The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 6, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1913
Page 6
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Ov-Cvv '--- ,,·- f ^^astexxs-r:* ----- - - - - - -- *r ff · »*· :;i ·---.-.-·-_^ 4f *£;-----·-. ".-.-.--- . ·· jj "· ."£?{/' -·-.- CORRECT FOR EITHER JN-DOOR OR OUT-OF-DOOR WEAR ,, Since, to a. degree, simplicity :s tfie rule this of she- weil-cat aessgns. snowing long, strasght Ures atsr equally as appropriate i\r afternoon t-eas and matinees as for sireei ·wear; A tact -LL.L- makes lor eeoEorav anfi a saving- of time as \veU_ «Tbe lines c£ the "cvr" figure show a. more or less- or a. slope to the shoulders and broati lines in Avaist and hips often at the knees. 77S9 and T710 is especially saited to these lines. shov.-in?i. as If-does, the drop-shoulder and r slight -tiltaess at the traist. A bit of draper:-" on each srde of the tkirt is juoGish and. grraccfuL -The" fri'ling- oT net fillinsr in the neck " '' and the d.agonal closing of trie blouse is another etteetive touch. One of iua:nt!y iigured sniffs here. The design could also be_ fashioned, of oae ot she modish '.-elours - or ratines effectively. _v risured ehar- or a. brocaded satin are also suggestions if the frock is intended soitrly :or Ejcternooiis. An attractive folded glrdse m a bngrrr. harmonious shade and an inset of the same satin at the bottom of the s^tirt are individual notes that give distinction. Xo. 77S9--s-zes 32 to 4L'. No. 7710--s.zes 22 to 30. pattern 15 cents. ,; To obtain cither Txsttera illustrated £11 out this coupon and enclose 25 cenis :n S7~r3ps or cOiix Br sme ^.o siaze iiuir-cer at pattern anil size, measuring o\ er the t parr ef the aust. Address Pattern im=ai. care of tli^s Xo Size Address ......................... ,, ......... CLU _ SHOT SHELLS The Shell With a Nickname" W E-jRt' proud of the fact that gunners Lave nick-named our black powder loads. To go around the country and hear inem talk about 'The Old Reliable Yellow Shells" feels as good as a cheery greeting and a slap on the back. N=vr CM, Shells arc really the prcnucr bkcfc powder ·hells ot tins couasy--Starxiair! far over 50 years. Ihe No. 2 Primer gives a s=appy IznJsioa--surer and quieter toan you Dually find in black powder shells. RemiEgton Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co~ »y 14 N«r Makes Hard Work Easy! D USTING, cleaning and polishing Lardwood floors is Hard, back-oreak- ing -wort. An almost never ending task and seldom sabsfadory the Moo. "WisiKyoaczn _,_ Yoc s=ap!y pass tKc clcs dosag -wjjas i: scr»r lakes l5»e fioor and ac iuor is . a hard, dcrable. polsa Two Sizes $1.00-S1.50 tope o: . ixcusers or ta= sla^s and » so Try aa OCecar PctOi Mop Scr cays sr.d if jots jtre not 3e!:s:i!ea VTS^BWC " GETTYSBURG - DEPARTMENT STORE Makce k Ecsy to Qua Tkoje Kard-tsGet-At-PU;«' HARVESTFRTRUST TYRANT, IS CLAIM ' - --f .''*.!*- - .-* -~^ .*». _ - 3f "F v . . ·» ' , - * · » * McRsyn olds .Siltwly Scares ite ASKS SIHRIIWfSSfpE fT ·! i-«ri::' SAYS TtOOSEVELT j Buenos- "Ayses,. ^toc: '4»j~ -One -of the *· Jfrst?^ ttuifes^ *Bk*tf«forTby ^Coloaeli 'RooSeveltr -when- iie^ landed = here v fiom 4 the cruiser Hxuguayr_aboard which he- made the- trip from" "Montevideo. was the result et 5be New Ycrk eieetfeas. BLAJR LEE. Elected by. Di-«ct Vote United flMoa from* JW ary land. tfcrrtey -Generatr Wants Company Ctlt j "^U'p'Vnto Distinct. Unfts and -Ccmpe-- "itsffon Restored.' " ' j 3:. Paul, Mina,, Xov. S.--Attorney] Geaera! James 3Sc-Kevaolds, cose! ad-J~ ing Ena! argtrstreats'tor sissohition off ihe-rJnt'-rnatloiial Harvester 'cdma-any be f ore the " Uaiieo Sla.tP'? district 5 c-our:. asked rha.; aii sntfeV!oe«!So:y decree i)e eatered l*v r-ce casn, uetia^iug ihe Harvester toucera a iEoaopol ia resira-ai 01 tra-ie. The auo*-Esy genera! recaeszea ihat ihe de^eiidanis h.±Ye a reasorjaWe-Lsme ;o subuiii to ihe court a pror-er pran o: 'eorgaalzauon. "Ii i» ih.» view of "he goverameat Chat tTls company-most be cm up into sepasaie and distinci -.siiHs.' she .atror- uev general said. "Tass mast be done in sisf-h a :vd\~ that ihe stockholders or the different parts n-a3c be distinot. T\"e- insiEr ihai U ia aa economic Im- possiUiHty for companies owned by the sapie peoiiie to furr-isa bonafide corn- only comnsent t\ hea lie heard -ihe I newsl - _ s - - 7 --· . · ? . - ; f As the Uruguayan craiser entered j the harbor ihe -warships at anchor f there fired salutes aad the guns ja the 4 forts boxjnseS a ivelcome.~ ^Thousands t ot persons' were at" th'e -dock to cheer j rhe distinguished American, .and -he | was"iBetsiv citv officials-, beads- "of I . . - · . . - . f various,civic organizations,-tae prt?si-j ·'lents of the legssiaEiire and' the Eiuai-1 cipsl counelJ, and a represemauve'of: President Saenz Paeaa. Coioneriloose\'e-t -was received "by the presideut; -asid en his- "way to ihe llirted Srates legatios 200-.«K* perssES cheered hini. - - - itr. JTcReynolds coadeasned Cyrus McCormick, vrhoavhe ca?'ed the "founder- of ihe Harvester "trysr." because ?.IT. J.rrCorKiick had -non appeared in ihe case. Mr. MeTleynoi^s revtewed the career of the Harvester coaapaay from its organization tea years ago. "Tae story of this powerful monopoly, anarking* time, or losing ""business 'here and- there, as related iy some of The counsel Tor the derense, is absurd. 1 " he saiu. "In 180.J the total husirress done bj che Internationa! Harvester eorapany was S5S.COO COO; in 1912 it ha'd increased ro Sl±o.QO-j.r:00; ia the same Sengifc of t'Tce"fts"capKat had increased from S120.0'"'0.000 to SlC.J.O-jO.uOO. and between 1502 and 191 i. The latest figures a-vailabie. ;he assets of this con cem had mcreased from SISQ.000,000 tc $22^.000,000 ' "Of course there has been some competition. VS. r e got thar story in -the tobacco case aad-in numerous othe: tr:isi cases. But tae fact stands out that we have icore iban 90 cer cent of the grea- -aarvesiius coztpan'es ol the coi'arry p-it under one company. ""Xo man ".vho ?ooks GQ That p j ctur£ can fail to se» that this concern ha! the absol'tte power to fir priees. "Intent Is v.-holiy itnaiateriai. Philan thropic purposes cansot be pleaded as justification " John P "U'fisoa daring his summing uu for the cefeiise. ipredicted a ^prJce -war among the Harvester E-anufactur ing firras Ke di-i Tiot demsiid ar quirtal. bnf aslted that tae 'court Ji= m'ss the case v.-ichout prejudice tc either side, thus reserving to the gov enm-ent .tae rigin TO Jtncerveaf at any tiiae in _ the famre - At- tie eonsi'islsn of Mr. McRey Eclds* arguaseat -court ~was ^adoircneo and'tie case T?as taken under.advise PURSUER. SHOOTS'ROBBER Three Men Robbing Mill Safe Interrupted by Owner. Laacaster. Pa.. Xov.-6.--Three robbers were discovered ra tbejSiee 01 S J. Pjgh's ilour mill. West iampeter township, where they blew opea-rEhs safe with aitrogJyc-eria. seeariag $5S "Upon ibe appearance of Pnga aao his SOB. Clarence, the robbers fled pursued bv yonag_Pugb. In crossing the bridge over Ms'! creek a livelj' revolver fusiiade took place, but the i-obbtr? escaped. Several hours later a farmer saw t-vo aiea under a bridge near Xew Daa-Jlle dressiag tbe -svoimdeJ arai of a third, and it is believed these were the robbers aB«-tba7 one- was sbot bv Piigh. RAILROAD MEN OVERWORKED V/estern Maryland Fined $600 For Violating ins Law. Kagerstown. !d . Xov S. -- Judge Rose :n tae United States district con-: Hipobt-d S'"-" Sne--S25 each for iwcB'y fou- viulaiion--oa_ tlie "SVest- ern Maryland Raiiwa* coaipanv f OT ( .-iolauag ilie act of eor.gre3= prohibit j ;as ra;!*-" av employes froni beJag] worked asore than sixieea coasecutixe The average tnae was eighteen COB sec.itr-e hvnrr The ra::--vay coaipaaj CREW IS MISSING; SlPDftlfTS Loaded, Wiih! Fisfi8Rd.Ms.S8!: Photo by Pr«6s, Association. New Bed:ord, Mass., "Xov. 6. -- The faded yellow pages of the log books ef theOIew Bediord whaling -lee: fail I to. record a mystery* of ice sea more}' bafHing ibaa that -presented v.-hen the i revenue -c-atter Grah-ain towed into pore | REPU5LIGANS PLAN Td PARTY GJuucester Sshia? -schooner Aaaie- . . -Parker, ^hich was p i c u p on ciiairnian Hill8s, -Of Haiional * ilondsy ^?iih all sails sei. her nold filled with fish, -aad wichont a soul on board, slrfy aiHes east of the .X-an- taeket,LIgfatship. There IS..BO trace of any of the nineteen-. me=a ^composing the schooner's crew. IB .its details the -mystery re- cals the case of the Boston brig Mar:e Colesre, "which' v,-as v found abandoned Committee, Ma? Resign, Pbiiacieiphia Reading Railway EXCURSION ACCOUNT * '*' ·'- 4 * --- - ^ * f^ T5M," I *? I * X -- TC\ T"\ T 1' 1""X ^| GETTYSBUIKj ·s* ,vs · ..V-^V'^ '·? FOOT BALL GAM! AT SATURDAY, NOV'R 15 13 SPECIAL TRAIN WasaingtOB. Xov. K--Repuoli-'ans in congress who discussec election re- j suits let it be known that there is a f strong probabliity that vrhea the Re- [ LV.A.M at sea some forty, years ago. The fate , pUDl j can national commiaee meets in , Washingtoa in. Ceeeanber to or her crew was a ever'known. The British .steamer -Astrakhan,. , ans for reorganization and bound from New- York tor France,' " sighted ing consider rehab'.H- Gettysburg 8.25 ~GdIdenYifle - SJ: "Table Rock S.3S , eating the parrv and the advisability the ParLer on Monday, drift- j Qf caliing A nan - oaal eon f ere ace. Chair-j with--all sails -set. Boarding the J m a n Ch ^. les D . H illes may tender his jBiHterTiIIe . 8.44 officers of the steamer found j resigaalioa and a nev . ^^^^ ] lour of -the dories -missing. A few ; Ehe burned pieces of bread were £.11 the ' foo-i in the gaUey, indicating that be- .fore leaving the crew had hastily-gathered together a supply of provisions.^ ! The seiiooner was not leaking and i was an perfect cocdHion. except- for the Joss of one jib. Salt _fish valued at about §8000 filled the hold 1 prize national ! he elected. of | Republican organization [ .llr. Hilles came to.the chairmanship j of the national committee at the personal reeuest of President Tare and ·without much political- experience. He was elected chainnan_oijt of deference to the custom"" which permits the presidential nominee of-the party to crexv, from -the Astrakhan took -charge cate £b6 - naaie of the who is zouadland command of Cantara Viaeent - N i s manage the rampaign. the circumstances which to the bead the .national committee no longer a feeling tnat he caa the place. Guernsey 8.4S FROM LV.A.M. Centre Mffls 8:52 Bendersville .-.' 8.06 Gardners 1M)3 Hanisburg (arrive) 10.05 of the Parker aad turned her,] the Gresham. - i . -Fsom the owners of the Parker it ( b hl Chairman Hilles was learnea tnat sbe sailea from Seal- r h p TialioMl ct nev, K., S.,- for her home aort on-Ofct_ I o ~ 26,"-after a'fishiog trip to the.-Kew-j ^ rei ,, Me 1Be ^ Grand BanKs. Sae ^^|gresslve Republicans insist that no' _, ,. r ~ "! headwss" can be made ra tne work of a-vetepan Gloucester skipper, ana was. reorganizi3S and r ei,aW15taungihe Re- Eancea by-a crew of eighteen ^en,i t ^ T SQ } ~ . Chairman Tne owners could offer no eyflanatMttj*^ ^ w ^ s close ,/ itleatiaed with I President Taf t.*remalcs at *he head of ·s. It is the psan to gee a \vas not RETURNING--Special Train will -lezrre Harrisbarg -18.30 P. M. same date for above stations. " *·*·. ,^ Tickets good only on date of excursion on above ~^ f - Special Train in each direction. Children between 5 and 12 years of age half fare. ^Passengers from stations marked ·withtsar nri purchase ticket from conductor. ^ *----" «· ' !M«oo«4 of the abandonment of the vesseL · "There :s a possfijility" that the crew of fte Parker was picked-«p by some, m ^ R ^ prominent!v saihng vessel.- Jfad tney been taken r ^ Qr afaoaid a steamer the rescue Probaoiy ^ - ^ wonia uave been reported by wireless, ' - * ! convention fight of last year. SHOT TWO POLtCEMEN One Dead and Another Dying From Demented Man's Bullets. Detroit, Mich.. Xon 6. -- '"I've got a WOMEtf VOTEDOWM SALOONS Will Close ^ bicycle repairing shop for the Winter on Sunday, Dry Forces In Illinois Win Sv.eeping j ; '. Victories, from God -anfi nobody can j Chicago, Nor. 6.--Sweepin victor- message stop me." cried TfaHer^KBhlmanr a^ed j - e3 f Or the dry forces of HHaois were tw^nly-ninc yearsv as oie branoishefi a giio^-Ti i n fibres completed in cities T-evoiver ».nd fired- point blank at- Pa](an ^ towns where Women voted for the tro'.man \V»rren-Sncyni- in the ceatral first t ~ m on t - ns Question of permit-) police s:at;on. * ·-- '; ·-- * 'ting saloons in their coraiaJ5is"t:»ts. '· Twelve to-Ttis in which saloons are went to The drys. Tea vi'iases alreacv drv v.-ere Pf ovember 16 lh- Nov/ is your chance to buy "a guaranteed Peerless' bicycle from Sic.oo to $ r 5.00. Also 8 pairs of oruarati-* teed puncture proof tires at cost, $5.70 per pair. Any" wheels, in need of repairs, should be bought in prom- pity to receive attention. L. R. Swppe 118 W. High St, Gettysburg, Penna. :4 "VT'apn chased by pgtwiman Arthur j J MTtcsei 1 !. he-turned- and- fired at caati offirer Bo "i ^ren were- fat-ally -shot.' Snov. Jeu nrs ihe-way_,to St- hospital iiT:cJjell's death-is- tarily expec!£d. - _ t KahJajars; v.-ho is mental!*-' de~anged. bad le"r c^id uy - PoJic-e 'Isieuteaant ScJinalsf; ihsr 'n ccs:5a not leave-the station. Ah^ch angered-him. He. was I captured. --- · , An Honestly Built Stove towns and kept :a the dry column. The wets won five towns which were aireacy wet In Carter. Calaoaa eo«air. wcich is now wet. the vote was a lie- In niost ·instances the woaiea cast overy.-beim- ijjg rotes against tce'sa'con. i\='crask3 Bank 'Closes -Doors. Xov. 5.^ -- Af- J 5ng. Oomp-J at Indian Harbor Tnree MerrSbot In Election Riot. Xov -£_--In a riot the eieeiJoa of tro5icr o: site Currency Kaise received FraTtk-Ca^ahoa.^Cirizens' party . mac, word from Natioaal Bank E\aai3jier j over A. G. Schlrcker. KejuITicaa. Se'jo"r of ibe' closing, by ibe direc-j three jaea were saot. Two wfil d:e. A tors, of '"ne" nrsi Xtiional baalc. of 1 score of o; were hurt The men SutJon. Xeiiraska. A lar^e shortage ! v.-ere all Hynganaa aaaereats of the wars »'erorf-! by the" e~aajiner.-Frar,k-| several iar.d:dates. B lie range That Sells On Merit The Penn Esther does not have a lot of fancy cV- coration that is hard to keep clean--and at the same time it is excelled by none in .appearance. It is the most solidly built and best general purpose cooking; range we knqTV. One that we can conscientiously guarantee. -mkk was appointed receiver. | GENERAL I Poebio, Colo- Adoots SingJe Tax. P^is^'-o Colo. Xov 5.--3y a majoritj of a^o-j* ^ r ' ~ Pueblo adopted the siasJe '.z\ Uaaer ih^ charter aniendraem adop'ed aV. tae taxes for tie city ev penses -»:V: \}^ raised by the assess ix,ent of lot? aio^e. without regard tc ih= \a"ue "f imp-3veaies:s State, cG-:r:ty nsnd redemp^ioa Mixes ·wili be"'cc!e:c*eJ ::n-ier the stAte IATS b tae '.3" s- 5t5^:. PHILADELPHIA winter cle^r, . S"fancy. $4.90*5.251 RYE FLA0 per barreL WHEAT steadv; - "t K;Hed In Russian Wreck. Moscow. Xov 6 --Fourteen persoE=? steadv-1 w ^ re hailed outrigljt and ico'-e than city mills'. 5 twenti seriouslj Injured .a tae deraii- J asent of an express tra:a.on tae Uae at $3 50@3.60^ rfttweeu Moscow atia Kssaz.. CORX s'eadv; Xo. 2 red. a No. 2 white, .601 cet ew. J OATS sTPatly: No. 2 white, :i£c . grades. -45c. POTATOES" steady: per WEAT-H-ER EVEBY^VHER ! POULTRY: Live stearty: hens. Srm; choice Jfow is. ISc.; old Toasters. BUTTER ·^rea'lv; fancv creatacry, 3~c s'°r 3^ " - - ECJCS steady; selected. -SOc.; nearby. CT- . nevjarn. 37e. " Produce Market*. ' CHICAGO--HOGS- weak-autl ?ener- a!5 So. 3o-.\ cr bulk- of sales. Has Bettered Nature. | po °f Coat. By breeding hllnd fish ia dark caves ' Bi ago--"I vish you -would try \ under red light for several years, a ' £ome alcohol on this coat and see If I German scientist has succeeded ' in i " ou can set .the spots out" Mrs. j Bingo--"There isn't any alcohol left; | iiut you might breathe on it" 50 es FaKs high 1'cense carried ist ticket was defeated. Observations of ITnitea States - Treaxber bureaus iaKe- at S p. m. yesterday toUw: Tsacp Albany ......... -^ Atlantic City ---- 44 'Boston ........ - _"_'^ .Buffalo ---- , -ri.t'~ ^~Chicago ...... *7.^ 52 , Xew Orleans--- I -^-'TE-r Xew York-.. 'f~TM* 5* PhHactelpUiaTi j-t^'oZ St. T -ouis - - - -^."- . ' Washington., -- . -54 \Teatnar. CJaar, Ciear. CZear. C;ear. CTear. Clear. '-Clear. Clear. - Ciear. 'Clear. Th" Social-' SHEEP slow and 10®15c. lower; i native sheep. *4@5; yearlings.-$5.10 H @6; lamhs native. S6@7.-40. · . i . Fair The Weathef. today and ' tomorrow; producing fish with useful eyes. Dally Thought. They are never alone tha£ are accompanied by aoble thoughts.--Sir Philip Sidney. H.T. MAKING Building formerly occnpied by Straw.Stac'-tfir Co. Rear of old Tteadiiisc Freight Depct. e^D a smaH bottle anyway, jnst to'. try it--Apply a litde in and insiai"' the nostrils; Instant iielief When ^vose and Head dissolves by the heat of the nostrils; are Clogged from a Cold- .Slops(penetrates and heals the inflamed," Nasty Catarrhal Discharges. Dull j swollen membrane which lines the Headache Vanishes: j nose, head and throat; clears the air Try "Ely's Cream." Salra." i passages; stops nasty disciiarges and a feeling of cleansing,,soothing- rellei comes iHKnediateiy. Don'c lay awake stopped- ,, . ,, ,, -*-ljreathe freely^] or a cola, with its mnning.nose, .ionl jdnlHiess a«d'8sa{iac}ie''ffiSd.ppear. Bylmucous dropping into the throat, an3 | rnorcingl the catarrh, ccld-in-head of i raw dryness is distressing , bat truly icaiarrhal sore throat .-will be gone. ',, ·· needless- '*"'*. ^ T ' "JL * * End such miserv now! Get "die small i Pat vonr fkith-^^ast'bnce--in "Ely's ] bottle of "Ely;s Cream Balm"' at any | Cream BaM* and-yoTir'^aia of catarrh drag store. This sweet, fragraat balm i will surery disappeac. -t ^ More Wisdom. No use In naming a girl "Queenie" and then expecting her to help with the houseworlrall the time. . Fiftst" Nitrous acitf gasr (laughing gas tras into England on in troauced Match 31, 1867. , XOTICS , ^- ] thorizec to'act awf have:"the power to j transact business as a. feme sole tra- IN THE COURT OP COMMON der according to the provisions of the PLEAS OF ADAMS COUNTY, ' Ac'cs of the General Assembly oi th'a PENNSYLY \NI \ ' Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ' iri " 5 such case made and provided and, that IX RE petition of llary E. Mnler fcrlit lias been ordered- -sy iaid^ Court'I3iat anthorif-t- to ar-v n= n fwn» *-\\o. tTM iths application of the petitioner- wiQ autbon^r ,o ace as a feme sole tra- K ^sidered by the Gout* on thirst der - - j day of December, 1013, at 10:30 A. Mi, Kotice is hereby given that Mary E. i at whch time all persons interested Miller of the borough of Gettysburg,! may show cause, if any, they h»v«j xvho \vas marred to Levi D. Mller on | \vhv the decree and certificate prayej February-^ndjlSS.!. has presented her for"shall not be "made and granted.' ?' petition in ihe above ^ named Court,! JOHN D. KEITH, - i praying.^haj^a decree be made grant-i a..porkreeth7'oN|f o' ·· -' ing her'a""certin'cafe that she be au-Attorney for the petitioner, j. -. \ APERf

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