The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 5, 1936 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1936
Page 2
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TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 5 1936 40 years, cutting off railroad service bittwecn Shcnandoah and Nebraska City, Ncbr.. but was falling today. The flood danger to Council Bluffs lessened with a recession of Mosquito creek. The rising Skunk and Mississippi rivers in the Green Bay era north of Fort Madison s av e rise to fear of damaging floods. Chinese Government Reported Arresting, Killing Pro-Japanese CANTON, China, GP)--Chinese government secret agents were reported Thursday by Chinese sources to be arresting and executing pro- Japanese sympathizers in southern Fukien province. Freviousfy, government officials in that area have reported a Japanese infiltration from Formosa into South China and have stated they believed this infiltration precedes agitation for autonomy along the lines of the movement recently experienced in North China. . Wants Wooden Leg Held by Landlady WASHINGTON, CtV-William C. LaSalle, one legged war veteran, Thursday pressed a court fight to get a wooden leg held by his landlady, Mrs. Elizabeth Hill. The landlady, LaSalle tod a magistrate at nearby Mount Rainier, Md., was holding the leg until he paid a $25 bill he said was due her. Magistrate Hughes set March 25 as tie date for a hearing. GOOD/YEAR TIRES Gome in-see ALL- WEATHERS BEFORE YOU BUY! TUST give us a chance to «J show you why "G-3" outsells any other tire at any price... just look over our local records of better than 43/0 more miles of quickest-stopping nonskid safety... and you'll want "G-3's." We'll make it easy for yon to get them--and give you swell service. SERVICE STORES Phone 364 121 No. Delaware Mason City BORAH CAN SEE MERIT IN PLAN Says Roosevelt Tax Program Should Be Properly Safeguarded. WASHINGTON, UPI -- Senator Borah (R., Idaho) declared Wednesday President Roosevelt's corporation tax proposal contained a "sound principle" and with "proper safeguards" he favored it, but he advocated in addition creation of an agency to eliminate government "extravagance and waste." The Idahoan, a candidate for the republican presidential nomination, also urged the United States to do something about collecting the war ebts so "another fund" could be distributed to stockholders. "The governments which are reusing to pay these debts are mak- ng every preparation for another war," he said in a formal statement. The fault is in ourselves that these debts are not paid. We are simply .rifling with the subject and they take advantage of it." Effort to Destroy. Simultaneously, Senator Hastings of Delaware, chairman of the repub- ican senatorial campaign commit- :ee, issued a statement terming the ,ax program an "effort to destroy he strong corporations." "The president tosses to the con- rress a tax proposal," he said, "as casually as he would throw out the 'irst ball at the beginning of a base- iall season. His proposal revolution- zes the income tax of corporations and seriously affects many individuals, both of small means and of arge means." Bprah said '"government waste has become a national disease." Sees Sound Principle. ' "There is a sound principle, in my opinion, in the president's tax proposal,"' he said, "like all taxes, it nay be carried to the point where it will be destructive. But within pro* per safeguards, I am prepared to consider the proposition with entire sympathy as to its soundness. Generally speaking, these undistributed jrofits should go out to the stock- lolders, and this will help to bring that about. "There is another proposal which should be delighted to support if he president would propose it, and hat would be, to create an agency or retrenchment, a body of men [······HHHHMinHHMHHHHHHHIHHHHIfl THE NEW COLOR 1 who would be authorized to formulate a program to cut down government extravagance and waste. Could Get Men. "You could get men who would not charge the government a cent to do this work. They would do it as a matter of public service. "Experts will tell you that for 20 years we have been spending a rtll- lion dollars annually in excess of any amount necessary for the efficient running of the government. Our government at the present time is literally clogged with wasteful agencies and unnecessary officials. "The thing that is holding back recovery as much as anything else is not alone nor primarily the present tax burden, but it is the fact that no one can see any end to this constantly increasing burden. Government waste has become a national disease. Wants Foreign Debt. "There is another fund which 1 should like to see distributed to the stockholders, and that is the international debt That debt will be dollars out of the taxpayers' pockets just as much as the money we are taking out by this bill. "Everything points to the fact we are getting ready for complete repudiation of these debts, which represent money extracted from the taxpayers of the United States. "The governments which are refusing to pay these debts are making every preparation for another war. The fault is in ourselves that these debts are not paid. We are simply trifling with the subject and they take advantage of it." Quarantine Centerville CCC Camp; 3 Cases of Diphtheria Isolated CENTERVILLE, (5V-With three cases of diphtheria under isolation at the camp hospital, the CCC camp here is under quarantine. Military quarantine is in effect at the camp. The cases are said to be mild and Capt. V. C.' Coons, in charge of the camp says the situation is under control and no more cases are expected. Iowa Civil War Vet Succumbs in South ST. CLOUD, Fla.. (.T)--J. P. Blood, 92, former Sioux City, Towa, attorney, Union Civil war _yeterau and state adjutant general'of the G. A. R., died here following a brief illness. LUGGAGE TAN is here, ready for you, in this distinctive Peacock style. IIBBBBBBHBBBBBBBBBBHBBJl \^r. unl -s tCJ H SBBBIBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBH IT'S A VERY CLEVER COMBINATION OF GABARDINE AND LEATHER, AND WILL EVEN EXCEED YOUR FONDEST ANTICIPATION. ·BBBBMBBBIBBBBBBBBBBBHBBBBBBBBBBBH Peacock Styles ore all priced this season at ,... : $8.75 New Labor Difficulties Crop Out Over Country Efforts at Truce Meet Failure in Most of Strike Centers. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS New labor difficulties cropped out Thursday after truce efforts in most f the strike centers met with failure. Developments included: HAKRISBUKG, 111,--A general abor holiday was called by the Progressive Miners of America as a demonstration against the re-opcn- ng of a closed mine with employes they termed "imported" members of rival union, the United Mine workers. Leaders sought a shutdown of all business activity here id a countywide walkout. NEW VOUK--The service workers strike went into its fifth day after a conference of employes' spokesmen and building operators ended in disagreement. Mayor La- Guardia reported the union's offer .0 arbitrate questions pertaining to :he dispute affecting hundreds of skyscrapers and apartments had been rejected. JEANETTK, PA. -- Pennsylvania Rubber Co., officials established a temporary office in nearby Greensburg. The plant here was picketed while 800 employes seeking union rcognition and higher wages remained on a "holiday." BOSTON--The strike of 4,000 ladies garment workers entered its second week with no settlement sighted. EL PASO, Tex.--The Central Labor union voted a general boycott against the El Paso Electric Light Co., to aid striking electrical workers. AKRON, Ohio--Charging a 'lockout" had been effected, the Union Match Workers Federal Labor union stationed pickets at the Palmer Match company, employing more than 4501 More than 14,000 fe. mained idle in the Goodyear Tire Rubber Co., strike. SAN PEDRO, Cal .--The liner California prepared to sail after the 374 crew members agreed to abandon their three day strike. NEWBURGH, N. Y.--Striking teamsters halted trucks at entrances to the city to support their efforts to gain wage increases. The dispute is in its fifth day. CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa--A seniority disagreement caused the walkout of employes of two departments of the Wilson and company's lacking plant. ITALIANSCLAIM 32,000 KILLED Estimate Ethiopian Losses Since February 10 at 30,000 Men. By EDWARD 3. WEIL WITH THE ITALIAN ARMY AT ADI QUALA, Ethiopia, «P--The Italian high command estimated Wednesday that 30,000 Ethiopians were killed or wounded and 2,000 Italians slain in fighting since Feb. 20, which saw the start of tremendous, co-ordinated fascist drives. These drives routed the armies of Rases Hulugheta, Kassa and Imeru. The numbers of these armies were estimated respectively at 80,000, 30,000 and 25,000. "None of these forces now exists," the fascist command stated. "They were so effectively smashed that it will be impossible to reorganize them north of the Gheba or Tak- kaze rivers, if ever." PROBE CHARGE OF ESPIONAGE Valuable Secrets of U. S. Navy Reported Sold to Foreign Power. LOS ANGELES, WJ--The Evening Herald and Express said Wednesday the United States grand jury here met to investigate a case involving a charge of espionage against the armed forces of the United States. The newspaper quoted Federal Attorney Pierson Hall as saying information is in the hands of 'department of justice operatives conclusively indicating that valuable secrets of the United States navy have been sold to a foreign power. The-paper reported Willard James Turntine, Long Beach youth, recently arrested in Sweetwater, Texas, to be a witness before the grand jury and holding "key information" in the case. Harry Thomas Thompson, 27, former roommate of Turntine and discharged sailor of the navy, is held in the county jail as a federal prisoner under bond of 520,000. He was indicted ten days ago on a charge of illegally wearing the uniform of the navy. A third man reported in on the reputed espionage plot was said to have dodged a department of justice dragnet and sailed several weeks ago on a steamer bound across the Pacific. ASKS HIROTA TO FORM CABINET apanese Emperor Charges Foreign Minister With Premier's Job. TOKIO, CM--Emperor Hirohito charged Foreign Minister Koki Hi- ota Thursday with the task of at- empting to form a new cabinet to iquidate Japan's governmental cri- is, precipitated by last week's mil- tarist attack on the Okada min- stry. The foreign minister asked the mperor for time to reply to the ommand that he seek a ministry, ie was the emperor's second choice, 'rince Fumimaro Konoye having declined the responsibility of the iremiership on grounds of ill health. Hirota's efforts to form a cabinet ·regressed rapidly and at 10 p. m., he announced that cabinet posts were nearly half filled. Jndersecretary of Treasury Post Will Not Be Filled Soon WASHINGTON, .(.T)--Secretary said Thursday the post of undersecretary of the treasury will remain, vacant for an indefinite leriod. ' Eugene R. Black Jr., New York banker, had been mentioned for the ost of undersecretary, recently vacated by Thomas Jefferson Coolidge of Boston. It was understood, however, that Black was forced to decline the position for personal rea- KANSASG.O.P. BACKS LANDON Delegates Pledged to Vote for Governor Until He Releases Them. WICHITA, Kans., .7)--Gov. Alf M. Landon was indorsed for the presidential nomination by the republican state convention Wednesday. The state's IS delegates to the national convention in Cleveland were instructed to "use their utmost ef forts" to obtain Landon's nomina^ tion and "to continue to vote for him until he is nominated or until he releases them." Landon, who has made no formal announcement on .the campaign launched in his behalf, did not attend today's meeting. Four delegates at larg-e chosen were Senator Arthur Capper, William Allen White, Emporia editor; Henry J. Allen, former senator and governor, and Mrs. E. c. Little. Divorce Petitions Are Filed by Two Women Divorce petitions were filed in district court here Wednesday by Mrs Ruth Swisher and Mrs. Edith E, Hall, both based upon charges of cruel and inhuman treatment. Mrs. Swisher asked to be awarded custody of an 11 year old son. She married Donald C. Swisher Aug. 5 1923 and lived with him until June 27. 1935. Mrs. Hall asked for the right to resume her maiden nam£, Edith E Hamer. She married George Hall in San Francisco, Cal., July 18, 1935 and lived with him until Oct. 16. ····································U EVEN PATTERNS THAT ARE FEATURED IN NEIGHBORING CITIES UP TO $10.00 ARE ALL INCLUDED HERE FOR THIS SEASON AT THE ONE PRICE. Because Peacock shoes are all ma'de up special to our; order, and cannot be secured out of stock', we recommend that you make your selection NOW--and pick them up later if you wish. It will save you both money and disappointment. Shown only at NICHOLS GREEN "Where the good shoes come from" BHBBHBBHHBBBIIIHIMiHBIBlIBMEnaBIIEMIBBBflMfc" Newton Postmaster Evolves Scheme to Outwit Muddy Roads NEWTON, (.T--Postmaster R. H. Bailey has evolved a plan to outwit muddy secondary road conditions which are proving a serious handicap to rural mail carriers. All rural carriers on Newton routes have been ordered to begin their rounds at 5:30 a. m., three hours earlier than usual, to take advantage of frozen roads before the daily thaw begins. The temporary schedule will be observed until road .conditions improve. Former lowan Dies in Rooming House NORFOLK, Va., t3P--Coroner C. D. MacDonald, investigating the death of W. A. McWaid, 64, former Atlantic, Iowa, bank cashier who was found dead in bed in a rooming house here, said death resulted from a heart attack. Dirt Slide Results in Death of Convict at Fort Madison Prison FORT MADISON, (Jft--A. dirt slide which caught him against a dump truck while he was aiding in cutting away a hill to enlarge the prison yard caused the death of Ho mer Justin. 31 year old Fort Madi son penitentiary convict. He died Tuesday night in the pris on hospital from his injuries. Sen tenced from Des Moines in Febru ary, 1933. to 10 years imprisonmen on a robbery charge, his origma home was said to be in Texas. His only known relative is a foste: father who has nto been located. If Ruptured Cut This Out lowan Refuses to Wear Overcoat; Declares It Would Result in Cold: OELWEIN, (UP)--For 33 yean Frank Ketchum has been an objec of wonder to citizens of Oelwein, fo he wears no overcoat. Even during the recent spell of Arctic cold, Ket chtm went without a warm coat. As a matter of fact. Ketchum ad mils he doesn't wear long under wear, either. He explained that in 1903, he had a terrific cold, and was convinced it was caused by wearing an overcoat. Into the discard went the overcoat. Ketchum admitted he has had a few colds, anyway, but claims they were of a minor nature. ami mail It with name and address to W. S. Rice, 331T Main St., Adorns. N. Y. You will receive absolutely free and no obligation a genuine test anrt full particulars of his amazing Method for reducible Rupture control that is bringing a new case, comfort and freedom to taorwands who have suffered for years. No matter ho»- bad the rupture, how long you have had !t, or how hard to hold; no matter how many kinds of trusses you have worn, let nothing prevent you from getting this FREE TRIAL. Whether you are tall and thin, short and stout or have a iarsc rupture, this marvelous Appliance will so control the ruptured parts that you will be as free to work at any occupation as though you had never been ruptured. Test th!« guaranteed Method for reducible rupture without any risk. Simply send for FREE TRIAL to W. S. Rice, 331T Main St., Adams, N. Y. King Edward Cheered as "Good Old Teddy" GLASGOW, Scotland, (,'P)--King- Edward was cheered as "good old Teddy" by 2,000 workmen on the new liner, Queen Mary, Thursday. The Scottish nickname for Edward was shouted as he completed a two and three-quarters hours inspection tour of the partly completed ship. Declamatory Winners Selected. A R E D A L E--The declamatory contest which had been postponed three times was held Tuesday evening at the M. E, church. Miss Peggie · Tallmon took first and Miss ailda Mae Eichmeier second. There were many good readings. Not many attended, owing to the date was set Tuesday at noon. 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