The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 30, 1933 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1933
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

1 w. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE DECEMBER 30 4 B MAHUPl WJ i 1 UrlAiDfi-vttw**'-*'- _1_^. .'._-' · ~ ' CHAMBER OF COMMERCE HAD BUSIEST YEAR SINGE BIG WAR I ! WITH NEW DEAL CODES AND SCRIP CAME PROBLEMS Numerous Activities Carried on by Staff in Past 12 Months. (By EMI) A Chamber of Commerce is sup posed to be able to lay out a pro gram of work at the beginning o a. year and, with few exceptions, to hew to the items of that progran through thick and thin. But 1033 knocked Chambers of Commerce programs into cocked, hats, all-ovo America and acquainted their staff; and memberships with some thing of which they had never thought o heard before, as, for instance, ban! holiday, scrip issue, beautiful NIRA anil her spouse, NRA: codes, clan ket, sheet, tin and a hundred more-1 The Mason City Chamber's yea was no exception to this rule an besides all the extraordinary activl ties of the year there was iraportan activity in many other lines such a; aviation, good roads and marke highways, fire prevention, collectio and campaigning for community, chest, conventions, legislation, traffic rates and service and many smaller but important activities. The year opened in the deepening gloom which culminated In the bank holiday, it mounted to a peak of feverish activity with the NRA and re-employment surveys of August and September and .their accompanying 'mass of detail and it is closing with the best feeling among businessmen generally for many moons. The enthusiastic crowd o.. 450 at the Chamber's annual Christmas party seemed typical of the prevailing better spirit. ' Issued $10,C00 In Scrip. The issuance of $10,000 in Mason City scrip was conceived and made ready during that earlier period of the year, when the question "what will we use for money?" had real significance. The scrip issue accomplished certain definite things which had been planned for it. It gave ·work to probably 300 different men for varying periods of time, it started an improved road'on what will some day be part of a beautiful drive for Mason City, it demonstrated what cab be done, with concrete macadam and it put a new. stimulus into Mason City business through the additional .currency thus put into circulation. '; " : ··-'. The -scrip- is just beginning : to : etris;Iri for 'redemption 'and from Tlow^ oh" this process will continue at a quickening, pace. About $7,500 worth · of'- stamps: 'have ; been purchased, thus'providing a' large, parl of the~ ; redemptloii' fund. 'Of .course as the .bookkeepers 'say, - it's r.bee'n ; f nuisance^ C'.'Soi was ; the .depression July 'Is usually ··aiqulet month' in Chamber circles,'but the feverish activity -of,I July, August,.: Septem be'r,''4933, will never be forgotten by any who went through it. The blanket-code was. a thick'blanke for tiot' weather and how; to se through it and understand its provisions troubled every .business, big and. little. The chamber-.became a center for the greatest, barrage of questions ever laid .down upon It and it answered them to the best of its ability, using .the mail, telephone, and telegraph to get the latest available in formation and inter: pretatlon*. . . ' , - - . ' ' . · . . · · '...' ''Asked to;Co-Operate. . In 'common with 12,000 other _ · J ' · · ' ·' ' .· ' ' . . . SUPPLIED WORK BUILDING SCRIP ROAD --Above are scenes showing men at work on' scrip road built with ?10,000 of scrip, one of the Chamber of Commerce projects for 1933. hambers, Mason City received the equest of. General Johnson for cooperation 'in NRA activities and resident .W. G. C. Bagley respond- id with an immediate acceptance of esponsibility and pledge of co-operation. The city NRA. committee was organized as were similar committees in .every town in the coun- ;ry; city and county compliance joards were formed to hear complaints of cbde' violations, and a Complete canvass was made of Mason City to get signers .to. the consumers' agreement .to patronize Blue. Eagle firms and to check new' employment under the' president's fe-'eiaployment agreement and-such permanent codes as were : then in operation. : · · . : ·. "' ' '.'.·"·. ' '· The whole effort oi! July and Au r gust culminated In the mammoth; NRA parade as the summer closed. 1 There were those who stood on the sidewalks and scoffed at this hastily put together . demonstration, but is was a visible symbol of a community and a nation lifting itself bodily by its own bootstraps from the bog of depression in which it had seemed so hopelessly mixed only a few montSis before. ..." -Juniors Put it Over. The NRA parade was one of the outstanding: activities of the Chamber's virile junior division in which one hundred of the community's finest young men are enlisted. Pa- radea seem to be their specialty, as they engineered a successful "get out and vote" campaign the. preceding fall, as well as the parade of spontaneous rejoicing with which Mason City greeted the ending' of 3ie bank holiday, when Its two banks were released unconditionally on the "second day of liberation" after that nationwide paralysis. At the present moment the Junior division la' just concluding a campaign for the stimulation of Christmas lighting and general community decoration which has materially brightened Mason City for the holidays. The decorations on the downtown business streets were extended several blocks, decorations o£ filling stations, business windows, approaches to the city and various public buildings were improved and enlarged and there was a considerable increase in the entries in the home lighting contest. More than a ton of Christmas candies was distributed to children in the park on the Saturday night be- fora Christmas and through churches and Sunday schools. Besponslblllties Shift. Through its sponsorship and operation of Mason City's community chest, the chamber has been closely connected with relief activities during the past two years. Through it was formed a co-ordinating committee on which were represented many public and private organizations and at whose deliberations there originated a number of the early important work relief and Erarden projects, as well as the first joint request for RFC funds for CeiTO Gordo county. As federal funds came to take an increasing share in this load, responsibilities were also shifted to public officials who became its administrators. The necessity for funds to carry on the city wide social program of the community was not lessened, however, but rather increased. Every effort was made to collect pledges of the 1932 chest campaign, with the result that more than 553,000 was brought in. The 1933 campaign for 550,000, which was oversubscribed by some hundred dollars, is too recent to need comment. Postponed a month as it was on account of the press of NRA and related activities, It was not an easy task, hut met with a. splendid community response. ' Those who think that putting men at work on CWA projects at 515 a week will solve the social needs ol the'community. have made the same guess as those who thought federal relief would solve them. Both lilt an immediate and tremendous direct load, but neither can make any attempt to care for those dependent for any reason other than unemployment, nor can either attempt to heal the wounds and sears left by-America's worst economic crisis--which perhaps..explalns why Chest agencies .are busier, than ever before in their historyv..?·'· : Relocate Airport. , -Other activities of :the" chamber s busiest year since those of the great war .'have included relocation oE the airport in which Is in partnership with the American Leg ion, the promotion and staging o north/ Iowa's .first .building and home furnishings show, ·under th auspices of the North Iowa Builder^ exchange; its usual services to wy era! . important; conventions, whic included the Iowa utility scho"i ·«, North. Central Teachers, .the Federation of Women's, clubs an the Iowa composing room executives "·and the reaching out after other for 193*'and 1835;' continuous fir prevention' activities,;including .tl Inter-Chamber fire waste ""rSi where it's entry received honorable mention for Mason City's excellent months, as well as some proposals now before the Iowa legislature opinion of Chamber members is too diverse nd divided to permit representations on their behalf. Files of the bills and senate and house journals are maintained for use of members and the public. jTruds and fakers are still abroad in the land as well as various schemes for getting the public's money, which are legal but of doubtful odor. The Chamber's Charities and Advertising committee has sought Information far and wide on numerous such endeavors during the past year and tried its best to encourage the public generally to investigate before investing. Protects Community. The work of the Chamber's transportation committee has continued constantly as it seeks to protect the competitive position of the community and Its industries in a time of great . change. Developments under NRA codes promise to take away certain advantages such as low labor and raw material costs which some communities have had and make such costs as transportation more important than ever. As a well known authority recently wrote "The Chamber which ia neglecting the freight rate position of its community and its industries is being recreant to one of its most sorious responsibilities." The work of this department is technical and its reports couched in terms difficult to the layman--but it is none the less of fundamental importance to Mason City as a manufacturing and distributing center. It has been a year of very cordial co-operation on various matters between the Chamber and such organizations as the Retail Merchants association, the American. Region and the Mason City Trades and Labor assembly, which is gratefully acknowledged. Do you want an interesting day? Follow through one with the Cham- ber's staff: How are the roads to WInona this morning. Why couldn't the John Blank family get that coal from the Welfare league? What did the Iowa house do yesterday with File No. 183? Why should I have to put- on two scrip ptamps when I buy a 60 cent purchase with a scrip certificate? Is there a code for garbage haulers? What should a baker pay his man of all work and how long? How do I find the population oE 30 counties in North. Iowa and the per capita wealth of their inhabitants? If I buy socks of this woman at the door, will I get the socks and why? Why docs Mr. So and So fly the Blue Eagle and work his help overtime? Who is the chairman of the Mason City LKTC and will you help me fill out my HOLC loan application? Yes, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Well if you owned a navy you wouldn't have to pay your debts, either.--The Buffalo Thnea, Happy NewYear May Happiness and Good Fortune favor you all, through Nineteen Thirty Four John Gallagher, Inc. Pontiac Sales and Service U. S, Tires Phone 1567 "BRING YOUR BATTKUV TROUBLES IO US" Send the GLOBE-GAZETTE as a New Year's Gift! · ·^*-* ·*·*·« ^ j mm IM«^«^M^TMTMB""""»"""^«^^^^^^^^"--· jr\T this season we look back with a keener appreciation of the new friends we have acquired during the year and the old friends we have retained. Today, as always we realize that our success is inseparably linked with your good will. We promise you continuance of those policies which we feel will merit your continued confidence and support. tt- committee on fire i n s u r a n c e re-classification has brought .together the improvements made during the last year aBAWUjg pointed the way to. 06 ^'? 1 ^,"" .requirements to prevent .a lowering of "the city's classification with .a consequent immediate raising of the flre:ins\irance ;baais rate on all_non- sprinklered business, commercial and public property. .... _ That some organization ·muatCbe the community "watchdog" .was illustrated by the case of the Schmidt bill .introduced in.the present Iowa General assembly to provide a series of. .'cross state "super highways.. This proposal may seem .like .a wild drearA to some at the "present «? e ' but it seems no wilder than did the first talk : of concrete paving on tae country highways. It was not so wild but that the Chamber's streets andI highways committee f Amoved to vigorous protest over the, original proposal .which would have left Mason City off the important north and south wide strip. Senator Schmidt saw the justice of .Mason City's claim to position on that road and as the,bill was'finally introduced, the middle north and south wide r6ad through the state comes up north' via Ames, Blairsburg, Iowa Falls, Hampton, Mason City and Northwood. Perhaps not a reality in 1934,, but who knows h o w soon! ' : . " . ; . · · Supports Highways. The streets and highways committee has continued through the Chamber's budget to support the AYp highway's advertising efforts and has worked constantly .during the vear to procure a single.federal rSmber for the old Jefferson from Kansas City to the Twin Cities and north The Chamber, has continued as a free tourist information-center and representatives of the AAA for Mason City and answers many^re- quests.for road conditions and rouc- m Nearly all-legislation today af- fecta business more or less directly and 'the Chamber's board and various committees have been, constantly on the alert to represent the city's Interest, though in the case oC some legislation of recent ·\ The NORTHWESTERN was first Portland Cement plant built in Northwest territory of the United States Established Here 27 Years Ago ^^Z'^W^^^TT"'^ *, .r V-V " r^^WSE^^V.**^'- · **---:", » , ".y^^^f,. ' r TT^fJf;rai i^' ^ More Than 41,000,000 Barrels of "Northwestern" Cement have been manufactured and shipped during these years. This enormous volume has been used by thousands of contractors and builders in the various states of i all this Northwest territory . . , This great demand has been created by the absolute uniformity and high quality of "NORTHWESTERN" Portland cement. It has fully met the rigid requirements of those who demand "Concrete for Permanence" .. . and "NORTHWESTERN" has never failed to completely satisfy. "NORTHWESTERN" is a Portland cement... manufactured in one plant, from one great, even bed of raw materials ... and is carefully tested, hourly day and night, by expert chemists. Each and every detail in the complete manufacture is watched and guarded with care at all times. Remember . . . when you Build, Remodel or Repair . . . Concrete for Permanence and Beauty . . . "Northwestern" for Satisfaction! T HIS is the Home of Iowa's largest Portland Cement plant . . . the "Northwestern"... Pioneer of the Hawkeye state and the Northwest territory. Daily capacity 8,000 barrels of "Northwestern" Portland cement. S HIPPING capacity of this great, modern plant is over 20,000 barrels of cement per day. Unexcelled shipping facilities ... seven railroads running out of Mason City in all directions--make it possible to give you very prompt service. T HE Gilmore City plant... also owned and operated by the Northwestern States . . . has a daily capacity of 1,200 barrels of "Northwestern" Portland -cement, making a total production of 9,200 barrels a day (both plants). The officers and employes of the Northwestern States wish you a Happy New Year! We hope that 1934 will bring you health, Happiness and Good Fortune. . . * ' . Northwestern States Portland Cement Co. General Offices, Sixth Floor First National Bank Building--Mason City, Iowa

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