get elicwhere. Remember our guarantee if they are not right we will make them right. See our special Black or Brown, sets at $10.00 other furs, $5.50 to $65.00. Dresses Dresses Of Every description, Special all Children's school dresses that were $1.00 and $1.25 Now 89c. Mr. man or young man with $15 to $18 to .'pend/or a winter suit or over coat. We are prepared to meet your demand whether you-want a plain business suit or a fancy novjity they-- are here in Brown. Blue, Gray, and the seasons new pencil stripes in acombination of colors. Ot'-ers suits J$6.50 to $32.00 Over coats $5.50 to $58.00. Boy's Suits and Overcoats, I n c u r I ^ ... j.'t v/e have an extraordinary line of suits and overcoat, raadt. up all the little touches that appeal so much to the boys. Sweaters and Mackinaws^ % Just the thing for cut dcor sports. See the new mackinaw weave sweaters with roll collar we are showing at $5.50 to $7.00 Other sweaters SOcts to $7.50. A Fox Tragedy. On one of the large estates In Hingham, England, a few weeks ago a fox j iO:35 A. M. Daily for Hagarstown, was found to be destroying poultry- j Tbe time of the raids and their bold- J cess were proof enough that the fox ( natrst be a female with youa^. Poison-1 «1 aient was prepared for her. and at once the raids r-eased. A. ferr days Inter one of tbe \\oifenien of the estate ^-aine upon tbe dea of a fot, at tbe j «;outb of which lay dead a whole litter j or yowas oues. T!ey bad been poisoned. The mother bad" not eaten the doctored food berself. but had carried it home to her family. Tbey must hare ; died ia tbe burrow, for it was evident from the signs sbe had dragged them out into .the fresh air to revive them and deposited them gently oa the «ind by the hole. Then in her perplexity she bad brousbt various tidbits o" mouse and bird and rabbit and placed ::t their noses to tempt them to wake up o;it of their strange sleep and eat as hsmsry children ought to eat Who knows !iow Ion? sbe watched beside :he sti'i forms and what her emotions were? Sbe mast hare left tbe neigh- iiorhocd s-oon after, however, for no o;;a has seen her since about the estate.--Atlantic Monthly. Points West. L2:-5-5 P. 31. for York and Intermediate Points 5:50 P. 31. Daily for Baltimore, Hanover, and Int«rrmerfi8«- "Point? G:58 P. 3L Daily except Sunday for B. and .H- Division Points to Highfield, also Hagersrcwn, Waynesboro, Cbambersburg, Shippens- berg anc Hancock^Piztsburgfi and all points West- Sunday Only. 7:13 New Oxford, Hanover, York, liner intermediate «t»- I Trill be In G e t ty s b u r g every Tnesday a t F e n r o s - i Myeib 3 Jewelry Store. UODJU Grad.of Pomfert St,CarIi3le- A Plant's Drink. When we cut Sowers we put them ·n water to keep taem fresh. Lite Iianian belnss. tLey ctin exist for long periods on water alone, as tbe liquid forms a considerable portion of tbeir balk. Tbe - drinking capabilities of p'ants vary a great deal, aad at a recent scientific exhibition held at Sur- biion. England!, some ingenious de- riees- were shown to register tbe dif- "erent actions of plant life. Tbe sp- :ar.ttn consists of a twin glass tube ·srith a coiled formation at .the base, flic fiower is placed *hrough a cork .nlo the waicr in the jpper end of the bmnca tnbe. and tbe lower end. vri-ieli is inserted in a vessel filled with water, is lifted out and replaced, rbus allowing an air bnbbSe to enter the tube As the plant drinks the water tbe bubble is forced along the coiled glass tube as fresh water enters behind it. and the amount taken by tbe fiowcr is. of course, tbe quantity behind tbe air gl Remember what we say it is, It is. F U N K H O U S E R S A C H Hom.e Clotixes ... Conundrums. What il it that we often tell others to do anil cannot do ourselves? Stop a minute. What coutain-5 more feet in winter than in summer? An ice skatlag rink. Why is an esg like a colt? Because ·t isn't fit for use until it is broken. Wb«t part of a fisb is like the end .1' a book? The fln-ls. Why does a puss purr? For an ob- ·ious pur-pose. When H a wall like a fish? When it Is scaled. What is"^ the difference between a dollar bill and a silver half dollar? Fifty cents, you boob. i* the best thins to do in a bwrry? Nothing. \\ hat is a pnt up Job? Wall paper. A BETTER DAY AHEAD- In all" too many sections of tbe south the one hor=e or nule octSt is typical of tbe agriculture tbnt is still followed. In such section* tbe commercial fer- Slrzer is sowed at the same time the cottonseed Is planted, and a yield of half a bale of cotton or less is tbe rule. Tn other section^. There the good work done by the representatives o* the department of agriculture has Iorae fruit, the grov. ing of legumes is being introduced to rest tbe land and restore its fertility, and following such treatment the yield of the cotton crop has !,een increased to a bale and a half ?n acre. In the south, as in all otber sections of tbe country, there are stili altogether too many agricui- tural standpatters--men who are perfectly content to grub and drudge along as their fathers did before t wlio are satisSed to let what they consider "well enough"' alone aad who see=s to view as a sort of sacrilege any- thEag that savers of new metSods. It is a question whether the job.of Judge in one of these baby shows w one a fellow would banker after, for tbe scora and disappointment of the 1 foad mothers of tbe youngsters who " got anvtbing Jess than first prize would more than outweigh the gratitude ot tbe parent of tbe blue ribbon winner. With grain and forage high, as both are sure to be during the coming "winter, it will be a sensible idea to weed out tbose cows which have bad nip and tuck paying tbeir board bill under favorable conditions. It Is chore enough to milk cows -without having a lot on the string that eat tbeir heads off every dny.

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